Old Friends

Me: ‘Hey! You’re Ginny right? I’m Jasper, remember me? From OBS?’

She paused for a moment before giving a delighted glee on her face. It was then everything came back to her, that night during OBS when we had to share a tent. But that’s another story to come.

Ginny: ‘Yeah! I remember you!. So pai seh lo that night. You wanna sit here? I’m having lunch alone.’

We chatted for a long while till about 2pm, when she had to go back to work. Her figure maintained at the school girl level, totally slim and tempting to have. She stood at about 155cm but her stats was proportioned to her height.

By then, we’ve exchanged our contacts and even arranged to meet for dinner the next day, since it was a Saturday.

The next day comes quick enough and we met at a quiet Coffee Bean just by the Merlion and continued with our talk. Somehow, we could clique very well, talking about school, personal lives, about work and even touching on intimate topics. Very soon, and unknowingly, it was the closing time that reminded us that it was late.

Gin: ‘Oh no, it’s already 11pm. Why did they close so late today. Aiyo.’

Me: ‘How are you going home? You stay in the north right? We can cab home ah.’

Gin: ‘Uh…. actually, I don’t have a lot of money with me. Oh! You can drop me at my place and..’

Me: ‘And?’

Gin: ‘Haiz.. my mother sure scold me one. Out till so late, I was thinking of calling her down to pay for the cab.’

Me: ‘Haha. Don’t worry luh. Let’s be on our way home. We’ll see how on the way.’

Cabs were all over the streets and within five minutes, we’re on our way, in a jam to home.

Gin *yawns*: ‘Thank you for the lift. I’m so tired luh.’

Me: ‘Haha. No problem luh. You want to lie on my shoulders?’

I didn’t really mean it since she was in a comfortable position, head quite away from me.

Grudgingly, she skid her head on the seat and dropped to my shoulder. As gently as I could, I turned my body to accommodate the position she was in.

Gin: ‘You smell nice.. like me.’

I was smiling in my heart. To me, it meant she was so comfortable with me. The driver was good too, he didn’t really peeped into the mirror to even have a look at us.

Her hand then went around my waist, pulling me closer and then using her tote bag to cover my lap. I didn’t really thought of it as anything since she could be feeling warm on her legs.

Suddenly, she lifted her head and gave my neck a little suck. I was sort of immobilised, not daring to move in case I hit her with my chin. Right then, I could feel her hand running across my jeans, tugging at my zip.

Gin: ‘You want help me?’

Planting my lips on hers, I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, making sure it was only a tug at my underwear to my family jewel. Sitting behind the driver, I couldn’t feel any safer.

She pulled on my underwear and stroked my dick for a moment, before dropping her head even lower, sucking it slowly and silently.

For the rest of the trip, I rested my hand on her back while massaging her pussy from behind her, while she was lying on my lap, sucking me off. She was so wet that I could literally scoop her juices and spread it all over mine, which she didn’t mind tasting at all.

Driver: ‘About fifteen more minutes.’

We knew it’s time to finish it. My rubbing and fingering had already caused her to cum a few times and gotten her panties all soaked up.

She held herself up with her hands and went faster and deeper on me. Even choking and coughing a few times, she went on.

Me *whispers*: ‘I’m almost there.’

She held onto the base of my dick and went non-stop, with her hand, she could feel if I was cumming and immediately responded when I felt the charging up through my shaft.

Forcing her mouth all the way down, she pulled the ‘spring-load’ back and made me blew my hardest load down her throat. Every round I fired was 100% of my energy, right to the oozed cum from my softening dickhead, which she licked away and smiled.

Gin: ‘Thank you for the dinner and the ride home. Tomorrow.. you want meet for dinner again? So you can treat me? But I’ll ride you home tomorrow.’

Me: ‘Ha.. naughty girl. Sure. I don’t have anything on tomorrow anyway.’

Do survey?

Our secret relationship started when I was at BMT. It was one of those usual Sunday nights that we had to line up to book in at Pasir Ris bus interchange and since I’ve never been late before. This night was no different. I arrived about thirty minutes before, and sat on those benches near the wall.

