A Close Shave of Pleasure

Chrissy was seated on the bed when I removed my shorts in the hotel room, her mouth opened in surprise when she saw my shave dick.

Chrissy: ‘How did you get it so clean?’
Me: ‘It’s not really clean luh. The bottom part is hard to shave.’
Chrissy: ‘But it’s cleaner than mine!’

That night, we had went for a drink at a pub and decided to head to a budget hotel for the night. Since poly times, we had a thing for each other but did not really express our lust for each other. The most fun we had was flirting through our conversation when we were out with our clique.

Chrissy was the type of girl who dresses casually but it had never occurred to her that it appeared ‘slutty’ to many of her guy friends whom had gone through puberty with raging hormones. Too bad for them, she did not hang out with many groups and merely stuck to one during her studies.

So I should consider myself lucky when she asked if I was free that evening, and we finally revealed our feelings for each other while high.

Chrissy: ‘Next time help me shave eh.’
Me: ‘I think they have shaver here. Later I help you?’
Chrissy: ‘Yay! Okay. Lie down lie down.’

My dick was standing tall in front of her and she did not hesitate to give it some love, using her hand to massage and find the sensitive spots that would cause me to groan. The exploration part was the most sexy as she fondled with it innocently, watching my expressions to adjust her strength.

After a brief moment with her hand, she crawled beside my head and bent over in doggie, her mouth hovering above my dick as though she wanted something like 69 but not exactly it.

Me: ‘You want me to lick you?’
Chrissy: ‘Nope. Not when it’s so prickly. I prefer to suck you this way.’

She shifted her body forward and her mouth went over my dick, thrusting slowly till her lips were close to touching my base. I had no idea she was so good at it and my hands couldn’t stay still in that enjoyment. I placed one hand between her legs and rubbed on her pussy, swiping my middle finger up and down her slit.

The amount of saliva flowing out of her mouth was increasing as I poked a little of my finger in to tease her further. That skinny 159cm girl was just so arousing with her oral skills that I couldn’t wait to find out the rest of the things she was good at.

Chrissy: ‘You’re making me so horny!’
Me: ‘I love how wet you are. It’s all over my hand now.’

She went down a few more times deeper and faster, till she suddenly sat upright on her heels and let my finger vibrate on her clit. A few seconds later, her body trembled cutely and the moans she gave off was next to silence. At least I now know that she wasn’t a moaner.

I patted on her hips a few times and she turned herself to face me eye-to-eye. Chrissy had done enough work for the day and it was time for her to enjoy as well. I hugged her body tightly against mine and rolled her over, pinning her with my body weight. In a frenzy, I raised both her legs to the sides as was about to penetrate her when she stopped my advances with her hands on my hips.

Chrissy: ‘Don’t put it inside. I am still a virgin.’
Me: ‘You are?’
Chrissy: ‘Eh! Why so surprised? I act like a bitch doesn’t mean I am one k?’

She closed her legs together and I had to open my beside her waist. Pointing to the centre of the ‘Y’ shaped opening, she wanted me to put it between her thighs and just use that to relieve myself. A part of me did not believe that she was still a virgin, but no matter what reasons, her intentions were clear – no intercourse.

I went to the bathroom to place some body lotion on my dick and returned to the waiting girl, who was kind enough to help me poke my dick into that crevice just for me to enjoy. Going real slow, I was holding myself back because the part under my dick head was at maximum contact and was driving me too sensitive.

I did pick up the speed after a while but there was a limit to how fast I could go. Chrissy was just holding my waist and feeling my dick rub against her clit, making her mouth open and close as the sensations came and passed.

Chrissy: ‘Is it too much for you to handle?’
Me: ‘A little bit. It’s just too overwhelming.’
Chrissy: ‘Umm.. then I open my legs a bit. But just rub along the outside k?’
Me: ‘Alright.’

She relaxed her thighs and it definitely felt better. I thrust into that small hole continuously to her body jerking and her legs did not take long before spreading wider. Knowing that I could accidentally slip in, I dare not moved too fast but her legs made it impossible to keep myself seated on top of her. Having no choice, I closed my legs together as she placed them on both sides of me.

Chrissy: ‘Go faster?’

I listened to her suggestion and went faster, getting dangerously close to penetrating her but not angled right yet. All of a sudden, she stopped my movements with her feet on my hips and pushed me back. One of her hands came to my dick and held it at her pussy, and then her calves hit against my butt to push me in.

In one swift stroke, I pierced into her with a scream and she was pinning my ass to keep me still. It had lasted too long for comfort and I resisted her feet, ramming my dick into her as she struggled to keep my inside. The small bodied girl was so tight I was totally convinced she was a virgin, and the painful look on her face was scary at first, till we were going full speed and she gave off a soft moan as I pounded her.

Me: ‘Does it feel good?’
Chrissy: ‘Yeah. Much better than using my fingers. Don’t leave me k?’
Me: ‘I won’t.’

Going into berserk mode, my mind had shut off and engaged the beast in me, pumping my dick so hard and deep that she was climaxing back to back. The amount of juices had formed a huge patch on the bedsheets but she was not relaxing her legs at all. Having only one choice, I gave her my best and claimed her virginity in a way she would not regret giving it to me.

After close to five minutes of crazy fucking, I laid on top of her and rolled ourselves so I was below her. Holding her body upright, she was almost knocked out when I asked her to lean forward in a doggie style. She easily raised her butt and I jerked my hips up and down, ramming that swollen piece of meat deeper into her.

A long ‘fuckkkk.. ‘ was heard as another orgasm hit her hard, causing her to collapse on me. Still having some stamina left before I came, I let her lay on the bed while making my way behind her, holding her waist higher so I could help myself to her pussy.

I placed the tip in and took a deep breath before shoving it in one move, jolting her awake and screaming for mercy. It had gone way deeper than before and she just could not faint even if she wanted to. In that position, I made sure she was properly satisfied. The few minutes felt like hours in her contracting pussy and I was barely holding it in too.

My last burst of energy went out at her and she was clenching the bedsheets, pulling it out of the mattress and fighting my deep thrusts. Her body kept struggling to keep up with the orgasms that were draining her life force, but I had no desire to let her go till I was done.

Me: ‘I am cumming soon. Hang in there!’
Chrissy: ‘I am already not there. Just shoot already!’

I made another three thrusts and pulled out of her. I hastily flipped her body over to lie on the bed and I climbed over her abs. She was barely awake but knew what was happening, grabbing my dick and jerking it in an uncontrolled rhythm.

In less than a minute, my load exited my system and splashed all over her face and breasts, leaving some on her lips as she smiled watching me groan in agony. The thumb rub on my dick head as I came was simply overpowering and she did not let me go even after I stopped shooting. I had to pull myself away and she only freed me after I pushed the cum into her lips.

