Sniff Sniff

With my iPad and Apple’s wireless keyboard, I made my way to the void deck under my block with some fish scraps for the cat I always feed. It was a rainy day and especially cold, so kitty actually climbed onto my lap after finishing her food and curled into a little ball. It wasn’t exactly the ideal place to write my stories at since a lot of people usually passes by that area. Just then, a fair skinned girl who was walking at a really slowly pace came from a corner and stopped at the stone table I was at, petting the cat that was on my lap. There wasn’t much words exchanged since I was about to leave, but the sunken look on her face did not show me she was alright either.

Me: ‘Are you alright?’
Girl: ‘Yeah.’
Me: ‘What’s your name? Do you live around here?’
Girl: ‘I’m Farrah, lives around two blocks down.’

She fell onto her arms on the table and was breathing loudly. I knew something was not right and immediately took her sling pouch she carried. As I was really near to her, the two lines of text tattooed on her legs were clear and the short denim shorts looked really tantalising on her, along with a black tank top tucked into her shorts.

I searched her bag for any form of medication but one metal can stood out from the rest of her belongings. Prying it open with my nails, the cap popped off and the stench of strong glue filled my nose. There was no label on it, nor any indication of what it really was. Farrah’s head bounced up upon noticing the smell and she grabbed my hands to bring it to her nose, taking deep breaths of the toxic scent.

There was no way I could let her take drugs, at least not in my neighbourhood. I yanked the can away and went to the dustbin nearby, before tipping the gooey liquid into it. She frantically got up but did not walk more than two steps before collapsing to the ground. After the can clanged into the bin, I picked her up along with my iPad and keyboard, supported her by her hips towards the address on her IC. It was just two blocks away and wasn’t far.

Once we reached, I was about to knock on the door when she whispered that there was no one at home. Again, I reached into her bag for the keys and opened the door for her. Still too weak to walk, I brought her in and laid her on the sofa, removing her shoes after she was still. The lights did not come on no matter how many times I clicked, so I carried her to the only door that was open. Boy, I was shocked. Although there was no smell of any kind, the room was piled with her clothes, from lingerie to clothes that looked expensive.

The bed she slept on was actually a mattress. The moment she fell onto it, a whisper came through and it was when I was about to leave.

Farrah: ‘Cold.. cold.. ‘

Knowing there was no escape, I pulled a blanket over her and went into her kitchen to boil some water. Without lights, I managed to put a pot of water over the stove and started the gas running. I went back to her and saw what withdrawal really meant. Cold sweat, shaking body, pale face, and senseless mumbling. I could not make out what she was saying but it wasn’t anymore important than getting her through this. I returned to the kitchen after a while to turn off the fire, before the search for a cup slowed me down.

In the darkness, I saw her enter the kitchen and before I could turn around, a pair of soft breasts pressed onto my back, covered in cold sweat. She pulled my shirt off and I hugged her tightly, bare bodied. With that hug, I brought her back to the room and placed her on the mattress which she complied. Taking a sip of the warm water, her paleness went and some pinkness returned to her face. With the blanket strewn to the side, her body was not covered and the fair skin made it impossible to tell she was Malay.

I went back to the kitchen to get my shirt and quick footsteps caught me off guard once again. This time, I could tell she was naked because I had tried to carry her by holding her lower back, close to her bum. She jumped onto me and wrapped her legs around me, grinding up and down against my bulge. Skinny, soft. That was how she felt in my embrace. I walked with her arms around my neck to the dining table before pushing her away.

Her arms did give me some space, but not yet released. Her hands moved to my waist and pulled me down, making a strong tug of my pants to the ground. The pair of AirForce shorts I wore had an inner lining that allowed me to go without underwear, yet protecting my modesty. Another shove sent me close to tipping over the table and her mouth went to work immediately.

I felt her lips pressing hard at my tip, and slowly pushing her head until she had taken me right to the groin. I admit I wasn’t that long, but it would still choke if she went that deep. Her warm mouth began thrusting and all I remembered was the watery effect of her tongue that kept itself against the base of my shaft, fondling the underside of my dick. I could not hold myself back but groan in shame, realising how good she was.

My hands fumbled into her hair and pushed her to go deeper, which she obeyed without resistance. As I felt myself nearing orgasm, she played with my balls and triggered my first load within seconds. The huge gush of cum shot into her mouth and the sounds of gulping let me know she had swallowed everything. I helped her up after I was done and she wiped her mouth with the back of hands in a satisfied expression.

We went into her room and I tidied whatever that was in the way. She saw on the mattress like a goddess and began smoking.

Farrah: ‘You’re a nice guy. What’s your name?’
Me: ‘I’m Andy. And where are your parents?’

She gave a flick with her hand and I knew it was a long story. Within five minutes, she was done and I had sat beside her, using my iPad to check the number of visitors to my site that day. Her hands roamed to my spent rod, stroking it gracefully. Her head went down to my lap and her mouth began work on resuscitating my little one, while I continued with what I was doing on my iPad. It was truly a treat for someone to be servicing me without the need for attention.

In no time, I was hard again and she reached into a pile of empty cigarette boxes and other random stuff. A packet of condom appeared and she just went on to roll one over me. I liked how smart she was, not tempted by the better feel of sex without protection, and took responsibility for her actions. Farrah went in front of me and faced away from me, separating my legs so she could be between. Holding my dick in position, she let herself sit backwards over it and the whole process was friction free.