Girl: ‘Umm.. Excuse me, can you help me do a survey?’

*Wah! Kena this kind of things again. Okay lah. this girl looked quite cute too, help her out.*

The tactics are usually to deploy good looking girls around here, where the fresh army boys are. Figuring that I still have a long wait, I did the survey and ‘checked in’ to Tekong Resort.

On Thursday night, just when I was about sleep earlier, my phone rang with this unfamiliar number. The thrill would be picking up stranger’s calls ehh?

Me: ‘Hello?’

Girl: ‘Hey, is this Jasper?’

Me: ‘Yahh. Who is this?’

Girl: ‘This is Natalie from XXX insurance company. You remember you did a survey a few days ago? The pretty pretty girl one? Haha. Are you free tomorrow? Want to meet at night?’

*Huh? They got meet their victims at night one meh?*

Me: ‘Uhh.. Okay ah. Can. Tomorrow night. Where do we meet?’

Natalie: ‘Meet near your place lah. *Pause* Ang Mo Kio right? We meet at the Mcdonald’s outside AMK Hub.’

Me: ‘Okay then. See you tomorrow.’

The night past and I booked out as usual. Was quite expecting what will happen luh, since she’s so sweet to meet me at my area. I went home and changed and before I knew it, she called and said she’s on her way. Within minutes, I was out of my house and towards the restaurant.

I waited for a few minutes before a familiar face but not sure if it’s her – too pretty le. Dressed in short skirt and tank top, she recognized me and waved. Of course, I would be most proud to have this girl with me for the night.

Natalie: ‘Sorry leh. You waited for quite long?’

Me: ‘Ya lah! You treat ah!’

Natalie: ‘Ehh.. C’mon. I in this line means no money de. Always travelling. Luckily you stay in Ang Mo Kio. I also stay here de.’

We had our meal and she tried to psycho me to get a savings plan. Throughout the whole conversation, I asked her so many questions she doesn’t know how to answer, and ended up with me telling her how the plans work. It was about 11pm before we took another break. If nothing’s happening, I’m going home le – that’s what I told myself.

Natalie: ‘You need to be home tonight? Can come my place to finish this up? Wahh. I so scared I won’t be so attentive once we leave lo.’

I knew what she meant, she wanted to keep going whilst she had this attention with me. Once broken, she won’t be able to focus like that. Hmm.. Would any of you guys reject such an offer? I agreed to go to her place and for your information, the walk to her house was short, and unbearable for my little brother.

Surprisingly, there was no one at home, but she isn’t someone who is not allowed to bring friends home. Once into her air-conditioned cosy little room, we went on till about 2am, which she just nodded off in a seated position. Carrying her to her bed, there wasn’t enough space on the floor for me to sleep.

Snuggling beside her, I covered the blanket over both of us and slept. Slowly, I felt a hand moved and went around my waist. I was in the wrong position! I was facing away from her.

Natalie whispered: ‘Thank you. You helped me summarised six hours of product training and made it so fun to learn.’

I rotated my body towards hers and looked into her sleepy eyes. She slowly closed her eyes and pulled me towards her. Trying to ‘glide’, I didn’t want to wriggle and shake the whole bed. Once within range, I touched her lips with mine. Gently spreading her lips apart, my tongue ventured into her mouth and teased her lips by moving left and right, entering bit by bit.

Her tongue touched mine in return to welcome me, for the wild party that will happen. Our kissing became intense once our kissing ‘leveled up’. Hands running over each other, quickly undoing each others’ clothes and fumbling with taking it off and getting it out of the way. We were down to our bare skin in no time and rubbing our bodies together, sharing the warmth and feeling of the smooth skin.

She sat up and turned around, getting into a ’69’ position.

Natalie: ‘We start together k? See who die first.’

Me: ‘Ready.. Go!’

My tongue immediately ran up and down her pussy, flicking and sucking on the clit. She was so taken aback that her mouth just let go of my dick and started moaning. I did not rest nor even wasted 2 seconds breathing. Her natural response was to sit back on my mouth and let my tongue go as deep into her as possible.

For the third time her pussy juice flowed into my mouth, I knew she didn’t had much energy left to ‘service’ me.

