No Beach Today

April: ‘Can you help me check where is it hurting?’

She bent her body over her bed bottomless, with just her top and bikini on. Their initial plan to head for the beach had been cancelled when she spent a painful morning in the toilet, to a point she could not walk straight. Edison, her boyfriend who was still in secondary school, was now in a ‘doctor’s’ position to do an anal probe for her, with the disposable latex gloves and the lubricant coated around his fingers.

Edison: ‘Tell me when I touched something that hurt k?’
April: ‘Okay. Go slow.’

Massaging her anus with his fingertips, the girl was wriggling awkward as she felt the sensitiveness of her butt. Not long after, he pushed his way in and twisted his hand around, to caress the interior where she was complaining that hurt. At first, she was unused to having something foreign in that particular hole, not like she had been having sex, but her body was involuntarily trying to push him out.

Edison: ‘Just relax more. I am going deeper.’

April bit her lips and relaxed enough for him to fully sink his index finger in, to no avail for finding that painful spot. About two minutes later, Edison was feeling bored from the misleading guide she had told him to move, and began thrusting his finger slowly, in a playful way to see how she would react. For someone who never had such experience before, the new hole felt extremely weird but pleasing at the same time. In under a minute of his teasing, she was moaning in that small body of hers and Edison was getting harder too.

Edison: ‘You like it baby?’
April: ‘Yeah. It feels good. Helps with the pain too.’

After some time, he got turned on himself and took a small vibrator out of his pocket, which he had prepared for her, and stuck it in place of his fingers. It was time for him to get some hormones satisfied too.

Edison: ‘Turn around and lick me?’
April: ‘Huh. Okay.’

He hopped up in excitement and removed his pants, relieving the aching bulge under his boxers. April then placed her mouth over it and sucked silently, while he groaned to her swirling tongue. Still in the doggie position, he then reached for the vibrator half sticking out of her ass and clicked on the button at the end of the stick, buzzing into the girl who was blowing him faster.

April: ‘It’s making me too high.. ‘
Edison: ‘I know. Keep going.’

Gently, he thrust the toy into her anus and she buried her face in his groin, enjoying the stimulating of her sensitive asshole while pleasing her guy. It was only after five minutes of this foreplay that she stopped to rest her jaws, while sitting upright on her ankles, grinding her hips on the toy that was pressing against her bed.

Edison: ‘You won’t get pregnant from anal sex right?’
April: ‘What? You really want to try it?’
Edison: ‘Yeah. You like it too right?’
April: ‘But it’s dirty.’
Edison: ‘Don’t worry. I’m not going to put it in your mouth after that.’

April gave him a confused look before turning her body to face the headboard, feeling her bed move to the guy who was eagerly dying to deflower her. Once he had smeared enough lubricant over his dick, he guided his tip into her hole and she prepared herself for the poop-dumping mood. It was difficult to get relaxed enough for him to enter and it took them more than five minutes before he could get the tip in.

From the point that bit of his dick entered, he did not pull out anymore and gave her all the time she needed to slowly sink his way in. Finally, after a tiring moment of strange sensation, Edison was thrusting his hip at her, very slowly filling her ass with his meat. As time passed, they found the mental state they needed and April spread her legs wider.

At last, he was pumping in full strokes into that groaning girl who was kneeling half-seated, rubbing her own pussy between her legs to calm her overwhelmed anus. Edison did not take anymore chances and pounded her hard, driving her to the insane pleasure that made her beg for him to go deeper.

From where he was behind, the convulsion in her pussy was squeezing her ass tight too, and the already-vacuum mode his dick was in, couldn’t felt any better than this. Pounding her butt with his might, the urge to cum was actually delayed by the high pressure around his stick. The two schooling kids went on fucking non-stop once they realised how much fun they could have without the risk of getting pregnant, or loosing her virginity.

Edison, still considered inexperienced from his sixteen year old life, knew he could not last long in this and really took her hard, shoving his dick into that perfect seal. April too, was too overpowered to regain her composure, only too keep massaging her clit to climax over and over again. As sick as you might imagine, there was no awkward smell from the anal sex and it was all thanks to her vegan diet her family had imposed.

Lasting for as long as ten minutes, they took frequent rest until her butthole was getting sore from the drying lubricant, and she requested for him to go all out until he came. Taking control of her waist, the fit young man rammed deep and hard into her, entering a rampage mode where her last orgasm came and did not stop until he was done.

Feeling the patch of wetness on the bed getting bigger, he was fighting to let his dick cum from the close fit of her anus. After the last lap of sweaty sex, Edison groaned out loud that he was cumming and pushed April’s back onto the bed. Jerking uncontrollably, his cum pumped into her asshole and soothed the pain, causing a last minute request to come from her to keep going.

However late it was for that, he could not move from the sensitivity of his dick and he collapsed over her body, bent forward and panting hard.

April (whispering): ‘Boyfie, don’t pull it out. Let it come out itself.’
Edison (whispering): ‘Okay.’

They rested in that position until his dick shrank enough for her body’s natural response to force it out. He wrapped the soiled glove over his dick and went to the toilet, rinsing any smell off it and brought a few pieces of wet tissue to clean her up. She was nice to give him a scent-test to make sure he was thoroughly cleaned, and a after-sex blowjob served as a reward to his workout.

The blowjob lasted long enough to get him up and hard again, and she kept going until the second load of cum spurted into her mouth. Her oral skills was one thing that Edison couldn’t get enough of but for that day, two shots was all he could afford. It was their usual way of getting enough other off anyway, she would suck him off while he fingered her to the countless orgasms she wanted.

April laid in his arms to rest after the hour of non-stop action and thanked him for his help, to find the pain, and eased it with pleasure.

Different Tips

Man: ‘Hey there. Just want to let you know you did a great job serving food. Totally made our day.’

