Brother’s Hotwife

After a night of BBQ and heavy drinking, Jason went to bed after reaching home, where his brother had his girlfriend over. Halfway through his sleep, loud fucking noises came from the room opposite his and the clear moans and dirty talks were getting his loin hard. Unable to relief his urge, he pressed his […]

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Ben: ‘Mei. Can I ask you for your breasts size?’ Sister: ‘Why leh? 32B.’ He walked through his sister’s opened doors with a cloth bag, placing it gently on her computer table she was at. Ben: ‘I bought these for my ex, but she only wore them for me and didn’t like what’s left here.’ […]

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There’s Soap

At 6am, I woke up before my alarm went off and walked into the common bathroom in my boxers, the standard outfit I wore for sleep. Enjoying the comforting darkness in my sleepy eyes, I turned off the tap as I soaped myself up. Right then, the lights came on and the bathroom door swung […]

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Camping Inside Sister

Kor (shouting): ‘Welcome back!’ Mei (shouting): ‘Come help me carry my bags can?’ He stopped his web surfing and came out of his room, to see his younger sister dragging a duffle bag while carrying a camping bag over her shoulders. He brought the bags into kitchen and placed them near the washing machine. She […]

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Then, They Fucked

Nelson: ‘Hey mei, doing work?’ A quick shift of her hand caught his attention as he walked over to the PC, seeing her wet fingers on his mouse. He grabbed her hand and held it up, clearly aware of what she was doing earlier. Samantha: ‘Kor.. ‘ Nelson: ‘Can you not use that hand.. why […]

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