Me: ‘Natalie, lie down. Let me finish you up.’

Without a word, she got off me and lay beside me. For a change, I got up and went down on her, licking her clean and getting her ready for the penetration. As I continued clit-flicking her, I capped on a rubber and started stroking myself. Quietly, I lifted my head away and inched my dick towards her vagina.

Natalie: ‘Hey Jasper! What are you doing? Did you put a condom on?’

Me: ‘Of course I did! Safer mah.’

Natalie: ‘Huh? Can you wait?!’

I was shocked. Did I just done something wrong? Maybe she never thought of having sex with me at all. Still in my kneeling position, she pulled herself back and sat up. She grabbed my weakening dick and looked at me.

Natalie: ‘I want to suck you off first. You still got condom? I’m going to remove this.’

She tugged the rubber off and took my whole dick into her mouth. Making sure it was at her comfortable depth, she sealed her lips around my shaft and gently gave it a little vacuum, twirling her tongue around the dickhead, it was totally out of the world. Saliva would gather around her lips and she just used it as a lubricant, bobbing her head up and down, my dick going in and out of her mouth.

She stopped after a while and we took a minute break before she asked me for a condom. I passed it to her and laid back on my back. From how she capped me on, I could tell she did it a few times already. I didn’t care though, we were enjoying ourselves.

Natalie: ‘Are you ready?’

Not intending to wait for my reply, she climbed over me and slid herself over my dick. Her body moved without much effort and her pussy simply got tighter with every bounce. It was a nice sight looking her her boobs bouncing while my dick was getting satisfied.

Me: ‘Ehh, we try something leh. You support yourself with your knees, a bit higher around my dickhead there. But don’t let it slip out.’

Natalie: ‘Huh? Like this? What you want to try?’

I moved my hips vigorously up and down, darting in and out of her pussy, I could literally see her juice dripping out and I cleaned her insides with my long meat. After a single minute, her body jerked upwards with my thrust into her and she fell onto my body.

Grabbing her ass, I continued fucking her, moving my hips up and down. She turned her head forward to give me a grin and went back down to listen to my heartbeat. As her fists clenched tighter onto the bedsheets, her pussy got tighter as well. She could control her vagina muscles to increase the pleasure even more.

I came within strokes of her tightening and after she took it off for me, we went to clean it up before getting back into bed, naked.

Natalie: ‘Can you put it inside me again? But don’t move, just leave it inside.’

I nodded and she climbed over me, sliding down my body and over the once-again-rock-hard meat stick. We slept till a good 5 am before ending our one-night-stand with a wild wild wet fuck in her bathtub. To think I woke her up by doing a doggie on her, and sex in the bathroom was fun! There was so many positions to try out. Why not?

Will we meet again?

My Little Ah Lian

I once knew this lian, Jacqueline, who was around 20 years old now. She was those type of girls who smoke, tattoo their hips and lots of piercings on their bodies. It was pretty nice knowing her though and she prefers to be around guys like me, probably to seek refuge of their identity.

We do meet up often to go out for walks around Vivocity or even just a meal around my block. If I remember correctly, I knew her from a friend. Like, I was meeting this friend, then her lian friend was around. We got kind of interested in each other and got each other’s contact. There wasn’t much advancement in our relationship then. We just hung out and ate and watched movies once in a while. She was a smoker, I wasn’t. I was much of an entertainer and a company for her.

After about three months of frequent dates, she confessed her feelings for me and I quite liked her then. So we sort of got together and became closer. Of course, hanky panky came into the picture and she was quite the wild type, daring to not wear panties and bra for my convenience. It was so ‘her’ to be asking for my fingers, for me to lick her, and I wasn’t allowed to ask her to help me out unless she’s in the mood. Quite a dominating girl. I didn’t mind.

One evening, both of us were out and did quite some shopping for her room makeover. We rested in the park behind her house and sat there till it was dark. We spoke for a while and just hugged each other for the rest of the time. She was wearing shorts and a tank top, the top was those shorter ones to show her naval piercings. My left hand were already around her waist, and my right on her shorts, rubbing her gently and slowly to help her relax.

