Taiwan Sausage

Doris: ‘Lie still k?’

Daniel’s cock was hard like never before when his fling brought a cup of yogurt to his bed, wearing just a nightie that barely covered her groin. He tightened his fist as she spooned a small amount of the thick strawberry liquid over his little head. Almost immediately, she licked them up before it dribbled all over and sucked on him for a bit more, before repeating the process.

Hands and feet tied to the corners of the bed, he was in seventh heaven throughout, enjoying the surprise birthday treat she planned. Now that he is rock hard, the thoughts of the next part kept him awake.

Daniel: ‘Will I get to do the same to you?’
Doris: ‘I have something else for you.’

When she finished the cup, the curvy lady went out of the room to retrieve something. The moment he saw the Taiwan sausage on the plate, he could imagine what she was up to. She placed one end of the street delicacy into his mouth and warned him not to eat it, and went into 69 over his cock. Sliding her pussy over the warm sausage, the oil provided ample lube to go all the way inside her and she reciprocated the pleasure by taking his dick whole into her mouth.

Starting with a slow grind of her hips, juices began trailing down the red piece of meat into his mouth, while his little head was being blown to bits deep-throat style. The occasional gagging noises sent him into a frenzy that twisted the sausage around, translating into cute shivers for her.

After some time, he was allowed to eat the sausage and it sure disappear quick, into the hungry stomach of his. As for Doris, she turned around and mounted over him, swallowing his cock raw into her pussy for the first time in their tryst.

Doris: ‘Can you feel me squeezing you?’
Daniel: ‘Yeah. You’re really tight huh?’
Doris: ‘I’m going to make you cum inside me.’
Daniel: ‘What? You’re kidding right?!’

She changed into a squat and grind her hips around with his cock inside, fighting off his struggle with her own methods. With her rubbing her clit, the tension around his shaft only got worse, falling in sync with his unbearable urge to cum. Little did he expected the sensation to make him so horny, let alone to cum inside her.

Daniel (shouting): ‘Get off me Doris.. please.. I’m going to cum.. ‘
Doris (moaning): ‘Really?’
Daniel (pleading): ‘Yes yes.. cumming!’

In a single jump, she bounced off him as cum launched into the air, covering his own dick until she slumped between his legs to lick them up. Shoving her head furiously at his erection, she sucked all he had out of his pathetic state and swallowed it all without a flinch.

Daniel: ‘You really scared me there you know?’
Doris: ‘Sorry luh. Wanted to surprise you ma. I’ll free you now.’

She took her time to undo the straps around his wrists and ankles before taking his place, but he knew that there was no need to bound his girl down. Bringing her to the edge of the bed, he bent her body on the crumpled bedsheets and kept her immobilised with his weight. He then reached for the other uneaten sausage and parked it at her rim, where she suddenly threw her arms behind to stop him.

Daniel (whispering): ‘Hey hey hey.. it’s my birthday right?’
Doris: ‘But I’m not doing anal.’
Daniel: ‘It’s just going to be the sausage. Nothing else. K?’
Doris: ‘Fine.. ‘

As the tip pierced through the narrow opening, his other hand felt her pussy twitch while releasing more juices. Once half of it was gone, he slipped his cock into her pussy in a seamless flow. The soothingly loose vagina accommodated his cum-covered dick well and the gentle thrusts pushed both rods inside her. Slowly, the devil in her took over and she got increasingly tight, from the dual stimulation of her holes.

With the sausage slowly making its way out from her contractions, all that was left pounding her was his dick, stretching her vagina in full glory. The deep thrusts caused her moans to start jerking and he was going all out at her, burying balls deep to make her scream.

Orgasms started coming one after another until she went quiet due to exhaustion.

Daniel (groaning): ‘I’m going to cum inside you this time.. ‘
Doris (moaning): ‘Hey! You can’t!’
Daniel (angrily): ‘Sure I cannn..urghh!’

A deep thrust sent her crawling away and falling to her side, while he walked over her lifeless body to kneel over her belly. Holding up her head by her hair, he stuffed his cock into her mouth and mouth-fucked her for a good few minutes. Just as she was fighting to catch her breaths, cum poured into her mouth and she blew cum out of her nose during a cough, choking herself with more cum that flowed down her throat.

He had strike up a missionary pose over her head and was ramming his dick deep, to empty the second load’s worth. Finally, the ordeal was over when he lifted himself away from her, the disheveled girl that had cum all over her face.

Before she could get angry at him, he dipped his cock back into her pussy and covered her eyes with both hands, wiping away his sticky mess before kissing her passionately.

Daniel (whispering): ‘Thank you for today.’
Doris (snarling): ‘You little fucker.’

They cleaned up in the toilet after some rest and got dressed, to head out for dinner followed by their routine staircase romp near his place. Well, his dessert for her was miserable but she was sure satisfied from his lengthened stamina during the fierce standing-doggy.

Foreign Connection

Girl: ‘Excuse me, are you guys hiring?’
Me: ‘Yeah! Are you interested?’
Girl: ‘I am. But do you guys need any educational qualifications?’
Me: ‘Not really. Do you have an ID or passport?’

She fished her wallet out from her tote bag and handed her blue IC to me. Emma, 1991, U.S.A. Frankly speaking, I had no idea why she chose to apply for work here, so I had to ask.

Girl: ‘To be honest, I was adopted by a family whose agenda was for me to work as a sex slave. There were five of us around my age. When they were training us to perform and do those dirty acts, I managed to escape. Since they cannot report me knowing what they have done. I need a job, so I can get a place to stay.’
Me: ‘Have you gone to the police?’
Emma: ‘No. I’m actually grateful to have a citizenship here. It’s just sad that no one suspected how wide-spread this is because of the nice image Singapore portrayed.’

I made a call to boss without the specifics, and she was allowed to start immediately. As it was a non-working day for housekeeping, she finished her work quickly from the experiences she got at home, practically done every chore herself.

Just as I finished carrying the cartons of soft drinks into the storage, she creeped up behind me and hugged me.

Emma (whispering): ‘Thank you.’
Me: ‘Hey. It’s cool. Boss agreed. So I guess you’re in.’
Emma: ‘No really. I’m very grateful. Can I repay you for the favour?’
Me: ‘Of course, how about taking the morning shifts so I can come in later?’

Her fingers wriggled into my jeans and I immediately took her hand out. That wasn’t how I pictured ‘favour’ to be, and she’s probably just working here till she found a better place. I couldn’t bring myself to make any physical promises.

The 1.6m girl pushed me up the racks once I turned around, forcing herself on my neck, breathing and pecking while her hands ran up my shirt. I pushed her back with ease and she fell on her butt, where I then quickly carried her up and returned to the bar.

Emma: ‘Why wouldn’t you want it? I thought guys would not turn down any sexed-up girls.’
Me: ‘Look. This is where I work, and you’re my colleague. No matter what background you come from, I got you the job you needed to turn your life around. I’m not going to ruin it here.’

Standing a few feet away, she raised her tank top over her head and a pink strapless bra hid her assets. A quickly motion with her hands behind her back dropped the bra and her shorts were tugged down her skinny legs before I could pick her shirt up.

Emma (whispering): ‘You’ve given me a chance. And.. I made a promise to myself. That I’ll belong to anyone who helped me start a new life. I’m just grateful it’s you.’

