Stains with Scent

Javen gave a sigh as he left the comfort of his computer chair and went into his parent’s room to pick up their laundry, then into his sister’s, Judy, room to collect hers. Looking at her messy bed, he decided to be a good brother that day and tidied the sheets, tucking the blanket neatly under her pillows. A casual sweep of his hands over her bed revealed something long and hard, which to his curiosity, found a rabbit vibrator. He clicked on the switch underneath and it started to rotate, while an extra tip vibrated noisily.

With a bit of confusion, he placed it back where he found it and went to the two pair of panties that laid on top of the blanket. Taking it up, he caught a scent from it and it was not the usual detergent’s, but a more womanly one. He brought it close to his nose to sniff it, before examining the other one, finding a similar smell to it. He then fumbled them to find the part where his sister’s private parts came in contact with, and found solidified stains on it. One with a slight yellowish tint, and the other one just powdered.

Throwing them into the basket, he did his washing and hung the clothes up to dry, alternating between his computer games and running to the kitchen. It was about two hours when he was finally done and seeing that no one was home, connected his laptop to the living room TV and clicked away on his usual catalog of websites.

About thirty minutes later, Julie came home and went into her room straight, surprised at the tidiness of her room but kept silent about the toy she knew anyone that cleaned her room would find. As the clock strike twelve, Javen saw his sister’s lights went off and made his way to her door. Twisting the knob, he went in and sat on her bed, before she switched the lamp on.

Javen: ‘Joo (short for Julie), I saw some stains on your panties. Want to tell me what happened?’

Julie was too embarrassed to be talking to her own brother about such things, but the fact that she was bottomless under the blanket was making her anxious about him discovering it as well.

Javen: ‘I am going to have a look no matter what.’

With that said, he pulled the blanket away and saw her light pink slit, with the rabbit a palm’s length away. Holding the back of her knees, he raised her legs, and went closer for a look. She knew what he was doing was wrong, but did not stop him since she had never had someone laying hands on her either. It just felt less intimidating if it was someone she knew, right?

He had used his finger to hold her delicate soft folds open and his head was so close to giving her a lick. And that was exactly what he wanted to do as well. Javen brought his mouth closer to her pussy and gave her clit a poke, before running his tongue up her slit. A moan expectedly escaped her mouth and she was holding on tightly to the ends of the pillow in distress. Sensing no resistance, he continued to tickle her clit and made long, slow glides up her pussy.

Javen wanted to experiment with her at the same time, to know how to please a woman. So, he gave her a suck on her clit, and increased his suction until she gave a yelp.

Javen: ‘Sensitive?’

She could only nod shyly with her eyes shut off from the incestuous sight. He took the vibrator that was within reach, and gave the tip a generous coat of his saliva, before placing it at her opening. Moving in inches, he watched her body and expression while she lost control, almost begging him to just insert the whole thing inside. As the extra tip touched on her clit, he held it firmly and switched the thing on, and made his sister go into a struggle to hang on to sanity.

The toy could be left running without his hand on it, since she was so tight and the vacuum inside would keep it steady. But it might not be enough, since he could use it differently. He held the base of the vibrator, and started moving it forth and back, sliding it sensually in and out of her. Julie’s body was thrashing around while he tried to hold her body down with his hand on her tummy.

The toy was thrusting faster as he felt hornier, making Julie go crazy as the orgasm arrived, but was not allowed to rest nor calm herself down. He had noticed the extra cum that was leaking out of her, but it was such a special occasion that he just had to keep going.

Without something to hang on to, she reached around her brother’s waist and pulled the waistband of his boxers open with one hand, while the other reached into it to find his throbbing manhood. Her hand did not take long to start jerking him off quickly, but the lack of lubricant was making it a little painful for him.

She felt the heat in her hand and had no choice but to stop before she hurt him.

Julie: ‘Come to my mouth.’

