Ben: ‘Mei. Can I ask you for your breasts size?’
Sister: ‘Why leh? 32B.’

He walked through his sister’s opened doors with a cloth bag, placing it gently on her computer table she was at.

Ben: ‘I bought these for my ex, but she only wore them for me and didn’t like what’s left here.’
Sister: ‘Wah. So I become your rubbish dump ah?’
Ben: ‘No la. If you don’t want then throw them away lo. I still have somemore.’
Sister: ‘Don’t waste! I’ll look through them. Leave the bag here.’

Bearing no thoughts to the bag of lingerie he was ready to throw, he went back into his room and jumped into bed, resuming his game on the iPad. After a few hours, his sister knocked on his door, and in his sleepy voice he let her in.

Walking into his bedroom in a silk nightie, bright red bra straps lined her shoulders and he immediately recognised her outfit.

Sister: ‘Pretty?’

‘Pretty’, Ben sighed his word in a single breath and watched his sister climb into his bed. Unknown to her, his stretched-out arm had been lying under the sheet where she placed her knees over, greatly limiting his movements. Lifting up her nightie, the lacy red panties appeared over her smooth groin, without a hair of black among the tiny little holes.

Ben: ‘Okay. You go and use those clothes k? I’m going back to sleep.’
Sister: ‘Don’t be so lazy la. Dig out all her clothes for me leh.’

She yanked his blanket away and saw his flaccid cock lying sideways, semi-erect from the sleepiness and constant brushing across his blanket. Falling into doggie on her hands, the curious little girl went to his cock and flapped it up and down.

Sister: ‘Did you get hard looking at me? It’s getting bigger in my hand now!’
Ben: ‘Hey! Stop it. Get out now.’

In her grasp, the pink head popped out from the excess foreskin and turned into a smooth, hard rod, throbbing in her tiny hand. Before he could fight off those incestuous thoughts, he sat up and threw her onto his bed, sliding his hand under the dress and over her boobs.

Ben (whispering): ‘This is what you get for turning your brother on.’

Moans began surfacing as he kneaded her breasts, slowly removing the silkwear and lingerie off her flawless body. While his mouth went straight for her nipples, her hand never stopped fondling that long piece of life that had a heartbeat of its own.

Sister (whispering): ‘I’ve always fantasised about this you know?’
Ben (whispering): ‘I would be lying if I say I haven’t.’

The two siblings laid side-by-side as they massaged each others’ genitals, his hand finally on her shaved pussy that was getting wetter with each stroke.

Sister: ‘Put it inside me. You have a condom right?’
Ben: ‘Yeah. Since my ex didn’t finish it.’
Sister: ‘And I’ll be feeling that dick your ex always moaned so loud to.’
Ben: ‘Were we really that loud?’
Sister: ‘Yeah?’

The placement of the condom was the fastest he moved for the whole day, rolling it on in front of his sister’s bewildered look. When he got between her legs she spread wide for him, an irresistible urge made her even juicer. Without a need for lubricant, his rubberised cock popped cutely into her pussy, filling her sense of lovelessness slowly as each inch eased into her.

Once he was fully buried in her love, the gradual increase in speed threw them off their inhibitions. Sensual moans and groans filled up the bedroom as they perspired in love making, savouring the closeness they had held off for long enough.

In the beautiful exchange of bodily fluids, they swapped to doggie style, and there, he pumped her breaths out of that petite body his hands could not get enough of. Ramming faster and deeper, each thrust sent a tingle up her spine. Needless to say, orgasms went off like fireworks in her mind and their sex intensified.

Sister (panting): ‘Let me put on that dress. I prefer to do it clothed.’

Beyond that gentle pounding, she slipped her dress on and let him fondled her breasts from behind. Images of his ex appeared midway and he lost a bit more of himself. Flipping his sister on her back shortly after, he pushed her knees against her chest and hammered for all that’s worth, knocking her near-unconsciousness from the new-found burst of energy.

Ben (groaning): ‘Mei.. I’m cumming soon!’
Sister (moaning): ‘Spray it all over me. I want to see it.’

She pulled her shirt up as he pulled out, ripping the condom apart and positioned her palm faced-up. Once she caught hold of his slippery cock, he fucked her hand as fast as he was inside her earlier.

After three minutes, his shivering body was the final warning, to a stringy spray of cum across her chest and belly, filling her belly button up with his thick, gooey cum.

At last, their incest moment ended and she wiped his cum off with her dress, letting him put on her pre-loved lingerie for her. A short rest later, she was back into her room, leaving Ben to catch his breath and make sense of what just happened.

At around 4pm, before their parents returned, she put on her old school uniform that her legs had grown out of the short skirt. After a brief struggle with the handcuffs he forgotten in the same bag of worn clothes, she hopped back into his bedroom, delighting him with the sight of BDSM involving a student.

This time, he took the lead and threw her on his bed, ‘raping’ her twice (with condoms) before she truly fainted from the intense session. By then, he was completed worn out and fell asleep after he carried her into her room and replacing her creased uniform with a brown army t-shirt.

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like your sister?

There’s Soap

At 6am, I woke up before my alarm went off and walked into the common bathroom in my boxers, the standard outfit I wore for sleep. Enjoying the comforting darkness in my sleepy eyes, I turned off the tap as I soaped myself up.

Right then, the lights came on and the bathroom door swung opened, my younger sister taking a step into the toilet before she realised I was there. Standing naked with my morning wood still up, I was certain it twitched when my sister’s top naked body appeared.

Sister: ‘Kor! Why didn’t you on the lights?!’
Me: ‘Shhh! So loud for what?’

She covered her chest with her towel and stepped back out, closing the door on the awkward situation. Then just five seconds later, she opened the door again and dashed to the toilet bowl, pulling her underwear down and relieving herself with a soft moan.

Sister: ‘I cannot hold it in liao.’

I quickly spun my back to face her then and I picked up my speed to rinse the soap off, while the peeing noise silenced. Sure, we had taken turns to use the toilet before, but it was the first time we were ‘doing it’ together.

Sister: ‘Kor.. lend me the spray.’

I paused showering and gave her the showerhead, still turned away and waiting for her to tell me she was done with it. When I got impatient and checked what she was up to, her body already soaked and she was about to soap herself (with our soap and shampoo hung next to the toilet bowl).

