Be Real

Royston: ‘Jolie, come over. You know what to do.’

Immediately, she went over and placed both her knees lightly on the ground. Positioned between her boyfriend’s legs, there was only one job she had in front of her – a blowjob. Getting to work on his slow rising dick, he was texting away on Whatsapp, with his new found friend. Boasting about his obedient girlfriend, bounded by blackmail, blind love and a need for love. Sure, Jolie wasn’t stupid, just silly I guess.

As usual, her pace increased as she felt his hips buckled, then pumping the gooey thick cum into her little pink mouth, still teasing his little head with her tongue. Awaiting his instructions to process the cum, she held her mouth open as Royston sent another message.

Royston: ‘Baby, you know what to do. Do it for me.’

A slight teary eyes did not deter that lowdown guy from asking her to swallow. And poor girl, she did as asked, smiling with a satisfaction everyone knew was not real. After dinner, another wave of horniness hit Roy, and it was just one of the many nights she was ‘invited’ to stay over.

Royston: ‘Baby, you wanna try doing it tonight?’

Jolie: ‘Huh? No. I thought we’ve discussed this? Not before I’m ready.’

Not going to let her self righteousness stop him, there was another plan that night. Nothing harmful, just an act of mischief, that will make her his. And who knows, she might even be that type.

As the duo snuggle into the bed, clothes automatically came off like routine, and Jolie’s hands were again, stroking him awake. I figured this kind of slavery was the worst kind, not knowing you are in one. Slowly, his fingers were in her, slurping in and out, juicing her young body to orgasms. Five, six, and despite how much Jolie pleaded, Roy wouldn’t rest. She was pure in a way her body could not deny it felt good and she wished he would keep going. Her exhausted body couldn’t help but maintain her wetness, giving him the wrong impression she wanted more.

Royston wasn’t a machine either, he had already switched to a dildo not too thick to loosen his love too much, nor too thin to replace his fingers. Finally, his cute girlfriend dozed off with a little snore, and his dick in full swing. Slowly removing his boxers, Roy gently lifted her legs apart, and used his thumb on her juice-covered pussy. She had been using her mum’s portable IPL machine to neutralise hair growth – permanently. Which guy wouldn’t want their girlfriends to be as smooth as a baby’s skin right?

Slowly pushing his dick inside that freshly warmed love hole, and that of his ‘slave’, Jolie thought it was the toy back inside, only that it’s.. hurting a little, and splitting her walls further, throbbing with a strong pulse on its own. No, it wasn’t the toy. Eyes wide open, her mouth could not utter a word or make even a yelp. Roy was forcing into her mercilessly, admiring the guilty pleasure of his manhood impaling her womanhood.

*Urghh.. *

Royston: ‘Baby.. fuck! You’re tight!’

With that, his hips started pounding on her bum, emotionless, thoughtless, like doing a prostitute. Her mind was falling apart, with that intense heat within, and sharp pain, and unwanted pleasure, unwilling orgasms. Without caring for her feelings, his dick only got bigger with the excitement similar to rape, but he had no idea how much pain she was in. A whole twenty minutes passed before Roy was finally coming to his end. Throughout, she did not moan, but cried, sobbingly, filled with sadness and confusion. And that did not even make him pause nor ask.

Royston: ‘Oh shit! I’m cumming. Wait wait. Relax, don’t squeeze.’

No she wasn’t, it was more of a mental defence to get him out of her system, which generated an ironic effect. Time was running out, but it wasn’t his concern. He wanted to cum into her, fill her up, make her his. Reaching the last few seconds of truth, the pressure in his testis were channelling through those thick veins covering the shaft, through the main pipes right to the tip where it churned out chunks and chunks of gooey, thick goodness.

Jolie felt more of confusion and fear than worry, the pain that still rings, and the despair than engulfed her soul. And that bastard? Lying on the bed, breathing in haste from the workout he got. No matter where he cummed, chances of getting pregnant was prominent. And gradually, another emotion overcame her. Guilt, disappointment, fear, changed her to become the woman that fully belonged to Roy, answering his every call, satisfying his every desire.

She had condemned herself. And we all know she did not deserve it. Wait, where did he cum? Did he wore a condom? Damn.

Ready to Serve

Jim tore open the box his favorite instant meal from 7-11, amazed at how convenient it had become go fill one’s stomach. It was even steaming hot as he pushed the scalding pizza slice into his mouth, sinking his teeth into it.

Jim: ‘Hmm!’

If only girls were so convenient. But that would be too convenient, beyond belief. There’s just one problem, there was no girl so easy, at least not so stupid. Jim understood that even if he could get a girl, she would be of ideal girlfriend quality, not a slut. For a start, why would he want someone who wouldn’t stay long? It would of course be perfect if she was his girlfriend, someone he can love other than play with.

Those fantasies never seemed to end, but he knew it might just be possible if he planned. So he drew up a summary of what needs to be done.

1. Girl
2. Money
3. Trust
4. Exposure (clothes)
5. Brainwash
5. Extremities

The first two started concurrently. Jim was a shopper, and had a thing for high-tech cameras and gadgets. Occasionally buying new bags to catch up with the trend, but he made an effort to save. So every time he had money to buy a hundred-dollar worth of gadget, he would put the fund into a ziplock bag and kept out of sight.

For the ‘girl’ part, he had a girl in mind. A seventeen whom used to chat with online a few years ago, someone who still SMSes him occasionally, but wasn’t too close. From all he knew about Melody, she played electric guitar but disliked wearing skirts nor anything that has open ends, dresses included.

Jim knew meeting her wouldn’t be easy, since they only texted once in a blue moon. So he worked out a little plan in his head. First, he needed to gain intimacy. There is no shortcut to getting a girl to meet a stranger, it could take a lot of time, which Jim was ready to invest.

Their influx of SMSes quickly increased and it was a little tedious on Jim’s side since he needed to text with caution, not affording to lose his chance. The plan to send contents between grey areas of personal and randomness wasn’t easy. Messages that provoke thoughts, stretching her capacity to accept ‘indecent’ from decent texts, probing answers no two strangers would share. It wasn’t an over-the-weekend project, but one that took Jim about three months.

Soon, his effort paid off as they two of them planned to meet on a few occasions which were deliberately missed by Jim, on pretext of work and family matters. But by then, he had been in contact with three girls, changing among a few others with more potential.

