Cousin Bonding

Jing (whispering): ‘Just don’t tell my parents k?’

She got up from the bed and began removing her cardigan, exposing her fair complexion that our families possessed. The dark, brown hair flung around as her grey tank top came off as well, followed by her skirt she dropped to her feet. Never did I imagined to have my cousin appearing at one of my ‘massage’ session, let alone coming this far with her. While my mind was battling the righteousness of it all, ..

Jing: ‘Up!’

On my feet I went and she did the same for my shirt and jeans, folding them into a neat pile before laying them on the dressing table. Her bra unhooked from the front and two, very perky boobs bounced free from the cups. Her panties disappeared with a wriggle of her ass, and my underwear was yanked to the ground as she bent over.

Me: ‘Shower?’
Jing: ‘Yupp.’

Getting into the shower was the weirdest experience ever, flashing back to the times during my primary school days when we took a shower together. The toddler back then has became a swan, albeit going on a different path from other girls her age.

Jing: ‘Stand still k?’

Her foam covered palms ran down my neck to my chest, going around my ribs to lather my back as well. There was no shyness when her nipples brushed across mine, even sliding her body against me as she squatted down to my legs.

Jing: ‘Open your legs.’

Like a random search at the airport, her fingers ran up my inner thighs before she reached my balls. Those tiny fingers started fondling them, drenching my cock in a slippery soap to help her wrapping fingers move up and down.

Me: ‘Wait wait. Stand up first.’
Jing: ‘Why?’
Me: ‘I need to wash you too.’

I collected some soap from my erection and aimed for her pussy straight, sliding down her navel to her slit, where my middle finger quickly located her sensitive clit. The faster I ‘scrubbed’ her, the faster she would jerk me. The shy little cousin became more relaxed that instant, moaning while hugging closer to me.

Jing (whispering): ‘Let’s wash up and go outside can?’

I handed her the showerhead and the foam was flushed into the drains. We patted each other dry with either ends of the towel and went naked into the bedroom, where it was dimmed when we headed into the toilet.

Me: ‘Lie down first.’

I stood outside the toilet as she sat between the pillows, watching me watch her with much curiosity. Right after she stopped moving, I fell face first into the mattress, stopped right at her knees. I slowly pried her legs open and she obeyed, allowing me to leopard crawl to her groin. With that much teasing, my mouth dived into her crotch and flicked her clit continuously, making her squirm right in front of me.

Jing (moaning): ‘Biao ge (first cousin)! Not so fast!’

Her fingers ran into my scalp trying to hold me still but my tongue was the organ doing all the work. I used my lips to pinch her clit, and went on to suck her clit really hard. The loud gasp followed by a stream of juices into my mouth couldn’t be wrong. Jing was cumming hard without restraint, shoving my face into her pussy as her legs shivered violently.

The moment I felt her increasing the strength of pressing my head down, I knew it was all over. Well, at least for the pussy-licking part.

Jing: ‘Stop stop.. I can’t take it anymore.’

She stood up and walked over my resting body, rolled me over and spread my legs wide to sit between. She laid down on her boobs after I perched my back up with the pillows, and started to lick the sides of my shaft. The love-bite pain brought my erection to new heights, pecking lips covering every area beneath my little head.

The moment of relief came when her mouth went over the tip, and I watched her eager mouth slide over my cock. Her elbows bent to raise her head, performing a slow and sensual blowjob that spun my head in circles. How could that innocent, pink lips be so deadly? And more importantly..

Me: ‘Jing, how long have you been doing this?’

Her head abruptly popped up and a different person possessed her. With a grin, she turned around and backed up on my genital. While I could not exactly see her facial expression, the lowering ass over my cock distracted me from a possibly guilty thought. She held my cock and directed it downwards, going right for her smooth pussy that has no prickly studs at all.

As soon as my dick was in, her spread eagle ass jutted at me, driving my cock into her own pussy. She tucked her legs in front of her and remained in a squatting position, all the while hopping up and down on my rod. Besides my unmanly groaning, she was moaning words of encouragement.

There was no way I would let her do all the work. In a push, she fell onto her arms and I swapped to a kneeling position, behind her ass.

Me: ‘Give me your hands’

One by one, I grabbed hold of her wrists and hammered into her pussy. All the smoothness and bumps in her vagina became apparent to me, gently closing in on my shaft like filling up a sausage.

Jing: ‘Can you feel it? You’re the first and only person I’m going to have raw sex with.’

My hips went even faster upon hearing that, savouring all the intimacy no blood-related cousins should ever have. After five minutes of rapid thrusts, she broke free from my grip and quietened down.

Jing (panting): ‘Let me watch you fuck me to the end.’

We repositioned ourselves into missionary, with her legs slung over my shoulders. Once she got hold of my dick, I pumped slowly into her, moving inches at a time. Within five strokes, I was fully embedded in her mesmerising pussy and she opened her arms for me.

Jing (whispering): ‘I love you kor.’

My abs tightened as I increased my speed, slamming into her opened groin that was welcoming me in. Our lips touched for the first time, locking in a passionate, tongue-sucking momentum. My body was long in an auto-pilot mode, hammering my dear cousin’s breath away.

Her body began shaking as I went all out, contractions delivering pulsating waves of orgasm.

Jing (shouting): ‘Cum with me kor!’

She left my sweat-covered face to moan her lungs out, accommodating each and every thrusts I drove into her cunt. *Piak piak piak* sounds echoed in surround sound as I neared my climax, face dropping into her boobs she squeezed together for me.

Me (groaning): ‘I’m cumming!’

In short pulses of jerks, the first shot was fired when I pulled away, forcing my dick to repeatedly penetrate her to succumb my dick to the rest of my load. I shoved and I pushed, every drop of semen that was never meant to be hers, deep into her womb that milked me involuntarily throughout her orgasm.

When we were done, we had no more energy to separate ourselves. Her pussy was still shaking uncontrollably, shivers travelling through her limbs while my dick spat the last few drops out.

Jing: ‘Biao ge?’

She sayang me by running her hand down my back, assuring me that I did a great job. I fell away after a minute’s rest, and she turned over to me to give my dick a massage.

Me: ‘What if you get pregnant?’
Jing: ‘I’m on the pill. Don’t worry k?’

Still catching my breaths, she sank below my gaze and placed her mouth over my dick once again, sucking me till I was hard. This time, she did not let me do any work and focused all her attention on the tool in her mouth. The non-stop head bobbing, seductive moans from her fingers in her pussy, randomly slurping tongue, no man could resist her at all.

It took her another ten minutes before my abs hardened, shrinking balls signalling to her with determination.

Me (weakly): ‘I’m shooting.. ‘

She swiped her hair over her head and held them in place, while her other hand stayed at the base of my shaft. Her lips continued sucking till I exploded, puffing up her cheeks with the second load of the day.

Before I finished, she left my lava-dribbling volcano and dropped to my side, opening her mouth just a little to let me peek at the amount I gave her. She laid flat before swallowing everything, surprising me with the biggest twist in my life.

The wide smile she gave next somehow lightened the mood, but I knew it was something that I could never forget. We cuddled after drying our bodies till the phone rang, marking the end of our two hour tryst.