Jacob: ‘No problem man. Hope you enjoyed the food.’

Man: ‘We really did. Mind if I ask you for your number? We just moved into Singapore and thought it would be great for someone like you to show us around.’

Jacob felt a little list as it was the first time a customer had asked him to leave his contact. Not that it went against any company’s policy, since there wasn’t such an extensive contract for a simple part time job. He gave his number behind the receipt for them and the Caucasian couple left the table stacked with plates.

The lady with that appreciative gentle looked like his wife from every angle, holding hands, occasional kisses, he was glad he made a new friend. Although he was attracted to the slim figure of his wife, Jacob did a good job hiding his glances. Furthermore, she got a spaghetti top that was layered around her neckline, giving him a spectacular downblouse view when he handed them his number.

The next few days past quietly, with messages coming in from Damien, the guy who asked for him. Jacob was asked to bring them around the Marina Bay Sands after their work. He was thrilled about being a tour guide and such, most importantly to have a chance for a rest.

The three of them spent the day walking and eating in the bustling town area, until nightfall came and drained their tired feet to weakness. An unexpected invitation to spend the night with Damien and his wife truly confused Jacob. Did they get so close to such extend? He made a few calls back home and affirmed them that he could spend the night out.

In the posh Fullerton Hotel, a twin room was allocated to them with a queen size bed and a single bed. Perhaps the Caucasian couple really wanted him to get a rest while learning more about Singapore. The couple went for a shower first and he waited while on his phone, playing some pointless games. As the shower went silent, Susan, walked out in a towel around her body, boobs spilling out with the nipples just an inch away from exposing themselves. The burly man followed behind and asked Jacob to go for a quick rinse.

He washed himself clean and left the bathroom, only to see Susan on the queen sized bed, top naked. Her lower half was covered under the bedsheets, but Jacob did not mention anything. He quietly went to his bed fully clothed, until she invited him to her bed.

Susan: ‘Jacob, Damien made me promise that I would make you happy. So I have a promise to keep.’

Jacob: ‘Where is he?’

Susan: ‘He went to get something from the front desk.’

Seeing that it was the husband that initiated this, a gleeful expression changed his mood for the night. His pants was removed promptly and she helped with getting those clothes out of the way. Just before they got started, Damien entered the room and saw Jacob lying on the bed, resting comfortably on the pillow.

Damien: ‘Jacob, just enjoy yourself tonight yeah? My wife is good.’

Jacob responded with a nod and closed his eyes, feeling the trained hands running down his body, revealing his erection under the blanket to her. Before he could react, her mouth was over his dick and sucking him diligently. It was probably easy for her to execute the deep throat move since Asians weren’t that ‘big’. Part of him was glad for that, but another part wished he was bigger. Susan worked on his rod by going all the way down, forming a suction before she pulled out with her tongue gliding along the underside of his penis. It was unbelievable that he had managed to give this ‘exotic’ treatment a try.

After she was done prepping his dick, Susan took a break and toyed with his twitching dick, playing it with her hands. She had such a beautiful figure comparable to porn stars, and it was definitely his lucky day. A few minutes of rest later, she climbed over his groin and kept her knees on the bed, sitting down over his manhood until it was fully embedded. A gasp from Jacob made her excited, asking for an explanation for the sudden breath.

Jacob: ‘You’re very tight.’

Susan: ‘Glad you like it.’

Pushing on his chest, she began riding him and moaning sensually, going a little too loud for his liking. Was she really feeling good? Or just a gesture to make him feel good? She saw the confusion in his face and whispered into his ears, ‘Damien and I haven’t done it since a month ago, that’s why you feel so big in me’.

So, that’s why. He remained relaxed as she continued bouncing on top, until she orgasmed with a gentle leak of juices down his balls. That shivering girl on his body, never seemed so sexy until now. She slid herself off his legs and resumed the blowjob over his dripping wet dick, while her butt stuck out of the bed in doggie.

At that instance, Damien, whom had been sitting on Jacob’s single bed facing away from them, got up and went behind her. He gave Jacob a wink and rammed his cock into her, forcing her to go down deep on the rod in her mouth to hide the moans. Damien continued to pump at her hard and fast, while her mouth was guided by the momentum to keep going.

Damien: ‘She’s hardworking yeah? Go ahead and use your hands to guide her.’

Hearing that, his hands went into her hair and pushed her deeper, going balls deep. There was no choking from her, just ferocity once she heard that command. The next five minutes went truly wild with the two men abusing her holes, until Damien waved to Jacob for a break.

Thinking that he had enough of sharing, Jacob pulled his hands away while Damien exited her pussy. He flipped her over to her back and signalled Jacob over to his side. Swapping positions, Damien sunk his dick into her mouth in 69 and laid on her pelvic area, spreading her butt open. That tight anus exposed itself to Jacob, whose dick was still as hard as before.

Damien: ‘Ever done anal?’

Jacob: ‘Nope.’

Damien: ‘Then put it in here. She’s wet enough.’

He angled himself lower before pushing the tip in, feeling how her butt hole relaxed itself. The inward stroke gave Susan a jerking surprise but her face was well buried in Damien’s groin.

Damien: ‘Yeah. Fuck her man.’

Jacob began thrusting into her tight anus and groaned uncontrollable as the erratic contraction teased his dick. Damien straightened his arms to move his face out of the vigorous hips of Jacob, and continued fucking his wife’s mouth in missionary. The duo made her groaned uncontrollably, keeping her full mouth busy. With the overwhelming tightness, Jacob could not last much longer and he told Damien about it.

Jacob: ‘I can’t take her anymore. She’s too much.’

Damien: ‘Let’s change positions. You can unload in her mouth.’

Jacob: ‘Are you sure?’

