Cousin Bonding

Jing (whispering): ‘Just don’t tell my parents k?’ She got up from the bed and began removing her cardigan, exposing her fair complexion that our families possessed. The dark, brown hair flung around as her grey tank top came off as well, followed by her skirt she dropped to her feet. Never did I imagined […]

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Too Late for CNY

Sen: ‘Hi kor! Happy Chinese New Year!’ My lively 15 year old cousin skipped to the chopping board of unfinished cabbage and continued the work, slicing and dicing them as unevenly as she could. This cousin of mine was close to my family as she loves to cook, dropping by at the most untimely manner […]

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Part 1 | Part 2 Background of the girls; Beatrice – My adopted cousin, known for her figure due to yoga. Dresses like any other 16 year olds, often revealing her shoulders and long fair legs. Sometimes going pantyless, she explained that it kept her pussy airy apart from those tight shorts and pants she […]

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Unexpected Acceptance

Part 1 | Part 2 Beatrice: ‘Hey J, you’re not working today?’ My younger cousin studying in a private uni came barging into my room, unaware that it was my usual off day. With a sports bra and panties, she had a cup of brightly coloured fruit juice in her hands. Me: ‘Nope. It’s my […]

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Cousin’s First Book Out

Jacqueline: ‘How’s the two weeks in camp?’ Jason: ‘Tiring. Thanks for having lunch with me.’ Jacqueline: ‘No worries. Who asks you not to get a girlfriend before enlisting?’ Jason: ‘Haha. Having a girlfriend is stressful for an army boy.’ They made their way to her place where her mum greeted her nephew happily, seeing the […]

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