He waded on his knees to her head and she bent towards it, taking the whole of his dick into her mouth without hesitation. As the toy rammed deeper and harder into her, her mouth was working as hard to suck him, even letting him move his hips to help go deeper. It was a truly messed up situation as his hips were fucking her mouth while his hand work tirelessly.

After a while, she had to push him away to catch her breath and he needed a rest as well. His aching forearms finally gave way but his dick was charged up on the other hand. The both of them panted from the unexpected advances but she was yet to be fully exhausted.

Julie: ‘You want to put it in?’
Javen: ‘The toy?’
Julie: ‘No. That.’

She pointed to his twitching dick and his hand let go off the toy with a hot battery compartment. Julie got herself up to a lazy doggie stance and he climbed slowly onto his knees and went behind her.

Javen: ‘You want to do it in this position?’
Julie: ‘I just don’t want to see you doing me.’

He calmed himself down and turned her over, and threw his singlet over her eyes. Lying on her side, he adjusted one of her legs to straighten out on the bed, and the other one bent so he could raise it up to his chest. Sitting over the outstretched leg, He shoved his dick in while holding it, until he was completely inside her. Hugging onto her leg that was in midair, he started to rock his hips back and forth, while his dick stroked along the insides of her pussy at a special angle.

She had not experienced this position nor this angle before, but it felt better than just the usual missionary or doggie style. They liked this position and no longer intend to switch. Giving it all his strength, he moved his body faster and his dick reached deep inside, stretching her pussy and pushing all of her buttons that was normally untouched.

Unsure if it was by design or luck, the siblings found their perfect match for an intercourse. Javen just could not bring himself to stop no matter how guilty he felt doing it. Julie did not think of him as a brother anymore, but more of a man who would meet her sexual needs, filling her up with that piece of meat that fitted her so well. The moaning continued as the two of them had a building lust inside of their minds, wanting more and needing more.

With his powerful strokes, Julie’s body was slowly losing consciousness from the continuous orgasms, and his dick was nearing its limit with her closely wrapped pussy. Before he came, he stopped and asked her, although knowing that she should not want him to cum inside. Their answers were in consensus and he resumed the pounding, until the very last minute before he pulled out.

Julie: ‘Don’t waste it. Let me have it.’

He went to her head on the pillow again and let her suck him sideways, moving her mouth up and down his shaft, until he was on the verge. Pressing onto her head, he gave a hard thrust not too deep and shot all of his load that was filling her mouth so much that her cheeks were bulging. It took him at least twenty seconds to empty his balls, with her constant sucking and teasing of his pee hole.

As she pulled her mouth away from him, a little suction helped to extract any remaining bits and she turned her body upwards once he was done.

Javen: ‘Let me see?’

She opened her mouth and showed her tongue that was lifting some of it up. She then gave her lips a lick before swallowing all of her brother’s semen, ending the forbidden sex they just had. He took his shirt from the bed and pulled his boxers up, before giving her a goodnight kiss and returning to his room.

Julie: ‘Kor, sleep with me when mom and dad is not home k?’

He gave her a smile and closed her door gently. Lying on his bed, he was not sure if he would do it again, but that was just his thoughts. Another part of him had long made up its mind.

Mom: ‘Just like us with our siblings no?’

Dad: ‘Maybe?’

One Room Two Beds

Michael had a sister that is 3 years his junior, and having watched her grew up, they had each other for as long as they had been living in the three room flat. With one room to their parents, they had to share the last room and the two beds were arranged to face each other, with the middle space as a separator. However, things were changing once he stumbled onto SBF, a forum for a community who shared pictures and videos from around the net, some even posting images of their partners. His views on her sister changed one night when he had turned in earlier but could not fall asleep.

The door opened with a creak and his sister, Steph, tucked herself into bed. As he was facing her direction at first, he could see her eyes lit from the corridor lights and that she was looking at him. Quickly, his eyes shut themselves and he turned normally to face the ceiling. More ruffling from Steph’s side were heard and the next sound he heard was her breathing, that was so audible in the silence of the night. A wet slopping noise came from under her blanket and Michael found himself getting aroused as well.