Darkness came and so did her domination. Phrases in Chinese is the actual conversation. Phrases in italics are translations of the conversation.

Jacqueline: ‘

[Due to data corruption, the story is incomplete but will not be removed.]


There was this trip to Desaru, Malaysia for an astrology experience. It was quite a journey to go as there were only 14 of us, and many things to carry. The whole group consists of two lecturers and 12 students. It was my poly days when I had this chance to travel.

We stayed in this resort to two in a room. Shane was with me, but his girlfriend was also on the trip. Somehow, they forced me to join this girl, Huiting, in her room. It was super awkward. We had to keep it from the lecturers as a favour to Shane and his girl.

The first night was the toughest one, but it all turned out quite differently from what I imagined. Both of us having to face this problem for the first time, we were super conservative about it. We knew each other, but was like super polite with who goes first into shower or changing of clothes or sleeping or even going anywhere.

Huiting: ‘Ehh Jasper. Sorry leh. Have to put you through this.’

Me: ‘Aiyo, not your fault too lah. Shane lah. Horny couple. Haha. Hope tonight will be a good night for both of us ba. At least rest enough for tomorrow.’

Huiting: ‘Yupp. Hope you won’t mind if I snore ah. I do do that once in a while.’

Me: ‘Haha. I wouldn’t mind. Let’s sleep now alright?’

It was close to 11pm and I went to switched the lights off. We were sleeping in one queen-sized bed. It was this way because our lecturers planned for guy-guy girl-girl accomodation. Anyway, we were already in this mess.

In the middle of the night just when I was about to go into deeper sleep, I felt movements across the bed and thoughts of spirits of course came into my mind. Wanting to find out if Huiting was the one moving, I spoke to her without turning my head.

Me: ‘Umm.. Huiting ah. Is that you?’

Huiting: ‘HUH?! You’re not asleep yet ah? It’s close to 2am le leh.’

Me: ‘Wahh. Heng is you ah. You also.’

The shuffling continued and I turned my body (fully clothed) towards her. Her arms suddenly swarmed through the blanket and onto my chest. I was shock, but I know it could lead to something more.

Me: ‘Huiting, you okay or not?’

I placed my arms around her neck and brought her onto my chest. While lying on it, she hugged me really tight and her body suddenly warmed up.

Huiting: ‘Umm.. I want to tell you this through Janice, but somehow, she joined Shane upstairs and we are now in this.’

I was puzzled, but wanted her to go on. By the way, Janice was Shane’s girlfriend.

Me: ‘Go on.’

Huiting: ‘I liked you since we were together in our third year. Being in the same group as you makes me feel safe. Like you can do everything. Although most of the module grades not too good lah. Haha.’

Hearing this, I pulled her closer and pressed her head against my chest. She was a pleasant girl. Long highlighted hair, clear brown eyes, her outfit was always simple, t-shirts and shorts or jeans to school. Nothing revealing or flaunting. Sweet little girl, every phrase and action she makes will make any guys’ heart melt.

Me: ‘I don’t want to disappoint you, but I have no intention of being with anyone right now, until after NS. Yeah. Sorry.’

Huiting: ‘Hey Jasper, I’m not hinting to be your girlfriend. I just want you to know. Tonight is more than what I asked for, to be with you.’

Her hand travelled down my stomach, into my pants and underwear – direct. There wasn’t any blockage or obstacles, her hand was already on my dick, massaing it to get it real big and pumped.

Me: ‘Huh? Are you sure about this?’

She pressed her body on mine and I could feel her hard nipples on mine. With a nod, she planted her lips on mine, making sure I couldn’t make a sound while she toyed my helpless little brother. Her hand in my pants were stroking me gently, yet tightly enough not to make me cum.

The orange flavoured shampoo she used was in my face, her hair blocked out most of the light and we were just kissing crazily in the darkness. My hands were at her back, already unhooked her tube bra and removing it. She was wearing the type where you can unhook and remove without pulling it over her head.

She lifted herself up into sort of a push-up position so I could ‘torture’ her helpless nipples too. Having a funny position in mind, I pushed her to her side and did a 69 while lying down, facing the side.