Melody met Jim after the months of contact and he followed his plan religiously, not intending to screw this opportunity with this girl who caught his eyes. Sure, her MSN display picture did not reveal too much, but the cellulite-free waist and thighs were some of the features that made her stood out. Her face required no make up to look best, along with well cared for shoulder length hair. She was like a feline in rock and roll. She spoke with a fluent language of English, and Mandarin with a strong Caucasian accent, making her even more sought after.

Jim was dating her before she knew she was on dates, but the care and love Jim put in for her touched her heart and she agreed to become his girlfriend. No one could deny the bond between the two lovebirds. They were like any couples, with Jim having another agenda in mind.

He began buying clothes for her, after learning of her body when they shopped together. As most couples do, they had their share of experimentation and foreplay, going only as far as a blowjob and fingering. Sex was out of his mind for what was about to come next would escalate their foreplay beyond sex.

It was truly foreplay, before going into a world Melody could not return. The clothes he got wasn’t from physical retail shops, it would be too awkward for him to get sexy clothes, further acknowledging the fact guys are horny bastards.

He shopped online for sexy satin kimonos, night dresses, tube dress, translucent bras and panties, short skirts and thin shirts. Along with those purchases, Jim forged invoices to make them looked expensive, which was in fact very affordable from his secret savings.

Melody knowing he spent such an exorbitant amount of money on her, she started with the skirts, then to the various colored tops. Only on very rare occasions she would put on those impossibly short kimono dresses out, like during the late nights he spent with her at the neighborhood, or pointless long bus rides with Jim.

Little did she realize the long bus rides started to end at more crowded places and she would just go shopping while Jim paraded his ‘open’ girlfriend for all the perverts’ eyes to feast on. The black translucent panties were hard to find. They were thick, yet soft and comfortable to wear. She was a girl who very frequently felt ‘naked’ with a one-piece outfit, so Jim had to be extra thoughtful to secure her uneasiness.

The tops themselves were special too. Designed from a concept similar to the BraTop series of clothes from Uniqlo, the ‘bra’ were in fact support pads sewn into the clothes itself. Jim learnt something guys failed to notice when girls went against going braless. It wasn’t the extra thickness of the bra that made them felt safer (or more secure), rather, the support was what females secretly needed, to hold up their assets.

Melody didn’t think too much of the tops compared to the thongs. She loved the texture and convenience of it, reducing the load of clothes a girl needed to wash.

So, Jim had ‘money’, ‘girl’, ‘trust’, ‘clothes’ checked on his list. The process of brainwashing for the casual outfit was done, next was the idea of having fun in the great outdoors. The job was pretty much done, or at least it was easily achievable.

All he needed to do was to get more intimate wherever possible. Even giving her butt a squeeze would prove enough to let her know what he was thinking about. He started using dildos on bed, driving her wild and crazy each time without fail. Her mind was easily influenced and without knowing, she soon developed a natural respond to get wet on his bed even without his presence, let alone when he was asleep beside her. She would pamper herself with his toys, when he was unavailable. Both their parents accepted their children’s partner and were no stranger to them having keys to each others’ place.

Going wireless was a pleasant surprise for Melody’s eighteenth birthday. Jim slipped a wireless vibrator into her during their after-breakfast fun in the morning. She then specially requested that Jim waited outside for her while she showered and dressed up. Thinking it was just a standalone toy, she didn’t take it out and got dressed in a baby pink tank top (from Uniqlo) with normal black mini skirt, both bought by Jim as part of her birthday celebration package.

She rolled a pair of black stockings up to her mid thighs and finally slipping on a white translucent panties before stepping into a pair of 1.5 inch heels. She hopped out of the room without much stumbling and did a spin for Jim, whose eyes gleamed with delight, proud of the girl he was creating. The two of them left her place and made their way down the steps to the bus stop opposite their block. Feasting the eyes of two schoolboys who were looking up the steps as she walked down by the handrail.

Having to cross two roads with cars speeding in opposite directions was quite a scare for Melody, especially when she was in heels and running in them was painful. Her hands wrapped tightly around Jim’s arm while distracted by the oncoming vehicles, ignoring the gusts of wind fluttering her skirt’s hemlines all over the place, flashing glimpses of the white underwear to pedestrians waiting on the curbs at the opposite banks. The two of them finally made it across and three guys had their eyes glued on her slim long legs, highlighted by the dark stockings against her fair thighs.

Ten minutes passed and the bus came to a screeching halt. Melody walked in front of Jim and struggled to get up the steps which were higher from the ground on the older buses, giving the bus driver a good view of her slit between the open-crotch thongs. The howling wind made matter worse when her pussy lips separated for a moment when she opened her legs to walked the steps.

Little could Jim do to block the upskirt everyone at the lower deck was getting when she got up the spiraling stairs to the upper deck. Immediately, the two walked to the back of the bus, bypassing the dirty looks from the aunties and grannies, while attracting the unwanted attention of a few Malay ‘mat’ and perverse looks from an uncle sitting just three rows in front of them.

Melody was so badly shaken by the swerving of the bus while walking that she fell hard on her bus onto the cushion seats, puffing up her skirt for another peek by the passengers walking behind her, who quickly sat at whatever seats nearest as the bus picked up speed.

Jim reached into his bag to get a bottle of water, fused with a few drop of expensive German Sex Drops for Melody. And placed it back when she was done. His hand remained inside his bag and quickly pushed a button on the controller.

Melody: ‘Hey. What are you doing?’

Her sun-deprived face was glowing with a blush and her hands were on her skirt, between her legs. Jim said nothing and clicked to the highest speed on the controller. By then, her fingers were just centimeters away from coming into contact with her pussy. She had never masturbated before, but never felt so inclined to do it there and then.

Jim: ‘Don’t touch yourself. I want you to bear with it.’

Melody: ‘You’re so evil!’

Jim hushed her and she resisted the temptation to touch herself. After fifteen minutes, her eyes were closed and had her head perched on the windows, desperate to relieve herself of the pent-up raging hormones. Yet all she could do was make do with the little satisfaction of the tease and being denied orgasms.

Jim: Melody?’

She wearily opened her eyes and looked at him. He had his rock hard dick in his hand, poking out of the zip of his jeans. Jim took her head and kissed silently, while her hand roamed to his crown jewel, massaging and stroking it. He then pushed her head down and she followed, sucking and slurping as quietly as possible.