Imagine a hot sister, 15 years old of age, going about doing her private moments in your presence. His hand went to his hips and into his underwear, stroking himself while listening to her soft moans. To make things more interesting, he breathed harder and quicker, making obvious movements under his blanket. Lifting his eyelids by a little, he saw how she turned herself to face him and had her gaze pointed at his crotch. She did not even notice that he had opened his eyes wide and had been staring at her. In response to the weird happenings in the room, she pulled her blanket away and he could clearly see her hand in her panties, thrusting in and out of her pussy. The angle her hand was in was no doubt accurate.

Taking a leap of faith, he had to say something.

Michael: ‘Mei, you awake?’

She quickly pulled her hand out of her panties and adjusted the blanket over her body.

Steph: ‘Yes?’
Michael: ‘Umm.. can I help you out?’

Seemingly to understand what he meant, she turned her body to face upwards and removed her panties from under the sheets. The blanket was then pushed into the corner against the wall and there was no more movements from her. Michael got off his bed and went to his sister’s, placing one hand on her shirt and the steps of his plans played out in his mind. He laid on her bed next to her and turned towards her, pushing his hand up her shirt and coming into contact with the two lumps on her chest. Still a developing girl, she had a figure that was considered slim and sexy.

With great care, he gave one side a squeeze and she let out a moan in reply. After a few minutes of titty play, his hand moved south and went directly onto her clit, beginning a slow massage on it, going in circles with his fingertips. Her legs opened without any help and he could reach lower between them. Taking his middle finger that was wet with her juices, he let it glide itself in and the long stroke only made his sister squeal so loudly she had to covered her own mouth.

Then slowly, the speed of his fingers going in and out increased and she was clawing him all over his back. As he got to the maximum speed, she just grabbed the end of her pillow and pressed it over her mouth, while screaming and groaning loudly into it. Michael knew he could go all night when his strong forearm, but something was missing. He slowed down and took one of her hands away from the pillow, placing it on his stomach. As expected, she knew what to do and advanced down to his rock hard manhood.

Stroking at the same pace he was going, the slight friction was warm and soothing. In no time, Steph had finally received the third orgasm that threw her into a small fit and her body squirting juices onto her bed. She could not control her body anymore but Michael had been hugging her while she went through that. Finally, her body exhausted itself and she was now tired – or more energised.

She got up in a seating position and let her brother lie on her pillow, a corner slightly damp with her saliva. Sitting close to the wall, she ran her right hand between her legs a few times to get some lubrication. Then, wrapping her fingers around his girth, the sexy forbidden handjob began and it just blew Michael’s mind away. She started by teasing the tip of his dick with her thumb, and just as it got too sensitive for him, a few full-length strokes up and down soothed the ache and she just continued with it. Occasionally poking her nail into his pee hole and then relieving it with the light grip on his dick.

As his watch beeped the hour, it was two in the morning and also time for him to unload. Throughout the ten minutes or so of masturbation by her sister, she was in no rush and took the chance to explore and tease him in every way she could.

Michael: ‘Mei.. Can you help me finish it? It’s getting late le.’
Steph: ‘You sure? Oh ya! You have work tomorrow hor?’

Giving him a cheeky smile, her hand picked up pace and a few drops of saliva from her mouth made things more slippery. She did not rest at any time and just kept moving up and down, finally changing the angle to point his dick at his stomach, which always was a more comfortable position. Pumping her fist faster, his hand suddenly held onto her shoulders and she knew he was about to unload.

Taking a pause, she pointed his dick upwards and placed her mouth just over the mushroom shaped tip, jerking him until he shot her first taste of cum into her mouth. The pulses travelling upwards had intrigued her astonishment thus the jerking did not stop. About eight or nine waves later, his dick was empty and twitched helplessly at her tongue that was going in circles around his pee hole. She lifted her head away and took a moment before swallowing.