My head was lying on her thigh, while she lay on mine, jerking and sucking me off. My tongue was exploring her shaved pussy (that explains the long time she took in the showers) and so were my fingers. She had two guys before, and so wasn’t a virgin, but it didn’t matter then.

I fingered her to tears and tiredness while she tried hard to focus on helping me blow my load, which I didn’t before she got too tired. She was enjoying it, a little too much that her body couldn’t take it. There was no sex, just lots of licking and fingering.

Huiting: ‘I’m damn tired le lo. How come you can keep going one? Omg omg, I’m cumming againnnn!’

We stayed up for close to another two hours and finally collapsed, after she took three of my loads down her throat. In her tiredness, she would still smear my cum all over and let it dry. Keeping my love seeds inside her.

Occasionally, we would wake up in the middle of the night and go for another round. Finally when it was morning, we woke up more exhausted than the night before.

Me: ‘Huiting, will you regret last night?’

Huiting: ‘Nope! Never.’

Huiting whispered: ‘I was surprise you didn’t asked me for sex.’

Me: ‘Hmm.. it didn’t occur to me ba. Haha. Silly hor?’

Huiting: ‘Nope! Not silly at all. I guess that attracts me to you even more.’

We had our breakfast and ended the day of star gazing and just moonlighting. I bet you guys can guess what night activities we had when the lights were out.

Note from HuitingThk u 4 e nites during our Desaru trip. I cldnt 4get hw much fun we had, how crazy u made  me. It was u whom I was addicted 2. Only u. I will wait 4 u, until u r rdy. No matter hw long it will take. No other guys will cum between us. I promise.

Night Adventure

Vivian woke up in the middle of the night feeling super horny, it was stronger than usual since she haven’t masturbated for some nights. She was trying to see how long she would last before her mind gives in to her body. Feeling super in need, random thoughts came into her mind, she changed from her translucent night dress to a oversized t-shirt, and pair of pink panty.

She then opened her cupboard of little scerets and pulled out a wireless vibrator, installed a fresh set of batteries and slipped it into her undie. Taking her cute little hello kitty pouch and some money, she placed the remote control inside the pouch and went out of the house.

Vivian needed something with excitement to satisfy herself. She took the lift down her block and went to the 7-11 a three minutes walk away. Stepping into the store, the male cashier immediately turned and glanced at her.

Her top was a white shirt a little transparent that at the tip of the breasts, a little dark area of nipple ‘peek’ could be seen. She had nice brown nipples that can get really pointy when turned on, and she knew they were hardening. She walked in further and got herself a cup noodles and a bottle of water. Right before she walked to the counter to make payment, she reached into her pouch and turned the vibrator to the max.

Payment was made with a delay as the cashier, aged around 37 was a little distracted with this cute teenager in front of him. It was obvious she was teasing him and it was right then she felt a stream of juice flowing out of her wet panties and down her legs.

She sat down in front of the huge glass panes where the tall tables and chairs were, for the customers who wanted to eat in. Her mind wasn’t on eating at all, it was on the few people passing by once in a while who would stare at her, and slowly down her body to her legs.

This teen who was around her age was walking from her far left and he was quite a pretty boy, big charming eyes, fit lean body. She could tell he was from the army and he was pretty ranked, from his army style bag that she had one too similar.

His eyes met her and she gave him a little smile, staying cool, he smiled back and entered the store, making the cashier a little jealous. He sat beside Vivian and said, ‘Hi, you’re alone?’

Vivian: ‘Yeah, quite bored and hungry, so I came down for a bite. You?’

Guy: ‘My name is Harris, I’m heading to camp now. They needed me. I have some time if you need company.’

Vivian did not have any mood to finish her noodles, she discarded whatever was left and left the store with Harris. They stopped at a playground and sat down in a slide, tube-shaped, to shield themselves from onlookers seeing whatever might happen next.

Vivian could not take his pretty lips and hugged him, digging her tongue deep into hers. Harris knew what to do, one look and you know he can get any girls he wanted, his hands were around both her bare breasts, squeezing them and pinching the hard nipples, making her moans echo down the slide.

