Pleasure Prick

When I saw Mabel after so many years, I couldn’t believe how thin she was. The singlet did not even try to hide her pink bra she wore underneath, and to meet at ’10th’ floor of a block was even a more weird request.

Mabel: ‘Eh! Come here.’
Me: ‘What? Where are we going?’

She knocked twice on a door and a face appeared between the gap, before we were allowed in. It seemed like a normal apartment with a mix of guys and girls on the couch, until I saw the syringes on the coffee table.

Mabel: ‘Jie. Knock before you come in my room ah.’
Girl: ‘Go in for what? Siao ah?’

She led me into the bedroom and locked the door, confusing me with what I just saw. When I learnt the truth behind the ‘house’, an unnerving thrill was hyping me up. I was actually in a safe house where runners meet outside their distribution ‘jobs’.

Mabel: ‘Don’t worry la. We don’t keep much drugs here.’
Me: ‘Eh. If I am caught.. ‘
Mabel: ‘You won’t la. I won’t sabo you one.’

With the text messages and intent clear, I was clearly a line between them and my presence. We went on to catch up on our lives, while she took a transparent straw with some white substance at the end. ‘Can help me?’, she asked while handing me the straw.

Me: ‘With what?’

Without explanation, she wriggled her shorts off and flipped onto her chest, raising her ass up in the air. Her panties were lowered to her thighs and she pried open her ass crack in front of me.

Mabel: ‘Blow it into my ass.’
Me: ‘You sure?’
Mabel: ‘Yupp. I’ve always wanted to try it. But the guys outside.. I trust you more.’

I stuck the tip shallowly into her rear hole and blew really hard, not wanting to smell whatever she smelled like down there. Her body flattened on the bed and it took her a minute before she lost herself, stripping her shirt and bra off her skinny chest.

Mabel (heaving): ‘Oh god.. I’m feeling so warm. Come.. ‘

I remained seated on the bed knowing what might happened but she just pulled me down with her, removing my shorts despite my resistance. In front of a high and needy girl, how long could I resist my urge? Her hand was jerking my cock before I knew it and my fingers were forced into her dripping pussy.

The next ten minutes were just furious masturbation happening on bed, both of us eager to drive each other crazy. In a way, she knew stroking me faster would get me to finger her as fast, thus escalating the sensations she was feeling.

Mabel (whispering): ‘Let’s fuck.’
Me: ‘Condom?’
Mabel: ‘Let’s do it raw.. ‘

She laid flat on the bed and guided me on top, holding my cock delicately in her sweaty palm. Even though she had gone awry, the sincerity and truthfulness I hear from her voice did not make me doubt her choices. In safe hands, I pushed my way easily into her pussy and her eyes rolled white in ecstasy.

Mabel (moaning): ‘Oh fuck.. you’re making me crazy!’

My hips started to move on their own and she was a loose fit over my shaft. It was a soft, warm but gently pressurised, without surprising my mind. I couldn’t believe how sensual it felt, without any intense groans, just beautiful, slow pace of repetitive penetration.

Before I realised it, her arms had gone around my neck and we were kissing, to an orgasm awakening in her belly. Though she got a little tighter, it was still manageable. The perfection of the delicate pressure on my cock was in fact another experience to get me to cum soon. To put it simply, intense, raw sex belonged to the physical challenge. And a slow, graceful type of sex belonged to the spiritual level of love-making. Both having the same effects on a man’s mind.

I could feel my orgasm building up as she purred into my ears, complimenting my size and depth non-stop. For some reason, I could tell this was going to get more out of me than just regular sex. Some time later, our exhausted body slowed down and she finally stopped my thrusts with her feet.

Mabel (panting): ‘Is someone feeling it too?’
Me (panting): ‘Feeling what?’
Mabel: ‘The drugs.. some of it might be transferred to you.’

Right.. Why haven’t I thought of that? As I regained my energy from the much needed pause, my hips was slamming harder into her pussy, transcending beyond the beautiful love-making speed. Her fingernails amplified my senses as she dug into my back, kissing me harder to muffle her moans.

Me (groaning): ‘I’m shooting!’
Mabel (moaning): ‘Inside me baby.. inside me.. ‘

I let myself go and hammered the hell out of her, jerking her knees back and forth as my pelvis hit her thighs. Her vaginal muscles closed on me and created a vacuum, in time for my first load that was sucked out of me as I withdrew. The next thrusts loaded my incoming waves and I pushed my cum deeper into her, filling her up with all my balls’ worth.

Each entry would push some air out and then empty my shaft, repeating it until I was spent. Collapsing on her body, she carefully rolled me over and stayed ‘intact’, riding me for a while and resting on top of me.

Our bodies stuck together in a sweaty state for a good fifteen minutes, allowing me cock to shrink out of her. Just moments after, she began snoring and I let her take her nap in my arms, genitals taking their break after such an unbelievable session.

When I woke up much later, she was seated by my side, slurping noodles hungrily from a large bowl. I sat behind her and placed my hands on her breasts, toying with her pink nipples while she ate.

Mabel (whispering): ‘Hey.. you’re making me wet again.’
Me: ‘Can you feel me poking you?’
Mabel: ‘Can.’

She finished her food at the fastest speed and bent over in doggy again, signalling me to give her another dose. I did what I shouldn’t and she was on top of me this time, riding wildly with renewed energy till I creampied her again.

Me: ‘Are you on the pills?’
Mabel: ‘No. I can’t get pregnant anymore.’
Me: ‘Why? Did you see a doctor?’
Mabel: ‘Yeah. It’s the drugs.’

Upon further probing, her menses had not came for years and she knew the results even without a check up. I was allowed to move in with her after a new safe house was established (constantly moving) and the amount of sex we had only increased upon her recovery from the addiction.

High and Wet

Spending time alone is the rare occasion where I sort my thoughts out. At 2am, the silence of my neighbourhood was the most ideal time to zone out, even the residents coming home then would not make too much noise.

Sitting in front of my block on one of those metal benches, a Lancer I always knew as an ‘ah beng car’ revved up to the bus stop nearby and interior lights came on when the passenger door was opened. Spotting the guy leaning over to the girl’s lap, I watched in horror as he pushed her out onto the grass patch, slamming the door hard and then zooming off.

The girl, wearing a white off shoulder crop top and black bandage skirt stood up but was in a trance. Swaying left and right as she walked, she did not take more than a few steps before collapsing to the ground. I couldn’t stay put and ran up to her, throwing her arm over my neck as I stood up.

Her replies to my questions were all gibberish, having no other choice but to bring her to where I was sitting earlier. Once her ass was firmed placed on the bench, she grabbed my hand across her belly and shifted it to her breasts, braless and firm under the thin material. She helped herself to my hand, squeezing through my fingers on her gorgeous chest.

Just as I pried my hand away, she raised her feet onto the edge of the seat and stuck her hand under.

Girl (mumbling): ‘I’m so fucking horny.. help me.. ‘
Me: ‘No I can’t!’
Girl: ‘Shhh.. ‘

She took my wrist and guided me into her skirt, onto the juicy, wet cunt that was so warm to the touch. Using my fingertips, I massaged her clit while she relaxed, sobering up to my relief.

Me: ‘Are you feeling better now?’