Michael: ‘Mei! Why you swallow? You can spit it out ah.’
Steph: ‘Why leh? It tastes alright.’

She cleaned him up with a few strong suck to his dick and then herself with tissues. Michael had returned to his bed and it was then she joined him under the blanket.

Steph: ‘My bed is wet. Hehe.’

Her naked body was especially warm and fragrant, which he hugged tightly on the bed while they fell asleep together.

Incest had been a taboo topic to talk about, less write on. Instinctively, it would be easily agreed that guys were the ones who would bore such sick and perhaps extreme thoughts about their sisters, but that is only true because no girls had expressed themselves on the topic, at least not openly. Who are we to blame the race to be slim in the shortest time, to look the best in all situations? For those girls who had read till this part, have you ever fantasised about the males in your family? Be it father or brother? Give me a little indication that such ladies exist by leaving a comment.

Cousins are not counted FYI.

Bonus Fuck 2

Part 1 | Part 2

The door creak opened and Jason’s sister, Brenda, entered his room silently, blinding his sleepy eyes with the light from the corridor. She came up to his side and squatted down in front of his face, tapping on his shoulders to wake him up.

Brenda (whispering): ‘Kor.. I know what you did to Angel and I. Wake up.’

He realised he had been exposed and that the sleeping drug did not have any effect on her. He opened his eyes in a lazy manner and suddenly felt her hand on his dick over his briefs, squeezing tightly until it felt hot below. She had silently reached under his blanket in an attempt to shock him. Jason grabbed her hand in a swift move and tried to push her away, causing more pain as he struggled.

Brenda: ‘Why did you fuck Angel? Did she looked good?’
Jason (whispering loudly): ‘Shhh.. We were just having fun.’
Brenda (whispering): ‘Does she look better than me?’
Jason (whispering loudly): ‘As good as you I guess? I mean, you’re my sister!’

Brenda got up on her feet and pulled her shirt over her head to reveal her small set of tiny breasts and proceeded to slide her panties down onto the floor. Sitting stark naked right in front of his face, the scent of his little sister just turned him on in that kind of nudity.

Brenda (whispering): ‘So am I hot enough?’

It was pure jealousy that had overwhelmed his sister, as he had gave in to Angel so easily but not herself.A strong tug of his blanket brought it to the floor and she pounced on top of him, landing her pussy on his stomach.

Jason (whispering): ‘Brend, stop it.’

Brenda cupped her hand over his mouth and wriggled her butt down his body, until her pussy touched the wetting tip of his rod. Pre-cum was already leaking but sadly, he was the only one who knew it was wrong to do this. Her body weight had kept her from behind flipped off his body and when she moved backwards along the length of his dick, he felt his tired rod becoming sensitive. The tightness of his sister had squeezed onto his meat from the tip like a tube of toothpaste going down in the wrong direction.

Nonetheless, it still felt great and so he remained silent, allowing her to just rock her body back and forth over his hips. The sensual juicy sounds from her pussy was in sync with her body, trying to get more of his meat into her without stopping due to size. It was unbelievable to Brenda as the best dick she had felt was actually her own brother’s, fitting  perfectly with a bit of an oversize. Her pussy had wrapped itself like a condom around his dick, stimulating her G-spot as she kept moving.

Soon, she slowed down and Jason knew she was tired since the night was about halfway gone. He guided her body carefully to the side and packed her knees and feet together, turning her into a little ball in doggie. He made his change to his position to kneel outside of her legs, ready to help her end the night, with hypnotic strokes down her back. It did not took too long of a pat and she was about to doze off in the curled up position.

For a surprise, Jason parked his meat outside her park and rubbed a little of his saliva on the tip. Once done, he gave a hard slam into her pussy and she gasped herself awake, followed by groaning in a desperate call for orgasm, he pounded her hard right from the start unlike what he did to Angel. Since Brenda was the one who asked for it and so she would be the one receiving all the love he had.