Harris moved his hands between her legs and pressed the vibrator harder onto her pussy once he realised what was Vivian doing. Being controlled and pleasured at the same time, Vivian tried to focus on undoing Harris’ army pants and belt. His dick immediately sprang into her hands once she pulled his Levis underwear down.

Her hand wrapped around his dick and stroked while Harris replaced the vibrator with his hand in her panties. His strong middle finger would go on on turbo without rest, making Vivian’s body shake and shiver in ecstasy. One press and he knew he was handling a little horny virgin. He wasn’t there to take anyone’s virginity, he knew he was getting Vivian off, a girl who needs a man to relieve her.

She grabbed Harris’ wrist as she came for the seventh time, easing his fingers on her sore and painful pussy. She was happy, high, crazy, all mixed. She wanted Harris to be happy and satisfied too, and her mouth was one hole she could spare.

Sliding down the slide a bit, she adjusted her clothes and placed the wireless vibrator back into her undie. She turned it on slow and sucked and moaned on his hard rod. He lay down on his back and relaxed while Vivian used her lips and mouth and throat to give him a sensual blowjob. She got the right suction in less than five strokes and Harris was enjoying it all right.

She took her time and it wasn’t even tiring to her, the vibrator and mindblowing pussy rub was all it takes to Vivian to charge up for anything. It wasn’t after twenty minutes before Harris said something, ‘Vivian, I need to be on my way, would you like me to shoot?’

Vivian: ‘Of course you must, into my mouth.’

She said it with a satisfied smile. She increased her speed and began to go deeper down on his shaft, gagging a few times, but her hand was on his balls, massaging as his body starts to twitch.

Harris: ‘I’m cumming.’

His shaft started pushing loads and loads of fresh white cum into her tiny mouth, filling it up as she held it steady and breaths. After about twenty seconds, he signalled her that he was done and she sucked it lightly as she pulled away from his dickhead.

Vivian: ‘Mmmm.. ‘

Vivian swallowed andcontinued pressing along his dick, squeezing, licking and cleaning up his nice pink dick before pulling his underwear back up.

Harris was happy too, he held her face with his hands and gave her a deep kiss on her lips, then another one on her forehead, whispering, ‘Thank you’. He stood up pulled Vivian up before heading his way.

Vivian walked home and went back to sleep in the same wet undies, and vibrator turned on the whole night. It was a night Vivian will never forget. There wasn’t any exchange of anything, just a physical satisfaction that two bodies of the opposite sex needed.

Sweet Little Girl

Eileen and I arranged to meet outside Lucky Plaza after her work on Saturday. She gave me a call at around 4.50pm and asked if I was there already. How could I not be there? Standing at a petite 156cm, she wasn’t that plump at all. I’ve seen her picture. Cute tiny little package. I was excited to meet her.

She appeared out of the glass doors in a pink blouse and a short skirt. I bet she must have made all the guys in her office really hard. Her blouse was a little transparent, revealing her black bra with a X strap. Her skirt was a demin one, black and about 3 inches short of the knee.

Luckily I was wearing a pair of jeans tighter for me, my bulge was  getting quite uncomfortable in my pants. No doubt we met for the first time, she didn’t quite hate my looks and agreed to hold my hand as we went around. We did everything a couple in love.

It was soon close to eight at night and she agreed to let me send her home. We took a bus from town to her place, it was a long ride, but we were lucky to be on a double-decker with only a few passengers in front of us.

Me: ‘Umm.. Eileen.. Can I kiss you?’

Eileen: ‘Don’t know?’

Me: ‘Haha. Hmm.. close your eyes?’

And she did without any hesitation. I made my move and ran both my hands up her neck, turning her face towards me. Sealing my dry lips on her wet lip gloss, I pushed my tongue between her lips, gently licking them, making them wet. She didn’t resist and I continued licking her beautiful lips.

We didn’t stop and slowly, the french kiss got more intimate. Her body turned slightly towards me and both her hands were sliding up and down my thighs. Well, so were my hands. I brought both of my hands away from her neck and did the same, running my hands up and down her blouse, but mine was a little different =)

My hands slid under her skirt without her realising and kept moving my fingers in and out, getting deeper and deeper with each push. Her body was getting warmed, and her hands were squeezing my thighs tighter.