I slowed down to let her respond but she quickly went back into the drunken state, holding my hand and resuming the masturbation.

Girl: ‘Don’t stop. The drug.. is making me horny, and I can only think when you keep touching me.’

Me: ‘You have to get home and wait it out. I can’t do this to you.’

Her expression and actions had turned docile during the short period of calmness, regaining composure to a nicer self. Just as I thought I could end this unexpected act of kindness, she went for my shorts to forcefully lower it enough to stick her hand inside. Hushing me continuously, she laid pitifully on my shoulder, stroking my cock while whispering that she needed it right now. Taking advantage of a normal functioning, straight guy, she rose from her seat and stood skirt-up between my legs, ignoring my state of confusion about how far we would be taking it to.

In full glory of the estates opposite my block, and not forgetting my own block that was right behind us, she bent her knees over my lap and slid her ass up my groin. She caught yy cock between her legs and aimed it upright, before taking her actual position over it. Slowly sitting on my erection, her pussy was so wet that I was in in a continuous stroke.

Hopping lightly on her bent knees, the gentle tightness got the better of me as soft moans escaped her lips, while I was desperately holding in my excitement. Orgasms hit her within seconds due to her sensitivity, and it only got more frequent as she rode, exhausting her body bit by bit.

After five of what seemed to be the most beautiful orgasms she had, her legs gave way and she eased down on my hips. Feeling her womanly gentleness appear, deep, long breaths separated her sweet smelling body from my sweaty shirt. Finally, she was done using me as an outlet. Right?

Girl: ‘I’m Jolene. You?’
Me: ‘J here. You’re alright now?’
Jolene: ‘Almost. Can you do something for me?’
Me: ‘Yeah? Tell me.’

She took a deep breath out of my sight and arched her back forward, bringing my butt to the edge of the seat just an inch away from falling off. She took my both hands and went one more step away from the bench, ensuring that my cock never left her pussy while we undocked the comfortable seats. By then, we were standing chest-to-back, and my-groin-to-her-ass, close.

Jolene: ‘Fuck me hard all the way. Till you know? Cum?’
Me: ‘No way. I’m not gonna cum inside you.’
Jolene: ‘Or should I ride you till you cum? Will that be better?’
Me: ‘*Sigh*.. must I? You sure you want it?’
Jolene: ‘Yes. I want it so badly.’

My hands lightly held her waist as she adjusted her skirt higher, and I was humping away in no time. Jerking in stealthy small movements towards her ass, I went under her shirt to feel the erected nipples on her voluptuous breasts. There was just no way I could miss those handful mammaries. Erotic moans filled the air as we boned in the grassland, oblivious to whoever might be looking at us. The soft, raw flesh of her vagina caressed my hard cock like taming a giant with affection, it was something I never experienced in my life.

Gradually, her pussy got too tight to continue the graceful thrusts and I paused to warn her about the incoming load.

Jolene (whispering): ‘Shoot it all inside me baby.’

I hugged her closer as my hips went into rapid-fire mode, squishing out all the juices her pussy could hold. Within a few seconds, I was at my maximum speed and she just held my hands (on her breasts) tighter, embracing herself for my next sentence.

Me: ‘Cumming now.. ‘

Powerful shots drew my cock deeper into her while my hips fidgeted erratically, forcing hard thrusts insider to my weakening knees. The minute vacuum sucked every bit I had and we were wobbling backwards to the bench.

Once my last twitch happened, I let my body fall onto the seat and she joined me after lowering her skirt. In the cool breezy night, our hands stay joined, without saying a single word. After what felt like a long time, her head landed on my shoulder, and a momentarily tight grip got my attention.

Jolene (whispering): ‘Thank you.’

Without looking at her bag, she fished her phone out and held it in front of me. I punched my number in and she listened to make sure I got her number, and kept her mobile quietly. We spent a while enjoying the peacefulness before she had to leave, and I had no reasons to stay too.

Since my block was right behind us, I had ample opportunity to watch her catwalk away from me, deeper into the concrete jungle away from me. After a quick shower, I jumped into bed just in time to see a picture message appearing on my Whatsapp, a selfie of her OOTD we had our little fun in.

Me (Whatsapp): ‘Goodnight Jolene. Don’t hang out with that guy anymore k?’
Jolene (Whatsapp): ‘Never again. I have you now.’


Troy: ‘Ass up!’

The ex-model sluggishly perked her ass up on her bed, eyes rolling white from the dose of ice he fed her. Never could anyone imagine Natalie to have stooped this low, all thanks to the drug one of her friends mixed into her drink on one of her yacht photoshoot. Just two weeks after that, she had shifted out of her place and into a semi-D, along with other girls who were seemingly worse off.

Her knees fell apart when the icy cold metal rod touched her ass cheeks, slipping between the cracks and onto her anus. Very slowly, she let off a groan as the anal plug dug their way into her intestines.

Troy: ‘Doing good. Stay relaxed.’

There was no need for her to think about anything as the drug made the whole process sensual, heightening her sexual urges as her asshole widened. His warm hand left the T-shaped stopper right outside her anus and she fell back onto the bed, tummy contracting to get used to its presence.

Before long, she had turned to her sides and reached for her pussy, pubes trimmed into an airstrip above her cunt. She started to masturbate herself and Troy kept quiet by her side, pants tightening as gentle moans escaped her beautiful face, one that no one would suspect of what she was training to do.

Troy: ‘You want my cock huh? You keep looking at it.’

Seated on a revolving chair next to her, he removed his pants (and underwear), letting her catch a glimpse of his tall erection. Natalie lazily reached for it and went on to stroke it a few times, until he got too horny to stay still.

The sight of his shirt falling over her head excited her pussy even more and the sudden jerks of her hips leaked even more juices out of her. Still high on ice, Troy easily controlled her and plunged his cock into her, savouring the warmth of her vagina for a few seconds while she screamed helplessly.

Among the enslaved girls lived three ‘masters’, two guys and one woman who took care of their food and whatnot. Well, what’s whatnot? Money! Tons of money from unknown sources. The girls were allowed to go out, but at the end of the day, it was the drugs that kept their loyalty.

As Troy pounded her little ass, moans were heard from the room next door. The men each had their ‘favourite’ girls and they took extra care of them. Naked waist down, Natalie only had a blue bra and an oversized white tank top on. While her mind was bombarded by the pleasure of sex, the drugs were helping those orgasms come sooner.

Rounds after rounds of climax, Natalie only got wetter with that thick rod ramming into her tight hole. He had been stretching her pussy wider since the first time she gave in to him. As if he was on some other drugs, his cock never flinched throughout the forceful thrusts. The sheer size of it, was expanding right inside her, coming in contact with every sensitive and non-sensitive spots.

Grabbing onto her silky long brown hair, she lifted her body up on her arms and felt the pain on her scalp travelling down her spine to her genitals. Whatever he did, it kept turning her on. After a good five minutes of merciless pussy thrashing, he pinned her back down onto the bed and went even faster.

Slurping sounds joined the occasional queefing noises and more orgasms took her sanity away.

Troy: ‘Fucking bitch! I’m cumming!’