Damien: ‘Yeah. She’ll be fine.’

They changed roles and Jacob took her mouth, sinking his dick as deep as he could. Within three minutes, his hips stopped moving with the rod all the way down her throat, before he let off a loud groan and unleashing his seeds into her. Susan sucked on his tip for some time, while swallowing non-stop. Jacob was finally worn out with the hot wife and Damien was about to finish in her pussy. About five minutes later, Susan moaned in ecstasy as she felt her husband’s cum filling her up, warming her womb.

He too, pulled out and rested on her side, helping her massage her clit. With the threesome coming to an end, Jacob was asked to sleep with his wife while Damien went out for more night activities. At about three in the morning, Damien returned with a teenage girl and started fucking in the single bed while Jacob and his wife were asleep.

Jacob was once again surprised when he was invited to do the girl after Damien was done. Needless to say, he helped himself to the drunk girl and fucked both their minds out. The sleep resumed after two rounds, and morning came shortly with silence in the room.

In Jacob’s arms was the sweet looking stranger Damien picked up, and his phone in his hand. He stealthily did a quick scan through the photo and video apps, rewarded with nude pictures of the girl in compromising positions. He left the bed and packed the room a little, stumbling on an envelope with a message that thanked him for the day and another invite to their place some time in the future, along with the slip of paper was a stack of money, close to a thousand dollars.

No matter how Jacob thought about Damien and his wife, he considered himself very luckily to have met him. Since that sleeping girl was the greatest gift he ever received. After that night, the girl had a special relationship with the three of them, although partly bounded by a blackmail agreement.

Perfect Finish

Part 1 | Part 2

Just as I finished the last bit of beer in my pint glass, the waitress came up to me with the bill, a sign of politeness that they were about to close for the day. Sitting a few tables behind was a Korean girl, which I could make out with her sharp flawless features, and three empty glasses at her round table, flushed and drunk.

After I left the bar, she appeared behind me within a few seconds and ask me to accompany her. The accent she had was unmistakably Korean. Since it was still early (11pm is considered to be early for a drinking night), I agreed just to make sure she reached home safely.

We spent some time loitering pointless around the neighbourhood, with luxurious private estates. After an hour of headless wandering, she tugged at my shirt and said she wanted to pee. Well, I was just wondering how long more I had to hold myself in too. So we made our way behind a row of tall bushes, and did our business side by side.

In a gush, the pressure in my bladder was relieved from the build up of alcohol. As I was about to pull my underwear up after the ‘jiggle’, she suddenly yanked my jeans by the hip and turned me around. Before I could see if she was dressed, her head blocked the view of my groin and her mouth went on to suck my dick, as though possessed by some horny demons. Her lips were lightly stroking along the skin of my dick, moving at such a speed it felt like, sex. Once she had to stop for a breather, the following words that came out of her mouth were, ‘Can you fuck me?’. It was in perfect English that sounded so sexy with the foreign tone.

I had to reject her no matter what she got earlier. She was still red from the beers, and had spoken in a slur. It would be messy if she decided to sue me for anything. After hearing my reply, she stood up and stripped her jeans that were still at her knees. What a way to threaten. Once her panties were removed, she headed for the street lamps. I could make out her sparse pubic between her legs but I was more worried about what I was getting into. I pulled her back into a dark corner with my pants slipping down my calves. She then went back to sucking until I totally couldn’t stand upright, finding my balance with help from the fences.

Me: ‘I don’t have a condom with me.’
Girl: ‘But I do. Never used since my mum gave it to me just in case.’

She remained on her knees and capped me with much difficulty. But it felt super erotic when an inexperienced girl like her tried to do it right. I could feel so much impatience and desperation when it slipped a few times.

Finally, the rubber was on and we found a small opening among the bushes to a clearing where a steel fence separated the park and a house. She held onto the rails and raised one knee on the low wall. I blindly guided my dick between her legs and spent some time getting my dick into her. As my dick pushed its way into the tight, ‘foreigner’s’ hole, she was groaning with her head facing upwards. The squeeze on my rod was a result of her small hips, slim to a point I could feel her pelvic bone when I held her waist.

Wasting no time, I worked my way deep inside her and pounded her so hard that the first orgasm formed a higher level of clench that did not go away. Her cunt was just airtight and sealed. A vacuum pulled me in whenever I pulled, bringing me back into her with a loud slapping sound. Thankful for the alcohol, I was feeling confident of lasting longer that night.

Girl: ‘Can you put it in my ass?’

With great pleasure, I pulled out of her and spat some saliva right at her rim. Poking the dick head in, the tightness proved impossible to accommodate even an inch of my dick. The drunken eagerness of her kept moving backwards as my tip remained motionless. Slowly, I thrust the rest of the shaft in and the rubber had came a little loose at the top, giving me more freedom to go all the way.

After a minute or so of gracefully deep pumps, I felt her tight anal flesh squeezing down so hard. And it felt really good. The rest of the action need no explanation. I was pounding her rear as fast as I could manage, barely holding in my load with that level of stimulation.

Just as I thought I was doing well in her pussy, it was a whole new experience to be in her other hole. Damn! I was about to cum.

Me: ‘I’m cumming soon. I can’t move anymore. It’s too tight.’
Girl: ‘Take it out. Take it out.’

I stepped back for my rod to slip out of her and she bent her back in front of me, unrolling the condom halfway before ripping it away, flinging it into the dense bushes. She then squatted down and resumed sucking my dick, throwing her face into my groin until I erupted my hot load into her mouth, pushing some of it down her throat as she continued the deep throat.

Once she felt the spasm in my body slow down, she gave a last suck that started from her throat, pushing me out with her lips forming a tight seal. It was indeed heavenly to feel my shaft being totally emptied.

Girl: ‘It’s a good hangover cure.’

