Taiwan Sausage

Doris: ‘Lie still k?’ Daniel’s cock was hard like never before when his fling brought a cup of yogurt to his bed, wearing just a nightie that barely covered her groin. He tightened his fist as she spooned a small amount of the thick strawberry liquid over his little head. Almost immediately, she licked them […]

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Fox Girl

When I stepped into the apartment arranged by my China business partner, a girl in a satin white dress and furry headband greeted me at the door. For a start, she looked too young to be of legal age, but a quick flash of her ID showed me she was above 18. Girl: ‘Welcome. I […]

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Troy: ‘Ass up!’ The ex-model sluggishly perked her ass up on her bed, eyes rolling white from the dose of ice he fed her. Never could anyone imagine Natalie to have stooped this low, all thanks to the drug one of her friends mixed into her drink on one of her yacht photoshoot. Just two […]

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A Pet for Three

This is the second story J has written for Kathy, the author of Kathy’s Diary (now defunct). It’s a foursome story that have appeared on her blog, and it’s now my turn to publish it. Kathy has long gotten used to being a pet. Listening to commands, awaiting her turn for orgasms, paying attention to […]

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Perfect Finish 2

Part 1 | Part 2 Hae (WhatsApp): ‘Asleep?’ Me (WhatsApp): ‘Not yet.’ Hae (WhatsApp): ‘Buy some beers and come over?’ Me (WhatsApp): ‘To your place?’ Hae (WhatsApp): ‘No! At that place we did it last time?’ Skipping the rest of the conversation, I got a few bottles of fruity alcoholic drinks and headed straight for […]

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