Jing: ‘Don’t tell my parents k?’
Me: ‘Okay. Na. Here.’

She took the four blue notes and returned three of them between my fingers, ignoring my questioning look to keep her earnings.

Jing: ‘You’ll pay for the hotel next time. And I’m not doing this for money.’

We left the hotel and went our separate ways at the door, fully aware of the implications we could get into if we were seen together. For the rest of the day, our phones kept buzzing to the stronger relationship we had, enhanced over a round of unforgettable, sensual sex.

Me (Whatsapp): ‘Shall we meet tomorrow?’
Jing (Whatsapp): ‘4pm. Same place.’

And that was our goodnight message to each other.

Too Late for CNY

Sen: ‘Hi kor! Happy Chinese New Year!’

My lively 15 year old cousin skipped to the chopping board of unfinished cabbage and continued the work, slicing and dicing them as unevenly as she could. This cousin of mine was close to my family as she loves to cook, dropping by at the most untimely manner when my grandmother prepares dinner. Now that we were all grown up, the only times she visited was during Chinese New Year, but that didn’t dampened her passion for cooking.

Mum: ‘Wei! You two! Stop playing! The veggies are all messed up. Go watch TV and talk to your relatives outside.’

The innocent me was suddenly dragged into the mess Sen caused, and we left the kitchen to the adults whom pretended to listen to my ailing granny’s nagging. As the house was crowded to a point there was no seats left, I went into my room and Sen tagged along. Unlike how she remembered, my room was messier and the only space left was my bed.

Sen: ‘Woah! TV! I can live in your bed forever! Just feed me taogey (bean sprout) and rice and already.’

She jumped into my bed without invitation and I sat at the edge, until she shifted in closer to the wall. Seated side by side, she did all the channel hopping and stopped only when HBO came on. How could anyone resist HBO right? This daring cousin then pulled my blanket over her body, officially stealing my chou chou from me.

Sen: ‘Why your blanket smell like mine?’
Me: ‘How I know? Don’t use it la. Very dirty.’
Sen: ‘I like it!’

It was awkward to be in the same bed with her as the close bond between us had faded with time. Yet it never bothered her that I was more mature and capable of fantasising better. As the day went by, the noisy living room quietened down and she fell asleep, turning to me to hug me like a bolster. When her thigh landed on my crotch, it was what happened next that woke her up. Unable to calm myself down from the sudden attack, a bulge in my shorts poked at her leg.

Instead of ignoring it, she just grabbed it and poked her head out from the edge of the blanket.

Sen (whispering): ‘What’s this? Someone is turned on?’

As the day was still bright, my white blanket was thin enough to let some light through. She disappeared under my blanket and pulled my waistband down, before her cold hand touched me. By then, I had lowered the blanket to let her breath and saw her curious eyes at my rod. The innocent touches she made got me even harder, to a point I had to get out of bed.

After she explored my rod for a bit, she reached into her own skirt and felt around.

Sen (whispering): ‘Kor. I’m wet too. Like you.’

She managed to stretch a strand of pre-cum for me to see and I was at the verge of raping her. She adjusted her height to my shoulders and played with my cock, showing a slutty lip-bite expression while looking at me. I gave in to the temptation right then and reached across for her groin, massaging her warm and moist area of her panties.

Me: ‘Take off your panties.’
Sen: ‘And you lower your shorts.’
Me: ‘Deal.’

We did as agreed and got off to a sensual start, helping each other out in the secrecy of my bedroom. Her clit was overflowing with juices as I rubbed faster, and my cock couldn’t be any more pathetic looking in the red and swollen state. Once she was too hyped up, she took my hand and guided me lower, so I could slip my fingers inside.

A soft, whispering moan escaped and she told me it was the first time she had someone elses’ fingers inside. She was tight and wet, making it tiring to finger her for long period of time.

Sen: ‘You ever had sex?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I’m 26 leh.’
Sen: ‘With someone my age?’
Me: ‘Nope. Underage sex is caning leh.’
Sen (whispering): ‘What if I want it?’

She turned into a little hamster when I climbed over her, spreading her legs out to the sides and touched her pussy with my dick. Her arms tucked cutely into her chest and let her palms hold onto my chest.

Me: ‘It’s going to be scary you know? Maybe painful too.’
Sen: ‘Who says I never had sex before?’

She gave me a grin before pulling my cock painfully at her pussy, dipping it in and using her legs to force my waist down. The initial tightness went away as I pumped her slowly, until she was screaming into my blanket from the pleasurable sex. Her eyes turned white as I shifted the angle of penetration slightly, but she remained as tight as I fingered her.

Gradually, I found a tempo comfortable to pound her in and straightened my body. Flipping one of her legs to the side, her butt became the ‘top’ as I continued to torture her little body. As time went by, she turned herself over and went on her knees. The tiny waist was a treat to hold as I rammed even harder into her, speeding up as my urge came like a wrecking ball.

Me (whispering loudly): ‘Fuck.. I can’t hold it in anymore. Shit!’

With all my mental strength, I pulled out of her and she quickly rolled under my legs. Perched on my pillows, I went on my knees over her chest and she jerked me with both hands.

Sen: ‘My mouth!’

I straightened my back and she sat upright, devouring my cock and stroking me to the final moment. The bursts of cumshots fired safely into her mouth and she swallowed as I came, leaving no trace of evidence of our incestuous fling. As quickly as we started out, we tided everything once I was done and her parents came into the room shortly after.

Me (whispering): ‘Auntie, I think Sen fell asleep when we were watching TV.’
Auntie (whispering): ‘Let her be then. Help me take care of her. We will be leaving first. She knows how to get home.’

I closed the door behind me and walked the visitors out. Once those leaving were gone, I was back into the room, to find Sen naked under the sheets.

Sen (whispering): ‘Still got energy? I heard what my mum said!’

My shorts did not stay on for long before we went for another round of quiet sex, partitioned by just a wall from the heartwarming relatives here to see granny. A part of me says that our bond will be closer than before.


Part 1 | Part 2

Background of the girls;

Beatrice – My adopted cousin, known for her figure due to yoga. Dresses like any other 16 year olds, often revealing her shoulders and long fair legs. Sometimes going pantyless, she explained that it kept her pussy airy apart from those tight shorts and pants she wore for yoga.

Fiona – The sloppiest but intelligent girl among the group. Known for her over-developed breasts and causal postures (with shirts and loose shorts) that gave many guys nosebleed from under her kiddy-looking panties, plus the occasional downblouse.

Elly – The skinniest girl who appears best in short dresses. A tattoo across her left breast would be left unhidden whenever she was out of school uniform. Known for her studious nature and lively attitude that attracted many guys, none got to see the full message of her tattoo above her nipple.

Alicia – A diligent girl who is caring and friendly to even her stalkers. An ‘A grade’ student, she often went braless for comfort, and to avoid the ‘coloured bra’ offence. Her A-cup boobs did not deter guys from trying to spot her horniness whenever her school blouse teased her bare nipples too much.

Fiona: ‘So.. you are Beatrice’s cousin?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Why?’

Fiona: ‘No nothing!’