Chrissy: ‘What the hell! Letting me taste your cum so I’ll let you go.’
Me: ‘If not let you torture me to death ah?’
Chrissy: ‘You must be a gentleman mah.’
Me: ‘You are not even gentle with me.’

Still kneeling over her legs, I helped her up and we went into the showers to wash my cum off her body. She used a generous amount of soap to clean my dick and applied some on her groin, after washing it a few times to rid the juices over it.

Chrissy: ‘Help me to shave now?’
Me: ‘Yupp. Oh ya. I will help you masturbate as I shave, so you will be distracted from the fear.’
Chrissy: ‘If you think it will work.’

That evening, I spent fifteen minutes smoothing out her pubs and it looked even better than myself after the service. She couldn’t stop touching it and even masturbated herself on the bed, turning me on with her moans she purposely directed into my ears.

Chrissy: ‘I’ll suck you off as a reward k? I know guys love it.’
Me: ‘You can do it tomorrow if you are tired.’
Chrissy: ‘You did it so well I can’t stop touching it. You can lick me if you want k?’

She crawled into 69 and her glistering clit was right in my face. As soon as her mouth started work, my tongue came out to play with her pussy till she went faster. It was her first time doing 69 so willingly and it was all thanks to me, making her feel so confident.

My second load of cum went down her throat and her two orgasms worth of juices went down mine, quenching our thirsts just before sleep. The next morning came with a request to shave her again, as tiny stubs irritated her. Of course, I got my ‘payment’ in the form of physical satisfaction after it and she actually set up a schedule for us to meet so I could shave her.

It would be.. every two days, in this hotel with expenses paid for, and a reward to let me do anything to her after I am done. Not too bad right?

Roommate’s Privacy

Right before Ryan went to work, it was a habit to clear out the laundry from his and the tenants’s room into the washing machine. Living alone for the past ten years, he was in his early thirties and it was only recently that he rented a room to ease the utility bills, though he could well afford them. Stepping into Weiwen’s room, he did not expect her to be home and the sight of her body loosely covered under the blanket threw him aback. Her hand was even on her pussy rubbing that trimmed but dense bush that had dew on it, brightly illuminated by the sunlight from her window.

Taking his conversation outside, he was embarrassed by his intrusion without feeling much at fault from his ignorance.

Ryan: ‘对不起,我不知道你没做工。’
Translate: I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you had off.

Translate: I’m at fault for not informing you.

He assured her he would just be doing the chores and would be back later for her laundry, cause he was having his off that day too. Being fed with the dirty scene of his young 25 year old tenant’s naked body, the grown man could not resist taking his shorts off in his room. A handful of Nuru Gel was squeezed into his palm and he started pumping his dick to her sexy figure. Although it had been normal for her to walk around the house braless, her usual outfit of t-shirt and shorts hid her assets well and he did not let him mind wander too far.

After Weiwen was done with satisfying her hormones on her rest day, she took her laundry basket to the kitchen, only to find that Ryan’s clothes weren’t there. Now, it was her turn to visit him, but she did things differently. A slow turn of his doorknob went unnoticed and she nudged the door, thinking that he must have gotten a nap. Instead, she saw the man stroking his dick openly and the lubricant was enhancing the view like water sprayed on fruits.

A loss in balance cause her to push through the door and landed on the wooden flooring, shocking Ryan for the second time. He covered his lower half with the blanket and went to her, picking her up and getting attracted to the downblouse when she stood up. As though he hasn’t got enough for the day, she was unintentionally driving him crazy with all those add-on sightings.

She had sprained her ankle and brought to his bed to sit. He was still naked under the sheets but she just laid down in that white tank top and FBT shorts. There was nothing Ryan could do after he got the ice over her feet and so he joined her on the bed.

Ryan: ‘我想跟你说,你很美。’
Translate: I want to tell you that you look beautiful.

Weiwen: ‘什么?过了那么多个星期你才说啊?’
Translate: What? You told me only now after so many weeks (of moving in)?

They laughed at his poor thoughts-to-words translation and rested side-by-side, glad that they weren’t offended by each others’ intrusion.

Weiwen: ‘我也想告诉你,有你这个户主很幸福。人又好,身材又棒。’
Translate: I want to tell you too, that I’m so fortunate to have you as my tenor. Good personality, stunning body.

Ryan did not know what to make out of her statement and thanked her for the compliment. Lying on his soft bed, she turned to him and moved her hand like a snake towards his unsuspecting body. Her thin fingers landed on his rod and she went forth to grab it, teasing the head with her thumb.

He looked at her when she touched him and did not say a word, processing what she as doing with what she just said. He could tell she had been thinking about him all the time too, from the gentle caressing she was doing in his groin. He placed his arm over her chest and went into her shorts, feeling the forest through his finger before he found her clit. It was actually very arousing for him to come in contact with an unshaven pussy, because it had matched her 1.56m tall and 40kg body well, looking as though she was unopened to the sexual world.

Her curious face watched him as she removed her shorts, kicking it out of the bed and then pulling her top off to show him her bare 34B cups for the first time. Slowly, he leaned to her side and slid downward to cover those nipples with his mouth, sucking and making small circles around the areola. The girl had her hand over his on her groin and was pushing a finger in. Ryan did not just give it to her and remained on her clit, vibrating and circling it.

Weiwen: ‘给我好吗?别逗我了。’
Translate: Can you give it to me already? Stop teasing me.

Ryan: ‘是的公主。’
Translate: Yes my princess.

He brought her hands away to keep her from touching herself, and sat between her opened legs. The blanket was out of the way and there was nothing between them now. She spreaded her pussy lips for him and he pierced his thick meat into the small opening. The petite lady could only moan as his dick stroked along the sides where her sensitive spots were while pointing upwards, brushing across her most sensitive spot.

Bringing her knees to her chest, she held onto them as he began pounding her, moving in swift deep motion that kept her back arching up and down. He was so fascinated by how high she got from just missionary and took his sweet time. They had the whole day and he wasn’t going to ruin anything.

After a few minutes she came hard with her clenched hands at her mouth, biting them as she muffled her moans to no avail. A Mmm sound still came through and Ryan gave her a groan from the contraction going over his dick.

Weiwen: ‘让我翻过去。’
Translate: Let me turn over.

Ryan let her have it her way and shoved his dick back in before she was in position. Ramming mercilessly in his most fantasised position, she was blown away by his strength and vigour. He was going deeper and deeper till she could not think straight. The sex was so intense that the air-conditioning was powerless to cool them down at all.

Panting and heaving, the man was growing tired from her overwhelmingly tightness and her small body just seemed so hard to kill. Weiwen had saw the sweating forehead and held him still between her legs.

Weiwen: ‘先休息吧。让我来。’
Translate: Have a break, let me do it.

Ryan: ‘不好意思吧。应该由我来的。’
Translate: How could I let you? I should be the one.