The upper deck of the bus was emptying itself, with alighting passengers looking at the rear and realise there was only one head, eyes rolling around in pleasure, no one could be more right. Her blowjob was taught by the countless porno flick they watched together, almost matching the prostitutes Jim visited once. By the time he tried controlling, it was too late as his dick churned out loads of warm fluid into her mouth.

She licked up the remains oozing out of the pee hole and looked at Jim. Melody had never swallowed, since Jim had never forced her to do it. But this time, he wanted her to do it. And she gulped. Taking a minute to compose herself, Jim took the same minute to turn the toy off, and pulled her skirt up to see how wet she had gotten.

The wet spot was already forming on the edges of her stockings, making her exposed skin sticky against the canvas seats. He took her favourite rabbit dildo which was smaller than average and handed it to her. Jim had learnt to identify when she was about to climax, she had this natural reaction to stop breathing about three seconds before her juices would flow like a leaking tap out of her pussy. Her breath would only resume when much of the liquid got out.

Jim took turns to stab her trained little pussy with the toy, sinking in and out, spraying the back of the seats with droplets. When the first stoppage of breath came, he pulled the toy out and watched how she pleaded with him to let her come. And for all of the five times, he said no. The wireless vibrator was then pushed back into her, tucked in further by the rabbit.

Melody was desperate to cum so badly that she was trying to do something impossible, focusing to cum without any physical contact, which was only theoretical possible. The duo alighted at the Flyers and went to process the tickets for a fifty minutes wait.

Jim had refreshed himself with a Grande from Starbucks and needed to relieve himself. Deciding she was almost ready, he turned the vibrator on again and she followed him quickly into the handicapped cubicle. Like a master requiring his slave to extract his cum, he pushed her shoulders gently over the sink, spreading her legs with his feet. He lifted her skirt up and tugged at the loop secured to the toy thrice, before yanking it out.

Jim tried a few times to aim with his hips diving straight into her pussy, but slipped and almost went into her asshole. After the fourth, he got it in with one swift stroke and hammered her like an energizer bunny, quickening as he lost sensitivity and went slow as he was about to shoot. Melody had a grateful intention to Jim for relieving the barely contained orgasms and globes of pussy juice was sliding down her legs, absorbed into the stockings.

About ten minutes from boarding, Jim decided he was done and creamed into her pussy, without contraceptive nor condom. Melody was shocked, but said nothing as she believed she was his. The vibrator buzzed away inside her from the check in counter to the ride, the thirty minutes of private time (there was no one else behind nor in front of them, so they had the whole carrel to themselves) they had, Jim presented Melody with a airbrush make up set that she painstakingly spent hours on an airbrush painting a plastic face without any proper equipment.

She was so happy to have him as a boyfriend and was even more determined to satisfy him in any way he wanted. The thirty minutes ride couldn’t seem more cheated than ever as the orange skyline that was appearing disappeared behind the carrels above.

After that, they went to a corner facing the expressway and cuddled for a long time, with his fingers under her skirt teasing and fondling her clit.

Jim: ‘Would you be mine forever?’

Melody: ‘Not just forever. For lifetimes to come.’

The vibrator came on again and her hands stroked on his bulge again. Melody finished the sandwiches Jim made and went between his legs for desserts while he continued munching on his bread. He came more than four times that day and it was all on his cue.

Melody had become a sheep in his control. As a girlfriend, as a cum dump, as a sex reliever, whatever. His plan was working. And it was far from over. The outings following her birthday became more absurd, draping her with thin, translucent, sheer material and fucking her outdoors with little respect for her dignity and well-being. Her pussy was hardly dry, either filled with her own bodily fluid, or Jim’s cum.

Melody was so trained that she could walk without shyness despite the stream of juice between her legs. Or when the buzzing of the wireless vibrator got too loud in a quiet environment, she would smile and playfully lick her lips. Exposing herself was as common as a slipping bra strap in public, she would often ignore it for as long as she could, till Jim told her about it.

Each time Jim called for her, she would arrive panty-less (at home) or with a pussy moist and soaked ready to take on his pounding, ending with a spray of sperms over her back, boobs or a less messy solution – creampie. Panties were still a must when they were out, but the variety of panties she had been beyond what her mum could remember washing.

Some might say Jim was having too much sex. But too much sex isn’t the same as ‘enough’. Only ‘enough’ was enough. On the rare occasions she got dead drunk from the few sips of beer, Jim would invite a few of his friends living nearby to relief themselves into his helpful girlfriend. Well, I didn’t intentionally dodge the topic of protection and pregnancy. But it just didn’t happen to this couple.

Top Secret

Alex: ‘Auntie, who is this?’

Mrs. Koh was the weekend cleaning lady for Alex’s house. Since birth, he had lost both of his parents in an accident, but not before they left him a fortune that would see through at least three generations. Although he had every reason not to work, he continued his father’s work and kept the multimillion recycling company high in the skies.

Because of his time limitations, he hired a cleaner just for the weekends. He would never allow anyone into his house without his presence, as the huge wardrobe of women’s clothes might give his nightlife away. After all, he’s the head of a well-known corporation.

As part of the security around his three levels of living quarters, hidden surveillance were around the house, and in private places like bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes, sensors which were heat and motion sensitive, watched over his house.

Mrs. Koh: ‘Mr. Choo, I’m so sorry. That’s my daughter. Because she is outside hanging with the wrong people, so I had to bring her along for work. I’m sorry.’

Alex: ‘Did you know what you risked? And of all things, you allowed her to roam around. She even went into my wardrobe. I need you to get her here. This could get messy.’

Mrs. Koh had no choice but to bring her sixteen year old daughter to see him. Alex would need to find out what she knew and probably add her to his book of conquest. So she brought her daughter over the following weekend, and prepared her for some lashing.

Alex: ‘I’d need to talk to her.’

Alex bought the little girl into a study room and fired a laptop up with scenes of her showering in the toilet, trying on different clothes from his secret wardrobe. Those scenes were uncensored, high resolution close to HD quality. He knew a blackmail would jeopardize his life’s work, so he had to be careful with his words. After all, whatever he do or say in the house will be recorded.

Alex: ‘Give me your number, I’ll call you when it’s time.’

It was clear what Alex wanted from Elise. She had a vague idea or so she thought, but could only wait a few days later when he called to give her instructions. She picked up a package from her mailbox and brought it home, opened it to find a plastic penis-style dildo. At that time, Elise had just discovered masturbation and was still addicted to it, fingering herself as many as five times a day. The dildo was quite dummy proof, she knew what was it for. But the thought of sticking that huge toy inside her seemed to progress too fast.