Helpless, I let her undo my belt and jeans, shirt coming off easily as I did not resist. This girl had been hurt enough, and perhaps through the next part, I could show her the way out.

After I was naked, I stopped her before she got down on her knees.

Emma: ‘Want me to do something else?’
Me: ‘Help me open the sofa bed.’

As if it was normal, we opened the sofa up and laid on the mattress, with her hands roaming all over my body.

Emma: ‘Shall I suck first?’
Me: ‘Nope.’

I turned on my sides and kissed her, frenching with just the tip of my tongue while she tried to make it wilder. Holding myself back, I did not let it turn into a tongue fight, kissing passionately while my fingers dived between her legs.

Emma (whispering): ‘This is awesome. I’ve never kissed like that.’

As I sunk my finger into her pussy, her hips twitched and her lips parted from mine. Turning all the attention to her pussy, she took my other hand and sucked on the fingers.

Emma (moaning): ‘Touch me like that.. I love it.’

Her hands too, had reached my dick and began pumping it to its full size. After a while, I stopped the petting and rotated myself around. So I was lying on her thigh and she was lying on mine. Playfully working my tongue on her clit, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked on it gently. It was as though she was sucking a tube of toufu. So delicate, yet confidently.

That sexy scent of body wash at her crotch was unforgettable. She looked so clean without a single bit of hair and the smoothness.. her pubs were permanently removed. Once I heard the choking sounds, her head was pushed out of the way and I returned to the proper position on the bed.

Emma: ‘Can I go first this time?’

I gave a short chin-up shake of my head and she climbed on top, looking all pretty with her blonde, brownish hair combed behind her ears.

Emma: ‘Do you happen to have.. a condom?’

I pointed to my bag by the side and she dragged it to me, where that silver wrapped protection was taken out from my wallet. She held the rubber loop outside her pussy and sat over my dick, stretching the condom as she slowly slid over me.

Emma: ‘Nice and tight. You fit comfortably inside me.. ‘

Once I made sure the condom was in place, the excited new staff began riding me, rocking her hips with her hands on her thighs, enjoying herself. In between one of her orgasms, she laid on my chest and told me her ambition.

Emma (whispering): ‘I’m going to be your little girl.’

After a while, I got her off me and made her lie missionary, legs lifted to her waist and pushed onto the bed. Piercing my dick slowly into her, every inch of her vagina can be felt squeezing me bit by bit. Unable to comprehend my delay, her feet was trying to hurry me up.

As soon I was inside, she was wishing for me to stop. Pounding loudly with echoes around the cafe, her legs couldn’t be spread any wider. I was so deep into her her eyes constantly rolled white, screaming untold pleasures into the air.

Emma: ‘I’m cumming again.. oh noooo.. ‘

A powerful jet of cum squirted onto my abs, pouring freely onto the floor. Her pussy went into shock and closed itself to a point I couldn’t pull out. Since I was stuck, I continued ramming her feeble body, till she felt my rod harden.

Emma: ‘You’re gonna cum with me!’

I pulled out suddenly and she held my arms desperately, pleading for me to put it back in.

Me: ‘Am I going to cum with you?’
Emma: ‘Sorry master. You can cum anytime and anywhere you want. I’ve long been addicted to sex since they began training me. Those long days of non-stop orgasms.. ‘
Me: ‘Where would you like me to cum?’
Emma: ‘Umm.. frankly, I’ve never seen cum before. They would make us imagine that water is cum, and filled us up with it, swallow it through a thick pipe, but I’ve never come in contact with any.’
Me: ‘On your hands then. Make this worth it.’

She went quiet and sat between my legs, rubbing her juices over her palms and began with the handjob. As I groaned in pleasure, she was exploring the different parts of my dick. Where to touch, where it got the most response, and how to get me to cum.

Five minutes past, and without any complains of tiredness, I was about to end too. Telling her about the progress, she pumped her fist faster, but holding on with a light grip. On and on she went, paying close attention to the balls that were in her fingers, and my body’s reaction.

Finally, she saw my belly tucking in and one of her hand cupped over the tip while the other continued jerking. The eruption surprised her as the warmth filled the grooves between her fingers, oozing for as long as she kept stroking.

Me: ‘It’s getting too sensitive Emma, let me go.’

She gradually slowed down and opened her hand, where the load of sticky cum got her curiosity. Giving it a lick, she smiled as I got more confused. Astonished, she slurped up my cum like half-boiled eggs, licking her palm as if it was that good.

Me: ‘It’s not salty or bitter?’
Emma: ‘It’s a little salty. I’ve had worse. They always told me it tasted like vinegar or raw eggs. I kinda like yours.’

She washed her hands thoroughly and came back to help me with my clothes. For the rest of the evening, we went shopping and dinner. After which she came over to my rented apartment, where we started spending the rest of our work stint having intense, passionate sex with each other.

Oh yes, she never got used to wearing panties no matter if she wore skirts or shorts. Which made everything easier whenever we saw a corner discreet enough for outdoor sex.

Playing Daddy

This is NOT an incest entry. I, as the male lead, is playing the role of daddy with a single mum. Proceed without caution.

Carefully turning the lock on the main door, I had to be careful not to wake the little boy up. It was normal for me to end work at 2am, and by then, everyone should be asleep.

Sabrina (whispering): ‘Hey.. ‘

Me (whispering): ‘You’re not asleep?’

I sat on the old wooden chair next to the shoe rack and removed my smelly socks, which I then brought it into the kitchen to the laundry basket.

Sabrina (whispering): ‘I missed you.’

A pair of strong arms went around my waist and hands started rubbing on my zip. Even though she had a kid from her previous marriage, it was her dedication to being a good mother that touched me. At that time, we weren’t officially together, but she had asked for me to stay with them. I guess a man in the house would make things easier.

Me (whispering): ‘Don’t you have work tomorrow?’

Sabrina (whispering): ‘I still want it first.’

We went into the bedroom where her little boy slept in the middle of the bed. For most nights, he would be right between us so he wouldn’t fall. She carried him onto the mattress and pulled her old, white shirt off, leaving a pair of 34C cups to tempt me visually.

A quick shower freshened me up, enough to gather some energy for our bedroom fun she needed to fall asleep.

Sabrina: ‘You lie down first. You deserve this after the long day.’

I closed my eyes and felt her hand stroke my dick, tongue coating saliva all over the shaft. Even my testicles, which was the most sensitive part down there, was massaged with a sense of withheld eagerness. Her mouth went over my rod shortly after and I was sent to the heavens that instant.

Those skilful tongue circled the little head while her lips moistened the shaft, spreading deliciousness along the whole stick. She had not forgotten to suck hard on the tip, where my legs would tremble as blood rushed into it.


Sabrina (whispering): ‘Like it?’

Me (replying weakly): ‘Yeah. I’m more tired now.’

Sabrina: ‘Then stay still.’

She turned herself around and got into 69, burying my mouth into her pussy as she lowered her hips. No matter how I moved my lips and tongue, it was all nothing but pleasure. The juicy cunt just kept leaking whitish cream and I licked them up, satisfying my little thirst while I was at it.

A few minutes of mouth-wetting later, I patted her butt to get her off.