She flipped him on the bed and they did a change of position, with her riding on top now. Weiwen had started hopping on his sturdy abs and was screaming in ecstasy to his drilling dick.

Weiwen: ‘我受不了了,我我我。。啊!’
Translate: I can’t take it anymore. I.. Ah!

The small frame fell on him and his hands pushed her knees together to lift her pussy higher. He was too at his limit and stabbed continuously upwards, making her crawl away. He bent his elbows to hold her shoulders down and kept pumping until he was about to shoot.

He then let go of her so he could get out under her, before grabbing her waist to pin her in doggie. His cum went all over her back and she turned to give him a tired but satisfied look. She used her butt crack to empty the last spurt onto her ass and then hopped off the crumpled bedsheets.

Weiwen: ‘等等我。我去洗个澡。’
Translate: Wait for me. I’m going to wash up.

Ryan: ‘一起吧。’
Translate: How about together?

Weiwen: ‘不了,我想再来。’
Translate: I think no. I wanna do it again.

With that, she skipped into the shower for a long shower, walking into the dozing man and kneeled on the bed in front of his face.

Weiwen: ‘喂,醒醒,好看吗?’
Translate: Hey wake up. How does it look?

He rubbed his eyes and sparkle at the baby smooth pussy, without any cut or bruise. Immediately, he woke up and grabbed her playfully onto the bed, where the blanket went over them and he got started with that hairless pussy on the sweet, young lady.

Drinking Night

Nelson gulped down his glass of Martell and laid his head on the cosy corner of a pub he frequent. It was a usual night for him to get drunk alone without disturbance from friends. The staff who worked there knew of his lonely habits and left him as he was, since he had been spending steadily.

A new girl who was hired part time to work in the bar was at a lost of which customers to accompany. Being Mabel’s first time taking up such a job, she quickly spotted Nelson looking around. She shyly walked over to him before any of the staff could stop her and sat down next to him. The glance he gave her had a queer look, well aware that she was new.

Right as another staff wanted to approached his table, he gave him a wave of his hand to let him know it’s alright. And a sigh of relieve came to the manager.

Nelson: ‘You’re new here?’
Mabel: ‘Yeah. Can I accompany you tonight?’

Nelson: ‘I think your colleagues know that I like to drink alone. And when you chose to sit with me, you must be trying hard to find someone who doesn’t look so intimidating.’

Mabel: ‘Really? I’m sorry. Yeah. I don’t know who to drink with. The other girls are much better than me.’
Nelson: ‘It’s okay. I don’t mind. Come, drink up.’

He threw in some ice into her whiskey glass and poured his Martell in. She drank obediently and Nelson brought her closer to him. Giving the girl a little initiation, they were soon drinking non-stop as they shared their lives, going on all the way till her hours were up.

Nelson: ‘You have to end now?’
Mabel: ‘Yeah. You want to go too?’

Nelson was about done with his dose of alcohol and picked up his tab, leaving the bar with Mabel over his shoulders. He walked her to his two passenger sports car and popped her right in, zooming straight for his place.

Nelson: ‘You can stay over right?’
Mabel: ‘Yeah. I told my mum I’ll be out for the night. I can’t go home like this anyway.’

He parked in his garage with ease and carried her to his bedroom, where he tucked her in before heading for a shower. Everything was happening so fast yet smoothly to Mabel. The meeting in the bar had opened her up and he did a great job of protecting her too, never once tried to take advantage of her.

By the end of his ten minutes shower, Mabel had removed her short black dress and hid herself under the blanket, eyes looking at the door Nelson came out of.

Nelson: ‘Not tired?’
Mabel: ‘I want to sleep with you.’

A grin appeared on his face and he jumped into bed naked after a quick dry with his towel. What was waiting for him under his sheets had well surprised him and he got even harder for her.

As his hand roamed over her hips to her panties, she stopped him and disappeared under the blanket, head stopping at his bulge. For the first time, she had no doubts about doing this for a guy she barely knew, cause he was full of respect for her. Such men deserves to be pampered, and she knew exactly how to do it.

Her tongue went along his shaft a few times and her mouth took him in swiftly. Her lips stroked along the girth of his manhood fearlessly and Nelson was making soft groans in enjoyment. Mabel was wet by the sounds coming from him, and a self-restraint came to hold her back from touching herself.

Nelson soon detected the unwilling twitches in her waist and slowly brought her mouth away.

Nelson: ‘You’ve done enough. I want you to rest now.’

He placed her on his bed and went under the sheets to her legs. A slimy trail lead his tongue from her knees to her fleshy folds of meat. He had his ideas around licking a pussy and displayed a skill that brought Mabel to a climax in minutes.

Her fingers stroking his cheeks told him exactly how crazy she was from the cunnilingus. The lapping changed into kisses and went up to her breasts. It couldn’t get anymore desperate for Mabel who fell to his mercy. He knew a woman’s body much better than her, and was pushing all her buttons at the right pace. She has never expected herself to fall prey like this.

Her nipples were swollen by the time he was done and had secretly rolled a condom over his erection. Mabel caught a glimpse of it, and did not speak cause it was to her advantage too.

Nelson lifted her thighs up and placed it on his butt, while putting her hand at his shaft.

Nelson: ‘Guide me in. Slipping at this spot can hurt.’

Mabel closed her eyes and ran his tip along her slit a few times, before bending it a little to poke it into her pussy. Nelson knew it was in place when her hand was gone, gently pushing his hips at her. The entry was much sensual than those sessions with her ex-boyfriends, for they were more concerned about fucking her.

Nelson was just moving his shaft without those clumsy body banging, and his hands were busy massaging her boobs too. Mabel felt so free to focus on the action happening down her waist, and the gliding of his wet meat suddenly felt so sensitive.

The depth he reached was so clearly identified by her head that it was a new record. Those untouched spots of 23 years, were being explored for the first time. On top of that, the need for orgasm did not even come to her until he pressed her knees to the bed, officially spreading her so wide for the next level.

Mabel: ‘Don’t be too.. ahh.. ahh..

Nelson couldn’t catch what she said and pounded her uncontrollably. A little of their juices were splashing, but more importantly, she was in the heavens. Mindless murmurs kept Nelson entertained by the out-of-body state the girl was in. He just couldn’t get enough of her.

Soon, he was getting tired of moving without an urge to ejaculate. Politely asking of she could turn herself over for doggie, she let her actions answer him and stuck her butt out ready.

Nelson parked behind her and poked right in, almost causing her to faint from the force. Her pussy immediately went into full tightness when he rammed in that particular angle she loved. He was groaning soon after from that pressure in his piston.

Nelson: ‘Baby, you’re killing me!’
Mabel: ‘So are you. It’s just revenge.. ahh..

And another climax took her breath away. The two bodies rammed hard at each other until Nelson was about to cum, slowing down just before he did.