We got up and hid ourselves away from the light while dressing up. And she gave me a hug that felt so calming and warm. As she stayed in my arms for the few seconds, I felt her hand briefly tucking something into my back pocket.

Girl: ‘I’ll see you soon.’
Me: ‘Can’t wait.’

She placed a hand on my chest signalling to me not to move while she walked into the distance, stopping in front of a three storey bungalow before pressing the bell. Man, it was just a thirty second walk to her place, and we just had a quickie right at her front gate. I left the maze of tall houses and made my way home, to find a piece of paper with her number in my pocket. Hmm, I guess it would be a good idea to send ‘Hae’ home whenever she got too drunk right? Just for safety’s sake.

Part 1 | Part 2


Samantha climbed over Jon’s thighs after lifting her dress up and quickly slipped his dick into her while she lowered herself over him. There was not much time to lose as anybody could come into the toilet, it was at level four of Red Dot Traffic building. The night was slowly passing as their groans and moans echoed in the cubicle. But they were not the only ones there. As she bounced atop of him, the door suddenly swung open and she was pulled away by a pair of arms under hers.

Two men then entered the cubicle and dragged him out, behind Samantha. A door in the corner was opened and they went into it, leaving the corridor all quiet and still. Inside, Samantha was thrown at a couch and she screamed as the guy who dragged her earlier, laid a few hard slaps across her face.

The other men tied Jon onto a chair, so tightly he had no way to wriggle at all. As his girlfriend was panty-less, it made work easier for the guys and they brought her to the back of the sofa, bending her over the headrest facing her boyfriend. Zip sounds then went off like fireworks and the clinging of the belts hit the floor. Jon could not help but watch his girlfriend get used by the strangers.

Once they were naked from the waist down, the guy behind her split her legs, flipped her dress up and a moan escaped from her lips, hinting at the penetration of her pussy. The loud pounding followed and Samantha was moaning against her own will. Noticing the danger of the sounds that were coming out of her, another man went to her face and pinched her nose, letting her catch one last look at her boyfriend before his dick sank into her lips and his hips thrust happily at her.

Choking and moaning, it hurt Jon badly as he could not imagine the pain she was enduring. The guy at her mouth did not last too long and the thick pile of cum filled up her throat, forcing her to swallow if not suffocate. The gulps went unwilling and he left her mouth to rest. The male pounding her from behind did not take too long either and pumped hard into her as his sperms sprayed into her and filled her up with his seeds.

Finally, it was the last guy’s turn. Smiling widely, he clumsily squeezed a tube of lubricant at her butt and used her crack to lube himself up as well. After a few deep breaths, Samantha screamed through his hand at her mouth as his dick poked into her tight anus. It certainly took a few minutes as her eyes rolled back and voice turned hoarse. She tried to fight with all her might for freedom but it did not work, instead, tiring her out faster.

With her lifeless body bent over the sofa, the man began moving faster, sinking this dick in and out of her ass. The pressure inside was overwhelming and he especially loved it when Samantha used that bit of strength in her to try and push him out, he would ram her with the equivalent force and try to go deeper.

The pain and weird feeling inside her body was stirring up an addiction that felt better than normal intercourse. Without warning, a hot-cold sensation fired through her body and her pussy collapsed onto itself, contracting beyond her usual tightness and the gush of juices leaked like never before. The orgasms did not stop just like that, in fact, it went on non-stop as long as his dick kept stroking the insides of her butt and together with her own hands rubbing her clit to ease the pain.

Although it was rape she was going through, it opened up something in her that made her felt dirtier than usual, and much more hornier than ever. The man gave a loud groan and gave her the deepest and hardest few thrusts into her butt, before letting the meat squeeze out its tube of sperms into her, soothing the pain with a generous load of warm cum.

They quickly got dressed and ran out of the room, leaving Jon in restraints, and Samantha’s body leaking of cum in all three holes. Her mind was exhausted, but her body was not ready to end any time soon. After all, the person she was in love with, was sitting in front of her, in bounds for her pleasure and usage.

As the moonlight disappeared, their eyes had gotten used to the darkness and she got off the sofa to him. With a pair of scissors she found, his pants and underwear turned into shreds. Sure enough, he wasn’t turned on after what happened, but with her mouth working on his rod, it didn’t take long either.

Her lips gave him a tight seal around the shaft, closely sucking on the skins around and under. That line of pleasure under his shaft was kept warm and wet with her tongue stroking against it. And once in a while, she would stop at his cute mushroom and suck on the lollipop while his pee hole received the royal stimulation.

Once his dick was throbbing with life, Samantha sat on him with her back facing him. Her hands rested on his upper thighs as support while her calves helped her to bounce a little up and down, grinding his dick inside her while her pussy gasps in excitement. Yes, the cum of the other man was inside her, but that was exactly what made it so slippery and exotic.

Her pussy contracted to the tightest with her free hand rubbing on her clit, pushing Jon to the edge of cumming right there and then. Her anus was still leaking lubricant and that was the next stop for him. She lifted herself higher out of her pussy and sat over his dick, this time, penetrating her anus. Jon jumped up from the over sensitive contact but his hands were holding him down.

Samantha did not care about how he felt but his dick was way bigger than the last guy’s. It felt so full and urgent, like toilet urgent. Once she began moving, the effects of anal sex soon got into her and her hips kept going without rest, slapping on his legs, and whenever she got tired, she would just grind her hips around his groin, making sure he was in agony.

Soon, Jon knew what was coming.

Jon: ‘Sweetheart, I’m cumming!’

With that signal, she continued her pace on top of him quicker and deeper, making sure Jon begged for mercy. Finally, the last straw came and his legs threw around while his dick fired all the 6 rounds of bullets into her. Samantha was still riding in case you’re wondering, and that just drove Jon wild and crazy. Just as the chair tipped to the side, she got up and let him fall, before untying him and letting him go.

