Three Little Babes

After the filling buffet dinner at one of the five stars hotel, Katy and I went up to our room with her two best friends, Alexis and Liting. Her two friends were invited to celebrate my birthday as they had not been to such places for meals before, and from the looks on their faces, they had eaten quite a lot as well. Katy, making my day by wearing a long denim coat and a sexy outfit that showed between the top few buttons, was my girlfriend and she had gone out of her comfort to wear the outfit I asked.

Katy: ‘I brought this bottle of wine for us today. Have a drink.’

She held the cup before me as I came out of the toilet, to see the girls waiting on the bed with their bags. So, the night had ended for them and just began for some actions between my girl and I. I emptied the wine glass and laid on the bed, while the three girls took some photos of themselves before they separated.

Just as I was listening to the TV, my eyes suddenly got very heavy and my mind went black after a few minutes. Not sure how long I was asleep for, my eyes were blindfolded when I woke up, sitting on a stiff chair. If I had remembered correctly, and was still in the same room, it was the wooden chair that sat before the study table.

Me: ‘Katy?’
Katy: ‘Shhh.. ‘

The straps around my wrists were tight but they did not hurt too much. My bottoms were bared but the buttoned shirt was still on. I had no idea what was happening with the soft ruffling of clothes around me.

All of a sudden, I felt someone going between my legs and my dick had a hand over it, stroking gently without signs of rushing.

Katy (whispering): ‘It’s a surprise for you.’

A smile broke my worried thoughts when I heard her voice, knowing she was still beside me, safe and sound. Feeling her lips wrapping around the tip, her tongue came to tickle the pee hole before sliding down my shaft. Relaxed and horny, I let my breath tell her how good I was feeling. The slipperiness of her mouth was lubricating the blowjob and my mind was in the heavens when she sucked really hard.

The blindfold was removed after she took a break and I did not open my eyes immediately. Only when a camera beep came, did I saw who was around. Alexis was holding my compact camera while Liting sat on the bed with just a towel around her chest. Katy was removing her panties then and her friends waited patiently for her to get started.

Me: ‘Katy, I don’t want to be shared.’
Katy: ‘No. That’s not what you really want. Even if you don’t want, they would still want. It’s their personal birthday presents.’

My girl stood with her legs opened and lowered her pussy over my groin, sitting down as my dick entered her in the most graceful manner possible. The camera was aimed at our privates as Katy moaned during the penetration. When everything was in place, her hips grinded on my dick up and down, thrusting willingly at the restrained me.

She was surprisingly tight and I couldn’t stop groaning when she increased her speed. Liting had gone behind her while our bodies were slapping loudly, pair of hands on my girl’s breasts while she rode cowgirl crazy.

The bondage sex lasted for about five minutes before Liting helped Katy off, pumping my dick with her hand after it appeared wet and hot out of the pussy. Liting was the innocent and single girl, who was thought to be less.. playful than this. As she took her time to examine my dick, her fingers were rubbing every area to get a verbal response from me.

I had held myself back till she touched my sensitive balls, where a ‘no’ came out unexpectedly. From there, she took my dick into her mouth and kept rolling those testicles in her palm, driving me crazy as her learning mouth applied pressure along the way down my dick.

Somehow, the inexperience-ness, if there was such a word, made me extra horny to a point I almost came if she did not stop in time. After sucking me for a short few minutes, I was the one out of breath as she went to the bed, masturbating herself by my side while Alexis stood with her back facing me.

Katy was her support pillar as she bent her ass over my dick, one hand holding it in place while she planted her ass down. Of the three girls, she was the smallest in size who was attached then, but clearly was not bothered by that. Once my dick was in her unbelievably tight hole, she grabbed Katy’s arms tighter and began hopping, sliding my dick in and out without hesitation.

The moans from Liting was making her hornier and she joined her in expressing their lust quickly. The overwhelming pressure on my dick was unbearable but she wasn’t holding herself back at all, not afraid that I might accidentally cum inside.

One of her legs soon went to the tiny space by my hips on the seat, and her pussy was seen spreading while her body continued slamming down on me. Grunting helplessly, Katy had her hands on Alexis’ boobs, squeezing and toying with her nipples while I was in despair.

Me: ‘Katy, I can’t take it anymore.. ‘
Katy: ‘Alex, slow down and sit on him.’

Her friend did as instructed while my hands were freed. With my dick still inside, I was led to the bed while Alexis climbed onto it in doggie. Liting had laid in front of her head while Alexis’ mouth found its way to her pussy, flicking the clit before her while I pumped at my own pace. Katy, to get herself prepared, kneeled over Liting’s head to get her pussy licked as well.

The foursome was going out of control when Alexis suddenly blacked out from the hard thrusts I gave, shocking the girls to get her ‘back-to-life’. As the rest of us took a break, Katy fished a double headed dildo out of her big handcarry to hand it to Liting.

Katy: ‘Ting, use it with Alex?’
Liting: ‘Okay.’

She stuck the thinner end of the dildo into herself while the other side disappeared into the drowsy Alexis. Katy arranged ourselves to take the side of the bed next to the two girls and gave my dick a few slurps before getting me to go missionary on her. Side-by-side with Liting, our dick(s) went into our partners and the same rhythm was used to pound the resting girls.

Moans turned into groans and love turned into pure sex. The four of us did not hold ourselves back this time and really rammed the brains out of each other.

Liting: ‘Kat.. I don’t want this. I want your boy inside me.’
Katy: ‘Huh?!’

Liting immediately yanked her end of the dildo out and left it motionless inside Alexis. She laid on top of Katy and my dick was pulled out, only to be replaced inside Liting.

None of us had predicted her to be this wild, and when I was waiting for Katy to give the approval to fuck her, she began jerking her body backwards on my rod. At this point in time, I had enough of being fucked and did not want her to dominate anymore. Holding her waist and pushing her body down on my girl, I rammed my heart out at her till she was climaxing with a powerful shiver across her body.

Katy hugged her while she recovered and Alexis had turned her head to my knees to get her share of fun.

Alexis: ‘My turn.’

She reached towards Liting’s pussy to get my dick out and tugged it forcefully to her mouth. Lying on a pillow, she forced her head back and forth as she sucked me fast and furious, leading to a slight thrust that my body was urging me to do.

Katy: ‘Boyfriend! You’re not suppose to let them have you.’

