Then, They Fucked

Nelson: ‘Hey mei, doing work?’

A quick shift of her hand caught his attention as he walked over to the PC, seeing her wet fingers on his mouse. He grabbed her hand and held it up, clearly aware of what she was doing earlier.

Samantha: ‘Kor.. ‘
Nelson: ‘Can you not use that hand.. why is it white in colour?’
Samantha: ‘My boyfriend.. he just left.’
Nelson: ‘That’s even worse!’

She had been playing with her cum-filled pussy after sex and the surprise entry just made her pretend she was actually doing any work. He brought a packet of wet tissue over her shoulders and she cleaned herself up, only to be seen looking between her own legs from where Nelson was standing – behind her.

He pulled a piece of tissue and spun the chair around, to her shocked expression with her shirt lifted high enough for her pussy to be exposed.

Samantha: ‘Hey.. I was about to clean it up.’
Nelson: ‘I’ll help you.’

She used her elbow to cover her eyes when he squatted down, wiping her pussy lengthwise. Somehow, the more he tried to clean her, she just got wetter. Suddenly, she held his hand still and looked at him with a different gaze.

Samantha (whispering): ‘Kor.. that’s enough.’
Nelson (whispering): ‘You sure?’

The tissue fell onto the floor and his fingers went on her clit, vibrating slowly as she breathed deep. Her grip on his wrist loosened and he poked his index finger in, where she changed to pulling his hand towards her pussy.

Despite the fact that she still had cum in her, he was getting turned on by her moans. As he fingered her, she grew louder.

Nelson: ‘Help me take it out.’

Her closed eyes opened slightly to locate his pants and went back into darkness, imagining other scenes to take the guilt away. Being a girlfriend, she could not not know how to remove a guy’s pants. In no time, his dick was in her hand, getting filled with blood as he continued to finger her with his back bent.

After a short pause, she was lifted off the chair and placed on the bed, legs spreading as wide as he could get her to be and a soft, wet tongue began tickling her pussy.

The rhythmic long strokes he made was driving her wild, her own hands under her shirt to knead those firm breasts. It wasn’t like having fun with her boy, the secrecy and wrongness of it simply turned her on more than laughter-filled foreplay.

Samantha (whispering): ‘Kor, you want to do it?’
Nelson: ‘He doesn’t mind?’
Samantha: ‘He wouldn’t know.’

Nelson got on top of his sister and let his hips guide the long, reddish piece of meat into her, sinking inches at a time while she gasped at every internal.

Nelson: ‘Is it bigger?’
Samantha (whispering): ‘It’s longer.. ‘

Seeing how pleasurable she looked, he stopped holding himself back and pumped. In and out his dick went, churning the previous mixture of cum-juice with fresh body-made lubricant. It was super wet and gooey to begin with, which actually allowed him to go faster.

Reaching maximum speed, the fair-skinned girl could not stop screaming. With the first orgasm inbound, her hands grabbed her own boobs so hard that the pain amplified the pleasure, throwing her into a small fit as her body climax. Samantha could feel her pussy squeezing so much harder, as if trying to force a second load into herself.

Samantha (whispering): ‘Can I turn around?’
Nelson (whispering): ‘Yeah sure.’

In a flash, she got on her knees and his hands over her boobs held her body up. She helped him get his dick into place and before he was even fully buried inside, her hips gave way and she fell forward.

Samantha (whispering): ‘It’s super sensitive. Fuck me hard. And don’t stop till the end.’

He gently held her delicate waist and rammed at her, quite the opposite of how he was keeping her butt still. His dickhead was brushing her g-spot till it was sore, in turn firing off a series of orgasms that kept coming. With her face in his pillow, groans were muffled and her pussy just kept getting tighter.

Nelson: ‘Sis! You’re too tight!’
Samantha (moaning): ‘Oh yes! Keep going! Cum inside me!’

Her sideway glance at him showed him her pretty face and he felt the love between them ignite. It wasn’t those brother-sister kind of love, but more of the boyfriend-girlfriend kind. It was an activity they could get on with anytime they wanted.

Nelson: ‘Mei! I’m cumming!’

As his body slowed down to a stop, she rocked her hips backwards and it triggered off his alarms, exploding ‘cumworks’ into her as he dropped over her back. The minute motion inside her pussy was a light, sensual pulse that was milking his merciless dick with grace. The phrase ‘let it flow’ kept repeating in his head as he felt his balls being emptied.

Nelson: ‘Ahhh.. ‘

He fell on his bed next to Samantha and they were just looking into each other’s eyes silently.

Nelson: ‘Was that how he feel when he cums inside you?’

She placed her hand on his cheek and caressed, like how an elder sister would sooth her younger brother, except he was the older person.

Samantha (whispering): ‘No. I’m sure he never felt this good. My body just wants all of you inside. As for him, it was more of waiting for him to be done.’

The siblings wearily wore their clothes back and returned to their rooms. Only at midnight, after their parents had fallen asleep, did she speak to her brother, via Whatsapp.

Samantha (Whatsapp): ‘They are asleep. Come over to my room? It’s your turn to visit.’

Nothing could make him any more sober than that text. In under a minute, he was on her bed, mouth sucking on her nipples with her shirt lifted to her neck.

A new adventure begins.

Fat Dude

Jessica: ‘Hey kor kor!’

All the guys at their stations turned towards that cutesy, little girl when she came running over to the plump dude, in a baggy jeans that lowered his first impressions to ‘non-existent’.

Kai: ‘Hey mei. Ready to go? I’m hungry.’

Jessica: ‘Wah lau. You’re always hungry. I’ll go wash up. Very fast one. Can wait for me outside the shower area?’

Kai: ‘Yeah. Go go.’

He almost gave her a smack in the butt but he rememebered they were in public, where literally every guy had the hots for that sexy gym-goer. Kai took his time and went into the corridor where two huge rooms split for the two sexes. Standing in front of the handicap toilet playing his phone, the females’ changing room door opened.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Kor!’