Sabrina: ‘What position you want?’

Me: ‘Move forward a little bit.’

I went on my knees behind her and closed her legs together. A little worry got the better of her as she seldom started with doggie. Without letting our moods die, I rammed into her and stayed inside.

Sabrina: ‘Ahh! Shit.. be more gentle can?’

Our baby boy did not move at all and the rhythmic thrusts began. She was audible but it did not wake him up. The both of us knew he was a deep sleeper, and only hunger would wake him up.

After pounding that firm ass for some time, I kneeled on my ankles and Sabrina humped herself on me. Her pussy was exposed more than ever to bounce and it was one of her favourite moves of all time.

Orgasm, was a challenge to me. We would fail to make her cum at times, and it was our number one issue to fix on the bed. Not even the creaking sounds were of any importance.

Sabrina (whispering): ‘I think I’m going to cum.’

Me (whispering): ‘So am I!’

Sabrina: ‘Tsk!’

Fine. I admitted I wasn’t ‘that’ good like how she expected me to be. We changed to missionary and her legs wrapped around me tightly, guiding my tempo as I pulled out of her. Slamming consistently, her vagina got tighter and the countdown started.

Me: ‘Shit.. I don’t want to miss this.’

Sabrina (panting): ‘Just keep going dear.. ‘

The squeezing got more intense as I went faster, till a sudden wave inside her body began ‘milking’ me. I had lasted longer than her. Her fingernails dug into my biceps as she came, eyes shut and squinting really hard.

Sabrina (moaning): ‘Cum with me. Keep going.’

Her legs loosened and I hammered her with all my might, knowing she had gotten what she needed. I had to finish before the next thing happened. With my dick swooshing wet, her grip remained tight. Her pussy was closing in even more and her wide opened mouth was screaming in silence.

Me: ‘I’m cumming!’

Her vaginal walls resumed milking me again, this time with some results. My two-days worth of cum sprayed into her, sending her body into another orgasm that was more violent than previous times. She hugged me against her chest and her teeth when into my shoulder blades.

Sabrina: ‘Ahh!’

Her jaws gave way and I quickly lifted myself up, afraid to be bitten twice. She massaged the sore, red marks on my shoulders with a apologetic face. We detached and she used baby wipes to clean me up, before sucking it clean to make up for what she did to me. That was a first for us.

Sabrina: ‘Sorry.’

Me: ‘Don’t be. I don’t have to bare my top at work anyway. No one will see it but you.’

Sabrina: ‘Stop reminding me la.’

Her shirt went over her head and I wore my briefs back. After a short make out, we brought him back to sleep between us. At 6.30am, Sabrina woke me up, with her shirt pulled over baby’s head.

Sabrina (whispering): ‘I’m feeling horny again. Can we do it before I go to work?’

My hard on was up long before I opened my eyes and the little boy fell asleep to the bouncing bed.

Almost Forgot You

Guy: ‘Bye J! See you next week.’

Emily: ‘Bye bye.. ‘

The girl who have been chatting with me a lot gave sweet smile as she left, behind the guy who brought her along. See how they interacted, I could only assume he was after her when he ordered a tower of beer, which she finished almost half of it without any signs of drunkeness.

After ten minutes of washing up, I took out my personal stash of sake and sat by the window, enjoying the warm breeze outside the freezing bar. Sipping quietly, the main door suddenly creaked opened and I got off my seat ready to tell them we were closed.

Instead, it was Emily, in that light pink layered spaghetti top with a black skirt.

Me: ‘Forgot something?’

Emily: ‘Yeah. Forgot you.’

She came to my table after dropping her bag on the couch, emptying my glass without knowing the contents. A slight wobble backwards got my arm around her back and she wriggled that tiny ass on the bar stool next to me.

Me: ‘Where is your friend?’

Emily: ‘He got on a cab first. We stay different places anyway.’

Pouring herself another shot, she took the cup and tugged at my wrist, pulling me to the sofa against the darkened room. Another mouthful of sake went down her throat and she leaned against me, brushing her hair against my neck while I figured out what was happening.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey.. You’re drunk.’

Emily: ‘Are you still worried about him?’

Me: ‘A little?’

Emily: ‘He is just a classmate. Just another guy who wants to bed me.’

Well, it wasn’t a surprise to me. Her pre-teen look, thin figure with that ‘thigh-gap’ girls are after, long highlighted hair that flowed past her back. Who would say no? Before I served them the tower, I had checked their ICs and they were of legal age. Yes, legal.

Emily: ‘You’re the first though.. that pays more attention to him than to me. Can tell you don’t want to offend him by hiding behind the bar.’

Me: ‘I’m just doing my job. I need to tidy up anyway.’

Her face turned red with that two shots of sake faster than half a tower of beer. Those fingers working at my shirt buttons, she was no doubt drunk. As they came undone one by one, she was pecking my neck, out of control.

Me: ‘I think I’m done. I’ll get a towel for you k?’

That guy with her had tattoos over her legs, and with those stereotypical mindset, I could really get into trouble. She knew too, she could sense my confusion.

Emily: ‘Stop trying to push me away. And he is really nothing. If he dares to lay a finger on you, I’ll get my friends to settle him. No one dares to stop me from liking a guy.’

On the other hand, given her looks, she certainly had no problems getting ‘brothers’ to take care of her. Perhaps what she said was true. It was more deadly to offend her than that guy whose agenda for the night was written all over his face.

By the time I clear my mind, she had clear my shirt. Those snap-release belt came off with a click and my zip was halfway down. I turned her back towards the empty space and placed her lying down, before jerking her body to let her head rest on the sofa. With that move, her skirt hiked up to her hips and those pink panties were in full glory.

Emily (whispering): ‘Take it off.’

Sitting between her legs, I slid those underwear off easily and that smooth, glorious sight.. my underwear and jeans stripped themselves. Climbing over her body and resting on one arm, our lips melted together with her top was messed by my hand running under it. First under her shirt, then under her bra. They weren’t huge, and that was why it was such a turn on to fondle them. B cups I guess? Her nipples turned hard as I pinched them around, causing moans to whizz past my ears like a whisper.

Her hand reached for my dick and caressed them gently, using her palm to slide it like a revolver. Her womanly scent, the occasional touches of her nipples on my chest. If anyone had taken a picture of her, it would be the most unglamorous one with her top at her neck and skirt around her waist.

Emily (whispering): ‘Put it inside.. ‘

I lowered my hips and the tip was guided right to her doorstep. Her genital lips parted to my advances and I could feel how small she was from the tightness.

Emily (whispering): ‘Keep going. Don’t stop. I can take it.’

Me: ‘How many times have you done it?’

Emily: ‘Just with one guy. He’s my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. I’m sure he’s fucking some other girls right now.’

She said it with an assuring smile. But it wasn’t her status that I was going in so slowly, instead, it was that sensual entry into a tight, yet welcoming spot that I took my time to enjoy.

Me: ‘You okay?’

Emily (panting): ‘Yeah.. you’re really big.’

That final year ITE girl brought my confidence way up high and my hips were moving in excitement. Starting with gentle strokes, I made sure to pull out as much as I can before replacing it into her deepest spot, where her mouth would open to a silent moan.

