Troy: ‘Ass up!’

The ex-model sluggishly perked her ass up on her bed, eyes rolling white from the dose of ice he fed her. Never could anyone imagine Natalie to have stooped this low, all thanks to the drug one of her friends mixed into her drink on one of her yacht photoshoot. Just two weeks after that, she had shifted out of her place and into a semi-D, along with other girls who were seemingly worse off.

Her knees fell apart when the icy cold metal rod touched her ass cheeks, slipping between the cracks and onto her anus. Very slowly, she let off a groan as the anal plug dug their way into her intestines.

Troy: ‘Doing good. Stay relaxed.’

There was no need for her to think about anything as the drug made the whole process sensual, heightening her sexual urges as her asshole widened. His warm hand left the T-shaped stopper right outside her anus and she fell back onto the bed, tummy contracting to get used to its presence.

Before long, she had turned to her sides and reached for her pussy, pubes trimmed into an airstrip above her cunt. She started to masturbate herself and Troy kept quiet by her side, pants tightening as gentle moans escaped her beautiful face, one that no one would suspect of what she was training to do.

Troy: ‘You want my cock huh? You keep looking at it.’

Seated on a revolving chair next to her, he removed his pants (and underwear), letting her catch a glimpse of his tall erection. Natalie lazily reached for it and went on to stroke it a few times, until he got too horny to stay still.

The sight of his shirt falling over her head excited her pussy even more and the sudden jerks of her hips leaked even more juices out of her. Still high on ice, Troy easily controlled her and plunged his cock into her, savouring the warmth of her vagina for a few seconds while she screamed helplessly.

Among the enslaved girls lived three ‘masters’, two guys and one woman who took care of their food and whatnot. Well, what’s whatnot? Money! Tons of money from unknown sources. The girls were allowed to go out, but at the end of the day, it was the drugs that kept their loyalty.

As Troy pounded her little ass, moans were heard from the room next door. The men each had their ‘favourite’ girls and they took extra care of them. Naked waist down, Natalie only had a blue bra and an oversized white tank top on. While her mind was bombarded by the pleasure of sex, the drugs were helping those orgasms come sooner.

Rounds after rounds of climax, Natalie only got wetter with that thick rod ramming into her tight hole. He had been stretching her pussy wider since the first time she gave in to him. As if he was on some other drugs, his cock never flinched throughout the forceful thrusts. The sheer size of it, was expanding right inside her, coming in contact with every sensitive and non-sensitive spots.

Grabbing onto her silky long brown hair, she lifted her body up on her arms and felt the pain on her scalp travelling down her spine to her genitals. Whatever he did, it kept turning her on. After a good five minutes of merciless pussy thrashing, he pinned her back down onto the bed and went even faster.

Slurping sounds joined the occasional queefing noises and more orgasms took her sanity away.

Troy: ‘Fucking bitch! I’m cumming!’

He pulled out of her and seamlessly slid it between her ass, fingers holding onto her head and turning her towards him in a swift stroke. He sat comfortably on his bum and shoved her head down, gagging her on his cock a few times before she figured out what to do.

The enthusiastic girl licked him like a puppy and suckled on his honeystick, bobbing up and down in high speed. The king of the bed laid back and shut his eyes, enjoying the treat to a wondrous ending she was sucking him to.

Like before, his fingers dug into her hair and held her still, moving his hips a few times into her mouth for whatever was coming. Seconds after a pause in front of his dick, blobs of cum spat onto her face continuously, until he pushed her down on him again, clearing the rest of his bullets right inside her mouth.

Once he took a deep breath, Natalie knew it was over and was pushed away like a used sex toy. She fell onto her back and watched him tower over her sweaty body, shirt pulled all the way to her face to clean those cum off.

Troy: ‘Turn over now. It’s time to work.’

He flipped the dead fish over and spread her legs wide, yanking the ribbed, stainless steel buttplug out in one move. Natalie resting her head on the bed towards him could see what he was doing. He filled a condom with small zip lock pouches and coated it with some lubricant, stuffing it into another condom before a knot sealed the contents.

The package disappeared behind her back and as expected, it went into her asshole that was stretched to accommodate its size. It went in easily and she was helped up to change into a fresh set of clothes, a low cut, sweet blue dress with floral designs on it.

With another girl, she was ushered into a car and the ride began, going all the way into Malaysia and through the distracted eyes of the custom officer. Like a professional, Troy protected them from his horny buyers and closed the deal, putting up in a hotel nearby with his two prized transport vessels.

After feeding them with another dose of ice, the screams and moans coming from the room was never questioned by any staff in the hotel. The girl with Natalie was Cherry, whom had another whole story to herself.

A Pet for Three

This is the second story Jhae has written for Kathy, the author of Kathy’s Diary (now defunct). It’s a foursome story that have appeared on her blog, and it’s now my turn to publish it.