Without concern for anything, I went all the way to her pussy. On one touch, I could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties, and was wet too. She opened her legs automatically while I started to probe around her pussy. I knew how to make her high, I knew how to make her want more. With my palm facing up under her skirt, I used my index and fourth finger to pushed her pussy lips aside and teased her clit with my middle finger.

Her moans were getting louder and our lips tightened despite the occasional glances from other couples. My fingers tire from rubbing her, but there was one thing that kept me going. Not sure if she did it intentionally, she unzipped my pants and whipped out my already-suffocating dick.

With her inexperienced hands, she jerked me off as she climaxed and went high. I was also getting high from getting a handjob from the innocent little girl. We went on until we were about four bus stops away. My hard dick was still quite some time away from ejaculation, I pushed my middle finger into her and went deep and fast. Her whole body almost collapsed but her hand remained tight around me.

It wasn’t her first time to be fingered, but first time to be done by someone else. Suddenly, her body went fast after her pussy squeezed my finger so tightly, almost pushing it out of her hole. My dick was at the peak of explosion, I nudged her head towards my pee hole and she lowered her head to wrap her little lips around it.

Half a second later, my vessels got started and pumped loads of fresh warm cum into her mouth. She kept sucking it like a baby while drinking it down at the same time. My fingers weren’t off her yet, but I could tell she couldn’t take it anymore.

As I forced my last drop out of my shaft, she licked it dry and placed my still-hard dick back into my jeans before zipping it up. I alighted the bus with her and walked her home, but not forgetting to give her a kiss. Our hands kept feeling around each other no matter where we were.

The wild fun we had was memorable, it wasn’t the first time I did this, my ex did it too, but this round with Eileen was the best. How could I ever forget you?

Staying Home

Shandy: ‘Jasper, I can’t take it anymore. I’m just masturbating myself. I want you, I want to feel your fingers inside me. I want you to push your hard dick inside me. I want to do the measurement again, to see if your dick grew longer. Can we meet? Like now? I’ll cab down.’

I met Shandy during one of my bookout. I was shopping alone at Novena and got to know her at one of the sports shop. She was sort of looking for a specific energy gel and I helped her. Attracted by her slender body, I couldn’t resist but asked her for her number.

After that, we walked around the mall together before ending up in the toilet, having a wild time inside. Working out with intense session of foreplay. Blowjob, cunnilingus, fingering, handjob and rubbing my dick between her pussy lips. There wasn’t any penetration, but our bodies knew we would have to do it the next time we met.

Since then, we had been texting a lot and eventually having phone sex every night while I am in camp. And before we realised, it was Friday night and I just reached home.

Me: ‘Hmm.. Meet now? Maybe we can meet at Bishan Park, they are renovating and at this hour, I think there are no more workers now. We can do what you want there.’

Shandy cabbed down from Yishun and picked me up before making our way into the now-renovating park. We managed to sneak into the worksite and found a little shelter that is still supported by columns but covered with a cloth.

Me: ‘Hmm.. What do you want to do now you naughty girl?’

She pulled my FBT knee-length shorts down and off, lowered my Levis underwear and sucked while seated on one of the support. I could tell that she was really horny and going all out to make me as hard as possible. Licking every part of my shaft, she coated my stick with her saliva and was still going. Having a mix of licking and sucking, it was her deep throat that left me addicted.

She had a body so slender that you could still hold on to her, but lean enough to put 100% of her energy into satisfying me. Her body got wetter as we pespired. About ten minutes of a heavenly blowjob, she held onto the support above her head and spread her legs.

Shandy: ‘Do what you want to me.’

I stood in front of her opened legs and pushed my rubber-lined dick into her. She hung freely while I slid my dick in and out of her while standing. It was not long before she had to change to another position.

With her arms tired, I placed her on her fours and went into doggie style. Slapping her ass with my hips, I made sure my dick was all the way into her. Deep and hard into her wet hole. She could control her vagina muscles well, and that help me hold it in for as long as I could.