The right amount of lubrication had made things easier and her body just rocked forth and back after it was in. After a few minutes, she leaned herself forward and was in a stretching position, taking my dick inside of her just by moving her hips up and down. The change in angle drove me a little crazy and I was ready to take over any time.

I held her body down onto mine, and got to my knees. She turned her head back and showed me puppy eyes, pleading for some attention. I wasted no more time and started thrusting my hips at her, sending the waves of pleasure into her mind and progressed into the chain of orgasms she enjoyed. Her pussy tightened with every passing climax and I was surprised at the delay of my ejaculation, probably due to the fact it was my second round.

She stopped me after one of the climax and flipped over to her sides, stretching one leg straight while raising and supporting the other. I waded on my knees over her leg and penetrated into her from the side, ramming her hard with whatever energy I was left with. The orgasms resumed and she was moaning so hard it almost turned into screams. The sensitivity of my dick was also recovering and it was merely a matter of minutes before I fired my second load. The session went on without much change and I knew it was about to end.

Farrah then stopped me with both her hands and pushed herself out of me. Very quickly, she took two pillows and stacked them, before lying on them with her head over the pillows’ edge. Her mouth, throat and body had been aligned in a straight line and I thought she wanted to finish me off by sucking. I placed my dick into her mouth in a missionary position and she waited. The few seconds of awkwardness made me blush as I was lost.

Farrah: ‘Fuck my mouth and cum inside.’

I shifted my hands to her boobs and squeezed them hard while moving my hips, ramming deep into her throat. Not only she kept her teeth away, the natural contraction of her throat was put to good use and I did not bother holding myself back anymore. The hardest rams into her mouth and I was soon in my own world, pumping mouthful of cum down her throat. I stayed balls deep until I was satisfied and she did not make a move at all.

Falling back onto the mattress, I was weak to my knees and she was breathless as well. She turned around and crawled to me, sucking on my soft dick for any leftovers before resting. Farrah was not only a sexed up girl, she took my shorts and sniffed at the area where my dick was normally in contact with, claiming it to be better than glue. So, it was glue she had been sniffing.

I fell asleep for what seemed a long time, until her mouth was felt on my dick again. Three times? No shit. I wanted to get up to do what I needed to, but she pressed onto my chest which made me give up and return to the semi-sleep state. With my eyes closed and Z monsters attacking me, I could totally make out where her tongue was and what she did with it. She reached under my balls and stimulated a special spot where I lost control the instant she touched it, and fucked her mouth hard again, until the third and hopefully final load was splashed all over her face.

It was about 11pm when she nudged me awake, with a condom over my dick already. How could I not noticed? I got up and brought her to the corridor of her house, both naked, and fucked her right there and then. The sensation of her pussy was like a virgin even though it was the second time I was fucking her. The tightness was so awesome that I found myself lifting her waist while pounding into her. The few doors that creaked sent us running back into the house, and the next best spot was the kitchen. I opened the windows wide and pushed her bare top over the grills.

Spreading her legs open, I impaled her forcefully strokes after strokes, until I felt the fourth load building up. I hopped onto the washing machine that was nearby and pulled her to my dick. Shoving her face at my groin, her opened mouth took it right in and I used her as how I would to my fake silicon pussy at home. Her obedience was one of a kind and I caught myself cumming hard for the last time. Her mouth was just too overwhelming not to be addicted to.

Being a sucker for oral sex, she was the ideal partner and as unconventional as our meeting was, I knew it was luck that we bumped into each other.

Farrah: ‘You know you can come to my place whenever you want to do your work.’

Would I ever be able to do my work with her around? I told her I would drop by and she missed call her own phone with mine. As I took my rest on her bed, she went around her room to clean up the rest and handed a bagful of cans to me.

Farrah: ‘I won’t be touching them again. Help me throw away?’
Me: ‘What if you felt the urge again?’

She turned around and opened one of the shoeboxes to show me. It contained two dildos, one long, one short, a wireless vibrator and a C-angled plastic attached to a leather belt.

Farrah: ‘I would rather be addicted to these – and you.’

With that said, she took the belt and wrapped it around her waist, ready to lock it up, but not before I slipped the wireless vibrator into her pussy. I was handed the keys to the tiny lock and she clicked on the control to the wireless toy inside her. A long translucent shirt went over her small body and she sent me to my block, attracting many lecherous eyes along the way.

What more could I ask for? I now own a personal slave.

Taking Turns

A message from May popped up in the middle of my orientation course at the CBD area one day, asking if I was free to meet her up later that day. As a financial planner, my job was to travel, and meet people, so why not? We arranged to meet around her place at Bukit Panjang after my course ended at 5.30pm for dinner, and perhaps dessert after that nearby. She was an attractive lady, special in her own way, and very feminine. Mid-back length dark black hair, usually in a one piece buttoned blouse dress, and always had make up on. She knew how to carry herself well, yet not crossing the line of being seen as desperate. What bothered me was why was she still single, if she had such qualities every guy wanted?

