Fat Dude

Jessica: ‘Hey kor kor!’ All the guys at their stations turned towards that cutesy, little girl when she came running over to the plump dude, in a baggy jeans that lowered his first impressions to ‘non-existent’. Kai: ‘Hey mei. Ready to go? I’m hungry.’ Jessica: ‘Wah lau. You’re always hungry. I’ll go wash up. Very […]

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Clueless Assumptions

With her mouth taped and wrists bounded, her mind was living her worst nightmare when the man she was leaning on pulled her knees her her chest, exposing her most vulnerable spot to the other guy, whom had been stroking that eight-inch horror the whole time. He took knees at her butt and pushed the […]

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Jasper (WhatsApp): ‘Room 343.’ The message Melissa was waiting for finally came and she made her way to the lift. Wearing her school’s sky blue skirt and a white ‘Victoria’s Secret’ t-shirt, eyes were on her as she carried her backpack across the lobby. The door opened before she could hit the doorbell and a […]

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No Beach Today

April: ‘Can you help me check where is it hurting?’ She bent her body over her bed bottomless, with just her top and bikini on. Their initial plan to head for the beach had been cancelled when she spent a painful morning in the toilet, to a point she could not walk straight. Edison, her […]

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Different Tips

Man: ‘Hey there. Just want to let you know you did a great job serving food. Totally made our day.’ Jacob: ‘No problem man. Hope you enjoyed the food.’ Man: ‘We really did. Mind if I ask you for your number? We just moved into Singapore and thought it would be great for someone like […]

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