He pulled out of her and seamlessly slid it between her ass, fingers holding onto her head and turning her towards him in a swift stroke. He sat comfortably on his bum and shoved her head down, gagging her on his cock a few times before she figured out what to do.

The enthusiastic girl licked him like a puppy and suckled on his honeystick, bobbing up and down in high speed. The king of the bed laid back and shut his eyes, enjoying the treat to a wondrous ending she was sucking him to.

Like before, his fingers dug into her hair and held her still, moving his hips a few times into her mouth for whatever was coming. Seconds after a pause in front of his dick, blobs of cum spat onto her face continuously, until he pushed her down on him again, clearing the rest of his bullets right inside her mouth.

Once he took a deep breath, Natalie knew it was over and was pushed away like a used sex toy. She fell onto her back and watched him tower over her sweaty body, shirt pulled all the way to her face to clean those cum off.

Troy: ‘Turn over now. It’s time to work.’

He flipped the dead fish over and spread her legs wide, yanking the ribbed, stainless steel buttplug out in one move. Natalie resting her head on the bed towards him could see what he was doing. He filled a condom with small zip lock pouches and coated it with some lubricant, stuffing it into another condom before a knot sealed the contents.

The package disappeared behind her back and as expected, it went into her asshole that was stretched to accommodate its size. It went in easily and she was helped up to change into a fresh set of clothes, a low cut, sweet blue dress with floral designs on it.

With another girl, she was ushered into a car and the ride began, going all the way into Malaysia and through the distracted eyes of the custom officer. Like a professional, Troy protected them from his horny buyers and closed the deal, putting up in a hotel nearby with his two prized transport vessels.

After feeding them with another dose of ice, the screams and moans coming from the room was never questioned by any staff in the hotel. The girl with Natalie was Cherry, whom had another whole story to herself.

Twists and Turn

Stepping out of his house to the void deck, Darren’s eyes scanned for the lady whom described her outfit to him, a pink floral sundress with long brown hair. Half a minute after he planted his ass on the concrete stool, a girl in that exact dress appeared looking casual.

Darren: ‘Mavis?’
Mavis: ‘Hey. Hi.’
Darren: ‘You’re really not tired? It’s late.’
Mavis: ‘Nope. I just wanted to take a walk. Is there somewhere quiet around here?’

The two of them met for the first time after a brief introduction on the app, coincidentally living in the same estate within ten minutes from each other. He walked with her to the back of some HDB flats, before arriving at a park connector route where sparingly placed benches became their final stop. Not only few people used that path to jog, the lamps were located far away for some reasons.

Opening her large cloth tote bag, she took out two bottles of Bacardi Breezer dripping wet from condensation.

Mavis: ‘I’ll open it for you.’

Using a bottle opener, she popped the lid off and bubbles started fizzing out of the top, forcing Darren to sip them up while she took a few mouthful from her own bottle. The two of them sat motionless telling stories, exchanging more facts about themselves as the neighbouring flats began to darken.

The next thing he knew, she had slipped her fingers into his hand and leaned her head on his shoulder, conversation going dead slowly. Mavis unfolded her crossed legs and placed her thigh over one of his, spreading her legs a little too wide if not for the privacy of where they were.

Mavis: ‘Are you tired?’
Darren: ‘A little. I’m feeling light headed but still alright.’

He felt his shoulder blade and thigh muscles trembling under the skin, as if drained of energy. However, his arms could still move, misinterpreting as an onset of tiredness after his long day at work. Soon, she was guiding his hand under her dress, and he felt her soft, shaved pussy when he reached her groin.

Darren: ‘You are always this open?’
Mavis: ‘Nope. Only when I’m in control.’

His attempts to move his arm away proved futile and the situation got him worried. What if the paralysis is permanent? What exactly was happening to him? His fingers could move on her clit, even feeling the wetness that was coming from her. When she began to unzip his pants, that was when he realised it was something he drank.

Right, my drink was fizzy when she opened it but hers wasn’t. But she popped the lid in front of my eyes.

Darren: ‘Did you put something in my drink?’
Mavis: ‘So you noticed? I dropped it in when I opened it.’

By then, her hands were wrapped around his dick and stroking it to hardness. There was nothing he could do except to move his fingers, piercing into her pussy as she got faster. Just after he felt her vagina contract from an orgasm, Mavis got up and pulled her dress straight.

She spread his knees apart and half-squatted between his legs, tucking the rear of her dress towards the front. Before his eyes, she lowered herself over his raw dick, engulfing it in a level of heat he never experienced before. Apart from the breath-taking warmth, she was squishy wet when his dick slipped into her.

The rest of it was self-explanatory as she bounced up and down, fucking herself with a helpless guy’s dick. Changing between a hop and back-forth twerking, her moans escaped freely while Darren groaned in excitement.

Mavis (whispering): ‘You’re the biggest I’ve ever had and it felt wonderful!’

She suddenly slammed her body backwards onto him and his dick ached from the squeeze, hot juices flowing down his balls and into his lap where all of it was soaked by his badly-positioned underwear.

The crazy bitch then climbed on top of the bench and squatted face-to-face, calves horizontally flushed with the seat. Grinding front and back, her arms around his neck tightened with moans into his ears, combined with lip nibbles.

Slowly, over the course of two more orgasms, he regained his strength and could move his arms again. There was no way Mavis would know his body reacted differently to the same drug she used on an undisclosed number of guys.

Darren just wrapped his arms around her back and stood up, collapsing on his knees onto the grass patch surrounding them.

Mavis (shouting): ‘Oh fuck!’

She struggled to back away from him but he quickly secured her wrists under one hand, and covered her mouth with the other. Now thrusting in full control of himself and her, something in him was telling him not to let her get away with it.

He pulled out of her and tucked his knees together, helping her up by holding onto her wrists. In a swift motion, he swung both her arms behind her back and locked her movements, sending pain through little twists of her elbows.

Darren: ‘You like dominating guys huh bitch?’

One hand was all he needed to hold onto both her wrists, before he flipped her over onto her fours. The zip on the back of her dress came off and he ripped her clothes apart, tearing the shoulder straps away like paper. Half-naked, her strapless bra-clad chest was pushed onto the wet grass, still unable to move from the pain in her shoulder joints.

A nano-second into her screams, he yanked on her long hair to silence her.

Darren: ‘You scream and you will lose your hair.. and dress. Try me.’

He flipped her dress higher waist and lifted her hips (with one arm across her waist), perching her ass into a submissive doggie position. In a second, he rammed his cock into her and choked her body straight with one move. One hand across her throat and the other locking her wrists, there was no escape for her.

His hips pounded the confused girl’s pussy continuously in rage, making her moan while fighting needlessly. She simply could not overcome the pain that allowed him to rape her. Talk about a plot twist. Darren had all the anger needed to tear her pussy apart, dick growing significantly thicker inside her.

The unwanted orgasms weakened her struggle slowly, until she no longer made any sounds. He shoved her onto the ground and turned her over again, holding both her ankles wide apart like a gynae-examination. Stuffing his cock all the way, the exhausted girl laid unresponsive, eyes barely opened as her body jerked on the soil.

Darren (groaning): ‘I’m gonna cum bitch. Guess where am I unloading?’

He raised one of her knees to her chest and hammered down his ‘nail’, driving it so deep she sobered up immediately.