The day came and passed, and it was almost 7pm when I got to her area. We settled for a quick dinner at McDonald’s before walking around the shopping mall, finally stopping back at McDonald’s for ice cream. As weird as it was, even though she was a friend of Angel, whom I seldom talk to when we hang out together, had so much in common. Since she had only one boyfriend before, the topic went into guys and their usual habits, then to slightly more touchy topics about sex and stuff. It would be awkward if such discussion came up with friends you hardly knew, but it was different with her. We just kept going and going, until it became to explicit to go on in the dinner crowd at the fast food restaurant.

May: ‘Shall we head over to my block and talk at the void deck? It’s not far from here.’

And so we went. Unsure it was a good or bad thing, but the lights did not come on even though it was way after 9. At the dimmed tables, I brought up her ex-boyfriend and she told me how they separated because she knew he wasn’t half as good – as me. May had seen how Angel and I hung out and did wonderful things together, and I had unknowingly became her ideal boyfriend, one she knew it would be easy to find. It wasn’t until about ten before her mood changed and went quiet, with one word replies to my questions and points.

Me: ‘Is something wrong?’
May: ‘I.. want to tell you something. And Angel knew about this already.’

What bad thing could happen? I didn’t cheat on Angel with May, not even close to flirting. I had to find out what bothered her so much that she had to get her good friend’s approval to talk to me about it.

May: ‘I think I am in love with you. I know we haven’t done anything together, but I won’t mind being your second girlfriend. Angel understood what I told her and she told me she would be fine as long as you are.’

Without a thought, I told her to hold on while I called Angel, my girlfriend. The speaker was on, and for the next five minutes or so, we discussed about it and May was sobbing throughout, afraid to lose her as a friend with such a request. At last, Angel agreed on one condition that May would fulfill all the things she failed in and I had to give them the same level of attention. The line went dead and May was smiling behind her tears, happy to know that she could confess without guilt. She gathered her bag on the table and held my hands, leading me into the lift to her place.

May: ‘Angel told me what are the things she could not satisfy you in, and I will keep to the promise and do it for her.’

Well, not to hurt my girlfriend, but all along, she was not a fan of oral sex, which I really loved, but never forced her to give. We entered her house with her parents in the living room and a brief introduction summed up our short meeting before I was pulled into her room, filled with soft toys and a heavenly scent. I placed my bag on her study table and she unbuttoned my shirt like how a wife would, at least in the early stage of marriage. With my top and pants off, her dress came off like a fairy doing a striptease and I never how soft her body was beneath the fair skin.

The shower came on and we soaped each other up, letting her focused on my dick which was always neglected when two person were in a bathroom. I washed her clean and she did the same for me, before leading me to her bed as soon as I was dried. Sitting there lost and excited at the same time, I knew it was advancing too fast and she did not even know how I treated Angel (which was nothing bad at all) before doing all these for me.

My towel came off my waist and she knelt on the cold hard floor between my legs, caressing my eager meat stick with her hands, exploring it like a baby finding wood. May then raised her body slightly higher and engulfed my dick into her mouth, opening as wide as she could. Then very slowly, her mouth went up and down, dripping saliva down the shaft and onto my balls. It felt heavenly as her tongue ran along the bottom of my rod, pressed lightly against the single vein that ran across. It was so warm, wet and satisfying, beyond what words could describe.

The same motion felt refreshing every time she went down on me and I just could not end this with my instinct wanting more. Maybe it was time I tried something. A smile broke across my face and she saw it. I held her head with both my hands, and guided her to sit as close as possible to the bed. I shifted my butt forward to the extreme edge of the bed and her mouth was levelled perfectly with the height of my hips. It was time for some mouth-fuck. Carefully, I began rocking my hips forth and back, allowing just the first few inches to pierce into her. Gradually, I let more of myself in and she accommodated well, dropping her jaws once she needed a breather, but never asking me to stop.

In front of me, May with her sweet innocent face, letting my thick private stick go in and out of her tiny mouth repeatedly, without a sign of struggle or rejection, boobs jerking slightly from my force, and pussy sitting between both her legs that were crossed. It was a sight to behold and I just started going deep on her, so sure I felt her throat but she did not choke nor gag. I was ramming way into her throat and all she did was to smile while trying to balance. The contraction of her throat made the whole sensation mind-blowing and I knew I had to stop soon. It wasn’t right to waste that load in her stomach.

I pulled out of her after I’ve had my indulgent and she took a few seconds to breath. May stood in front of me still panting, and gestured me to lie on the soft queen sized bed. It felt so cold and warm at the same time, but there was more to come.

May: ‘Angel told me she had never managed to find out how you like for her to be on top.’
Me: ‘Yeah. Do you know?’
May: ‘I’ve practised.’

She closed my ankles together and climbed over my waist, before bending forward to give me a sensual french kiss that never went into a tongue fight. It felt very much like cats petting each other. Such gentle traits. She slid herself backwards until the tip of my penis touched her, and reaching behind, she aimed it at her pussy and shifted back. I was surprised how long it took for me to fully penetrate her, but the facial expression on her face showed it was truly her first time, with an unmistakable agonizing look. Once I was fully parked, she pushed herself up against my chest, and was sitting and staring at me.