Me: ‘Can’t you wait till I’m done?’
Sister: ‘You’re done what.’
Me: ‘Not yet la. My butt? And in front.. ‘

She aimed the showerhead at me and I forced myself to turn around, letting her self-guide the erotic jets of water over my hardened cock. Besides the main lead, I also had to tuck each side of my balls to scrub the slippery coat of whatever off, in front of my wide-eyed sister.

Sister: ‘Is it always hard in the morning?’
Me: ‘Mostly?’

Naughtily, she aimed sprayed water into my face and I went blind, right after feeling fingers running along my shaft.

Me: ‘Wei!’
Sister: ‘Got soap la.’

She was pulling my foreskin back and rubbing the whitish dead skin off for me, unknowingly making my erection harder.

Sister: ‘Ehh.. don’t get turned on by your mei leh.’
Me: ‘Sisters don’t touch their brothers like that one leh. Okay okay. Enough.’

She got up and took over my shower spot as I threw my towel around my neck, in front of the mirror at the sink. For one, I have not shaved yet. Through the mirror, I was stealing glances at my sister, lathering herself unashamed, twerking to imaginary music.

Sister: ‘Kor, you’re not going to help me wash down there ah?’
Me: ‘Siao ah?’
Sister: ‘Ya lor. My kor where got so nice hor?’

I cleaned my face and razor before keeping them away, turning my attention to my sister who was so daring to say what usually was reserved for adults. While her face was wet (and eyes closed), I snatched the shower head away from her and wetted my hands. Quickly taking two pumps of soap, I grabbed her boobs and washed them for her, while facing a little fight to push my hands away.

Me: ‘You want this right?’
Sister: ‘Noooo!’

Her struggle weakened when I gently rolled her nipples between my fingers, causing her to reach for my cock blindly to avenge my bullying. As we made full use of the bubbly shower foam on each other, there was no denying that the mutual silence had a hint of sexiness in it.

Standing nipples to nipples, we were that close a proximity when I whispered for her to spread her legs. My obedient sister did exactly just that and I ran my fingertips down her clit, where circular motions caused her to moan even louder.

Pumping my cock in scented lather, I was as hard as a rock while she was as horny as a slut. Finally, after the longest five minutes, our biological clocks told us that we were running late if we kept playing. The nice, warm water washed the soap from our overly cleaned bodies and the redness of our genitals appeared uncannily, thanks to what we did that should never be done.

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor.. you’re so hard.’
Me: ‘Go sit down on the toilet bowl.’

She lowered the cover and I went on my knees between her legs, having her automatically spreading the delicate folds of her pussy as if she knew what I was going to do. Right on point, I buried my face into her wet skin and used my tongue to flick her clit, forcing her to press my face even harder into her groin.

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor.. yes.. there.. ‘

I kept sucking and teasing her clit till her legs clamped my head tight, signalling an orgasm that shook through her body. When I looked up at her, a refreshed, arms-stretching look put smiles on both our faces. She got up casually and went behind me, requesting me to sit on the toilet too.

Sister: ‘Tell me if I’m doing it wrong k?’

She sat crossed legged on a plastic stool and rested her head on an arm on my thigh. Jerking me for a while, it did not take long before a tiny tongue stuck out of her lips, tasting my pre-cum and then devouring it whole. A gasp sent me lying back and she bounced her head up and down energetically. I was holding on to the toilet paper dispenser with my life as she sucked my vitality away.

Me (moaning): ‘Oh my god.. you’re hitting all the right spots!’

She wrapped her index and thumb around the base as she lifted her mouth to focus on the head, part masturbating and part sucking me off. There was no need to guide her as she slowly pushed me towards the edge. My toes couldn’t free itself from the curling pleasure and the urge to cum just hit me in the face.

Me (whispering loudly): ‘Mei! I’m gonna cum! Argh argh.. ‘

Her mouth left my cock just in time to have my thick, gooey semen spray across her lips, twitching helplessly as she kept pumping her fist. Seeing her take delight in my most agonising moment, the rebellious expression on her face scared me for a moment there.

Once she felt no more power from my shaft, a final, upward squeeze emptied my meat tube and she was up on her feet. I gave my cock a thorough wash while she cleaned her face, stepping out of the toilet naked for our clothes. Still far from sunrise, we readied ourselves and left the house together, looking confident and satisfied with the pleasurably short morning workout.

Walking to the bus stop hand in arms, we were secretly excited about our adventure earlier. One that we can never tell anyone else.

Sister: ‘What time do you end work?’
Me: ‘1pm today.’
Sister: ‘So early? Wait for me at home k?’

I gave her a grin and boarded my bus, to the hectic work of making coffee for the office crowd. During the 5 hour shift, two of her sexy photos (taken in her office toilet) kept me going for most part. Once she was home, the small three room flat suddenly seemed bigger with a common activity to explore them again.

No sex – was the only rule we laid for ourselves, but it was constantly tested by my sister’s request to stick my cock under her pussy and between her legs to mimic ‘sex’. I was so sure accidents were bound to happen.

Cousin Bonding

Jing (whispering): ‘Just don’t tell my parents k?’

She got up from the bed and began removing her cardigan, exposing her fair complexion that our families possessed. The dark, brown hair flung around as her grey tank top came off as well, followed by her skirt she dropped to her feet. Never did I imagined to have my cousin appearing at one of my ‘massage’ session, let alone coming this far with her. While my mind was battling the righteousness of it all, ..

Jing: ‘Up!’

On my feet I went and she did the same for my shirt and jeans, folding them into a neat pile before laying them on the dressing table. Her bra unhooked from the front and two, very perky boobs bounced free from the cups. Her panties disappeared with a wriggle of her ass, and my underwear was yanked to the ground as she bent over.

Me: ‘Shower?’
Jing: ‘Yupp.’

Getting into the shower was the weirdest experience ever, flashing back to the times during my primary school days when we took a shower together. The toddler back then has became a swan, albeit going on a different path from other girls her age.

Jing: ‘Stand still k?’

Her foam covered palms ran down my neck to my chest, going around my ribs to lather my back as well. There was no shyness when her nipples brushed across mine, even sliding her body against me as she squatted down to my legs.

Jing: ‘Open your legs.’

Like a random search at the airport, her fingers ran up my inner thighs before she reached my balls. Those tiny fingers started fondling them, drenching my cock in a slippery soap to help her wrapping fingers move up and down.

Me: ‘Wait wait. Stand up first.’
Jing: ‘Why?’
Me: ‘I need to wash you too.’

