Day: Friday Date: 15 January 2009 Time: 2pm Location: NYP, clubroom/ CCA room I ended class early and went to collect the keys to enter the clubroom. As I had some designs to finish up, I didn’t mind doing it alone. There was no one else as everyone has gone home. As I was focused […]

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Taking Photos

It was after choir and I’ve agreed to help Joyce take some photos of her doll in new clothes. We went to her house and entered her bedroom to set up the camera. I mounted the camera onto the tripod and set it for remote control. She came in and I opened my arms to […]

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Bad Mood

Joyce was in a bad mood and so was I. Somehow, without saying much, we sort of spill our hearts out. Looks like she was having problems with her boyfriend, which I am facing with my girlfriend, Peiling, too. We decided to walk around Junction 8 to chit chat and kill some time. She was […]

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