As Alexis’ mouth was raped, her fingers were slurping in and out of her pussy. Katy was still pinned down by Liting who was excited about me being taken by someone else apart from Katy. There was a bit of jealousy among the girls as I was seen to be the perfect boyfriend, never had a quarrel too big nor given her any sadness she had to confide in the girls.

While my dick got too wet from the saliva, I gave her a final few thrusts throat deep and she had to let me go to catch her breath.

Me: ‘Katy. Are you ready?’

I flipped Liting away and she was smiling throughout the whole ‘takeover’ thing. Katy got on her knees and I plunged my dick back into her, sending a scream into the air as my dick tore her pussy to its end.

Pounding her loudly, the two girls placed their mouths underneath her breasts and sucked and bit on her nipples as I banged. Feeling the closure in her pussy, I knew her orgasm was coming soon. I was out of control of my own body when her vaginal opening shut around my dick, locking it at the hood to keep me inside.

Pumping with the last bit of energy, her mouth opened, screaming silently as the huge wave of orgasm flushed through her body. Her besties and I felt a jet of cum spray onto our legs and they kept sucking to extend her climax till her body gave in. My dick was erupting the biggest explosion felt in my life after being teased by three pussies, and the amount inside her was unimaginable. Some of my cum even landed on the girls’ legs after looking at what came out of her.

Collapsing on the bed, the girls got her safe and sound under the blanket while I made a call to the housekeeping.

Me: ‘Hi. I’m calling from room. 4XX. Can I get a male housekeeper to bring a fresh set of blanket?’
Staff: ‘Sure. Please wait for a while.’

The two girls ransacked my second duffle bag for some nighties and slipped them on before the housekeeper came, shocked at the pair of nipples looking at him from under their dresses.

The girls gave him S$2 each as a tip and sent him to the door, where they accidentally flashed their shaved pussy without realising those night dresses were more for ‘bed fun’ than walking around in.

As shocked as they were when I told them about it, Katy was slightly regretful when she asked them to spend the night with her in the room. My tired girl only got to enjoy the moments when I was about to cum, covering her body with my sperms while the two girls took turns to fuck me, or let me do them.

After we checked out, Katy was angry at me for not giving her enough orgasms while her friends got to own my dick for more time than her. With her birthday coming up just two weeks after mine, I think I had a plan in mind already.

Alexis would be coming with her boyfriend, and Liting with a guy she fancied, for the ultimate gangbang Katy would never imagine. Sounds good? Or should I open the invitation to you guys to get the male-to-female ratio up?

Tricked for Treats

As the bus got crowded, my sister and I was squeezed into the corner of the standing platform. We had just done our shopping at the OG in Chinatown and I let her stand near the windows, with the shopping bags behind her feet. The few guys around us were seen looking down my sister’s camisole top at the small cleavage but I did not say anything, since she chose to wear this out.

Another guy had stood next to my sister and the girl with him was in front of me, hips almost touching my groin.

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor, I think he is touching my butt.’

I stared at the guy who merely gave me a smile and I told my sister to stay still. After a while, her grip on my hand tightened and I knew she was being molested. The front of her wine red flare skirt was lifted and the stranger’s hand was going under the skirt.

Suddenly, the man told his girl something, and my dick was suffocated with her body leaning onto me.

Guy: ‘Jie, move inside a bit.’

My hand covered my groin to give it a little space but she did not stop shifting in the constricted corner.

Me: ‘Mei, turn around and face the window.’

She did as I asked and the guy smiled to himself, as though he knew we were making a little exchange. I moved my hand to the girl’s butt that was pasted on my sister and gave her a little squeeze. The next thing she did was to turn around as well, facing the back of my sister.

Wearing a short spaghetti dress, it was easy to go under and fondle her panties, made with those thin netting that allowed me to feel her cameltoe. Soon, my sister was wriggling at the window and the guy’s sister was doing the same. My finger then dug into her panties and landed on her clit, where she leaned forward to push my hand against my sister’s butt.

The four of us had engaged in a mini masturbathon to please the girls and we (the guys) were doing a great job. When the bus finally got less crowded, the guy stopped what he was doing and tapped on his sister’s shoulders.

Guy: ‘Next stop. Want to alight with us?’

A slanted nod of my head spurred my sister to pick up the shopping bags and we alighted, walking behind them while she spoke softly to me about how he fingered her in her panties.

Upon reaching their place, we dropped our purchases and my sister was led to a bedroom, while the guy’s sister pulled the shoulder straps off and let her dress fall to the floor. We made our way to the couch where she climbed over my legs and proceeded to yank my shorts down. She gave my dick a few jerks before peeling her panties to the side and sat down over my rod, unstoppable till it was fully embedded inside.

A moan from the room signalled to me that my sister was doing about the same thing and the swing with an unlikely partner started. Grinding her body on top, my dick was stroking the underside of her pussy that made her groan in ecstasy. It was a royal treat for me without having to do anything, and simply letting her ride me to her heart’s content.

As the two of us changed into doggie over the coffee table, my sister came out of the room and climbed next to my sex machine.

Me: ‘Done?’
Sister: ‘Yeah. He didn’t last too long.’

I plugged my fingers into my sister’s pussy and continued pounding the other girl, driving her crazy with my 7 inches. The brother appeared after a while and stood next to me, before I pulled out of his sister when I had enough of her.

Sidestepping to my sister, I sent my dick into her at the same time as the guy fucking his sister. Thrusting at the same pace, the two girls moaned wildly as the dicks ploughed into them, both at high speed.

Guy: ‘Oh ya. Just want to let you know, she’s not my sister. She’s my girlfriend.’

I paused in my tracks as soon as I learnt we were tricked, but it was too late to stop now. Bringing my sister to kneel on the floor between the couch and table, I sat at the edge of the sofa and jerked my hips in hypersonic speed, mercilessly fucking the brains out of her.

Girlfriend: ‘How come you shoot so fast with her?’
Guy: ‘She is too tight.’

He followed what I did to my sister and we continued pounding the lives out of our partners. Stopping before I did, he grunted loudly as he fired his second load into his girlfriend, who was showing a disappointed face at his lack of stamina.