I collected some soap from my erection and aimed for her pussy straight, sliding down her navel to her slit, where my middle finger quickly located her sensitive clit. The faster I ‘scrubbed’ her, the faster she would jerk me. The shy little cousin became more relaxed that instant, moaning while hugging closer to me.

Jing (whispering): ‘Let’s wash up and go outside can?’

I handed her the showerhead and the foam was flushed into the drains. We patted each other dry with either ends of the towel and went naked into the bedroom, where it was dimmed when we headed into the toilet.

Me: ‘Lie down first.’

I stood outside the toilet as she sat between the pillows, watching me watch her with much curiosity. Right after she stopped moving, I fell face first into the mattress, stopped right at her knees. I slowly pried her legs open and she obeyed, allowing me to leopard crawl to her groin. With that much teasing, my mouth dived into her crotch and flicked her clit continuously, making her squirm right in front of me.

Jing (moaning): ‘Biao ge (first cousin)! Not so fast!’

Her fingers ran into my scalp trying to hold me still but my tongue was the organ doing all the work. I used my lips to pinch her clit, and went on to suck her clit really hard. The loud gasp followed by a stream of juices into my mouth couldn’t be wrong. Jing was cumming hard without restraint, shoving my face into her pussy as her legs shivered violently.

The moment I felt her increasing the strength of pressing my head down, I knew it was all over. Well, at least for the pussy-licking part.

Jing: ‘Stop stop.. I can’t take it anymore.’

She stood up and walked over my resting body, rolled me over and spread my legs wide to sit between. She laid down on her boobs after I perched my back up with the pillows, and started to lick the sides of my shaft. The love-bite pain brought my erection to new heights, pecking lips covering every area beneath my little head.

The moment of relief came when her mouth went over the tip, and I watched her eager mouth slide over my cock. Her elbows bent to raise her head, performing a slow and sensual blowjob that spun my head in circles. How could that innocent, pink lips be so deadly? And more importantly..

Me: ‘Jing, how long have you been doing this?’

Her head abruptly popped up and a different person possessed her. With a grin, she turned around and backed up on my genital. While I could not exactly see her facial expression, the lowering ass over my cock distracted me from a possibly guilty thought. She held my cock and directed it downwards, going right for her smooth pussy that has no prickly studs at all.

As soon as my dick was in, her spread eagle ass jutted at me, driving my cock into her own pussy. She tucked her legs in front of her and remained in a squatting position, all the while hopping up and down on my rod. Besides my unmanly groaning, she was moaning words of encouragement.

There was no way I would let her do all the work. In a push, she fell onto her arms and I swapped to a kneeling position, behind her ass.

Me: ‘Give me your hands’

One by one, I grabbed hold of her wrists and hammered into her pussy. All the smoothness and bumps in her vagina became apparent to me, gently closing in on my shaft like filling up a sausage.

Jing: ‘Can you feel it? You’re the first and only person I’m going to have raw sex with.’

My hips went even faster upon hearing that, savouring all the intimacy no blood-related cousins should ever have. After five minutes of rapid thrusts, she broke free from my grip and quietened down.

Jing (panting): ‘Let me watch you fuck me to the end.’

We repositioned ourselves into missionary, with her legs slung over my shoulders. Once she got hold of my dick, I pumped slowly into her, moving inches at a time. Within five strokes, I was fully embedded in her mesmerising pussy and she opened her arms for me.

Jing (whispering): ‘I love you kor.’

My abs tightened as I increased my speed, slamming into her opened groin that was welcoming me in. Our lips touched for the first time, locking in a passionate, tongue-sucking momentum. My body was long in an auto-pilot mode, hammering my dear cousin’s breath away.

Her body began shaking as I went all out, contractions delivering pulsating waves of orgasm.

Jing (shouting): ‘Cum with me kor!’

She left my sweat-covered face to moan her lungs out, accommodating each and every thrusts I drove into her cunt. *Piak piak piak* sounds echoed in surround sound as I neared my climax, face dropping into her boobs she squeezed together for me.

Me (groaning): ‘I’m cumming!’

In short pulses of jerks, the first shot was fired when I pulled away, forcing my dick to repeatedly penetrate her to succumb my dick to the rest of my load. I shoved and I pushed, every drop of semen that was never meant to be hers, deep into her womb that milked me involuntarily throughout her orgasm.

When we were done, we had no more energy to separate ourselves. Her pussy was still shaking uncontrollably, shivers travelling through her limbs while my dick spat the last few drops out.

Jing: ‘Biao ge?’

She sayang me by running her hand down my back, assuring me that I did a great job. I fell away after a minute’s rest, and she turned over to me to give my dick a massage.

Me: ‘What if you get pregnant?’
Jing: ‘I’m on the pill. Don’t worry k?’

Still catching my breaths, she sank below my gaze and placed her mouth over my dick once again, sucking me till I was hard. This time, she did not let me do any work and focused all her attention on the tool in her mouth. The non-stop head bobbing, seductive moans from her fingers in her pussy, randomly slurping tongue, no man could resist her at all.

It took her another ten minutes before my abs hardened, shrinking balls signalling to her with determination.

Me (weakly): ‘I’m shooting.. ‘

She swiped her hair over her head and held them in place, while her other hand stayed at the base of my shaft. Her lips continued sucking till I exploded, puffing up her cheeks with the second load of the day.

Before I finished, she left my lava-dribbling volcano and dropped to my side, opening her mouth just a little to let me peek at the amount I gave her. She laid flat before swallowing everything, surprising me with the biggest twist in my life.

The wide smile she gave next somehow lightened the mood, but I knew it was something that I could never forget. We cuddled after drying our bodies till the phone rang, marking the end of our two hour tryst.

Jing: ‘Don’t tell my parents k?’
Me: ‘Okay. Na. Here.’

She took the four blue notes and returned three of them between my fingers, ignoring my questioning look to keep her earnings.

Jing: ‘You’ll pay for the hotel next time. And I’m not doing this for money.’

We left the hotel and went our separate ways at the door, fully aware of the implications we could get into if we were seen together. For the rest of the day, our phones kept buzzing to the stronger relationship we had, enhanced over a round of unforgettable, sensual sex.

Me (Whatsapp): ‘Shall we meet tomorrow?’
Jing (Whatsapp): ‘4pm. Same place.’

And that was our goodnight message to each other.