The duo did not make a report after that incident, but began on their new adventures in all her love holes. Sometimes, requiring help from a few more guys to plug them all.

Not Yet

Hopping into the bed excited, Gerald knew he would be having a great time with his girlfriend, Rebecca, 16, who had dropped out of school since secondary three while he moved on to the final year of his poly education. She had lots of freedom since then and had been spending nights at his place. For a start, she was a virgin, and they had decided to leave sex until the time was right. Among the DVDs he brought into his room from his dad’s collection, they bought enough booze for to get themselves dead drunk for the first time in their lives.

As the room was darkened, cans were popped open with movies being played. Gerald’s mind was not in the movies, but on his girl, who had worn a simple tank top dress, with bra removed for comfort. With her attention on the TV, his hands had been running all over her body, squeezing her breasts and teasing her nipples, while she moaned without intention of breaking away from the movie.

Gerald: ‘Dear, you want to pause the movie?’

Rebecca: ‘Huh? Don’t want. Keep the TV on.’

His impatient fingers ran under her dress and reached for her panties, wet from the foreplay he had started. Pushing her panties to the side, he let her juices lubricate his fingers before he played with her clit, rubbing it till she finally gave in to him, spreading her legs wider leaning against his pillow. Slowly, her head fell backwards on the wall as he thrust faster into her, making a sensual squishing sound at the same time.

Rebecca: ‘Lick me?’
Gerald: ‘Lie down first.’

They adjusted their bodies for her to lie on the bed, while he moved between her legs and pulled her black thongs away. The freshly shaved pussy had never looked so yummy before, partly due to the fact she had been applying whitening lotion to bring the complexion around that area to match her inner thighs.

His head centred on her pussy and got his tongue working, sliding along the slit that was leaking with her sweetness. Sucking on her clit occasionally, her pussy was getting all sensitive with his slimy tongue, running in circles on her clit. Rebecca was not someone who would hold back if she had to moan, and to make things more exciting, Gerald had left the window facing the corridor of the house opened.

Soon, he got tired and stopped his headwork, lying beside her while she recovered from the gentle orgasm he just gave her. She took a minute to calm herself down, and brought her head to his stomach, lying on it while he wriggled his pants down. It was more of a routine that they had, with him fingering her before she does a blowjob for him.

Once his reddened dick appeared, she did a short lick around the little head and along the shaft, before sucking down onto it and pushing it deeper into her mouth. A groan came out of Gerald’s mouth and she immediately knew she did a good job. It wasn’t much of oral sex but just a part of foreplay, swirling her tongue around the meat stick while her lips pressed hard together, making strokes up and down to pleasure the ring under the hood.

She went on going deep and shallow, disturbing him with painfully strong sucks while trying to poke into his pee hole with the tip of her tongue. It was an enjoyable service to him as he laid relaxed on the bed, while his hardworking innocent girl worked on his rod. Once in a while, she would toy with his balls, pressing the testicles in the sack for fun. It would drive him crazy whenever she did that, along with the faster bouncing of her head.

Gerald: ‘Dear, enough le. I’m so horny now.’

Her reddened face looked at him with droopy eyes, alcohol in effect of blurring her actions. Throughout his cunnilingus and her oral, they had been taking sips from the cans. On top of that, she had emptied two cans just after her two orgasms earlier, allowing the beers to amplify the pleasure.

Rebecca: ‘How I wish you can fuck me now.’
Gerald: ‘Why not?’
Rebecca: ‘Cannot luh. Must control. Sorry baby.’
Gerald: ‘We try something new today?’
Rebecca: ‘Huh? Safe?’
Gerald: ‘I promise won’t break your virginity. Just use your outside only.’

He did not wait for her to give any reply, and asked her to get into doggie on the bed. She was wary about that specific position and blocked her pussy with her hand reached between her legs. He angled his dick lower under her hand and let her legs close to hold it in place.

Gerald: ‘Dear dear, trust me can? It will just be outside.’

Rebecca hesitantly took her hand away and his dick slapped on her shaved groin, further adjusting her legs to clamp tighter on it. Slowly, Gerald began to thrust his dick between her legs, rubbing against her clit with that width dick of his. Being a girl who had never fingered herself, the stimulation on her pussy was enough to get her off and was never tempted to explore anywhere deeper.

As time passed, her body was getting wobbly but she wanted more. The orgasms from this position was irresistibly good and it was more intuitive on Gerald’s part, making strong moves on her butt, dick well coated with her juices. Between pauses, they would drink a huge mouth of beer before resuming, giving him extra delay and heightening the sensitivity for her.

A while later, Gerald stopped his pounding and let her butt rest on her ankles, while running to his drawer to take a bottle of solution.

Gerald: ‘Dear.. can I try putting it in your butt?’
Rebecca: ‘Huh? It will be painful.’
Gerald: ‘Won’t. I will use more lubricant.’
Rebecca: ‘If pain then stop k?’

He popped the lid open on the squeeze tube in his hand and pushed out a blob. He gave a few strokes along his dick and applied the rest around her rim, where she squirmed in a ticklish manner. Once he placed the amount more than needed, he moved in on her butthole and pushed his tip downwards between her crack. The unexpected relaxed tightness made it easier for him to enter, although slowly.

Rebecca had been clenching her head between her arms, pressing her face into the pillow as the piece of hot flesh pierced into her virgin ass, sinking in a way that seemed to last a lifetime. There was not much pain, but it was the feeling of a foreign object making its way into a place that wasn’t designed for entry. After an agonising two minutes, he was finally in and was balls deep into her.

