Sister: ‘Kor! I’m home. This is Xinni. Her sister is just following her here.’ I gestured an ‘OK’ sign to her without turning away from my computer, stuck in a web-conference. The sensible girls left me along and went into my sister’s room after a short orientation around my house. The meeting ended after an […]

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Daphne’s Past 2

Part 1 | Part 2 After about two years of just dirty petting, I had graduated from primary into secondary school. The liveliness of the school really inspired me to be better, as the subjects were much more interesting and detailed. It was one night after CCA that I was dead tired, and being in […]

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Daphne’s Past

This particular entry is written from Daphne’s abusive past. Since then, she has gotten over it and am working in a reputable HR company. Part 1 | Part 2 When I was ten, it was the first time my step-father had came into my room to sleep with me. I didn’t officially recognise him as […]

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Morning Dew on Wood

Rachel walked into her sleeping brother who just returned home from a fortnight-long ICT. Holding a tray of porridge and fried fritters, she set the food down on his side, before noticing his raging hard on peeking from under his loose shorts. Rachel: ‘Kor.. wake up.’ Brother: ‘Yeah?’ Rachel: ‘Breakfast.’ Brother: ‘Wah. Someone went out […]

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Wet Shavings

Sister: ‘Wei. Be careful hor.’ Me: ‘Don’t worry la. Having someone to shave is better than doing it yourself lo.’ Sister: ‘You also shave ah?’ Me: ‘Yeah. Keep clean ma.’ Sister: ‘Okok. Focus!’ I dragged the shaving blade across her groin for the umpteen time and her labia moved a little to tuck itself in, […]

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