Mabel: ‘About to cum? Wanna take it off?’
Nelson: ‘Sorry but I don’t do without it.’
Mabel: ‘I want you to unload on my body.’

He slid his cock out and ripped the condom away, letting her flip onto her back. She then reached down to his rod and let him thrust into her closed palm, while he shut his eyes and enjoyed.

Nelson (whispering): ‘It’s coming.’
Mabel: ‘Just let it out onto me.’

The graceful strokes unloaded the thin strings of cum onto her breasts and tummy, dripping into her belly button as the last few drops trickled.

Mabel: ‘It’s so nice and warm.’
Nelson: ‘So were you inside.’

She got up for a shower and went under the sheets naked, joining Nelson in a spooning pose.

Nelson: ‘Goodnight baby.’
Mabel: ‘I’ll give you a special morning call tomorrow.’

How Old Are You?

Lying face up on the bed of the usual massage outlet I went to, I was expecting one of the regulars to pop in and give me the package I asked for. Most people would link massage parlours to shady whorehouses but this outlet was a family business, offering traditional massage that services a small group of regulars. The location was ideal under the older flats, turning away men who came for ‘special’ rather than a good knead.

The wait was longer than usual and it was noisy outside the room. After a while, a young girl in a cardigan over a grey inner wear and denim shorts entered. I looked at her remove her pullover to prepare the room and was still wondering who would be my masseur. She then poured some oil into a cup and stood next to me, motionless.

Me: ‘You will be massaging me today?’
Girl: ‘Yupp! You are my first customer.’
Me: ‘You look too young for this. Are there any other staff around?’
Girl: ‘Oh! I forgot to tell you. My mum asked me to do you today. She is letting me practice. I’m strawberry.’
Me: ‘What? Strawberry? Serious?’
Strawberry: ‘My mum said to use a fake name. And I love strawberries. So.. ‘
Me (laughing): ‘Fair enough. I’m J. I want to ask you. How old are you?’
Strawberry: ‘Sixteen. Going seventeen in a few days. My mum said she is just going to let me practice on you for now, not the other customers. She says you’ll understand.’

I did understand. It was a family business and her mother had told me about her daughter. I do know her name, but would just address her using her favourite fruit. She rubbed her hands together and I flipped myself over. The twenty minutes that followed was an uncomfortable ride, as she was pressing on the wrong spots and making me groan in pain. All along, I had to guide her and she had been apologetic, resulting in a little guilt coming out of me.

After the back massage, the usual package would involve a full arm and shoulder relaxation tui na, best executed by the main owner – her mum. Strawberry had lost her composure when she realised I was in more pain than relaxed, but a time out quickly brought her back to pace. My shoulders were given the standard presses and it was about all I paid for.

Instead, strawberry asked me to lie still as she wanted to practice a full body massage, and I was the best test subject. A short intercom conversation with her mother granted me an extension to ‘unlimited’ time. Not sure if that was a good or bad thing, she had already started oiling my chest up.

Strawberry: ‘Let me know if it feels uncomfortable k?’

Just five minutes of a chest rub, she went to my calves and did a great job of loosening my muscles. The diligent girl had moved her hands up my thighs, up to the part where my towel covered, just a few inches below my waist. Before I knew it, she had been working on my inner thighs under the towel and brushed her hands across my wiener a few times, still apologising profusely.

Me: ‘I think that’s about it right?’
Strawberry: ‘Actually.. My mum told me that I will be giving you the special massage. She says you’re a good friend and wants me to treat you well. I think I will have to learn it sooner or later right?’

I jumped off the bed and wrapped a larger towel around my waist, stomping out of the room to see her mother. She was already standing at the door, as if she knew I would not accept it. We went back into the massage room and she poured her heart out to me, saying that she had been grateful to me and would like me to be the one and only customer to her daughter. The lack of fundings to frequent that place did not bother her one bit, and the truth came out of her. She wanted me to take care of her girl, as the staff would be outsourced to provide the specials that men loved.

Listening to her talk for a while, I understood what she meant and laid back on the bed, letting her girl reach for my dick with her lubricated hand.

Strawberry: ‘You don’t mind right?’
Me: ‘Promise that you won’t do this to other guys.’
Strawberry: ‘I won’t. This place only offers clean massage. And you will be the only one who will get this from me.’

A whiff of strawberry came from under the towel and a bottle of fruit flavoured personal lubricant stood on the table. She removed the towel and placed her mouth at my tip for a lick, wetting her lips a few times in approval of the taste. Her mouth then went down my shaft and a randomised tempo came pushing me to my limits. The little girl who just completed her O levels was sucking me obediently, making sure I felt so good that it was hard to resist fucking her mouth.

Her mum was peeking through the curtains from time to time to ensure she was doing well and I had no complaints. Strawberry’s hand took over whenever she needed a break and her mouth was constantly slurping my pre-cum up. All I did was to lie with my hands under my head, and let her work me to those small shivers up my spine.

An enjoyable ten minutes later, she stopped blowing me and stood next to me, stripping herself one piece at a time. The tiny bumps on her chest was most tempting to grab and bite, but her shaved pussy came along and my mind went on to imagine licking between the narrow folds.

Strawberry: ‘You want to touch me?’
Me: ‘Put my hand where you want it to go.’

She climbed onto the bed and rested on her fours on top of me. My hand was guided between her legs and she remained in doggie while I rubbed her down, with a bit of lubricant from my rod. As I teased her clit, the sudden lost of energy collapsed her body onto me, turning it into a body-on-body rub. My hand could not move in that position and she just kept gliding on my oiled body.

Slowly, she slid lower and used the shaft to rub along her slit. The soft flesh in contact with my hardness was so sensual that I could cum if she continued doing that. But moments later, she paused on top and pasted her face on me.

Strawberry: ‘It feels so good that its making me weak.’

Right then, her mum came into the room and Strawberry almost rolled off if not for my support.

Strawberry: ‘Mummy! I’m not done yet.’

Her mum just went to our legs and pointed my dick into her daughter’s pussy. Without instructions, Strawberry moved back and it entered her tight cunt easily. Her mum left the room without a word and her daughter was grinding her hips on my dick happily. Seeing that her own mother had given permission, she was excited too and rode me like a free girl.

I could only hang onto her waist as her pussy kept pushing itself down on my dick. I was at my limits and quickly stopped her before things went out of control.

Me: ‘You want to try other positions?’
Strawberry: ‘Doggie?’

I nodded and went behind her, while her chest laid on the leather bed. I angled her hips higher and drove my rod into the small girl, sending her grabbing for a towel to cover her moans. With so much lubricant at our genitals, it was easy to go fast and after two minutes, she came in a manner so innocent that I could not bring myself to continue. She was covering her face as moans escaped her mouth, and her body was pushed hard against me, planning to not let me out until it was over. Strawberry’s face was red when she turned to me, asking me to continue.

