Leotard Under Lace

Chanel: ‘Please don’t make me wear this out.’
Roy: ‘I don’t care. Or do you want me to share your old photos online?’

The ex-model had once did a nude photoshoot and he managed to get hold of the photos, paying a high price to get them off the hands of the sleazy photographer. If not for her past experience in modelling, he would not have found out that she was so open to use sex toys in front of a camera.

She unrolled the black leotard up her chest and stuck her arms through, stretching out the Lycra to a smooth finish. A black, see-through lace dress then went over her head and the sense of insecurity immediately came with the flow of cool air through her clothes.

He wore a decent set of clothes and set off for the hawker centre near their place, serving up a delicious view of sexiness to the eating customers. No one she walked past failed to take a good look at her, spending most of the five seconds stare to decipher what she was really wearing. The low back cutting down to her waist, and the shiny gold zip along her B cups.

The cold plastic seat chilled her ass unnervingly, but she just ate her food embarressed. The extra fish balls and noodles the lecherous uncle gave her, was her sign of attraction. Roy too, received an equally huge amount, displaying a smirky grin throughout their breakfast.

Chanel: ‘Where are we going after this?’
Roy: ‘For a swim.’

Seriously? She had no say in his decisions after her photos were compromised, continuing their journey to the neighbourhood swimming pool nearby. As it was just ten in the morning of a weekday, the medium pool was empty except for a few kids playing at the shallower part.

While Roy had to remove two of his clothes (wearing his trunks underneath), Chanel just stripped her dress off. They settled in a corner of the near-empty pool and he just cuddled with her there, barely doing any activities related to swimming.

The zip holding up her B cups went down to her upper waist and he dug his way into the opening, caressing her breasts in view of the lifeguard a distance away. Chanel had felt his hard on in his trunks long before but did not initiate anything, since they were in public eyes. Roy had little concern for her decency after learning what she was capable of, guiding her hand into his pants while angling his legs to a forty five angle to get the water to his chest level.

The thin material of her leotard was pulled to one side at her groin, feeling his active fingers rub along her slit. The difference in texture between the chlorinated water and her juices were obvious, and he was giving off soft groans as she fondled his cock.

Roy: ‘Put my dick inside.’

She whipped his cock out of his trunks and poked it at her pussy, sitting down slowly on his erection. The moment it filled her tight vagina up, she then realised how sexy she was in the next-to-nude outfit he asked her to wear. The sex had taken the earlier awkwardness away, and she felt better when he started thrusting.

Little waves plopped against their bodies, and her nipples grew harder under the swimsuit. Chanel could not take the doggy sex anymore and turned around to face him, her love-hate partner. Climbing over his lap, Roy slipped his cock in again and let her do the rocking, riding his manhood into ecstacy.

The orgasms strangely did not come until she massaged her clit, and rewarded her self with one good one. In the meantime, Roy was getting all worked up from the increasing suction within her pussy, and he was just that close to cumming.

Roy (panting): ‘Let’s go underwater.’

He led the way by taking a deep breath and sank downwards with her. His hips then jerked in quick, short bursts of thrusts until he hugged her tight. She left his cock pop out under her vagina and cupped the tip with fingertips. All it took him was a few seconds before warm cum shot into the chemical laden waters, through her fingers that felt the full wrath of his intensity.

Chanel: ‘We didn’t bring any towels right?’
Roy (panting): ‘Yeah.’
Chanel: ‘Let’s sit there and wait to dry then. Shouldn’t take long with that kind of sun.’

She put his cock back into his trunks and kissed him twice, before climbing out of the pool. The unconventional couple sat there for a bit before wearing their clothes back, bodies dried to a crisp. Chanel had never felt any sexier then with eyes staring at her, partly knowing that her boyfriend didn’t contribute to her sense of security – she did it on her own.