Drug High

Me: ‘Hey mei. I found this. Wanna tell me what it is?’

The piece of aluminium foil with a burnt spoon on top of a wet tissue couldn’t be any more obvious about what my little sister was addicted to. She ran towards me and snatched the ‘kit’ away, making a rush for the door I stood at. I grabbed her by the arm before she could destroy the evidence and threw her onto the bed, where she curled up into a ball.

Within seconds, she was shivering and tearing up, as if I was going to hit her. After all, I am still her brother and would never hurt her. There was no way I could ignore it though, fully aware that she will need to quit before our parents found out.

Me: ‘Mei. You will need to quit this as soon as possible. I will help you.’
Mei: ‘How?’
Me: ‘I don’t know. If need be, I will accompany you as often as I can.’

As a brother, I knew there was no way she would do drugs on her own. Perhaps it was peer pressure? Or just simply tricked into it. She jumped into my arms while I was deep in thoughts, and wiped her tears with my shirt.

Mei: ‘The drugs help me to relax. That’s why I took it. You are no longer around after you started working, and I am stressed from school.’

Silly girl‘, I whispered to her as I embraced her, patting her back like how I always did when she felt down. I slid down to the bed to let her lie down and asked her where she kept her drugs. Pointing to a drawer above our heads, I pulled it open to see a packet of white powder.

Me: ‘Have you taken any today?’
Mei (whispering): ‘No.. ‘

Beside the zip lock was a new spoon, and a lighter.

Me: ‘Kor will quit with you.’

Sitting upright, I spilled some of the white powder into the spoon and held the lighter under it, flame hissing ferociously to melt the compound. Once it started bubbling, my little sister rolled a blue note into a straw.

Mei: ‘Breath it through your nose.’

She took over the spoon emitting green fumes and I blocked one of my nostrils, inhaling through the two dollar note up my respiratory organ. In an instant, a light-headed sensation lifted me from my bed and I fell backwards onto the pillow. She took a few breaths of her own and after the spoon was set down, a kiss from her filled my cheeks up with the fumes. Breathing through my mouth, a slight burn travelling down my throat and into my lungs, where I believed I was spinning from euphoria.

Mei: ‘Nice right?’
Me: ‘This is the last time you will use it.’
Mei: ‘I understand.. ‘

She continued kissing my weak lips and sat on top of me, slightly excited about the silly pact we made – to quit together. Her cold hands ran up from under my shirt and over my ribs. The chill was felt in its full power from the effects of the drug, amplifying every contact she made.

She rolled down my body after a while and tucked her hand into my shorts, feeling my cock without any protection of my underwear. Surely, I did not expect her to do that in our own house. The erection came swiftly as she caressed my rod, stroking it up and down as my shorts was lowered with her toes.

When she placed my arm over her belly, my fingers scoured under her old t-shirt for her clit and began work immediately. I didn’t even realised there was supposed to be panties or shorts under it. Rubbing that sweet spot made her moan into my ears, stirring up the deadliest sin ever. ‘Keep going kor, it feels good’, her hand moved faster to make me increase my speed. My mind was just filled with moans and groans from both of us, arms locked in a pleasure exchange.

It did not take long before Mei picked herself up and staggered on top of me, pulling her long shirt off and sliding downwards against my weak resistance. For her, it was as simple as holding my hands down. Her wet pussy lips sent a cold shiver up my spine and before it could reach my head, an overwhelming rush of heat soothed the coldness. My dick was sliding into her pussy slowly, and there was no need to go in-and-out to get my full length inside.

Mei: ‘Ahhh Kor.. you are so big.. ‘

Not wanting to let her do all the work, especially after I had regained some of my soberness, I used all of my strength to roll ourselves over, and the smiling surprised look of hers made me felt at ease.

Mei: ‘Kor, are you going to.. arghh.. ‘

Her legs wrapped themselves around my waist as I jerked my hips, forcing my way into her deepest spot. She could not speak and words properly after I started pounding her, merely mumbling with hiccups-like noises as her body was knocked around.

I could feel her pussy contracting as time passed, sealing my cock into a tight spot that I was certain I was stuck in a vacuum. Never did I thought of playing with her boobs in this position fearing that I might just break her ribcage. Panting, the cloudiness of pleasure and excitement was disrupting my sanity.

Mei (panting): ‘Kor.. doggy?’

She said those words with her eyes closed, making me confused about her state of consciousness. We stopped fucking for a while as I closed her legs together, and raised her ass up. Her knees slid into place under her body and her shaking arms couldn’t pick her chest up.

Seeing how much she was enjoying it, I poked my cock slowly and heard her let off a soft moan. ‘Mei, I’m going to start’, a momentarily squeeze on my cock acknowledged my attack. I grabbed her waist in my palms and thrust deep into her, slamming our hips together in a dirty slapping noise.

Mei (shouting): ‘Fuck me hard kor! This feels better than the drugs.’

Well, the same thought was running through my mind. The hypnotic effects had worn off completely and we were moving on our own terms. Energised, horny and unsatisfied, we were head over heels with our new method for rehabilitation.

Unable to hold onto my own load from shooting into the suffocating hole anymore, my muscles were ready for the explosion.

Me (groaning): ‘Mei.. I.. I’m going to cum.’

I abruptly yanked my cock out before the point of no return and she speedily turned onto her back. Her hands on my hips guided me to her chest area and her long, slim fingers went back to my dick massage. Coupled with her mouth, loud slurps blew my mind into smithereens as she worked her tongue around the tip, trying to wriggle into my pee hole.

‘Fuck’, was the last word before she slipped her lips down my cock, going all the way past the zero point. My hips involuntarily thrust a few times into her face as the hot cum squirt non-stop, spilling some out of her lips while trying to contain them.

A full minute was all it took to drain me of my life force and I collapsed on the bed after she licked my cock clean. Mind overworked from the drug and sex, darkness was overcoming my vision quick.

Mei (whispering): ‘Kor.. I love you’

She blurted out her last thought and dozed off before me, naked and looking better than recent days. Sex to replace drugs.. is it really a cure or a new addiction?

Too Late for CNY

Sen: ‘Hi kor! Happy Chinese New Year!’

My lively 15 year old cousin skipped to the chopping board of unfinished cabbage and continued the work, slicing and dicing them as unevenly as she could. This cousin of mine was close to my family as she loves to cook, dropping by at the most untimely manner when my grandmother prepares dinner. Now that we were all grown up, the only times she visited was during Chinese New Year, but that didn’t dampened her passion for cooking.