She ran back to the group of three girls without Beatrice among them and giggled while returning stares at me. I was ‘invited’ to the BBQ the girls organised at a chalet, and was at the grill after the girls returned from a swim at the beach. Being the only one above legal age, I was the one to bring the Bacardi and whiskey, mixing their drinks for them.

Apparently, they had asked the question to know if I was available, but whether or not I was in a relationship didn’t mattered. Little did they know, I have already been in Beatrice.

The evening came and go, with the girls taking turn to feed me as I filled their hungry stomachs. Alcohol was consumed like never before and they were just having their own fun in the air-conditioned bedroom. About to finish with the clean-up, Fiona creeped up behind me and playfully tried to shock me. She helped to bring everything indoors, and pulled the curtains to keep the lights out.

Fiona (whispering): ‘Everything done?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Why are you whispering?’

Fiona (whispering): ‘Shhh! I don’t want to wake them up.’

Drunk, she fell into my arms and began pulling my shirt up. Half-sleeping and half-ravishing me, I sent a text to Beatrice to help her ‘hornified’ friend up. Not only did she reply me with a :P, she asked me to have fun. What was she thinking?

Before I knew it, my beach shorts just dropped onto the floor and I was in only my shirt and underwear. Not wanting to take advantage of her, I brought her up stairs, only to find the room locked with laughters within.

Fiona got on her knees and pulled her laced cover-up off, along with her bikini top. Her skirt? Well, she stripped her undies while sitting on her bum. Pushing me onto the wooden floor, she climbed on top and began riding me, thankfully for the underwear between us. It seemed that she knew about it, and that ‘ride’ was to get me up.

Unable to deny my impulses, she whipped my cock out after it was poking at her and slipped it into her pussy. In that tiny space.. what could get worse?

Fiona (shouting): ‘He’s rock solid now!’

The door opened to loud music and the girls dragged me in. Fiona went first to ride me, while the rest of them got naked and Beatrice had a compact camera pointed at me. My limbs were pinned, skin on my fingers crumpled by being in pussies I had no idea who they belong to, and body never a break from their roaming hands.

Overpowered, okay. It was more of dominated. I could cum easier than with Beatrice. Fiona’s violent movements were hitting all my sensitive areas and I managed to tell her I was cumming. In the dimness, a cup was handed to her and she hopped off before the finale, pumping my single udder till I exploded in the cup.

Girl (shouting): ‘Woohoo! Next!’

Alicia got into doggie on the bed and I was helped up, dick guided by another hand into her pussy that was sticking right out at me. Holding her waist, I hammered my flaccid dick into full length, flooding her with orgasms.

Alicia outperformed Beatrice in that particular field. Her body just couldn’t stop climaxing when I attacked at a specific angle. In no time, her pussy got too tight that my ejaculation was brought forward, like in five minutes.

For her part, the girls had to pull her away when I was about to unload, emptying my second round into the same cup.

Girl (shouting): ‘Turn him around!’

I wasn’t sure of that command but when a pair of knees went over my head, I knew what she meant. A dildo came into sight and went straight into Elly, mouth quickly swallowing my little snub as the hand controlling the dildo pumped away.

One of the girls bounced Elly’s head in my groin, sucking all the blood to my nether region for the third refill. Her tongue, her throat, her teeth, all took turns to weaken me. My constant plea for them to end this position or swap to another went unheeded. The girls were extremely excited when I flipped left to right.

It took slightly longer for me to cum in this position, but the girls were too high with the music to feel the delay. My dick was driven straight down Elly’s throat, contracting and relaxing as the girls kept her head pinned.

A hand fondling my balls finally triggered my eruption and they lifted the worn-out Elly from my body, her hand still on the dildo that she masturbated herself to another orgasm with. The third shot went into the cup as usual, and the girls were done with me.

Beatrice: ‘Hey! What about me?!’

Girls (in sync): ‘But he’s your cousin!’

Beatrice: ‘What happens in this room stays in this room right?’

High-fives were exchanged, and I was helped up to let Beatrice lie on the bed. A pair of hands came from the side to revive my dick, and it was the view of Beatrice’s pussy that got me excited.

I raised her legs for the girls to hold onto and plunged right in, thrusting non-stop with no rest between. Beatrice was moaning her lungs out as the orgasms came every minute, cheered on by the girls who was tweaking her nipples.

She felt extremely tight compared to the others, possibly due to the Kegel she did. After a breathless and adrenaline filled eight minutes or so, I took the cup from one of them and pulled out. Someone then replaced my dick with the wet dildo and gave her another orgasm while I dripped whatever left into the container.

Finally done with the four girls, they surrounded me and poured an equal amount of my cum into each of their cups.

Alicia: ‘Can I mix some green tea to mine?’

Girls (in sync): ‘Nooooo.. ‘

They counted to three together and drank their share up, before putting whatever not needed for sleep away. Pushing me onto the bed, each pair of them laid on my arms, dozing off almost immediately after some comparing of my skills.

Just before the night took me, Alicia, the innocent looking girl with bangs and probably the most conservative one in terms of clothing, got up and cleaned my little one with wet wipes.

Alicia (whispering): ‘Thank you for tonight.. ‘

And a kiss landed on my pee hole.

Part 1 | Part 2

Unexpected Acceptance

Part 1 | Part 2

Beatrice: ‘Hey J, you’re not working today?’

My younger cousin studying in a private uni came barging into my room, unaware that it was my usual off day. With a sports bra and panties, she had a cup of brightly coloured fruit juice in her hands.

Me: ‘Nope. It’s my off day. You need something?’
Beatrice: ‘Not really. I like to use your room to do my yoga.’
Me: ‘I’m going into the living room in a while. You can use the room if you want.’

For the past few days, she had been staying with my family as her family had gone on a holiday. Tuition and homework had kept her in Singapore, but she had decided to stay with us since there was someone to cook for her.

Taking the yoga mat out from under my bed, she unrolled it and got started with her exercises, with my back facing her towards the computer. Shortly after the ruffling, she let off a moan that got my curiosity. Was yoga that difficult?

Me: ‘You okay?’
Beatrice: ‘Yeah.. I am just doing some Kegel exercises at the same time.’

Did she meant that she had something in her as she worked out? I packed my iPad and left the room to her, giving her the privacy till about an hour later. Appearing in the living room, her sweat-covered body with muscles firmed and toned sat on a stool beside my feet, panting and drinking from her mug.

Beatrice: ‘J, you don’t work out?’
Me: ‘Hardly. Quickly go for a shower after you are drier k? It’s windy today.’

It was late evening when she was done, and I hurried back into my room, only to find my bed a little messed up. Well, she might have sat there or used it to aid some of the poses. Slumping into my comfy mattress, her bodily scent lingered in my nose.

Quietly, my door opened to let some of the light in, getting my attention to what she was after.

Beatrice: ‘J.. can I chat with you for a while?’

She sat beside me with the towel brushing through her long hair, thoroughly drying them before dropping it onto the floor. She was in a cropped top that kept her belly exposed, and with another pair of panties that had cartoons on it.

Me: ‘Chat? Sure. Is something bothering you?’

