Doe’s Girl

The KTGS student hurried out of the school alone after the bell rang to avoid being seen by her classmates as she hopped into a white car with heavily tainted windows.

Doe: ‘How’s school today?’
Jessica: ‘Just so so only. Very tired.’
Doe: ‘See what I bought for you?’

Her 20 year old boyfriend held up a Hello Kitty printed set of bra and panty, making her squeal in delight as she had loved products with those designs on it. The fifteen year old girl was in choir and maintained a slim figure from the twice weekly PE lessons, making her an official SYT partner that Doe had ever wished for.

Doe: ‘Put it on now?’
Jessica: ‘So impatient ah?’

The rest of the school exiting the gate could not look into the car despite the strong sunlight and it wasn’t the first time she had removed her clothes in the car too. Stripping her FBTs from under her skirt, her pink cotton panties covered in lint was gone and the Hello Kitty took over to cover her privates. Her blouse was unbuttoned and had her bra changed too, with her top on.

Jessica: ‘It’s so comfy! But there’s no padding in it.’
Doe: ‘No need lah. I can feel your boobs easily mah.’

He leaned towards her and slipped his hand between her buttons, giving a naughty squeeze on her 32A cups. Smacking his hand away, he started the car and headed for City Plaza, where they often stopped at the carpark for some private moment.

Once the car parked itself, she got out from the passenger seat and went behind, leaving Doe to select the symphony radio station and bring the mood to a more relaxed one.

In the backseat, the couple hugged and made out, letting their hands run all over each other’s bodies and undoing whatever zips and buttons in their way.

Doe (whispering): ‘You smell especially nice today.’
Jessica (whispering): ‘Where got? I’m so smelly after PE.’
Doe (whispering): ‘That’s the smell that turns me on so much.’

His underwear went out below his feet and Jessica’s hand reached straight for his dick, that was stiff with a droplet of pre-cum forming at the tip. Like how their foreplay usually began, she sat near the door while he took the other end and opened his legs wide. Aiming for the juicy thick piece of meat, her mouth devoured his cock and sucked gently on it, making it throb harder on her tongue.

With her lips sealed tight around his girth, they moved up and down in an increasing speed to a soft groan coming from him and she was busy using her other hand that wasn’t holding his dick, to rub her pussy outside her panties.

Doe’s eyes closed themselves as her saliva lubricated her blowjob for her to go faster and she was moaning with his dick in her mouth too, listening to the sensual sounds he was making to let her know how good it felt. The pure minded girl couldn’t be happier to know her boyfriend was feeling so high and went down deeper a few times until she gagged from the depth.

Doe immediately helped her up after he saw her choking, and placed her lying on the seats.

Doe: ‘Shall we do it?’
Jessica: ‘Uh huh.’

She raised her skirt to her waist and removed her panties, spreading her legs to hold Doe between the smoothest looking young pussy he had ever came across. Jessica had always been the one guiding him in and this time was no different, she held his wet cock and angled it at her pussy, pushing it till it was lodged below her clit.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Slowly k?’
Doe: ‘Yupp.’

Her hands shifted to her butt and pried them open so it would not be that painful. After all, a 20 year old dick was too much for a 15 year old pussy. Very carefully, his hips approached her waist and it sank deeper by the inches, while Jessica groaned to relieve the little pain. In a minute, he was inside her and they were hugging each other to enjoy the short time they remained connected without moving.

Jessica (whispering): ‘It’s so big inside me. I can feel it.’
Doe (whispering): ‘I love you Jessie.’

After he declared his ‘love’ for her, his groin began slapping against her hips and the testicles touching her pussy was making her more sensitive. They were getting noisier in the car as it rocked to their rhythm, along with the slurping sounds coming from their genitals.

The sensation of her slippery pussy around his sliding cock was so arousing that it made him harder, causing him to speed up as his dick head grew sensitive from her tightness. With the radio playing behind their moans, perspiration were covering their bodies and he was going at his fastest speed thrusting at the petite school girl.

Jessica: ‘Let’s try doggie?’
Doe: ‘Okay.’

She flipped herself eagerly over and positioned her butt at him. Seeing that dripping pussy that barely had a hair on it, he kneeled behind her and gave her a surprise lick, making her flinch at his tongue that was flicking on her clit.

Jessica: ‘Stop stop, it’s very sensitive!’

He grabbed her butt tightly and kept it still, while his mouth continued to run up and down her slit, leaking juices as her raw flesh twitched to his forceful cunnilingus.

Jessica: ‘I’m cumming! Stop stop!’

Her butt wriggled for a while as he continued to lick her and after a while, a stream of clear liquid flowed out of her cunt and dribbled on the seats under her butt. Right then, he picked himself up and shoved his cock into her pussy, ramming it all the way in in one stroke. Jessica could only gasp at the sudden entry and held the handgrip of the door in despair.

Satisfied with teasing his little girl, his hands went around her slim waist and thrust violently, splattering her bodily fluid all over his groin as their privates slammed against each other. Her body shivered non-stop at his pounding that did not slow down a single bit, despite her pussy contracting till she was feeling every of his veins around his manhood.

Jessica: ‘You’re getting too big. I’m going crazy.’
Doe: ‘It’s you who is getting too tight lo! Shit.. ‘

He thrust with all his might at her and she was moaning in a slightly more pleasurable tone, assuring that she was having a good time under the agonising groans.

Doe: ‘I am cumming!’
Jessica: ‘Me too.. I can’t take it anymore.’

Doe opened her legs wider and placed both his feet between. Jessica knew he wanted to end this in 69 and wadded on her knees till his head was between her thighs. Not wanting to lose the mood, her mouth went over his dick immediately and engulfed the red stick, swirling her tongue all over it.

His tongue too, darted in and out at her clit and sucked on it as she plunged her head deeper. After a minute of the intense 69, his hips buckled the same time as her and a huge load gushed into her mouth. Her pussy closed itself and a gentle stream flowed along her slit onto his tongue, catching all of her yumminess and directing it down his throat.

Still sucking at his diminishing ejaculation, groans were echoing in the car as he grew desperate to pull out of her, but couldn’t do so when she was pinning him down.