Me: ‘Mei, where did he shoot just now?’
Sister: ‘In my mouth? He put it in once we went into the room but he asked me to do a blowjob after going a few times. Then he shoot in my mouth.’
Girlfriend: ‘Sister, can you let your brother fuck me? I didn’t get my orgasm.’
Sister: ‘Yeah sure.’

I changed places once again and rammed my solid dick into her, giving off a scream as I sank my meat into her pussy. Her boyfriend went to her mouth in an attempt to get her to suck but she did not want to play with him anymore.

Putting all my energy into her, I made sure she came before I did and did not stay any longer inside. I wanted to please my sister rather than the girlfriend of the lousy guy. Little did I know my sister wanted me as badly too. She sat on top facing me and bounced freely on my lap, sending my dick into her time after time. Her nipples were handled by the girlfriend who envied how long I could last but I did not belong to her.

After going non-stop for five minutes, I was finally at my wits end and I told the two girls. My sister climbed off me and whispered something to the girlfriend, who then went down on her knees to work her mouth. Slurping hungrily at the throbbing red stick, my mind went blank to the vicious mouth working flawlessly with her agile tongue to make me go berserk.

Me: ‘I’m about to shoot. Keep going.’

Her lips then went down seamlessly all the way to the base, and her throat took over making small squeezes on my dick head. My cum erupted into her mouth and she swallowed as it came, further overwhelming the already sensitive dick head.

The whole ejaculation lasted for a minute before she pulled her mouth away, licking my dick like a lollipop to get the last drop. My sister and I then wore our clothes back and the girlfriend sent us to the door in the warmest farewell.

For the guy, he was in the kitchen, acting busy while regretting how bad he was in bed. After we got home from the fruitful day of shopping and love making, my sister stripped naked in my room and pushed me onto the bed.

Me (whispering): ‘Eh! Mummy and Daddy is outside!’
Sister (whispering): ‘I don’t care. I can’t take it anymore.’

I let her pull my shorts down and her mouth went over the sticky dick, devouring it without giving me even a minute to get my underwear out of the way. That evening, I had a sensual blowjob from her before our parents went for work, and thereafter were rounds after rounds of wild incestuous sex on her bed.

Mummy’s Girl and Daddy’s Boy

Lady: ‘I always see you here to pick up your son. What do you work as?’

Hemmen was at the school’s gate waiting for his 12 year old son when a woman whom he did not know the name of, but always greeted spoke to him. She was the mother of a girl in his son’s class, and she often wore those casual one piece dress that would stick closely to her body, revealing the type of panties and bra she wore under.

Hemmen: ‘I work in the F&B sector. So I don’t start so early.’
Lady: ‘I’m Annie. How do I address you? Always see you but don’t know your name yet.’
Hemmen: ‘I’m Hemmen. Nice to meet you.’

They waited till 1.05pm and saw their children walking towards them. Hemmen then introduced his son Aston and Annie told him his daughter’s name, Jenni. Hemmen was not used to cooking at him and would bring his son to the hawker behind the school to eat, before going home. That afternoon, Annie invited them to her place to have lunch since her husband left work earlier.

Having their kids in the same class gave them a lot of topics to talk about, from their teachers to their performances, and the subjects they covered. Hemmen was a 41 year old dad, just three years age difference from Annie, who gave birth early to her girl. After the meal, Annie brought the plates into the kitchen while Hemmen followed behind, offering his help to the hospitable lady. As he was washing the plates, she returned them to the rack above the sink, reaching upwards and letting him catch a glimpse of her slim figure.

Hemmen: ‘You work out often?’
Annie: ‘No lah. Where got time. Only work out with my husband. You also got a nice figure. For someone your age.’
Hemmen: ‘Huh? You call this nice.’

He stepped aside to let her wash the rest of the smaller bowls. He wanted to watch more of this hot mum from behind. Hemmen was just so close to feeling the firm body of this mum and he was losing control of himself. Suddenly, she felt his hands on her waist and he was leaning against her body, locking her between the kitchen sink and his strong build.

Hemmen (whispering): ‘You looked really hot for a mum.’

Annie wasn’t thinking straight too then and she had been eyeing him ever since she saw him at the gate. Little did she expect him to initiate and it took away her constant thoughts about going further with him.

Annie (whispering): ‘Not here. The kids are outside. Let’s go into the room.’

She packed the last of the dishes and went to the living room, telling Jenni that she would be in her room with Hemmen to fix her laptop. They went into the room and closed the door, and began stripping their clothes away. Like a lightning strike, the heat in the room got so intense so quickly that they were all over each other in no time, kissing and had their hands on each other to get ready.

Aston: ‘What is daddy doing?’
Jenni: ‘She says he is fixing her laptop.’
Aston: ‘Let’s go take a look? It’s so noisy inside.’
Jenni: ‘K.’

They went from the living to the master bedroom door that was slightly ajar, exposing them to two bodies ravishing each other. Annie was kneeling between Hemmen’s legs and sucking on his dick, and she was touching herself at the same time.

Aston (whispering): ‘I think they are having sex.’
Jenni: ‘Sex? Daddy is going to be angry.’
Aston (whispering): ‘Shhh! Watch.’

Aston was standing behind Jenni then and his body was almost leaning on her. Watching how Annie was working her mouth up and down his dad’s dick, he was getting hard and poking on the skirt of his friend.

Aston (whispering): ‘Your mum looks like she is enjoying.’
Jenni (whispering): ‘Yeah. But why?’

Aston’s hands then went around Jenni and he lifted her skirt up. She was too distracted with the ecstatic expression on her mum and did not bother with what was happening below her legs. Till she felt her shorts behind lowered, Aston’s bulge suddenly woke her up.

Jenni (whispering): ‘Why are you hard?’
Aston (whispering): ‘I don’t know too. Help me see?’

Jenni sat on the floor outside the door while he lowered his pants, where a piece of meat as hard as a rock appeared out of his underwear. Jenni took his dick and examined it, still bewildered by this strange reaction from guys.

Jenni: ‘Tsk, why you pull my shorts down?’
Aston: ‘To see if touching down there makes you feel good too?’

Jenni, still holding onto his rod, asked if he felt good and Aston nodded. She then got up and went back to watch her mum getting on top of Hemmen, and let Aston’s fingers go to her pussy. As Annie began riding, the primary 6 girl was squirming to the fingers exploring her tiny hole, feeling dizzy from the first dose of pleasure entering her body.