Emily (moaning): ‘Oh yes.. oh yes.. do that again.. ‘

Somehow, she liked the torture and I went at it for a full minute, going about 20 spm (strokes per minute). After that, I began to pick up pace and exposed the other side of her.

Emily: ‘Fuck me harder.. fuck your little bitch.. I’m all yours.’

Her hands on my cheek, staring at me with those gleaming eyes. The slopping sounds went faster at a steady tempo, till she pulled me in for a tight hug. With my dick still slamming into her, a clench came in and sucked me right in, pulsating rhythmically with her vaginal walls.

Emily: ‘I’m cumming.. don’t move. Don’t move.’

I kept still for the ten-plus seconds she breathed hot air into my ears, till I felt her thighs relax and her hands pushed my body upright.

Me: ‘You like it?’

Emily: ‘A lot. He never did this before. It was just all fast and intense sex. But never this.’

She reached her arms out for me and I helped her up. Lying on the sofa in her place as she requested, she turned her body around and placed her knees on each side of my head – a 69. Right as I stuck my tongue out to lick her, I found myself immobilised. Her lips had sealed my dick in the equally tight suction as her pussy and the overwhelming pleasure distracted me from even reaching out to please her.

I could sense her head nodding quick, but none of her teeth hit. It was just tongue, saliva and lips. As time passed, she slowed down and I resumed my job of licking her, listening to what she said as she took a break.

Emily: ‘If you are still fucking me, I would have gone crazy by now. Just cum when you feel like it k?’

Me: ‘Umm.. how about I make you crazy?’

Emily: ‘I don’t want to tire you.’

Me: ‘I can’t be tired around you.’

She giggled and crawled forward to the armrest. I went on my knees still on the couch and slipped my dick right into her pussy, where a groan told me I was in the right angle.

Holding her sexy waist, there was no other words to describe what came after. Her fists grabbed the armrest with such killer force as I pumped my dick at her, slamming into those firm, tiny, fair ass. Moans turned into screams, and screams turned silent.

Waves after waves, I felt her pussy closing in, but I bit my lips and endured. Juices were dripping between our legs and she was trying to escape my vengance.

Emily (groaning): ‘How long more? I can’t take it anymore. I’m going crazy.. ‘

Me: ‘Soon. I’m going to cum.’

I took a second to compose myself before changing my grip to her shoulders. Pulling her back as I rammed forward, she straightened her body and let me go supersonic on her. In a couple of minutes, I had pulled out and leaned back just like the 69 position from before.

She then crawled backwards and took my dick in her mouth, going deep throat for a few times before my legs held her down.

Me: ‘I’m shooting.. ‘

I frenched her pussy as the first load fired and she bounced her head in whatever tiny motion she could. The oversensitive move got me shooting the most times I could remember while sucking her off. Right there, a long moan came and a small stream of juices came into my mouth.

I swallowed them and she sat herself over my head before climbing away from me.

Emily: ‘You.. swoah llok gaem?!’

I nodded and she kissed me once again, throat emptying her mouth as we paused in that moment. She got back into the sofa after our crazy little adventure ended, dressing me up like a little boy.

Emily: ‘It’s super crazy.. I super love it.’

Her arms didn’t let go of me till I gave her butt a squeeze. We cleaned up the mess we made and left the place with her arm under mine. Being a gentleman, I told the taxi driver her address and we were soon on our way.

Throughout the ride, she never left me and her hand was under her skirt, touching herself till we arrived below her flat.

Emily: ‘Uncle, we will be alighting here.’

She pushed twenty dollars into the driver’s hand and dragged me out. It wasn’t till when we reached her doorstep did she talk to me.

Emily (whispering): ‘Spend the night me with?’

Me: ‘Do you have clothes for me?’

Emily (whispering): ‘Shhh! Yes I do. Umm.. I bought some guys’ clothes that I really like but have no chance to wear.’

Me (whispering): ‘I guess I can sleep here tonight.’

Emily (whispering): ‘But can you fuck me here before we go in? I always wanted to try it.’

I raised her skirt and she lowered her panties, while I whipped my dick out for the second time. In a stroke, I was inside her again and the silent outdoor sex began, right outside her door. It was so hush hush against our bodies’ wishes, yet our hips pounding against each other was impossible to silence.

This time, my cum ended up inside her but it wasn’t just ‘this’ time that I thought initially. Upon entering her room (with our clothes still out of the way), we went for our.. third.. forth round, with all my seeds going into the creampie guys love to ‘bake’.

After that encounter, she finally allowed herself to be the little bitch that yearned to be owned by someone – me.

A Lucky Chick

Girl: ‘有打火机吗?’
Translation: ‘You have a light?’

Aiden with his goody boy hair cut hastily picked up the Zippo lighter beside his laptop and handed it to the school girl, who had a cigarette in her hand. She sat down beside him and lit the stick, taking a deep breath of nicotine before blowing it sideways. Wearing a set of ITE white tee and skirt, he had noticed how short her black skirt was, as it revealed a lot of skin.

Girl: ‘叫什么名?’
Translation: ‘What’s your name?’

Aiden: ‘Aiden. You?’

Girl: ‘Stacy.’

He would expect ‘Valencia’ or some fancy name she would come up with but Stacy wasn’t too overboard. She continued sucking on her stick puff after puff and peeped at his statistic filled screen.

Stacy: ‘你在做什么?’
Translation: ‘What are you busy with?’

Aiden: ‘Doing some work.’

Stacy: ‘做什么的?’
Translation: ‘What is your job?’

Aiden: ‘I’m an acturia.’

Stacy: ‘Huh? What is that?’

He had no simpler way to explain his job scope and simply told her he worked in a bank, under the insurance department. In her mind, positions in the banking industry meant high salary, one that she had little hopes of getting into. When she realised what a person she was talking to, a little courtesy came into her words.

It was just 4pm when they began chatting, and it was that kind of awkward conversation between a highly educated young man with a maturing teenager. Not only were their level of thoughts in huge difference, she had no idea what he was doing, bombarding him with seemingly interesting but obviously incomplete knowledge about any more adult-like topics.

Stacy: ‘You eaten?’

Aiden shook his head with a smile and she adjusted her bag strap on her shoulders. Clearly from a mandarin speaking family, he was more determined to make her into someone successful than to just appear and disappear from her life. Somehow, the difference in their academic background spurred something in him. One with pity and hope to make her into a better person.

Stacy: ‘My mum cooked. You want to eat with us?’

As someone related to financial planning, he was used to going into strangers’ houses, so why not? He packed his belongings and followed her up to her flat, where she constantly reminded him not to tell on her about the smoking part. Of all people, the job he had consisted of keeping secrets.

Stepping into a three-room flat, it was simple. Old looking furniture lined the walls, a CRT TV was hissing to CH8, and an old lady walked out of the kitchen with two plates of food.

Stacy: ‘Mummy! 我带朋友来吃饭。’
Translate: ‘Mummy! I’m back with a friend.’

Her mum’s face lit up when she saw the well-groomed gentleman, adding another pair of chopsticks to the table where they had a hearty meal. For Aiden, it had been some time since he had homecooked food. It was truly an eye opener to him to have a meal with a lower income family than most of his clients.

Mum: ‘我先出去。朋友走了打给我。要乖hor。’
Translate: ‘I’m heading out first. Let me know when he is gone k? Be good.’