Silence of the Night

In the audacity of the brightly lit void deck, the pair of love birds chased each other around only to end up in hugs and kisses. Jacelyn had wore the black skater dress even though she doesn’t wear anything apart from shorts and jeans, just to show her same-age boyfriend, her girly side. Kenny on the other hand, was in a blue cartoon shirt and kaki pants, more keen on ‘holding’ her in his arms than to just chit chat under her block.

For the umpteen time, he chased her into a corner and embraced her around her waist, standing groin to groin on her dress. There was no better time to kiss her than ever, and he never removed his lips for a long time. Jacelyn’s heart raced as he gently gave her butt a squeeze, lifting her closer to him.

Embarrassed, she spun around and felt his weight on her against the tiled barricade, a common decoration at study corners. Kenny took the chance to work his hands under her dress, and pulled her panties halfway down her ass.

Jacelyn (whispering): ‘Eh! What are you doing?’

When her underwear reached her knees, there was only so much time before someone spotted her state of undress. A quick touch of her kneecaps together dropped her panties and he picked it up quickly to stash it out of sight. If you can remember the pick-dash-drop manoeuvre for shuttle run, that was the speed he used to keep her undies.

Returning to her back, she could feel his hard on poking between her ass crack even through his pants. So, she did the only thing sensible and reached behind, to unzip and wrestle his cock out. In her gentle hands, erratic jerking movements of his hips thrust the long, external organ into her palms, driving her thoughts wild with their current attire.

He was around her height to slip his hands between her legs, and a fast-paced masturbation of her clit began. Jacelyn elevated one of her feet through a gap in the waist-level wall, parting just wide enough for him to tuck his fingertip into her pussy.

The moment he glide his finger along her slit, the watery texture of her bodily fluid lubricated his single stroke.

Jacelyn: ‘Don’t put your finger inside k? Just rub outside.’

The awkward movements of their hips was an obvious indication of their ‘petting’ session, but thankfully, no one was around to watch. She was in seventh heaven the whole time he rubbed her between, and her hands were sending the same signals to him.

Kenny: ‘Can I try putting it inside you?’
Jacelyn: ‘Ok. Slowly k?’

He moved her a step backwards and she perched her forearms on the wall, sticking her pussy out as far as she could for him. His five inches weren’t that impressive in general, but her body was as young as his. His cleanly washed tip pried her sticky labia apart and the first bit entered without much pain.

The pair of hands on her waist was holding her tighter as his cock split her untouched vagina walls, soft flesh tissues caressing him with an unimaginable level of intimacy. She was warm, wet, tight, and living. The merciless hardness of his cock greatly contrasted the delicate nature of her interior, blowing his mind with her special form of ‘love’.

Kenny: ‘Is it painful or anything?’
Jacelyn((breathless): ‘Anything but warm and horny.. ‘

He leaned over her back and grabbed her boobs through her thin dress, kneading them carefully while his hips started moving. For the first time, he experienced the conflicting urge to move, and not move at once. It was so heavenly inside her but the devil in him was pumping adrenaline into his body.

Kenny (groaning): ‘Jacie, I don’t think I can hold in much longer.’
Jacelyn (calmly): ‘It’s okay. Just shoot when you want.’

If only she could see how guilty he looked, for not able to move more than ten strokes inside her. For that lucky boy, he has nothing to worry about since she loved him for more than just sex. He took a few deep breaths and resumed thrusting his cock into her again. His endurance was cut short the moment she tightened a little, throwing him off on his feet in fears he missed.

The concerned girlfriend did not ask him ‘back’ but turned to him lovingly, and grabbed his cock lightly. Returning to each others’ arms, their kisses got more intense as she pumped him fast.

Kenny (moaning): ‘Dear! I’m going to shoot! Sorry.. ‘
Jacelyn (whispering): ‘It’s okay. Just cum in my hand.’

Her movements came to a stop and he took over the work, ramming his cock until his load reached his shaft. The two of them froze in silence as his cum jettisoned into her hand, still moving very slowly to release him of his misery. The cute groans he made put a smile on her face and she tugged along his shaft to clean all the cum up.