After she finished cumming, her tired body fell against the backrest and allowed Doe to sit up. Right beside her, he pulled her up into his arms and watched as she opened her mouth to show him his load, before swallowing it down without so much a bat of her eyelids.

Doe: ‘Is it good?’
Jessica: ‘As good as I taste.’

He patted her head and kissed her clean lips. Her hand returned to his shrunken little brother, and played with it as long as she was cuddling with him.

Jessica saw that it grew hard after ten minutes and her thumb rotated around his pee hole, making him horny yet controllable since it was a little numb from the previous round.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Can we do it again?’
Doe: ‘If you want.’

He opened his legs for her to suck him again and she did it but lasted shorter. She picked her skirt up to her chest and climbed over his lap, while turning the car’s camera inwards to face them.

Jessica: ‘I want to be your little porn star.’
Doe: ‘I’m going to go all out this time.’
Jessica: ‘If you still have energy.’

The unintentional challenge was a dare to him and he decided not to disappoint her. He repositioned her knees to raise her butt slightly off and rammed upwards at her pussy that was contracting involuntarily. ‘Fuck me as you like, I’m yours’, she whispered into his ears as her body turned cold from his warm rod. Juicy sounds were emitting from their privates as they took turns fucking each other, riding him whenever he was tired and letting him abuse her pussy once he had the strength.

The second round lasted for almost ten minutes of non-stop sex and they even switched to doggie, which Jessica loved but understood that he did not have that much stamina to go for another ten minutes. After they had their fun and the carpark was filling up with more cars, it was time to decide where to cum.

Doe: ‘How? Where would you like?’
Jessica: ‘The second time won’t be that much right? Let’s try inside me?’
Doe: ‘You’re not worried if you get pregnant?’
Jessica: ‘I have you right?’

He turned her on her back and leaned on top of her again, taking his time to plug his dick at the right depth. Thrusting gently, he was truly loving the second time as she did not hurry him, pecking on his lips as he drove his cock faster.

Once he whispered his last minute warning, she wrapped her legs around his waist and brought him in real close, and felt his tiny load warming her pussy at the deep end. It took him about thirty seconds before he was done and the exit of his dick accidentally lined her vagina with cum to the opening.

She put her panties back on right after he was done and secured his sperms around her pussy lips, soiling the panties with a juicy wet patch.

Doe: ‘Let’s get you home.’
Jessica: ‘It’s getting late too. I love you baby.’

The car started and he made his way back to KTGS, dropping her at the private estate along Mountbatten Road.

Jessica: ‘Thanks b. Pick me up again tomorrow?’
Doe: ‘Will do. I had a great time today.’
Jessica: ‘Check your phone when you get home k? I’m going to snap some photos to keep you thinking of me.’

Doe did not consider about the consequences about what he did, but she was a girl who did not betray him either. In fact, they were still together and were having sex, letting me listen to their little after-school activities through his phone.

Needless to say, Jessica turned naughty in the ways he preferred her to be and went panty-less and braless after some time being with him. She had became addicted to blowjobs and fucking in public areas especially with the thrill she could never find doing it in private.

Her Crush’s Responds

Rebecca: ‘Thanks for sending me home.’
Henry: ‘I am not going to let you to go home alone at this hour. Have a good rest k?’

The car turned into the 18 year old’s carpark and he stopped his vehicle in between two vans. They had went out with their poly friends that night and the low-profile-Henry did not let the rest know that he had a car, only to give in that secret to Rebecca cause she lived the furthest and looked lost when she realised she did not have enough cash for a cab. She had gone for the buffet dinner in a sleeveless t-shirt that had gapping arm openings, that type which you could look into to see the bra she wore. And that very bra she wore, was those half cup design ones that revealed about half of her cups. Throughout the ride home, Henry did not attempt to touch her out of respect, treating her only as a friend who knew how to dress up.

The both of them lit a cigarette each and stayed in the car, puffing away while gossiping about the rest of clique. Soon, she came to ask him if he liked anyone and he shook his head, citing his poor habits as a reason why no girls would like him. Rebecca knew that wasn’t true, cause she had been masturbating to him on countless occasions. That gangster-like appearance had a gentleman’s charm and attitude, one that she couldn’t resist.

Rebecca: ‘You know, I do have a crush on you.’
Henry: ‘But?’
Rebecca: ‘Have you ever fantasised about me?’
Henry: ‘No. I treat you as a good friend!’

Rebecca took a long drag of her stick and blew it out of the window, before dropping her cigarette outside.

Rebecca: ‘I think of you all the time, and I can’t seem to get enough of you.’
Henry: ‘Think of me all the time? Really?’
Rebecca: ‘To be frank, no.. I only think of you when I masturbate. Haha.’

Henry did not know how to reply her with that unexpected answer. He had not been with many girls before, but what she just said totally threw him off his shoes. The crazy classmate was known for her outspoken nature that knew no limits about offending people when it comes to opinions.

Henry: ‘I think it’s getting late. You should head up now.’

Rebecca gave a subtle nod and unbuckled her seatbelt, only to lean towards him and clicking his belt loose too. On her ‘return trip’ back to her seat, her hand laid on his groin and massaged between his soft cotton shorts. There was no better time than then, which was like ‘now or never’.

Rebecca: ‘Let’s not waste anymore time then?’
Henry: ‘Wait! You don’t know me that well! How could I?’
Rebecca: ‘I’m going to find out today. My way.’
Henry: ‘Are you high?’
Rebecca: ‘No. I need to do this sane, so I would know if I am masturbating to the right size and length.’

Her smirks threw all his worries out of the window and he couldn’t care less anymore about their friend-friend relationship. He undid his shorts, chucked it near the pedals and climbed into the back seat. Rebecca entered through the passenger door and joined him, quickly holding onto his rod once she unhooked her bra. Those small 34A cups weren’t much to look at, but he did not let her just do all the work. He reached into her shirt and fondled them well, to a point she couldn’t focus on jerking him off.

Henry: ‘Can you suck me?’

Rebecca did not say a word and used the hairband around her wrist to tie her hair into a bundle, going down on his tip with a smile. Giving his pee hole a kiss, she pushed her lips down his shaft and a long groan filled the car with pleasure. She was getting wet from the noises he made and there was no need to masturbate before she got her fun. Feeling that soft tongue licked the base of his dick, Henry couldn’t believed how much she was into him. He watched the girl sucked him non-stop and finally told her that he would like to return the favour.

