Samantha came to my place and as usual, stepped into my study room and took her bag of toiletries out. Samantha: ‘I’m going to bath now. You want to shower with me?’ How can any guy resist an invite to the showers with a girl with figure that most girls can only dream of? She […]

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One Fine Line

She lies there on your bed, in a daze and totally wasted from the bottles of alcohol. The type of girl any guy would want to lay their hands on, dressed slutty and out to attract/ seduce. Wrapped in a contour revealing dress, she was there to be unwrapped and played. She was so drunk that […]

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On Arrivals

Once I landed at Changi Airport Terminal 3, a girl came up towards me and looked at me with gleaming eyes. Girl: ‘Hey! Jasper right? I’m Jaslyn!’ Little did I expect her to ever come pick me up from the airport. Yes I did tell her about my arrivals, but she was more than what […]

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Old Friends

Me: ‘Hey! You’re Ginny right? I’m Jasper, remember me? From OBS?’ She paused for a moment before giving a delighted glee on her face. It was then everything came back to her, that night during OBS when we had to share a tent. But that’s another story to come. Ginny: ‘Yeah! I remember you!. So […]

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Do survey?

Our secret relationship started when I was at BMT. It was one of those usual Sunday nights that we had to line up to book in at Pasir Ris bus interchange and since I’ve never been late before. This night was no different. I arrived about thirty minutes before, and sat on those benches near […]

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