After another kiss, she went to their bags and used her panties to clean her hands, shocking Kenny with her daringness. Well, they were right below her block anyway. The rest of the scene turned out similar to a mother comforting her son, assuring Kenny that he did a good job pleasing her.

In her mind, she knew it was time to get one of those ‘delay spray’ she saw on Qoo10 before, so he could truly give her the vaginal orgasm he postponed. After he came, all he saw in her was the cute ponytail she had, that mismatched the elegant dress she wore.

Kenny: ‘You look really pretty tonight.’

Those words meant a lot for the boyish, clumsy acting girl and she couldn’t stop snuggling up to him after. For the next hour, he used his trusted fingers to send her into moaning orgasms.

Sabbatical Sex

Once we checked into the villa in Malaysia, Baby couldn’t wait to remove the translucent blouse she wore over her new black lingerie set I bought for her. Pinning me against a wall, her rubbing hands worked on my solid bulge that she created from the handjob she gave on the road.

For the first time, I felt her enthusiasm to get it on me even before we reached the bed. Stripping my pants down to my ankles, her mouth literally blew my small mind away. The lack of lubricant covered my cock with her saliva, a less slippery liquid that let me experience her full prowess of her playful tongue.

Tiptoeing and shivering in her control, I could tell my locked knees were already weakened. When she started shoving her lips along my shaft, I was way too deep in a daze to stop her.

Me (moaning): ‘Baby.. I’m going to cum if you keep going!’
Baby (panting): ‘Then cum for me.’

She swapped out her mouth with her hand and jerked me in the direction of her D cups, filling the corridor up with my grunts as my fingers dug into her scalp. Within a minute, my back gave way and I thrust forward into her tight grip, spraying my seeds over her chest in huge, thick gooey load.

As I emptied my balls, her cute lips came over my dick again to suck me dry, forcing my body to tremble even harder. Now, with my head clear, I lovingly picked her up and led her into our bedroom.

Our luggage was opened and rummaged to get our love kit out, quite similar to the one I sold here. Her favourite black dildo appeared before her eyes and I jumped into where she laid (on the bed), ripping her panties off before prying her legs open with a little fight.

Me: ‘It’s your turn now baby.’
Baby: ‘Wait wait.. we haven’t even.. ‘
Me: ‘I don’t care.’

I gave the toy a lick and shoved it into her pussy, sending her into moans as I pumped it deep and hard. The desperate squeals did nothing to slow me down as I alternated the angle of attack, shocking her into an orgasm in under a minute.

Baby (moaning): ‘Oh god! I’m coming already?!’

Her tight grip on my wrist was useless in my high-speed thrusts, causing her to twitch randomly as the toy got harder to push. She frantically wrapped her arm around my back to reach for my exhausted but still elongated dick, stroking it as I used my other hand to massage her clit.

In the combined effort to satisfy each other, I was soon brought up to speed, or length, with her impatient hand. Thrusting toy, jerking hand, were the main cause of noise in our tiny queen sized bed.

Baby (moaning): ‘J.. come inside me now. I want you inside.’

I went between her legs and helped her up, undoing the bra hooks before letting her fall back into bed. She removed my clothes and cutely clasped her fingers over her mouth, unaware of how wild I would go this time. Responsibly, I capped a condom on and leaned over her, gliding my cock slowly into her cushioned vaginal walls.

As I felt my senses cloud up, she was making gasps from my delayed, slow thrusts. Speed gradually built up in our intense love-making, knocking back her knees as I slammed my hips repeatedly at her. There was something in her moans that I couldn’t get enough of, and the first penetrative orgasm was felt wrapping around my erection buried deep within.

The resistance built up was undeniable with her loud groans, turning me on to maximum speed. Her climax came in the midst of my overdrive mode, immobilising my hips with a strong suction between her labia.

Baby (panting): ‘Doggy?’
Me (panting): ‘Yupp.’