After stacking the dishes into the sink, she went into her room and told him he could come in too. As a guest, he went into the kitchen instead and did the dishes for a long while, before joining her.

By the time he sat on her wood-crafted bed, she had changed into a tight. body hugging singlet with the same skirt and was tidying up her desk. Smiling to himself at the sight of her frantic last-minute packing, it was the simplicity of her life that moved him.

Stacy: ‘你很热?你要的话可以脱掉衣服。我哥在家也是没穿衣。’
Translate: ‘Is it hot? You can take your shirt off. My brother is always half naked.’

How could he? In someone else’s place? She could tell his shyness and climbed over his lap, where he suddenly backed away in surprise.

Stacy: ‘You shy ah?’

Her fingers had went to undo his buttons and he just let her be. Once she saw his lean abdomen, though without any abs, her hands started feeling them up. His hands went to her thighs and slowly hiked up under her skirt, where deep breaths were heard coming from her mouth.

Stacy: ‘我觉得你很厉害。我没朋友在银行做工的。’
Translate: ‘You are quite capable in my eyes. I don’t have any friends working in the bank.’

A sense of lost and desire had been felt through her, guiding Aiden to do what’s right. He could totally see through her desire for someone like him to take care of her, and tell her what she should be doing. It was the insecurity that got her to climb on top of him and perhaps drive her into doing something to own him.

Aiden: ‘Hey. Come lie down here.’

He held her shaky forearms and helped her onto the bed, where tears began swelling up in her eyes.

Stacy (sobbing): ‘说真的,我没什么机会交新的朋友。想要做得更好,但是我又不想我家人辛苦。’
Translate: ‘I don’t have any chance of meeting people outside my circle of friends. I don’t want to be trapped by what education my family’s situation can afford to give me.’

He leaned his body onto her to give her a hug, hearing her cries upclose. Emotions filled his heart instead of lust, and she was just this hopeful to be left on her own.

Stacy: ‘我可以要你吗?No.. Umm.. 你可以要我吗?’
Translation: ‘Can I want you? No.. Umm.. Can you want me?’

The single and eligible bachelor couldn’t resist this foxy slim body, behind it, someone who looked forward to stepping out of her old life. As he stared in deep thoughts, she held his face and led him to her lips, where tears had wetted them.

The brief peck turned into a graceful tongue fight and his hand was under her singlet in no time. Her eye-catching black bra posed no obstacle as he maneuvered to her nipple, rolling it between his fingers as she moaned.

Stacy (whispering): ‘Take it off.’

He got up and stripped the last two piece of his clothes off, while she took her bra out. He grinned cheekily as he removed her thongs, fingers slipping under her skirt as soon as she bared. Her fingers wrapped around his dick that was already erected, stroking it as he exposed her breast after tugging her singlet down.

Mouth feeding on her nipple, it was a scene he had never imagined to happen. Not that he was single due to looks, but to have someone less successful than him, wanting to be dominated, freed a side of him he never expected.

Stacy (whispering): ‘躺下来。’
Translation: ‘Lie down.’

Aiden: ‘You have done this before?’

Stacy: ‘有… 我的 ex.’
Translation: ‘Yes. My ex-boyfriend.’

She went on top of him in 69 and took his dick into her mouth, jerking her neck forward to let him slide in and out. The slimy looking pussy before him could not even be reached as his body went haywire, losing control to her skilled blowjob. Desperately, he managed to lick her while she was at it and managed to give her an orgasm that stopped her in ecstacy.

Stacy: ‘他从来没有帮我做过。你比较好。’
Translation: ‘He didn’t do that for me. You’re nicer.’

How could anyone not taste this shaved, smooth pussy that was on her? She seemed to be the perfect girl to show off to, and own if treated well. Perhaps it was something Aiden could never understand. But he knew how to love and treat her. It was goodness and nothing less.

As she turned herself around to ride him, he stopped her. She had done more than enough for him and should not be the only one doing the work. He carried her easily and placed her on the bed, before spooning her from behind. He raised one of her legs and stopped his dick at her pussy, where she held it and guided him in.

The tightness, the wetness, the heartbeat-like throbbing. He couldn’t NOT move. Her moans turned into gasps as he pounded her from behind, one hand over her chest so he could tweak her nipples that drove her even wilder.

Soon, she was attempting to change position and they shifted into doggie-style. Holding that tiny waist before him, she was kneeling upright against his body. Humping silently, they were noisy in sync, a sight he had been long dreaming for.

Feeling her pussy tighten and relax, he was about to erupt. She was that beautiful in his eyes, and that body of hers.. he had no problem taking care of it. Going for almost twenty minutes since they got into bed, she had her share of mind-blowing orgasms. It wasn’t the size, it wasn’t his speed. His strokes were swift and filled with empathy, thrusts made with love that pumped right into her. She could feel his desire as well.

Aiden (groaning): ‘I’m cumming.. ‘

He made the final few jerks and pulled out before he lost it. She turned around on her knees and laid on the bed, legs stretched underneath his balls. Taking his dick back between her lips, she rammed her face at him till he pressed her head against his balls. Powerful waves of cum fired into her mouth and it all gathered at her tongue, where she continued sucking him till he collapsed on the bed. Yes, collapsed like legs giving way all of a sudden.

A quick flash of her tongue covered in cum followed by a swallow melted Aiden’s heart, where he was too late to ask her to spit it out. Smiles broke across her face and he placed her head gently on the pillow, letting her fondle his dick as he admired her flowing figure from her neck down.

Aiden: ‘I’ll drop by with some clothes later. I am only staying a few blocks away. Come to a function with me tonight k?’

Upon hearing that, Stacy pushed him against the bed and sat between his legs. Bending her back almost horizontally to the bed, his dick disappeared into her mouth again, this time, letting her complete the job of milking the second load.

Once they were done, he left her place and returned in less than twenty minutes. It had been the most tiring time he had since a long while ago, and he was more excited than her to bring her along for an event where the rich would gather. Not that he was going to ‘use’ her, but to get his clients scheduling appointments just to catch another glimpse of her.

That evening, Stacy, in a short red dress, stole the limelight. She needed no stockings or jewellery to enhance her beauty. She had turned Aiden into the most attractive man on the ballroom.

Besides the constant attention she got, there was only one part of the show that she could make any sense out of.

Emcee (on microphone): ‘This month’s top sales record was broken by someone we all know and love. Someone quiet, helpful and hardworking. He is none other than.. Aiden! Scoring THREE million in commission, I’ll let you guys imagine the sales figure. Ladies and gentleman, a round of appaluse!’

Right then, Stacy felt her legs weaken, and her pussy getting super wet. No one had expected him to be that capable, never in Stacy’s life would she get that close to even a hundred thousand. She had a guy of every girls’ dream, and she made up her mind to do everything to be his forever.

*Aiden.. is.. so.. going.. to.. get.. it.*
Stacy’s mind screamed this out in her face.

Everything made sense. Everyone was nice to him, he was courteous, kind and seemingly unhappening. ‘A humble millionaire’ was something she never heard of. At least not among her social circle. When he stepped off the stage to his awaiting team, she needed him to know what was about to come – or cum.

Stacy (Whatsapp): ‘Can pay for birth pills for me?’