Her body fell onto my pillow where my arm was stretched across, immobilising my movements. All I could smell was her freshly washed hair, so ever heavenly.

She turned her body towards me and placed one leg over my thigh, accidentally (or not), swiping across my unsuspecting dick. Almost hugging me, she was looking at me with those natural watery eyes.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘I don’t know how to stop thinking about someone. When I had the Yoni egg in me, all I could think about was him.’
Me: ‘Auntie didn’t approve of you guys being together?’
Beatrice (whispering): ‘She won’t. Neither will they (her family) accept him even if I told them.’
Me: ‘Maybe you can let them know further into the relationship. Like after long enough, they can see you two are serious.’

Her hand slid down my shirt onto my groin, palm circling it as she breathed deeper. Without saying, my dick grew to her initiation and it was soon in her hand, stroked through the thin material of my shorts.

She raised her head to free my almost-numb arm and placed it across her straightened body, fingers pushing mine onto the moist panties.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘Help me take it out?’
Me: ‘Take what?’

Right then, a spherical object popped out. It was the stone egg she was using from before. Probably the one she used when she mentioned ‘Kegel’. Just as I was about to push the egg out from the side, she brought my hand to her belly.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘From here.’

I reached into her undies and brought the toy out onto her belly button, temporarily placing it there as I fondled the wet slit that was soiling her underwear. Something had kept me teasing her, without inserting any of my fingers into her. I just kept vibrating on her clit, accumulating more juices and moans.

Proceeding to stick her hand into my shorts, my dick was warm to her palm, but more importantly, it was harder than ever. Going on to strip my shorts off, I did the same for her panties and we were bare waist-down in no time. I must say things are about to get messy if we did not hold back.

Me: ‘Trici, I can’t. It’s not right.’
Beatrice: ‘You know I was adopted right?’
Me: ‘They told you?’
Beatrice: ‘I found out.’

She got up abruptly and shifted to a 69 position, lowering her pussy over my mouth to prevent me from further probing. Well, it was more of probing somewhere else than her personal life. As soon as I began licking the dripping wet hole, her mouth devoured my dick and her lips took over the pleasure exchange.

Slight body movements and uncontrollable moans proved hard for us to focus in the little competition, shortening our foreplay when she came from my licking.

She returned to my side and got me to face her, pecking once on my lips with eyes I couldn’t resist.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘It’s your turn to work out.’

I got on my knees and raised one of her legs, where she skilfully brought it close to her chest. Before me, her perfectly shaved pussy was staring at my dick with minute gapping motion. Carefully, I sank my meat into her super soft flesh and it wrapped around me easily, showing no signs of pain or discomfort on her face.

As soon as I was fully parked, the overwhelming tightness stopped me from any actions.

Me (whispering): ‘Relax a little?’
Beatrice (whispering): ‘Wait.. ‘

I felt the tight grip loosening, and I began thrusting into her small body. With me gaining speed on her, she was moaning louder and louder, in the empty house my parents had left for work for. The gently squeezes came stealthily as an orgasm approached, forcing her to jump away as the climax peaked.

The little girl tucked herself into the corner and shivered non-stop, as though she was in shock.

Me: ‘Hey, are you alright?’
Beatrice (whispering): ‘Yeah.. it’s just.. my first time receiving a vaginal orgasm.. Sorry if I scared you.. ‘

Concerned overcame my lust and I patted her till she was better. Expecting her to return to her room, she crawled to the centre of the bed, and waited for me in doggie.

Me: ‘You are not going to sleep?’
Beatrice: ‘Huh? We just got started right?’

I sighed through my nose with a grin and stopped behind her bouncy ass, letting her grind on me till I was back to the ‘normal’ size. Having lesser time to sleep, I pushed my way between her pussy and got her to hold onto the pillow.

Beatrice: ‘J! It’s so deep! I love it.’

Regaining my energy, I pounded her rear till my hips ached, but nothing slowed me down. Her body rose and dropped as I made small adjustments to the angles, ensuring I covered ever spot that I could reach. Then, another orgasm came but the phrase she screamed out, ‘keep going!’, well.. kept me going.

Her voice got softer and her body felt weaker, yet the mind-blowing tightness did not relax one bit. Her body was speaking on behalf of her, for more.

I laid down on the bed and she sat on her feet, pussy still keeping half of me inside. Once she felt ready, I showed her the high speed twerking(?) hip thrusts and the results were instant. A long, deep groan was all I could hear before she collapsed face down after a full minute. That move alone took all of my strength and a part of me was glad she was knocked out.

Getting off the bed, I shifted her body to lie in a more comfortable position, before sitting next to her lifeless form. Her hand feebly reached around my waist and took my cock in her hand, playing with it as she sobered up.

Beatrice: ‘I’m not good enough for your cum?’
Me: ‘I was reserving it for breakfast.’

That was the least offending, cheeky sounding, excuse I could come up with. The real reason I couldn’t cum, was cause she IS my cousin. My dick would go super sensitive, numb, disinterested, but stayed hard due to the motions. It was a mental barrier between us.

She awakened after a couple of minutes and climbed off the bed, put her panties on and kneeled before me.

Beatrice: ‘I’m sorry you couldn’t cum after giving me all those orgasms. You’re actually the guy I want to be with.’
Me: ‘Huh? Umm.. It’s okay. You should rest now. We can talk tomorrow.’

Suddenly, her head just went between my legs and took my dick in her mouth. Trying to push her away just made her bite at the base of my dick, holding me hostage till she got what she wanted. Once she realised I was helpless in her mouth, her tongue came in contact with my dick and she began sucking me.

She wasn’t that skilful at it, given her age. But the signals came when she went deep throat on me, and took my hands behind her head. There was no gag reflex.

Beatrice: ‘Fuck my mouth till you cum. If not I’ll jump on you when auntie and uncle (my parents) are around.’

I firmly held the sides of her head and thrust her mouth at me, jerking a little of my ass to dive it really deep. The wide-open jaws kept her teeth away, allowing me to feel her throat at its best.

Lasting for almost five minutes, it was the most intense conflict of emotions I had ever felt. Still, my body was overpowered by my dick and I was soon at my end.

Me (exclaiming): ‘Trici, here it comes.’

I let go off her head and she took over the rhythm, making long strokes with her tightly-sealed lips down my shaft. On and on she went, till I tapped on her cheeks.

The instant she took my dick out of her mouth, I knew it was going to be my first time doing whatever she was doing. She pumped my dick till the first squirt entered her mouth, and the rest was directed at her face. Dribbling down her cheeks, more squirts caused the excess to flow onto her chest, and into her mouth.

Once the last few shots were blanks, she sucked on my meat straw and I trembled at the over-sensitive dick head.

Beatrice: ‘J, you taste nice. And it warms my face.’

Her eyes were closed when she said that, and a few pieces of tissue paper were placed at her chin when she got up. We went for a quick rinse together and it was nothing short of teasing and foreplay inside.

Thereafter, we went back into my room and she slept soundly, hand accidentally resting on my dick and my hand on her boob under her shirt. Since that day, she had been visiting my place after school as it was nearby, completing her homework before we commenced our ‘yoga’ session behind closed doors.