Kathy has long gotten used to being a pet. Listening to commands, awaiting her turn for orgasms, paying attention to the man before her, those were the things she was used to. When Master A allowed her to meet up with me on her own, I wanted to introduce something new to her. Though I’m not sure if she had done it before, it’s the people who are involved that will be new.

I reached the hotel earlier than her to set up the room, slightly bigger than the previous venue we had our fun in. Apart from the cameras, there were also two other guys I invited. Both were my readers, one in his 30s and the other in his teens. As planned, the three of us had masks on, Marvel superheroes to be exact. There was Spidey, Iron Man, and Hulk. For our own ease of recognition, the youngest among us had the Iron Man on, and the oldest had the Hulk.

Kathy (WhatsApp): ‘I’m outside the room.’

Hulk let her in and the shocked expression of her was a sight to behold. Although it was a bigger room, the crowd in there made it look happening.

Kathy: ‘Wow. So many people? I thought you said.. where are you Master J?’
Me: ‘It doesn’t matter which one is me. Put your bag down and lie on the bed.’

The three of us were seated like kings in front of the window and Kathy dropped her bag in a corner, removing the cardigan she had over a floral dress. We gathered around the bed and started the inspection, conveniently stripping her naked and turning parts of her body to see if she had cleaned herself well.

Her ears were tickled, mouth dug into to make sure she brushed, nipples twisted to stiffness to ensure she was ready, and legs spread so we could see if it was properly shaved.

Our underwear came off together and we returned to the chair.

Hulk: ‘You can start with mine.’

He lit a cigarette as she came over, kneeling between his legs and taking his cock into her mouth. While she worked, we introduced ourselves and picked on a topic I’ve planned.

Me: ‘How shall we start after she’s done?’
Iron Man: ‘I want to continue using her mouth can?’
Me: ‘Can. And Hulk?’
Hulk: ‘I’m going to start fucking her if you don’t mind.’
Me: ‘Alright. And I guess I’ll have to keep her hands busy. Oh. Maybe we can try DP. Iron Man never done it before right?’
Iron Man: ‘Nope. Hope it’s nicer than normal sex.’

Being the youngest guy among us, he was attached to a loving girlfriend. But never had any chance to do anything out of the world. Surely, anal would be something new.

Hulk: ‘Move on. I’m done.’

Kathy crawled to me and continued sucking, while Hulk went into the toilet to wash and get a condom. Kathy was totally insignificant in our conversation, only required to keep us hard. After two minutes, I had enough and passed her to Iron Man.

He started groaning as she went down on him and we could tell he was the most excited.

Hulk: ‘Iron Man, go to the bed and let her continue.’

He brought her to the bed and Kathy remained in doggy, slurping wetly on his iron-cock. Hulk went behind her and fingered her pussy, ensuring that she was wet enough so it wouldn’t hurt. By the bed was a few bottles of liquid, lubricants and massage oil in case we needed them.

Iron Man: ‘Kathy, you okay?’
Me: ‘Eh. Don’t need to ask her anything. Just lie down and enjoy.’

Kathy moaned louder when she felt Hulk’s tool penetrate her pussy, sinking in like a long sword. Her legs almost slid open flat but Hulk held her waist. As for me, I sat beside Iron to get her handjob, clumsily trying to focus on the one dick her teeth might hurt.

Hulk’s forceful thrusts jerked her onto Iron Man’s dick, giving him the deep throat he wasn’t ready for. Every stroke was wetter and deeper, causing Iron Man to groan uncontrollably.

Me: ‘Your girlfriend don’t do this for you?’
Iron Man: ‘She only suck for a while. Then we will have normal sex.’
Hulk: ‘My wife.. she’s not as tight as Kathy.. ‘

He was squeezing her ass hard as his hips pumped, finally hearing some moans with the dick in Kathy’s mouth.

Hulk: ‘Iron Man, let’s stop for a while. Turn her around. I want to feel her boobs this time.’

The three of us turned her head to the foot of the bed, dangling her neck over the edge. Hulk sat on her chest with his dick in her cleavage and I squatted at her mouth. While Iron Man took his time to put on the condom, the two older guys (Hulk and I) started. I was fucking her deep throat like missionary and Hulk was playing with her breasts mercilessly. He had rubbed some Durex warming lubricant for the boob-job and he was enjoying thoroughly.

Hulk: ‘If only my wife has her boobs.’
Me: ‘Are you in yet Iron Man?’
Iron Man: ‘Now now.’

The parting of her lips signalled the extra pleasure at her groin. Iron was pounding her so hard that the both of us above her waist lost all momentum. As usual, his groans overpowered our voices and her throat just kept squeezing erratically on my dick head.

A few minutes later, I pulled out first to let her breath, and the two guys stopped shortly after.