Kai: ‘What?’

Jessica (whispering): ‘Come in lah!!’

He took a sneaky glance around and casually strolled into her panicky sister. Following the trail of wet footsteps, he entered her shower and she hung her towel over the hook.

Clanging his belt loudly, his jeans came undone and he was naked waist down, feeling his sister’s wet body as she throw his pants on the hooks. She reached between his thighs and found the little stub, which was hard and still hidden under his belly fats. Playing with it innocently, her eyes was locked on his ecstatic expression.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Like it kor?’

Kai (whispering): ‘Yeah.’

Jessica (whispering): ‘Just nod k? Don’t say anything.’

She placed her flip-flops in front of her feet and kneeled down, while her brother raised on feet onto one of the water pipes. Having no other angle to do it, she buried her face in his folds of fats and sucked his dick, feeling his thick foreskin getting pushed around by her lips.

His hands running into her hair told her she was doing great and her speed picked up, teasing with her tongue swirling his little cock all over her mouth.

Kai (whispering): ‘Shooting!’

He pressed her head down on his crotch and Jessica tightened her cheeks to create a series of quick vacuum, extracting his cum that filled her mouth. The soft groans continued till the last drop was sucked out of his meat pipe, and Jessica went to the drain to spit his seeds.

Going back to him for a hug, a gentle whisper ‘kor’ reminded her of how much she loves him.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Finger me?’

They went to where the shower head was and he sat on the wet tiles after she did, spreading her legs wide to let him see her shaved pussy. Giving his fingers a lick, two of them disappeared into her body and the high-speed finger-fuck began.

Moans filled the cubicle quickly and juices were flowing non-stop. Whenever he paused, the warm liquid would stream around his fingers and go down her ass.

Kai (whispering): ‘Sit lower.’

He placed his clean thumb over her clit and his middle finger on the other hand, poked into her tight asshole. A gasp confirmed her body’s allowance and the rest of his fingers were forced into that unused hole.

Jessica: ‘Ahh.. it feels so good.’

Kai: ‘Shhh!’

As he picked up speed, her ass rose and dropped onto the floor, smacking loudly onto the wet surface. Pushing his way inside that hole was particularly more difficult, since she was super tight in this hole.

Within two minutes, her hand held onto his pumping fingers as her body trembled violently, squirting from her pussy and coating his hand with her juices. That ‘high’ expression on her face was priceless. It was the only goal Kai had whenever he did this for her.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Okay okay.. take it out.’

He took his hand away and rinsed them immediately, before wiping dry with her towel. Her satisfied face with her panting chest, said it all.

They wore their clothes back and she was back in a fresh set of t-shirt and shorts, while he had to slip on his baggy jeans again, shirt a little damp from the sweating.

As usual, she left the showers first and signalled for him to exit, walking out of the gym as though nothing has happened. A sumptuous dinner completed her workout(s) for the day and they headed back home, where an empty house greeted them for more kinky fun.

A seemingly hopeless, fat dude, with a slim, sexy but cute sister. I guess we’re one step too slow.

Borrowing Brother

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor, can you come out for a while?’

I stealthily lifted the blanket and tiptoed out of the room, leaving my girlfriend to continue sleeping.

Me: ‘Yes?’
Sister: ‘Can cook something for me to eat?’

No doubt she was already twenty one, but she is my sister who taught me about what girls liked. If I can cook for my girlfriend, how could I say no to my family? Giving her a smile, I went into the kitchen, checking the fridge for the ‘mystery box’ challenge. It was two in the morning after all, and there was no one else at home.

Taking the cold bowl of unfinished rice, I grabbed an egg and my own homemade salted mackerel, ready to whip her a hot plate of fried rice. At the sink, I began the preparations and she went into the toilet behind me, typical of those old flats in the North area.

Me: ‘Mei, are you cooking with me?’
Sister: ‘Coming out soon.’

The bathroom door slid opened and the lights in the kitchen went out. Just as I was about to ask her not to disturb me while I was cutting the fish, a pair of hands suddenly went around my waist, chest pressing against me tightly.

Me: ‘What’s wrong?’
Sister: ‘I.. I don’t want you to be with her.’
Me: ‘Huh? What are you talking about?’

She slowly loosened her grip and turned me around, head almost burying into my chest. It was one of the most intense moment I had ever felt from her. And worse still, I had no idea what came over her.

As I heard sobbing sounds from her, I lifted her chin, and saw the most beautiful sight under the moonlight. Those sparkling bright eyes, filled with tears of an angel, never-ending flawless skin that flowed right into her neckline.

I didn’t know what to say. I could never be with her even if I wanted to. Not in the legal manner, even if we tried everything..

She snuggled into my arms as I held her close, consoling her in any way I could. That was all I was allowed to do. Nothing more. Her hands rested on my waist, slowly making their way up under my shirt. No matter how many ‘hey’s I told her, they never stopped till my shirt was removed.

Sister (whispering): ‘I’m already naked under the shirt.’

I wish I could have listened to my sanity. Whatever that happened from here on, none of it was right. To make matter worse, we thought like each other. There was no rush, it was just filled with unspoken passion for each other. Taking enough breaths and letting go of all those internal alarms, she dug her fingers into the tiny shorts I always wore to sleep. And I raised her shirt till her chest was pressing against me. Needless to say, I was already hard, for someone I knew it was best to leave as fantasies in my head.

Me (whispering): ‘Come, sit here. I’ll carry you up.’

It was the kitchen counter I helped her up onto. So my mouth could reach those delicious looking nipples, which I did as soon as I could. Like me, a little suck on the tip was proving to much for her, so I could only use my tongue. To lick, to flick, to draw circles, to draw lines. From her nipples, down her belly, and pit stopped at her groin.