Overwhelmed by the tightness around her rim and insides, he did not wait any longer before starting to pump his dick into her. The pause inside her had made her felt weird and lost, but as soon as he started moving, her pussy was dripping non-stop, as though it was begging to be relieved. Without guidance, her free hand reached for her clit and began rubbing on it, moving as fast and furious as her boyfriend ramming her hole.

The orgasms were getting more frequent with the aid of alcohol, and the newfound sensitive spot in her butt. No matter how wide she spread her legs, it did not help in relieving that ‘filled’ sensation, she was feeling just as full. Gerald had started groaning in a manner she had never heard of, but he was clearly enjoying himself, giving naughty pinches and squeezes on her boobs whenever he leaned on her back.

Rebecca’s eyes were rolling white from the pleasure, while Gerald was trying not to cum so soon. After all, it wasn’t everyday that he could do something new for the first time. All that was left of his girlfriend was probably the rightful virgin pussy. Giving her no time for breaks, he raised on of his knees to stablise himself, ramming deeper into her and delivering another powerful orgasms she could hardly handle.

With that unspeakable heat and contraction of her anus, he knew he could not last much longer. His pace slowed down and Rebecca immediately felt the difference.

Rebecca: ‘Why are you slowing down?’
Gerald: ‘I am going to cum.’
Rebecca: ‘You can shoot inside there right? I won’t get pregnant.’

Hearing that, the excitement returned and he used his last burst of energy, penetrating as far as his dick could reach, sending her into a series of screams that no one was around to hear. In seconds, her body shook uncontrollably and it was as good as going into a fit. But there was no more time to waste, Gerald was nearing his climax too and the sudden clench on his dick made things even better.

Loud slapping sounds of their bodies were heard, and continued for a good ten seconds before he gave her the long strokes, while his rifle clocked and fired the first round. It went right into her at the deepest end and he kept himself motionless, while the waves of cum used the milking motion of her innards to empty the rest of the rounds.

The feeling of shooting raw into her was indescribable, and Rebecca felt the same way. The warming hot liquid was a sign of his love, and she was receiving all of it. He could not move from the increased sensitivity on his dick, and Rebecca loved how he was still inside, rod still hotter compared to the temperature of her body.

Finally, he pulled his softened meat out of her and fell back onto the bed, panting heavily from the awesome anal sex they did. Immediately after, she took the roll of Johnsons & Johnsons baby wipes to clean his dick, wiping it as best as she could before sending him to wash it clean. He did took some time in the toilet, but was more energetic when he returned in her arms.

Rebecca: ‘I can tell you had a lot of fun.’
Gerald: ‘I did! Did my dear like it?’
Rebecca: ‘Yupp. A lot. And you can shoot inside me without worry. Let me see if you washed it clean.’

She slithered her body down to his shrunken dick and took a whiff, before wrapping her lips over it, sucking it till it was big again. This time, she did not just tease him, but forced her own head down over it, reaching as far as her throat. She kept moving her head up and down, surprising Gerald with her dare and he was trying to find a way to stop her. Despite that, the willingness of her to do this for him touched his heart and he chose to let her finish it, knowing it would take more time.

Gagging and choking, she did not lift her mouth away for even once, and let the huge dick slip into her throat. It was a sudden experience to him that his body was already going into the cumming stage, as her throat was contracting on his dick head whilst inside her mouth. Bringing her speed faster, she literally went balls deep on him and just as she felt the veins on his rod thicken, his hands went behind her head and raised his hips higher, forcing it deeper, and also squirting the shockingly huge load of cum.

Fighting back for air, she managed to pushed him away and only let the tip stay in her mouth. The amount of cum gathering over her tongue was gooey and thick, but she was more than happy to do that for him. After the pulses of warm yogurt stopped, she went down on him for a few times to suck the tube clean, before lifting her head up to him with a smile.

The open mouth showed him how much he came, and the following gulp made him pull her for a kiss, done in his arms and tears rolling down his face. It was something they had never felt in a long time, and it was more than just physical satisfaction, but also love strengthening.

Gerald: ‘I love you dear.’
Rebecca: ‘I love you too boy boy.’

Just Seventeen 3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

A week went on with Jollene reporting to Sam’s place every two days and it was that weekend when she woke up one morning to find the belt gone. She had felt especially awake and immediately called Sam, who also found himself freed as well.

Jollene: ‘You want to meet up?’
Sam: ‘Yeah. We have to talk about this.’

He made his way to her place this time and as soon as he laid his eyes on her, an erection grew and he knew it was only habitual that his body responded this way. Since the device was on, he was trained unknowingly to extend his ejaculation time and she had also sensed a shortened duration between orgasms, on top of that, she found her muscle control of her pussy to be better. Jollene had also gotten wetter when she saw Sam entered her place, and his bulge, was irresistible.

There was not one word exchanged as they hugged each other and kissed. Their lips connected faithfully as they stripped themselves bare of clothes. She jumped on him and Sam carried her to the kitchen counter. His dick then went into her pussy without effort and they fucked wildly on the counter. Her hands would not release from around his neck and his hands were glued to her waist, using her for balance as well as for pounding his dick hard and deep into her.

After a while, he lifted her once again with his hands on her ass and brought her to the master bedroom, with the huge photo of her parents on the wall. She was placed on her back and the ceiling mirror reflected his well kept figure humping life into her body. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, not intending to let him slip away.

As the clock strike two, it had already been an hour and Jollene requested to change position. She couldn’t just let him do all the work right? The both of them straightened their legs and rolled themselves, placing her on top this time. Spreading her legs over his, she sat on him as her head threw backwards while riding his rock hard dick. He was so well trained he could hold his cum in even as he cummed. And after he ‘cummed’, the little one did not get any little at all. He could go all day.