Rebecca: ‘Just a bit more.’

She loved how much power she had over this guy whom still tried to act decent before her. His involuntary shivers were exciting her, forming a little wetness even before he got started.

Rebecca laid her back on the seat after she was done with him and parted her legs under the skirt, admiring the descend of his head between her thighs, disappearing only to feel his mouth touch that wet slit. She had long removed her panties when she visited the toilet before he sent her home, but he was too distracted to realise the nudity underneath. He clearly knew his way around to make her moan, sliding long strokes up and down her slit, occasionally sucking on her clit to hear the groans of affirmation. Never did she expect to cum from cunnilingus, but the tireless work he did totally drove her body wild and her pussy began splashing juices onto his seat.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘Will you turn my fantasies into reality?’
Henry: ‘Which ones?’
Rebecca: ‘FFFuck.’

He leaned over her body and let his hips guide the long throbbing piece of meat into her, inching smoothly into the juicy cunt until his balls touched her ass. Rebecca had her hands around his back as his dick began thrusting, making squishy noises that sounded so hot and dirty. There was one thing she got right when this whole thing happened, that she would never get enough of it.

Meanwhile, Henry was in another world, looking at the sweet, young thing changing her expressions to his movements. Every angle he tried, resulted in a different volume, pitch or tone. Like her empowerment she felt while blowing him, he was in control this time.

The tease-fuck lasted for some time before he grew too impatient for himself, clenching his fists into a ball when he decided that it was long enough. Almost at the same time, her vagina contracted to an unbearable tightness around his cock, warning him about the climax he was about to fuck her into.

As soon as her hips arched upwards, Henry groaned loudly to that finishing move of hers and tried to pull out, only to be pushed back in by her legs behind his butt. That milking motion travelling down his dick during that inward thrust spilled his cum into that tiny hole, helplessly accepting that he was about to be a dad after this.

Rebecca (moaning): ‘Keep moving.. Don’t pull out yet.’

He gave in to her request since there was no turning back, and rammed his squirting dick deep into her. Another orgasm set off and instantly depleted his energy when her pussy was desperately squeezing him for more. The cute guy, overwhelmed by exhaustion, slowed down to a stop and let himself fall away from her. It was intense, but really, more life-threatening than fun.

Rebecca sat herself upright next to him and massaged both that sore pussy, and his scarred-for-life dick, making sure they were still capable of feeling and functioning.

Henry: ‘Are you on the pill?’
Rebecca (panting): ‘Uh huh.’
Henry: *sigh* ‘You gave me a scare there.’
Rebecca panting: ‘Well, I’ve been waiting for this day to come.’

She wore everything back except her bra and gave him a kiss before going home. He was cool to remain composed after all that happened, without any guilt or awkwardness. The thoughts of him fucking her hard kept surfacing while she was trying to sleep, and there was no doubts about what her wet pussy wanted.

Freelance Encounter.

Jessie reached John’s room as planned at 8pm and she understood that her freelance job would usually require to have sexual intercourse with her clients. Rarely she would enjoy the session like how a lady would wanted, but it was the money that kept her doing it. The flexible hours, minimum pay, all helped to give her life some sort of organisation. Back to John, he had an unusual request that Jessie had not done before, to put a chastity belt with a two inch dildo attached to it. Trying hard to contain her sigh, she took it from him with a smile and slipped it on after a quick shower.

The belt was slightly obvious under her one piece dress that had a diamond shape cut out around the sides of her waist, but with some adjustments, she got it on and her panties had to be left in the room. They hopped on his car and he drove her for dinner at one of the food stalls opened for the night crowd. She was instructed to order the food at the counter and she got to keep the change for just two S$4 meals paid with a fifty dollar note. The dildo in her went off as she spoke and it had gotten her knees to shiver for a few seconds. An awkward shift of her hips caught quite a few eyes but she was still safe.

Dinner was done at a normal pace and he drove her further out to a packed carpark. This man clearly had some fetish she could not understand.

John: ‘Hold my hand and we’ll walk one round around the carpark.’

They went from the first floor to the fourth, that was open air and the cooling weather definitely helped to sooth her mind. The toy once again came on and she felt more willing to let her moans escape through her glossy red lips. The surrounding was facing some flats and the rest was pretty much unblocked.

John: ‘You can take that thing off now.’

Jessie: ‘Right here?’

John: ‘Yes.’

She turned her head around quickly to make a quick scan and her dress was lifted, high enough for her to find the belt buckle and remove the dildo that had made her felt so sexy in public. John then brought her to the little shelter where the stairs lead up to and placed her against the side that was not facing any buildings. He leaned onto her and started to kiss her lips lightly, switching between pecks and french.

Somehow, his kisses had brought memories of her ex-boyfriend back and she realised he had been missed a lot, so much so she almost cried. His palms that was on her back shifted to her hips, to slowly lift her dress up to expose her pussy. She did not resist him and let him pull it higher. Her fingers went without instructions to her clit and she placed her legs apart, beginning to touch herself freely. He hugged her closely and gently gave her ears a lick.

John (whispering): ‘You like it?’

Jessie: ‘Mmm~’

Her own fingers had done a great job making her wet and the noise of his belt being undone was a signal for her to do what she needed. Sliding her back down the wall, she held his dick that was about 5 inches, taking a whiff before bring her mouth to it. Starting with a kiss at the tip, her lips did not opened too wide before she sank her mouth down his shaft, until it reached his base. Perhaps it was a good thing he wasn’t too long, she could still do a deep throat for him.

Jessie did not rush through and was blowing him quite steadily, sucking him hard and going at unpredictable speed. So far, he only held her head and not forced her in anyway. He was turning into someone she enjoyed pleasing. Close to five minutes later, he brought her to her feet and he took his time rolling the protection on. As a favour, she helped him with that and rolled it with her mouth until the rubber ring was as far as it would go.

John: ‘Trust me okay? I won’t let you fall.’