Needless to say, I continued banging her hard until my moment came, and I gently pushed her away. Instead of letting me finish on the floor, she turned herself around to lie on the bed and brought me to her mouth. She then continued sucking me in a more calm manner and watched my expression more closely. Her hands jerked me while interlocked and I softly told her I was cumming. The girl covered her eyes with one hand and pumped me faster. I leaned forward so she could aim my dick at her bare chest, topped with two pink nipples.

The finale came and I sprayed my load over her body, most of it stopped by her hand over my tip and letting it dribbled down her belly. It took me at least a minute to finish because she was rubbing her thumb over my pee hole as I shot, pushing my body to unload more times than usual. Only after I told her it was over, did she release her grip on me and let me sit on the bed, while she sat next to me, smearing my cum over her body.

Me: ‘You don’t mind it?’
Strawberry: ‘Mummy says its good for skin.’

Well, with its high nutritional content, it wasn’t wrong to think of it that way. She cleaned my dick with her fingers and then wiped herself clean before roaming all over my body with my towel. We went into the attached shower and had a good time lathering each other up, frolicking under the warm water. In the bathroom, Strawberry was more open to playing with my cleaned stub between my legs.I had only helped her achieved one orgasm with her sitting on the toilet seat in front of me and her simple mind was so grateful that she didn’t mind giving me a blowjob. The second wave of cum shot into her palm and she gave that spoonful a little taste before swallowing the rest down.

We then exited the room smelling fresh and her mum waved at me when I was about to make payment, signalling that no payment was required.

Mother: ‘I haven’t seen her smile that happily in a long time. Not since her dad disappeared from our family. Thank you.’
Me: ‘It’s me who feel honoured. Your daughter is really good with her hands.’
Mother: ‘Do you have anything on later? Why don’t you bring her with you?’

My heart melted almost instantly and her mum gave her a nod. The satisfied girl came running out in a body hugging dress too revealing for her age and tucked her hand under my arm.

Strawberry: ‘Let’s go.’
Mother: ‘Stay safe and have fun you guys.’

Well, what happened after was rather simple. We made our way to a posh hotel like Strawberry wanted and she paid for everything, using the company’s credit card that her mum lent her for the night. Countless rounds of raw banging and loud screams completed the table of events and we started an underground relationship, starring her in the video clips she requested me to make during each time we met.

Man, sex had never felt so tiring ;)

Merry Sextmas 2014

Lady: ‘So you’re the new IT guy? Merry Christmas!’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

I took the cake from the well-acquainted lady who was around my age, or even younger, from the figure she had maintained. The only staff in the office were those whom had no plans for Christmas, and held a little celebration in the absence of our boss.

The cake was finished quickly and the small group of five or six gathered around the pantry area, giggling among the tearing sounds from their present exchange. Still relatively new to this company, I took the opportunity of the non-working period and familiarised myself with the network security strategy they used.

After the part mood died down, the same lady whom had served me the cake, came over to my cubicle. Well, I only learnt of her name then – Evelyn. Looking a little flushed from the champagne, she took an empty seat next to me and glanced at my screen, filled with applications I brought to the company to run some vulnerability tests.

Evelyn: ‘You also have no plans tonight?’
Me: ‘No. I’m more worried about losing my job even before I get started.’
Evelyn: ‘Don’t worry la. The I.T. guys here slack all the time.’
Me: ‘That’s why I hired right? I want to see what they have missed so we can continue slacking.’
Evelyn: ‘Haha. Not bad uh. We hired someone so hardworking. I’m from the HR department if you don’t know.’
Me: ‘Now I know.’

As most of the colleagues left, they turned off most of the lights, leaving Eve and I alone in our cubicle. Her head landed on my shoulder not long after, eyes barely open in the dimmed lights from the monitor.

Me (whispering): ‘Eve.. let’s go home.’
Eve: ‘My place or yours? Don’t want! I want to stay here.’

Here‘ isn’t a bad place too. The air-conditioning was up, and the huge glass windows made things even more romantic. Seeing how her head kept sliding off me, I couldn’t let her be and helped her to the window, where I sat next to her looking at the night sky of our metropolis.

Eve (whispering): ‘Nice right?’

The thin material of her white-purple dress could not hide the padless bra pressed against my arm, but her well-covered thighs helped drove out any unwanted thoughts.

Eve (whispering): ‘I have spent the last four Christmas eve alone. And I don’t want that anymore.’

She placed my hand on her back and I pulled her closer, till she lost balance and supported herself by pushing on my dick. I was a little hard then and did not hurt much. Beyond all these, there was her breathing sounds, that grew louder the closer we got.

Half anticipating and shy, I remained still whereas she made the first move, of unzipping my work pants. The new belt clicked opened easily and I crossed my arm over my lap to her legs, bringing my fingers up those flawless skin. Our eyes had locked onto each other, reading the signs our minds were broadcasting without shame.

Very gently in the moonlight, our lips touched and tongues met. Things moved slowly with just our tongues together, but my hands that soon went to massage her boobs changed the pace of our little office fun.

The cute hand of hers dug my cock out and stroked it delicately, while I shifted my attention to her panties that had soaked her juices up. Before we knew it, her undies were removed and my pants fell noisily onto the floor.

We picked an unused table facing the windows, quickly bending her back over the desk with her legs opened.

The emergency condom I had in my wallet was quickly put into place and in I went, prying her pussy apart with much strength. It wasn’t that I was feeling weak, but the pressure was high as I felt her lips below forcing me out. After some effort, I was hammering away on that shaky table, sending moans through the spacious office floor with much enthusiasim.

Right then, the knowledgeable lady turned into a little girl with her hips in my hands. She was mindlessly jerking her booty back as I thrust, going balls deep on my shaft.

After a few minutes of doggie, she turned around to sit on the desk and I was back in her in seconds. We continued making out in this missionary pose, her legs tightly wrapped around me. We went on like this (between the two positions) for almost thirty minutes before she requested to be placed on the floor – and to be fucked till the fireworks went off.

In no time, we were pressed against the windows with my cock fucking her minds out, slamming against each other. My hands were busy tuning her nipples under the unhooked bras while she focused on making me scream with her playful squeezes.

We lasted as long as we could. Evelyn getting pounded to orgasms she had lost count of, and me being pushed to the limit of ejaculation.

Evelyn (panting): ‘Cumming soon?’
Me (breathless): ‘Yeah why?’
Evelyn (moaning): ‘Cause I am?’

She leaned back to place her hands on my ass and let me jerk smaller strokes, causing her to moan as crazily as the deeper, slower ones. Within a minute, I was hugging her tightly while my hips buckled.

Me (groaning): ‘Cumming! Cumming!’