Jollene was squeezing him with all her might to maximise the continuous orgasms she was enjoying. As the next climax hit her pussy like a finale, there was no way this mind-blowing sex was going to end. She sat backwards and lifted her hips up. Sam held his dick upright as she lowered her ass over his dick. The juices from her pussy had dripped over his dick from sitting backwards and there was enough lubrication for anal.

Sitting back on him, her innards loosened to accommodate his rare visit and the expression on her face was pure happiness. Sam held her butt closely to his body and guided her to turn around, facing the make up table at the side of the bed. He bent his knees and got up to continue rimming her in doggie style.

Looking at her own wretched position, he took control of the speed and rammed really hard into her. The pain was on par with the pleasure she was feeling. It was keeping her awake and alert while her pussy continued contracting and expanding from the satisfaction. Jollene had to express her feelings while he was humping away behind her.

Jollene (screaming): ‘I love this!’

Her encouragement brought Sam to new heights and made him thrust even more fiercely. In a few minutes, his first victory award to freedom was about to be released. Going hyper speed on her, she fell onto the bed moaning in murmurs and as she felt his warmth filling her up, she gathered her remaining energy and pushed back and forth onto his pumping shaft.

Sam did not stop despite his load was fully delivered, giving her another anal orgasm before finally falling backwards on the bed. Jollene fell backwards too and she hugged him tightly while he watched his creamy white fluid leak out from her ass in the mirror. He got up and washed up with her after a short rest.

There was nothing much left of them after the morning sex and they showered each other without anymore lust. However, the juice of Jollene did not stop flowing as the imaginary vibrations in her pussy kept returning every time she closed her eyes. For Sam, he could still feel the invisible force milking his dick and he could, and would cum without shooting whenever he felt like it.

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Just Seventeen 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Sleeping with the device on wasn’t comfortable, but Jollene got used to it after two nights of futile fiddling with it. The was no loopholes or hinges to exploit. JC resumed classes on Monday and she had no choice but to go pantyless, and relied on her decently short skirt to cover whatever could give her away or attract unnecessary attention.

Skipping physical education (PE), she managed to get by her day with not much issues. She was instructed to report to Sam’s place and had been constantly teased by the random vibrations on the belt. She knew meeting Sam would be some kind of relieve be it physically (unlocking the belt) and also sexually (from the random vibrations throughout the day). Upon reaching his place, Sam was already naked with only the belt on, awaiting her. Once they were about two feet apart, their belts came off and the belt administered the jabs automatically.

This time, Sam felt weak and fell lifelessly onto the sofa in his living room, while Jollene felt hyperactive. She immediately took his dick into her mouth and sucked it to its usual(?) elongated length. After she got what she wanted, she sat over his legs facing the TV and turned it on. A screen filled with alternating black and white squares rotated continuously and she began riding Sam instinctively. He knew what was happening despite his low energy level, and was hypnotised along with Jollene. With his mind sucked in by the TV and the pleasure over his dick, his consciousness was heightened with even less control over himself.

Jollene’s eyes fixated on the screen while she rode him. Her mind was no longer in her control, no matter how hard she tried to turn away from the TV. Then, his main door opened and a man with a hood over his head entered.

Man: ‘Turn around and face Sam.’

Jollene followed his orders and changed her direction, but no longer moved her hips. Her legs were opened between his hips and body had rose till only the tip of Sam’s dick was inside her. The man came over and stood behind Jollene. Without knowing what was happening, Sam could only watch in fear as Jollene started sobbing. She had felt his fingers putting lubricant on her asshole and could sense his thick fingers wriggling inside of her. He pulled his fingers out after a few seconds and moved his body closer behind her.

Her eyes and nose started leaking tears and mucus while the man pushed his dick inside her butt hole. ‘Move your hips lower’, his voice was undeniable, there was no way to go against his wishes. Sam once again felt his dick in warmth and moist while the man kept adjusting his height.

Man: ‘Good. Very good girl. Now, move.’

She resumed riding Sam’s dick but this time it was also with a large dick in her anus. The man took control of the pace and direction after a while, forcing his dick into her virgin ass, while Sam could feel his dick inside, only separated by her vaginal walls. Jollene stopped crying some time later and moved in sync with his thrusts, pleasuring both guys inside her.

The double penetration took even lesser time to give her the orgasm she had been wanting and it felt even stronger with the stimulation in both entrances. As there were two rods in her, the tightness was even more, Sam could not last even five minutes before he unloaded his yummy sperms into her. She kept on going without rest and Sam’s body was shaking from the constant grinding against his over-sensitive dick.

The man grabbed her waist and took over the pounding, going faster than ever as he groaned in pleasure. His cum had pumped into her anus and he left them after cleaning himself up. He exited shortly after and left Jollene still riding Sam slowly.

The TV switched to another channel and the both of them snapped out of the hypnosis. Jollene fell on her side and Sam recovered enough energy to move himself. As his dick was still standing, there was no reason to just leave it like that. So, he went over to Jollene and carried her to his bed. There, he took advantage of the strengthless girl and once again penetrated her pussy. Without the man, it did not feel as crowded, but it was more comfortable, knowing she was his this time.

He turned her to the sides and sat over one of her thighs, while ramming his dick into her. Jollene felt much better with his help and could moan to her heart’s desire. Romping like bunnies, he kept going as long as his erection kept up and she could feel his manhood getting addicted to her pussy. Without warning, Sam pulled out his dick after delivering an intense orgasm to Jollene, and went over to her mouth and pushed his dick in.

She took it willingly and smiling, while letting him fuck her mouth until he paused, and felt the droplets of cum exit his pee hole, it was all that’s left of him. She sucked him clean and then let him clean up as she fell into sleep. How could Sam let this end? The uncomfortable cage was worth it. He replaced the curved steel bar on Jollene and made sure to hear it lock before falling asleep beside her.