Shifting her body backwards onto the counter for me, her legs were wide opened. All I needed to do, was to please that pink fruit. Carefully wrapping my tongue around that sweet spot, I lapped her hungrily, and her body reacted passionately. I could feel her muscles beneath her waist, tightening as juices poured freely out of her pussy whenever she climaxed silently. It was just too risky to get too wild. It was too exciting not to climax easily.

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor.. ‘

I stood up with my mouth wet and she planted a kiss where I tasted her with.

Sister (whispering): ‘My turn.’

She led me to the window, and made me stand back-facing the big grey orb in the sky. She squatted and tied her hair up with a rubber band, taking my dick into her hand as soon as her hair was out of the way. Playing with it sensually, she was more interested in teasing me than to please me. But I bet she knew that it felt as good too.

As my body was partially blocking the moonlight, I could still see what she was up to. Her head went to the front of the little stick, and her tongue popped out for a taste test. Quietly, her lips opened and I could feel her tongue wetting the tip as her head approached my body. She did not know what else to do except to move back and forth, using her saliva to aid the ‘jerking-like’ motion.

Once in a while, I would tap her head and give her a smile, letting her know she was doing fine. Once she realised my dick was throbbing with more vibe than before, the sensational blowjob was over.

Me (whispering): ‘Okay?’
Sister (whispering): ‘Huh? What okay?’

She grabbed my hand and brought me to the same place where I ate her out, bending over with her tiny butt sticking out at me.

Sister (whispering): ‘Put it inside.. hurry.’

I hesitated and she knew what I was worried about. There was no way she wouldn’t know if we are real siblings.

Sister (whispering): ‘Don’t worry. You are not my first. But I can be super tight. My ex told me that before.’

Feeling a little more at ease, I went ahead and stuck the first inch in, where her body suddenly jerked upright. I knew it was the initial pain, and I kept pushing myself into the unbelievably, tight, hole of my sister. There was no way I could move without triggering the climax at all. But she knew what to do. Indeed, I was more certain it wasn’t her first time.

We spent almost a minute motionless in that position, where her vagina slowly loosened up. Finally, I could move and wasted no time in thrusting my sausage into her. With her slit getting juicer, sounds were kept to a minimal, but the groans she was making were hardly discreet at all.

Having not much choice, I managed to maintain a tempo that made the least noise. We just kept fucking in that same position, for almost five minutes straight. Well, five minutes was all I could handle. She was getting tighter with each orgasm, and I was getting closer as well. The confident, small body of hers was even jerking backwards at me whenever I slowed down, clearly a sex fiend I had unknowingly released in my own house.

Me (whispering): ‘Mei.. Kor is about to cum.. ‘
Sister (whispering): ‘Okay!’

She stopped me with her hands and dragged me back to the window, where she quickly got on her knees and threw her head at me. My dick was reaching all the way down her throat and the muffled gagging sound caused some unbearable contractions at the sensitive tip of my dick.

As my body went into time-stoppage, I grabbed her head and pulled her as close as her mouth could reach. My dick dipped straight into her throat and within a second, my rod pumped out the creamy cum straight down her stomach. I just kept shooting even when I released my hand. It was more intense than doing it with my girlfriend, I was just shocked I had so much left in me.

Her mouth continued sucking my dick after I was done, clearing the chamber for any soldiers left behind. I could confirm there was none left when I wobbled to turn on the lights so I could continue where I stopped cooking.

Sister: ‘Kor.. I’m full already.’
Me: ‘Knew it. Help me keep.’

She put her shirt back on, and so did I. With the noise we made, it wasn’t that a shock to see my girl walking in on us, catching us as we kept the ingredients into the fridge. As soon as the sensible sister saw her, she left the kitchen to us and went back to her room, much happier than before.

Girlfriend: ‘Kept everything?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Let me go to the toilet first.’

She followed me into the bathroom and let me do my business, before requesting me to give it a thorough wash.

Girlfriend (whispering): ‘I wanna do it again.’

So here comes round three. It was only during our second encounter that I found out, or what she told me, I had taken her first time. How could I stay angry, at that tightness, at that wetness, for long?

Home Address

When the blogshop owner, Rody received an order for the wireless vibrator, he couldn’t be more happy to pack the toy and ship it out immediately. After he bubble wrapped the package, he scrolled down to the address section of the invoice to find something he least expected. It was his own home address with the recipient’s name as his own younger sister, just seventeen year old.

Still wanting to uphold the integrity of his little business, he wrote the information down but did not mail it on the spot. His sister, Ruyi, was still not home yet and the plan he came up with was to pretend that the postman sent the package to their house as it couldn’t fit in the mail box.

Two days after the order was placed, he had the package on her bed, to find her sneakily going into the bathroom with it once she saw it. Rody did not know what to do then but thoughts about his sister using his toys was making his mind wild with fantasies. Was she going to use it with someone? Or just to pleasure herself on the go? As soon as she was done, the envelope was thrown away and she kept just one item of the two piece sex toy in her bag.

Rody: ‘What did you buy?’
Ruyi: ‘Nothing lah. It’s just some girl’s stuff.’

Dinner came and went for the both of them as their parents weren’t home to cook. His sister went to the bedroom at ten, the earliest he had saw her turn in but did not question her. She must have wanted to play with the toy she just bought. Right then, something came to his mind. All the wireless bullets were programmed with a series of fixed radio waves, meaning, he could turn it on without her remote. So, quickly going to the box where he kept his goods, he retrieved one of the remotes and clicked it on.

Seated in the living room, it did not take long before he received an email, from Ruyi who asked if the toy was broken. Safe under the blanket, she did not come out of the room but Rody did not reply to her email either. A few hours later, it was almost one in the morning when he decided to turn it on again, but he would be in her room hiding in the dark.