Alex (SMS): Put that toy into your mum’s wardrobe.

She did as said and that was about it for that moment. Mrs. Koh came home after cleaning another person’s place and went to change out of her clothes. Although she was forty, the cleaning she did was thorough and that demanded a lot out of her, maintaining her hourglass figure at the same time. Everyday, she would clean from the late afternoon to 7pm, which she would simply change into her nightdress. As Mrs. Koh opened her cupboard to take her nightdress, she saw the toy tucked away at the corner of her panties compartment.

There wasn’t anyone else around, her daughter was out studying, and she was naked waist down. After a ponder, she took the toy out and lay onto the bed, rubbing the tip of the soft silicon on her clit. It had been too long since her husband had been locked away for fraud. Mrs. Koh had a side no one knew, there was more than enough money in her bank to give her a life of luxury, since her husband successfully hid the money out of the police’s sight. But she chose to work ONLY for male clients. Being around the men and their apartment made her felt wanted, the joy of cleaning for a male, like a obedient wife.

The toy was already moving in and out of her, mind wandering all over, moans suppressed to keep her neighbours’ impression clean. Her extra slim pussy lips were red from the sudden penetration of the toy, especially after a long six months it had been ignored for. Still, she was more than glad to even have a plastic dick inside her. Her ass and hand were already drenched by her natural lubricant, but she kept going, making up for the void in her heart. And after a nice session of DIY, the moans she tried to hide still burst out as she reached her climax and gave the strongest orgasms with a little spray of fluid out of her pussy.

Mrs. Koh did not know that there were at least twenty hidden wireless surveillance cameras installed in her house, and those belonged to just Alex, there were about another eight around the house which was installed by other clients she cleaned for. It was more of a standard protocol to monitor the person who’ve had access to private property.

Alex (SMS): Check mail box. Make your way to my place.

Elise did as told again and this time, the package was for her. She slid the knife across the openings and flipped the cover open. A piece of evening gown was staring back at her. It was a light purple colored tube-style dress, made from the most soft and light silk, with beautiful crystal studs on it. She went into her room and put onto the perfect fitting dress on. It was very uniquely constructed as well, the silk wasn’t that simple. There was no zips, no buttons, she pulled her dress up after stepping into it. The elasticity stuck the dress comfortably on her, with a breathable pad for her subtle sweet breasts.

She slipped onto the pair of brown heels and left her house. At the carpark, an Audi R8 flashed its headlights in her eyes, signalling her to go over. As she walked, Alex couldn’t believed how perfect she looked. For a sixteen year old, her height of 180 was hard for guys to match, and her mum did mention to Alex before, how her daughter’s weight had increased from 38 to 42 after Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 42kg, seductively attractive. Her neatly curled black hair remained bouncy as she hopped into his car.

Alex: ‘You looked stunning.’

Elise: ‘Where are we going?’

Nonetheless, Elise did something wrong and she could well be blackmailed to do anything. None of those were in Alex’s mind anymore. He wanted her heart, her mind and her body. That’s right. He made a last minute reservation at Ritz Carlton’s Summer Pavilion. The attempt to toss the whole blackmail issue was successful, and she was completely bought over by Alex. He knew that the wildcard, in case anything didn’t go his way, was the video he had of her mother, lustfully masturbating in her room.

That evening ended with Elise having drank too much and leaving Alex to book a suite to spend the night. Back in the room, he slipped a drop of the specially formulated high density German Sex Drops into her warm water. She drank all of it and fell back to sleep, only to be awakened by the wetness gathering in her panties. Looking at Alex sleeping soundly beside her, she raised her legs and slipped her cute red bear-print panties under her dress. Her hands could not leave her pussy after she took her undies off, circling her clit with her forefinger.

Alex: ‘Elise? Why aren’t you asleep yet?’

He placed his hand on hers, exposing her dirty side.

Elise: ‘I couldn’t sleep. So I…’

There was no other way to explain this, she was horny, Alex was turned on. His breath on her neck didn’t helped a single bit, her face got really flushed and knowing what to do to relieve the awkwardness, he pulled her hand away, replacing with his.

Alex: ‘Let me help you.’

His strong fingers poked and tortured her clit, creating streams of wetness escaping from her fountain of youth. She couldn’t control nor help herself, but grabbed the pillows and sheets tightly, cringing on for her life. Moans and screams were echoing through the room. Moreover, the Marina Bay view before them only made her feel as though she was being watched – and enjoying it.

His fingers skillfully penetrated without her resistance and her moans quickly became gasps to catch her breathing. Alex had already positioned himself between her legs, admiring her silky smooth genitals. Violent, degrading, barbaric, were a few terms to describe how much Elise was going through, but she wasn’t stopping, nor Alex was.

Alex: ‘Elise, are you feeling better?’

She nodded quickly as she breathed hard to catch up with his fingering, clearly not waiting for her to answer. Her eyes stayed on his, looking like a slut within an innocent body of a sixteen years old. He turned her to the side, with one hand toying her pussy, he undid his pants and readied to conquer.

Elise: ‘Wait wait!’

Sure, a few seconds wouldn’t change his mind of owning this piece of beauty.

Elise: ‘Let me guide you in.’

Her words soothed Alex’s animalistic side and her widened legs before his eyes made him feel like Kraken eating the poor helpless Andromeda.

Alex: ‘Okay.’

She held his elongated tool between her legs and aimed for her opening while he pushed himself in. The feeling of a soft warm piece of meat slicing the untouched hole open was exhilarating. She felt no pain but excitement and pleasure of the acts leading to sex. Alex stayed motionless inside her for one whole minute, enjoying the pulsating walls and flooding of the natural lubricant.

Alex: ‘Ready?’

Elise: ‘Yupp.’

His hip moved like a locomotive’s wheel synchronizer, slowly building up speed as the moans choo-ed. Soon, drops of perspiration were flung onto the sheets, and an ever-flowing river of pleasure was streaming out of her filled gap. The couple became the very monsters they were afraid of, pounding and clawing each others’ arms and backs. Like the pistons of a V8, the energy burst into motion in and out of her poor pussy in doggy.