The excited little girl rolled over and stuck her ass out at me, luring me right into her without hesitation. A single stroke sent my balls slapping on her pussy and the rest came shortly after. Her kneeling, upright body allowed me to caress those full bosoms as much as I wanted, while her sweet voices filled my ears with love.

I was way deeper into her than any other poses and she was responding with passionate groans. The five minutes of rapid hips bounces soon came to an end when she collapsed into the pillow before her, clenching her fists around the edges as I hammered her flat.

Baby (moaning): ‘I’m gonna come again!’
Me (moaning): ‘Me too baby!’

She slanted her body away from me to let my cock slip out of her, but not before she caught my next thrust in her palms. Understanding her intentions immediately, she took her time to unroll my condom with every stroke, until she was holding my cock intimately.

Me (whispering loudly): ‘I’m shooting now.. ‘

She raised my shaft to her clit and let me ‘rub’ her off. Spending only two minutes in this bizarre new move she conocted, my cum was squirting continuously at her pussy while she kept her grip on me.

Before me, an overfilled creampie stared right at me, but I knew none of it went into her. She was careful to keep my dick away from her body when we resumed our sleeping position, and we were just panting in each others’ arms.

Baby: ‘You like it?’
Me: ‘Yeah of course. Look at the mess.’

Her gluey fingers hovered above our heads and they were cleaned one by one in her mouth. We left the bed after and went into the shower, for a relaxing soak in the tub before we headed to the outdoor diner for dinner.

Not forgetting our adventurous spirit out of the country, she went braless and pantyless this time, in a low-cut blue dress. Needless to say, countless sets of eyes were watching her every move.

Baby’s Perk-her-Up

My mind was barely sober when I felt my bedsheets flipping away, followed by a tug on my cock into a warm mouth. My cock grew like a space shuttle’s lift-off in the strong suction, sending me deeper into the relaxed mood.

Me: ‘Baby?’
Baby: ‘Mmm?’

Her tongue quickly finished slurping my pre-cum up and she licked the outside thoroughly, before a condom went over the hard erection. Heavy thighs then climbed over my hips and my body sunk into the mattress for she had pressed against my chest for support.

Me: ‘Baby.. ‘
Baby: ‘Don’t say anything.’

She spent some time sitting upright while moaning and rocked her hips back and forth on my groin. I wasn’t even prepared for sex and she just jumped on me. Feeling her occasional fingernails poking my belly, I knew she was rubbing herself at the same time.

Baby was in her own world during the whole time and I was merely a ‘tool’. Her feet tucking next to the sides of my hips next threw me into a series of uncontrollable moans, as she bounced her endowed hips on me. I could never get used to her tightness no matter how much sex we had. She simply did not need to do anything special to get me at my weakest moment.

Her vaginal muscles slowly closed in on my dick as she continued hopping, till her full D cups slammed onto my body. Her legs spread wide like a frog and she brought me into her orgasm, arching just her waist to slam my cock deep into her a few more times. Her unmistakable shiver escalated to an orgasm that made her tremble for a long period, choking my dick equally for as long.

Once she pulled away from me, I knew she was done and my exhausted mind was ready to fall back to sleep. I felt the condom came off, and then it was her mouth again. This time, I knew what she was up to when she parked her lips around my tip, bobbing her head in short, quick thrusts under my ‘hood’. Her fleshy hand then stroked the rest of the shaft she did not cover, making me struggle in my comfortable spot.

The determined girl of mine kept going non-stop, leveraging on our relationship to make me beg for mercy. My end hastily arrived when she sank my cock into her throat, and it was the same for the next few strokes.

Me (groaning): ‘Shooting-ngggg.. ‘

Girlishly, I held her head against my stomach as cum was ejected out of my system, pouring into her sucking mouth without restraint. She executed slow, deep moves to get everything out of me before skipping away from the bed, towards the toilet where she showered in the dark.

I couldn’t open my eyes anymore and only heard her mention that she was leaving for work, and then our main door locking. Well, that was it. Back to sleep now. The revenge shall happen the next day during the weekend.