The buzzing sound came from inside his sister’s body while he sat in the corner behind the standing fan. Ruyi did not turn it off this time but pulled the blanket away, fingers going into her panties under the white shirt she slept in. From the lights in the living room, he could make out the movements of her fingers as she rubbed herself faster, till her hips arched upwards to an orgasm that left her breathless.

Turning herself to the wall, he found the time to reply her email.

Hi Ru, the product you bought isn’t defective. The cause of the toy going off is due to another remote controller that someone is using in the vicinity. Do you have anyone around you that might be using it as well? How about your brother? Who sold the toy to you?

As soon as he saw the light from her cellphone lit the ceiling, the toy went off again and he got on his feet before she turned around. Scrolling down her screen, she suddenly sat up and realised what might be happening.

Rody (whispering): ‘Mei? Don’t be surprised k?’
Ruyi: ‘Kor? What are you doing in my room? Are you really the seller of the toy?’
Rody: ‘Yes I am. Sorry for not telling you.’

He went to her bed and sat beside her, while pushing the button on the remote to increase the speed. His sister just grabbed his arm tightly as the buzzing sound became louder. Without thinking twice, he took one of her hands and placed it over his boxers, where his bulge was dying for some attention. Ruyi’s legs crossed as the toy made her wet, hands roaming into his boxers to hold onto it while pleasure flowed through her body.

Ruyi (whispering): ‘It’s really powerful.’

He told her to pause for a while while he ran into his room, appearing with a dildo that was shining silver in the plastic form. Opening one of her legs, he sat in front of her and let her continue with the handjob. As she pumped him to the desired hardness, he reached behind his back and extracted the wireless bullet with the tiny loop sticking out of her pussy. He replaced the toy with the dildo he brought and sent it straight into her body, shocking her to increase the speed of her jerking.

Ruyi: ‘Can sit beside me?’
Rody: ‘Yupp okay.’

They leaned against the pillows stacked behind them and she placed one of her legs over his. Tugging at his erection, the toy was disappearing in and out of her quickly. ‘Incest’ had never came across their minds as they indulged in this mutual masturbation, where she was hugging his arm while cumming to his strong hand ramming the toy.

After his sister had finally held his hand with the dildo still, did he noticed how tired she was from the slow handjob he was receiving. Panting deeply, she was worn out from the orgasms that he had unknowingly delivered into her tiny body.

Rody: ‘Tired?’
Ruyi: ‘Yeah. But I want to help you finish.’
Rody: ‘Want to try sucking it?’
Ruyi: ‘Sure?’

How not sure could he be? He guided her head to lie on his stomach while her hand pointed the tip at her mouth. Out of sight, he could only rely on his senses as a slippery tongue came to lick his pee hole. As she listened to his breathing, she wrapped her lips around his manhood and slid slowly downwards. The gentle warm travelled down his shaft as another sensation of pleasure went up his spine. He was actually getting a blowjob from his sister.

Moving her head across his stomach, her hair provided the traction needed to keep sucking without brushing her face on his body. Rody was in the heavens when she tried to reach the base, though failing a few times. Things had never felt more calm than this taboo intimate moment with his sister. A quick pause came to let her put the wireless bullet back and he clicked on the remote lying by the pillow to keep her in the mood.

As her pussy began receiving her dose of pleasure, her mouth picked up speed and was making sucking sounds while his dick throbbed wildly.

Rody (whispering): ‘Mei, I’m shooting.’
Ruyi: ‘Huh? Where?’

Her mouth returned to sucking him while waiting for the answer but it was too late when she head him saying, ‘oh shit’. The thick glob of cum had shot into her mouth and covered her tongue in generous amount while he held her head still. Tasting a little salty, she had no choice but to suck him clean while he did not release his grip.

After a minute, his hands finally let go of her and she took one last trip down to his base, emptying his barrel on the way out. Seeing his sister bend over the bed to the bin below, she spat his cum out while the toy was still vibrating inside of her.

Ruyi: ‘Kor, don’t tell mummy and daddy I bought the toy k?’
Rody: ‘I won’t. But keep this (what they did) from them too can?’
Ruyi: ‘Yupp. So can I keep the silver toy?’
Rody: ‘As long as you let me use it on you.’

With a peck to his cheeks, her grateful was understood as he pinned her down on the bed, the dildo in his hand. She let him pull the wireless bullet out and the longer stick plunged into her pussy without time wasted. Moaning into the night, they made full use of the alone time while their parents were out, climaxing till they were too tired to continue.

Tomorrow will always be a better day right?

Sister’s Love for Me

Melody (shouting): ‘Kor! Wake up! You are going to be late for work!’
Me: ‘Okay okay. Go out first. I’m shocked awake by your voice le.’
Melody: ‘No! You will go back to bed de.’

My morning wood was as stiff as diamond and wouldn’t go down no matter how I tried to divert my attention. My younger sister was standing right next to my bed and the hems of her dress was just inches below her waist. No matter what, I am still a guy and she just would not leave without making sure I was up.

Well, I was surely ‘up’. Melody then kneeled on my bed and dragged me to sit up, without half realising what was happening. Thankfully for the blanket that was over my body, her unsuspecting mind did not notice the awkwardness but she wasn’t someone who would just give up so easily.

Suddenly, she pulled the blanket onto the ground and I sat closer to my knees, almost hugging them to hide the hard on.

Melody: ‘C’mon, don’t waste anymore time!’

She shifted beside my shoulder and hugged me across my chest, in an attempt to carry me. How could she lift me up right? Her groin pressed harder into my ribs and I could feel her panties under it rubbing on her dress.

As harmless as I tried to make it looked, I grabbed her arms and threw her onto my bed, spurring her to tickle me under my armpits. Dear oh dear, she pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me, kneeling at a safe distance from my cloth tower and continued to tickle me awake.

Thrashing my body around to her playfulness, my hard on unintentionally found its way under her dress and poked right at her pussy, where she sat down once she understood what was happening.

