Girls Can’t Get Horny on Their Own

Day: Tuesday
Date: 24th February 2009
Time: 7pm.
Location: Peiling’s house

We separated from Cheryl, Shihui, Xiang Yun and Peiyi at Bugis to go our own places.

I went to her house to install Adobe CS3 and to put her stuff I helped carried. As I was installing the program, we are making out periodically. She sat on my lap and I put my left hand into her shorts from behind while I continued clicking around with my right.

Throughout the whole time I am massaging her pussy in a circular action, I can detect wetness. Just little, but coming.

And the moment the installation is automated, I went to her who was lying down on her bed. I knelt beside her.

*Her bed is in a corner. Head and right side are walls.*

I slipped my hands under her shirt and fondled her nipples. She then said, ‘我现在horny了。’ We had a tongue fight while I laid beside her all the way. My left hand then went down to her pussy and continued massaging through her shorts.

I asked if she wanted her toy and she said fast. Quickly, I went to get the vibrator and put it where she wanted.

With the vibrator in her panties, my left hand on her right breasts, mouth on her left boobs. It was an organsmic experience for her – no matter how many times we did it before. All my sucking, licking and rubbing didn’t stopped for a long time.

After she came enough and feeling too weak. I rubbed her pussy, with the vibrator still in there, slowly regaining the senses of her pussy. As I rubbed, I asked her to massaged my dick too. I then turned on the vibrator and she leaned onto me, who moved onto the edge of the bed and lying down on my side, facing her.

She asked me not to do anything now and just let her enjoy.


That sentence turned me on, making me sure she was feeling good. I took the vibrator out, and put my left hand down there to feel it. And it was really wet.

There is no ‘my’ part this time, for fear of her parents coming home anytime. So, scrambled after she promised to make up for it. And I am feeling good about it too.

This time, I didn’t shoot. But unlike usual, I didn’t feel the need to asked her to help me. Sometimes, me asking for it it made things worse too. Today, I feel as though she did help me shoot. Satisfied. No need for argument.

And somehow, each time I make her feel high and climax, it always seems to be better than the previous. No matter how many times we did this, it still feels as though she is feeling more each time. Nothing about me, just my thinking.

Have a horny night!

Just Be Good

Day: Friday
Date: 20th February 2009
Time: After 4pm.
Location: J8 Cinema, my house

Maybe I had been good lately, not sure. But I am trying hard not to ‘play’ with her.

Peiling and I went to watch a movie after her class ends at 11am. So we went to GV Bishan to see what is available. We decided on the Pink Panther 2 and after a few minutes of walking around, we went into the cinema.

Around halfway into the movie, she moved her hands under my shirt and rested on my tummy. I thought that was just another attempt to get some warmth. She always does that.

Little did I expect, her hands started to move downwards and I used my right hand (she was sitting on my left) to loosen the belt. She rested her hand on my FBT shorts I wore as undies (too lazy), and started massaging it.

I was surprised and didn’t want to stop her, no guy would stop a girl from doing that. On and on she went, I was enjoying it when I remembered that I should be trying to stop playing with her.

I put my left hand around her after we adjusted ourselves to sit properly. Slowly, I moved my hand up under her bra and while I am doing that, she’s adjusting herself – turning a little to her left.

She suddenly turned back and whispered to me, ‘I like it when you press my nipples hard.’ That is what I did next. We kept alternating between her touching my dick and me touching her breast. The best part I enjoyed most is putting my fingers through her short shorts and rubbing her through her undies. We didn’t continue for long cause we wanted to make the money worthwhile and finished the movie.

My girl always wore shorts and if she sat in the ‘right’ position, I can get a glimpse of what she’s wearing. She will then be very shy once I told her about it and that only makes me harder.

Back to story. After we roamed about J8, we went to my house. Once she entered the door, she went to sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. I went to join her after I locked the door and took off my spectacles.

I asked her to lie on my legs, and frankly, at that moment, I had no intentions of making out with her. She was lying on my lap when she took my hands and placed it on her chest. I was like asking, ‘Why? What’s wrong? Heart beat very fast?’. About 3 seconds later, I asked the golden question, ‘You horny ah?’. She nodded her head while looking up at me. I asked her to turn inwards towards me while I unbuckled her bra.

I moved my mouth towards her breast and sucked on both alternately. It was kinda tough cause the distance was quite far and I had to lift her boobs to my mouth by raising my thigh. My right hand then moved south and undone her belt and button of her shorts.

Slowly, I rubbed her pussy through her panties. I do not have access to her pussy yet. Hers was very sensitive to dirt and dust. A little can cause a huge and serious infection, so I didn’t put my hand unless she felt comfortable.

As I rubbed, I can feel a her panties getting wetter. I then asked her if she wants to go to the room. Without answering me, she climbed onto me by the front and said, ‘要’. I carried her like a baby. Dropped her on the bed and bluffed her that I didn’t bring my vibrator.