Past Forward

Ken (astonished): ‘Hey Amy.. what are you doing here? And what’s that under your collar?’
Amy: ‘My boyfriend is just there. He wants you to read this.’

Ken took the folded A4 paper from her and read it carefully.

We both agreed to live out a fantasy of mine. In summary, this is ‘another’ Amy you thought you know. Follow her to her car and let her drive you somewhere. I’ll be watching in the same room, but her body will be yours for tonight.

The piece of paper was folded and returned to her, where she took it and walked casually towards her car. As planned, I followed them into the car and took the backseats, while she removed her jacket to reveal the prickly nylon strapped around her neck. A full set of bondage straps had been tightened around her voluptuous D cups, but it was barely visible from her neckline.

We drove to a hotel at Paya Lebar and parked nearby, heading straight for the lobby where a few guests loitered around.

Ken: ‘Do you have a room for overnight stay?’
Staff: ‘For one night?’
Ken: ‘Yes.’

Her ex-boyfriend made the payment and held her hand all the way to the room, letting me enter before he locked the door. I found a seat near the window and stayed in a corner, watching him stand before my girl whose fists were clenched in anxiousness.

Ken: ‘You are not forced into this are you?’
Amy (softly): ‘No. I’m not.’
Ken: ‘Sure?’
Amy: ‘Yes.’

He tucked his finger into her dress’ strap and pulled them off her shoulders, revealing the two loops holding her breasts so tightly. The band around her neck had raised her asset a little, and the fastener around her back kept them in place. The unhelpful pair of nipple stickers were peeled off in his gentle hands, but her pointy tips did not stay long in sight.

His mouth went over to her right breast and sucked hard on it, making her slump onto the bed in weakness. As if reliving her past love, she held his head in her arms and dug into his hair, reacting appropriately to his vicious tongue movements. The duo was almost unstoppable if not for the wave of my hand, sobering Amy up for an extra treat.

She went to her backpack and fished a leash out, the end connected to a furry black collar. Along with that, a plastic bottle of lubricant was also left on the bed.

Amy: ‘You can tie me up with this.’
Ken: ‘Why would I do that?’
Amy: ‘So I won’t run away?’

I received the ‘you’re an asshole’ look from him but he took the collar nontheless, snapping the buttons around her neck to hold it in place. Unsure if he was just acting gentleman, he did not let the attachment go to waste as he led her to the bed, forcing her to crawl on her fours.

Slipping the end loop around his wrist, he sure knew how to keep a ‘bitch’ in control. As soon as he got his pants off, another tug pulled her in his direction until she reached his groin.

Ken: ‘Can you suck me like before?’
Amy: ‘I can try. But can you use this?’

His eyes widened upon seeing the bottle of strawberry lubricant landing in his palm, dumbfounded by her preferred use of flavoured lube for a blowjob. As soon as he made a few pumps of the clear, viscous liquid over his cock, she placed her paws on his thigh and combed her fringe behind her ears.

Bending over his waist, Amy took almost half of his length in before her lips shut tight, garnering a sudden deep breath of air from him. She made a few strokes before swapping to her hand, thumb focused on grinding his dick head until he was trembling. Her mouth went back to work and more sighs came, from the relieve from his sensitive tip.

She never stopped sucking as long as she could still smell the strawberry, and when it was almost gone, she surprised him by licking the sides of his shaft for him.

Ken: ‘You have never done that with me.’
Amy: ‘Is it?’

His abs was rising and falling from the sloppy blowjob, and it was obvious to her that he was feeling all she had been taught (by me). Taking a few seconds’ rest, he twisted his wrist to shorten the leash, followed by a forceful shove behind her head.

Ken: ‘Suck me more.’

Her face was stuffed with his cock and she had no control over the depth when he held her head down. Following his wishes, gagging noises filled the room up. No amount of thigh-slaps could stop him and her desperate waves to me was futile. She was his for the night – as stated.