Melody: ‘So it’s working?’
Me: ‘What’s working?’
Melody: ‘I put some Viagra into your cup of Milo last night and watched you drink it all up.’
Me: ‘It’s not that k? It’s just morning wood.’
Melody: ‘Whatever. It’s working!’

She remained kneeling above me when her hands went to grab my dick, rubbing it in every direction in my underwear. She was wearing one of those silky nightgown that I saw on Qoo10 and upon looking closer at her chest, I realised she wasn’t wearing a bra.

A few more seconds of cock-rub later, I grabbed her wrist and stopped her from the incestuous act that she was triggering.

Me: ‘I am really going to be late.’

The clock was showing 2pm and I knew I had to take a cab already. I could not remember what I was supposed to wear (I have a fixed shirt for every work day) and it was driving me irritated.

Melody: ‘Today is Thursday.’

Silence broke out between us with her sitting on my hard on and me seated while leaning back on my hands. It was my off day and she had to do this to me? I jerked my hips to throw her onto my bed and I quickly took up my position on top of her.

Pressing my dick head on her panties, her hands slithered down her tummy and pulled her panties to the side.

Melody: ‘Kor, what are you waiting for?’

I could sense her wetness even at the tiny contact area and lust was battling in my head, opponent being my sanity. Her legs went around my body before I could react and she pulled me closer, sinking the first inch of my diamond drill into her body.

Melody: ‘Kor.. I can’t take it anymore. Put it in.’

I took both her hands and held them on the bed next to her shoulders. My hips automatically thrust forward, dipping the rest of my rod into her pussy. Her younger orifice was much more tighter than my fantasies but it was still manageable. It was unbelievably fitting when I felt her vagina relaxing to take my size, and it had a pulse like her fingers were around it and squeezing me lightly.

Me: ‘You’re so warm inside.’
Melody: ‘You look so hot in this position.’

Her thighs relaxed and I could move more freely, bringing my body closer to her waist as my dick slid easily in and out of my younger sister. Her hands were running over my chest, feeling every bumps and curves, as though I am toned (which I am not).

After what seemed like the most sexy wake up call ever, she softly asked me to stop and pick her up so we could sit facing each other. Once we were in that position, she made me lie down and mounted herself, without breaking contact between our genitals.

Melody: ‘Kor, I try to ride k? Tell me if I am doing it right.’
Me: ‘Why do you want to know if it’s right? Going to try it on someone else ah?’
Melody: ‘No lah. I can ride you when you’re tired. But you should be doing most of the work as a guy.’

She rested her calves on the bed and began rocking her body, gliding my dick along the underside of her vagina. I could tell she was enjoying herself as her moans got louder, signalling to me she was going to cum as the pitch went higher.

Once she was done riding me, I brought her boobs onto my chest and stabilised my hips by placing my feet flat on the bed. Raising my lower body quickly, my dick slurped noisily in and out of her while she buried her face in my pillow, right next to my ear.

Her voices were muffled by the pillow and it was for the better too, or risk our neighbours imagining things. I went all out at her till I got tired and her pussy was leaking non-stop as orgasms hit her waves after waves. The light squeezes of her pussy did not overwhelm me and I could go on for as long as I wanted.

Finally, she got tired of cumming and could not move anymore. I did not question if she really had to stop despite I had not had my fun, she was my sister after all. I rolled her over to sleep on my bed and she got hold of my arm before I walked away.

Melody: ‘Kor, don’t just leave halfway. You haven’t even shoot. It’s still so hard.’
Me: ‘Nevermind ah. Wake up then say?’

Her tired eyes stared at me for a while before she adjusted herself to lie near the edge of the mattress. She then opened her mouth and pointed at it, before poking my dick on the tip.

Me: ‘You sure? It might choke you.’
Melody: ‘It won’t. Remember last time I always make myself vomit to keep slim? My throat cannot gag anymore.’

That little secret of hers was in the past, and she was no longer using that method, keeping herself in shape with frequent gym visits now. I placed one of my knees on the bed and lowered my body enough to fit my dick into her mouth.

Her cheeks remained loose as I sank my rod in and a little vacuum caused her cheeks to collapse whenever I pulled out. Seeing that everything was in place, I pinned her head down with one hand and held onto the bed frame with the other for support.

Thrusting my dick slowly at first, I went deeper each time to see if she really would not choke, and it was true. In no time, I was plunging my dick into her throat as her saliva drooled all over my shaft, covering it in a slippery lube that helped me to go faster.

I was ramming into her wet mouth that had a slight suction and groaning non-stop from her tongue that was forced everywhere by my fierce entries. Her eyes remained closed as I went on and it was close to five minutes before I felt the moment coming.

Without a word, I stopped myself at her lips and felt my muscles tightened, flushing out my semen into my very own sister, lasting as long as needed to get every drop out. Her head moved on its own down my shaft as I came and drew every bit out, wasting none of it around her mouth or on the bed.

As soon as I was done, I squatted down next to her face and was ready to bring the bin to her. Instead, she swallowed the load effortlessly and parted her lips to lick them clean.

Still with her eyes closed, her wandering hand pulled my head in and planted a kiss on my lips.

Melody (whispering): ‘Goodnight.’

I went straight for another round of make out that led me to her nipples, nibbling on them till they were erected under her thin nightgown. Pecking her head, I brushed her hair away from her face and left the room quietly.

Like brother, like sister. Our lust did not stop us from fucking whenever we had the chance, from the kitchen to the bedroom, public toilets and in her poly. Not even the presence of our parents in the house managed to slow us down from teasing each other clothed.

Will we ever be exposed?

Shared Computer

Kaylie was home alone, with her laptop broken down in the middle of class, she had no choice but to use the common desktop in her house. Placing her bags down in her room, she went for a quick shower before going into her brother’s room, that was left opened for whoever wanted to use the computer. Once it started into the home screen, a folder with her brother’s name was in the corner. Curiosity got the best of her and she clicked on it, bringing her inside with more folders with the appropriately named documents and more folders.