Her butt was covered in a layer of sweat and sticky juice, providing the bounce for his rampage. The two hot bodied youngsters carried on till three in the morning, before collapsing onto the bed after the longest and fiercest round. There was Elise, with the dress on her waist, exposed pair of soft, fair 34C cups, cum flowing across her butt as she lay on her side. And Alex was beside her, with his dick still lengthened, but powerless, arms and legs muscles all flexed, sweat covered on his tanned body.

No one other than them knew what happened. And to date, they are still together, rendezvousing at the same hotel, in the same room for almost every date they went on. Whereas for her mum, Alex had a different plan for her.

Forgotten Panties

‘I forgot my panties!’

Joanne whispered loudly to her friends. They didn’t seem to give much of a hoot though. Her friends were more of those ‘lian’ kind. Probably been braless and panty-less for a long time before her. And that was how wild her friends were. Let’s leave those girls for some other time.

That day, she had a few lessons before PE and it was common for school girls to be wearing FBTs beneath their skirt, probably disliking the ‘official’ school shorts. Joanne usually did her sports in shorts, without underwear since her FBTs already had a lining inside. As usual, she clinched a silver for NAPFA and went to shower before the crowd gathers.

Only when she flipped around her clothes then she realized she forgot to bring her panties. And now, no one can help her out. Clipping her skirt on, she straightened her uniform, combed her hair and exited the toilet, with her bag across her thighs, covering the insecurity beneath the light blue skirt.

Classes resumed after recess and walking up the stairs was the worse experience for her. Joanne’s skirt was far from legal length and anyone who bent low enough could tell what colour she wore, or if she wore any to begin with. Because it’s still a place for learning, no one would camp just to catch a glimpse of the flashing.

Then right there a Malay guy, Azmi, caught sight of her bare pussy at the lower end of the stairs. He admired her pussy lips splitting slightly with every step she took, finally turning around at the top. No one could have seen a vagina in that light, perfectly smooth, beautifully blessed on a sweet young body.

He kept his boner to himself while thinking of getting a little fun out of this lucky sight. Azmi wasn’t in Joanne’s class, but Chinese girls always seem impossible to get for Malays. Yet minahs seem to fall for Chinese so easily. Frustrated by that and empowered by the little extortion, he waited for school to end before approaching Joanne. Since they were in the same class before, it wasn’t hard to call out to her.

Azmi: ‘Joanne!’

She turned towards him and walked as gestured to. What could he possible want with her?

Joanne: ‘Yes?’

Azmi: ‘I know that you didn’t wear panties today. And I’m going to tell the whole school, unless.. Hmm..’

Joanne: ‘Unless?’

This silly girl could have walked away and gone home. Since it was only a moment of forgetfulness, no one would believe Azmi. But the wrong clock ticked and she was actually afraid the school would know. Not like anyone could verify that she WAS panty-less that day.

Azmi: ‘Follow me.’

She tagged behind him into the D&T workshops which were at the end of the schools, unvisited unless having classes. He dropped his pants and his circumcised penis sprang free.

Joanne was really stunned. It was the first time she saw a live dick so hard, totally different from the sagging one in her biology textbook. But what does he want with her? Just exposing himself? She knew clearly it was blackmail, but he had something on her.

Azmi: ‘Give me a blowjob and I’ll keep quiet about today,’

Joanne was lost, she doesn’t know how to. And his dick looks so perfect, without foreskin sticking out of anywhere. Kinda yummy, but it’s still wrong doing it to someone out of fear.

Joanne: ‘I don’t know how to. Can I just use my hands?’

Azmi: ‘I’ll teach you how to use your mouth. Sit on the chair.’

She did so and he lifted her skirt, revealing the shaven pubic in the eyes of this hot blooded menace. Azmi got even more turned on and impatient.

Azmi: ‘Joanne, open your mouth wide. And don’t let your teeth touch it.’

He pushed her head towards his dick and she quickly opened her mouth to take it in. Her pout lips looked specially great around his girth and he started pushing her mouth in and out, sucking lightly and slurping all the excess saliva. Her blowjob was so perfect that Azmi almost cummed just two minutes into it. Knowing she was that skillful, this could only be the only chance he get to abuse her like that.

Azmi guided Joanne to a wall, and ordered her to squat down before placing her head against the wall. He then pushed his dick into her mouth and started to pump in and out, totally ignore the discomfort she was in.

Knowing a guy would feel good after ejaculation, she pressed her lips tightly like before, bearing all the gags and choking. As plotted, Azmi couldn’t last even through the thrd minute and erupted the small load of soapy fluid into Joanne’s mouth. She didn’t swallow nor vomit, but held the cum in her mouth till he left.

Feeling a little light headed, from the slight suffocation, she felt a glimpse of pleasure from receiving a mouthful of cum and getting de-oxygenated. Quickly picking herself up again, she left the place quietly, hoping no one would catch what she did.

Mr. Sia was shagged out masturbating behind one of the workshops, watching the networked surveillance cameras that caught her in the act. No porn could be better than one with people you knew in it, yet thinking no one was watching.

Wrong Subject

Harnold was at his school’s Red Cross camp which happens once every year. Since it was organised only for the secondary two and three, there were just 20 or so people. And to make this camp different from the previous ones, the committee planned it to be at East Coast Park. A whole day of activities and even the night was packed with a few events for the daring.

His favourite teacher, Ms. Ng, was there as well, as one of the teachers in charge. All Harnold thought of was the times he had with her, and how to squeeze some time out to do it again. CCA t-shirt, with a pair of blue FBTs, every move she made, Harnold would be watching her slender legs and slim waist move. Dirty thoughts running through his mind almost for the whole of the camp.

At around 3pm, all of them were given some time off for a dip in the waters. Scorching sun, perfect time of the day to swim. The guys basically just stripped and changed quickly in their tents and the girls took a whole lot more time and shyly jumped into the waters with their swimwear. A few shapely ones would be in bikini with shorts and others just in t-shirts. Ms. Ng did join in the fun too, in her pink shirt and shorts. Harnold was really looking forward to seeing her in whatever attire she brought to swim though.

As she waded into the water, her clothes soaked up and the pair of micro bikini became very obvious. All the guys, even the male teachers were awkwardly stealing glances at her. She didn’t seem to realise anything different though, since she was appropriately dressed and wasn’t revealing anything she shouldn’t. If she looked harder, those guys with a hard on would be in the water, pretending that everything would be fine. Anyone could tell what she wore. A pink shirt, with a red bikini, probably a matching thongs as well.

