One Fifty

Girl: ‘Thanks for your help earlier. I don’t normally go out to places with a lot of people. So it was really scary when I feel how many eyes were looking at me.’ Me: ‘It’s okay. I have too many coins anyway.’ She was stuck at the entrance of the bus for a few long […]

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Behind Her Back

Erica was one of Baby’s best friend who I have met a few times when they were out having meals and she helped me out when I wanted to surprise Baby too. But this time, she Whatsapped me on her own with a confession that she liked me, even though she was attached. We met […]

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Quick Question

Girl: ‘Hey, can I ask you something?’ Me: ‘Yeah?’ Girl: ‘If guys shoot on a girl’s vagina, will she get pregnant?’ Me: ‘It’s possible if the semen gets inside.’ Girl: ‘See! I told you!’ She said out loudly to the shocked girl who was in disbelief, confused at the fact that she had been wrong […]

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Sexual Orientation

Jacky: ‘Okay, as the class chairperson, I asked my good buddy, KC, to stand guard outside while the game begins. Girls, once the lights are out, walk to your partner and don’t do anything till every one is on the floor. Have fun guys!’ A mandatory orientation camp was planned for the freshmen and for […]

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Swinging Babies

Baby: ‘Amber is coming up now.’ Me: ‘Must we do this?’ Baby: ‘Why b? I thought you don’t mind her?’ Me: ‘She’s your best friend mah. Won’t it affect you two?’ Baby: ‘Won’t lah. Like you said, we are best friends.’ The door bell rang shortly after and Amber entered with her boyfriend, Jimmy, who […]

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