Jenni (whispering): ‘It does feel really good.’

Right then, she lost her grip on the wall next to the door and tumbled into the bedroom. The shocked parents stopped their adulterous act and went to their kids, where they saw their privates exposed.

Annie: ‘What are you doing?’
Jenni: ‘Mummy, I saw you having fun with uncle. So I tried it with Aston.’
Hemmen: ‘Shit. What should we do?’
Aston: ‘Can we try it too?’
Annie: ‘Jenni, you cannot tell your father k? If not we will be in trouble.’

Her little girl nodded and the four of them went into the bedroom. Annie and Hemmen went to the side of the queen size bed to continue their fun and Jenni and Aston took the other side.

Mimicking the position of ‘missionary’, Aston placed his dick at Jenni’s pussy and pushed his way in, at the same time Hemmen penetrated the MILF. Jenni let out a scream but Annie calmed her down, saying that a little pain will occur at the start. Surprisingly, Aston managed to deflower his classmate without much problems and he was thrusting as though it was intended by nature.

The two grown ups saw how fast their kids were learning and went on with their ‘work’, groaning and moaning to the high speed sex they were engaging in. The four of them changed to doggie after a while and things were going wilder in the room.

Jenni took up the cowgirl position on top of Aston and rode him with her gymnastic skills, making the small boy thrash around the bed in pleasure.

Annie (whispering): ‘Should we do it with them?’
Hemmen: ‘Do what? Sex?’
Annie: ‘Yeah. Your little boy looks cute.’
Hemmen: ‘Just like me huh? We can try.’

The children were then separated and Jenni was placed on the bed, while Hemmen took his position in missionary once again. Annie, mounted on top of Aston but did not sit fully down, waiting for the cue to do so.

Hemmen: ‘Ready?’

A nod came and the adults did their job. Jenni was sobbing to the pain but she knew it would go away soon. Hemmen’s huge dick sank into her tiny hole and he was about to go crazy from the penetration.

Jenni (holding her mum’s wrist): ‘Mummy.. it’s painful. But it feels super nice.’

Annie did not reply her but instead, whispered to Hemmen that his son was too big for his age. They then continued fucking each other’s kids and Annie was rubbing her clit while at it, clearly not getting enough from the underage boy.

Hemmen on the other hand, was pounding the tiny girl so hard she kept drifting in and out of consciousness, bombarded by the waves of orgasms she had not found a way to express them yet.

Hemmen: ‘Your girl.. I am about to cum!’
Annie: ‘Girl, your period started yet?’
Jenni: ‘No.. Not yet.’

Then, Aston suddenly jerked his hips upwards and sent his load into someone else’s mother, filling her up with the virgin load. Annie could feel the huge pile of cum inside but she was not worried, probably because he was too young to get her pregnant.

Hemmen went all out at her girl till he froze, and cum proceeded to overflow out of her vagina as he slowly picked up his pace to empty every drop. They paused in that position for almost three minutes before Hemmen and Annie got up.

They disappeared into the bathroom where they made sure they locked the door and went on to make noises as though they were having sex.

For Aston and Jenni, they were dead tired and did not move till their parents were back, dressing up and leaving the father and son pair to return home.

As for the rest of their schooling days, the four of them continued fucking their minds out and the occasional help they offered to pick up each other’s children opened the world of threesome sex to the young kids.

From here, the rest of the story will be left to your imagination. Thanks to a reader, ek, who supplied the storyline but I made a little twist to it. Hope you guys liked this story.

Two Weeks

After two whole weeks of wearing the chastity belt, the desire to have her pussy filled with her boyfriend’s dick was growing like a drug addiction. Doreen had to squeeze a pad between the strap where her pussy was constantly rubbing against, to keep her juices from leaking. Her boyfriend, Ryan, was just enlisted into the Army and she had confidently assured him that she would not cheat on him by wearing that belt. Now that he was about to book out for the first time in weeks, her heart had been racing to quickly get her sexual needs satisfied.

The buses ferrying the recruits finally arrived and she waved excitedly at his green uniformed boy, who was looking out for her as well. The outfit of a red bustier tube top with a loose black flare skirt attracted the army boys’ attention but she was only interested in one. Ryan bided his campmates goodbye and walked towards Doreen, who had jumped into her arms, whispering that she had been so horny for him the whole day.

In her wallet was some extra cash he had put with her during the two weeks, but on her mind was the plan to check into a hotel for some wild sex with him. They went to his place shortly after to get him out of the uniform, before they left house in a hurry, cabbing towards one of the many hotels at Geylang. In the quickest possible manner, one of the spacious rooms was booked and they checked in, frenching each other the moment the door shut on them.

Ryan: ‘Can you shower first? I want to unlock the belt together with you on the bed.’

Without hesitation, she went for the bathroom and spent some time inside, while Ryan stealthily set up two pin hole cameras, and dialled one of his buddy’s contact on Skype.

Ryan (Skype): ‘Come in when I ask you guys to.’

The phone was left on and he laid on the bed, waiting for Doreen to finish. A few minutes later, she came out of the bathroom with just a towel around her chest and she joined him on the bed, dropping the towel onto the carpet beside.

Ryan: ‘Lie down and put this over your eyes. I’m going to unwrap my present now.’

He took the few seconds when his girlfriend was tying the blindfold to send a text to his two friends, asking them to wait at their door. After she was prepared, he unlocked the door and ran back to her, unlocking the belt that contained her deprived raging hormones. The two guys stepped into the room quietly and removed their shorts, taking their positions beside the bed and Doreen.

As soon as Ryan clicked his fingers, they moved to pin her arms down, and Ryan’s hand went to her pussy to rub on her clit.

Doreen (screaming): ‘Dear! What is happening! Who is holding me down?’

Ryan: ‘Shhh.. just two of my friends whom I asked to help.’

She struggled to free her arms but was helpless against the strong hands holding her down. As Ryan continued to tease her clit, the strength to fight was slowly drained away, leaving her begging for him not to let them do anything to her. The guys picked up their belts and tied her hands together, securing it to another belt around the bed frame to keep her still.

Once she was restrained, Ryan pushed her knees upwards and positioned himself at her pussy. Giving his dick a coat of his saliva, he impatiently drove his cock in and began thrusting, sending Doreen screaming with pleasure as her body approved the forceful thrusts. The men had climbed onto the bed and one of them took her hand to his dick, making her stroke him while the other placed his manhood at her mouth.