The water play lasted till about 6pm, where everyone was too hungry to splash anymore water. Everyone got up and changed out, and Harnold was watching her tent move and imagining her stripping and slipping on her dry undies. Ms. Ng put on another pink colour shirt and a pair of black FBTs, and Harnold was so glad night time was coming. The BBQ started and laughter filled the air.

Nothing kinky happened until then, but as a few of the students and teachers had to leave, Ms. Ng remained to take care of the other eight who stayed. Since the numbers of participants dropped to eight, the night activities were removed as well. 9pm was simply too early to be sleeping. Being a ‘good’ student, Harnold decided to drop by Ms. Ng’s tent to check on her.

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, are you asleep?’

Her tent entrance unzipped and she poked her head out.

Ms. Ng: ‘Nope. Why?’

Harnold: ‘Okay. Don’t sleep first k? I’ll come back again at midnight.’

Ms. Ng could have guessed what was on his mind. So she gave him a smile and a nod.

At 12am, Harnold’s bulge twitched and he impatiently went over to her tent and climbed into it. Ms. Ng was already waiting, in the same shirt and shorts, but something was protruding out of her thin top. Harnold pulled her shirt up and sucked on it hungrily, and his hands were running all over her perfumed body, smooth and soft to the tough. As his dick was between one of her thighs, he loosened his shorts to rub onto her legs.

Harnold’s hips slowly moved up and soon, he was kneeling in front of Ms. Ng, between her legs. He held her head and pushed it towards him, all Ms. Ng did was to look at him while she stuck his manhood between her lips, moving her mouth in and out, with her tongue at the base, stroking and running along his shaft. After three minutes of tight slurping goodness, it was time for the next.

Ms. Ng leaned backwards onto her haversack and Harnold positioned his dick between her legs, opened and wide for him.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, I’ve been fantasizing this moment for the whole of today. I was afraid you wouldn’t ask.’

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, here I am now.’

With that, he forced his meat into her slit, splitting her wide and deep. She couldn’t respond any other ways except to grab his strong arms and bite her lips to silence any escaping moans. As Harnold thrust his dick in and out of her dripping pussy, the slurping and slapping sound was attracting the three other guys in the tent beside. Issac slowly unzipped Ms. Ng’s entrance and Wilson being the daring one, stuck his mobile phone in to view the ‘action’ on a bigger screen. Well, it was more than a magnifying screen though, it’s on recording.

After watching Harnold enjoy himself, the guys were awkwardly getting harder too. A quick discussion later and Kiat and Beng boldly open the door while the other two stood watch. The tents they used could fit six man, US sized, so there were plenty of space to play.

Ms. Ng: ‘Guys! What are you doing!’

Kiat: ‘Ms. Ng, Harnold, of all places, you are doing this here. Ms. Ng, the group of us can’t just let this pass.’

Ms. Ng: ‘All of you guys, come in now. Don’t let those girls see you.’

It was quite clear what was happening, intentionally or accidentally, the tryst was exposed. And now she had to pay the unknown price.

Ms. Ng: ‘What do you want me to do?’

Kiat: ‘Your offer?’

Ms. Ng couldn’t bring herself to even face her students, let alone giving them this kind of answer.

Ms. Ng: ‘Let me satisfy you guys then. But promise me not to tell anyone.’

As a teacher, it was important that she kept her reputation. A panel review is coming up and she might get promoted to the disciplinary committee soon. Higher pay, more power, better control over her income and life. This blackmail would probably never end, but she could minimally just keep it to this five kids.

She took off her top and shorts, lying stark naked in the middle of the five of them. Yes, she once fantasized of being in a gangbang, but everything else was wrong. The people, venue, reasons. But she knew there was no other way out than to keep this five kids quiet using her body.

Kiat: ‘Ms. Ng, get up.’

The five of them attacked her at once, like vultures hungry for days. After all, it might be a few of their virgin experience with a real woman. Kiat got Ms. Ng on her fours, and lay below her, poking his dick aimlessly at her pussy, Wilson already had experiences at it, and he stood behind her, ready to rape her ass. Harnold remained in his position, at her head, with her mouth ready to savour his dick as a relieve for what’s to come and her hands busy with Beng and Issac’s tool.

Her ordeal began once Kiat and Wilson got their sticks inside her, as for her ass, it was basically torn apart as Wilson was quite huge for his age, possibly as big as Harnold’s. It was a wild twenty minutes of her life, bouncing her back and forth, up and down and in and out. She was everywhere, and so were her senses. Her ass was screaming pain while her pussy was squirming with pleasure juice, the slight suffocation from her gagging was generating a little more pleasure to reduce the intensity, or at least to make it easier to go through. Her hands were already covered in white syrup as the two guys given handjobs were twitching in orgasms.

The five of them remained in their positions for the whole session as there wasn’t much space nor time. Well, I think it wasn’t the time or space, but their impatience to cum onto this slutty teacher, seemingly intelligent and horny. Ms. Ng’s body by then had received enough to ease her soreness, by simply overpowering the pain with the electrifying sensations up her spine to her mind.

Wilson pumped harder all of a sudden, forcing Ms. Ng to push Kiat’s dick out of her pussy while she grasped onto Harnold to handle the pain and muscle soreness from her butt hole, ten seconds, her body went into shock from the pounding and Wilson injected his cum, pushing it further into her ass, and exited with her ass closing tightly back. No signs of penetration, unlike his girlfriend. That was exactly what would make Wilson come back for more.

Kiat quickly put his over sensitive dick in and Ms. Ng naturally continued bouncing on him, while sucking hard on Harnold’s.

Harnold: ‘Ah ah ah!’

He cummed into her mouth and she took his load of warm cream down her throat quickly and continued breathing through her mouth as Kiat’s member impaled her. None of those who had shot stayed in the tent to watch. But it didn’t take too long for Kiat to exit too.

He had been tortured but Ms. Ng’s pussy that he gave her the hardest and heaviest load of sperm into her, driving them deep into the tightness. Her pussy wasn’t those large nor loose one. Her body recovers quick, and it would all seem like she never had sex once she’s all cleaned and rested. Definitely too tight for Kiat to handle. He cheekily pulled it out and rammed it back in a few times to see his favourite maths teacher moan uncontrollably.