Mavis (weakly): ‘No please.. not inside.. ‘
Darren: ‘Arghh!’

His body paused for a second before he rammed it again, following the rhythm of his ejaculation that built up into another orgasm for her. Tears began rolling down her eyes as he grinned wider, making the last few thrusts to bury his semen deep.

Once his deed was done, he whipped his phone out and adjusted her dress. Flashes blinded the girl as the shutter sound fired away, in various positions he shoved her lifeless body into.

Darren: ‘I’m done here bitch.’

He unhooked her bra and threw it into the bushes, leaving her to fend for herself top-naked. He easily ripped whatever remains of her dress away and pulled his shirt off, stripping the singlet he wore under for her to put on. Once he was dressed appropriately, he began to record the last part of his adventure, aimed at her stumbling away in a translucent piece of top that barely covered her perky ass.

Darren (shouting): ‘Text me or these will go online!’

Mavis darted off once she heard him and disappeared around a corner, possibly faster than The Flash. Now, what would Darren do with those photos and video?

What would you guys do? You might be directing the next part of this story with your comments.

Drug High

Me: ‘Hey mei. I found this. Wanna tell me what it is?’

The piece of aluminium foil with a burnt spoon on top of a wet tissue couldn’t be any more obvious about what my little sister was addicted to. She ran towards me and snatched the ‘kit’ away, making a rush for the door I stood at. I grabbed her by the arm before she could destroy the evidence and threw her onto the bed, where she curled up into a ball.

Within seconds, she was shivering and tearing up, as if I was going to hit her. After all, I am still her brother and would never hurt her. There was no way I could ignore it though, fully aware that she will need to quit before our parents found out.

Me: ‘Mei. You will need to quit this as soon as possible. I will help you.’
Mei: ‘How?’
Me: ‘I don’t know. If need be, I will accompany you as often as I can.’

As a brother, I knew there was no way she would do drugs on her own. Perhaps it was peer pressure? Or just simply tricked into it. She jumped into my arms while I was deep in thoughts, and wiped her tears with my shirt.

Mei: ‘The drugs help me to relax. That’s why I took it. You are no longer around after you started working, and I am stressed from school.’

Silly girl‘, I whispered to her as I embraced her, patting her back like how I always did when she felt down. I slid down to the bed to let her lie down and asked her where she kept her drugs. Pointing to a drawer above our heads, I pulled it open to see a packet of white powder.

Me: ‘Have you taken any today?’
Mei (whispering): ‘No.. ‘

Beside the zip lock was a new spoon, and a lighter.

Me: ‘Kor will quit with you.’

Sitting upright, I spilled some of the white powder into the spoon and held the lighter under it, flame hissing ferociously to melt the compound. Once it started bubbling, my little sister rolled a blue note into a straw.

Mei: ‘Breath it through your nose.’

She took over the spoon emitting green fumes and I blocked one of my nostrils, inhaling through the two dollar note up my respiratory organ. In an instant, a light-headed sensation lifted me from my bed and I fell backwards onto the pillow. She took a few breaths of her own and after the spoon was set down, a kiss from her filled my cheeks up with the fumes. Breathing through my mouth, a slight burn travelling down my throat and into my lungs, where I believed I was spinning from euphoria.

Mei: ‘Nice right?’
Me: ‘This is the last time you will use it.’
Mei: ‘I understand.. ‘

She continued kissing my weak lips and sat on top of me, slightly excited about the silly pact we made – to quit together. Her cold hands ran up from under my shirt and over my ribs. The chill was felt in its full power from the effects of the drug, amplifying every contact she made.

She rolled down my body after a while and tucked her hand into my shorts, feeling my cock without any protection of my underwear. Surely, I did not expect her to do that in our own house. The erection came swiftly as she caressed my rod, stroking it up and down as my shorts was lowered with her toes.

When she placed my arm over her belly, my fingers scoured under her old t-shirt for her clit and began work immediately. I didn’t even realised there was supposed to be panties or shorts under it. Rubbing that sweet spot made her moan into my ears, stirring up the deadliest sin ever. ‘Keep going kor, it feels good’, her hand moved faster to make me increase my speed. My mind was just filled with moans and groans from both of us, arms locked in a pleasure exchange.

It did not take long before Mei picked herself up and staggered on top of me, pulling her long shirt off and sliding downwards against my weak resistance. For her, it was as simple as holding my hands down. Her wet pussy lips sent a cold shiver up my spine and before it could reach my head, an overwhelming rush of heat soothed the coldness. My dick was sliding into her pussy slowly, and there was no need to go in-and-out to get my full length inside.

Mei: ‘Ahhh Kor.. you are so big.. ‘

Not wanting to let her do all the work, especially after I had regained some of my soberness, I used all of my strength to roll ourselves over, and the smiling surprised look of hers made me felt at ease.

Mei: ‘Kor, are you going to.. arghh.. ‘

Her legs wrapped themselves around my waist as I jerked my hips, forcing my way into her deepest spot. She could not speak and words properly after I started pounding her, merely mumbling with hiccups-like noises as her body was knocked around.

I could feel her pussy contracting as time passed, sealing my cock into a tight spot that I was certain I was stuck in a vacuum. Never did I thought of playing with her boobs in this position fearing that I might just break her ribcage. Panting, the cloudiness of pleasure and excitement was disrupting my sanity.

Mei (panting): ‘Kor.. doggy?’

She said those words with her eyes closed, making me confused about her state of consciousness. We stopped fucking for a while as I closed her legs together, and raised her ass up. Her knees slid into place under her body and her shaking arms couldn’t pick her chest up.

Seeing how much she was enjoying it, I poked my cock slowly and heard her let off a soft moan. ‘Mei, I’m going to start’, a momentarily squeeze on my cock acknowledged my attack. I grabbed her waist in my palms and thrust deep into her, slamming our hips together in a dirty slapping noise.

Mei (shouting): ‘Fuck me hard kor! This feels better than the drugs.’

Well, the same thought was running through my mind. The hypnotic effects had worn off completely and we were moving on our own terms. Energised, horny and unsatisfied, we were head over heels with our new method for rehabilitation.

Unable to hold onto my own load from shooting into the suffocating hole anymore, my muscles were ready for the explosion.

Me (groaning): ‘Mei.. I.. I’m going to cum.’

I abruptly yanked my cock out before the point of no return and she speedily turned onto her back. Her hands on my hips guided me to her chest area and her long, slim fingers went back to my dick massage. Coupled with her mouth, loud slurps blew my mind into smithereens as she worked her tongue around the tip, trying to wriggle into my pee hole.

‘Fuck’, was the last word before she slipped her lips down my cock, going all the way past the zero point. My hips involuntarily thrust a few times into her face as the hot cum squirt non-stop, spilling some out of her lips while trying to contain them.

A full minute was all it took to drain me of my life force and I collapsed on the bed after she licked my cock clean. Mind overworked from the drug and sex, darkness was overcoming my vision quick.

Mei (whispering): ‘Kor.. I love you’

She blurted out her last thought and dozed off before me, naked and looking better than recent days. Sex to replace drugs.. is it really a cure or a new addiction?

Office to Bed

This entry involves pee-play. Please proceed with caution.