Poorly phrased, but same meaning. Just like how tsunami warning works, the alarm went before I was really firing. She took the bet and lifted herself away, flipped onto her back and took over the sex with a handjob.

Kneeled between her spread eagle, the both of us looked at the huge crowd and moaned. By slipping my fingers onto her pussy, we were getting each other off.

At the same time the first trail of fire launched into the air, my cock finally exploded over her chest she exposed and she let off a groan along with her orgasm. Panting, I remained on top of her as we recovered our positions, hurriedly getting dressed to watch the rest of the fireworks.

Evelyn: ‘Thank you for that.’
Me: ‘I should thank you. It’s a wonderful Christmas.’

Lying on my shoulder, we were in each other arms till the noise went down.

Evelyn (whispering): ‘So now.. we have each other to play with in the office?’

I gave her a naughty pinch on her nipples and shut down my terminal. As for the rest of the night, the sight of her car made me change my plan for a lonely night. We settled for a budget hotel nearby to catch our sleep and as well as.. yeah. You know it.

Jhae apologises if this post isn’t up to standard (judging by how hard or wet). This is somewhat like a nicely wrapped, badly chosen present. Anyway, Merry Christmas you guys! Jhae could well be out of the F&B scene soon and back to the I.T. side. All the best for all!

Too Much Education

Rachelle: ‘Okay class. That’s all for today.’

She let the students leave the classroom before walking out, heading back to the staff room to drop her folders. As she tided her desk, Ron stood up among the cubicles and took a quick glance at her, smiling nonchalantly, and went for the door.

Upon seeing his departure, Rachelle took her box of mint sweets and followed suit, till he disappeared into the science block where he was nowhere to be found.

There, one of her student, Max, was on his phone but stopped to see who had walked in on him.

Rachelle: ‘Max, did you see Mr. Tay?’

Max: ‘Yeah. He went into the staff toilet. I was about to text you.’

Right then, a door slammed from behind the ladies, where they both heard it out and clear. Just before curiosity got the better of her, she ushered for Max to go over. They listened on the door of the staff toilet but heard nothing, only more noises coming from the female toilet.

Rachelle (whispering): ‘Who else was here?’

Max: ‘Cynthia. But she went into the toilet. Maybe it’s her making the noise?’

Rachelle then grabbed her student’s hand and made their way into the ladies, paying close attention to the only cubicle with shadows shuffling from underneath.

Ron (whispering): ‘Take it off.. ‘

Cynthia (whispering): ‘Wait la. It’s not that easy.’

The freshly graduated NIE math teacher did not wait for anymore signs and pushed their way into the empty cubicle next to the busy one. The finger on her lips summarised how quiet they should be. After all, no one should know what they and the couple next to them, were up to. Two students with their teachers, side by side, getting steamy and hot in cubicles next to each other.

Rachelle took her sweater off and pulled her spags over her head, while her student, Max unbuttoned and stripped his uniform off. In less than a minute, they were fully naked, save for the bra his Math teacher was still wearing. The stall next to them began generating slurping sounds, with loud gasps of a manly tone.

Max let Rachelle sit on the toilet and placed her feet over his shoulders, quickly diving head-first into her pussy. As his licking grew wilder, she failed to keep quiet and went on to moan sensually. With her eyes closed, and Max occupied, they never noticed the head that peeped over the dividers.

Cynthia (whispering): ‘Max and Ms. Lim.. ‘

Ron (whispering): ‘Shit.. they are.. ‘

Max got up from his knees and swapped places with Rachelle, beginning his share of blowjob from the short, brown-haired lady. Her round face only made her seemed cuter when she took his rod in and messed up the curves of her beautiful cheeks.


Cynthia’s voice broke the silence as her pussy was fingered, going as deep as her body would accommodate. Ron’s hand had been squeezing her breasts so hard that red marks were showing around her nipples. Right, both her nipples got so sore beyond description but it felt good, hard, hard kind of good.

Suddenly, the two couple changed their positions simultaneously. Rachelle bent over the toilet cover in doggie as Cynthia laid back on the flush tank, awaiting the dicks that they were paired with.

Ron (whispering loudly): ‘Does it feel good?’

Rachelle (whispering): ‘Oh yes.. it feels fucking good.. ‘

The two students were dumbfounded by the coincidental response, yet did not hold back when the onslaught began. Moans filled up the toilet, groans rang like monsters in the attic, teachers were talking dirty to each other, and students showed more concern for their invisible partners.

To the four of them, it felt more like a swing that occurred in two separate rooms.

After the longest ten minutes in their lives, Ron was heard slowing down, issuing a warning to Cynthia who was overdosed with pleasure. Her limbs hung lifeless to the sides, and legs were held up by his strong grip. Max in the other cubicle, had stopped moving a minute ago, but Rachelle kept thrusting herself backwards, fucking his dick to a dangerous edge.

Ron (whispering): ‘I’m gonna cum.. ‘

Max (whispering): ‘Me too Ms. Lim.’

A loud bang woke Cynthia and silenced Ron, forcing him to pull out of his teacher and cover her mouth from behind.

*knock knock*

Ron: ‘Ms. Lim?’

Rachelle: ‘Yeah?’

Ron: ‘Shall we?’

Max understood his words and gathered his uniform, unlocking the door, a sweaty man with a smile greeted him.

Ron: ‘Take care of Cynthia. I think she won’t mind.’

The doors clicked shut and Ron pushed Rachelle up the thin, plastic wall, one leg dangling over his arm that was holding onto her waist. His dick spread her tight pussy opened and sank all the way in, thrusting almost as soon as he felt she was relaxed.

Max had helped Cynthia to kneel at the centre of the seat cover, ass raised to his hips. Without warning, he dug his way in and shocked her, but without any resistance to get away from him.

Ron (whispering loudly): ‘Let’s finish this. Max! Safety first!’

A knock replied his worry and the skin slapping noises appeared. Rachelle barely contained her moans behind Ron’s hand, continuously nudging her to the edge of orgasm with every stroke. Her pussy had began to tighten and Ron wasn’t that far away from his climax too.

Three hip thrusts from Max was all it took to knock Cynthia to near-unconciousness. Held by her arms, he rammed into her non-stop as his peak neared, shaft widening as his cum loaded into his shaft.

In sync, they spent their last three minutes fucking together before the men pulled out, emptying their load on the stomach and ass-crack. Where their precious man-juice then flowed down across the most risky spot to get any cum on.

Exhausted, the ladies cleaned themselves up with the low-grade toilet paper, and helped the men to dry their cocks too. Belt clanged, zippers pulled, everything went quiet for a moment until Ron and Rachelle left first.

Left alone in the cubicle, Max had saw the sparkle in Cynthia’s eyes. One that travelled up and down his chest in shyness.

Cynthia (whispering): ‘You want to come to my place?’

Max (whispering): ‘How ’bout we discuss this after we leave this place?’