Brenda’s body got weaker with each strokes and it simply drove him crazy with the shoulder pinning and hair pulling. His dick grew a little in size and it almost made her went crazy as well. Her third orgasm had passed after a few more minutes, sending her into a small convulsion which took some time to go away. The extra sensation in her pussy was turning her into a slut after cumming with her brother’s dick.

Jason (whispering): ‘Brend, I am cumming. Going to pull it out.’

He then pulled it out and landed it on Brenda’s body, aiming at her chest while she continued pumping my rod with her hands. Finally, for an end, she gave his dick a suck like how he used her mouth to clean earlier, but this time doing it until he was turned on again.

Part 1 | Part 2


Roxy couldn’t help it anymore, the thoughts of fucking her own younger brother had been ringing loudly in her mind the past few days, especially after she caught a glimpse of his hard on through his boxers. That night, she was in the dining, sitting alone pondering about the day of work when she saw her 15 year old brother, James, walking to the fridge and taking a sip off his mug. In the silhouette, his bulge was so protruding that whatever he did turned her on so much that she got wet on the spot. Not spotting his own sister in the corner, he took his dick out and left it bouncing in the air as he finished his drink and went back to his room. The scent of his.. manhood got into her head and it was the best energy shot she got that night. Age had already threw itself out of the window, the six years difference only created the time abundance for her sexual knowledge to gain ahead of his.

This night, was one which she could not get any sleep thanks to her brother’s exposure, and she sat at the table once again, trying to distract herself with school work and projects. Right then, the door creaked opened again, with James walking to the fridge with yet another hard on. DAMN! Roxy was so sure her thoughts were so loud he could hear, but he just help walking, opening that fridge and taking his mug out for a sip. Finally giving in to her body’s command, she tip toed behind the door and waited for that ‘moment’. Putting his hand into the boxers again, he left his dick hopping for the second time and Roxy came up behind him with her arms around his waist, reaching right for his throbbing cock.

Stumbling a few steps backwards, James was trying to push her away until she managed to subdue him with the continuous stroking on his shaft till he knelt on the floor in a doggy style, except that it was his sister behind him.

James (whispered loudyly): ‘Jie! What the heck are you doing?!’

Roxy: Shhh…

He sat on the floor and let her did what she wanted, after which she changed her position on her knees before him as he sat with his legs open. She bent forward and gave him a blowjob, the first blowjob of his life. Her tongue glided beneath his shaft as her hand held her testicles firmly, pushing her head as deep as she could, the involuntary contractions of her throat was making him squeal and twitch uncontrollably. Increasing her pace with the gradual comfort of the size, he could feel the sudden tension in his balls, scrabbling the yummy semen ready.

James: ‘Jie! I’m cumming!’

Roxy carried on and the increased the speed she swallowed his dick, engaging a little choke as his little head exploded and splashed the juicy cum into her mouth, filling her up fast and she had no choice but to swallow every drop of it. Once he was emptied and exhausted, she gave him a weak smile while wiping her lips with the back of her hands, like a tiger had finished its lunch. Or was it just the appetizer? Quickly she bent forward again and resumed the sucking on his sensitive head, sending him into a frenzy on the cold tiled floor. Within minutes, he recovered enough of his energy to handle her skilful blowjob while kneeling on the floor with his hands on her head.

Soon, the full size returned and she guided him to lie on the floor. Climbing atop of him, she straddled herself over him and it went right in that ever smoothly, citing a perfect fit between the two siblings. With care, Roxy began to ride back and forth, while James kneaded her 32C pair of breasts with love, sucking on them while doing sit ups. Soon, their hips were moving in synchronisation, with James ramming into her while she pressed her hips onto him. By then, Roxy had already lost her mind, riding her own little brother like a jockey going for the first place. It wasn’t that long before she had to collapse from the endless rounds of orgasms.