After a long while, he relaxed the leash and helped her sit up, panting rapidly with watery eyes.

Ken: ‘I’m sorry Amy. I’m really sorry.’
Amy (sobbing): ‘It’s okay. I never gone this far with you before.’

He placed her on her back and laid on top of her, massaging both her boobs while alternating his mouth between both nipples. Her prior discomfort was quickly smothered as moans were heard, bringing him back to the loving guy he was.

Ken: ‘Open your legs wide.’
Amy: ‘Yes daddy.’
Ken: ‘Good girl. Rub yourself now.’

She pushed hard on her clit and moved in circles, while he went to his bag for a condom. Taking his time to put it on, she was thoroughly wet when he swiped his finger along her pussy. Wasting no words, she hugged him sensually as his hips thrust into her vagina, calming her tensed body in a single stroke.

The familiar moans came louder as he picked up speed, hammering my girl into ecstasy. Given how well the plan was executed, her first orgasm came within the first few minutes, sending her body into convulsion with her legs wrapping tightly around his waist.

Ken (groaning): ‘You are still as tight huh!’
Amy (moaning): ‘Of course. For you daddy.. ‘

He regained his position and split her knees even wider, jutting his hips at her pussy in hyper speed. Though not as deep, the speed and angle drove her nuts and it didn’t take long before she came again, this time, bending her chest forward to pull him down for a kiss.

Amy (moaning): ‘Daddy.. Fuck me till you cum.’

In her favourite position, sprawled like an overturned dog, her boobs jiggled heartily between their chests. He was venting all his emotions through his deep-sea piling, filling up the void in her pussy. The couple went back to their old sex life, indulging in the intense, yet passionate sex.

Ken (groaning): ‘I’m cumming baby!’
Amy (moaning): ‘Shoot it inside me Daddy!’

He switched to the ‘deep, single stroke’ gear and pumped hard at her pussy, collapsing her lungs to exhale all the love out of sex. In under half a minute, a gentle tremble from her shoulders turned her to a possessed being, muscles twitching out of control.

Amy (exclaiming): ‘Fuck! I’m coming again!’

The lifeless body jolted like electrocution until she fell into a cross figure, only part moving was her chest.

Amy (wearily): ‘Can you leave the room to us now?’
Ken (panting): ‘You sure?’
Amy: ‘Please?’

He gathered his clothes and went into the shower, coming out to see his ex covered up under the blanket. During the time he put on his shoes, his gaze never left her direction.

Ken: ‘I’ll text you later k? Or you can text me.’

Not waiting for her reply, he left the room and us. I took off her collar and wiped her body dry, before lying deep in thoughts next to her.

Amy: ‘It’s your turn to be my puppy now. You can start by licking here.’

She held up her more-sensitive right boob and I took it into my mouth, flicking it gently with my tongue – the way she likes.

Loyalty or Obedience?

Me (shouting): ‘Cheryl! Who is this guy?!’
Cheryl: ‘Huh?’

Her eyes widened when she saw the video clip clearly taken from a hidden camera, in a budget hotel with their distinct furnishings. She quickly ran to my computer and closed the VLC program, slumping to the floor behind me and cried.

Me: ‘Actually I’m fine with you doing with other guys. Didn’t I ask you if you want to try a threesome before?’
Cheryl (sobbing): ‘What? You are serious about that? I thought you are just joking.’
Me: ‘Really. I’m more concerned about people recognising you now. Let me report this video first. So they can take it down.’
Cheryl (sobbing): ‘Ok. Hurry up. I love you baby!’

Her mood changed instantly and hugged me from my back as I reported the video where I downloaded it from, receiving a notice almost immediately that the clip was removed. She spun my chair around and straddled her legs over my lap, kissing me non-stop with her tears-soaked lips. Something awakened in her right there when she slid down to the floor and pulled my shorts down, enveloping my cock into her warm mouth.