Kiat finally exited the tent and adjusted his clothes. Well, who would have enough of her? Wilson made his way back into her tent after they were all done and the heavy breathing, meat slapping and occasional yelps could be heard till morning. What has Ms. Ng gotten herself into? Immense pleasure? I think she thinks that way.

(cont.) Endless Blackmail

Part 1

When Adeline was awake, she was dressed in her underwear and woke up with a bump on her head.

Friend: ‘I think you hit your head and fainted.’

Adeline knew that wasn’t the case, the bump was.. minor compared to what she had been through. In any way, she recovered and school resumed, as dark as that night was, she tried to keep it from affecting her studies. Her skirt was still of the same length, her character was of the same energy, but there was no more undone-first-button.

It was after recess one day and she went back to class like everyone else did, opening her back to take out her homework for Maths. A brown Manila envelop was also among her sheets of paper. She took it out and looked around for any names or messages, none. Feeling inside the envelop, there was something bumpy, like clothing, and something hard, like a thumb drive.

She had to wait till school ended before checking out the envelop. Having no choice, her persistent friend, Cindy stayed with her and so Adeline took whatever is inside out. A photo of her sprawled on the bathroom floor, in bra and panties in A4, her worn panties covered in cum in a zip lock, a slip of paper and an unlabelled thumb drive.

We have you on a leash. Try anything funny and all these will be online. Thumb drive contains more images and videos. Hope you will enjoy yourself. Stay in class after school.

Oh no, why are they still in class. And this time, Cindy is in it.

A little about Cindy, she is one of Adeline’s good friend. The both of them are ‘toilet sisters’ (whenever girls need to go to the loo in pairs), eat and does their work together. Same age as her, fifteen, but way more demure. She bid by every rule and her grades were not as awesome as Adeline’s, but not too bad either.

Just then, two guys stepped in.

Adeline: ‘Ryan! You were the one behind all these?’

Ryan: ‘Chill girls. I’m not behind all these, I’m still in it. Oh, Cindy is here too. Looks like we will need more guys.’

He asked the other to keep watch outside the class, and sat on a chair in front of the two girls.

Ryan: ‘Cindy, do you want to stay?’

Cindy: ‘To hell with you Ryan. I’m staying with Adeline.’

Ryan stood up and whip out his dick, disregard for the ‘new’ girl in class.

Ryan: ‘Adeline, you don’t want the pictures to go anywhere right? Be the slut. Be a bitch.’

Adeline didn’t have any choice, she was already way dirtier than this. Giving a guy a blowjob wouldn’t make anything worse. She can’t ask Cindy for help either right? Her good friend whispered something into Adeline’s ear and she looked better immediately, taking out her water bottle for a sip before the meal.

Like a pro, she took Ryan’s dick into her mouth and right down her throat as deep as she could get. Adeline didn’t slow down unless she was gagging, she kept going fast and swiftly in and out. Cindy couldn’t just sit there and watch her good friend get tortured. She slid her fingers up Adeline’s skirt and driving towards her panties, she started to ease her of the ache by giving her a sensual massage at the right spot.

What did Cindy say to Adeline?

Cindy (whisper): ‘Just make him cum quickly and we can go le. Focus on that.’

If you can imagine, Cindy, Adeline and Ryan was in this act so dirty no other would win them. Cindy masturbating Adeline, Adeline giving Ryan a blowjob. He wasn’t that great either. Within minutes, she managed to make him cum and had to swallow every drop as he held her head over his dick as he ejected his sperms. Knowing it wouldn’t just end there, the two girls watched as the noobish Ryan cleaned up and made his next demand.

Ryan: ‘Cindy. Your turn. You want to help Adeline keep the secret?’

Adeline: ‘Nono! Keep her out of this!’

Ryan: ‘No. She knows, she’s part of the deal now. Cindy, stand up and bend over the table.’

Adeline immediately stood up and did, not going to sacrifice her good friend. Her perky butt lay protruding for Ryan and he didn’t wait long before helping himself to her juiced pussy, thanks to Cindy. He held her firm ass and stuck it in. Going for a little tease first, he took a whopping minute to slid his dick in. Adeline almost cried out for him to stick the whole thing in, that she needed it badly, but she’s still under control, not sure for how long though.

He drove his dick in like a pile driver and kept going, like a desperate overloaded useless prick who couldn’t get a girl since he was born, he was speaking like one too. Pounding and cursing all the vulgarities, it was degrading to the max. Another few minutes and Ryan was at his peak again, pulling out just in time to spray his ‘dripping’ dick onto Adeline’s back. It was literally dripping, 3-4 drops. That showed how lousy he was.

Ryan: ‘Tomorrow. Same time. Same place. Cindy, you stay as well. I’ll bring Zack.’

Zack? Zack was Cindy’s crush. And since they met in secondary three, her mind had been fucking him everyday. Would Ryan really bring him tomorrow? It’s totally wrong, but Cindy’s body and mind wouldn’t say no to his assault on her body and pussy.

With that, Cindy got a little wet and Adeline couldn’t say no or risk her future. The two girls cleaned up fast and left the failure in class, still fumbling with his lifeless dick. Adeline has got her good friend into this, even if she doesn’t mind giving it to Zack, still, Cindy’s her friend.

2. (cont.) Transformed Personality

3. (cont.) Mega Gangbang

Back Fire

Amanda and I were at the usual staircase, having our weekly fun. She had removed her panties and her top, only to be covered by a shawl she bought at Action City. Sitting a step lower that me, she went between my legs and was giving me head, a strong and fast one.

Suddenly, the door nearest to our stairs swung open and an ah beng like person stormed in, catching her holding on to my dick in shock.

Guy: ‘What are you guys doing? Think you can get away with this ah?’

Me: ‘Huh? What do you want?’

Guy: ‘I want to report you guys to the police. Doing indecent acts in public.’

Amanda was terrified, she cannot go to the police, her parents will surely beat the hell out of her. She intercepted and made things a little complicated.

Amanda: ‘Please don’t do that. What do you want from us?’

Guy: ‘I want you *pointing at Amanda* to do to me what you did to him.’

Amanda looked at me with those sorry eyes. I wouldn’t just let her get threatened like that. But judging from the way we were dressed, there isn’t much we can do either. Stepping aside, I took my iPod touch and watched while she turned herself to face that ah beng.

