This Way

Girl: ‘Excuse me. Do you know where is Ikea?’ The strong China accent came from a girl with neatly tied ponytail, donning a navy dryfit tee with short matching skirt. Yan (nametag), was holding up a paper map pointing at the building just five minutes away. Me: ‘I am going there too. This way.’ I […]

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An Order of Rough

An Order of Rough. Inspired by Mel’s writing style. The gentle caress on Cindy’s cheeks did little to ease her discomfort when I tugged her knees suddenly, sending her crashing into a pile before me. There was little time to waste at the vulnerable location and the slowness of her response were getting on my […]

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Sleepover Me

Me: ‘Wish you all the best guys! Don’t forget what we learnt in this camp.’ My group of eight poly students shook hands and exchanged numbers, a common routine that lasts at least two outings before the group dispersed. Still, the main focus of the camp was to instil critical thinking under stressed conditions, through […]

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Good Sexpension

Janice (whispering): ‘Fuck me now.. ‘ She pulled up her flaring mini dress and started touching her pantyless crotch, giving off purr-like moans in the privacy of his car. He slouched lower on the backseat and undid his jeans, whipping his cock out to fill the car with a salty scent. The excited girlfriend went […]

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Wetting Ourselves

Without waiting for her friend to move into the passenger seat, Diana jumped onto my lap in her drunken state to get to some stable ground. A hard object hit my groin and wetness immediately warmed my shorts, to which she just act playful and stayed on top of me. ‘Are you going to sit […]

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