The most mind-blowing blowjob then happened to take my breaths away and I was just groaning with every deep throat, admiring her bouncing head that was so busy sucking me off. Since a long time ago, I had never felt such dedication from her. Her tongue was licking me all over and the suction in her mouth was just drawing my strength away.

After close to ten minutes of tireless oral sex, she stopped and leaned between my legs again, holding my cheeks in front of her face with a grateful look.

Cheryl: ‘Don’t ever leave me k? If not no one will want me anymore.’
Me (whispering): ‘Hey silly.. I should be the one telling you that.’
Cheryl: ‘I’m sorry for cheating on you. You can ask me to do anything and I’ll do it from now on.’
Me: ‘You’ve done all you can for me dear.’

She held my hand tightly as we went into the bedroom, changing our clothes to carry on our initial plan for the day. First to get lunch, then for a shopping spree I promised her once I got my first paycheck. She skipped wearing her panties and bra under the white romper leaving little to imagine with the almost-bareback design of the outfit. Her sideboobs were obviously unshielded and there was no visible panty line (VPL) at her hips.

Cheryl: ‘Ready?’
Me: ‘Yupp. Done.’

We left the house for a meal at AMK Hub, taking a two seater table at Ichiban Sushi. It felt kind of awesome to have jealous eyes staring at her, while knowing that she truly belonged to you. Uncles were taking the seats next to us, and a few younger teenagers got the table diagonally from us where her loose bottoms could give way. Those pointy nipples of her were mine to enjoy as we finished our food, feeding each other mouthfuls like a blissful couple.

Once we paid the bill, she made her way to the toilet at the fourth floor, where the DBS bank was located. Waiting outside for her, a text came into my phone after five minutes.

Cheryl (Whatsapp): ‘Come into the handicap toilet now. Knock twice.’
Guy: ‘Hey J! What are you doing here?’

My erection almost went down immediately when my army buddy called out to me, fearing a delay for the quickie that was about to happen. We spoke for a minute or so before another thought came to my mind, and we made our way towards the above said toilet. After knocking twice, Cheryl’s state of undress caused her to panic when an unfamiliar face appeared. Quickly shoving him into the cubicle, the three of us were stranded in an unquivering silent ambient.

I reached into my bag for a condom and threw it to my buddy, while taking my seat on the toilet and gesturing Cheryl over. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out, only to see Cheryl coming over and bending her back over to suck it. Zach went behind her and removed her romper from under her feet, and squatted down to give her a lick. Thankful for her daily shaving routine, he did not have much to think about when she moaned with my cock in her mouth, slurping hungrily in sync with the mouth at her pussy.

Zach: ‘J, can I really.. ‘
Me: ‘Just do it bro. She’s my girl.’

I helped her to my chest and we made out while he assaulted our common target, making her squeal with his size. I had kept her hand stroking my manhood, while I caressed her boobs non-stop, working on her perky nipples as her body jerked back and forth. Our vicious tongue fight kept going to relieve her guilt, from what happened in the hotel as well as right there. For the next few minutes, it was just violent thrusts that drove her mind crazy, and saliva was dripping all over my mouth in her orgasmic state.

Zach (whispering): ‘Bro! Cumming! Cumming!’
Me (groaning): ‘You can shoot inside her if you want. She’s on the pill.’
Cheryl (whispering): ‘Really?’
Me: ‘You did it raw with that hotel guy right?’
Cheryl (shyly): ‘Yeah.’

She gave off a louder moan when he reentered her raw, going at his fastest speed for the last few strokes. The strong, delayed movements of her body finalised his ejaculation inside her, and the deep breaths she took only told me how much she was enjoying herself.

Me: ‘Bro, once you’re done you can go off first. Talk to you again.’

He finished his business quickly and dumped the condom in a bin, before walking out unhappening into the buzzing mall. Cheryl locked the door again and we went back to our intimacy. This time, we went to the sink and made use of the sturdy wall mounted ledge, in front of a large mirror. She bent over the edge automatically for me and I took my position behind her, ready to sink my dick into her well-lubricated hole.