It was super exciting there, as we cannot see who might be watching us. We fucked like there is no tomorrow and made each other so crazy that we just kept going. As much as we try to be quiet, she couldn’t help herself but give out little yelps as I surprise her with strong sudden thrusts.

The fun part would be to keep making each other high after every orgasm. She had a harder time as I would get soft. But nonetheless, she could handle it with her good stamina and we fucked around the worksite. Occasionally using the support beams there as sex furniture.

At about 11pm, we were so tired that we had to rest. We sat around and had a short chat about our lives. After a short ten minutes, I flagged a cab for her and went home. Our kinky smses continued and I’m sure we’re going to meet again soon.

Booking Out – Danielle

I called Danielle once I got off the bus at Pasir Ris.

Me: ‘Hello Danielle.’

Danielle: ‘Hey hi! Where are you now?’

Me: ‘I’m at Pasir Ris now. Hmm.. Is there anyone at your house now? I need someplace to change my clothes.’

Danielle: ‘Nope! There is no one home now, my mum is flying again. You want to come ah? But my place is messy.’

Me: ‘Haha. Not like I’ve never been there before.’

Danielle: ‘Okay! I’ll see you soon then. Will text you my address.’

Me: ‘Alright. I love you.’

Danielle: ‘Uhh.. okay. Bye!’

I board a cab and went to her place.

*Ding Dong*

Danielle opened the door and pulled me in. Quickly, I placed my bags and took my top off since it’s very hot wearing the uniform. She hugged me and I removed my boots before seating on her sofa bed. Hugging her close to me, I whispered into her ears.

Me: ‘Did you missed me?’

Her face was facing away from me then, like how she turned away the first time I met her at her place.

Danielle: ‘Yahh.’

My hands were already running under her shirt, and slowly up to her breasts. She wasn’t wearing any bra then, seems totally prepared for me. She turned her face towards me and kissed while my fingers rolled her nipples in a circular pinch. Her nipples were hard, but she weren’t showing a lot of her horniness.

Slowly, her body got warmer and is also turning towards me. I slid my hand across her tummy and into her pants, as expected, there was no panties as well, and was already wet.

Danielle: ‘Would you pleasure me today? I don’t feel all that happy.’

Me: ‘Yupp. Of course I will.’

Sliding my hand lower into her shorts, her moans started to get softer as she anticipates what I would do. Slipping my middle finger into her love hole.

Danielle: ‘Ahh.. Hmm..’

The moans kept my fingers working, rubbing, fingering, pinching her clit, flipping it left and right. She was really in seventh heavens. With her eyes closed, her legs were trembling, and chest rising and sinking fast, from the pleasure she was receiving. Lying as comfortably as she could, I lifted her shirt up and suckle on her nipples gently, and twirling the tip of my tongue around. Her moans were soothing, like a baby’s breathing.

Slowly, her pussy tightens and a wave of juice came into my hand. Her legs clamped onto my hand until she was done, and released it.

Danielle: ‘Your turn now!’

She propped me onto the sofa, on my back while she sat between my legs, ready to give me a really slow and effective handjob. Taking a tube of lubricant, she squeezed some out onto her palm. Rubbed her hands together and covered my dick with it. She began to stroke my dick in a gently and massaging motion, pushing her way up, and down, occasionally giving it a gentle rub on the head.

It lasted for a good fifteen minutes, with no rush. I was of course feeling really good to have someone keeping me horny.

Danielle: ‘I help you shoot now k? Then we wash up. I think you have to go home le. It’s late already.’

Me: ‘I could accompany you for a while more after I wash up.’

Danielle: ‘Really? Okay!’

She increased her speed and covered the full length of my shaft. Slurping sounds, semi-dried lubricant kept my dick real hard and stiff. Within minutes of her hyper speed, my load came and shot high up into the air. She managed to catch most of it on her hands and none got onto me. She’s good in this.

Giving it a few more strokes, she got the insides of my shaft cleaned out of sperms as well. Going into the toilet with her, she sat on the bowl and washed her wet pussy. Having done that, she came around to my back and washed my little brother, in a arousing strokes.

We were done soon enough and we went back to her sofa for a little more cuddling before I went home, to my lalaland.