I bet she had never felt this good just masturbating, cause she was already moaning with every small adjustments she made on top of me. Partly because there wasn’t any protection between us, that’s why. Magically, her hips began grinding forward and backwards, malleable like dough being rolled on a board. I could totally feel how my dick was stroking the insides of her vagina, yet without any visible dick I could spot. It was all happening inside and as much as I hate to admit, it was making me cum much quicker. As I lost control of my mind, I could only murmur a ‘shooting!‘ for her to prepare and the next thing I knew was how my dick was milked dry of cum as I just jabbed my hips upwards into her while the fountain of life exploded inside her, filling her out like never before.

The jerking went on for about twenty seconds before I finally died down and laid breathless although she was the one who did all the work. Very slowly, she grind her hips a few more times until my body was thrashing around in hyper sensitivity before she stopped. Like how she slid backwards over my dick, she shifted her body forward until I was out of her. May kept going down my legs until her face passed my soft little one, and took it back into her mouth, sucking very lightly to clean it up and woke it up slightly.

Well, there is no ‘slightly’ in a hard on, so once she got it standing again, her head rested on my stomach and went to give it some oral love, until I shot for a second time, in her mouth. We never left the room after we entered, sleeping till the next day when she had to leave for school, and me, for work. Angel wasn’t left ignored either, May and I filmed the whole thing so she could watch, and would be soon.

Dangerous Account 3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

After a week of no contact with Shelia, she sent me a text asking if we were still together. How could I give her an answer? There was just no way I could think straight. We spoke that night to thrash it all out once and for all and I was prepared to accept whatever mistakes she made, cause I knew there was something more than just sex we enjoyed together.

As we summed up what happened, she let slip another meet up with him again, this time, at his place. Through that week, she had been restless and tired with what soured between us, and he took that opportunity to ask her out to his place. She took up his offer as she knew he had alcoholic drinks that worked for her to drown her sorrows. They met early in the day of their free weekday they did not have any classes on and he met her to buy the drinks she liked and they made their way to his place.

Once inside, he knew what to do and let her rest before the bottles opened and kept pouring glasses after glasses for her, with an agenda we all know too well. Soon, she was tired and weak from the bombardment of the alcohol in her system and he began his mission as well. Taking his time, he carried her to his bedroom and tugged her shorts off, leaving her grey stockings on. Her panties also came off easily as he decided to cut them off instead of removing them in one piece. The tube bra under her shirt wasn’t his concern since he already had access to something better.

With Shelia weak and almost asleep, he flipped her to her back and raised both her legs to his shoulders, wetting his dick with a bit of whisky before pushing his way in, giving her a mind-splitting shock as his dick forced its way between those delicate folds of flesh, before resting at the deepest spot of her. He then wasted no time to begin moving his hips along the bed and sinking his meat into her, pumps after pumps.

Shelia wasn’t someone who would hold back when it came to expressing her pleasure, so, the room was filled with her voice and his groans, moving along the slippery walls of her privates. At the same time, his hands slipped under her bra and squeezed them so hard the pain kept her awake and going. It was something he needed to keep going, for her to be awake and not a dead fish.

Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out of her and she sobered up as though her toys were taken away at the perfectly wrong timing. He laid beside her and let her flip herself on top, before pushing her hips backwards until his dick got right in to where it belonged. Her eyes were closed for this part and she had no idea if he had been filming her. She only knew her pussy kept grinding over his dick in every angle until she orgasmed, which further drove her crazy and made her move.

With no indication, she did not know when he was about to cum but just kept bouncing until the warm load shot into her, lining her pussy with his seeds while she continued to hop above him. Again, there was no condom between them and she was all his to play with. After he cummed, he did not rest and turned her over to doggie, with a few pillows under her waist to hold her up. After it was all set up, he began pounding her from the rear and again, he was using his new-found delay to really ram her hard.

With her little conscious left, she still managed to pull her muscles together to squeeze him with all her might, and it just kept him worked up and pumping! Shelia knew there was no turning back from the addiction, but she just could not bring herself to end it without a climax. Jonathan had no intention to have her as his girlfriend knowing she was attached, but still took advantage of her. Having no restraints, he took her pussy on with all his strength and went for a long twenty minutes before he found himself extremely tired.

Shelia was awoken too, and she knew she had to stop. As he slowed down, she pushed him away and let him lay beside her while she went over with her mouth to suck him off, in an awesome blowjob that was slow and stimulating. Her tongue kept teasing the veins under his shaft and the suction was perfect to his liking. Going deep throat on him, she made use of her gag-less reflex to get him to cum right down her throat, before he really gave out and fell like a lifeless body.

She took some time to clean herself up, before drinking water and left the place still drunk and disoriented. Her panties was gone, and her stockings had cum stains. It was such a state she was in people might just mistaken her as being a victim of rape. The rest of the day was spent on a bus that went in loops around her area, resting her sore pussy at the same time. Her mind kept bringing her back to Jonathan, who had managed to keep her cumming non-stop. His meat stick just fitted her so well, unlike..

We knew what happened, but now, it’s what that’s about to happen that the both of us were unsure of. I’ll make sure to keep this account going when I am free, and when there’s progress, or something worse.

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Dangerous Account

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

It came as a shock to me when Shelia told me she did something guilty and untoward to me. It came as an emotional trauma as she spoke to me over the phone about what happened in her school, a local polytechnic which I cannot name.

