Ocean Two

The strange woman entered the house again and went into my parents’ bedroom, where Dad was home earlier than usual. She was much younger than mum but wore really fashionable clothes. Short skirts, see through tops, black bra. The unmistakable sex sounds came out loudly from the room and I couldn’t shut the noise out […]

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Must Clean Down There

Mummy (shouting): ‘Nel?’ Nelson (shouting): ‘I’m not done showering yet!’ Mummy: ‘I know. Let mummy see something.’ The lock un-clicked and the 35 year old mum walked in on her only son, 13, in his towel. She made him sit on the toilet and took his towel away, to see a tiny dick shivering in the cold. […]

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Sister: ‘Kor! I’m home. This is Xinni. Her sister is just following her here.’ I gestured an ‘OK’ sign to her without turning away from my computer, stuck in a web-conference. The sensible girls left me along and went into my sister’s room after a short orientation around my house. The meeting ended after an […]

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On Diana’s Account

Randy: ‘Hi Diana. Is she coping well?’ Diana: ‘Uncle. Yes. She’s a quick learner.’ The Math tutor adjusted her sitting position when the father of her student came out of the bedroom, topless but wearing a thin cotton shorts. For the morning class, she had worn a basic t-shirt and a pair of skorts, purple […]

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Mathematical Diana

Sister: ‘Thank you cher!’ I entered the bedroom at the same time she ran into the living toom to the PS4, leaving me with Diana who tutored her in Math. Wearing a white sleeveless top and black skirt, the simple but gorgeous teacher remained seated marking a textbook, giving me a sweet smile revealing a […]

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