Hulk: ‘Iron Man! Ready for the DP?’
Iron Man: ‘I’m afraid I’ll cum too fast.’
Me: ‘Nevermind la. I think I’m going to cum soon too.’

Kathy was never given the chance to speak since she was panting most of the time. She was looking so tired that her sluggish movements could not pick herself up. I laid on the bed and Kathy climbed over me. She had done the job of putting myself inside her and Iron kneeled behind her.

A few moments of silence later, her face squinted hard as Iron Man grunted, plus a thumbs up from Hulk who guided him in. Hulk came over to my head and leaned on the wall, balls right in front of me.

Hulk: ‘Pai seh ah. Might as well do TP – triple penetration.’

Hulk pulled Kathy’s mouth over his dick and left her alone. Both Hulk and I then coincidentally told Iron Man the same thing.

Hulk & Me: ‘You’ll be controlling the speed.’

We fist-bumped and Iron Man started thrusting. Slowly but deeply, the thin wall that separated our dicks got super slippery. It only took him a while to reach his comfortable speed and Kathy was full of moans from the three dicks.

Her pussy was overwhelmingly tight on my dick and her anus was overbearing for Iron Man. His sudden screams of vulgarities said it all. Hulk had his own share of fun by holding her head straight, body jerking by Iron Man’s sheer force.

Iron (shouting): ‘You’re so fucking tight!’
Hulk: ‘You are trying to suck me dry huh little bitch?’

I was long out of my mind from her tightness that was turning my vision white. My brains had flashes of numbness and I bet the two of them felt the same too. Hulk’s wobbling feet and Iron’s increasing frequent pauses.

Iron Man (shouting): ‘I’m going to cum guys!’
Hulk: ‘Hey! Let’s cum together?’
Me: ‘Good idea.’

Iron Man went on pumping at his max speed for a while more before slowing down. The three of us, now breathless and super horny, couldn’t wait to get out of her crazy body that was trying to addict us.

We surrounded her on the bed and Hulk went back to her pussy. Both Iron Man’s and my dick were in her hands, stroking us at unbelievable pace. We aimed our dicks at her face and let her carry on.

Close to three minutes later, Hulk suddenly let his dick flick out and waded over to her chest. Another few jerks of his own rod sent hot cum spraying all over her face. Iron and I took her hands off our meat too and jerked till our load covered her face in a cum-mask.

Me: ‘This is crazy man.’
Iron Man: ‘Let’s help her clean up. She can’t see.’

Hulk walked over with her panties and placed it in her hand, where she tried to soak up the impossibly thick coat of semen. Once she could open her eyes, we ordered her to smear the cum over her body, while we watched on our chairs.

Me: ‘Kathy, help us clean up with your mouth.’

With cum in her hair and all over her face, she came over to us one by one and sucked up all the juices over our dicks. After she was done, we allowed her into the bathroom while we wore our clothes back.

Hulk: ‘Kathy, we have asked Master A to come up here for the rest of the night. The three of us booked this room for you.’
Me: ‘Let’s not forget to give her a review. Iron Man first?’
Iron Man: ‘I can tell her mouth was well-trained, but her teeth still scraped my dick a few times. Ass wise, tight and seldom used. Not for beginners like me.’

Hulk: ‘She’s a good sex slave to own at home. And even better for gatherings like this. Her mouth had a lot of training, and pussy lots of fucking. Not too tight that I will cum too fast, a nice fit for long, insane sex. Oh! And her boobs. Soft and addictive. If only I can cut them off.’

Me: ‘Haha. Crazy Hulk huh? Kathy actually kept her pussy squeezed throughout the whole session. Her hands need more practice though, too easily distracted. Mouth wise, mindblowing. I would not mind paying her for blowjobs. Probably worth $50.’

The three of us thanked each other before picking up our bags. We handed over the card key to Kathy and left together, unmasking at the first trashcan we saw in the corridor.

Kathy (WhatsApp): ‘Thanks Master J for organising it. You guys really make me feel like a pet. Hulk was really big, and Iron Man’s dick is really cute. Smaller but super energetic. And for Master J, I know which one is yours.’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘I’ll let the guys know. Master A is coming up now. Get ready. I’ll send you the videos once I edited them.’
Kathy (WhatsApp): ‘Xoxo!’

Perfect Finish 2

Part 1 | Part 2

Hae (WhatsApp): ‘Asleep?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Not yet.’
Hae (WhatsApp): ‘Buy some beers and come over?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘To your place?’
Hae (WhatsApp): ‘No! At that place we did it last time?’

Skipping the rest of the conversation, I got a few bottles of fruity alcoholic drinks and headed straight for a bench near the fence. After informing her of my arrival, she appeared in a dress, those wrap around kind with a deep V-cut into her cleavage.

