The 15 year old girl did not think much when an older guy approached her while she was waiting for her bus along Geylang after dinner with her friends. The offer of S$400 was too much to resist and she followed him to his car after he shoved S$200 to her. Summer: ‘Uncle where are […]

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Puppy Sex

During the weekends when I did not have school, the two girls who had a crush on me asked me out often. But I felt more like a prop who followed them around to shop and eat, and they even offered to pay my meals for my company. I did not decline them since they […]

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Enslaved by Lust

This time, she was in an old white t-shirt with a pair of beach shorts, walking with those slender long legs in front of me. I only knew which block she lived in, but nothing more than that. The multiple times we had saw each other, I was always in smart office wear and for […]

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Payback Time

Julian: ‘Wah. He bought this skirt for you?’ Layla: ‘No lah. Someone just left this on my doorknob and Jay saw it. Then he wants me to wear this today. So I just wear lo.’ She was chatting with their good friend when her boyfriend had fallen asleep next to her. The three of them […]

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