Two Cute Inches

Seeing that cute two inch stub stuck out from under Ivan’s belly, Joanna was so smitten at what she never believed nature made. He had posted his ‘problems’ in the health section of an adult forum and got her attention, to actually see it up close for herself as a understudy nurse. ‘Can I touch […]

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Indulge Once

Standing in the corners of the lift, we had no choice but to be strangers till the lift stopped at our floor. I pulled her by her wrist out of the elevator to where the sign pointed, until I shoved the door opened. I grabbed her bag as she was pushed inside, dropping it behind […]

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Unlike 21

‘Does the bus you take home go pass Thomson?’, Jacie kept her eyes on her phone while asking me about my journey home. I went to where she stood and peered from her shoulders, looking at her scrolling messily on Google Maps. ‘Yes it does’, I spoke in a normal tone like a senior and […]

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Couching Dragon

On the heavy wooden antique sofa, Agnes got bored of the old movie Wilson picked from her dad’s collection and gave him a poke at his ribs, causing a playful fight to break out in the absence of her household. There was no way Agnes could overpower his heavy build and slowly succumb to the […]

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This Way

Girl: ‘Excuse me. Do you know where is Ikea?’ The strong China accent came from a girl with neatly tied ponytail, donning a navy dryfit tee with short matching skirt. Yan (nametag), was holding up a paper map pointing at the building just five minutes away. Me: ‘I am going there too. This way.’ I […]

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