For that fateful day, she wore the wireless vibrating panty I bought for her cause her menses were just over and was feeling a little frisky as well. Her outfit for the day was a casual translucent blouse with a tank top under, and a short denim skirt to go along with. So with that, her classes came and went without much happening until the last lesson, which was a lecture she sat with another guy from her class that was quite good looking but was known to be a decent young man. Somehow, the vibrator in her panties fired off and although it did not come in contact with those plastic chairs, it did stir something up in her. Shortly after, when the class was still on, that friend slipped a piece of paper to her with a short passage that asked if she wanted to meet him after school.

Shelia could not find a reason to reject him since he might not be the one who triggered the vibrating panties and she needed his help in some of her modules as well. So she agreed and the meet up was done in one of the tutorial rooms that wasn’t locked, which they were not supposed to be in. After they stepped into the room, he took out the remote control and placed it on her bag, which by then everything appeared clear to her. He tried his luck and it hit her right spot. Her friend’s name was Jonathan and he just pushed her to a table and pinned her down with his might, then reaching under her skirt to feel the gadget-laden panties that was still buzzing.

Jonathan pressed onto the part where the panties was in contact with her clit and it totally weakened her in an instant. Being weak in that situation was just senseless to me, she was being assaulted by an unwilling partner but she had no fight left in her to resist? Anyway, her panties came off after a few seconds and she was just bare butt under her skirt. He also lifted her blouse and cut away her tank top, leaving just her maximiser bra under the sheer material of her top.

He did back away after he realised what mess he might be getting into, but that was also the moment when Shelia did the stupid thing. She went over to Jonathan and kissed him! Kissed! Her hands just roamed to his shorts and unbuttoned the soft materials covering his bottom and then took out his dick for a handjob. He was still stunned at that moment but she was all too obvious. He let her finish with a few strokes and it was soon less than sufficient to meet his needs.

With her still standing in front of him, he carried her by her butt and placed her on the row of table at the front, adjusting her skirt to reveal her perfectly shaved pussy right before his dick. Adding some saliva to his hand, he gave two strokes to her clit and she wrapped her legs around him, pulling his dick right into her intimate cave. The size of it made her gasp and lose even more control of herself. It was then Jonathan that continuously filled her pussy with his thick piece of meat, sending waves of orgasms from the third minute they were at it.

The moans she was giving off was turning him on more and he just kept pumping with excitement. It seemed that she was his first. He was not about to cum in this position. He carried her off the table once he reached his fastest speed and placed her on the ground, turned her around and bent her over the long teacher’s desk. With her boobs resting on the cold surface, her bra was still supporting the cleavage she created with the bra.

In one swift move, he plunged his manhood right into her womanhood and it was all history. The table shook like an earthquake that might just end the world, and her pussy just kept leaking juices all over her legs and his thighs. The futile struggle to find something to hold onto, the generous forceful ramming he was giving her, she admitted it was the most intense and crazy sex she ever had. All the time, she was imagining me behind her although I wasn’t his size. It was an insult to me more than a compliment.

Suddenly, he slowed down and a few more strokes of long and fast thrusts later, she felt his cum filling her pussy up and she too, had orgasmed that instant, milking him dry of sperms with the contraction her pussy was giving.

It was definitely heart wrenching to hear that from her, to know that another man had pumped his seeds into my girl. She described how frightening it was with that huge gush of cum that overflowed right out of her pussy after he was done, and they went their ways to the toilet for a clean up. Her tank top cut up, there was no other options except to use her laptop to cover her nudity and they left the school.

How frustrated could I feel? Can you imagine? I was so tempted to end the relationship right that instant if not for her telling me how much she regretted her actions. I said no more through that conversation, and she ended the call sobbing across the line. I couldn’t sleep at all, but imagining another dick inside her.. had a slightly different effect on me.

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Twist of Fate

Sarah went out of her house to replenish some groceries for tomorrow and she went out in her usual home wear of a simple spaghetti top and maxi skirt. Since she had some time to kill, she went to the highest floor of her flat to the corridor to enjoy the view of her neighbourhood, soothing her stress from work. As she breathed in the fresh air, a man in his 30s came out of his unit topless and went to the staircase, disappearing towards the roof access. He was muscular for his age and his abs just looked so tempting for her. Although she had some bad experiences, her husband had been in the dark all along (or so she thought), slowly letting her heal from the scars.

She picked up her courage and went through the door to the stairs, going up the flight of stairs to see the man eye to eye. He got up gentlemanly and apologised for being topless, and asked her what can he help with. Sarah shook her head and took out a slip of paper and pen, handing it to him for he-knows-what. He smiled and explained he wasn’t that kind of man and would not write anything down for her.

He returned her pen and crushed the piece of paper, only to watch her turn away in disappointment. But Sarah wasn’t going anywhere. Was she that determined? Maybe so. She pointed at his phone and he handed it to her, somehow thinking she might go away after giving him her number. She tapped away on the apps and returned it to him, in camera mode. She then took a step back and began removing her clothes, pausing after she pulled her shoulder straps down her shoulders.


It was an open invite to him, to indulge in some fun which would satisfy her impulsive hormones. Looking at her sorrowful puppy eyes, he got up and aimed the phone at her, tapping on the shutter button that would spur her on with the click sound. Piece by piece her clothes come off, from her top and the long skirt.