Her broken English did not stop Aiden’s dick from rising once he understood what she meant. As soon as they reached a hotel he booked for the night, all hell broke loose when he ripped her dress off. She had wore nipple stickers in place of a bra, and panties wise.. they were 404. Nothing turned Aiden on more than knowing she had gone pantyless, apart from being so wet her inner thighs had streaks on them.

Following their encounter, she still stayed in her own house, but with some equipments changed to working ones. They still went over to each other’s place in rotation, and Stacy only told her friends about ‘a guy’, nothing in specific.

Would they take long to find out who have she been keeping behind their backs?

Bushy Bash

There wasn’t a need for Jin to do anything once he was in Stella’s bedroom. She hopped into bed with him once she got into her panties, removing those pesky obstructions. It was normal for him to strip to his underwear at her place when there was no one around, so she could caress his body. Lying next to him in her bed, her hand moved to his balls and fondled them without being instructed. And Jin’s arm went across her chest to reach into her panties, teasing that wet pussy always ready for him. The strange thing about Jin was that he preferred her not to shave, and she did just that to save trouble.

His fingers rummaged through those bush to split those pink lips apart and stroke along the slit, deliberately using his fingernails to include a little hardness during his fingering. Stella was jerking him off according to his speed and the moans that went into his ears was simply too much to handle, forcing him to dig his fingers into her hole. As he picked up his speed, Stella got so turned on that her mind was telling her to quickly get him hard enough to have sex.

Getting on her fours, she went 69 over his head and took his dickhead into her lips, swirling her tongue around it to get it sensitive. For Jin, he had already spread her pussy lips to see the juicy cunt, that gave him a mission. One that he knew was possible. Raising his head with an extra pillow, he began rolling her clit between his fingers and alternating with his tongue that sucked at her love hole. He knew how much she enjoyed being teased without cumming, cause she had always been wilder in sex than just achieving orgasms.

Licking her hungrily, her pussy was gapping on its own as if it was awaiting something bigger.

Stella: ‘Can we fuck already?’
Jin: ‘Up to you?’

She turned herself around on top of him and squatted on one side, pulling her panties aside to let him in. Holding his dick upright, she bit her lips as it touched her opening, and then sliding herself down on it. Usually, girls would prefer it to be slow as it might hurt, but Stella was different. A sudden descend sent a chilling sensation across her spine and shocked Jin, every time. As soon as she was fully seated, she did not wait for her vagina to get used to his size and just rocked away, sliding her groin up and down his waist.

Here was where Jin did not feel that good. Not that she was doing it wrong, but he wasn’t allowed to do her in any other position. That little slut in her would ride him till he cum, and he wished she would just let him try something else. So, as usual, he laid still while kneading her boobs, toying with her nipples as she bounced away. At times, she would squeeze on him and watch him groan in agony. For a girl who was so sex-driven, he had no complaints about his life.

After the grind, she leaned backwards onto her arms and picked her hips up, only to slam down on him to get him really deep at her g-spot. He could only moan louder as his hips ached, but too horny to tell her so. She wouldn’t last long in that stance too, since she knew it was painful for him. About a few minutes later, she laid down on his chest and let him thrust upwards at her pussy. There was no need to remove her panties as they did not disconnect throughout the session.

Using his waist power to ram her, her breaths blowing into his neck was getting faster and her body was turning cold.

Jin (whispering): ‘Are you cumming?’
Stella (whispering): ‘Yeah. I want to cum with you.’
Jin (whispering): ‘Don’t worry. I am shooting too.’

He used what was left of him and shoved his dick faster, fucking her so hard that she had to pick herself up, and did a half-squat over his hips. As their final moment came, he held her waist down and did the last few shallow strokes, before his thick load exited right into her pussy. The tired girl sat on him as her body froze, feeling the vibration in her body getting stronger until it became a violent shiver. Jin felt his shooting dick being milked in an upward pulse and more cum came out of it, filling her pussy with more juicy goodness.

The next thing she knew, her cunt was streaming her own fluids and it went over his waist, onto the bed. He had never seen this side of her before and it was so arousing. That watery liquid had a smooth feel to it and she could no longer move while still seated.

Stella: ‘I’m so tired.’
Jin: ‘You always are. Come, just fall to my side.’

She let him help her lie down beside him and once again, his hand went to her soaked panties, reaching under to play with her damp forest. Getting a soothing massage to sleep was the best treat after sex and she did just that, drifting to lalaland with his fingers rubbing her clit, giving her a seamless climax right before she lost consciousness.

And that was how Jin fell in love with Stella, the girl who was addicted to sex and feeling cum inside her. He just laid by her side, watching her sleep soundly, and at the same time, resting so he could get it up just in time when she awaken. There’s at least another round to go for that day, part of their routine whenever they meet.

Pssh Bang

I had spent fifteen minutes in the shop looking for the whipping siphon I wanted, and it seemed that it wasn’t on display. So, I headed for the information counter where another female customer came just after me.

Me: ‘May I know where is the whipping siphon?’

Staff: ‘It’s upstairs, beside the chemistry counter.’

The girl beside heard what our conversation and followed me, going around a small corner to the staircase leading up. As I made my way to my objective, she tapped on my waist and spoke in an Indonesian accent while sticking closely behind.

Girl: ‘You are getting a whipping siphon?’

Me: ‘Yeah. You too?’

Girl: ‘I wanted to get one after watching the videos on YouTube, but am not sure how to choose one.’

Me: ‘Oh. Let’s go up and see what they have.’

We walked to the section where the various aluminium canisters were stored and I picked one that had a good review on the websites I checked. We spent a good five minutes discussing about the workings of the gastronomy of the device and she was pretty convinced about the benefits. We took down the item code and continued walking around the empty level two to browse the attractive metalware on display.

Girl: ‘I am Natasha, you?’

Me: ‘I’m K. You’re from Indonesia?’

Natasha: ‘Yeah. But I lived in Singapore for five years already.’

We quickly paid for our purchases since there was nothing else we wanted to buy and she offered to drive me to somewhere convenient where I can take public transport home. Before she could start the car, the weather turned dark quickly and a heavy downpour followed.

Natasha: ‘I just got my license and I don’t think I will drive in the rain. I’m so sorry.’

Me: ‘It’s okay. I’m in no hurry.’

We continued talking for a while before she asked a casual question that almost seemed too unbelievable for such an attractive girl.

Natasha: ‘Is it hard to get a good boyfriend in Singapore? I don’t think there are many like you who will invest in such things. Men usually just focus on earning money, while the girls do all the cooking.’

Me: ‘It’s my hobby to play with interesting devices. And not many people will own such things too. I think I can make good food.’

Her giggles from our small discussion led her to feel extra relax and her hand found its way to my lap, patting and stroking my thigh with every laugh. I guess that was how friendly the people from Indonesia were, and it did help relax myself too. In the privacy of the car, I placed my hand on her lap as well and I could see a little shyness on her face.

Natasha: ‘I quite like you. You’re nice to talk to.’

Me: ‘Thanks. You too. Can’t believe a girl like you will have problems looking for a boyfriend.’