Ryan: ‘Open your mouth and take it in. Help my friends out too.’

At first, she did not listen, but the pounding from her boyfriend finally broke her silence and she opened her mouth, giving the guy his chance to shove his dick in. Doreen’s head did not have much space to move, not when her arms were over her head. So she quietly let his friend mouth fuck her, while the horny side of her slowly gave in to suck on his pee hole.

Only working her mouth for a few minutes, she was made to turn to the other side for the other guy, who was much larger and she blew him like a horny slut, engaging in a 4p that her body had secretly wanted.

Soon, Ryan’s hips got tired from the fast paced sex and he waddled his way over her stomach, stopping his dick a few inches from her face.

Ryan: ‘Suck me baby, I’m in front of your mouth now.’

She stopped playing with the dick in her mouth and switched to her boyfriend, feeling more comfortable with the size she was used to sucking. The guys beside her had disappeared from her sides and went over to her pussy, where one guy pinned her thighs painfully by her sides, spreading her wide. His dick then pierced into her unexpecting cunt and rammed furiously, giving her no chance to ask for forgiveness.

The guy was clearly starved of sex when he pounded her, cause it was delivering some of the hardest orgasms she had. At the speed he went, Doreen was letting Ryan fuck her mouth faster as the slight suffocation amplified the climax her body was constantly shivering to. The other guy was heard disturbing his busy friend until her pussy had a chance for a rest. But not for long after the third guy stuck his rod in, thrusting in hyper speed at Ryan’s girlfriend.

Guy2: ‘Oh god! She’s so tight!’

Ryan: ‘Shut up and fuck. Don’t need you to comment.’

Laughters were heard in the background and Ryan got off her body. In under ten seconds, two mouths went over her nipples and sucked on her firm cups, making her body sensitive with the triple tease.

Guy2: ‘I’m cumming!’

Ryan: ‘Shoot inside, she’s on the pill.’

Doreen (pleading): ‘No no.. please dear.. don’t let him.. ‘

The gush of warm liquid filled her womb up and she knew it was too late. The unknown guy’s cum kept pumping her full and she felt dirty yet hornier at the same time. Something inside her knew her boyfriend would be the last to cum, and the extra wetness would help him go super fast.

With some tinkering of the straps on her wrists, she was flipped over to doggie and the larger dick found its way into her again. Her waist was held firmly and the banging resumed on her ass. The extended dick tore its way into the untouched region of her pussy and she came immediately, pushing the guy to his limit with her contracting cunt.

Guy: ‘She’s really tight bro. I won’t last long.’

Ryan: ‘Just finish it and then it’s my turn.’

He rammed her so hard that her head hit against the headboard, and the waves of pleasure echoing through her body was so intense that she could not make anymore sounds, except to open her mouth wide.

Doreen: ‘Dear, let me suck you.’

Ryan knelt in front of her head and she found his dick without seeing. With the pounding at her rear, the momentum was in the guy’s hands and Ryan simply closed his eyes and enjoyed the automated blowjob.

At last, a groan from the dick inside her pussy came and he pulled her waist down hard over his groin, flushing his cum into her while he squeezed her breasts. It had taken him a full minute before he was done, and the exit from her cunt accidentally dirtied the sheets.

The guys wore their clothes back while Ryan untied his girl’s hands, but kept her sucking him until they left the room.

Ryan: ‘Don’t take the blindfold off first.’

He led her to lie on the bed before he pierced her in missionary, before pulling those cloths off her eyes.

Doreen: ‘Who are they?’

Ryan: ‘My camp mates. Don’t talk anymore, let’s finish and clean ourselves up k?’

The change in atmosphere calmed the sex-hyped girl down and she hugged him closely, while his hips sank his rod in and out of her. They kissed passionately while their genitals kept thrusting, until Doreen began squeezing her pussy tight.

The change in Ryan’s expression pleased her to know that he loved her work, and he went faster, without holding himself back. He placed her legs over his shoulders and pounded her ass hard, reaching so deep that some of the cum got forced out.

Ryan: ‘Baby, I’m cumming now.’

Doreen placed her hands on his ribs and pulled him slightly, making him go faster until he reached his maximum speed. The hot streams of cum sprayed into her, hotter and in bigger volume than the other two guys. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held him inside, not letting him go until his dick started shrinking.

They disconnected from each other and a thick spat of cum dribbled out of her pussy, onto the towel Ryan quickly snatched from the floor.

Doreen: ‘It’s so much coming out.’

Ryan: ‘I know. It’s beautiful.’

Doreen: ‘Really? You don’t mind?’

Ryan: ‘No, I love it, especially when you enjoy it that much.’

He picked her up and went into the showers, giving her a thorough clean up and she did the same for her, sucking him to clear his chamber, and at the same time going for another round of deep throat. The second load exhausted him and they went to bed in that early afternoon, cuddled up in each other’s’ arms.

Doreen (whispering): ‘Will you bring another two friends the next time? Or will it be them again?’

Ryan (whispering): ‘What do you prefer?’

Doreen (whispering): ‘Sam is in your bunk too right? I can ask his girlfriend if she wants to join us, she’s my secondary school friend.’

Ryan (excitedly): ‘So it will be a foursome but with two couples?’

The cute nod from her answered his question and thoughts of fucking his buddy’s girlfriend stirred him hard again. It’s a fair trade after all, cause Sam would be having Doreen in exchange too. That weekend was filled with non-stop rounds of sex and just before he left for camp, she had put on the chastity belt again, saving her pussy for him (and his buddy) to enjoy the next week.

Different Tips

Man: ‘Hey there. Just want to let you know you did a great job serving food. Totally made our day.’

Jacob: ‘No problem man. Hope you enjoyed the food.’

Man: ‘We really did. Mind if I ask you for your number? We just moved into Singapore and thought it would be great for someone like you to show us around.’

Jacob felt a little list as it was the first time a customer had asked him to leave his contact. Not that it went against any company’s policy, since there wasn’t such an extensive contract for a simple part time job. He gave his number behind the receipt for them and the Caucasian couple left the table stacked with plates.