She then knelt down obediently, as though he was giving her silent commands, but it was actually the routine her husband had trained her for, to serve men as her masters. As an unstoppable force guided her, she found her own hands reaching between her legs into her panties and playing with her engorged clit. Dews formed and her rubbing got more vigorous, sending her to her knees and lost in the process of masturbating herself. For him, it was a performance, to watch this unknown lady execute her intimate personal moment before him. Her voice felt so sweet and unbelievable, in fact, no man would not question a lady’s intention if she was so straight with you.


Sarah was finding it harder and harder to resist begging him to do her right there and then, but it might scare him off, so she controlled with all her mental strength. She got up on her feet and went to the railings, before removing her panties, much to his gleeful eyes.


She stopped at his feet and got up to lower his pants, which he gladly stepped out of. She then took a whiff of his flaccid dick before taking it whole into her mouth, thrusting her head back and forth to help him ‘up’. Her hand wrapped around the base of his shaft and stroked it in sync with her blowjob, while her other hand toyed with his hardening balls. Given her oral skills, the man could not maintain his balance and slowly moved down to sit on the wide steps, giving her more comfort at the lower height.


As she worked her mouth on his tool, the camera kept clicking and she was even more turned on by imagining how he would use the pictures to get more out of her. She was dying for some emotional dependence. After five minutes, he could not let her meet his shy sperms and lifted her head away, thanking and apologising for the lack of self-control.

Sarah: ‘It’s me who should be ashamed of my self-control. Let me make it up to you.’

With that said, she pushed him to lie against the metal protectors at the edge of the steps behind him and climbed on top, sliding her hips against his abs down over his rod which she held in place from behind. He did not stop her but let her pussy take his full length and felt more lost when she began grinding her, bouncing with life over him.

Her hands pressed onto his chest while she rocked away, sending the orgasmic thrills up both his and her brains. In no time, the man felt her orgasm from the extra hard contraction and grew worried about how he might just cum in her. He held her waist firmly onto himself after she grew weak from the climax and lifted her up against a wall, with him still inside. Pressing his sweaty body close to her, his hips began moving forward and back, ramming into her small pussy that was drooling non-stop.

The camera was left neglected on the steps and her arms were holding onto him around his neck for support while letting him throw her body up and down. There was no way she would end this no matter what. It felt so refreshing to have a decent guy pounding into her and driving her wild. In her mind, it was her husband fucking her, but she knew it was different. With their unrelated personal life, there was no way they would know each other if not for this.

Her mind went blank with another orgasm sucking the life out of her and he slowed down at her tightness, understanding his own body well that he might be cumming any time soon. There was no protection to help either. He gently placed Sarah down and let her catch her breath while he supported her by hugging her. She realised after some time, that he wasn’t going to cum in her, or worse, not cum with her around.

Sarah got off the uneven steps and went over to her clothes, and placed her back on the wall. It was part two of her surprise for her. And the photos would do the talking for now.


Sarah: ‘Would you let me finish it for you please?’

He was again, lost. What would she stop at? Until he was dry? Or achieved some form of collateral so she could blackmail him? But the videos and photos? Who was.. There was just too many thoughts running through him, but looking at the thin lady with A cup breasts, she was a girl men would pay high prices for. Is she just a whore who enjoyed her job too much?

He went to her, and handled her waist roughly, pulling her hips further out towards him. He then blindly rammed his dick at her and it got in after a miss, splitting her recovering slit and stretching it all the way at the deepest point to fit his length. He finally gave in to himself and resumed the dirty sex he stumbled upon.

Man (whispering): ‘I don’t know you that well, but you are sure a slut! Take all of my dick, whore.’

He increased his speed of fucking and she was also immersed in the glory. With the thrill of neighbouring block staring, her body surrendered to him and allowed the endless waves of orgasms flood her, closing her pussy for the last time on the stranger’s dick. With a time bomb ready to go off, he just kept pounding into her small body and grabbed her boobs to pinch and squeeze, until they were both bruised and sore.

Her mind just fell deeper into a trance and was almost out when he finally came, pumping her pussy full of his load with every thrust, that made him feel even better with the extra sensitivity that had accumulated at the tip of his penis. One finally ram and his milky way was planted deep into her galaxy. He pulled his cock out to admire his juicy dick that was dripping with her juices that was so clear and thick, unlike anything he came across.

He sat back on the stairs and lighted another cigarette, letting her in on her first puff after she gave up a decade ago. Tired as she was, Sarah sat at where she was and let him have this time to enjoy her body. He pointed the phone at her again and she bent over to look at her own slit, well beaten up by his hungry huge cock. At the same time, she was posing for the photos too.


As far as he could go, he just weren’t able to figure how to work with her strapless bra and ended up just pulling her top over and skirt under her firm ass. She leaned her head on the railings to rest for a few minutes before picking the bra and panties from the floor.

She got the bra on in a few seconds and used the panties to clean between her legs, spreading so wide he could see how beautiful her pussy was. After cleaning, she tucked her panties into his pockets and gave it a few pats. Reaching for his dick, she peeled the foreskin back and stroked it like patting a cat, with only two fingers. It was a powdery coat once she did that, the same she knew wherever her juices were.

Sarah: ‘Self-cleaning.’

She walked down a few steps of the stairs and turned around to give him a playful :P expression before exiting the door. Still a little bewildered, he could only smile at the unusual encounter he came across.

Photos published with permission, courtesy of Stysg.