Waking up after a few hours, she saw the damn belt on her and was tempted to keep coming back to Sam. She managed to find the way to replace the cage on his penis and also made sure it locked before leaving his place. That night, Sam was woken up by the invisible force milking his dick and was once again thrown into exhaustion by the unwanted masturbation.

How long more would this have to go on?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


Sarah had a weakness for her boyfriend’s wireless toy he bought for her on her birthday. He helped her put it on while they were cuddling on the bed. She was a well-trained slut for him and almost every part of her had been explored, yet, she remained faithfully his. The air conditioning was extremely cold in her room and Rick was hugging her from the back while she was still lazing on the bed. He took the bottle of lubricant on her bedside table and squeezed a ball onto his dick, using her ass to rub it evenly over his shaft. He then pried her butt cheeks apart and he gently pushed it into her ass, at the same time, hitting the ‘ON’ button on the vibrator and sent her frantically grabbing  at air.

Rick held her stomach firmly as he rammed his hips onto hers, while still hugging from her back. They were lying sideways on the bed and it was her favourite position for anal since she would not need to exert too much energy. His dick stroked her insides fast and furious, well aided by the slippery lubricant and she was bombarded both ways by the vibrator and his dick. Soon, she felt his size grew and knew he was about to cum. Sarah knew squeezing her ass would not be good if something else came out, so she relaxed more for him to go faster, until his hips threw a fit and spat the generous warm load into her ass.

Trained to hold it in, she pulled him out and went to put on a fresh set of panties, and a dress that was not too tight for her. Braless and horny, that was how she went out every time with him. They left for a shopping mall nearby as there was not much people in the day and he needed to buy some working outfits. Rick knew how poorly she handled herself when the vibrator went off during the trial, so he made sure not to use them until they had a proper place without putting himself and her in some embarrassing situations.

He stepped into one of the G 2000 store and went on to pick his clothes to try, brushing away the shop assistant who offered.

Rick: ‘Sarah, go pick an office wear. Long white blouse, decent skirt.’

She got a few sizes and waited for Rick, which brought her to the changing rooms and hopped into one with her. Rick did not start and let Sarah changed. He loved watching how she let her dress drop onto the floor, and the panties coming off shortly after. The loop attached to the vibrator was sticking out safely as well. She pulled the blouse over and checked that it did not make her braless nipples too obvious. The short skirt pulled upwards side by side made no hints that she was going panty-less too. He smiled at her and asked her to change her clothes back, and began to try his clothes.

Sarah quickly got out of the unpaid merchandise and helped removed her boyfriend’s shirt, and pants, and underwear. He held her head down at his dick to let her suck on it while he put on his shirt, buttoning up with a tie to complete the top. Her mouth was ramming along his shaft and her tongue had cleverly stayed at the bottom, giving him extra attention at the sensitive base. Coated in her saliva, she stuck a tongue out in a ‘oops’ expression and helped him put on his pants. They stepped out for a while to confirm that the sizes fit and went back into the room.

Again, her mouth went south over his dick and worked up and down on it while he changed back to his casual outfit, letting her zip him up. They paid for her outfit first, and asked for the labels to be cut so she could put them on immediately. Her figure was a little small for the clothes, but her boobs filled it out well. She went to change into it alone while Rick picked another tie. He then handed her his selection and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, before pushing her to pay for him, with his card of course.

As soon as the clothes landed on the counter, a moan almost too loud slipped out of her mouth and her legs shivered her to a weakness. She hung onto the counter and the guy scanning his clothes had a gracious look down her cleavage. Rick went over to her and helped her up, and turned the vibrator up one speed higher, flushing her face with redness and a trickle of juice down her legs.

The rest of her actions were wobbly from taking his card out from her wallet, to saying thanks, her mind was close to fainting with the incoming orgasm. He pulled her into the lift and pressed on the floor furthest away from where they were, and Sarah just collapsed onto her knees, holding onto his arms while the orgasm took her breath away. They managed to get up before their level and they were at the top most floor.

Rick led her to the ladder for the roof access and she climbed in front of Rick, her skirt was fully exposed in his sight, even dripping juices onto him. They pushed through the unlocked barriers and stood at the highest part of the mall, hot from the sunny weather. They made their way to a shaded area and he hugged her from the back, once again, turning on the vibrator and keeping it at top speed. Her legs weakened and her arms were flinging around.

He knelt on the ground with her and unbuttoned her shirt, showing her bare chest to any eyes that were lucky enough to spot them. Her skirt was pulled to her waist and he yanked his pants down, whipping out his dick for her pussy. He bent her over one of the railings and pulled the toy out viciously before shoving his dick into the juice-filled hole. He held on to her hips and tugged really hard at her to drive his dick deep down and making her moan like a crazy bitch on the roof. Her pussy was not all that tight, but her muscle controls were great, perfect for his large size that needed extra ‘touch’ to cum.

He wasn’t all that keen in cumming in her, since it had risks of wanted pregnancy and using a rubber was simply too thick for him. He rammed her a few more times with deep strokes, before pulling it out and pushing it in one shove into her ass, stretching her unexpecting ass to a screaming pain. The vibrator went back into her and kept vibrating as her ass received the pounding she enjoyed. She just loved his thick tool pumping off both her ass and pussy, it felt super hot for her, and the edge she was pushed to was simply too addictive to say no to.

It took a while for him to start groaning as well, but she was ready. Her butt hole was yelling in pleasure while cumming from both entries. The squirting of his cum came within minutes and his body forced everything out of him, overflowing her ass until it leaked back out. She took out her bottle of water and gave him a quick rinse, before taking a mouthful of water and then going down on him, sucking whatever cum that got stuck in him and they made their way home, for his last round of sensual hot sex with her.

That was how he loved her, with sex. Was it too hard to understand?