Energy running out like doing 2.4km runs, each of her orgasms took longer to arrive as tiredness caught up with her. With that strong determination to cum at least one more time, her pussy tightened and remained that way while she rose and descended on his dick, which felt like prying through thick meat in every thrust he made. The lengthen duration of his ejaculation had gotten too long for comfort too, and the both of them had the same thing in mind – to cum together.

Slowly increasing their pace, the slapping and squishing sounds got louder, yet safe from their deep-asleep parents. Finally, with a tight clenched on Roxy’s fist, James drove his hard cock into her like a machine gun going crazy, till the warm load of sperms poured freely into her womb, ever soothing though little. She fell onto his body like a little baby as her PC muscles took a few minutes to regain control and pick herself up. Looking at the spent little brother of James, she helped him up and had a shower with him before going back to bed, ready to tuck in for the night.

Since then, she knew she would have access to unlimited sex whenever she wanted, with a brother she loved so much that will never hurt her in any way. Once you crossed the line, you will never want to turn back. Right?

Boring Saturday

The Saturday couldn’t get any worse without any activities or plans. Joan was tired of touching herself, since she had been at it after she woke up. Feeling lazy and wet, there wasn’t anything else at home to entertain her, maybe except her silly younger brother, whom could always be heard masturbating without closing his doors. Once or twice she peeped to see how he does it, and it wasn’t much different from how her ex-boyfriends did it too, just stroking it up and down. Though there was one thing that was bothering her. How can her brother, who is merely 13, possess a tool, that was the same size as one of her largest ex’s.

*knock knock*

Brother: ‘Yes Jie?’
Joan: ‘Can I ask you something?’
Brother: ‘Wait ah.. ‘

Ruffling of clothes could be heard and a piak sound of the waistband slapping onto the empty stomach was most obvious, he was naked behind the doors, or at least half naked.

Brother: ‘You can come in now.’

A box of tissue lay on the other side of his bed, while he hid the lower half of his body under the blankets. The smell of sex, masturbation, sperms, pre-cum was unmistakable.

Joan: ‘Can you do something for jie?’
Brother: ‘Yeah?’

There wasn’t anyone to stop her even if she knew what was going to happen was wrong, her curiosity and sexual urges were killing her. After all, which brother would expose his sister’s pleasurable deeds right?

Joan: ‘Can I see your penis?’

Her brother pulled away his blanket and showed her his rock hard dick, throbbing calmly in anticipation. Dressed in a 30% translucent white sleeping gown, he couldn’t resist the physical arousal too. Joan was the type of girl who would lock her room when she sleeps, so she could be naked, or play as sexy as she liked, but never once her brother saw her in this light. The tiny thongs she wore did not cover her entire pussy, but just the clit and then it went between her butt. The waxed lips were moist with lust, and there was nothing like prickly stubs.

Joan: ‘I’m going to hold it k?’

Her eyes gleamed as the pulse within his manhood got stronger with her fingers wrapping around it. It continued to enlarge to a point – her index and thumb could not reach each other. Somehow, her pussy was reacting in response to her brother’s dick, that size proved a new challenge, not to her mind, but her body. Joan’s mind was always wanting it, and her pussy was relaxing and lubricating itself to the max.

Preparing to spit in her hand, her brother stopped her before presenting a bottle of apple flavour lub to her.

Brother: ‘I’m sorry Jie, I do fantasize about you too. And I know you love apples.’

Smiling sweetly to her cute little brother, she took the bottle and coated her hand well. As her fingers got in contact with him again, his lips parted and moans escaped freely. Every up and down stroke, his hips would wriggle sexily. Teasing his mushroom head would throw him off balance and send him into a frenzy of struggle. This foreplay was the first and probably the most stimulating he would come across in his life. His dick kept enlarging till she could no longer hold her monster in.