Samantha is just 18, but standing at 176, she was more than just single by choice. Not many guys can match her height, and on top of the lack of love, she was also getting frustrated without being able to experience sexual intimacy girls her age were going through. Finally, one day, a usual request on Meet Me caught her at the most vulnerable in terms of horniness and she decided to just go for it.

Mike was nowhere near her height, but something in his pants were longer than it should be. He could not stop looking at her the moment she walked in from the glass door of the shopping mall, in her heels and yellow flare skirt, a simple spaghetti top with a sling bag for her stuff. She smiled at the short guy and they walked straight for the cinemas, zooming pass the queueing crowd since he ordered their tickets online. She got a large salted popcorn and two drinks, making her way into the theatre after.

As the movie started, he placed his hand on her legs and roamed up her legs. Although it was expected, she played dumb and pushed his hand away, continuing on her popcorns that were depleting fast. It did not take long for him to watch her put away the empty box under the seat and slurp up the drink like a vacuum, thanks to the saltiness. Seeing her legs in the open, Mike placed his hand on her knees again and advanced, only to receive a harder push and storming away out of the theatre in the darkness.

The shocked him quickly got up and went after her, exiting just before the door closed and felt himself being pulled to the small area behind the door, facing a railing down the stairs. She leaned over him and kissed on his lips, hastily removing his belt. Mike managed to catch up after stunning for a few moments and reached beneath her skirt, tugging the knots off her panties, letting them fall onto her hands before keeping them away. His hands then reached up her spag top and squeezed her breasts so hard it almost gave her an orgasm. She had never someone treating her so well and it was satisfying her lust meter perfectly.

While he massaged her boobs, Samantha was wondering all the time what positions she wanted to try. Given her legs length, it was somewhat tricky. She had an idea and placed him against the rails, she went to the opposite wall and bent her back all the way 90 degrees, spreading her legs wide open on the floor for his dick. Although it was the same doggie style, it was a totally different concept.

He did not wait any longer and guided his dick towards her pussy, that was leaking juices onto the floor. His slab of meat went straight in and reached right into her weakest spot, almost sending her into a split onto the ground. He held her waist firmly and started pounding her hard and deep, giving her the first penetrative orgasm in her life. It was barely manageable for her and she had to cover her mouth to prevent any moans from escaping. As he kept moving, juices just leaked faster into almost a puddle between her legs.

Not giving up, he went super fast on her and really fucked the brains out, groaning softly in response to her tightening pussy and the freshly juiced slit. The session out in the open lasted for about ten minutes, the echoes of their bodies slapping against each other quietened down and he slowly let go of her as she fumbled onto the floor. He had not unloaded his soldiers yet and so he stood in front of her, jerking himself off ready to pour it out into the puddle she created.

Reaching feebly for her bag, she took out her panties and handed it to him, asking him to shoot into it so she could see. After a few minutes, he knelt on the floor before her and shot his warm juicy cum into her soft, pink panties, coating the whole of the narrow part in his juice. With the other parts clean, he wiped himself on it and returned it to Samantha. As he wore his pants back, she took it near her nose and took a whiff, before sticking her tongue out for a taste, and then slurped up most of the wobbly blob with a duck-lips.

She smiled and got up on her feet, carefully placing her panties between her legs before tying both the knots at her hips. It was hard to imagine she was so wild to actually use a soiled panties and wearing it back. The wetness of it turned her on almost immediately and by walking, her pussy was constantly rubbing the soft moist material of her underwear and driving her wild. As much as she wanted to masturbate in public, she had another thing to worry about.

The juices that was leaking out of her pussy, that the panties could not absorb, trickled down her long legs and a few guys definitely saw it. Her heels were sticky after a while and she could only wait till she hopped onto an empty bus home before she touched herself again, masturbating to at least two more orgasms before she went home – for more.

Meeting for the First Time

Dave finally got Kathleen number after months of emails and he had also planned a surprise for her. The day to meet has came and it was up to him to make her time worthwhile. They had decided to meet at her block in the west, and her boyfriend would be in camp as well, making things less guilty for her. Kathleen had been waiting for some time and just as she was about to doze off, an SMS came through her phone.

Dave (WhatsApp): ‘I’ve reached and am in the lift now. When you hear the lift beep, close your eyes.’

It was exactly what he described to her that got her heated up that ever slightly, luring her to meet up with him. She closed her eyes and knew what to expect. The lift beep did came and her eyes shut themselves, while the footsteps of slipper noises closed in on her. A pair of warm hands then laid on her shoulders, massaging the stiff muscles for a while, before going around her neck and tickling her with his nails. Aware of how this was going to turn out, excitement and anticipation got ahead of his movements and she bit her lips, ready to suppress any moans coming out.

Very slowly, like an airplane touching down, his palms roamed to her chest, and pushing his fingers into the neckline, they went directly into her bra and to the twin peaks, warming her breasts with his body temperature. One of her ears felt his ear on it, and then hot breaths of air, followed by his lips clamping on her earlobes. It felt so sexy, and docile, unlike anything her boyfriend did. Dave obviously knew his work and moves, turning her on even more. It was the first time for the both of them, to step out of their relationships into this forbidden one. There was so much more to come.

His hands did not stop kneading her breasts as his tongue stroked along the outer area, wetting her lobes with saliva and the subtle slurping sounds just made her squirm even more. His legs opened beside her and Kathleen thought she felt his bulge against her back, but for now, she could not resist but wished this would never end.