They held hands as they dashed out of the toilet, running into the teachers who were standing by the railing.

Ron: ‘I won’t have any accidents from you two right?’

Rachelle did not see the worried look on Cynthia and everything was probably fine. They went back to the staff room with a secret gained, and the two students went skipping out of the school, arms going around each other once they arrived at her block.

Max: ‘Cyn.. I don’t have any condoms.’

Cynthia: ‘I have. Just in case.’

With that, they went into her house and bedroom, only to learn that she had been going pantyless (and shorts-less on non-PE days) to school since forever. Now, how convenient would that be?

Fixing Pipes

Jimmy knocked on the door a few times before entering, ready to finish his construction work that he promised to be done ahead of schedule for an extra fee. Stripping his shirt off, he wore his headphones and blasted music, hammering and knocking into the kitchen walls to hang the dish rack.

Girl (shouting): ‘Hello! Hello!’

He heard a girl’s voice through the music and immediately stopped, shocked at her appearance whom her mum had not spoken of. In anyway, she should be in school.

Jimmy: ‘I’m Jimmy. Here to finish the kitchen. Your mum didn’t tell me you’re home.’

Girl: ‘I’m Sarah. I’m supposed to be in school. Can don’t tell my mum?’

Jimmy: ‘Yeah yeah. I’m just going to work here. Don’t worry.’

He winked at her and continued fitting the metal rack, while she stood at the entrance and looked at his muscular arms flexing the wooden hammer at the wall.

About thirty minutes later, he was done with the kitchen and went into the living room for a break, seeing Sarah lying on the couch playing on her iPad.

She had been thinking about that fit, young man since she saw him and the only way to get closer was for him to spot her. Donning a crop top and small exercise shorts, she had got his attention too.

Sarah: ‘You want to take a shower? I have extra towel.’

Jimmy: ‘You sure it’s okay?’

Sarah: ‘Yeah. You go first. I bring the towel to you.’

She went into her room and got her favourite towel, skipping all the way to the shower in the kitchen. Giving the door a few knocks, he opened and saw her, this time without her shorts on.

Within that few minutes of silence, he could feel her breaths getting deeper and chest rising and falling sharply. Reaching his arm out for the towel in her embrace, she held his forearm lightly, stroking them with a teeny bit of seduction.

Jimmy (whispering): ‘Come.. ‘

He wrapped around her waist and pulled her close to his sweaty body, planting a kiss that forced her palms to hold onto his cheeks. They turned that kiss into a tongue fight and broke out of the small standing shower, strong arms carrying her to her bedroom.

Jimmy then yanked her shirt right off and undid his pants, revealing his hammer-hard manhood that was twitching adorably. As he climbed over her small frame, she had her fingers around his dick, holding it as though it was an egg. His hips started rocking, sliding his cock in her palm.

Sarah (whispering): ‘Take my panties off.’

With that said, he tugged her undies off and a beautiful, naked pussy opened up before his eyes. Young, tight and small. No way could he imagine he would fit. She kept her legs opened as he angled his hips, piercing between those soft folds with his hard-boiled egg hardness.

As they felt their bodies connecting, the warmth from his dick was soothing her senses.

Sarah (moaning): ‘Fuck me hard Jim.’

He gave her a nod and sealed their lips together. His fine abs went to work slamming onto her pussy, drilling her hole as deep as he could go. Sarah’s moans echoed loudly in the room, with wet, sloppy kisses trying to contain her horniness.

Just after a few minutes, she stopped him and turned over for doggie. Scary Jimmy plunged into her pussy again and fucked her, making sure to drive her crazy in this position.

The poor girl was screaming into her pillow as he penetrated her deeply, triggering all the orgasms her body struggled to keep up with. Juices were leaking all over their privates and Jimmy only went faster.

Just imagine, a slim waist, held between your strong, powerful hands, dick appearing and disappearing into an ass about ten times the width of your dick. What would you do?

As Sarah drifted into unconsciousness, Jimmy picked up speed and went full ahead. Her fists held the edges of the bed dearly for her life, as her mind went blank from the overpowering orgasms. No one, no one, at her age should be fucked with such a thick and long dick. But she had to be the one. Lucky or unlucky?

Jimmy: ‘I’m cumming Sarah!’

In a flash, he pulled out of her and threw her on her back, raising one of her legs and shoving his cock into her for the third time. Pounding with a delighted look, she was smiling at him too. It only took him a minute in this position before he could not take anymore of her, pulling out just before he exploded.

She held his dick and continued pumping it, finally dousing herself with a powerful jet of cum all over her chest and tummy. He kept shooting till her body was dotted with his love, obviously too much for any one man to have.

The two of them stayed in that position for some time, and then hopping out of bed for a shower together. In there, the steam started fogging up the mirror before the tap was even turned on. For the first time, Sarah watched herself get pounded from behind, clearly expressing all those slutty looks when she was climaxing.

Once they were done, he packed his tools up and bade her goodbye. Of course, that wasn’t the end. He wouldn’t just fuck and go no matter how wrong it felt to be doing his customer’s daughter. Before he left, he gave her a schedule where he had to visit them again.

For the both of them, it was their first time engaging in a scene, where only porn would portray as ‘possible’. Yes, to be fucked by a construction worker. Or as most of us know it, it was that plumber-fixing-pipes shitty kind of storyline.

Drugged and Loved 2

Part 1 | Part 2

I was in such a mess I couldn’t even ask him what he put in my drinks. Pleasure, mixed with pain from his vengeful fucking, was shooting me up.

Him: ‘Here bitch. Take it down your throat.’

He flipped me over and dragged me to the edge of the bed, where my head dangled lifelessly. My vision went dark when my throat felt his long dick spreading it apart. It was hot, salty and repulsive. My body was so weak I couldn’t choke, nor breathe.

He just kept jamming it into my face, hurting my nose while my hand subconsciously went to my pussy to masturbate. Suddenly, it didn’t feel like my body anymore. I had travelled out of my body and watching this girl, strangely looking very similar to me, getting face-fucked while she got herself off.

The man’s face was darkened, and an aura of hatred came with it. A jolt through my body woke me up when my throat tightened, deprived of air as he stayed motionless in my mouth.

A gradual expansion of his shaft unloaded a warm pool of liquid in the part of my mouth where I could not spit nor swallow, burning me as my gag reflex regurgitate an acidic mush of dinner.

He pulled out of me with a drop or two of cum dripping into my nose and placed me back flat on the bed.

Flashes of light was shooting across the ceiling like stars, and my pussy felt exceptional warm.

He fished a small bottle from his suitcase and put it at my cheek, pinching my nose to get my mouth to open. He emptied the bottle and I struggled to swallow so that I could breath. Inhaling once or twice, I blacked out.

Dad: ‘Hey! Wake up! Wake up!’

