Couching Dragon

On the heavy wooden antique sofa, Agnes got bored of the old movie Wilson picked from her dad’s collection and gave him a poke at his ribs, causing a playful fight to break out in the absence of her household. There was no way Agnes could overpower his heavy build and slowly succumb to the […]

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Two Plus One Way

Things got out of hand when Bernice’s two admirers knew of each other, pitting them together for a race to get her love. Single she was, but the frequency of meeting Jon (in class) paired them in a relationship that she learnt about the ways of love. Spending time on dates and in bed, he […]

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Wetting Ourselves

Without waiting for her friend to move into the passenger seat, Diana jumped onto my lap in her drunken state to get to some stable ground. A hard object hit my groin and wetness immediately warmed my shorts, to which she just act playful and stayed on top of me. ‘Are you going to sit […]

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Blue Morning

Walking his fingers down Jodie’s belly, she stirred awake from her sleep in the darkness of dawn. A deep breath filled her chest up, followed by a smile in Seth’s direction. Seth (whispering): ‘Good morning baby.’ Jodie: ‘Mmmm.. ‘ She let him pull her legs apart, feeling his fingertips next joined together, running along her […]

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From Misery

From her, Misery. ‘Do you want me to pick your sister up from school? D*** Secondary right?’, the stern tone of the man’s voice woke me up from my afternoon nap, sending me right into confusion as I tried to recognise the number. ‘Hello? Lenny? Are you there?’, whoever that person was, he called my […]

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