After a year of incestuous activities, plus normal dates we went on, her parents linked our closeness to a possibility that we could actually be together. As of now, everyone in the family was glad we were together, instead of some other guys she could be with.

After all, who else can be a better person to take care of my aunt’s daughter? What a weird thing our families have accepted..

Part 1 | Part 2

Cousin’s First Book Out

Jacqueline: ‘How’s the two weeks in camp?’
Jason: ‘Tiring. Thanks for having lunch with me.’
Jacqueline: ‘No worries. Who asks you not to get a girlfriend before enlisting?’
Jason: ‘Haha. Having a girlfriend is stressful for an army boy.’

They made their way to her place where her mum greeted her nephew happily, seeing the toned guy becoming a man through National Service. Jacqueline is Jason’s cousin and he had occasionally spent nights at their place when his mum played mahjong with the family. That day, his whole family was in Malaysia and there was no one in his home, so he decided to sleep over at his aunt’s place.

Aunt: ‘Make yourself at home k? You know where is everything. You deserve a good rest for protecting the nation.’

Jacqueline went into the guest bedroom and tided her clothes strewn over the bed, packing some of her lingerie into her arms as Jason took the other clothes away. Falling onto the bed, he couldn’t wait to catch his nap after the ‘tekan’ (a term for intense workout similar to punishment) session in the morning.

Jason: ‘I’m going to sleep for a while. Call me when it’s time for dinner?’

He removed his top in the watchful eyes of Jacqueline who was admiring her cousin’s firm body, with a 6-pack almost forming at his waist. He couldn’t be more tempting for a 20 year old guy in the presence of the 18 year old poly student, who was single at that time too.

Lying with his face down, Jacqueline sat next to him on the bed and ran her fingers along the scratch marks on his back.

Jacqueline: ‘What happened?’
Jason: ‘Oh that. My bag scratched me when I was carrying it in a hurry. It’s not painful anymore.’

She shifted her hands to his shoulders and squeezed them, massaging the stiff neck and muscles that drove her mind even wilder. Gliding her long fingers across his back, he was turned on by her as well but did not want to have the wrong thoughts about her. Flipping over on his back, he grabbed her hands and stopped her from feeling him up.

Jason: ‘I think I am fine. Don’t want to keep you from doing your stuff.’
Jacqueline: ‘I don’t have anything to do now ah. I feel like giving you a massage.’
Jason: ‘It’s ticklish. Really don’t need.’
Jacqueline: ‘Shhh.. ‘

She ran her hand over his eyes to close them and continued working on his shoulders, but this time, she was looking at his jeans where a bulge was building up. He was peeking at her from under his eyelids, at the petite girl in a white tank top and short shorts, a figure he would die to fuck if she wasn’t his cousin.

After the relaxing neck massage, he felt her hands going to his jeans, and undoing his belt. There was no disturbance from his aunt who was still busying with the house chores, and so he laid still and let her remove his pants.

Jacqueline: ‘They always say army boys are horny. Looks like it’s true.’

She held his bulge outside his underwear and squeezed playfully, making Jason groan as he held her wrist still.

Jason: ‘Eh.. cannot lah.’
Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Why cannot? It is saying yes what.’

Her other hand pulled his underwear down and her fingers went around his rod, stroking it skin-to-skin. Lust was driving him wild and he let go off her hand, giving her the freedom to pump his dick while his balls were being fondled.

Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Keep quiet k? If not mummy will find out.’

Jason did not answer her although he heard her and simply kicked his underwear off his ankles. Her hair brushed on his thighs and a second later, he felt her lips on his dick. Slowly, her mouth went down his shaft as saliva gathered along his rod and she began sucking him quietly.

While she was busy with the dick in her mouth, she reached for the pile of clothes next to the bed and picked out a short skirt. A few minutes after he was at his maximum length, she stopped and leaned back on her arms.

Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Jason, wake up. Help me change into the skirt.’

He sat up and pulled her shorts off, slipping on the skirt in a seamless transition. She then hopped off the bed to remove her panties and left it in the basket of dirty linens. Lying next to Jason, she continued jerking him to keep him hard and he guided his hand under the skirt, rubbing on her clit that was slightly wet.

Jason (whispering): ‘You are so wet!’
Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Don’t make me blush can? I was already wet when I saw you at the bus interchange.’

So she was that ready even before reaching her place. Such a lucky guy huh? With his fingers rubbing violently on her clit, she was moaning with her mouth closed, making Mmm sounds. Once she had enough of his strong fingers, she held his waist and brought him on top of her.

She held her skirt to her tummy as he looked at their hips, trying to let his dick into the right hole. It took him only a while to figure out the opening and the sudden grab of his arms told him he was at her door. Pushing his way in gently, his hard on couldn’t be happier to have a pussy on the day of his book out. There was enough cum in him to go for as many rounds as he wanted.

Gradually, his thrusts at her went faster, to a point her legs were tightly wrapped around him and pulling him deeper. Her pussy stretched to its maximum width with that elongated meat stick and her juices were just leaking out of control to smoothen the ride. As one orgasm hit her after another, Jason could tell how much she wanted from her finger rubbing on her clit as they fucked.

Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Let me ride you.’
Jason: ‘K.’

He collapsed on her body and rolled over, before she picked herself up quickly and grinded on his abs. The slurping sounds were so arousing with the girl lying on his chest and moving only her hips. Slamming hard on his groin, his dick was driven as deep as it would go, filling her up with warmth and love.

Jacqueline grew tired in no time and she sat atop him, turning herself to face his feet and changing into doggie position. Jason went on to kneel behind her and held her small waist firmly, before ramming ferociously into her sore pussy. Taking her to the next level, his cousin buried her face in the bolster and moaned loudly into it, scaring him whenever he thrust hard and she picked her chest up.

After five minutes of mindless sex, he could not hold it in anymore and slowed down to a stop. Asking his dear cousin where would she liked him to cum.

Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Inside me. Please please.. I want it.’
Jason (whispering): ‘Is it safe?’

Jacqueline replied with two words ‘don’t care’, and slammed her butt backwards on his dick. Seeing how enthusiastic she was, Jason continued pounding her ass till the last moment arrived, where his cum pumped into her like a broken tap. She took over the rhythm and pushed her body backwards, fucking his dick as he was trying to compose himself.

By doing that, his dick was milked dry of every drop and the persistent girl forced his huge load out as his dick continued to dip into her. Only after he went crazy, he fell on the bed and Jacqueline fell forward with her legs shut.

Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Can see how much you came?’
Jason (whispering): ‘It’s overflowing.’
Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Take a picture for me to see eh.’

He snapped a poorly framed image for her and showed it to her after she got off the bed. Tapping on his phone, she sent a copy to her phone and slipped her panties on, before pulling the blanket over his sweat-covered body.

Jacqueline: ‘Let’s go to your place after dinner k? My turn to sleep over at your place.’

A twitch stirred his dick awake upon hearing that and he smiled at her, nodding as he closed his eyes to catch a well-deserved rest. Just right before dinner, Jacqueline went into his room again, stroking his dick under the sheets to wake him up for the meal. Seeing the girl now wearing his S size BMT shirt that was so short, ending right below her hips, he jumped off the bed excitedly for a short make out before heading for dinner.