A smile appeared across Wen’s face when she felt a finger rubbing on her clit, opening her eyes slowly to the glaring sunlight from the windows. She tried to move her arms but found out they were tied together, but there was no immediate shock to her yet. After a deep breath and opening her eyes fully, Melissa’s bikini-clad body almost made her giggle out loud.

Wen: ‘What are you wearing? Untie me first.’
Melissa: ‘Later la. We have something planned for you.’

She was Wen’s supervisor and also best friends in the company, and her clique was well-known to play pranks on fellow colleagues. Wen could not move anywhere with her tied wrists (to the bed frame) and knees opened with a spreader bar, but the level of trust she had in her supervisor made her think that it was just a quick prank they played on her.

Melissa’s fingers did not stop moving as Wen woke up to her senses, partly weakened from her constant rubbing. The room was clean except for the bedding and a lamp that hung from the wall above the bed. After a while of getting her really wet, Melissa left the room and let Wen looked out of the door.

To her horror, three of her male colleagues were tied up and blindfolded, only able to hop around. Two ladies from Melissa’s clique had those electric fly swatter in their hands and were shocking the guys while giving them instructions.

Clara (from afar): ‘Alvin, follow Melissa.’

He jumped in the direction where Melissa turned him towards and into Wen’s room he went. Clara commanded the rest of the guys to stay still and joined the two slaves they had restrained. After getting Alvin to sit on the bed, the commanding ‘officers’ went to each of them and covered their mouths with a handkerchief. The pinching of Wen’s nipple made her gasp a full breath of the pungent, super glue-like scent and it knocked her out weak on the bed.

Alvin put up a little more fight before he collapsed, and they snipped away his underwear, leaving them naked a few feet away from each other. Melissa stayed in the room and took a seat in front of the bed, as if expecting to watch what would happen.

First, it was Alvin who rotated his body upwards to relieve his weirdly, reddish erection. Wen was looking through her eyelids and could feel something awakening in her body. A sudden wave of wetness began lubricating her pussy and her nipples poked into the air painfully, begging to be relieved of an itch. Her clit was especially sensitive to the cold air from the conditioning unit and a chilling vibe was pulsating through her spine.

As Alvin felt around the bed for space to rest, his hand touched Wen’s feet and sent a electrifying wave through her leg.

Wen: ‘Alvin.. here.’

He moved his grip up her calf and stopped just before her pussy. Estimating at his best, he laid next to Wen and could barely speak from the suffocating drug he breathed.

Alvin (breathlessly): ‘Wen?’
Wen (breathlessly): ‘Yeah. It’s me. Can you scratch down there for me?’
Alvin: ‘You’re itching there too?’

He blindly made his way to her feet and carefully began massaging her clit, and his hips found where her toes were.

Alvin: ‘Help me too.’

Using her feet, she clamped his dick between her toes and moved up and down, channeling some form of comfort so he could focus on relieving her agony. As seconds passed, her nipples were hurting more and Alvin was feeling worse from the unbearable itch. It was as if an insect bite that would cause one to scratch till they bleed.

Wen: ‘My nipples. My nipples. Please.’

He felt her spreader bar and moved her feet up into the air, until the bar went behind his back. Using his mouth, he nibbled on her nipples in turns, while his fingers continued to masturbate her clit. Soon, Alvin expressed frustration from his lack of ‘scratching’, bringing his cock dangerously close to Wen’s pussy.

Alvin: ‘Can I put it in? I’m going crazy with the itch.. ‘

He waited for a few seconds and it was silence he heard. Unable to hold himself back, he poked his tip into her pussy and the wet environment took some pain away. Wen was feeling better too, when she realised that it was actually inside her pussy that needed attention. No wonder it didn’t feel right though he was rubbing her clit.

Almost in missionary position, he went all the way into Wen’s pussy and a moment of sigh told them of their relieve. Still, the discomfort returned and he began thrusting, pulling his dick along her vaginal walls that enjoyed the strokes. Her nipples felt better than and he laid flat on her body, jerking just his hips in the chained-and-locked embrace.

Wen: ‘Oh yes. Keep moving. It feels good.’
Alvin: ‘You’re getting tighter too.’

Suddenly, they heard Melissa’s voice and Wen’s mercy pleading.

Wen (moaning desperately): ‘NO PLEASE! No.. AHHH!’

She shocked Wen through her nipples and grabbed Alvin’s head over them. He resumed sucking on them and Wen dare not say another word when she hovered the swatter over his ass.


He almost bit her nipples off when the first slap excited him. His hips went faster and the both of them was moaning to the hastened mind-fuck. Melissa executed strokes on his bum as they enjoyed themselves, transferring some of the electrical shocks into Wen as well through his penis. Somehow, Wen liked it when Alvin was shocked.

Alvin (shouting): ‘I need to pee badly!’
Melissa: ‘Then let it out!’

Wen’s face turned into horror when she felt a strong gush of hot pee flush into her pussy, exiting in a spray-like fashion over her stuffed cunt. Melissa started spreading and flicking his pee over their bodies with her hand, coating them in a disgusting coat of ammonia. Luckily, Alvin was a non-drinker and only had water the previous night. So there wasn’t any strong smell.

After he was done, he resumed pounding the exhausted girl’s pussy with increasing vigour, delivering orgasms to her sensitive clit and G-spot. When the next smack descended on Alvin, a more powerful jolt made them both groan. Water, pee, whatever bodily liquid, was a great conductor of electricity.

Melissa raised the spreader bar up and instructed Alvin to get out, which he did promptly in fear.

Melissa: ‘Turn over Wen. Or I will shock him.’
Alvin: ‘Please Wen! Please please!’

Wen did a two point turn with the toy prying her legs open and went into doggie, officially out of sight with what would happen behind her. It was nothing scary when Alvin tucked his legs under the bar, engaging them in doggie style without much escape route. Alvin automatically plunged his dick into her and granted Wen a mind soothing sense of security, knowing that they had no reasons to be punished.

Melissa: ‘Are you all the way inside? Is he?’
Wen and Alvin: ‘Yes yes.’
Melissa: ‘Good. Hold her hair.’

Wen tilted her head back to let Alvin catch hold of her permed ends, ready to be fucked in her rear. But unexpectedly, Melissa stuck the racket on his butt and did not take it off immediately. The initial trembling turned into a convulsion that made Alvin rammed his cock in deep and hard, repeating it to take the pain away. For Wen, her G-spot was receiving orgasm-level kind of sensation and just kept cumming in loud moans.

The ten seconds Alvin had been electrocuted felt like hours to him, and when his cock regained feeling, Wen was too tight to continue fucking. Nonetheless, he bit his lips and pounded the blissful looking girl, eyes shut to the impending orgasms that her contracted pussy was getting.

Melissa did not touch them anymore and let him worked, allowing the ‘natural’ pleasure of sex recover in their privates. Gradually, the forceful fucking slowed down to a stop and ended Wen’s buffet of climaxes.

Alvin: ‘I’m almost cumming Wen. Melissa, shock me if you must. But I’m not going to cum inside her.’

Melissa: ‘Good. Take it out.’