One read ‘Personal’ and the urge got even stronger to find out the life of her quiet older brother who spent most of the time at home playing WOW in his book out days. Tiny thumbnails of girls in awkward positions appeared and she scrolled through quickly, before an image caught her eyes. It was a screenshot of a dick with the unnamed guy’s hand on it. It was large, firm and light pink in colour. The next icon was a video, and clicking on it brought her to the background of his brother’s room, bedsheets and wallpaper all familiar to her.

It was a video of her brother stroking him large dong and the clarity and freshness of it was so tempting. Kaylie opened another video playing regular porn on a separate player and she watched both the clips alternatively. Subtly, she found her own body getting warmer and the towel she wrapped herself with, dropped onto her lap while she played with her pair of 36B breasts. The nipples were erected without contact and she had to toy with them, rolling them around her fingers. Her brother’s dick was so huge that she wondered how it would feel inside her.

The towel dropped onto the floor and her legs found their way to the sides of the computer desk, spread wide apart for her own hand to reach between and began masturbating herself. Her eyes shut themselves to visualise herself as the lead in the porno flick but the dick she imagined inside was her brother’s.

Unnoticed, her brother had returned home to find the main door unlocked and managed to go all the way to his room, dumbfounded by what was happening in front of his computer. He gently placed his belongings to the ground and removed his clothes in the kitchen, too far to be heard by his sister. As he returned to his room, his dick was rising to his sister’s sweet moans and he stood behind her for some time, admiring her body and how it reacted to her touches.

He reached for her shoulders and massaged it in light movements, before reaching down her chest to the pair of buns, kneading them to firmness. Kaylie was shocked at her brother’s courage but it was too late to salvage herself. Keeping her eyes closed, she let his hands did what they wanted and went to pleasure her pussy. As time passed, her brother’s hands had reached further down and replaced her own hands to finger her wet abyss. He lifted her up under her arms and she stood in front of the monitor, still watching the pornographic video that was playing.

Her brother reached for the mouse and opened up another video, with the lady being fucked in doggie. Of course, there was no need to guess what was about to come. He pulled her a few steps back and bent her body forward on the desk, before sinking his huge dick inside her tight pussy, filling her up with life and excitement. The sheer size of it split the forgotten vagina walls apart and easily reached into the deepest spot, brushing pass her G-spot along the way.

Adjusting his height, he began pounding her sister and brought the long strokes to her mind, stimulating all the sensitive areas she could not reach with her fingers. The only session she had was with her ex-boyfriend, who wasn’t as big, and definitely did not last as long, since he only managed to last as far as a few minutes. Her brother was different. He knew how to pleasure and his dick was in the perfect angle, poking at her G-spot non-stop.

Within minutes, Kaylie’s body trembled and fell backwards onto him as the orgasm shot through her pussy, to her mind that went blank with the intensity. Thankfully, he was strong and held on to her, while continuing the incestuous sex. Suddenly, groans were heard from him and he went faster, sinking his long meat into her, driving her as wild and wet, struggling to cope with the on-going orgasms.

Kaylie wasn’t going to let him just cum like that. He had been doing all the work and she had just been on the receiving end. What if she changed it around? She pushed him away and led him to her room, locking it before jumping on top of him. He wasn’t going to let her do that too, since he believed that a girl should always be treated like a princess and not given any work to do. He fought for his freedom but could not overpower her bite on his neck.

He decided to let her have her way and when it was time, he would regain control. So, Kaylie slipped her pussy over his dick and began riding him like a cowgirl, slamming onto his thighs with force, but also squeezing her own pussy tight. Although it was a little painful on his legs, the pleasure from the ride made it more bearable. As she reached another climax, he pushed her off and flipped her around, forcing his dick into her in missionary position. Without warning, he pumped fast and furious between her legs. Pinning her hands above her head, there was no way she could resist, with her senses and strength all weakened by his ferociousness. Going faster and faster, her legs also went higher and wider.

At last, he fell onto her and only moving his hips, his dick shot into her for the last time and the cum began pouring into her like a petrol pump, never stopping until she was full. It took him a few seconds to empty himself into her, but it was all worth it. Her pussy could not hold the load and immediately burst the pure white liquid onto her bed once he pulled out of her. Like a dam, it dwindled to just a stream but the amount that had escaped was almost a handful.

With his knees on the bed, he went to her mouth and she licked her personal sex machine clean, tube cleared of the yummy sperms and he then left her after pulling a blanket over. Feeling her sore pussy under the sheets, she massaged her clit to let some of the pain go away with pleasure. It was so unexpected, wild and wrong, yet it felt beyond great. Perhaps it was the sex, perhaps it was her brother doing it with her.

That night, she snuck into his room and sucked on his dick, till it reached full length before asking her brother for it again.

Kaylie (whispering): ‘I want rough sex.’

Brother and Sister

Bernice came out of the shower in her sports bra and an FBT shorts, drying her long hair between the towel while Bertrand was waiting outside the bathroom with his towel. The siblings had been used to getting a shower in the morning, especially on a Saturday, when their bath time would be longer than usual.

He stepped into the bathroom and the sight of the worn FBT shorts she wore yesterday caught his eyes. It was just hanging on the rack, forgotten that it should go into the laundry basket. As he was done rinsing the soap off his body, it was time to get himself off with his younger sister’s clothes. He pulled the shorts off the horizontal pole and wrapped it around his dick, carefully laying his dick at where her pussy used to be in contact with.

Bernice: ‘Kor, are you going to be done?’

Bertrand: ‘Soon. Just wearing my clothes now.’

Stroking his dick through her shorts slowly, he had sat himself on the toilet and closed his eyes, imagining that she was sitting on his lap, grinding her hips as his dick sank into her pussy. Just as the room was getting all hot and foggy, the two partitioned door opened a gap and a hand stopped in its track when she noticed the shorts were gone.