She said it was okay. So I continued. After making her damn high, I said I will go out and get something. I surprised her with the vibrator and gave her what she wanted immediately. Into her panties, but no penetration. It was my treatment that was different.

She asked me to lie onto her, with my dick at her face. I said okay, and she sucked me off while my dick was at her mouth area. She was sucking me non-stop and I am feeling numb, for the second blowjob I received. A while later, I told her that I was tired and want to switch to another position. She agreed without saying anything.

She asked me to lie back and she adjusted herself. I thought it would be the usual. She will USUALLY sit at my side and jerk me off. This time, it’s different, for the first time too.

She sat in between my legs, then grab my dick, starting moving a little, then spits a little saliva onto my dick while her hand is still there. So, she moved at her own random pace, and sometimes, two hands, one hand. The alternating is made me go crazy.

After a while, she sped up and I shot all of it into her mouth. It was a lot. She patted on my thighs with her hands to stop. But well, there was no way to stop it.

It was a huge load. Since I am just saving all for her. I enjoyed this day. I know it’s a huge load that I blew into her mouth, I felt it all coming out.

We washed up and then went home. Of course, it’s after me sending her home. It has been a long time since we last ‘played’. We agree to no sex, not even any contact with her pussy. But it’s okay. I can feel that she really wants it, but can’t.

I don’t know when is the next time. Hopefully not too long later.

After A Long Busy Period

Day: Tuesday
Date: 11th February 2009
Time: Morning and Evening
Location: Peiling’s house then my house.

For the past few days, Peiling’s parents were out of the country and she was posted to her relatives’ place for that period. She wasn’t allowed late nights and would have to report to her dad’s paint shop to help out with whatever. So, after three days without being able to spend time with her, I was really happy to have her back.

As usual for a Tuesday, her class only starts at 1pm, so I went over to her place, with my mind more horny than ever from the deprivation. In case you guys didn’t know, I have to stay in a spot to watch her mum leave house, or monitor her car. Her parents didn’t liked strangers as her dad would openly leave money lying around.

Upon entering her house sneakily, I went to her bed and snuggled in comfortably, while she went to wash herself up. She still had some work to be done and so her PC was on. I began typing on whatever she was doing since I was used to helping her doing work. After she was done looking fresh, I invited her to join me and she sat behind me.

The usual foreplay happened, and she was quite unsure about the early morning fun as the tiredness might affect her long day. But the sick me continued working my hands and mouth and soon enough, she was the one asking for it. I love it when she got so turned on.

I used the vibrator on her and found out something interesting. As I pressed my dick against the vibrator which then press against her clit, moving left and right creates extra simulation for her sensitive pussy. Her breathing would get even heavier, and orgasms came more frequently. She got really wet and like always, climaxed till her body was literally limp.

Peiling: ‘You want me to help you?’

Me: ‘Um-hm.’

Little head over big head. Just the day before and I am trying to convince myself not to play, and here it is – here we are.

Seated on the edge of the bed, and she sat on the floor in front of me, at my dick level. I took out my hard dick from my boxers and she went to tie her hair instead. Well, we have to prepare before we eat don’t we?

She took the head of my dick in her mouth, up to where the mushroom ends. It wasn’t a lot, but it definitely felt good. After just 30 seconds, she said, ‘Okay, that’s all’. And I was like, ‘Huh?’ ‘Just kidding’, she replied cheekily.

A few more minutes into the job and she was using her hands. Not an issue for me, she’s my loved one after all. Like those rare occasions, she guided me into the bathroom and stood behind me. My dick was aimed at the toilet bowl while she jerked me from behind. The scene was quite funny though, she did claim it made her feel like she had a dick and masturbating it.

I shot my load after a while as her movements were inconsistent. She varied her hand shape during the whole thing. Making it unbearable for my already-loaded dick. She finally gave it a final boost by using both her hands, in a ‘praying’ position and sped up.

Just as I unloaded, her hands were pressing tightly on my dick and but moved slower to cope with the release. We then washed up and went to her school.


Here is not the end. Her attire today got me hard for most of the day.

She was wearing a tank top, strapless bra and a short skirt. She doesn’t wear this all the time, usually, it will be shorts, t-shirt/ polo. I like to run my hand under loose clothing and then into the bras.

So, we pit-stopped at my house after dinner at Sakae Sushi. She is tired, but horny. Just like many of us, we want it, but just afraid of the consequence that it might bring along.

I eased off the clothing on her, some sort of loosening her clothes while it’s still on her, and started. From running my hands up her tank top, to sucking her breasts with her clothes on.

I got her all heated up but there wasn’t a second round for me. We feel asleep after a while and everytime I wake up, I will turn on the vibrator which is still wet, in between her soaked undies and pussy.

She will moan but not wake up. After a while when I am tired again, I will turn if off and go to bed. At around 7.30pm, both of us woke up and I toyed with the vibrator again.

Made her climaxed a few times before asking for it – which is a no-no. So, nothing for me. Being with her is enough for me.