Mum: ‘Wei! You two! Stop playing! The veggies are all messed up. Go watch TV and talk to your relatives outside.’

The innocent me was suddenly dragged into the mess Sen caused, and we left the kitchen to the adults whom pretended to listen to my ailing granny’s nagging. As the house was crowded to a point there was no seats left, I went into my room and Sen tagged along. Unlike how she remembered, my room was messier and the only space left was my bed.

Sen: ‘Woah! TV! I can live in your bed forever! Just feed me taogey (bean sprout) and rice and already.’

She jumped into my bed without invitation and I sat at the edge, until she shifted in closer to the wall. Seated side by side, she did all the channel hopping and stopped only when HBO came on. How could anyone resist HBO right? This daring cousin then pulled my blanket over her body, officially stealing my chou chou from me.

Sen: ‘Why your blanket smell like mine?’
Me: ‘How I know? Don’t use it la. Very dirty.’
Sen: ‘I like it!’

It was awkward to be in the same bed with her as the close bond between us had faded with time. Yet it never bothered her that I was more mature and capable of fantasising better. As the day went by, the noisy living room quietened down and she fell asleep, turning to me to hug me like a bolster. When her thigh landed on my crotch, it was what happened next that woke her up. Unable to calm myself down from the sudden attack, a bulge in my shorts poked at her leg.

Instead of ignoring it, she just grabbed it and poked her head out from the edge of the blanket.

Sen (whispering): ‘What’s this? Someone is turned on?’

As the day was still bright, my white blanket was thin enough to let some light through. She disappeared under my blanket and pulled my waistband down, before her cold hand touched me. By then, I had lowered the blanket to let her breath and saw her curious eyes at my rod. The innocent touches she made got me even harder, to a point I had to get out of bed.

After she explored my rod for a bit, she reached into her own skirt and felt around.

Sen (whispering): ‘Kor. I’m wet too. Like you.’

She managed to stretch a strand of pre-cum for me to see and I was at the verge of raping her. She adjusted her height to my shoulders and played with my cock, showing a slutty lip-bite expression while looking at me. I gave in to the temptation right then and reached across for her groin, massaging her warm and moist area of her panties.

Me: ‘Take off your panties.’
Sen: ‘And you lower your shorts.’
Me: ‘Deal.’

We did as agreed and got off to a sensual start, helping each other out in the secrecy of my bedroom. Her clit was overflowing with juices as I rubbed faster, and my cock couldn’t be any more pathetic looking in the red and swollen state. Once she was too hyped up, she took my hand and guided me lower, so I could slip my fingers inside.

A soft, whispering moan escaped and she told me it was the first time she had someone elses’ fingers inside. She was tight and wet, making it tiring to finger her for long period of time.

Sen: ‘You ever had sex?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I’m 26 leh.’
Sen: ‘With someone my age?’
Me: ‘Nope. Underage sex is caning leh.’
Sen (whispering): ‘What if I want it?’

She turned into a little hamster when I climbed over her, spreading her legs out to the sides and touched her pussy with my dick. Her arms tucked cutely into her chest and let her palms hold onto my chest.

Me: ‘It’s going to be scary you know? Maybe painful too.’
Sen: ‘Who says I never had sex before?’

She gave me a grin before pulling my cock painfully at her pussy, dipping it in and using her legs to force my waist down. The initial tightness went away as I pumped her slowly, until she was screaming into my blanket from the pleasurable sex. Her eyes turned white as I shifted the angle of penetration slightly, but she remained as tight as I fingered her.

Gradually, I found a tempo comfortable to pound her in and straightened my body. Flipping one of her legs to the side, her butt became the ‘top’ as I continued to torture her little body. As time went by, she turned herself over and went on her knees. The tiny waist was a treat to hold as I rammed even harder into her, speeding up as my urge came like a wrecking ball.

Me (whispering loudly): ‘Fuck.. I can’t hold it in anymore. Shit!’

With all my mental strength, I pulled out of her and she quickly rolled under my legs. Perched on my pillows, I went on my knees over her chest and she jerked me with both hands.

Sen: ‘My mouth!’

I straightened my back and she sat upright, devouring my cock and stroking me to the final moment. The bursts of cumshots fired safely into her mouth and she swallowed as I came, leaving no trace of evidence of our incestuous fling. As quickly as we started out, we tided everything once I was done and her parents came into the room shortly after.

Me (whispering): ‘Auntie, I think Sen fell asleep when we were watching TV.’
Auntie (whispering): ‘Let her be then. Help me take care of her. We will be leaving first. She knows how to get home.’

I closed the door behind me and walked the visitors out. Once those leaving were gone, I was back into the room, to find Sen naked under the sheets.

Sen (whispering): ‘Still got energy? I heard what my mum said!’

My shorts did not stay on for long before we went for another round of quiet sex, partitioned by just a wall from the heartwarming relatives here to see granny. A part of me says that our bond will be closer than before.

Seducing Love

After close to three hours of giggling and laughing in my sister’s room, her best friend, Alina, came out of the room and joined me on the couch. I had seen her a few times but did not pay much attention to her. Although she was the same age as my sister, everything was smaller about her than my sister.

Me: ‘What are you girls doing in the room? So noisy.’
Alina: ‘We tried on some clothes we just bought.’

She was in her school P.E. shirt, tucked out and over her FBT shorts she wore instead of the issued school shorts. While I was attracted to the Discovery Channel coverage of the Blackbird SR21, she was on her phone, typing and smiling silly to herself.

Casually stealing glances at her, her phone suddenly dropped onto her lap and her feet got on the sofa, arms trembling as though she just peed in her shorts.

Me: ‘You okay?’
Alina: ‘Yupp! Do you always wear like this in the house?’
Me: ‘Yeah. It’s not too revealing for you right?’
Alina: ‘No ah. I also wear like this at home. I mean short shorts.’

A moment later, she pointed her screen at me, displaying a Whatsapp conversation with my sister.

‘Try and seduce him?’

The phone was placed on the sofa after I read it and she pulled herself closer with my arm. Sitting half-serious, she crossed her legs and were facing me sideways.

Alina: ‘So how do I seduce you?’

There was way I could stop my imagination from running wild. I mean, this ITE girl, who looked underaged, actually asked that question. She placed my arm behind her head and laid on it, while shifting closer to me. One of her hand went over my shorts and felt the half-erect dick underneath, massaging it while watching my expressions.

