Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Cindy: ‘Hey! Don’t snatch!’ My jeans were off in a battle of the two ladies, and I was still underwear-less. Sarah pushed Cindy away before she could lay her mouth on my cock and took the lead by going down on me, gagging noisily as she tried… Read more Two-Zero

Taiwan Sausage

Doris: ‘Lie still k?’ Daniel’s cock was hard like never before when his fling brought a cup of yogurt to his bed, wearing just a nightie that barely covered her groin. He tightened his fist as she spooned a small amount of the thick strawberry liquid over his little head. Almost immediately, she licked them… Read more Taiwan Sausage

Foreign Connection

Girl: ‘Excuse me, are you guys hiring?’ Me: ‘Yeah! Are you interested?’ Girl: ‘I am. But do you guys need any educational qualifications?’ Me: ‘Not really. Do you have an ID or passport?’ She fished her wallet out from her tote bag and handed her blue IC to me. Emma, 1991, U.S.A. Frankly speaking, I… Read more Foreign Connection

Playing Daddy

This is NOT an incest entry. I, as the male lead, is playing the role of daddy with a single mum. Proceed without caution. Carefully turning the lock on the main door, I had to be careful not to wake the little boy up. It was normal for me to end work at 2am, and… Read more Playing Daddy