That sentence did sound a little scary, but she knew he was different. He held the back of one of her knees and raised it to his rib level. With just one leg balancing herself, she then understood what he meant. John went as close as he could to her and bent his knees slightly to let his dick glide into her pussy. Although it did not feel as good as doing it without a condom, she was happy with his gentleness. Very slowly, he made thrusts not more than once at a time, until the leg in the air went behind his back, yearning for something wilder.

His elbow held onto her leg behind him and as much as he could, supported her by holding her sexy slim waist. Right then, he moved faster and the whole package of a sensual sex was fulfilled. Her body was enjoying every bit of him, not just sex. From his kissing, to the skilful thrusts he could do. She only felt how her pussy accepted him strokes after strokes. In less than two minutes, her other leg had wrapped around him with a light jump.

He caught her and pressed her against the wall while pounding excitedly, caressing every inch of her intimate cave. With their close body contact, her clit was stimulated by his prickly pubic area, driving her confused with the senses. First there was vaginal satisfaction, then came the clitoris teasing. Her first orgasm came quick and it had hit her really hard. John’s firm grip allowed her to relax her arms hanging on around his neck and the trembling of her body (from the climax) was given enough time to recover. Of course, she did not just get one orgasm from his position given his unhurried pace.

The two of them went into the shelter after a while and she was asked to bend over the railing. With no questions, she complied. His dick penetrated her again and the crazy fuck began. With her mind being pushed to the limit, she realised that it was this that was missing from her ex, the considerate factor that this client had managed to capture. Her hands held on to the rails tightly as he pounded hard into her, making her drip her thick cream onto the floor.

His hands did not stay long on her butt or lower body. They went to her breasts under her bra and gave them some love as well, rolling them between his fingers not too hard to cause any pain. All that stimulation drove her crazy and her moans was getting louder by the minute. Despite knowing that, he did not try to silence her but went faster and faster.

John (whispering): ‘Shooting! Shooting!’

She gave him a light push backwards and turned around quickly, kneeling on the floor with a thud and yanked the rubber off. She then pulled him by grabbing his butt, pushing his dick into her mouth and just threw her face at his pelvis. On and on she went, with her fingers masturbating herself to another orgasm, it was so comfortable doing it for this man unlike others.

He lost control for that moment and grabbed her head with two hands, thrashing his dick at her until the point of no return had passed. The eruption of his love juice flooded her throat and although the first few waves were extra sticky, the last few were more watery and it flushed the load down into her gastric. He stepped to let her catch her breath, but not before her body shivered again, with her wet fingers at her pussy. The sight of her throwing her head back was priceless given that her job was done, but she showed her how much she enjoyed having sex with him.

John rested for a while before helping her to his car, panting and cleaning at the same time.

Jessie: ‘You don’t exercise a lot do you?’

John: ‘Hehe. Caught by you.’

Jessie: ‘Looks like we need more work out to get you fit again – down there.’

The smile remained on his face for as long as she was with him. They took a shower together with less foreplay and more ‘love’, kissing and touching each other so sensually she wanted to give him another shot for free. But it wasn’t his style to take advantage of her. They were done in a while and the call to notify him that the time was almost up disappointed him a little.

John: ‘Where do you stay?’

Jessie: ‘Around Thomson.’

John: ‘Okay. Wait here until I call you. Let me leave first.’

That wasn’t hard to do. She spent the time alone to touch up her make up and get her dress straightened. It took about five minutes for him to call and she picked it up almost instantly.

John (on phone): ‘Jessie, you’re still in the room right? I’ve extended the room to overnight. Have a good rest. It was a tiring day for me, and you should be as well.’

Jessie (on phone): ‘Oh my god, serious? Thank you so much! Call me soon yeah?’

Why wouldn’t he RTF right? Hehe. What’s RTF? :P

Cumming New Year

It was by a stroke of luck that I could ask a new friend, Jenn, out for first day of new year as she had no plans either. We had no idea what to do for that day, but we both shared something in common. She was once a reader of my site, who would email me behind-the-scene to get sneak peeks at upcoming stories. And knowing those entries would be published anyway, it did not bother me much. So that was how our constant communication maintained the relationship. To spur me on to make great entries, she would voluntarily describe what she was doing while reading my work. With that kind of distraction, or assistance, I could say that it had worked pretty well.

We met up that late morning at a less crowded shopping mall at City Plaza, located in Paya Lebar. As expected, most of the shops were not open and it felt really like a ghost town. We strolled along the empty corridors while talking about the recent entries that seemed to have improved in quality, but she did not buy that it was just a period of ‘better inspiration’.  Her presence was just jolly for me.

Her outfit that day was considered to be party style. For her top, she wore a black leather bralet, with a gold zip in front. And her bottoms would be a pair of high waist skater skirt that made her legs looking longer in a magical way. I had to admit she did look a few years younger in such clothes. The aimless wandering was boring, but it did not felt that way with our chatter.

Jenn: ‘It’s getting cold here. Is there anywhere warmer?’

Me: ‘Yeah. We can stop by at the carpark. Then come back in when it gets too warm.’

She tugged her arms into mine and we walked through an old wooden door leading to the carpark. I remembered that at that time, she only had one boyfriend before, and only kissed on the cheeks. So, correctly speaking, she still had her first kiss. We went into the the quiet carpark and walked a few floors higher, until we reached a particular level that was empty.

Jenn: ‘Wow! It’s so cool! I’ve never seen an empty carpark before!’

I smiled at her innocence and made my way to the single cubicle toilet near the lift right smack in the middle of the floor.  Jenn tagged along and I asked her to wait outside while I used the loo. Handing her my phone that I been holding onto, I made sure she placed it into her bag before giving her a surprise, pushing her against the wall, with my hands on her waist and body close to her.

Me (whispering): ‘Shhh..  Be quiet.’

She knew the situation we were in and I could almost hear her heartbeat, when my face went in front of hers. I wasn’t going to take her first kiss, we weren’t that close – yet. I changed my direction to her ear and gave her a playful nibble. Which immediately, her body shivered and I knew I had hit the right spot. I continued my pecks with a light suck, from her ear, down her neck, to her chest. It was a natural response she had when she tilted her head upwards so I could continued the journey till where her bralet was. Being unsure about her readiness, I could only kissed my way back up until I reached her ears and gave her a grin.

Me: ‘Do you want to go inside with me?’