The lady with that appreciative gentle looked like his wife from every angle, holding hands, occasional kisses, he was glad he made a new friend. Although he was attracted to the slim figure of his wife, Jacob did a good job hiding his glances. Furthermore, she got a spaghetti top that was layered around her neckline, giving him a spectacular downblouse view when he handed them his number.

The next few days past quietly, with messages coming in from Damien, the guy who asked for him. Jacob was asked to bring them around the Marina Bay Sands after their work. He was thrilled about being a tour guide and such, most importantly to have a chance for a rest.

The three of them spent the day walking and eating in the bustling town area, until nightfall came and drained their tired feet to weakness. An unexpected invitation to spend the night with Damien and his wife truly confused Jacob. Did they get so close to such extend? He made a few calls back home and affirmed them that he could spend the night out.

In the posh Fullerton Hotel, a twin room was allocated to them with a queen size bed and a single bed. Perhaps the Caucasian couple really wanted him to get a rest while learning more about Singapore. The couple went for a shower first and he waited while on his phone, playing some pointless games. As the shower went silent, Susan, walked out in a towel around her body, boobs spilling out with the nipples just an inch away from exposing themselves. The burly man followed behind and asked Jacob to go for a quick rinse.

He washed himself clean and left the bathroom, only to see Susan on the queen sized bed, top naked. Her lower half was covered under the bedsheets, but Jacob did not mention anything. He quietly went to his bed fully clothed, until she invited him to her bed.

Susan: ‘Jacob, Damien made me promise that I would make you happy. So I have a promise to keep.’

Jacob: ‘Where is he?’

Susan: ‘He went to get something from the front desk.’

Seeing that it was the husband that initiated this, a gleeful expression changed his mood for the night. His pants was removed promptly and she helped with getting those clothes out of the way. Just before they got started, Damien entered the room and saw Jacob lying on the bed, resting comfortably on the pillow.

Damien: ‘Jacob, just enjoy yourself tonight yeah? My wife is good.’

Jacob responded with a nod and closed his eyes, feeling the trained hands running down his body, revealing his erection under the blanket to her. Before he could react, her mouth was over his dick and sucking him diligently. It was probably easy for her to execute the deep throat move since Asians weren’t that ‘big’. Part of him was glad for that, but another part wished he was bigger. Susan worked on his rod by going all the way down, forming a suction before she pulled out with her tongue gliding along the underside of his penis. It was unbelievable that he had managed to give this ‘exotic’ treatment a try.

After she was done prepping his dick, Susan took a break and toyed with his twitching dick, playing it with her hands. She had such a beautiful figure comparable to porn stars, and it was definitely his lucky day. A few minutes of rest later, she climbed over his groin and kept her knees on the bed, sitting down over his manhood until it was fully embedded. A gasp from Jacob made her excited, asking for an explanation for the sudden breath.

Jacob: ‘You’re very tight.’

Susan: ‘Glad you like it.’

Pushing on his chest, she began riding him and moaning sensually, going a little too loud for his liking. Was she really feeling good? Or just a gesture to make him feel good? She saw the confusion in his face and whispered into his ears, ‘Damien and I haven’t done it since a month ago, that’s why you feel so big in me’.

So, that’s why. He remained relaxed as she continued bouncing on top, until she orgasmed with a gentle leak of juices down his balls. That shivering girl on his body, never seemed so sexy until now. She slid herself off his legs and resumed the blowjob over his dripping wet dick, while her butt stuck out of the bed in doggie.

At that instance, Damien, whom had been sitting on Jacob’s single bed facing away from them, got up and went behind her. He gave Jacob a wink and rammed his cock into her, forcing her to go down deep on the rod in her mouth to hide the moans. Damien continued to pump at her hard and fast, while her mouth was guided by the momentum to keep going.

Damien: ‘She’s hardworking yeah? Go ahead and use your hands to guide her.’

Hearing that, his hands went into her hair and pushed her deeper, going balls deep. There was no choking from her, just ferocity once she heard that command. The next five minutes went truly wild with the two men abusing her holes, until Damien waved to Jacob for a break.

Thinking that he had enough of sharing, Jacob pulled his hands away while Damien exited her pussy. He flipped her over to her back and signalled Jacob over to his side. Swapping positions, Damien sunk his dick into her mouth in 69 and laid on her pelvic area, spreading her butt open. That tight anus exposed itself to Jacob, whose dick was still as hard as before.

Damien: ‘Ever done anal?’

Jacob: ‘Nope.’

Damien: ‘Then put it in here. She’s wet enough.’

He angled himself lower before pushing the tip in, feeling how her butt hole relaxed itself. The inward stroke gave Susan a jerking surprise but her face was well buried in Damien’s groin.

Damien: ‘Yeah. Fuck her man.’

Jacob began thrusting into her tight anus and groaned uncontrollable as the erratic contraction teased his dick. Damien straightened his arms to move his face out of the vigorous hips of Jacob, and continued fucking his wife’s mouth in missionary. The duo made her groaned uncontrollably, keeping her full mouth busy. With the overwhelming tightness, Jacob could not last much longer and he told Damien about it.

Jacob: ‘I can’t take her anymore. She’s too much.’

Damien: ‘Let’s change positions. You can unload in her mouth.’

Jacob: ‘Are you sure?’

Damien: ‘Yeah. She’ll be fine.’

They changed roles and Jacob took her mouth, sinking his dick as deep as he could. Within three minutes, his hips stopped moving with the rod all the way down her throat, before he let off a loud groan and unleashing his seeds into her. Susan sucked on his tip for some time, while swallowing non-stop. Jacob was finally worn out with the hot wife and Damien was about to finish in her pussy. About five minutes later, Susan moaned in ecstasy as she felt her husband’s cum filling her up, warming her womb.

He too, pulled out and rested on her side, helping her massage her clit. With the threesome coming to an end, Jacob was asked to sleep with his wife while Damien went out for more night activities. At about three in the morning, Damien returned with a teenage girl and started fucking in the single bed while Jacob and his wife were asleep.

Jacob was once again surprised when he was invited to do the girl after Damien was done. Needless to say, he helped himself to the drunk girl and fucked both their minds out. The sleep resumed after two rounds, and morning came shortly with silence in the room.

In Jacob’s arms was the sweet looking stranger Damien picked up, and his phone in his hand. He stealthily did a quick scan through the photo and video apps, rewarded with nude pictures of the girl in compromising positions. He left the bed and packed the room a little, stumbling on an envelope with a message that thanked him for the day and another invite to their place some time in the future, along with the slip of paper was a stack of money, close to a thousand dollars.