Though I wasn’t that shy, I did not think of just jumping on her. She made me twitch and moan for a while, before she took my hand and dropped it on her legs. I continued to watch my show, but my hand was moving down her thighs. Soon, I was pressing on her groin and she was jerking me in my shorts, moaning loud enough for my sister to hear.

Alina (whispering): ‘Can I see it?’

My head nodded innocently and she tugged the elastic band lower, tucking it under my balls to keep my shorts open. The curious girl wriggled her butt backwards and leaned over my crotch, exploring my manhood with great interest.

Obstructed by her head, I missed the tongue that stuck out and simply felt soft, wet flesh licking the tip. Her lips went around my shaft and sank lower, saliva building up to pave the way. In no time, a hot surface touched my dick head and a gagging sound came.

She began moving her head up and down, sending me into a slight shiver that got some girlish moans out of me.

Alina (whispering): ‘You like it?’
Me: ‘Yeah. It feels great.’

She stood up with me looking at her, stripped her shorts and yellow panties off, and returned to the couch. She laid on the armrest on the other end relaxed and I finally turned off the pointless flat screen.

I went kneeled on the floor and bent my chest over her pussy, both hands holding her ankles apart. The first thing she did was to pull that glimmering wet wireless bullet out of her, the toy that got her so horny and trembling even before we started.

A gullible sounding ‘huh‘ did not stop me from going down on her and she grabbed a cushion into her chest when my tongue brushed across her clit.

Sluttish moans broke free and her fingers weaved into my hair, guiding my mouth that was flicking randomly on her wet pussy. Amidst the orgasms she was having, I did not notice the presence of my sister, who was standing watch behind me.

Alina: ‘Rachel!’
Sister: ‘Shhh!’

Alina kept my head down and the shadow of my sister placed her around Alina’s head. One feet kept her stable on the ground and the other knee went atop the armrest her friend was lying on. Moans became muffled and the threesome circled around that petite girl.

Sister: ‘Kor, stop for a while.’

Her hands finally let go off my hair and I looked up, at my sister who had her shirt knotted above her belly. Nothing else hid the shaved pussy between her legs.

Little sister went to lie on Alina’s position and all of a sudden, Alina dashed into her bedroom. Seconds before my dick started to lose interest, a strap-on dildo appeared before our eyes, shoved into my hand.

Alina: ‘I help you put it on.’

She granted my dick an ‘assistant’, dangling below the organic one.

She got into doggy over my sister’s athletic frame. And told me to fit both in before moving. So, I knelt behind the two pairs of opened legs and can’t help but admire the two pussies, one hovering over the other.

Moving closer to Alina, I guided the tip in and sister reached for her cold, lifeless, rubber dick, pointing me in the respective holes.

Once I had penetrated deep enough to stop any rods from slipping out, the girls started making out and my hips got started. Half kneeling and standing, I found the perfect height to pound seamlessly, multiplying the pleasure two folds.

Alina was tight beyond description and the slight resistance the dildo had told me the same for my sister. As they took the poundings, juices started splashing all over the sofa.

Sister: ‘Kor.. put this on the table for me.’

Her iPhone was retrieved from the edge of the coffee table and I placed it against a cup, in self-portrait mode and captured all three of us in frame.

Among their kissing, some whisperings were heard but it was mostly moans. Alina stopped me after a while and they squirmed away from the double-headed dildo.

I had to excuse myself from the couch when they sat face-to-face, engrossed in some secret discussions.

Alina: ‘Are you sure?’
Sister: ‘Yeah. Don’t worry about me.’

My sister went behind me and undid the strap-on, nudging me to lie over Alina in missionary. She disappeared into her room after and left us alone.

Alina lifted her legs over my shoulders and raised her butt, signalling me to finish the job. With some suspicion over their ‘meeting’ earlier, I had to complete the task on hand.

Piercing into the small hole again, I focused on getting her off and kept pumping till it was my turn. I pulled out of the delighted girl after I gave her the heads up and she called out for my sister.

They made me sit down and went between my legs, Alina’s hand jerking me off as I wondered what were these two girls up to. They continued that sightseeing mode till I exploded, covering her friend’s hand with cum that got them in awe.

They ran off to the kitchen to wash up amongst some giggling, and returned to her room to share more secrets. I was left there, wondering what just happened and where ‘we’, the three of us, will be heading to, in terms of sexual discovery.

About an hour later, Alina kissed me goodbye and my sister joined me in my room, working on some design templates for a project.

Me: ‘You dared Alina to seduce me ah?’
Sister: ‘No la. She likes you. But don’t know how to get you to like her. So I told her to seduce you lo. You won’t mind to be her boyfriend right?’
Me: ‘It’s not about minding to be her boyfriend leh. I won’t deny that she’s quite likeable. But you can’t suggest this kind of things to her mah.’
Sister: ‘Hehe. So I tell her that you don’t mind her as your girlfriend k!’

A sighing smile got her the answer she wanted. But there was something else on her mind.

Sister: ‘Eh kor. How does it feel to be inside her? Is she tight?’
Me: ‘I wonder what you two girls are doing in your room. I guess she’s tight ba. Her body is so small.’
Sister: ‘She says it feels awesome lo. She can feel your heartbeat inside her and the orgasms are different from masturbation.’
Me: ‘Haha. That’s for you girls to find out.’
Sister: ‘Kor.. ‘
Me: ‘Yeah?’
Sister: ‘I also want to feel it for myself. With you. Can?’
Me: ‘Siao ah! Just now is an exception. No more!’

She stomped up on her feet and sat on my bed, out of my view. Not long after, moans came from behind and I turned around to see what she was up to. And there she was, lying on my bed with her legs opened, performing for me.

Sister: ‘Pleeeeease?’
Me: ‘We cannot let daddy and mummy know k?’
Sister: ‘Duh. And Alina too. She will be damn jealous.’

Since I was getting a little tired, I took my briefs off and jumped into bed, where my little sister quickly worked on my dick to get it up.

Sister: ‘Quite sad to know that I’ll be doing it more times with you than your new girlfriend.’
Me: ‘Eh. Don’t be so mean can? You made her my girlfriend leh.’
Sister: ‘Shhh.. ‘

And her lips went over my unwashed dick from the earlier ‘party’.