She looked at the male toilet sign, then at our surroundings. Slinging her bag over her shoulders, she hurried into the cubicle before me and we both checked to feel safer. Quietly, I hung her bag over the only hook behind the door, before closing myself on her again, giving her neck a lick, all the way down to the zip of the bralet. I kept my head close to her chest while my fingers held onto the tiny zip and pulled it downwards. A red coloured strapless bra appeared between the teeth and I noticed the transparent hook between the two half cups. I gave it a pinch without thinking and caught it skilfully. I placed it over the hook and went back to the waiting lady. She was only dressed in her bralet without anything under. Reaching for both of her soft boobs with my hands, I held the cold pair of Bs and gave them a gentle squeeze, which she reacted by hugging me in shyness.

I looked at her and gave her a nod, before bending low to suck on the delicious looking nipples. I kept my teeth away for a start, and just sucked on the tip, pinching and rolling it between my lips. I could hear her moans and quick shallow breathing in no time, pointing to the fact she was ready for more. I then ran my hands down the soft material of her skirt, and raised a part of it so to reach under. My hand found her thighs and I pushed my palm between her legs, before I moved my palm up. I could feel her panties getting wetter where my thumb reached, and also warm to the touch. My fingertips went to work on her clit over the silk panties, giving her a treat for the trip. As she moaned from the clitoral stimulation my fingers gave, her hands ran into my hair and held my mouth closer to her boobs, forcing me to retaliate by giving the pointed nipples a quick nib.

As I tried to pull one side of her panties down, she lifted my head up and stepped away, before pressing the creases on her skirt away. Thinking I did something wrong, I was at a loss for words.

Jenn (whispering): ‘I’ll take it off myself.’

She was that shy, even in the privacy of the toilet. Her matching red panties went over the hook behind the door as well and I knew we are now freed. I guided her to the area facing the wall with a handrail and stood behind her. My hands went around her body and while one hand worked on kneading her breast, the other reached down south and her clit was now more accessible. Without wasting any time, my fingers vibrated on her clit and rubbed them quickly, until I felt how much juices were leaking out of her. It did not drool down her legs, but had covered pretty much the area around her pussy.

Me (whispering): ‘Bend your knees down a little.’

Jenn did exactly just that and her legs had formed a V shape, spreading her legs even wider apart. I reached my arm forward and under her pussy, finding my fingers sliding right into her without much difficulty. She was embarrassed at how wet she was, but at the same time, the pleasure was making her give in to the temptation. ‘Shhh.. ‘ I blew the whisper into her ear and continued to slide my fingers in and out of her. After a while, I could feel her pussy squeezing me and I went faster and deeper, knowing that she deserved this orgasm. Just a few seconds later, one of her hands broke away from the railing and held my fingers that were inside, firmly in place, putting me through the unbelievably tight  contractions that she went through.

When Jenn finally let my fingers out of her, I could tell how tired she was. She leaned against the handrails while I helped her take out the tissues. I watched her wipe the juices off her calves, to her thighs and then her sensitive folds between her legs. All I thought of was how her innocence would help to make me feel good. As sexy as she might look cleaning herself, I could sense more thoughts running through her mind.

Jenn: ‘Umm.. I think I had enough.’

Me: ‘Alright. I guess you’re tired too huh.’

I could tell the reluctance on her face when she realised what she might need to do in return. No doubt we were just resting in the cubicle, but the ambience was unmistakable. The sense of guilt and shame in doing something so intimate with a person she barely knew, just felt wrong to her and regret was beginning to dawn onto her. After all, I guess males and females do feel the same after getting their high with unexpected partners, that is to feel guilty and regretful, since there was no way to undo it.

Jenn: ‘You want me to help you too?’

There was no way I was going to let her feel even worse than she already was. So I just gave her a shake of my head with a smile and let her calm herself down while I waited outside. She came out with swollen eyes and the emotions between us was no longer friendly or exciting. I walked her to the MRT station and bid her goodbye before taking my long bus ride home, filled with ponder about the workings of the human mind.

Could it be the lack of kisses? I don’t know. It just felt different this time. For this new year, maybe we should plan and know what we really wanted, before leaping into the mess of regrets and guilt. Happy New Year!

First Train

Everyday, Taylor would take the first train to the CBD, his workplace. Most of mornings, there would be one or two office girls in the same cabin and he would take long peeks at them as they shuts their eyes to get a rest. Once in a while, he would catch a glimpse of the dark unknowns between under their black short skirts. That was one reason why he would not get any sleep throughout the whole journey. Of course, there was this girl in her early twenties, whom without fail would hop onto the first cabin heading in the direction of town.

This particular lady loved travelling light and comfortable. Perhaps she was an exhibitionist, or just brought up that way. Always dressed in skirts, dresses and coats, every men who boarded the train would steal glances at her. And Taylor was one of them. Luckily for him, he was always the first to watch how she catwalked into the cabin, and then straighten her skirt or dress before sitting down and perching her head on the window, sometimes bopping to the music through her earphones.

This day, she was wearing a white wrap dress. For the first time, Taylor had no idea what to imagine, the suspense of what’s underneath, or of this beautiful girl unwrapping herself. She had flowing hair up to her low V-neckline, and legs with killer smoothness, making one go wild thinking about the glory between. Of course, no one would immediately fall asleep upon sitting comfortably, and her eyes caught him admiring her legs, up to her waist, pausing at the knot and up to her angelic face, where she quickly shut her eyes.

If only I could undo her dress now, I would like to see how she reacts’. Such thoughts were running through his mind, but sadly, it was just thoughts, among hundreds of the same when more males eyed her. Like what his good friend tweeted,

‘Hmm why do I feel that I am going to regret again if I let this opportunity slipped by?’

No, he wasn’t going to just let that happen. He took out his namecard, the only one he kept in his Xperia Arc’s flip pouch. Walking over to her side, he placed two of his fingers on her shoulder and she didn’t take too long to ‘wake up’.

Girl: ‘Yes?’

Taylor: ‘Hi.. Umm.. I’m Taylor, and I was wondering if you could help me out.’

That punchline couldn’t get any cheesier. He didn’t even had any plans in mind when he reached out his hand, except for the simplest one he read from ‘The Game’. The train was not moving as it would usually wait a while before setting off.