He left her dripping wet hole and stood away from the bed, only to scream when Melissa tapped his dickhead with the racket. Melissa left him standing there and returned with another two patches of handkerchief, giving one to Alvin in his face. Wen no longer had any strength after the mindless sex and breathed in willingly, falling asleep right after that.

When she woke up, it was afternoon and her clothes were back, as if untouched. Party-like noises came from outside the door and true enough, everyone was just eating and drinking.

Wen: ‘Hi Alvin.’
Alvin: ‘Hey Wen. You slept for so long. Eat this.’

Confused, she ate the sandwich from Alvin and went back to pack her bags for the check out in the late evening. About fifteen minutes later, Alvin swung the door open to Wen’s room and Melissa was in his arms.

Alvin: ‘Move your stuff away! This bitch needs to be punished.’
Wen: ‘Wait. You mean it’s real?’
Alvin: ‘No shit. That’s why I didn’t let you touch the food and served you all the way.’

They tied her up while the rest of the bedrooms got busy with the other two ladies. Alvin brought a handkerchief laid with the drug she used on them and let her breath in the sexual-inducing medication. In less than a minute, she was up and struggling, begging to be fucked for anything.

Instead of torturing her, Alvin turned his attention to Wen, whom did not resist when he gave her a kiss. Right before Melissa’s eyes, the pair of horny lovebirds started stripping each other, hands running all over cock, pussy and boobs. In front of her, they began with doggie-style, Wen moaning extra slutty as Alvin happily pounded her pussy sore.

It was a consensual trade of lust between them, having her feminine body pounded by a fit, young man who was more than capable to fuck properly. The senseless jerking of Wen’s body on her knees drove Melissa crazy and only after they changed to missionary, did Wen help Melissa at all.

On her back, she reached for the pussy of her ‘master’ and pinched her clit, which Melissa was totally alright with. Alvin did not disappoint Wen as orgasms disrupted her tempo masturbating her supervisor, screams joining the the other torture/ pleasure rooms.

Alvin (whispering): ‘wen! I’m gonna cum soon.. ‘

Wen gave the sex-droid a grin and guided him to Melissa, who was dying from desperation. As Wen went to her side to attack her nipples, Alvin raised her feet high up into the air. In a swift, he pierced into her raw and Melissa went near unconscious. Thanks to her nipples, she sobered up when Wen sank her fingernails into the peaks, shocking her awake.

Wen: ‘Alvin is going to cum into you now.. It will be over soon.’

Alvin heard his new instructions and went all out, ramming his cock in full length into the dominant bitch. After two minutes of intense, sweat sprinkling, the stud unleashed his cum with powerful jerks to her pelvis, filling her up till cum overflowed out of her tight hole.

Like a scratch that temporarily not itch, Melissa stayed quiet for a while, and the pair got dressed with much excitement from their revenge. Once Melissa was back to her crazy state, the two model colleagues stayed by her side, helping her out till she was back to normal.

Well, the three ladies no longer played pranks in the office, and Melissa grew attached to Alvin not long after, who was Wen’s boyfriend as well. Unlike most love-triangle, the couple now has a ‘slave’ to do their bidding.

What would such an experience do to you guys?

Pharking Groupie

I kept a few feet from Kathy walking in front of me, on one of the long stretches of roads along Pierce Reservoir. Around her neck was a dog collar, with a nylon rope attached and dragging along the asphalt road so no one would see the ‘connection’. As instructed, she wore a wrap dress and brought nothing else, not even her cellphone.

We walked into the carpark before the gates leading to the reservoir, and saw a few cars parked, some with lights on. Heading straight for a white van, I knocked on the door and Tim, one of SBF users, opened and looked out at Kathy.

Tim: ‘Her?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

Tim shut the door and spoke into the walkie talkie, inaudible from the outside. A moment later, the driver’s seat window wound down and he stuck a thumbs up sign.

Me: ‘Let’s go.’

A tug at the collar nudged her towards the gates and we continued walking. Behind us, Tim and another guy (from another vehicle), took out some orange cones and a sign ‘Closed – No Entry’, hanging it on the swing gates.

They followed us in and Kathy was dropped off at the only pavilion on the fishing grounds. Lit by the street lamps, we could make out a few shadows by the waters, but we had no idea if they were there for night-fishing, or the little activity a few of us had planned.

Once Kathy was seated with Tim and his friend, a cat call was heard and a red light stick waved in the air. Kathy and I was surprised at the number of participants, and even more so when one of them took out metal chains from a rugsack.

There was no gentleness when it comes to pleasure. Kathy was stripped of her dress, leaving her naked. Chains locked her neck, wrists and ankles together, forcing her to lie on her back like an overturned tortise. As part of the act, two of the men grappled me onto a bench and loosely threw a few chains over my wrists, which I pretended to be painful and restrictive.

Me (whispering): ‘Kathy! I only asked for two guys.. I didn’t know.. ‘
Guy: ‘Shut up! Or she will be cut across her face.’

A butterfly knife flashed before her eyes and it was all whispering among the guys. Laying the ground with her dress, they bent her over into doggie and one of them immediately went for her pussy, thrusting so hard Kathy could only scream to alleviate the pain. They surrounded her quickly and her hands and mouth were put to use, causing her body to be stumbling around for balance.

As soon as her vision was blocked, Cindii, a nick I only knew her by, came over to my side. She was Timmy’s daughter, whom he said was caught browsing that adult forum and even having an account on it. Between Tim and I, we had met up a few times to discuss the plan following up to that night.

Never, never, did I expect to see his daughter, a brown skinned Malay Chinese mix to join the fun. My shorts were lowered as she unzipped the bralet she wore, shoving my hands onto her breasts while she went down on me.

Behind the pleasurable blowjob, was Kathy who was gagging and choking. Every time her mouth was free between swapping dicks, moans unlike her reluctance would come out.

Me: ‘Tim!’

He turned to me and saw my side nod, making a clear line of sight from Kathy to me. Trying to hold my grin in, I groaned in an agonising tone.

Me: ‘Kathy! Just give them what they want and it will be over soon.’

A loud slap on her butt cheeks interrupted our conversation, and another guy blocked her vision from me. The mouth sucking me was doing a heavenly job. I could feel her saliva and tongue working in perfection, drawing long strokes up and deep stokes down.

Even Kathy who was ‘gang-raped’, had became docile in listening to their commands, often lined with vulgarities. ‘Go deeper!’ and a pair of hand shoved her mouth down a dick she gagged on. The powerful pumping motion behind her rammed so hard her legs gave way to a split.

Luckily for her dress, her elbows and knees remained unharmed throughout the violent action. The men went in a round robin to get a taste of her pussy, at the same time giving her a fair share of the five cocks. Then, a guy wriggled underneath her boobs and took her pussy. While another man kneeled at her rear, easing himself into her ass she least expected them to go for.

Me: ‘Cindii, lift your skirt up and ride me.’

Her denim miniskirt went to her waist and she squatted over my dick, sinking her body down over my shaft. Once in, I picked her up and went behind the benches, bouncing her up and down in a hug. The 19 year old moaned like never before and the men turned more horny.

The two dicks destroying Kathy’s anus and cunt had knocked her into near-unconsciousness, eyes barely open to see where her only saviour was. Her mouth never had a moment without a dick, just like her pussy.