By then, I had learnt a few facts about her. Natasha was 26 this year and had been single for three years after her Singaporean boyfriend cheated on her. Although she was an Indonesian, her mother was Japanese and that explained the fair complexion, along with a natural thick head of hair, permed, dyed and styled like a Japanese.

The white top she wore was a little translucent and her black halter bra was screaming loudly through her shirt. Her checkered bandage skirt was positioned nicely above her thighs, at a decent length that wouldn’t attract unwanted attention. Her slim figure was all thanks to the daily workout, since she was still looking for a lifelong partner.

Natasha had parked her car in a convenient corner for the reason that it was easier to park beside a wall, fearing that she might hit other cars. So, it was just two sides that constantly distracted us, in front, and the other side where a van had parked next to her.

As the car got cooler in the chilly weather, we lowered the backrest and her hand was frequently trying to move up my pair of sport shorts.

Natasha: ‘Are you cold?’

Me: ‘I’m fine. You? Need me to warm you up?’

Natasha: ‘Haha. How?’

Me: ‘Let’s go to the back. I’ll show you.’

In the passenger seat, my hand moved up her legs and went under her skirt, where a thin fabric met my rough fingers. It immediately sent a thrill down to my little brother and I wriggled my fingers under the panties to her smooth pussy. Her eyes remained closed as I began rubbing on her clit, with her legs trembling from the waves of pleasure flooding her mind. She pulled her skirt higher on her own accord and shifted her hands under her shirt, unhooking the bra from the front and massaging the succulent pair.

Watching the beautiful girl getting herself so horny, I picked up my speed and drove her to an orgasm, with moans that could possibly be audible outside her car. Once the climax died down, she stopped me and pushed me to lie on the remaining space behind me. Her eager hands yanked my shorts down and exposed my dick that flung straight for the hood.

Natasha: ‘Someone feeling naughty huh?’

Me: ‘I couldn’t help it.’

She hushed me and her mouth went to work on my rod. Licking from the sides, I could feel my nerves channeling all the sensitivity to the tip. Her soft fingers were handling my rod so skilfully that it felt so calming. Finally, her lips went over the tip and long graceful strokes began sending my dick into the heavens. The softened tongue roamed around my shaft while a light suction kept my blood pumping. Her hair felt so fluffy in my hands and I had to use all my willpower to stop myself from forcing her down.

As she kept going, her lips reached deeper down with each thrust and before I knew it, she was giving me a deepthroat. Never had I experienced such depth, coupled with so much saliva that made the whole thing so warm and sensual. After five minutes of euphoria, I pulled her towards me and we made out like we were each other’s first. We had definitely felt younger by a few years as our hands moved all over our bodies, exploring sensitive areas and keeping our hormones raging with occasional brushes across our parts.

Natasha: ‘You wanna do it?’

Me: ‘I have been thinking about that since the start.’

She removed her skirt and adjusted her shirt to provide some protection in case anyone interrupted, while I remained bottomless from her blowjob. Reaching for the cupboard under the dashboard, a new 3-pack condoms appeared and she asked me to look at the expiry. Well, it was just a few months away from a possible ‘rot’, but it was actually intended to tell me how long had she been keeping it, going unused until today.

I tore the wrapper and proceeded to place it on my tip, ready to roll it down and get into action. But before I could move, she held my wrists firmly and once again brought her mouth to my penis, executing a lip-roll of the rubber over my shaft. Of course, it was a heaven and hell difference compared to the bare-back blowjob (BBBJ) earlier. Nonetheless, she got it in place and I placed her on her back after shifting my butt near the door.

Entering her in missionary, a painful expression appeared and I paused midway. The battle in my head was either to just shove it in, or go slow. Since she had been so initiating, I took the chance and rammed it into her, resulting a claw into my ribs and back, as though Wolverine just killed me. Natasha bit her lips to suppress the moans and I just pumped her hard to negate the pain. Her legs went around me, attempting to keep me inside for a while so she could recover, but there was no time for that. Well, it was my hormones that couldn’t wait, not time.

I pounded her like how a rabbit would, setting off orgasms there were merely minutes apart. Her tight pussy showed me how long she had not had sex, and it simply drove me crazier when I felt her muscles contracting on me. Droplets of sweat fell on her chest as I kept up my tempo, until I adopted a series of long, powerful strokes, taken in a slightly slower pace, amped up her climax.

Natasha: ‘Oh stop teasing me already. Let me cum, please.’

I smiled at her and took my time, before she reached for my testicles and fondled it. Damn, she does know how to push me to my limits. I gave in to her demand and fucked her hard. The following orgasm sent her body thrashing around once I picked up my speed, maintaining the same deep thrusts. Seeing how violent she got, I pulled out and laid on top of her lightly, letting her hug me while pleasure bombarded her senses.

It took quite a while for her to recover, but my dick was still being teased by her pussy lips that jerked up and down, accidentally touching the tip. Only after another five minutes, she caught her breath and sat up in fear, giving herself up from my continuous pounding.

Natasha: ‘I can’t take it anymore. I need to rest.’

Me: ‘And continue later?’

Natasha: ‘Hehe. No! But I will help you out. Just no more sex.’

She unrolled the condom with care and chuck it on the floor. We moved to the centre of the seats and she went to a 69 position, taking my dick into her mouth before I could even angle her pussy at my mouth. The fast movements of her head totally threw me off, and getting my tongue to stroke her was even harder. Still, I did my best to lick her off while she mouth-fucked me, moving horizontally as though she was being penetrated in doggie.

My dick slid easily down her throat and her lips kept themselves tightly sealed. I had given up trying to lick her after a minute as there was no way to keep it together. I was so distracted by her awesome oral. I kept two fingers inside her while she moved, letting her ‘finger’ herself while her pointy nipples brushed along my stomach.

It took her quite a while to get my cumming, but she managed to pull it of anyway. I felt the urge building up after ten minutes and warned her about it. Hearing that the finale was approaching, she slowed down in anticipation, but I had something else in mind for her. It would be a waste to just let her have it so easy right?

I got up on my knees and let her lie between my legs, swapping positions for the ’69’. Aiming my dick downwards in missionary, I quickly snatched the short bolster at her rear window, placing it below her neck for support. Once my dick was in place, I bent forward to her pussy and began the proper licking, toying the delicate pink flaps that protected her clit. My hips was thrusting in momentum into her mouth, down her throat, while she closed her eyes to receive all of the forceful blowjob.

I must admit, her mouth felt as good as her pussy and I took less than two minutes before reaching my limits. Ramming it deep down her throat, I lifted my hips at the last second to let gravity extract the powerful geyser of sperms that filled her mouth. Still thrusting, she used her lips and a small vacuum to clean me out and the brain-numbing moment lasted the longest in my life. Once I was done, I sat back on my legs and let her up.

Satisfied and pleased with our short sexcapade, I rested lazily where I sat and she laid her head on my lap, still sucking occasionally at the little stub that spewed the leftovers. We did nothing for a long time until the rain stopped, and she got up to wear her clothes back, without her panties. Since we’ve got what we wanted, we made our way home in her car and her pussy was still busy, with my fingers keeping her alert for the journey.

Natasha: ‘If I have any problems with the siphon, can I ask you over to my place?’

Me: ‘Sure. You know, whipped cream is a good moisturiser for your breasts and pussy.’

Natasha: ‘Let’s try that next time. And lick it off so it won’t go to waste.’