Girl: ‘I’m Ann Qi. And what can I do for you?’

Taylor: ‘I just got a new hamster, I called it meow meow and it bit me.’

Ann: ‘Haha!’

Her laughter lit up the train and caught the attention of other passengers trying to sleep. It was really soothing to know he could make someone laugh so heartily. She started to suggest random names and Taylor would play out how the hamster would react, if only it existed.

Their momentary friendship would last 24 hours, at least so according to the meet-upnote she slipped to him. He was going to meet her at her workplace, at a specific timing. There was no number though, since they were chatting so happily that she missed her stop and left without exchanging numbers. Soon, the clock ticked five and Taylor zoomed off, quite unlike himself, to the mall she worked in and waited at the lift landing for her.

About ten minutes later, she arrived, without her handbag.

Taylor: ‘You’re not done with work?’

Ann Qi: ‘Nope. I always have a break at this time. So I figured you would be good entertainment.’

She led him down to the warm loading / unloading bay level and pulled him to a corner. Thinking she wanted to have a smoke, he followed and stood against a wall. Ann Qi suddenly pulled the knot to the dress and let whatever clothes hang loose. Holding her boobs in place was a white Liviana bra from Valisere, with flowery designs on the 34C cups. Lower down, a pair of matching undies greeted him and he greeted too, with an erection. The sight immediately turned Taylor on and he quickly scanned for passer-bys or cars, but realised the spot was well blocked, by a huge van and the corners of the wall. She quickly pulled her panties down to her ankles and lifted one leg onto the bumper of the van.

Receiving the unsaid command, he went to his knees and licked her like a hungry wild cat, licking furiously to get more liquid out of her. Ann Qi got very wet and he stood up, taking his turn to drop his pants and boxers to his ankles. She returned the favour by licking and doing down on her like a well-trained slut, going as far as deep throat to satisfy her own lust. She was tired after a few minutes of hasty sucking and had to lean forward on the bonnet of the van, bending her body ever so slightly. But that angle was all Taylor needed, I am guessing all other guys had no problems too. He slipped his flushed penis and probed around until he found the slit, gently brushing front and back, he enjoyed smelling this OL and teasing her to wetness.

As she turned around to speak, he rammed it inside her and she responded with a loud moan. Taking it as a que to start work, he sank his meat inside her forcefully, determined to rip her insides. All Ann Qi could do other than moan and roll eyes was to keep sticking her butt out, savouring the full length of his manhood, taking in the sense of reliance and security. The look on her face make Taylor even more excited, she was biting onto her lips to refrain from being exposed, and trying not to let her eyes roll above her lids.

Five minutes, ten minutes had passed and he was close to cumming. His tempo increased and Ann Qi tightened her pussy muscles, giving him the ride of ‘virginity all again’. His warm cum squirted into Ann and pulled it out in time to give it a coat of hormones to enjoy and think about. The look on her face was priceless as she felt the warmth for the first time in her life. She had never allowed anyone to cum inside her, but Taylor was simply such a turn on that she couldn’t say no to bearing his child. He then pushed her head down and she obediently sucked it clean.

Ann Qi was made to go braless and pantyless for the rest of day. Still, they managed to text and continue with their sexcapdes, all from a train ride.

Girl’s Adventure

This was meant to be a secret, but oh well, who could guess who this girl was right? Hint? She was a writer too. Anyway, she said I was the first person she knew online, which had gotten her number. Yes, she gave it to me, and we managed to speak on the phone for a while. Sweet voice, a little deep, but mature sounding. Definitely didn’t sound like a seventeen in college. I know camera phones were not allowed in camps, but I was Whatsapping her as I worked and we decided to meet, for just once in our lives.

Maybe she had friends whom she could have fun with, and I have my baby which could satisfy my needs. But there was nothing more exciting than randomly meeting someone for sex right? We weren’t strangers, nor soul mates, so it appeared okay to us about this one night stand. Our messaging soon got kinky and I could tell she was wet even though we haven’t met. My hardness was all in the texts, and every phrase had words like ‘sex’, ‘fuck’, ‘nipples’, ‘dick’ in it.

Carine (SMS): Let’s try it at the Heavy Vehicle Carpark behind my house.

Me (SMS): Outdoor? Haha. Anywhere you say girl. I can’t wait.

It was my first time at such a huge carpark, but it wasn’t too hard to find the entrance she depicted. I went in and searched for a huge truck which carried sand, since she said she would meet me there. Only a quarter of the illuminating lamps by the sides were switched on, the rest disabled for energy conservation. The lorry was found at about three rows behind the entrance and I waited behind the vehicle. Since the back was dark and seemed scary, I hid myself to give her a scare.

Me (SMS): C64.

Carine (SMS): Reaching.

In the shadows, I could see a neck length black-haired girl approaching, in a pink low-cut V neck shirt, with a short black skirt, that was about six inches above from her knees. She searched around the sand truck but was too afraid to venture in. Her back then faced me and began typing on her phone again, probably to find out where I was. I could even catch whiffs of her perfume as the winds blew.

I sneaked up behind her and held my phone close to her ears as it rang. *Ding ding* and I whispered ‘Hey’. She got a shock and gave me a hard slap on the chest, screaming ‘Humph!’ loudly. The cute expression on her face was unforgettable, with the light make up she put on, the mascara complimented her face perfectly, bringing all the attention to her eyes.

Me: ‘Why are we meeting here?’

Carine: ‘Cause I want to try doing in this.’

By ‘this’, she meant the monster machine beside us, emptied of sand, and armoured with reinforced steel for strength to handle the weight. Tapered to absorb impact, and thickened for longevity. I had no idea what to expect inside, no one had. However, the sky was a sight to behold. Maybe it knew what was coming.

Carine: ‘Come.’

She walked to the other side of the vehicle and started climbing on the thin steps of the ladder by the side.

Carine: ‘Quick!’

She hushed to me as I was looking out, urging me to start climbing as well. With me right below her, I had to see where I went right? So, I had no choice but to look up into the full glory of her upskirt. The only light nearby was warm yellow in colour, projecting from a distance onto our two tiny figures in the dark.