Pushing him onto the bed, she climbed to his face and sat, positing his mouth right below her pussy, dripping with juice and the little warming lub she used on herself. His mouth worked like the butterfly vibrator she had, flicking her clit up and down without rest, done with constant speed and force. How could her brother be any less horny than her, it was in their family’s blood. As his tongue searched into her love hole, it was already drooling long strands of cum into his mouth, quenching his thirst for her.

Wading backwards to his dick, it was the moment of truth, the rock hard dick of her little brother, versus the petite, ever-innocent looking pussy of Joan. She lowered herself onto him and the size of it was scratching against her vaginal walls like never before. It was filling her up completely, stretching her close to her limits. It was larger than comfort, beyond her mind’s and body’s tolerance. Immediately after it went inside her, she was in a trance state.

Unable to focus, salivating onto her night dress, her head backwards, eyes rolled, hands floating mid air. Her brother nonetheless was in a similar state, but with more control. His hips was struggling to cope with whatever movements she made, after all, he was the largest her sister had encountered, and he was making it worth every single second inside.

Grinding his hips upwards, a wave of humming and moaning could be heard from his sister, while he pushed his dick in and out, her hips was gyrating in sync, squishing his penis with juices, partial warm and the rest wet and messy.

Brother: ‘Jie! You’re too tight!’
Joan: ‘It’s you! Too big!’

The two underaged, bodily fluid-covered bodies were onto each other, transferring souls and lust back and forth, kissing each other like long lost lovers from many lives ago. The intensity was beyond description. Pounding from doggie style to spooning, to fucking in the living room with no regards to sleep-in neighbours, the two were suppressing the urge to climax. Joan didn’t had an issue orgasming though, but it was more of her brother. 13 years of pent up sexual hunger, to be released in a day, under a few hours. He could go on for a long time.

Never in his imagination this would come true, but now that it had happened, he better not wasted the chance. Getting into doggie again, his dick getting tired from the wetness and resistance to cumming, there was no rubber between the two siblings. He rammed hard into his sister once again, sending her into a series of screams and diving in and out of near-unconsciousness.

While the sister convulse away, the brother was close to unleashing his load. 40 minutes of sex seemed too long for his comfort, and his virgin sexperience is going to come to an end.

Brother: ‘Jie! I am cumming soon!’

With that, he yanked his member out and replaced it with two of his fingers into sister’s pussy, continuing the orgasms. Still, dicks could not be replaced with fingers. Finally after a few minutes, Joan recovered enough energy to guide her brother’s dicky in again, this time, for clearing the ‘phlegm’ out of it into her.

Joan: ‘Shoot into me. I want it all. No buts.’

The hammerage came again, pounding her butt hard, dipping mercilessly in and out of her, forcing whatever juices left in her out. The break she took increased her sensitivity and she was running on the last lap of her energy.

Joan: ‘Fuuuu…. ccckkk… ‘

Squeezing her pussy walls with the last bit of force, her brother’s thrust hard into her, spraying the hottest, thickest, juiciest load of cum into her womb. Every of the 7 or so rams were equally fulfilling, topping her tank to the max till it overflowed.

Collapsing onto her brother’s bed, the scent of him was still stirring her pussy, contracting and expanding uncontrollably, from the cum and soreness of the sex. He too, was exhausted, heaving and puffing, watching his twitching dick leak the remainants down the shaft.

Joan: ‘Let’s not waste it.’

Without hesitation, she took his dick into her mouth and sucked it clean, taking every bit down her throat without wastage. Even the excess sperms that got out of her pussy was collected and swallowed hungrily. Still sucking on her little brother, his dick was shrinking from tiredness and madness of the intense sex.

*knock knock (loudly)*

Joan: ‘Di! Wake up! Time to go tuition le! It’s noon already.’

He woke up to find a mess under the sheets, with a huge load of cum all over himself and the bed. What a waste..

Red Tide

WARNING! The story below contains depiction of blood (menses). Please proceed with caution.

Christel: ‘Kor, wake up.’
Me: ‘Yes? It’s just.. 4am and it’s a Sunday.’
Christel: ‘I’m having my menses.’
Me: ‘Then?’
Christel: ‘Just come.’