Just as I let Cindii onto the ground for some doggie lovin’, one of the guys came over to my side and rinsed his cock over the foilage.

Me: ‘Ready to cum?’
Guy: ‘Yeah. We will all shoot into her pussy.’

My cock slid right into Cindii and a yelp fired off the rapid jerks. Her tiny waist was every teenager’s wet dream to hold onto, and Kathy’s figure was ideal for men like her dad’s age. She was turned over on her back once the five men agreed and her legs were pushed all the way to her chest.

One by one, the men pounded her pussy to possibly a burn, while unloading their cum into her to put out the ‘fire’. I was too, about to cum in that devilish body, overwhelming my balance with that tightness. Leaning onto Cindii’s back, I whispered to her that I was cumming.

Cindii (whispering): ‘Inside me please. I.. on the pill.’

I maintained my rhythm as the guys took their turns, until the last person in the queue. I chose his tempo to follow and went faster towards the end, emptying my load into the moaning girl who was rubbing her own clit to cum together.

Having to hold her body for support, I pulled out of her tiny hole and let my cum splatter onto the floor. Panting for air, we returned to the bench and massaged each other’s genitals. Kathy was soon left alone on her dress, lifeless and breathless.

The exhausted lady stuck her arm out at me, and Timmy went to dress her up. Satisfied and happy, Cindii left her number in my phone and I returned to Kathy. The moment she got up on her feet, cum began leaking down her legs and she soaked them up with her dress.

Kathy (tiredly): ‘How are we going home?’
Timmy: ‘J! I have something for her.’

He ran over to us and requested Kathy to open her legs, before pushing a capsule into her pussy.

Me: ‘What’s that?’
Timmy: ‘You’ll know on the way home. Cindii!’

The studious looking girl slapped my butt when passed me and the few cars left together. Without transport, Kathy and I took the same path out, but something else was happening.

About twenty minutes out, her legs began to tremble and watery, whitish liquid flowed down her legs in great volume. Being a few feet behind, I could totally make out what was happening. Her legs opened a little and a hand was between them, rubbing furiously while trying to walk.

Me: ‘Shit. Call your husband on my phone.’

She dialled a number and spoke with a shiver. Her husband would be coming to pick us up and we would just have to wait. As we sat on a curb, she continued masturbating herself, climaxing continuously without saying a word.

The long awaited car finally came and we hopped in. I was dropped off at my place and she remained in the car for the rest of the journey home. Not long later, a Skype call from her account came in and her husband was pounding her from behind.

Kathy (panting): ‘I.. am so horny.. help me.. ‘

Her moans took over and the clit rub-cum-intense sex continued till 2am. By that time, I needed to catch some sleep and turned off the computer. The next day, her husband called on my phone and told me what happened.

Husband (on phone): ‘Kathy was so horny last night she made me cum three times straight. Whatever you guys gave her, I want more of it. She’s at work now, and willing to put a wireless vibrator on. Can you contact the guy who gave her the pill?’

Timmy was more than happy to provide him with more of that, as well as me. Cindii had been at my place for a week now, (imagine how much sex we had) and having orgasms no matter if she touched herself. Well, that is just a preview of a stronger dose of that magic pill.

As for Kathy, I can only say that the only relieve from that pill, is having as many dicks as possible so she can cum until it wears off. That would mean more gangbangs!

That Thing

Melvin: ‘She looks good.’
Guy: ‘Confirm you want her?’
Melvin: ‘Wait. I still don’t get it. How does it work?’
Guy: ‘Let me activate her first.’

He clicked on the thumbnail with the girl in a school uniform, and sent a message with the words ‘Vince, 231A. 2030hrs.’ The stranger who contacted Melvin passed him a tiny metal pillbox, and pushed him towards the door.

Guy: ‘Go to the second floor, unit number 3100. She will be there.’
Melvin: ‘And?’

Guy: ‘Show her the box and she will know what to do. Give her the contents inside and keep the box. That will be your membership pass. Call the number underneath whenever you want to see me. This is a present from your good friend.’

My good friend? Who? And he HAS access to such dark stuff?

He clutched his sling bag tightly and went down the lift, heading to the room he was told. Standing in front of the digital door lock, the concealed camera had been waiting for his arrival.


He pushed through the door and a small living room reminded him how a one-room flat looked like. Unsure of what was happening, he sat on the bed in the middle of the flat and waited. Strangly, there was no connection on his phone.

*Knock knock*

8.30pm. Things were becoming clearer to him now, with the details right outside the door. Melvin went over to the seamless wooden door (without any peepholes) and swallowed, just as he pulled the heavy door ajar.

Girl: ‘Vince?’
Melvin: ‘Yeah.’
Girl: ‘I’m Xue Ting.’

Her side parting fringe covered most of her face, but she was whom he picked earlier. Wearing a white Mango t-shirt with a pair of black flare skirt, he was beginning to like what his ‘good friend’ brought him into.

She placed her bag on the floor before climbing onto the bed, lying tired with her face in the pillow.

Xue Ting: ‘School sucks. I’m so tired.’

The petite girl groaned as she stretched her limbs, turning herself over while looking at him.

Melvin: ‘How old are you?’
Xue Ting: ‘Haha. I’m still in secondary school.’
Melvin: ‘Umm.. I don’t really know how this works. How did you get into this?’
Xue Ting: ‘Hmm.. you can say ‘by choice’?’

Her arms opened and Melvin kicked his shoes off before joining her in bed. Her kitty-like action that buried her face in his chest made him felt young, as though he was her boyfriend. She rested her head on his chest and pushed him down, as if they were going to sleep.

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘I’ve been thinking about this all the time you know? The text that tells me someone will meet me, with that box. Can I see it?’

He fished the cold steel container from his pocket and showed it to her. Instantly, she got more energetic and became more focused on him. She took the box and kept it back in his jeans, lying down back on his body.

For a minute, it was just silence. Xue Ting turned her head to him and opened her mouth, lips looking glossy and seductive. It looked as though she was turned on! Was she?

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘Kiss kiss?’

Their lips met and her little tongue came out to play. While they were frenching, she moved her body into doggie and climbed over him. Their bodies got more daring and soon, she was pulling his shirt off and vice versa. Those plain, white tiny bra only reassured him of her age, and once her skirt was off, the set of pink panties with little hearts made her looked even younger.

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘I’ve been shaving everyday in case this day comes. Want to see?’
Melvin: ‘Yeah.’

She grabbed his hand and stretched the bands of her panties open, showing him the way in to feel her wet, juicy slit. He could not hold himself back from touching her clit and she was moaning as he vibrated his finger.

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘You’re not even naked yet! Let’s get naked.’

They parted momentarily to remove all their clothes, before she went to the pillow. Adjusting it against the headboard, she signalled to him by patting on it. He moved to where she wanted and watched her lie on her belly, head positioned on one of his thighs.

Xue Ting: ‘Tell me if I hurt you k?’

Her tongue appeared and he felt her warmth on his exposed erection. Those thin, pink lips opened and took his girth easily, rocking her head up and down his thigh to get the blowjob going.

With one hand on his testicles, no words could describe how great he was feeling. His mind drifted in and out of blankness, toes tingling with every stroke she tried to go deeper down on. It was quiet, good, and most importantly, super erotic.