For the next hour, we were emptying bottles to stories of our lives, breaking the ice we missed when we met the last time (or first time). Her family was of importance back in Korea, and she was here to be the wildcard in case anything happened to them.

So apart from working at one of the offices of her parent’s company, she basically had no friends outside work. Partly due to her stature that needed discretion too. She got drunk faster than me since she was popping all the lids, somehow drowning the loneliness in beers.

Hae (whispering): ‘Want to go to that corner again?’

A grin on my face told her my answer and she untied the strap around her waist, leaving a long trail of skin visible to any peeping toms. We quickly made our way into the bushes to protect her decency.

While I was looking around for our safety, she had begun to tug my shorts down, which I wore to make things ‘easier’. The lack of lingerie soon got my hands roaming across her breasts, kneading the firm bumps hard and soft.

Moans came along with the wetness I felt on my fingers during the clit-rub, and she reciprocated with a sloppy handjob. If you guys knew how sloppy handjob felt, you would understand the amount of tease without any ‘right’ strokes to make one cum.

To take things one step ahead of her, I raised one of her feet onto the concrete parapet below the fence and got on my knees. My face dived in for her pussy and her hands secured over my hair. The feminine scent was a treat to lick at and the random flicks caused her legs to wobble dangerously. Yes, dangerous but the curled toes were a sign of pleasure. As my mouth got covered in her juices, she had her hands under the dress and pinching on those perky pink nipples, visible from one of the overhead lamps from her own yard.

Hae (whispering): ‘My turn!’

A pleading tone got me back on my feet and she sat at the edge of the wall, head bent over my dick. The angle her back lined with her legs were of a gymnast’s standards. I did not wait for her to start sucking and thrust
right in her face. She got the cue immediately and stayed motionless, while my dick plummeted her glossy pink lips without rest.

She had maintained a comfortable suction and her tongue was kept behind her throat, tapping the tip of my dick whenever I went deep. We had no intention of cumming just with our mouths, so I didn’t keep at it for too long either.

Me (whispering): ‘Condom?’
Hae (whispering): ‘I got an IUD at a clinic. It’s inside.’

My lips-biting expression couldn’t get more foxy. She hung her fingers into the fence and stuck her butt out at me, as if begging for me to fuck her. Plunging deep into her pussy first, the fence shook to her suddenly grip.

Our hips fired off the slam-athon with a slow start, picking up speed as her back curved into a more seductive angle. My hands gently squeezed on those slim waist and jerked her backwards, driving my shaft even deeper. The rattling of the fence soon got too loud and I pulled out of her to let her recompose herself.

Hae (whispering): ‘Try the other hole now. I have put some lubricant inside.’
Me (whispering): ‘Really? Let me know if it hurts k?’

My dick head got into a flat squash before popping into her, shocking her into a soft yelp. Clear, thick lubricant started showing up and I impatiently thrust at her to get my full length in.

Within a few strokes, her anus was all over me. An unknown force was shitting me out while my body shoved it back in. Hae had her fingers on her clit as we butt-fucked, making awkward popping sounds as her ass tightened.

Each of her orgasm drove me closer to mine, and I could feel her slender fingers on my dick through her vagina walls. Like rabbits, we humped at full speed with my hand over her mouth.

Me (whispering): ‘Hae! I have to stop.’
Hae: ‘Ok!’

I took a whole ten seconds to pull out of that unbelievably tight hole and she was still rubbing herself. Hae made a dash for a half-drunk bottle and returned to our hiding spot. With a piece of wet tissue from my sling bag, we rinsed my dick with the Strawberry Barcardi and cleaned it thoroughly.

Squatting over the piles of dry leaves, Hae carefully smelled my rod before devouring it, swallowing all the alcohol as she sucked. I had to sit myself on the parapet of the fences as her tongue drove my mind blank. Continuing non-stop, she just kept going while her fingers made slushing noises at her pussy.

Me (whispering): ‘Okay okay.’

She stood up all of a sudden and climbed onto me with her hands around my neck. Half-sitting, I aimed my dick at her pussy and she slammed her hips on mine. Making a squinting face, she closed her vagina tight as I came, blowing up into her baby-proof cunt with a few days’ worth of cum.

We could totally feel my load leaking out onto the leaves with loud splatter and she stay focused to milk everything out.

Hae: ‘Done?’
Me: ‘Yeah.. ‘

I let her down slowly and she stroked my dick clean while pouring more Bacardi over it. As for herself, she scooped the excess cum into her pussy and tied her dress together. Exhausted, we went home in our separate ways and the happy girl skipped all the way to her main gates.

Hae (WhatsApp): ‘I love the warm feeling inside me. Don’t find other girls k?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘I can barely handle you already. No other girls for me.’
Hae (WhatsApp): ‘Can I keep you dry so you won’t find someone else?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Tomorrow?’
Hae (WhatsApp): ‘;)’

Part 1 | Part 2

Fat Dude

Jessica: ‘Hey kor kor!’