She dropped me off at my place and made her way back, leaving her panties secretly tucked into the plastic bag of my siphon. What a day the siphon had given me.

Window Performance

Jennifer laid on the bed with the blindfolds on, as requested by William, her boyfriend. He had prepared a bag of surprises for her and the shy girl had no idea what was about to happen. She had never checked into a budget hotel for such things before and the sleaziness of it had made things awkward from the lobby to the room. Moaning sounds and creaking beds echoed in the corridor, but it did not turn her on at all. Only in the privacy of the room she could rest, and the blindfold helped a little.

William took the cuffs out of the black backpack and laid it around the bed, checking on the bed to make sure it would fit. His pretty Philippine-Chinese girlfriend wore a low cut dark grey camisole, boobs well supported by the sewn-on cups, and a pair of denim shorts to match it. He removed her shorts before securing her knees to the sides of the bed, and her wrists to the top most corner. Although Jennifer was a little doubtful about bondage, the fact that he took time to plan it showed her how much he wanted it. With her hands and legs restrained, her body appeared even more arousing to him, in just the top and plain cotton panties.

She was one of those conservative girls who dressed normal, sometimes even unappealing, as long as comfort made her day easier. Just for today, she heeded his advice and dressed a little more revealing, and all ready to submit to him. The straps at her knees were adjustable, giving him freedom to spread it wide apart in missionary.

The zipping noise and sounds of him undressing was unmistakable, and she knew it was about to begin. His weight pressed onto the area between her legs and she felt his body heat hovering above her. There was no foreplay of any sort, but little did she know he had lubbed himself so he could surprise her. Her panties were snipped away and top yanked above her boobs, revealing that curvy figure to him. She didn’t mind it at all, since it was William.

The movements on the bed gradually died down and his hands pressed onto the bed beside her ribs. Her pussy felt a little tickle at her entrance, and then his whole dick sank all the way into her. She did not have any time to prepare and the sudden enlargement of her vagina just screamed ‘pain’ into her mind. Knowing that she was suffering from the struggle of her feet, he went on to ram his dick into her, relieving the shock with pleasure. The huge change in sensation actually made her more sensitive, and she could feel the roughness of his shaft inside.

The desire for his cock to never stop remained in her mind as she moaned uncontrollably. No amount of slow breathing could take away the pleasure that filled her body. Her slit was reddened from the penetration, and it was gapping on its own whenever he took a pause. This newfound fetish had got her addicted to helpless sex, giving control of her body to someone she trusted. Throughout the whole time, William was just slamming his hips at her, reaching to her deepest and most sensitive spot. Needless to say, the bedsheets were stained with her leaking pussy, desperately lubricating the fierce action.

After some time, she could feel her pussy tighten even without climaxing, and William was slowing down as well. Was it about to end?

William: ‘Let’s change position.’

Before she could reply, he got off and stood with his feet beside her head. He knelt beside her arms and immediately went to feast on her pussy. The scent of his hairy dick was right in her face, and the stimulation at her genitals simply made her opened her mouth to catch the thick slab of wet, dripping dick. She could not move much of her head but he compensated by making small thrusts. The shallow dips only allowed her to keep her lips closed, toying with the little mushroom of his dick.

The change in position had delayed his ejaculation, while he get to lick his girl’s beautifully waxed small pussy. He had a weakness for her slit as it was hidden behind the innocent looking cameltoe, yet alluring when his tongue teased her clit to make it erect. The gentle appearance of her raw labia was as good as a freshly shucked oyster. She was so juicy and shy, making the whole 69 experience unforgettable. Her legs could not close no matter how hard she tried, exposing her privates like a porn star.

Well, that did turn her on a lot. The more shy someone appears, the wilder it gets behind closed doors. The dick pumping at her mouth kept her from saying anything, but he knew when to stop too. He picked himself up and buckled her wrists together. Still, her legs were the hardest to redo, not knowing what position he wanted next.

A few minutes of rest for the both of them extended his stamina by a fair bit, and it is time for something crazier. He limited the ropes between her legs and she could only take small steps, towards the window where he guided her to. She placed her hands on the glass, knees resting on the pillow at the ledge of a small space protruding from the window into the room.

Jennifer: ‘Where am I?’

William: ‘In front of the mirror.’

Jennifer: ‘No wonder it’s so cold.’

William: ‘I am going to warm you up just about now.’

In front of her was another hotel of the same height, with another couple in cowgirl. They had spotted Jennifer’s semi-naked body, and almost wanted to draw the curtains, until William appeared and waved to them. He went behind her and pulled her waist a little lower, and shoved his cock into her waiting pussy. That had shocked her twice in a row, but it definitely felt better than the first. As he rammed her from the back, her knees gradually shifted forward until her nipples touched the cold window, only to have them pressed by William.

The mixture of hot and cold drove her insane, and the darkness she was in had heightened her other senses. The couple opposite them took up the same position on a stool, and did the same, engaging in a wireless foursome.

William: ‘I will cum in this position k?’

Jennifer: ‘Oh yes.. Okay.’

He went all out to pump her harder, banging her body loud and clear. The taps of his testicles on her pussy was stirring something else in her, and she had no idea how to explain it to him. It simply felt complete. Their hotel sex actually opened her ‘eyes’ to this small but meaningful natural occurrence. Within minutes, her body was trembling with subtle orgasms that made the other pair jealous.

Fucking his girlfriend deep and hard, there was no regrets booking this room for her. Their bodies went non-stop, moaning and groaning with hair pulling and nipples fondling. His hands just could not get enough of her.

It was only after ten minutes when he whispered that he was about to cum, and he knew doing it raw was as far as she would allow. He pulled out just before the tipping point and helped her to turn around, ending the free show for the gentleman on the other side. He brought her hand to his throbbing cock and lightly tapped on her head. Without hesitation, she went down on him, going way deeper than she ever been.

Her convulsing throat had provided a sensation similar to her pussy, but much wetter. In a way, cumming down her throat definitely tasted better than on her tongue. She did not take any breaks and did her best, before he groaned out loud and she forced her mouth towards his balls. 3/4 – was all she could accommodate, right when he flushed his cum out of his nozzle and poured down her throat. Her fingers massaging his testicles did trigger another two rounds, but nothing more than that.

For the first time, he was truly exhausted and weak. It was the most worthwhile meet up they ever had, even for Jennifer who enjoyed herself throughout. He untied her hands and legs, before heading to the bed and falling on it. She raised the blindfold over her head to the streetlights that glared into the window she was at. A look of what the.. overcame her face and she turned around to see who was opposite.

The man who noticed them stood just beside the bed, letting his girl blow him while looking at Jennifer, giving a wave that sent her running towards William. She cuddled in his arms, calmed by his smiling, satisfied expression. How lucky was she to be with such a guy. Not just someone who brought her to a hotel and had wild sex, but a man who took great care of her. Nonetheless, a little guilt was felt in the corner of her heart, bearing the memories of public sex she had with another guy, who was special in his own ways.

And in his kenjataimu state of mind, was replaying the scenes where another girl, who had the ideal CFM face, took him from behind while turning sideways to show her large eyes and biting lips, moaning ‘fuck me harder’, and allowing him to cum deep into her pussy.