Smooth gluteus muscles formed the firm, yet fair butt, and between the tender sheets was the oyster, carrying the pearl of untold pleasure. I had the luxury of time to look at her pussy closely as she was going up the ladder wearing heels, not able to take more than one step a time. Her slit opened a little with each step and was even a moist, if I interpreted it correctly.

Carine: ‘See enough already?’

Taking advantage of my eyes which were glued to her little piece of meat, she caught me red handed and we hastened into the container. As it had these two flaps lowered, it didn’t get into the way I thought it would. We descended a second set of steps and found ourselves stranded. It was clean, free of sand, and dust, and rust, unlike the exterior, which was dirty and rusting. I was in my shorts and shirts then, but I was intending to get her help to remove my clothes.

As Carine silent her phone, I creep up to her and hugged her from the back, fondling her breasts. There was no bra as I caressed them easily, unobstructed, fully bouncing in my hands. I didn’t even noticed her erected nipples as I was watching her legs and face. She pushed me off after giving me a short french kiss and pulled her top off, then undoing the strings that secured her skirt.

After she was done, she came over and undid my shorts while I folded my shirt into a neat stack. With the both of us naked under the stars, I held her face and kissed her. Her lips reacted by splitting open, and taking my tongue into her mouth, sucking on it gently. Our tongue action were seriously sexier than sex itself, but we couldn’t just stop there right? We peeled away from each other and laid our clothes on the cold metal sheet.

Carine: ‘Lie down?’

Me: ‘No. You lie down.’

She listened and I continued kissing her, slowing moving to her neck, chest, and took a few moments with the two peaks, sucking them into attention. My tongue wet her breasts, to her belly button, and down between her thighs, sampling the glimmer in the light. It was really her juice, and it shouldn’t go to waste. The tip of my tongue focused on her clit while my fingers carried out the exploration into her. As I ‘searched’ around, her pussy tightened and got even wetter to push my fingers out. The random squeezing was all that I was looking for, to have my dick enjoy.

I went back to kissing her after a while and blindly aimed for her vagina entrance. She stopped and looked at me in the eyes, quite seriously.

Carine: ‘Your turn. Lie down?’

I listened and lay on my back on the warmed clothes, basking in the moonlight and twinkling stars. Her tongue and lips followed the same itinerary and took over my dick, engulfing it in a mix of coldness and warmth. Somehow, she was the first to have incorporated the use of teeth into a blowjob. Her lower set of teeth was scratching along the underside, which was in full swing to feel everything and anything. Her tongue was right behind her teeth, but she did wrapped her upper teeth with her lips, making it soft and comfortable for my shaft. Whatever she did was incredible, a sudden increase in rhythm and my dick was so close to cumming. Again, she knew the effectiveness and could read the signs that I was cumming, so she stopped.

I gave the space back to her and tried penetrating again. This time, with a well lubricated dick, I had no trouble gliding it in. But there was one issue though. I had no condoms.

Me: ‘I have no condoms with me.’

Carine: ‘Don’t worry. Later you pull out and shoot?’

Me: ‘What if I missed and shoot inside?’

Carine: ‘It’s still my safe period.. but I’ll know. I can tell.’

Me: ‘Okay.’

I had no other option but to trust her. My hips fired away and pistoned into her pussy, juicing her like a juicer. Putting in my cucumber and getting juices in return. It was quick, wild and horny. Her soft moans were echoing around the four metal walls, but it wasn’t too loud either. The thought of someone’s clothes would be wet couldn’t be cared less for, she was tight at the right pressure, warm at the right temperature. I had no time lasting long with her.

Carine was grabbing my biceps, holding on for her life as her mind plummet into limbo, drowning in pleasure and probably ecstasy. I soon got tired and asked to switch position. She wearily got on her hands and legs, relaxing as much as she could while I took a breather. Holding her waist firmly, I slammed her butt towards me and my dick went in with one stroke, making her head tilt up in shock. Her attempts to slow me down didn’t work as I could lie on top of her and continue fucking. It wasn’t the first time she did doggie, but it did feel different from the rest, unexplainable difference.

I hammered her with all my might, turning my deprivation into the force, acting on the natural occurrence of the push and pull motion. She loved how each fuck session ended this way. One moment, filling her pussy with thick warm meat, and the next having the juiciness of it all in her mouth, savouring the goodness.

As I felt the energy gathering in my testicles, I sped up and even felt her pussy tightening and convulsing, which was all I was looking forward to.

Me: ‘I’m cumming!’

Carine quickly turned around and blew me while sitting on her calves. Her wonderful mouth got my muscles working in no time to cum into her mouth. Like a routine, she swallowed it and licked up whatever was oozing out of my dick. She was horny and wet, but decided that she had her share of fun. We cleaned up and laid on our clothes for a while before dressing up. There was no more next time, and this session of wild sex was more than enough to last a lifetime.

Carine (SMS): Shhh.. our little secret.


Mayann: ‘Can’t you wait? We’re almost home.’

There was no way Roy could wait. He had his weekend burnt the last time and his mind was filled with how to eat his sex starved girlfriend up. He was still in his No. 4, and she was kind enough to pick him up from camp. His hand was already under her skirt and rubbing her clit at every possible stop, making her wet the S$1500 new leather seat with her juice. She didn’t masturbate nor play with her dildo for as long as Roy was in camp, feeling as desperate as he was.

Finally, reaching the multi-storey carpark, he undid the last button of his pixelised trousers and took his rock hard meat out.

Roy: ‘Sweetie, this is all yours.’

Without hesitation, she bent over and went down on him, slurping his starving dick wet. Deep throating him with all her might, he was in heavens, dipping his dick in and out of her contracting airway. It was intense and fast, but Roy had total control over himself and his girl. Forcing her head down, the only reaction was to try go up, and this swift motion made everything so unpredictable.

After ten minutes of rough oral, his dick needed somewhere warmer and softer. And there was only one place to go.

Roy: ‘Girl, let’s move behind and put it inside you.’

Mayann: ‘Naughty boy, I waxed it specially for you.’

That really made him hardest, they went to the back seats and he slipped his trousers and underwear below his waist. Mayann climbed over him and lowered herself into the ‘cowgirl’ position. Once she felt his whole shaft echoing his heatbeat inside her, she began to move her hips forward and back, producing loud sucking sounds from their gentials as they try to handle each other. It was definitely too sensitive for Roy’s dick to handle it after two weeks of deprivation.