Camping Inside Sister

Kor (shouting): ‘Welcome back!’
Mei (shouting): ‘Come help me carry my bags can?’

He stopped his web surfing and came out of his room, to see his younger sister dragging a duffle bag while carrying a camping bag over her shoulders. He brought the bags into kitchen and placed them near the washing machine. She had gone into her room and the shower noise came shortly after.

Laying lazily on the living room couch, he continued browsing the web for his programming project till she came out in a fresh set of t-shirt and pair of FBT shorts.

Kor: ‘I’ve got food for you. Just press two on the microwave.’
Mei: ‘Woohoo! Your lunch ah?’
Kor: ‘Buy for you one la. I know you’re coming back today mah.’

She strolled happily to the kitchen and set the timer, turning to her bags of clothes. She had gone for a camp her school had organised for student leaders, spanning five days and a trek up a small mountain in Malaysia.

As the smell of food whiffed into her nose, she stuffed the last bit of her underwear into the machine and turned it on.

Mei: ‘Kor, I’m going to take a nap after this. So tired you know? I think there’s at least five blisters on my feet.’

She slid the plate on the old coffee table and was about to touch her feet, but he stopped her before she could.

Kor: ‘Eat your food la. I pop them for you.’
Mei: ‘Eh! Don’t ah!’

She took another bite off the skewer and chewed happily, while he took a closer look at the sores between her toes. Being an elder brother, he simply began massaging her feet, exercising his arms up her calves. Agonising moans came as he worked on her stiff muscles, urging her to finish her food fast.

Mei: ‘Kor! Massage me till I fall asleep leh. I need it badly.’

She shoved the oily plate of satay sticks to him and went into her room, and he made a quick rinse before returning them to the rack.

Back to her bed, he kneeled over her ankles and continued pressing, the only sounds being the whirling noise from the washing machine.

Mei: ‘Kor, what’s that smell?’
Kor: ‘Orange? I wanted to buy a candle vaporiser for you but I’ll have to keep getting candles. So I bought those oil sticks thingy for you.’

The fruity scent filled the room up with cosiness and slowly, his beloved little sister drifted off to sleep. He wasn’t really concerned about her being awake during the massage, since the point was to make her feel refreshed after she wakes up.

So he continued on her legs, moving up her thighs at a slow pace.

Mei: ‘Arhh.. ‘
Kor: ‘Did I wake you up?’
Mei: ‘No. Don’t stop.’

His hands were soon on her waist, knuckles sinking into her back. He was sitting atop her butt and the few accidental brushes across her ass showed him how firm they were. Playfully, he started raising her shirt to gain access to her fair skin, but there were no more movements or moans from her.

Her bra got hooked over his fingers when he tried to make a smooth transition, and the few ‘slaps’ irritated her.

Mei: ‘Kor.. you know how to unhook my bra? I don’t know why I go put it on at home.’
Kor: ‘Like this?’

The two hooks came undone and he was feeling her flawless skin on the back. Advancing sideways, he got closer to her sideboobs and she started twitching under him.

Kor (whispering): ‘Ticklish ah? I massage somewhere else?’
Mei: ‘Just massage anywhere you want. I like your warm hands.’

He shifted his whole body down to her legs and brought his fingers along, hooking onto her shorts that seemed to be the only thing over her butt. Without questions, she picked her hips up and he went on to strip her lower half.

Disappearing momentarily, he returned to her side with some lotion and rubbed it over her legs, intentionally focusing on her inner thighs. Like how Japanese ‘massage’ went, he was shoving his hand between her legs, right under her pussy.

Mei (whispering): ‘Kor.. I can’t sleep.’
Kor: ‘Why leh?’

He made another two strokes under her pussy and found some other ‘lotion’ wetting his fingers. She took her bra out from under her chest and dropped it over the bed, tugging her shirt so it would cover her cold waist.

Not wanting to put too much thought into this incestuous direction, he turned his attention to her pussy. Sitting next to her, he worked his fingers deep between her ass crack and arrived at her clit. A small vibrating motion sent her moaning and she was soon producing more lubrication than the lotion.

Lazily, she turned herself to the side and used his arm as a guide, to find his hips. She wriggled her fingers into his shorts and at that instant, felt his hard, strong dick in her palm. Her legs had parted to bend ninety degrees on one and the other resting straight on the bed. Enough space for her brother to sink his loving fingers in.

Inches disappeared into her pussy slowly and she found herself pumping his excited rod.

Mei (whispering): ‘Kor.. why you do this to me?’
Kor (whispering): ‘Cause I want you to be relaxed.’
Mei (whispering): ‘Can I lie on top of you?’

Their hands stopped fondling and she groggily slide her body over his. She used her hips to find his dick and when she did, lowered herself carefully over her own brother’s dick, much like in a sliding manner.

The tip had opened her up to a width that did not cause any pain, and when she felt the first bit enter her, it was a cling-wrap kind of fit she experienced. With her love, his dick slipped easily into her, and it was sensation to feel the involuntarily squeezing coming from his little sister.

The throbbing of his cock warmed her up well and her body was reacting to it as though they were made for each other.

Mei (whispering): ‘Kor.. let me lie down on the bed.’

They hugged tight and did a rollover, pinning his full weight on Mei for a brief moment. He picked himself up and let his hips work, driving his stick into the puffy discreet sandwich their parents made.

Mei (moaning): ‘Kor! You’re so deep inside me!’
Kor (groaning): ‘You.. are.. too.. tight.. ‘

No more words were exchanged as he went at his fastest speed, bombing her with orgasms that came one after another. Her strong arms showed her prowess by the reddish marks on his arms, but her pussy was still drooling non-stop.

The relaxing of her vaginal muscles allowed him to go super fast at certain periods, keeping her at the edge of unconsciousness that never seemed to happen. Just as he sensed her tightening again, he slowed down to make long strokes, stretching her innards as far as he could reach.

Mei (moaning): ‘Kor.. cum.. I can feel you scratching me inside.’
Kor (grunting): ‘And I can feel how smooth you are inside.. ‘
Mei (moaning): ‘I can’t take it anymore. I am going crazy.. ‘

He opened her legs up wide and plunged his tool perpendicular to the bed, like a piling jackhammer.

Kor: ‘Okok.. I’m going to cum.’

He pulled out all of a sudden and sat at her feet looking lost. She crawled over to him and pushed him back on his elbows. Her fingers went around his dick once again and began jerking, mouth hovering inches away.

