Fat Dude

Jessica: ‘Hey kor kor!’ All the guys at their stations turned towards that cutesy, little girl when she came running over to the plump dude, in a baggy jeans that lowered his first impressions to ‘non-existent’. Kai: ‘Hey mei. Ready to go? I’m hungry.’ Jessica: ‘Wah lau. You’re always hungry. I’ll go wash up. Very […]

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Borrowing Brother

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor, can you come out for a while?’ I stealthily lifted the blanket and tiptoed out of the room, leaving my girlfriend to continue sleeping. Me: ‘Yes?’ Sister: ‘Can cook something for me to eat?’ No doubt she was already twenty one, but she is my sister who taught me about what girls […]

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Home Address

When the blogshop owner, Rody received an order for the wireless vibrator, he couldn’t be more happy to pack the toy and ship it out immediately. After he bubble wrapped the package, he scrolled down to the address section of the invoice to find something he least expected. It was his own home address with […]

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Sister’s Love for Me

Melody (shouting): ‘Kor! Wake up! You are going to be late for work!’ Me: ‘Okay okay. Go out first. I’m shocked awake by your voice le.’ Melody: ‘No! You will go back to bed de.’ My morning wood was as stiff as diamond and wouldn’t go down no matter how I tried to divert my […]

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Shared Computer

Kaylie was home alone, with her laptop broken down in the middle of class, she had no choice but to use the common desktop in her house. Placing her bags down in her room, she went for a quick shower before going into her brother’s room, that was left opened for whoever wanted to use […]

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