Both their bodies grinded each other hard and rough, oiled by the thick sweet juicy cum of Mayann. It couldn’t get any better. There wasn’t much space to change another position though, and Roy knew he was close to cumming. It was really a long session before he was feeling ready, close to thirty minutes of non-stop action. As he felt his dick tighten and loosened, he knew that whatever coming would be flowing out of his girl’s pussy, or so he thought.

Roy: ‘Are you ready baby?’

Mayann: ‘Oh yes, pump it into me, and I mean all of it.’

She bounced up and down slowly, starting the milking process. Roy wasn’t just waiting, he was pinching her nipples so hard that he could feel the effects on her vagina walls, tightening to a point his dick would explode. And it did. Waves and waves of cum poured into her body, relieving the vacuum between her pussy and his cock, and after a good five minutes of rest, Mayann had her fill and lifted herself up.

Surprisingly, not a single drop of cum was wasted, she held it tightly inside, and made sure she kept all his love.

Mayann: ‘Baby, it’s so warm inside me. Oh my god. I love it. It’s so hot to receive so much.’

It was really a crazy round of love making. Two weeks, and that is how much two person had to go through. No regrets and their day would be filled with more sex. Isn’t Roy a lucky boy?

Beach Fun

Jaslyn’s number appeared on my phone which was in silent mode, being just awake, I picked her phone up and spoke in a low voice.

Jaslyn: ‘You want to go to the beach?’

Me: ‘Haha. So early. Which beach?’

Jaslyn: ‘I don’t know.. Sentosa?’

Me: ‘Haha. Okay. Are you driving or taking train?’

Jaslyn: ‘Dad’s out, I have the car for today. See you at your carpark?’

Me: ‘Okay. Give me a while ba. You take your time ah.’

I got up and washed up, knowing today will definitely end in some wild sex. Meeting her under my flat, I hopped in and saw her dressed in a plain pink shirt and shorts undone. Inside, she was wearing her new swimwear bought from a blogshop. Looking closely, I saw a wire leading out of her bottom and under the e-brake.

Me: ‘So early feeling horny?’

Jaslyn: ‘Ya lo. Haha. Want to be ready for you mah. Let’s go.’

The ride there was one full of stops. As we set off early while it’s still dark, there’s a lot of time to ‘pit-stop’ till about 9am. During the trip, I was playing with the controls adjusting the strength of vibration of the little toy in her pants. Naughtily massaging her boobs while she’s driving, she had to stop twice and find a HDB carpark to get herself off.

Driving into carpark one, we stopped at a corner and she pulled my bermudas down, sucking and pumping her head up and down. She was determined to punish me for teasing her during the trip. Jaslyn was a girl who has high sex drive. Of course she takes good care of me, and will stop if I asked her to. But don’t you guys think I need this from her?

She kept going at it till I was ready to cum. She had this skill (which I think many females do), which could tell if I was going to cum soon. It wasn’t from my expression but from my piston movements in my shaft. Pumps and gears, she could feel them all with her hands and stop when required.

Jaslyn: ‘Shoot inside me.’

Getting into a doggie position in the cramp driver’s seat, she pulled her shorts down and looked at me with an expression you just had to give it to her. Pushing my whole length into her, I was going to unload soon. I increased my pace and speed, making the car bounce a little. She quickly wind her windows down and stuck her head outside, letting the neighbours hear the moans and screams from my piston going in and out of her. As her juices trickled down her thighs, I was all ready to fire.

Me: ‘Shooting..’

Without hesitation, I squeezed every drop into her, pushing my seeds deep into her. Right after we were done, we suddenly realised what we did and people nearby could actually be coming our way.

Quickly, we got dressed and continued on the journey to Sentosa. Getting back onto the road, I couldn’t help but get turned on by her sexy body and the wet biniki bottom she was wearing. After I rest for a while, i turned the vibrator on for the second time and this time she had to stop at a 24hour McDonald’s with a ‘Drive-Thru’.

We got ourselves an ice cream and proceeded to the empty carpark. Stripping our bottoms down, we moved to the well-tinted backseats and made enough space for some missionary fucking.

Jaslyn: ‘You know why I ordered ice cream?’

Me: ‘Hmm.. Let me see if I got it right.’

Dipping my dick and twirling the ice cream around, I got some cream coated and proceeded to aim for her pussy.

Jaslyn: ‘So clever.’

With her legs around me, she yanked me forward and shoved my whole stick into her. With every backwards action I make, she would use her legs and pull me right back, plunging me as deep as possible into her. We carried on despite the sky getting brighter. With every minute passing, the cream needed to be refilled and we did, fucking while eating ice cream, quite a challenge huh.

We finished the cream above the cone and the next suggestion she made was fun enough.

Jaslyn: ‘Eh, dip your dick inside leh.’

I did so while replying her: ‘Why? Want to eat ah?’

Jaslyn: ‘Haha. No lah. We’re going to get dirtier. Try putting it in my butt?’

Getting back into doggie position, her ass was aimed right at me. Covering my dick in more cream, I spread some over her butt hole and her anus using my dick as spreading knife. Once prepared, I gently pushed my little head in and moved in and out.

Already it was as if fucking a virgin.. well.. ass, I doubt I could go for too long. Gradually sinking my meat into her deeper, her moans had changed to screams of pleasure. It was definitely new and special for her. We fucked for a good 5 minutes before the both of us could not take it and I just cummed into her ass without warning. Leaving it inside for a while, I had to wait for my dick to relax a little before pulling it out of her sore asshole.

Not wanting to spend anymore time pit-stopping, we made our way to Sentosa and of course, the toilet was a must-have-sex-in location. We were so early that we could see couples exiting from the toilets together. It was a fun day of swimming and eating and touring around the whole island.

Jaslyn kisses and say: ‘You are still swimming around inside me lo. A lot as usual.’

Me: ‘Hehe. You got two holes all filled up. Good hor?’

Jaslyn: ‘Yupp. Thanks for meeting me today. Let’s see each other soon k? I’m going to miss you.’

With that, I got off her car and made my way home. Tiring.. but definitely memorable.