Kor (panicky): ‘Shooting! Shooting!’

Like it was his first ejaculation, she was actually amused by his ‘loss mode’. She covered his pee hole with her lips and pumped him for every drop’s worth. The panting and heaving boy seemed so helpless when he came.

Half a minute later, she slipped her lips a little deeper and contained all of his semen, pulling her head away with a single strand of evidence from his dick.

The brother watched his sister step out of the bedroom into the toilet, and collapsed on the bed when she washed her face.

Kor: ‘So you spit it out?’
Mei: ‘Why? You want to drink ah?’
Kor: ‘No lah. Just asking.’
Mei (whispering): ‘I swallowed a bit, it tasted weird but wasn’t bad. So I swallowed all lo.’
Kor: ‘Haha. So cute ah you. I come back later with dinner k?’
Mei (shouting): ‘Wei! My shorts!’

He slipped her pink FBT shorts over her legs and went back to his room, scheduling a McDonald’s delivery with her favourite food for dinner on the computer.

Still covered in his sister’s saliva, he decided to keep the ‘moisturiser’ on for a while more. Or at least till it was time to ‘re-apply’ it.

Then, They Fucked

Nelson: ‘Hey mei, doing work?’

A quick shift of her hand caught his attention as he walked over to the PC, seeing her wet fingers on his mouse. He grabbed her hand and held it up, clearly aware of what she was doing earlier.

Samantha: ‘Kor.. ‘
Nelson: ‘Can you not use that hand.. why is it white in colour?’
Samantha: ‘My boyfriend.. he just left.’
Nelson: ‘That’s even worse!’

She had been playing with her cum-filled pussy after sex and the surprise entry just made her pretend she was actually doing any work. He brought a packet of wet tissue over her shoulders and she cleaned herself up, only to be seen looking between her own legs from where Nelson was standing – behind her.

He pulled a piece of tissue and spun the chair around, to her shocked expression with her shirt lifted high enough for her pussy to be exposed.

Samantha: ‘Hey.. I was about to clean it up.’
Nelson: ‘I’ll help you.’

She used her elbow to cover her eyes when he squatted down, wiping her pussy lengthwise. Somehow, the more he tried to clean her, she just got wetter. Suddenly, she held his hand still and looked at him with a different gaze.

Samantha (whispering): ‘Kor.. that’s enough.’
Nelson (whispering): ‘You sure?’

The tissue fell onto the floor and his fingers went on her clit, vibrating slowly as she breathed deep. Her grip on his wrist loosened and he poked his index finger in, where she changed to pulling his hand towards her pussy.

Despite the fact that she still had cum in her, he was getting turned on by her moans. As he fingered her, she grew louder.

Nelson: ‘Help me take it out.’

Her closed eyes opened slightly to locate his pants and went back into darkness, imagining other scenes to take the guilt away. Being a girlfriend, she could not not know how to remove a guy’s pants. In no time, his dick was in her hand, getting filled with blood as he continued to finger her with his back bent.

After a short pause, she was lifted off the chair and placed on the bed, legs spreading as wide as he could get her to be and a soft, wet tongue began tickling her pussy.

The rhythmic long strokes he made was driving her wild, her own hands under her shirt to knead those firm breasts. It wasn’t like having fun with her boy, the secrecy and wrongness of it simply turned her on more than laughter-filled foreplay.

Samantha (whispering): ‘Kor, you want to do it?’
Nelson: ‘He doesn’t mind?’
Samantha: ‘He wouldn’t know.’

Nelson got on top of his sister and let his hips guide the long, reddish piece of meat into her, sinking inches at a time while she gasped at every internal.

Nelson: ‘Is it bigger?’
Samantha (whispering): ‘It’s longer.. ‘

Seeing how pleasurable she looked, he stopped holding himself back and pumped. In and out his dick went, churning the previous mixture of cum-juice with fresh body-made lubricant. It was super wet and gooey to begin with, which actually allowed him to go faster.

Reaching maximum speed, the fair-skinned girl could not stop screaming. With the first orgasm inbound, her hands grabbed her own boobs so hard that the pain amplified the pleasure, throwing her into a small fit as her body climax. Samantha could feel her pussy squeezing so much harder, as if trying to force a second load into herself.

Samantha (whispering): ‘Can I turn around?’
Nelson (whispering): ‘Yeah sure.’

In a flash, she got on her knees and his hands over her boobs held her body up. She helped him get his dick into place and before he was even fully buried inside, her hips gave way and she fell forward.

Samantha (whispering): ‘It’s super sensitive. Fuck me hard. And don’t stop till the end.’

He gently held her delicate waist and rammed at her, quite the opposite of how he was keeping her butt still. His dickhead was brushing her g-spot till it was sore, in turn firing off a series of orgasms that kept coming. With her face in his pillow, groans were muffled and her pussy just kept getting tighter.

Nelson: ‘Sis! You’re too tight!’
Samantha (moaning): ‘Oh yes! Keep going! Cum inside me!’

Her sideway glance at him showed him her pretty face and he felt the love between them ignite. It wasn’t those brother-sister kind of love, but more of the boyfriend-girlfriend kind. It was an activity they could get on with anytime they wanted.

Nelson: ‘Mei! I’m cumming!’

As his body slowed down to a stop, she rocked her hips backwards and it triggered off his alarms, exploding ‘cumworks’ into her as he dropped over her back. The minute motion inside her pussy was a light, sensual pulse that was milking his merciless dick with grace. The phrase ‘let it flow’ kept repeating in his head as he felt his balls being emptied.

Nelson: ‘Ahhh.. ‘

He fell on his bed next to Samantha and they were just looking into each other’s eyes silently.

Nelson: ‘Was that how he feel when he cums inside you?’

She placed her hand on his cheek and caressed, like how an elder sister would sooth her younger brother, except he was the older person.

Samantha (whispering): ‘No. I’m sure he never felt this good. My body just wants all of you inside. As for him, it was more of waiting for him to be done.’

The siblings wearily wore their clothes back and returned to their rooms. Only at midnight, after their parents had fallen asleep, did she speak to her brother, via Whatsapp.

Samantha (Whatsapp): ‘They are asleep. Come over to my room? It’s your turn to visit.’

Nothing could make him any more sober than that text. In under a minute, he was on her bed, mouth sucking on her nipples with her shirt lifted to her neck.

A new adventure begins.