1 Rule to Live By

Men and women alike, no matter how young or old, sex is a part of our lives. Some might have lost it at a young age, and some have yet found the right person to give it to. Most of us have encountered pornography before, or very very tempting erotica that depicts losing virginity in […]

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3 Ways to Start Her Engine

We men know ourselves better than to have erections at random times. While some of us are lucky to be in relationships where the girl wants more, there are occasions the girl doesn’t want any. Besides emotional disasters that keeps her dry, there are still a few tips to improve her libido if you two […]

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2 Apps (over)Used

When it comes to productivity, efficiency is the top of my list. Energy is a precious resource like time, and complexity (which consumes time), is sometimes necessary to reduce hassle at later parts. To get around my (almost) daily routine to write, there are some apps I cannot do without, but will find an alternative […]

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3 Ways to get Inspired

For many writers, there are only one thing that plagues their passion for writing – Inspirations. Likewise, I do have my fair share of writer’s block and procrasination, a result of emptiness and void whenever I want something to work on. There is a small difference between ‘writing when inspired’ and ‘inspired to write’. The […]

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