Under the table, you could guess which two feet were rubbing against each others’ privates while they ate, hidden from his aunt who was asking about his army life.

Spare Room and Guy

A call came into my phone at noon and my younger cousin, Rachel was on the line. She was nearby my place and needed somewhere to rest, specifically a room she could have all to herself. There was a spare room nicely decorated for rent, and it had been empty for some time. So I asked her to go ahead and use it, which she excitedly thanked me for.

The knock came shortly after and I let her in, with a guy that looked younger than her. I brought them to the room and removed the few boxes of stuff I stacked away in the corner. They thanked me in a formal tone and I was ready to go back to bed since work only starts in the late afternoon. Rachel was in poly and we had been quite close since she was a toddler. We met often at our grandparent’s place and by then, she had grown into a fine young lady who knew how to dress well.

A guy and a girl in a room, what more could I expect? The creaking sounds of the bed soon formed the background music along with occasional loud moans. That guy was not very mature too, taking things for granted when a room was provided. In under ten minutes, the room went quiet and the door opened, with the guy embarrassed holding his bag in his arms and leaving the place.

Wow, was he really that bad in bed? Or maybe he did something wrong. At least my cousin wasn’t fucking anymore, and that felt better for a relative in my position.

Me: ‘Rachel, is everything alright?’

I knocked on the door and she asked me to enter. I walked into her with the blanket wrapped around her body and a stench of cigarette filled up my nose. Like how the saying went, if you had time for a smoke after sex, you’re doing it too fast. I sat on the bed and probed further about who the guy was. Listening to her rantings wasn’t easy either, especially when she bared her shoulders and her long gold highlighted hair flowed down onto her chest. It seemed that the ‘ah lian’ life had chosen her.

Seeing how comfortable she was in her own skin, I continued chatting until she felt a little hungry. I excused myself to cook some spaghetti for her and she immediately said she wanted to help out. Even before I could exit the room, she caught hold of my hand and asked if I could wait, like ‘can’t you wait for me to get dressed first?’ In a totally Singaporean accent. I sat still with my head turned away, and she was done in under a minute.

I looked at her and the sight of a slut in just her sports bra and spandex sports shorts created a twitch in my pants.

Me: ‘The oil might splatter onto your body!’
Rachel: ‘I’m just going to watch you cook, and you can shield me right?’

She got off the bed and pulled me up, leading me to the kitchen hungrily. Just like each time I cook, I took my time to prepare all the condiments required and she just sat on the dining table, watching me in awe.

Rachel: ‘I didn’t know you can cook.’
Me: ‘You don’t come by often enough.’
Rachel: ‘I think men who can cook are hot!’

Of course, the stove often makes me sweat. I began cooking and she stood behind me, using me as a shield from the slight splattering of butter. A few times she had hugged me so she could watch the pan while hiding behind me, and her soft boobs just made my hard on more obvious under the thin shorts.

I left her with the plate of pasta and did the dishes. By the time I was done, she was done too. And we returned to the spare room that had its air-con in full blast.

Rachel: ‘You’ve been standing since I only wore my bra and shorts huh?’
Me: ‘Excuse me, I’m a normal guy. I can’t control it too.’
Rachel: ‘Did you fantasise about me?’
Me: ‘Only just now.’

Rachel pulled me down onto the bed with her and climbed on top of me like a wild cat. She pressed her hands on my chest and grind her pelvic over my bulge naughtily, tempting me to lose control.

Rachel: ‘I’ve read a lot of stories about cousins doing it. And I really wanted to give it a try too.’
Me: ‘C’mon, don’t play anymore. I still need to work.’

She pulled her bra off and threw it at my face, giving me an overload of her floral scented body. With my eyes covered, she grabbed my hands and placed it on her breasts, helping my fingers knead them before I took over and automated the process. I could tell how turned on she was from the erection of her nipples, and it was just so inviting to feast on them.

I sat up and let the bra fall to the side, planting my mouth over her boobs and letting her pressed my head on where she preferred to be sucked. I went on working my tongue all over her chest until she was almost blurted for me to fuck her.

After the non-stop sucking, she had to push me down on the bed to stop me and took another few seconds to remove her shorts, leaving her bare pussy in full view of me. The smooth skin over her pussy was in the same fair complexion as the rest of her body, and it was definitely the most alluring part I had seen in all the girls. The tiny peeking of her clit, well hidden labia, with a little glimmer from her juices.

She sat back on top and tugged my shorts down, exposing my underwear-less dick. A few strokes with her hands got the pre-cum flowing and Rachel laid on top of me, looking upwards into my eyes.

Rachel: ‘I really want it. Can give it to me?’
Me: ‘Lie on the bed.’

I already lost myself the moment I had her breasts in my mouth, and since we’re already going to hell, might as well stay there right? We flipped over and I pressed her knees onto the bed, spreading her like an overturned frog. My dick docked into her hangar in autopilot mode and I penetrated her in a steady pace, giving her no chance to take any breaks in between the whole trip.

My little cousin was in all smiles with her eyes shut, feeling every bit of my rod warming her meat tunnel. I couldn’t help but let off a manly groan when I was fully parked in her, when her pulse was beating right onto my shaft. I bet she could feel my heart beating fast too. We wasted no time in enjoying the motionless state and I began ramming my rod into her, sending her into wails and slutty comments like ‘faster, deeper’. I was in total control and I had no intention of ending it fast.

I made sure to do her so slowly that she had no choice but to struggle with me for control. The weak attempts was negated by keeping her legs opened and speeding up when she tried to break free. I guessed getting on top of me would give her the pleasure she wanted, but no, I wasn’t there to just please her. I had wanted to impress her.

Pounding our hips together hard, I made long fast strokes in and slow strokes out. It was sexy to see how badly she wanted it.

Rachel: ‘Can you let me get on top now? I am dying to climax. Please let me cum.’
Me: ‘Alright. One time before you ride me.’

I straightened my legs and fucked her faster, until she grabbed my wrists and opened her mouth in a silent scream. Her hips went jerking uncontrollably, and it took over my thrusts. It was just fucking my rod unintentionally. The huge orgasm weakened her for a while and I just kept still while inside. Once she reached her hands out to me, I knew she was ready to ride the bull.

I picked her up and we did a few times seated. Thereafter, I laid on my back and she placed her knees by my hips, grinding back and forth to her liking. Unknown to her, this position wasn’t that stimulating but it had an opposite effect on her. The girl was holding her long hair over her head as she rode me, squeezing her own breasts while ignoring my feelings.

In just under three minutes, the same jerking motion came and a small stream of cum flowed down my abs to the sides. She then collapsed on my body and asked me to take over. We spent a long time changing to doggie in her exhausted state and I was given full authority for the last lap.

Rachel: ‘Did you feel good when I ride you?’
Me: ‘I’m fine with it. Why do you ask?’
Rachel: ‘Most guys couldn’t take it and just shoot halfway. I seldom reached the doggie style.’
Me: ‘Shoot inside you?’
Rachel: ‘No! I’m not that slutty yet. Inside condom.’
Me: ‘And me?’
Rachel: ‘You’re the first to do it raw with me.’