Bernice: ‘Kor.. did you see my shorts?’

The door suddenly opened to the maximum width and she peered in his direction, looking at his perspiration covered body with her shorts in his hands. Still dressed in the sports bra outfit, her shocked expression gave no more words and she just closed the door and left him alone.

He quickly returned her shorts to where it was and dried himself, heading into the living room where she was sitting with her face flushed.

Bertrand: ‘Mei, I’m sorry. I’m done now. I’ve put your shorts in the laundry basket.’

Bernice: ‘What were you doing with my clothes?’

Bertrand was already back to the kitchen to pick up the sandwich she had made extra for him. Avoiding any eye contact, there was no way he could give her an answer. He stood at the window and looked out of it, drinking his daily dose of coffee from the mug on the window ledge. He then heard the faint footsteps nearing him, and the volume of her voice confirmed that she was right behind him.

Bernice: ‘Are you masturbating with my shorts?’

His head pointed onto the ground floor, and gave a nod. A hand then reached in front of him, placing his long lost underwear on the window. He looked at her hand retract, and was eye to eye to her embarrassed face.

Bertrand: ‘Are you masturbating with my underwear?’

She nodded shyly as well, and he took a step closer in front of her. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her in for a hug and slid his hands up and down her back, comforting her that it was not a big deal. Her chin rose to face him and the few seconds were the most emotional yet risky. Their eyes had been conversing in the most ‘wrong’ debate and her shutting eyes did not help at all.

His lips planted onto hers and they made the immoral kiss. Standing that close, the rise of his dark knight was just that obvious as it poked onto her stomach, while her nipples grew erected behind the sports bra without the padding under. His hand roamed up her waist and reached under her bra, to cup onto that firm, perky 18 year old breasts. The gentle squeezes made her let off a sexy, impatient moan and a respond by cupping her own hand over his bulge.

As his hands continued to massage her breasts, her fingers were digging their way into his shorts, coming into contact with his raw warm dick. Parting his lips away from her, the kissing trailed down to her neck, where she stopped him and took over the journey, lowering her body until her knees were on the floor, and mouth at his rod.

Without looking at him, it had sort of taken away the thought of the dick belonging to her dear brother, and that it was throbbing so hard as though it had wanted her since a long time. Giving the tip a sweet kiss, her lips remained on his head and tongue began wetting whatever meat in her mouth. Making her way down his shaft, her tongue swirled around wherever that was dry, and focused on the stretch of veins on the underside of his rod.

Stumbling on his footing, he had leaned against the dining table, and she just continued to give him the forbidden blowjob. She did not intend to make him cum, and was only interested in getting him big enough to lose control. After a few minutes of sucking, she gave a naughty bite and went into the living room, sitting in front of the TV with her usual cartoon showing on screen.

He stood in front of her to block her view, and then pulled her shorts off her legs, which she showed a little unwillingness but raised her butt anyway. With that young looking pussy in front of him, he sat on the stool under the table and landed his tongue on her clit. Giving it a generous load of his saliva, the one instance of a suck on her clit sent her back arching forward, and hands over his head to push him deeper between her legs.

Flicking that tiny pink dot up and down, juices were flowing out of control and he was sucking them up as she moaned. Within a minute, she was pulling his head upwards and he followed suit, returning to kissing his beloved sister in a tongue fight. As they made out, his hips were closing in on his pussy, and the tip was pushing its way in as well. Making gentle thrusts, his dick slowly disappeared into the splitting vagina and soon, he was kneeling on the floor while his sister’s body was sitting at the edge of the couch.

The slimy rod was pounding into her while her legs around him pulled him closer, wishing he would go deeper. A couple of seconds was all she needed to pull that annoying sports bra away, and his mouth was free to suck on her nipples. Flirting with those pointy erections, her head was back and eyes rolled white. The position she was in was a common yoga stance, and a test of squeeze was all he needed to distract him.

Feeling the tightness around his dick, his vision turned into a stern look and he forced her backwards on the seat. Helping her to lie on the sofa, he brought one knee onto it and placed both her legs on his shoulders. Ramming his hips at her bum, the long rod was dipping all the way into the areas unfelt before. Bernice had already lost concentration on the yoga squeezes and was just enjoying the hard pounding from her brother.

Reaching for her shorts on the floor, she covered her mouth with it to suppress the crazy noises she made, and Bertrand leaned on her body to take a whiff of her shorts as well. Fucking like sex-deprived bunnies, she was bombarded with orgasms that she lost count of. And all he was doing was move his hips, and prevent himself from cumming.

Bernice: ‘Kor.. shoot it all inside me. Mum has got contraceptive pills for me to control my acne. And I haven’t had my period for four months already. So, cum inside me.’

Knowing that he got nothing to fear now, he sat upright and let her legs stick on his sweaty chest. Jerking his butt fast on the sofa, his rod was sinking all the way into her at a high speed that sent her into a trance and salivating from the sides of her mouth. It was pure mind and body fuck that she was receiving 100% of.

Counting down to his ejaculation, his hands went to her boobs to knead them really hard until the pain complimented the pleasure at her pussy.

Bertrand: ‘Mei.. I’m cumming soon!’

Bernice: ‘Oh yes kor! Keep going! Don’t stop!’

He leaned his chest over her and made sure her legs was angled where he could reach all the way. The few remaining strokes got him to finally cum and sprayed into her as his little head continued stimulating her vagina. The warm load felt extra hot in her and that was nothing like how she’d expected but, longed to feel.

Bertrand had to pull his dick out after the tight clenches of his unwilling sister, at the same time milking whatever that was still inside, out into her pussy. He fell onto the sofa after he was out, panting with his sister who was rubbing her clit in front of him to relieve the soreness. Smiles broke across their faces, without regret as they knew it was impulse that drove them to it. It wouldn’t be a crime if they were never caught right?