All the guys at their stations turned towards that cutesy, little girl when she came running over to the plump dude, in a baggy jeans that lowered his first impressions to ‘non-existent’.

Kai: ‘Hey mei. Ready to go? I’m hungry.’

Jessica: ‘Wah lau. You’re always hungry. I’ll go wash up. Very fast one. Can wait for me outside the shower area?’

Kai: ‘Yeah. Go go.’

He almost gave her a smack in the butt but he rememebered they were in public, where literally every guy had the hots for that sexy gym-goer. Kai took his time and went into the corridor where two huge rooms split for the two sexes. Standing in front of the handicap toilet playing his phone, the females’ changing room door opened.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Kor!’

Kai: ‘What?’

Jessica (whispering): ‘Come in lah!!’

He took a sneaky glance around and casually strolled into her panicky sister. Following the trail of wet footsteps, he entered her shower and she hung her towel over the hook.

Clanging his belt loudly, his jeans came undone and he was naked waist down, feeling his sister’s wet body as she throw his pants on the hooks. She reached between his thighs and found the little stub, which was hard and still hidden under his belly fats. Playing with it innocently, her eyes was locked on his ecstatic expression.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Like it kor?’

Kai (whispering): ‘Yeah.’

Jessica (whispering): ‘Just nod k? Don’t say anything.’

She placed her flip-flops in front of her feet and kneeled down, while her brother raised on feet onto one of the water pipes. Having no other angle to do it, she buried her face in his folds of fats and sucked his dick, feeling his thick foreskin getting pushed around by her lips.

His hands running into her hair told her she was doing great and her speed picked up, teasing with her tongue swirling his little cock all over her mouth.

Kai (whispering): ‘Shooting!’

He pressed her head down on his crotch and Jessica tightened her cheeks to create a series of quick vacuum, extracting his cum that filled her mouth. The soft groans continued till the last drop was sucked out of his meat pipe, and Jessica went to the drain to spit his seeds.

Going back to him for a hug, a gentle whisper ‘kor’ reminded her of how much she loves him.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Finger me?’

They went to where the shower head was and he sat on the wet tiles after she did, spreading her legs wide to let him see her shaved pussy. Giving his fingers a lick, two of them disappeared into her body and the high-speed finger-fuck began.

Moans filled the cubicle quickly and juices were flowing non-stop. Whenever he paused, the warm liquid would stream around his fingers and go down her ass.

Kai (whispering): ‘Sit lower.’

He placed his clean thumb over her clit and his middle finger on the other hand, poked into her tight asshole. A gasp confirmed her body’s allowance and the rest of his fingers were forced into that unused hole.

Jessica: ‘Ahh.. it feels so good.’

Kai: ‘Shhh!’

As he picked up speed, her ass rose and dropped onto the floor, smacking loudly onto the wet surface. Pushing his way inside that hole was particularly more difficult, since she was super tight in this hole.

Within two minutes, her hand held onto his pumping fingers as her body trembled violently, squirting from her pussy and coating his hand with her juices. That ‘high’ expression on her face was priceless. It was the only goal Kai had whenever he did this for her.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Okay okay.. take it out.’

He took his hand away and rinsed them immediately, before wiping dry with her towel. Her satisfied face with her panting chest, said it all.

They wore their clothes back and she was back in a fresh set of t-shirt and shorts, while he had to slip on his baggy jeans again, shirt a little damp from the sweating.

As usual, she left the showers first and signalled for him to exit, walking out of the gym as though nothing has happened. A sumptuous dinner completed her workout(s) for the day and they headed back home, where an empty house greeted them for more kinky fun.

A seemingly hopeless, fat dude, with a slim, sexy but cute sister. I guess we’re one step too slow.

Clueless Assumptions

With her mouth taped and wrists bounded, her mind was living her worst nightmare when the man she was leaning on pulled her knees her her chest, exposing her most vulnerable spot to the other guy, whom had been stroking that eight-inch horror the whole time. He took knees at her butt and pushed the tip in, groaning in smiles as he pierced his way into her barely moistened vagina that couldn’t be more resistant to the rape going on.

His monstrosity tore right through her opening and nullified her struggles immediately, silencing her futile cries for help behind the black duct tape. While his friend kept her in the ‘sex doll’ (leaning backwards, arms behind back, legs spread like chicken wings) position, he just kept pumping the full length of his penis into her. He was picking up speed sooner than her body was producing lubricant, burning her nether region with the sheer friction from the rapid thrusts he groaned so excitedly to.

Unsure of how a simple plan to stalk someone could took a turn for the worse, she was in the easiest outfit for them to get into her panties. Her tears only flowed faster when her inner thighs were bruised, skin chaffed from the continuous, quick hip-slams her assailant gave.