I followed my sister behind closely into the toilet and she removed her soiled panties. I wasn’t even sure what she wanted me to do, since it was her period. Nonetheless, her cleaning up was making me a little horny, but the blood was getting into the way of my thoughts. After she placed her soiled bottoms into the laundry basket, she removed her pink nightie and hanged it on the wall.

Me: ‘Christel, what am I here for?’
Christel: ‘Kor, help me wash up.’

She lifted my shirt and I obliged, stripping down to nothing and rinsing her body with warm water. It took a little more effort to clean her up, still, she was my sister and I couldn’t leave her mess to herself. After we were done, a single stream of blood was still flowing down her legs.

Christel: ‘My stomach. Ouch! Let’s wait for a while for it to stop so I can put on a pad.’

My 14 years old little sister was standing in front of me, while I scrubbed her back. And now, she bent down in front of me to reach for her pussy, washing the blood away as it came. Both of us knew it would take some time.

Me: ‘Christel, stay where you are.’

I stroked my semi-interested penis to hardness and the slight contact with her opening was preparing her mentally for what’s about to come. With patience, she waited whilst I achieved maximum density. Then her sweet voice came into the squishing sound of the body soap I used to start my rod.

Christel: ‘Ahhh.. ahh.. ‘
Me: ‘What are you moaning for?’
Christel: ‘To help you get hard faster? It’s not just blood below now.’

She tilted forward and thin strands of her cum was dripping onto the floor, pinkish in colour. True enough, little sister was getting hornier as the waiting got longer. I quicken my pace and it was big enough to do the job.

I pulled her hips closer to me and pierced into her glory hole. Wasting no time, I pumped her as fast as I could, since there was no one except my older sister, who was sound asleep from the drinking she had. *piak piak piak* Echoed through the tiny shower in our house, my dick was covered in blood, but that was where the superb lubrication came into play. Christel was high, more than usual, her juice was busy diluting the bloody mess but that was the least of our concerns. This time felt different from any other, she was tight – damn tight.

The cramps she had was painful but as a brother, I was doing my job to ease the pain, using pleasure. Sad to say, the tightness was causing me unbearable ecstasy and the whole scene was soon to come to an end.

Christel: ‘Kor! Are you cumming soon? I can feel it. Slow down, slow down.’

I did as she asked and went into the controlled pace, with me spending more time ‘inside’ her than pounding. 4am was a time that if my body was horny, it would want to get the deed done with and over. But my sister wasn’t so easily satisfied, because as long as her menses continued, her sex drive would be higher too. This was just the opening ceremony.

She climbed onto the toilet cover and opened her legs wide, massaging her clit as her pussy gasped for a rest. My dick was still twitching from the over-excitement, but left alone. After a minute or so, Christel took me by my hand and guided my dick back where it belonged. I hammered the life out of her and barely five minutes, she felt the thrusters working and I was more than ready to cum.

Me: ‘Inside?’

She squeezed her pussy tighter for my answer and as I passed the point-of-no-return, warm thick sperms creamed into her, like how a can of whipped cream would, in pulses, with much harder force. For the sensitivity was over-bearing, I stayed in her as my dick twitched lifelessly.

Pulling myself out was quite a pity and a relieve. With pre-cum mix of blood and juice, the remains splattered onto the floor. Of course, the same blend inside her pussy was also oozing out, flowing from the seat onto the ceramics of the toilet. We washed ourselves up again and her bleeding had stopped by then, allowing her to put on the one of many pads she will be using.

Tucking cosily into my chest, Christel fell asleep soon and the scent from her was making me feel all safe and secure. Who wouldn’t give his sister his everything? Incest? I know, wrong. But just like when guys cum, there is a moment when doing anything would not stop the ejaculation. Since we’ve past that moment, why not ride on the sensitivity and pleasure till the end? There will be another point in time when it has to end.