No matter how Jacob thought about Damien and his wife, he considered himself very luckily to have met him. Since that sleeping girl was the greatest gift he ever received. After that night, the girl had a special relationship with the three of them, although partly bounded by a blackmail agreement.

Forced Play

It was an exceptionally free day for both Felicia and Kenneth. They had got themselves so drunk the previous night at the club that they did not realised that another couple had helped them checked into a hotel, and did something to them. Kenneth was tickled awake by a feather and he found his hands tied at the back. His mouth was gagged by a rubber constraint, disabling him from making any noises. Felicia awakened shortly after and found her hands locked to a metal collar without much moving parts. Her head was also covered in a leather constraint that blocked her vision, but allowed a ball gag in her mouth. In dispair, Kenneth searched around to see their new friends seated comfortably in a corner.

The two of them had been put into some contraption that held Kenneth’s hips against Felicia, dick parked right inside her. It was so tight that he could not move much without bringing his girl along.

Jim: ‘Don’t worry the two of you. It’s going to be just for a few hours. And it’s going to be fun!’

Kenneth’s hard on was seen as weird cause it had been a long night and there was no way he would still be hard. Jim’s partner, Joyce, clicked on a remote and Kenneth felt his balls tingling with an electrifying sensation. There was no knowing what had he been attached to, but the two of them were in no position to bargain. On Jim’s hand was a similar control, and when he clicked, Felicia would moan and begin making sensual moans that turned her boyfriend on.

Joyce: ‘Why don’t you two fuck?’

Some distorted mumbling came from Kenneth but it was too inaudible. She pulled Kenneth up on his knees while still connected to Felicia, giving him space after he was steady. Slowly, his hips began moving and was thrusting into his girl, going very gently. It wasn’t what the couple wanted to see. Jim gave the button a click and Felicia twitched, groaning so desperately Kenneth knew it hurt. He went faster and the couple got on the same bed, kissing each other passionately. They went into doggie just like the pair and was fucking to their hearts’ content, randomly pressing on the controls that sent electrical signals to the toys.

After a while, the couple grew tired and stopped, sitting and watching the two tied up couple fuck.

Joyce: ‘Should he cum already?’
Jim: ‘I think it’s time.’

She turned a dial up to the maximum and gave the red button a push. It immediately sent Kenneth’s hips jerking and the warm cum shot out uncontrollably, to the horror of Felicia that was not on any form of birth control. His sperms broke into her and was filling her up with waves and waves until the button was clicked on again. Exhausted, Kenneth sat back on his ankles and rested, while Jim adjusted his position in front of Felicia.

He held her chin and brushed her face, breathing warm air at her.

Jim: ‘Have you ever sucked another man’s dick when your boy is inside you?’

He undid the gag ball and pushed her head downwards at his juice-covered dick. Jim knew she might bite, but not if he had a way to stop her. He clicked on the red button of his control and Felicia began shivering. The cum that was loaded inside her began pouring out onto Kenneth’s dick and her moans grew more sexy. Her mouth went down on Jim’s dick and sucked on it furiously, as though she was possessed. Her oral skills had never been good, but the way she did it this time, working her tongue around and shoving her face at his dick, Kenneth was sure she was going throat deep on him. His hips was almost moving behind her from the slight tingle in his balls and Felicia was receiving the full pleasure treatment like a sex-slave princess.

Jim lost control at one point and rammed his hips upwards at her mouth, until his load fired right down her throat and Felicia swallowed it so she could keep sucking. Even after that, Jim was still rock hard and wanted her to continue.

Seeing that her guy was done, Joyce went to Felicia’s back and unlocked the constraints that held Kenneth in position, before taking her position on the bed, but on her back. Joyce’s legs went around Kenneth and pulled him close, until he tripped and fell on top of her. She quickly swung the leather strap over his body and tied it around herself, securing him on top, and inside of her.

She then clicked on a normal button and Kenneth could not go against the torture of his dick that he began thrusting into Joyce’s sweet young pussy. Now that he looked, Joyce was barely 20 and her figure was already so stunning. He could only imagine doing a girl of such body in his dreams. Taking advantage of his situation, he went faster and faster, until it was Joyce who was screaming in pleasure. Jim had went behind Felicia and stuck his dick in, pumping her half as fast as Kenneth was doing his girl. Jealousy, anger, fear was what drove Jim to such speed and ferocity, but it was all for a good cause.

An accidental click on Joyce’s red button sent his cum spraying into her pussy while the extraordinarily tight pussy of Felicia was draining Jim’s dick of cum, forcing every drop out with the unspeakable suction inside her. The groans and moans of the four of them shook the room. Still weak from the orgasm, Joyce could not gather enough strength to turn the toy off, still getting flushed with the unintended man’s cum.

Jim on the other hand, could not pull out of Felicia’s sweet pussy, and still tormented by the contracting vaginal muscles. Exhaustively, he turned his controller off and crawled on the bed to Joyce, to help her turn it off. Kenneth’s hands appeared behind him with the chains unlocked and removed the blindfold off his wasted girlfriend. He then took the whip that was sticking out of Joyce’s bag and began whipping them so hard that they disappeared into the bathroom to get dressed, before making a quick escape out of the hotel.

Kenneth took the chance to rest and catch his breath, from the crazy orgasm he had.

Felicia: ‘They didn’t take the toys.’
Kenneth: ‘Yeah. Looks like we earned it.’
Felicia: ‘Can I ask you for a favour?’

Kenneth’s concerned face appeared and she blushed really loud, if there was such a term.

Felicia: ‘Can you turn it on for me?’

The continuous waves of intense orgasms Felicia received was so powerful it had got her addicted. Kenneth too, could not deny how great and convenient it was, to cum with a click, and driven by an unknown force. The two of them spent their day in the room, extending the stay for another day, that was filled with consensual sex, using the tools their evil friends left.

Who’s There

Rinnie was all alone in her dormitory at NTU, on her laptop in the darkness while waiting for her roommate, Sally, to come in. It was almost 12am and she was on a lesbian porn she stopped halfway last night. As the two girls made out with one on top, their hands were hidden behind their thighs rubbing each other off. The girls were about to insert a double dildo into each other when the knock she was wanting for finally came through. She closed the browser and ran to the door, ready to go to bed after she let her in.