Well, fuck. What was I expecting when she initiated the sex? I pushed those thoughts aside and pulled her hips down on my shaft, shocking her by the depth I could reach in this position. ‘Oh my god! It’s so deep in me’, she moaned when I started thrusting in short strokes. It was getting harder to hold myself back and I decided to just go all the way, until ‘that’ moment.

She kept herself motionless while I banged her, keeping me turned on with her moans and dirty comments. The small body was in constant trembles as I fucked her silly, sending her body into overdrive with the non-stop orgasms. My dick was being squeezed with an overpowering tightness and the small bumps in her pussy sent me groaning louder.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m cumming Rachel, I’m cumming!’

I pulled out of her with a few seconds grace and she jumped to turn herself around. Her mouth went down my shaft and she forced her face into my groin, making long, fast thrusts. I let her continue as I knew the tightness and wetness would keep my timer ticking. After about five minutes of mindless mouth-fuck, I held her head down and jerked my hips upwards a few times, triggering my load to fire into her mouth.

Instead of just keeping still, she took things into her own hands and continued to fuck me with her mouth, going all the way down to a painful sounding deep throat. As soon as I was done, I released my grip on her head and she let my dick out, till only my tip was left on her pouted lips. She took some time to recover from the choking and then made another few strokes down my rod.

Only after I was emptied and shivering from the hypersensitive dick, she let me off and sat demurely on her calves. Her opened mouth and swirling tongue played with my cum for a while before she swallowed it whole, and cleaned her mouth with the blankets.

I went back to the pillows and rested, waiting for her to crawl into my arms and getting close to me. We cuddled for a bit without kissing and the tired girl was still smiling from the sex earlier.

Rachel: ‘You’re good in bed.’
Me: ‘How many guys did you have before me?’
Rachel: ‘Three?’
Me: ‘And they shoot in your mouth?’

Rachel: ‘Eh! No! Always in condoms. You’re the first to unload in my mouth.’

That many ‘firsts’ scared me as such things were usually reserved for boyfriend, or husband. She fell asleep after a while and I let her have the whole bed. I went for a shower and left for work, leaving her a message to text me if she needed anything and not know where to find it.

Upon reaching home that night, I prepared dinner for the still-asleep girl. A delicious smelling dinner would be the most ideal way to wake up to, and she did, naked, pussy already wet.

Rachel: ‘Can I stay over at your place tonight? I’ll let my mum know.’
Me: ‘Yeah. You can.’
Rachel: ‘And you’ll do it all night long with me?’
Me: ‘Yes, that too if you want.’

Now I have a closer cousin, filled with benefits we knew no one must ever find out. That night, we took turns to ‘wake’ each other up after every round and we had the most intense sex ever, even after I was firing blanks. We just could not get enough of each other, till this day.

A Secret Forever

Lionel was very happy about his first escort he hired. It wasn’t really much escorting since he was looking for just a high-end fuck, and the price was steep too for a night of adventure. As arranged, the lady going by the name of Candy texted him her room number and said that everything was prepared like he requested. His dark desire to have sex with girls without them knowing how he looked like was well-hidden, and safe to his identity too. He made his way up to the hotel room and took a deep breath before he entered through the ajar door. Slowing making his way into the room, his eyes gleamed at the long thin legs that extends up her hips and desirable waistline, to her boobs covered in just a tube bra and a blindfold covering her mysterious eyes.

Her hair colour seemed somewhat familiar, to one of his cousins who had such a unique dye. Quickly looking at her IC which she placed by the bed for age verification, Lionel realised he got a bad request. She was his cousin, whom only met during Chinese New Year visits. Her name only played a small part when he asked for her since incest was never on his mind.

Lional: ‘Shhh..

He took his cuffs out and tied her hands to the bedframe, while thinking hard of a good excuse for rejecting. He had no wish for her to discover his secret fetish nor his expenditure on social services. Well, she was still blindfolded right? That might be a very smart move to begin with by requesting. Now, Lionel can just walk out of the room and text her that.. wait.

She WAS blindfolded. He walked back to her and put his hands up her dress, pulling the pair of yellow laced panties he had caught sight of at her place. Quietly, he began stripping and was naked, just that she couldn’t see him. Candy wasn’t a work name, it was her real name. Candy Hsu. It would been any guy’s dream to do her, possessing a untouchable body that seemed perfect in every way. She even confided in him regarding the irritation of guys going after her and now, he got what others couldn’t.

Sitting over her chest, her lips touched his rod and took it naturally into her mouth, while awaiting him to start thrusting his dick. Unable to control his satisfaction of the conquest, he took his phone out and took a picture of her sucking on his dick with the spy app. Without further ado, he forced his way down her throat and she started sucking on it like a pro. Yes, like a pro. She must had done this more than once. Her mouth was skilful, lubricating it excessively with her saliva, her lips kept those pretty teeth away from the oral abuse, pressing against his skin tightly and softly. He enjoyed watching her mouth handle his manhood with the pressure and a pleasant lip colour.

Then, he removed himself off her mouth and went downwards to missionary, kissing her passionately while pinching one of her nipples. His hand slid down to her pussy and started circling the clit, almost sending her into an orgasm when he suddenly thrust his dick into her unprepared hole, adding a slight pain to the pleasure from his fingers. Lionel’s hand resumed fondling her breasts while his body took over the humping his piece of forbidden meat. He could totally feel her vagina loosening itself until it was a fit and the walls tighten to increase the stimulation of his shaft. It was primitive the way those two did it, one bounded by the unknowns, one savouring the forbidden. Exactly how Eden got Eve to cover everything up. Something was about to go wrong with all those intense emotions.

Unfastening her hands, he flipped her around and rammed hard into her, sending her screaming as her body struggled to stay awake, while sanity slipped away with time. Her expression was priceless in front of the mirror. Her mouth had began salivating on its own and hair in a mess, almost looked like she was raped willingly, such irony. Lionel slowed down as tiredness kicked in, but Candy was just waiting to take over. She got up and turned around to sit on him, using his hand as a guide, her pussy went over his dick and the two hugged while she began riding him.

She went tighter and Lionel enjoyed the relaxing sex as she put in her work to satisfy her client. As she hugged him tightly while awaiting the overwhelming orgasms and heat to subside, she just had to whisper something that made Lionel question his actions.

Candy: ‘You smell like my cousin.’

Even more worried about getting exposed, he led her to the edge of the bed, bent her over and pounded her deep, in this support doggie position, her body felt every inch of his member and could reach every spot in hers. With her mind blacking out gradually, she knew the biggest climax was coming and it might well be with him.

There was no rubber between them, as stated in the deal, Lionel (luckily or unluckily) was certified to be infertile naturally, and unknown to him, she was also diagnosed with the same deformity. His hips went painfully hard against her butt and it shot out the biggest load of cum Candy ever felt in a long time, pumping waves after waves of goodness into her, she wasn’t even worried for a moment this could get her pregnant. Without menses, she had no ovaries. Without sperms in his semen, his cum didn’t mean anything.

Lionel: ‘Don’t worry Candy. I’m infertile.’

Candy: ‘What! So am I too. But why?’