She undid his pants and underwear, then proceed to squeeze some lub onto her hands and stroked him. He was holding onto the railings and enjoying the free blowjob by a sexy little girl which every female desires. As he got harder, he demanded Amanda to suck him. Looking at his lub covered dick, she gave her one last stroke to get as much lub off as possible, and went down on him.

Sucking him like a machine, she closed her eyes and imagine whatever made her felt better. Watching her getting tortured, she slowly came to enjoy the blowjob and sucked him like she always did for me. Nonetheless, tears were rolling down her eyes. Deep in her mouth, she knew it was different.

I wasn’t just standing there ‘enjoying’ the view. Some fucker actually took advantage and forced her to do such things. As my iPod touch was the 4th generation one, with camera, I launched ‘SpyVid’ and recorded the act.

Guy: ‘Oi! What are you doing?’

Me: ‘Playing game?’

Guy: ‘You think I don’t know you recording ah? Show me the screen!’

I turned the screen and showed him the twitter page. Amanda stopped for a while to catch her breath but continued after he gave her head a light tap.

After a agonizing ten minutes, he started getting rougher and forced her head on himself. Luckily or unluckily, Amanda had been trained at that, with me. She let herself to be dominated for that moment until he emptied his rounds down her throat. It was better than receiving at her mouth since she would be able to taste that bastard’s cum.

He finished his extortion and left, even telling me to enjoy myself. I went over to clean Amanda up and get her back in composure. He appeared at the window facing the stairs and winked. I gave her a long hug and she stopped crying.

Amanda: ‘Luckily he didn’t demand sex.’

Me: ‘Yupp. Sigh.. you want to go home?’

Amanda: ‘No.. I want you inside me. I want to flush his sperms away.’

We went back to our first position and she continued sucking me off. Her pussy was wet despite we haven’t even reached there.

Me: ‘You’re wet?’

Amanda nodded.

Me: ‘Are you turned on by him?’

Tears then dropped onto my pubic hair. I raised her head and looked at her. Assuring that I won’t blame her no matter what. She’s still dear to me. After a little hug-cry session, her mouth resumed work and I gave her a hard shot to the back of her throat, making sure I pump every drop to clean her up.

Still stroking my dick, she got it up in no time and kept going for a while. Amanda’s face and body was one that you would just want to keep doing with her. After guys cum, the feeling would suddenly turn to ‘sian’ and plans to run or get out of that situation would set in. But not with Amanda. You would wish you had enough of her, you would wish she isn’t such a horny girl.

My gun was readied and she sunk it into her hole, as I humped her in missionary on the steps, she smiled and moaned her heart out. Enjoying every moment like never before. It was more like a counsel-with-pleasure session that I could go on for a  good 15 minutes before cumming inside her, filling her womb up with my love.

We got dressed and went off. The video that I took? That guy wouldn’t just get away that easily. He just committed a crime by forcing an underage girl into indecent acts.

School Uniform 2

Part 1 | Part 2

Carine was playing games on her phone that she didn’t realised the two guys finished smoking. Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed her boobs from behind and she struggled to break free, only to get the guy more aroused to kiss her and squeeze her even harder. Within minutes, she had to give in to the strong arms and the slight tingling from the kisses on her neck.

The pair of hands then skilfully unbuttoned her uniform top and revealed her bra-less pair of beautiful breasts. Pinching on her nipples and kneading her boobs, she was getting wetter down below. Her precious elixir were flowing down onto her skirt. Sitting on the stairs in an awkward position, her skirt was the only thing between her pussy and him. The other guy of course wasn’t doing nothing, he was in front of her skirt, hoping to catch an upskirt in the little struggle.

Realising that he won’t get to see anything if he doesn’t do anything, he went towards her and spread her knees, exposing her shaved juicy pussy to him. With one guy behind fondling her boobs, the other wasted no time taking advantage of her, pushing his rough fingers into her tight hole. She was almost enjoying it, but it felt more like rape, she wouldn’t know what they would do next. And that thought sometimes turn her on too. Apart from fingering, both of them took turns kissing her.

Carine being turned on by them, she unzipped the pants of the guy in front of her, took his dick out and stroked it like how she get her ex addicted to her handjob. The guy behind couldn’t take what he saw anymore and came forward, whipping out his dick for her. With both her hands busy, they had theirs too – on her breasts. She could only take turns tasting their dicks, slurping up all the pre-cum. As she continued to suck them like a hungry slut, they removed her top and bottom, while forcing her to go down deeper onto their long pink rods. After 5 minutes, this.. hell to other girls, but heaven to Carine, soon ended and they lay her naked body on the cold concrete floor.

Taking turns to lick her dripping pussy, fingering her, sucking on her beautiful boobs, she took the ‘free’ one and jerked him while waiting for the other to finish. With both of them going on like that, Carine lost count of how many times she cummed. One of them even made her squirt, and even luckier to have seen it in real – which only her boyfriend had.

The fun doesn’t just end there. After she finished cumming, they got her up in a doggy position, with her facing the staircase. Knowing what she can expect, her pussy tightened up by the thoughts of a public threesome. The whole gangbang thing started with one guy behind, ramming her hole sore and the other sitting on the steps, getting a rough blowjob from Carine. Nothing could turn her on more than this, it seems she had reached her maximum climax.

Whenever one was about to cum, he would switch to the blowjob and get sucked till he shot. Drinking sperms was one of her forte, having taken a liking for the slimy, gooey protein. After 2 shots each, they coincidentally cummed together on their third round. The guy receiving a blowjob gave her a third small serving, and the guy behind? Sprayed onto her back. Sucking the guy clean wasn’t just her job, the guy who unloaded on her back cleaned her up, and gave her a finishing spank.

Still in the doggy position, she suddenly felt her ass being peeled opened and a soft wet tongue on it, trying to drill into her ass. Getting teased again, her body reacted naturally and she went down on the guy in front again, sucking harder and deeper. After a good 10 minutes, she stopped after the guy could not cum anymore.

She wore her uniform back while the two of them kissing and playing with her boobs, rubbing on her yearning clit. As she was done, both of them ran down the block. Although it wasn’t Carine’s first threesome, it was her first public threesome, and with two Malay juniors.

At home, she randomly looked out of the window and saw them with two other juniors of her which were their friends! The group of them were looking so excitedly at something seemingly like a mobile phone screen. Wild and worrying thoughts soon came into her mind.

‘Did they have a video of the sexcapades earlier? Is it a set up? Will they threaten me?’

Part 1 | Part 2

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