‘Bro! I’m cumming.. ‘

A hand went across her nose and pinched those nostrils shut on an outgoing breath, taking her for her first ero-asphyisation as the penis inside her spilled its load with outmost eagerness. Of course, she was allowed to breath sooner than before he was done, and that weirdly gotten her extremely wet all of a sudden. Luckily, the men were too distracted to take any note of her change in mood.

‘My turn my turn.’

‘What position you want?’


The first guy then made way for his friend, who got that poor thing on her knees, and pinned her chest onto the smooth concrete floor. As tightly as she shut her legs together, it did not hinder his entry at all – into her ass where he spat into. The pain shot through her spine as inches disappeared into her asshole, mixing the little pleasure earlier with the most excruciating sensation ever, in that supposedly one-way exit. More saliva coated his dick as he rammed deeper with each stroke, until he was grunting for his life.

Within three minutes of violent ass-rape, his tempo turned unpredictable. Taking long pauses in between fast, swift thrusts, she was in as much agony as he was, surprisingly, in.


‘Damn lousy sia you!’

Her duct tape caught even more desperate pleas as she felt her ass heating up, to the hot semen that filled that other hole full. A bright LED light suddenly shone in her face, bringing her fears to the undeniable possibility that his friend, the first guy, had been capturing all their sick acts on film.

Her break finally came when the longest piece of cock pulled out of her ass, easing the wide stretch around his girth. The men took more clothes off her to wipe themselves, and then cut her restrains loose before sprinting down the block.

The girl, mentally and physically messed up beyond salvation, wore just her panties and bra they left her with, for the five minutes dash home. Never would she do such a thing for her friend again, especially when the other party seemed extremely vulnerable, like he was waiting for them to slip up.


Jasper (WhatsApp): ‘Room 343.’

The message Melissa was waiting for finally came and she made her way to the lift. Wearing her school’s sky blue skirt and a white ‘Victoria’s Secret’ t-shirt, eyes were on her as she carried her backpack across the lobby. The door opened before she could hit the doorbell and a topless Indian man walked away after seeing his ‘order’.

Man: ‘I’m Muthu. You?’
Melissa: ‘Melissa. You can call me Mel though.’

He laid on the bed while she changed her top to the uniform in the matching blue colour. It was the request from the guy whom had caught hold of her compromising photos, putting her in a situation she could not get out off easily. Somehow, her bad habit of not closing the curtains in her room resulted in the collection of long videos Jasper had recorded at her window, from her changing her clothes to masturbating in the bright afternoon light. The fact that he even filmed her in HD made it worse if anyone had seen those videos.

Back to the room, she sat at the edge of the bed, sending a message to Jasper to let him know she had reached. Muthu was behind her, unbuttoning her blouse and reaching into her bra where his hand fondled her boobs like a dirty old man. Melissa stood up after her shirt was undone and let him stripped her skirt off, followed by the white panties she wore underneath.

Muthu: ‘Come. Let’s get started.’

She placed her phone down and turned around to see him lying comfortably at the headboard, legs opened wide and a red stick standing for her. Seeing that there was no way around this, she kneeled between his legs and began stroking him. The squeeze tube of lubricant was placed into her palm as the handjob went on, wetting her hands without anywhere to wipe it off.

After a few minutes, he commanded her to lie down and give him a blowjob, sounding fierce and impatient to the gentle shy girl who was forced into this situation. Beginning to feel the pressure, she laid on her chest and let him hold her head, guiding it to his dick. He gave her no chance to catch her breath before forcing her mouth over his dick, and using her mouth as a cum dump. Choking sounds echoed in the room and tears just flowed uncontrollably down her cheeks.

As her teeth closed, Muthu let one of his hands go and delivered a painful slap that glowed on her face like a hot iron rod was pushed onto her. She quickly composed herself and opened her jaws, returning back to gagging on the piece of meat that was causing irritation to her throat.

Muthu: ‘You’re quite bad in your blowjob. Climb on top now.’

He grabbed her by her arms and pulled towards himself. Of all things, she did not open her knees in time and sent a kick to his balls. Now, that was something she shouldn’t have done as another slap went across her face on the same side. He threw her face down on the bed and flipped her over violently. Bending one of her knees ninety degrees, he sat on her other leg and penetrated into her without a condom. The shocking pain caused her to freeze and her wrists were pinned behind her back.

Feeling his dick pierce into her pussy was the worst sensation she ever felt as her vagina heated up despite the lubricant he applied during the handjob. Every time she made sounds too loud for his liking, her ear would be twisted. As time went by, her pussy began relaxing for the rape and Muthu was heard groaning as he fucked her.

Just as her pussy tightened to an orgasm, he coiled the ends of the blanket around her wrists and tied her to one of the corners.

Muthu: ‘You wait here.’