The two young bodies took a long time to catch their breaths and finally, she requested to remove the blindfold.

Candy: ‘Sir, can I remove these?’

What would you do? He went over to her and removed the cloth, only to find tears swelling up in her eyes. She jumped on him and held him close for a long time.

Candy (sobbing): ‘I was scared.. I was so scared. I only picked you because your name gave me comfort. And your scent.. it made me regret giving in to myself and sign up for this escort nonsense. I was so glad it was not anyone else, but you.’

Lionel didn’t understand what was happening, but was hurt knowing she was infertile naturally. That was why she didn’t want a boyfriend. That was also why they found each other while being inside each other. The pair became the closest pair of siblings no one could understand except for their parents, who had no choice but to let them remain intimate with each other, knowing they can’t cause any accidents.

Ipoh to Singapore

June came and holidays felt the same. Eugene had reached Singapore from Ipoh Malaysia to check up on the family as well as to get a break from his studies. Still unknown to Kim, he would be staying at her place for the night and when he popped up at her place, you guys should see how shocked yet afraid she was.

Kim: ‘Eugene, you’re really here.’

Eugene: ‘Yeah! Happy?’

Giving her a squeeze on her butt, he shifted his backpack into a guest room of Kim’s apartment, located at Pasir Ris area. Guess how she felt. As Kim was the only one on holiday, her parents tasked her to bring him around and of course, to make sure she did everything to make him happy. After all, it was his first time in Singapore. That instruction alone had so many ways to interpret but there was only one objective when ‘happy’ was mentioned.

Kim’s Parents: ‘We’re going out now, take care of Kim for us yeah?’

They bid farewell and left for their work while Eugene was already on his way into her room, left slightly ajar. Feeling a pair of strong palms moving up her legs, and opening them slowly. Then, a warm wet tongue started going up and down on her pantyless pussy and making her moan awake. Quickly pulling her dress down to cover her privates, Eugene paused and smiled.

Eugene: ‘Good morning sweetie.’

Kim was stunned by the treat. Nothing was said, but he was waiting. Not for her reply, but for her hands to go away so he could have his breakfast. Lifting both her hands to the side, his head disappeared under her dress for the second time and continued the cunnilingus, exciting her body with short spasms. After a good ten minutes, his tongue finally stopped and when he appeared in front of her, that tongue was slurping up whatever was smeared around his mouth, taking it down his throat.

Breakfast had been prepared and the both of them went out to fill their stomachs, Eugene’s hands were dirtied with butter and grease from the youtiao, but his toes were wriggling under the table, between Kim’s legs that had cum stained on it too, still moist from her awakening. There wasn’t much she could do, since her job was clear, and there was no escape either. That inner slut in her wanted him to continue what he was doing, and more desirably, to make her do what makes him happy, it didn’t need long though.

Eugene: ‘I’m done. Will you do the dishes with me?’

She nodded and did the dishes, with him behind her, she felt her dress went higher and a hard piece of meat on her ass, rubbing between both her thighs to generously coat her cum over it. When it’s ready, the piece of meat pushed her pussy lips apart and inched bit by bit inside her.

The dishes was almost done, but the fun had just begun. With his full length in her, his hips moved in and out and for the fourth time, Kim’s body weakened from the penetration and she had to hold onto the ledge of the sink to support herself. Moans were escaping uncontrollably, her body was perspiring and the breathing only got faster. Still ramming his rod in her, the tightness was not as good as the first time he raped her in Ipoh, but nonetheless, it did its work.

Feeling the pumps start in his balls, the ‘high’ he felt pushed him faster and stronger, thrusting his cock right into her love hole, beaten up by the non-stop fucking. In less than a minute, the feeling she had yearned for came and it was even better than expected. His warm cum poured into her like a firehose, shooting wildly, while continuing to push his seeds inside her. Just as he was done, the bent rod exited and left the cleaning of the cum-dripped floor to his ‘maid-of-the-day’.

About two hours later, it was time for her to bring him around and of course, he did it with a bottle of magic gel, stiffening his dick with just a few breath of it. If sex in public turns you on, then there would be too many incident that drained her energy many times a day.

The moment they stepped out, every part of the journey, from travelling in buses, cabs, trains, to eating, toilet breaks, were all sexed-up. The wireless vibrator he put in her in the lift down their estate kept her turned on the whole day, a few times even made her so horny that she had asked to be satisfied, with a load of cum in her mouth or pussy. Like a slut, she took every bit of him without resistance and enjoyed the love-making with her cousin.

Maybe, a part of her had already convinced that she was his. And that part was one that received all the love, warm, gooey, white love. Much of the day and night was filled with love, and as she accepted her true self, she embraced the effort he put in her too.

As night falls, her pussy was already too sore to feel anything and boobs bruised and nipples swollen to pain. Though a little aching everywhere, Kim was hoping to have a little romantic love making too. After washing the plates from dinner, Kim went back to her room and changed into a translucent pink night dress, before hugging Eugene from the back in front of the TV. Bending over the sofa low enough, her hands slipped into his boxers and her lips met his, kissing passionately as the volume of the TV lowered.

His hard cock sprang out of the undies and he forcefully yanked the piece of cloth away. Soft yet standing, he knew there was no more sensation below, numbed from the whole day of pro-creating. Going onto her knees, she carefully took it into her mouth and sucked on it lightly, giving him the slightest suction that he could still feel travelling up his spine, to relax his tensed spent muscles. With the rising of his dick, it was merely time that stood between full capability and pain. Everything had to slow down.

With his manhood up and running, Kim kept going with her mouth while her fingers toyed her own clit, massaging away the soreness and numbness, bringing fluid and lust to cover her pussy. Finally, after three long minutes, she was ready. Climbing onto the leather, she knelt across his hips and sat down slowly, at the same time spreading her pussy lips to accommodate his expended rod capable of giving her nuclear explosions in her mind. Eugene wasn’t surprised or whatsoever that Kim wanted more, but the fact that she was so gentle with him made him regretted whatever he did, and this time, she made him feel again, washing his fear of impotency away.

When the last centimetres of that red piece of meat entered, Kim began rocking away on top of Eugene, making sure the full length was ‘felt’ and ‘cleaned’. Squeezing and relaxing, contracting and expanding, her concentration was superb in controlling her vaginal muscles to massage his dick back to life. She did not need his vigour nor command, just his obedience and cooperation.

With no rest in between, his balls were screaming to release and to amp the speed so they could be freed. Holding onto his broad shoulders, Kim’s pussy tightened and she sat firmly on his lap, and surprised him by reaching to his balls and massaging them in a ‘squeezing and relaxing’ strokes.

It was the first, and probably the last time Eugene felt controlled to cum against his body’s wish. Like an exploding bomb, the countdown started in his testicles and immediately exploded through the main tunnel into the world, pumping whatever that’s left into her, while she orgasmed without stimulating her g-spot, but with just her clit. With those PC muscles at their limits, Eugene fainted under the pressure and Kim fell to her sides, too weak to walk.

The following day, everything went back to normal and Eugene left Singapore for home. Like the previous meet in Ipoh, there was no note, no number, nothing. Just the few days of pure, intense and wild..