Xue Ting (pouting lips): ‘Can I rest?’
Melvin: ‘Yeah! Of course. Lie down.’

He excused himself and let her take his spot, but lying properly on the pillow this time.

Melvin: ‘Can I see it up close?’
Xue Ting: ‘Huh! Don’t want! I’m shy.’
Melvin: ‘Close your eyes and imagine I am your doctor.’
Xue Ting: ‘Okay. I’ll try. But no doctors have seen me down there yet.’

He laid chest down on the bed between her legs and bent her knees. The room was not bright enough to make anything in that dark centre, but he could feel it with his fingers instead. Swiping his fingertip lightly, he listened to the moans she was making, sounding extra sexy when he found her clit under the folds.

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘It’s sensitive there.. don’t play with it too much.. ‘

His shy ‘girlfriend’ earned his sympathy and he returned to her side, pinching her nipples hard while she stroked him in revenge.

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘Can I tell you something?’
Melvin: ‘Go on.’
Xue Ting: ‘I feel like having you inside.. can?’
Melvin: ‘But you are underaged.’
Xue Ting (whispering): ‘But if I am the one riding you?’
Melvin: ‘I don’t know.. ‘

Her smile softened his tensed mood and another kiss ended the conversation. She brought her body over his again, and kneeled with her pussy just inches above his belly. He saw her bite her lips as she straightened her back, and held his dick under her pussy.

In that intense life-changing moment, his ears picked up her breathes. The heat from her pussy could be felt flowing down his dick, and she was lowering herself slowly.

Xue Ting: ‘Mmm!’
Melvin: ‘You okay?’
Xue Ting: ‘Yeah. Sensitive. Don’t move.’

Not able to split her legs any wider, her vagina consumed his rod at a slow pace. Every bit of his urge to just ram it inside her was about to break loose. Nonetheless, he let her finish the docking process and a sigh calmed their senses down.

Xue Ting: ‘You’re so big inside me. Or am I too small for you?’

She giggled and went to his mouth, pecking him playfully. Now that he was completely inside her, there wasn’t much work for him to do. Her hips raised and dropped, fucking his enlarged member that was helpless in her body. Her breathing got faster as she wore her legs muscles out, and Melvin stopped her shortly after.

Melvin: ‘Hey, you can rest and let me do the work.’
Xue Ting: ‘Wait! I want to try something. Saw this online.’

Whatever she wanted to try, he was confident he had seen it before. But when she raised his knees up for him to hold, he doubted himself. His anus was fully exposed and that angle his dick was in (pointing at himself), sex was hardly possible.

Xue Ting squatted in a horse stance over his butt, and brought his dick downwards in the direction of his balls.

Melvin: ‘You sure about this?’
Xue Ting: ‘Just try. Does it hurt?’

A little ache was felt when she bent his erection in the opposite direction, but it wasn’t painful. Plus, whatever she was going to do, had better make this worthwhile.

Melvin: ‘Nope. What’s next?’

She relaxed her legs and let her pussy vanish his dick once again, replacing the ache with pleasure.

Xue Ting: ‘When I saw this position, I was thinking, don’t you guys like to do this? But this time, the girl is in control! Awesome no?’

Her opened thighs against the back of his legs, still raised in midair. True enough, he felt like the girl in this stance, but it was something new.

Melvin (panting): ‘Ting.. you’re touching my sensitive spot. I don’t know if I can last long.. ‘
Xue Ting (panting): ‘It’s okay.. you’re touching mine too. Just cum whenever you like.’

Bouncing on his dick, she sounded sexy enough to shorten Melvin’s stamina. It was the top part of his shaft getting all the pleasure, while the underside barely brushed along her pussy. In no time, the new angle was charging the school girl up, speeding beyond any known limits.

Melvin: ‘I’m going to shoot soon! Take it out!’
Xue Ting: ‘I.. can’t.. stop moving.. ‘

His legs had gone numb and was totally weak. Even letting go of his knees didn’t spring his legs back. The sex was too good for his body to deny. Especially when it was with this naive girl who was just trying out a new position.

Melvin: ‘I.. Arghh!’

She slammed down on his dick as he felt her vaginal walls making waves on his rod, milking his cum in perfect sync. Loads after loads erupted into her, where she fell forward and pressed his legs down against his chest.

As the two of them calmed down, their senses returned and his dick had began.. shrinking. She gave him a constipated look and squeezed her pussy at the base, lifting herself away with the last load being extracted like toothpaste.

They fell onto the bed and caught their breaths, exchanging kisses while she massaged his overheated barrel. After the short break, Melvin went into the bathroom and when he returned, a knock on the door was heard.

Xue Ting: ‘I’ll get this!’

Puzzled, he watched the visitor, a lady in her mid-thirties, hold a cup under Xue Ting who was squatting close to the floor.

Lady: ‘Pass.’

Xue Ting sighed a heave of relief and dragged Melvin to the bed, where she requested for the box.

Melvin: ‘What’s in it?’

Holding up a pink pill, she whispered ‘morning-after‘. And the second blue pill, ‘for my studies‘. Both went down her throat with the water from her flask and she helped him get dressed before herself.

Xue Ting: ‘This is for the guy who sent you. He’ll want to see this.’

The panties she removed was shoved in his hand, still damp from whatever caused her to be wet. The happiest girl left the house and Melvin was all along in the room.

Unknown Number (on phone): ‘Leave after fifteen minutes. I’ll see you where we met earlier.’

He waited and went back into the unit at the highest floor, where the screen with thumbnails of girls stayed on the monitor.

Guy: ‘She gave you anything?’

He showed him the pink, hearted panties and he nodded intelligently.

Guy: ‘You can keep that. And this.’

He took the Sandisk thumbdrive and he got lost again with the barcode behind it.

Melvin: ‘What’s this?’
Guy: ‘The video of you two at it. It is ‘write-only’ formatted, so you can’t delete it. It contains details of that girl as well. So you can find her outside.’
Melvin: ‘Umm.. okay. Can I ask what is in the blue pill?’

Read on for trivia!

Guy: ‘Haha. She showed it to you huh? Not sure if you can understand this, but. These girls, they were given their first dose coated in a special chemical. It’s a memory-enhancing pill. Still used by spies in the present age. We have ‘sort of’ tweaked it to be activated by specifically, serotonin. Found in semen in huge quantities.’

Melvin: ‘So it will be useless even if she takes it before her exams?’

Guy: ‘Clever! She will need to call you, and that’s when you’ll be needed to activate the pill. The more serotonin she can get, the longer the short-term memories she absorbed will be retained. That’s why she has your number too.’

Melvin: ‘By the time she needs me, she’ll be fucking other guys.’

Guy: ‘Umm.. that’s why you have the video? And they all know this little extra information. You know, sometimes they have a lot of things to remember. Flipping pages doesn’t work. They need days to go through all the materials their exams will need. They can take the pill as far from that important date as possible. As long as their body receives the activating chemical, the pill will keep working. But once their bodies run out of it, and they are not aware, all the things they remembered will be gone. Just imagine.. ‘

Melvin: ‘Oh! I get it! Wow. This can kill me – indirectly.’

Guy: ‘Yeah man. You got it. You have to go now. Someone is coming for his little pet.’