That day, they wore nothing around their house, and whenever Bertrand’s dick rose, it would be the signal to get it on since they might not have many chances once their parents return from their yearly honeymoon. The unlimited rounds of sex was also a challenge to break their personal records with their partners, kinky huh?

Unpleasant Joy

Mabel entered her boyfriend’s Krisnad’s crowded house and went into his room after addressing everyone in his family. He had asked her to go over since she was having her study break and it was an achievement to him for dating a Chinese girl despite being Indian. His family was proud of him, and it did make his other brother’s jealous.

Krish: ‘Honey, go lie on my bed first? I go get a drink for you.’

She went to his single bed and laid herself down for a rest while he did his things. Often, she had wore her old school’s skirt as it still fitted her, and the navy colour went well with her casual t-shirts. He returned to the room with a cup of tea and she drank thirstily. He climbed onto the bed after the cup was kept away and held her hands above her head.

Krish: ‘I miss you a lot May.’

Mabel: ‘So do I.’

She picked her head up to kiss him and he matched his lips to her, licking and tonguing into her mouth. With her vision obstructed, he reached behind the bed frame and took out a set of straps made into a handcuffs, tying it casually without her notice. It was only when she tried to move her hands, when she realised her wrists were secured to the bars of the bed and the smiles he had on his face was priceless.

Mabel: ‘Be gentle k?’

Krish: ‘Honey, don’t worry. I will.’

He went to her knees and used another two loops to hold them apart, before he reached into the drawers for the clothes pegs for her nipples. An innocent sharp breath of air widened her mind and she was ready for his next move. Or so she thought.

His shorts disappeared in a flash and was in front of her pussy, stroking his dick to get it hard. Watching his dick grow had turned Mabel on and the glister on her pussy was signalling him to enter. He did after a while, going into her with slow and gentle strokes. Her opened legs could not close in any way and her hands were held from doing anything.

Krish started to pump his hard red cock into her and she bit her lips in an attempt to keep herself from moaning, since his family was outside. There was a certain feel for Krish as he was wilder this time, and did not bother to slow down even when she was climaxing. The continuous pounding of her pussy had got her addicted and she shut her eyes to enjoy the unstoppable orgasms he was giving. About close to ten minutes later, she felt a gush of warm liquid enter her pussy and clenched her pussy tighter, so he could keep shooting.

The sudden exit surprised her since he did not usually do that, but did not ask him since it could be just one occasion. He went to the drawer again and took out a gag ball, tying it behind her head for her to bite on. Mabel had never done it before but it was better than screaming out for his family to hear. After all, she was just in his room to study.

Still restrained by the straps, Krish left the room and brought his older brother in, who still had bread in his hands while he undid his pants. The shock that went through Mabel’s head was inexpressible with the gag on her mouth. Her pussy still dripping with Krish’s cum, was in full view of his brother. Once his shorts was removed, he went to the same position Krish had fucked her in, and leaned his body forward. Pushing his dick in, the difference in size stretched her pussy to its limits, trying to contain the unwanted piece of meat.

Older Brother: ‘Krish! Tight ah?’

Krish: ‘Shhh!’

He smiled at her expressionless boyfriend and continued to pump his cock into her, sending her into orgasms in mere minutes. Although she was penetrated by someone else other than Krish, this dick was better in satisfying her. Without anyway to struggle or fight, her body was ravaged by him with the non-stop pounding that carried on silently. He had grabbed her boobs in the frenzy and squeezed them to a sore, with his finger marks around it while his hips gave no mercy.

He was lasting way longer than Krish and all her boyfriend did was to stand at the side to watch them go. Going to her hands, he untied them and held her waist down to pound her harder, which to Krish’s surprise, did not struggle nor push him away. Her legs was still opened by the constraints, but her hand had went to his testicles to tease him.

Older Brother: ‘Mabel, where should I cum?’

She pointed at her groin and he got his answer. He laid his chest on her body while keeping his hips moving, thrusting with full force into her tight cunt. The spirit of sharing was never stronger, until Krish decided to do this. With his dick growing inside of her, she squeezed her pussy with all her strength, and got him to groan.

Finally, he stopped pounding her pussy and let his cum fill her up. Mabel then pulled the gag down to her neck and pushed him backwards, where he almost hit his head. She crawled forward to him into doggie and sucked on his dick, that was still hard. With that thick cock in her mouth, she turned her head to Krish and slapped on her butt lightly, asking him to do her from behind.

Krish got up excitedly and went behind her, shoving his cock in one move and started taking her on. Her mouth moved with the pounding from her ass, and slid easily up and down his brother’s shaft. Having two dicks in her at once was one of her fantasies all along, and this time, she got to experience it with someone she knew.

Krish’s dick was significantly bigger than before as he got more turned on with sharing his girlfriend. And his brother simply laid back and enjoyed the effortless service. The pleasure flooding into her mind came from both her pussy and the scent of a freshly washed cock drenched in her juices. She had never felt so horny before in her life.

Within ten minutes, the cock in her mouth exploded and she swallowed as he came, gulping down fast so she could keep the vacuum in. But to her dismay, he pulled himself away from the sensitiveness and took his brother’s phone to film. Like a porn star, her expression went wilder in front of the camera while Krish continued pumping her. A while later, she shifted her legs together and let her pussy did the work.

Having a slim and tight body before him, Krish came from the second time and flushed some of the collection of cum out onto his bedsheets. He remained in that position for some time before exiting, and bringing his dick to her mouth for clean up. By that time, his brother had left the room for them to wipe the stains off the bedsheets and to spend the rest of their day together.

Krish: ‘You like it?’

Mabel: ‘Kinda? And it’s still warm inside.’

They hugged each other to sleep and she was awakened in the evening, with her hands and legs tied up again.