He grabbed his phone and took a photo of her before making a call. From the conversation, she could hear him asking Jasper to come up and the minutes passed by quickly when the bell rang. The familiar face appeared shock at the state Melissa was in but something was holding him back from questioning Muthu.

Muthu: ‘Help me record.’

He shoved his phone into Jasper’s hand and it was aimed at her exhausted body. Muthu returned to the bed standing on it and tugging on the straps tied to her hands. Her hair was jerked mercilessly and her face was shoved into his groin, dick disappearing into her mouth in one stroke. Forcing himself on her, he treated her like a sex toy and fucked her mouth to his delight. Only when he felt his load about to come, did he drop her on the bed and flipped her to doggie.

Muthu: ‘I’m going to cum inside you bitch.’

The pleas from Jasper not to do that went unheard as he squeezed more lubricant behind her body. Except that he did not smear it over her pussy. Melissa yelped as his thumb pushed some of the jelly into her asshole and he pulled out to use her other hole. In under a minute, she felt some pain on her ass as he found his way for the first inch to disappear. Following that, a powerful jerk sent her screaming as he tore her anus apart, pumping violent to the crying girl who was too tired to resist.

A minute past before he cried out that he was cumming, and she felt her hole warming up as a gush of cum poured into the unexpected virgin opening never designed for sex. Groaning and moaning in despair, her body dropped lifeless after he pulled out. The man went to the toilet immediately and got dressed after getting what he wanted.

Muthu: ‘Your ass is great though. Here.’

A few pieces of two dollar notes was strewn over the bed and he left after taking his phone.

Jasper: ‘You alright?’

The poor girl couldn’t reply him no matter how many times he asked. He had turned her around and tucked her in, leaving her groin uncovered to air it.

Melissa: ‘Can I go now?’
Jasper: ‘Is it still painful?’
Melissa: ‘Yes it is.’

He did not just leave her to rest after hearing what pain she suffered. He had gone to his bag for a condom and slipped it on before she knew what was happening. Not that she had the strength to fight back, but the loss of hope had drained her motivation away to break out of the blackmail threat that was keeping her up every night.

Once again, her legs were opened and he leaned over her body. A smaller dick slid gracefully into her pussy and while it took away some pain, it had replaced it with some pleasure as well. As much as she did not want to enjoy it, it was soothing the pain at an alarming rate she could not reject.

The dick inside her began moving and her pussy was getting wetter. Moans came uncontrolled and her body was taking the chance to recover while the intended hole was being worked to take the pain away.

Jasper: ‘Feeling better now?’

She nodded at him and saw how caring he was, despite the fact he was the person that blackmailed her. Her body had recovered from the anal sex and she felt somewhat grateful to Jasper for the act of kindess. Wrapping her legs around him, he rammed deeper into her and let the pleasure flow through her body.

Jasper: ‘Can you suck me off? I don’t want to cum just like that.’
Melissa: ‘Don’t force me down k? I’ll be gentle.’

A ‘k‘ came from him and she let him take her place on the bed. Lying on his abs, she took his dick into her mouth and slurped the raw cock that was just inside her. Maintaining her suction and speed, she took her time to work her tongue along his shaft till she felt his legs trembling. The end of her torture was here and she went lower down on him.

Jasper: ‘I’m cumming.’

Those words were spoken in a tone so calm that she did not mind him cumming in her mouth. Sucking harder, the first squirt coated her tongue and the rest gathered in her cheeks, still using her lips to stimulate the sensitive area under his dick head. Finally, everything was done and she dashed into the toilet to relieve her bowels.

After expelling the unwanted cum in her ass, she joined Jasper under the sheets where she willingly tucked into his arms.

Melissa ((whispering): ‘Can I just serve you alone? I don’t want other guys to touch me anymore.’

The two of them dozed off after a heart to heart talk and all she needed to do from them was to satisfy his needs, and she would be taken care of.

No Beach Today

April: ‘Can you help me check where is it hurting?’

She bent her body over her bed bottomless, with just her top and bikini on. Their initial plan to head for the beach had been cancelled when she spent a painful morning in the toilet, to a point she could not walk straight. Edison, her boyfriend who was still in secondary school, was now in a ‘doctor’s’ position to do an anal probe for her, with the disposable latex gloves and the lubricant coated around his fingers.

Edison: ‘Tell me when I touched something that hurt k?’
April: ‘Okay. Go slow.’

Massaging her anus with his fingertips, the girl was wriggling awkward as she felt the sensitiveness of her butt. Not long after, he pushed his way in and twisted his hand around, to caress the interior where she was complaining that hurt. At first, she was unused to having something foreign in that particular hole, not like she had been having sex, but her body was involuntarily trying to push him out.

Edison: ‘Just relax more. I am going deeper.’