Once the door creaked ajar, a strong swing knocked her to the ground and three guys entered, each in a robbers’ knitted masks. Two of them held her arms and dragged her to the bed while the third person began removing his pants. Once he was bottom naked, he took over one of them and they were pantless in a flash. One of the guys took his underwear and stuffed it into her mouth, preventing her from shouting and they held her down with much force.

She could not make out much details from them except the colour of the masks, blue, green and black. Blue went to the end of the bed where her butt was and took out a scissors, making a few loud snip to warn her that she might get hurt. Rinnie had no choice but to keep still while she felt the blunt edge of the cutter snip her shorts and panties off. They threw her bottoms far away and the two guys holding her hands ripped her clothes apart.

Being in her own room, there was no need to wear a bra and that did not help in her current situation. Blue were out of her sight but she felt her legs being forced open. The guys holding her arms reached for each of her knees and held them as far up as they could. Like sit-and-reach, she felt the sharp pain at her thighs with the muscles stretched to their limits. Black who was against the side of the bed where the wall was, moved on his knees towards her head and positioned his dick at her mouth. Blue did not waste anymore time and went on to filled her pussy up with his raw unprotected dick.

A loud ‘arghh’, showed how tight she was and the guys who were waiting got more excited. Black pulled the piece of underwear out of her mouth and replaced it with his dick. Without waiting for her to catch her breath, he pinned her head down sideways and thrust his hips back and forth, sending his dick down her throat.

Rinnie couldn’t do anything, tears just kept flowing down her cheeks. Green, who was inactive holding her still, did not kept still though. He took her hand and placed her fingers around his dick, and helped her jerk himself. With a dick in her mouth and pussy each, their tempo were actually in sync and unwilling orgasm came. Her legs struggled but Blue who was in her pussy, was holding her legs apart to a point it hurt. He rammed furiously into her contracting pussy and flipped his head backwards, before giving the last few pumps and releasing his huge load of yucky cum inside.

He pulled out of her and gestured for Green to take over. They changed positions and it was Green’s turn. The word ‘Doggie‘ came out of his mouth and the three of them flipped Rinnie over easily. Her usual muscle toning workout did not even give her any bit of strength to overpower them. It merely made her looked more tempting. She was on her stomach and a series of hard slaps on her ass cheeks made her struggle to perk her butt up for him. The heat and pain was unbearable but she could only express the hurt in tears.

Green’s dick slipped into her pussy and it was clearly much larger than Blue’s. Her pussy was stretched to its limit to accommodate his size but it felt good. His size actually came in contact with the full length of her tunnel and the thrusts he made was strong and forceful. Her body was held up by the two guys at the side, while Black moved in front of her to continue raping her mouth.

She was breathless once again when his dick filled her mouth and the shoving from Green was helping Black as well. Her mouth was moving on its own, tongue safely tucked below his shaft and she maintained a strong suction in an attempt to cum him before his turn. Green spent a really long time pumping in swift, long strokes while her pussy enjoyed the instant pleasure. Another orgasm came quick and her jaws dropped with the mind blowing climax her pussy was delivering.

She felt his size in her head as her vaginal muscles contracted, on top of that, she made sure to squeeze with all her might to let him leverage on that moment. With one knee up, Green gave a final burst of energy and rammed hard into her, giving her a continuous supply of orgasms that drained most of her strength from her arms. A high pitched groan later, she felt her womb filling up with warmth, filling all the way along the walls of her tunnel and out to her clit, where it laid untouched. The cum dripped out of her pussy and Green’s exit caused a few large glob of sticky cum to leak back out.

He smiled to Black and he went to her side where Black was initially. Black made a few clumsy move to her ass and they turned her over again. Rinnie’s thighs were sore from the slaps and so she knew she had better kept her legs wide apart. But Black knew of a better position. He placed her ankles together and raised them to his shoulders, while aiming for her entrance and preparing for the final entry.

Her mouth was aching from the deep throat and luckily they let her rest. They no longer needed to hold her still as she was exhausted, so, they sat on her roommate’s bed and raised half their masks up to enjoy the show while remaining hidden. Black gave them a stare and then proceeded to ram his hips against her, forcing the pile of cum mixture out and giving Rinnie’s G-spot a good stroking.

She had never felt her most sensitive spot get tortured so badly before, but on the other hand, it felt overwhelming good. Her pussy relaxed and she placed her fingers on her clit to relieve the soreness. Black was much more gentler on her this time as he took his time to execute the 9-slow 1-deep move. Her pussy had unconsciously turned into a hungry cat and it was begging for more. Her legs were held in a cross behind his hips and his other hand went to massage her clit.

In no time, another orgasm came and an unexpected gush of cum came spraying onto the guy’s stomach. A fit followed and Rinnie’s body lost control, while squirming around and dirtying her sheets. Black was actually on the verge of cumming from her blowjobs but that squirting made her slippery and he thrashed his dick into her, ravaging her pussy with deep thrusts to a point it almost knocked her out. But every outwards stroke would pull her back to humanity and the cycle would keep going.

Rinnie felt Black’s dick going faster and faster, until he stopped midway close to another climax. Nonetheless, she was happy that he was cumming. But the strong jet of cum shot at her G-spot and the final straw was delivered. She felt her pussy contracting and a gentle stream of cum flowed like pee out of her pussy. Black’s sperms were still topping her up and the mess was undeniably huge.

He had to pull out halfway and let the juice-cum-squirt liquid gush out like a broken tap and finished his load all over her body. In a last attempt to clean himself up, he dropped his softening dick into her mouth and pinched her nose, making her suck it clean before letting her breath. The trio then left the room hurriedly, leaving Rinnie sobbing in the wet bed.

That night, Sally did not return and Rinnie slept on the floor instead of her bed. It was the most horrible night as her body struggled to fight for the ‘slut’ status while her mind remained angelic and convinced her otherwise. The exact enactment reappeared in her dreams and she woke up to another pool of wetness at her bottoms. Looking at the patches of yellowish puddle stain on her bed, she knew she had lost herself.

That dream she had bothered her the whole day and slowly, the devil in her showed her that it was in fact – a sweet dream. The gang rape changed her body, and the ‘nightmare’, changed her.