Dave did not take long to realise she was wearing a tight tank top, and the material of her bra was very thin, possibly not able to hide her decency if her nipples erected in public. Like how he started touching her, his arms pulled away since he could not reach any further and she had no choice but to have that break. She was not as plump as how she described to Dave in the SMSes, in fact, she had the perfect amount of flesh around the curves of her figure and it felt so soft in his hands, her legs were also slim, to a point a gap would always be there no matter how tightly she closed her legs.

She opened her eyes to a blur from the evening light and met his gaze for the first time, surprised at how good he looked, better than the toned complexion he had during his army days. Dave went to the front of her and helped her up, bringing her to the ground between the connecting flight of stairs between the two floors. The units were facing towards the corridor, well obstructed from them. No one would come to that area, since there were lifts on every floor.

Kathleen removed her cardigan and tucked it away into her bag, while Dave watched in awe, at her slender arms and collarbones. Once she was done, he pulled her into his arms with one move and kissed on her neck, nibbling along the way, doing his best to make her moan, which did not take long to happen. She was losing herself gradually in his magical fondling and to fight would be denying herself of what she had been seeking for in a guy all along.

His hands reached down to her thighs and climbed back up, going under her black cotton flare skirt, to remove her panties that would hinder their fun. She let him tug it off her legs and kept herself close as his fingers dived between the slit, rubbing vigorously on her clit. How could she just let him do all the work? Kathleen took a step back and challenged him to remove his underwear in record time. And to further tempt her, he only took 5 seconds to show her it was done, by putting her hand inside his shorts, touching on his hot piece of rod immediately.

Kathleen could only grin in excitement while she stroked him up and down, in turn fuelling his fingers to move even faster, until he pushed it right up her vagina. A yelp caught him off guard and she held on to his dick tightly as he rammed his fingers furiously, disabling her sane thoughts and proper control of her body. Her legs weakened and he placed his thigh between her legs to support, against the wall she was leaning on. As his movements got wilder, the first orgasm with a guy outside her relationship hit her hard and a patch of wetness form on his shorts.

Looking shyly away, she was embarrassed by her messy orgasm. After catching her breath, she knelt down on the hard concrete, let him leaned against the wall and adjusted his shorts just low enough to let the dick out into the air. Without looking at his shocked look, she took his dick into her mouth and went deep and fast on the spot, sending the weakness all to him while he struggled to hang on to the PVC pipes that were nearby. Her tongue kept circling around his little head while her lips pumped along the shaft, coupled with her constant toying with his testicles, he could barely control his cum.

With no warning, he shoved her head towards him and pumped the sticky pile of cum down her throat, that she did not resist but tried to breath through her nose, all the while experiencing how hot cum would feel going down to her stomach. He let her go after he was done and was looking all guilty, but she did not feel forced. Never before someone had been so rough with her, and it was the dominance she enjoyed.

After resting for a few minutes, her mouth went back to restart his engine and teased it to a point it was a little numb. Perfect for penetration. He flipped her around and pushed her to the railings of the stairwell, flipped her skirt up and parted her legs with a gentle kick. He did not waste anymore time and rammed his dick into the tightness, blowing her mind on the spot with the depth in place of the wide he lacked. It was the right length for her to stimulate her G-spot and she simply could not bring herself to embarrass herself anymore by telling him such details.

His vigour and strength impressed her very much, draining her energy as her G-spot was constantly poked and stroked. It merely took him three minutes to give her the next climax and feeling her pussy contracting over his rod, he took the chance to pound her even harder and continued to give her the orgasms which just came without control. As juices poured out of her pussy all over his dick and testicles, he knew he would not cum so soon.

There was no time to waste with this curvy nice young lady, whose raging hormones proved to be subduable. Since her boyfriend was not around to help her out, why can’t he have the honour? The slapping of their bodies went on for a long while with her struggling to maintain her balance, and him indulging in the near-vacuum pressure inside her. As time passed, it was getting boring and feeling less good for him.

Once again, he flipped her towards him and raised one of her legs onto his elbow, which held onto her shoulders to keep her legs split. Thrusting his dick right back where it belonged, their two bodies slammed against each other with his dick going in deeper than before and changing the angle where her G-spot was attacked. The juices flowed down her legs this time and it just kept leaking while he took his time to breath in her womanly-freshly-showered scent.

His body timer went off into a countdown after one of her most intense orgasm broke free and the tightness not going away, he notified her that he would be cumming soon. They knew what not to do, therefore, also clearing the doubts on what TO do. He gave her the last few thrusts and pulled his dick out of her, letting her kneel on the floor while stroking him, while his hips buckled and sprayed his load onto her chest, coating it in a slimy protein breast mask.

Kathleen licked the remaining droplets off the tip of his dick, giving it a final kiss before going back to the steps for a rest. The duo having sex all the time, did not kiss on their lips at any time, understanding that kisses were only for love birds, which they were not. While they sat at the steps talking about their sex lives, her hands slipped back into the leg openings of his shorts and jerked him off for the third time, taking the final and meagre streams of cum into her mouth for a good tasting before gulping it down.

In the cold winds, they hugged each other for a long time before she had to leave for dinner at home, and Dave, to get home for some sleep to get his energy back for his girlfriend the next day.