April bit her lips and relaxed enough for him to fully sink his index finger in, to no avail for finding that painful spot. About two minutes later, Edison was feeling bored from the misleading guide she had told him to move, and began thrusting his finger slowly, in a playful way to see how she would react. For someone who never had such experience before, the new hole felt extremely weird but pleasing at the same time. In under a minute of his teasing, she was moaning in that small body of hers and Edison was getting harder too.

Edison: ‘You like it baby?’
April: ‘Yeah. It feels good. Helps with the pain too.’

After some time, he got turned on himself and took a small vibrator out of his pocket, which he had prepared for her, and stuck it in place of his fingers. It was time for him to get some hormones satisfied too.

Edison: ‘Turn around and lick me?’
April: ‘Huh. Okay.’

He hopped up in excitement and removed his pants, relieving the aching bulge under his boxers. April then placed her mouth over it and sucked silently, while he groaned to her swirling tongue. Still in the doggie position, he then reached for the vibrator half sticking out of her ass and clicked on the button at the end of the stick, buzzing into the girl who was blowing him faster.

April: ‘It’s making me too high.. ‘
Edison: ‘I know. Keep going.’

Gently, he thrust the toy into her anus and she buried her face in his groin, enjoying the stimulating of her sensitive asshole while pleasing her guy. It was only after five minutes of this foreplay that she stopped to rest her jaws, while sitting upright on her ankles, grinding her hips on the toy that was pressing against her bed.

Edison: ‘You won’t get pregnant from anal sex right?’
April: ‘What? You really want to try it?’
Edison: ‘Yeah. You like it too right?’
April: ‘But it’s dirty.’
Edison: ‘Don’t worry. I’m not going to put it in your mouth after that.’

April gave him a confused look before turning her body to face the headboard, feeling her bed move to the guy who was eagerly dying to deflower her. Once he had smeared enough lubricant over his dick, he guided his tip into her hole and she prepared herself for the poop-dumping mood. It was difficult to get relaxed enough for him to enter and it took them more than five minutes before he could get the tip in.

From the point that bit of his dick entered, he did not pull out anymore and gave her all the time she needed to slowly sink his way in. Finally, after a tiring moment of strange sensation, Edison was thrusting his hip at her, very slowly filling her ass with his meat. As time passed, they found the mental state they needed and April spread her legs wider.

At last, he was pumping in full strokes into that groaning girl who was kneeling half-seated, rubbing her own pussy between her legs to calm her overwhelmed anus. Edison did not take anymore chances and pounded her hard, driving her to the insane pleasure that made her beg for him to go deeper.

From where he was behind, the convulsion in her pussy was squeezing her ass tight too, and the already-vacuum mode his dick was in, couldn’t felt any better than this. Pounding her butt with his might, the urge to cum was actually delayed by the high pressure around his stick. The two schooling kids went on fucking non-stop once they realised how much fun they could have without the risk of getting pregnant, or loosing her virginity.

Edison, still considered inexperienced from his sixteen year old life, knew he could not last long in this and really took her hard, shoving his dick into that perfect seal. April too, was too overpowered to regain her composure, only too keep massaging her clit to climax over and over again. As sick as you might imagine, there was no awkward smell from the anal sex and it was all thanks to her vegan diet her family had imposed.

Lasting for as long as ten minutes, they took frequent rest until her butthole was getting sore from the drying lubricant, and she requested for him to go all out until he came. Taking control of her waist, the fit young man rammed deep and hard into her, entering a rampage mode where her last orgasm came and did not stop until he was done.

Feeling the patch of wetness on the bed getting bigger, he was fighting to let his dick cum from the close fit of her anus. After the last lap of sweaty sex, Edison groaned out loud that he was cumming and pushed April’s back onto the bed. Jerking uncontrollably, his cum pumped into her asshole and soothed the pain, causing a last minute request to come from her to keep going.

However late it was for that, he could not move from the sensitivity of his dick and he collapsed over her body, bent forward and panting hard.

April (whispering): ‘Boyfie, don’t pull it out. Let it come out itself.’
Edison (whispering): ‘Okay.’

They rested in that position until his dick shrank enough for her body’s natural response to force it out. He wrapped the soiled glove over his dick and went to the toilet, rinsing any smell off it and brought a few pieces of wet tissue to clean her up. She was nice to give him a scent-test to make sure he was thoroughly cleaned, and a after-sex blowjob served as a reward to his workout.

The blowjob lasted long enough to get him up and hard again, and she kept going until the second load of cum spurted into her mouth. Her oral skills was one thing that Edison couldn’t get enough of but for that day, two shots was all he could afford. It was their usual way of getting enough other off anyway, she would suck him off while he fingered her to the countless orgasms she wanted.

April laid in his arms to rest after the hour of non-stop action and thanked him for his help, to find the pain, and eased it with pleasure.