The violent shaking of my shoulders woke me up and a blanket was pulled over my body. He.. my dad was after all, still the only person I can rely on to be there whenever shit happened.

Me (whispering): ‘Dad.. he drugged and fucked me.. ‘
Dad: ‘Get dressed and sleep. Daddy will take care of it tomorrow. Promise.’

He went into his room opposite of mine and left the door open, probably so he could hear me if I called for him. Watching him remove his shirt in that incandescent light from the bedside lamp, his body suddenly became the apple of my eye.

I couldn’t resist the urge my body had to spread those legs and finger myself, possibly due to the second dose of whatever he drugged me with. No matter how hard I tried, my own fingers doesn’t seem long enough to be able to scratch that itch.

Once the light from his room dimmed, my instincts took over, skipping out of the bed with a floral shawl he bought for me.

Entering his room quietly, his weathered look couldn’t be more attractive with my hand still on my clit. I climbed under his blanket and he felt my presence immediately, flipping himself on his back to place some boundaries between us.

Dad (whispering): ‘Sleep tight dear.’
Me (whispering): ‘Daddy?’
Dad (whispering): ‘Yeah?’

My hand slipped into the pair of loose gym shorts he wore to sleep and held his dick – for the first time. I could barely wrap my fingers around and it was about 5 inches unerected. What the hell did my mum leave him for?

He tried to pull my hand away but couldn’t do so as I grabbed them tighter. My body curled into a ball to go under the blanket and just as he tried to cover his dick from outside the sheets, he had pressed onto my head. My mouth was over his dick and tongue went to work immediately, throwing him into confusion about the legitimacy of what we were about to do.

Dad: ‘Ger.. ahh.. ‘

His dick had grown and told me its wish. I was taking him deep throat without any resistance like before. The suffocation was sending pleasant shivers down my spine, all the way to my vagina.

Quickly adjusting my position, I was kneeling in doggie next to him slurping away on the big gulp. Dad too, did not feign decency and leaned over to my ass, where he sent two of his thick fingers into that juicy hole that had its share of dicks.

I was sure he could feel how much my pussy needed it. I was basically massaging his fingers inside of me. And every joint, curves, can be pictured in great detail.

Before he could sit up to end the incestuous rape, I ended the blowjob and did a quick flip to sit on his abs. Yes, abs, that was how fit my dad was. The dick I held behind me was still throbbing, and the deep gaze of his eyes silenced whatever wrong he was about to express.

Placing a finger on his lips, I slid my wet pussy down his belly and paused when I felt the tip at my clit.

Dad (whispering): ‘Lift up.’

My knees closed a little and his dick slipped over my clit. He gracefully moved his hips to stroke my sensitive spot without penetration and made me leak even more lubricant, all over his shaft.

As he went faster, my fingers were digging into his shoulder blades. It felt better than sex, or was he just hinting how better can sex be with it inside me?

Stroke after stroke, my pussy was shifting downwards, till the tip poked into me.

Me: ‘Daddy.. don’t move.’
Dad: ‘Are you sure?’

I nodded my head looking at our genitals, not able to see a single thing in the darkness. That huge rod was splitting my vagina as well as my head, flooding my senses with pleasure as every vein brushed across the walls of my uterus.

There were no words to describe how heavenly it felt, especially when we stopped moving inside each other. He knew how to use that tool of his well.

Me (whispering): ‘This was all I needed, for you to be inside me forever.’
Dad: ‘Come.’

I laid on his chest, listing to his heartbeat as my pussy peeled away from his groin, but still connected.

Dad (whispering): ‘Would it be better.. ?’
Me: ‘Huh?’
Dad (whispering): ‘If I can move inside you forever?’

With that said, his hips wriggled on his Japan-imported mattress and thrusts his cock upwards. The big contrast between my tightness and his size became so real my mind had problems imagining it. Each entry felt as good as the first, and each exit left my body begging him not to.

My hips threw me upright and while my knees maintained the gap between our groins, my hands were kneading my 34C cups for more. Unknowingly, I got tighter for no reason and he was groaning as fast as I was.

Dad: ‘Dear.. *sigh* You’re.. so.. tight.. ‘

Seconds later, my sight went blur and I found myself motionless on top of him, body shaking violently as my pussy sprayed all over his body.

Dad: ‘Dear.. I think.. ‘
Me: ‘Lie down Dad.’

My hips began rocking across his lap, swallowing his dick to fulfil my own needs. I was still wet like when we just started, and my clit and nipples were itching badly. Only an orgasm would take them away, and it was for a few seconds. It was time to get more of it.

He took over my hands to massage my boobs and let me do my job. I had began to enjoy his groans, his size that was stroking my g-spot continuously, the short stubs of his pubs that tickled my clit. He was the perfect figure for me, and inside of me.

About five orgasms later, my body was wearing out and my movements got sluggish. He was still strong and fondling my nipples, yet paying his full attention on me.

Me (whispering): ‘Daddy.. ‘
Dad: ‘Finally done?’
Me: ‘Can you help me finish you off?’
Dad: ‘I’ll try.’

He sat up and placed his arm around my neck, carefully resting me on the pillow and turning me to a side. He flipped my body over by the waist and with my face down, he got my ass up in the air.

Dad: ‘Tell me if it hurts k?’

Slowly, he pushed his dick into my pussy and warmed it up, filling it up with life through the pulsating heartbeat I felt. Like a locomotive, his hips began moving and the piece of hot rod slipped easily in and out of me, as if I was at my final task.

Everything had returned to normal. No itch, no urges, just pure sex. As the dreadful thoughts of my ex-sugar-dad was fucked out of my head, dad took his pleasure spot.

As he rocked on, it got thicker, and hotter. Though I had never felt anything so realistic and close.

Me: ‘Daddy, are you going to cum?’
Dad: ‘Yeah bae, you can feel it?’
Me: ‘Go all out then.’

I clenched my fist on the bedsheets as he picked up his pace, burying the full length into me. The slapping sounds from our bums went like firecrackers, driving me insane with his sheer speed.

Under a minute later, he pulled my waist backwards and a loud groan ensued. He pulled out of me and threw me onto my back, kneeling his way to my waist before his load exploded over my body. He probably wanted to end at my mouth but he had held back for too long. The warm semen touched my cold stomach and he had managed to splatter all the way to my neck.

The amount he gifted.. some of it flowed down my sides and some were collected in my belly button.

Dad: ‘I’m so sorry. Let me get a towel for you.’

He disappeared and appeared from the bathroom, bringing his scented towel to me. Cleaning myself up with his body scent, couldn’t be anymore intimate. After we were dried, he cuddled me in his arms, reassuring that he will be there for me.

After that night, his company made amendments to his working hours, allowing him to spend more time with his daughter, hopefully building a case to eliminate alimony altogther. Though I must say, he was spending as much time with her, as well as inside her.

Part 1 | Part 2