In a single stroke, I pierced my shaft into her and she planted her palms on the mirror, looking pitifully at me as I worked my hip muscles. In and out my cock went into the gorgeous twenty-four year old, listening to her encouraging moans as I embraced myself. She was especially tight that time and the sprawled, open legs stance really exposed her sensitive G-spot for me.

Climaxing at least twice for me, there was no lack of juices for me to slide around, while my mind was ticking down to my own orgasm.

Me (whispering): ‘Baby girl.. here it comes!’

I paused my movements and watched her slam her ass on me, working it out herself till I couldn’t hold it anymore and hammered the life out of her. My load came seamlessly into her pussy and she climaxed at the same time, squeezing me gently for every bit of my worth. We just collapsed on the sink once we were done and rested for a while, ignoring the knocks that kept coming through the door.

Me: ‘Let’s get going.’

She wore her clothes back and I did the same, walking out into the surprisingly empty entrance of the toilet without any unwanted attention. Holding onto my arm tightly, she requested to go back home instead of shopping impulsively.

Cheryl (whispering): ‘I can feel the warm cum inside me. And I want more of yours.’

That sentence cut out the cheesy, lovey dovey words for a much more straightforward one, sending me rushing for home for more rounds of intense make-up sex to undo the wrong she had done – sex with strangers without informing me that is. Since then, she became a girlfriend with complete obedience, for requests that are reasonable and non-absurd.

What would you want her to do?

Wet Shavings

Sister: ‘Wei. Be careful hor.’
Me: ‘Don’t worry la. Having someone to shave is better than doing it yourself lo.’
Sister: ‘You also shave ah?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Keep clean ma.’
Sister: ‘Okok. Focus!’

I dragged the shaving blade across her groin for the umpteen time and her labia moved a little to tuck itself in, clearly worried about me. It took me another few minutes before I got her down to a baby smooth skin, even conquering the area close to her raw clit.

Me: ‘Hold the mirror.’

I proceeded to shift her delicate folds left and right to show her my work, and even lifted her puffy sides up.

Sister: ‘Woah. It’s really smooth leh.’

Her two hands ran down the sides of her slit and touched her exposed flesh, completely satisfied with the outcome. Once she started to stroke her clit, I got up and went to wash the razor, only to be stopped by her.

Sister: ‘Kor.. can help me apply aftershave?’
Me: ‘I don’t have any leh. Is it itchy?’

Right there, she raised her hand and showed me the webbings connecting her index and middle fingers, enlightening me in a single picture. I sat on the cold bathroom floor and aimed the shower head at where needed to be washed, brushing away the short bits sticking on her skin. After that, I gave her soggy, wet opening a few swipes before poking my finger into her, to have a thick, warm gel lubricating my entry.

The happy ‘customer’ of my service leaned against the wall next to the toilet and opened her legs wider, giving me ample space to finger her as she rubbed her own clit. There was no strong feelings at that point, treating it like a massage after shaving. The scene was like, the Malay uncle giving you a back massage after your haircut and beard-grooming, except this was more sensual.

After some time, like how nature intended, the gradual tightening of her pussy came with an orgasm she moaned out loud in the enclosed bathroom, making my boner harder under my wet sports shorts. As much as I wanted to bone her, sex was too much to think of in my state of tiredness.

Me: ‘Don’t you even feel wrong to ask your own brother to finger you?’
Sister (moaning): ‘No ah. Later I help you lor.’
Me: ‘Haha. No need no need. You save that for your boyfriend.’
Sister: ‘Boyfriend? Haven’t found one yet?’

After two orgasms, I retracted my hand and smeared her Durex lubricant-level juices around her shaved area, coating it securely where it looked reddish. She was finally done and I let her take her shower alone, while I went into my bedroom to rest for the night.

Just after I got comfortable lying naked waist down (due to my wet shorts), my door opened to a silhouette of my sister in a towel, clothes hugged in her arms. She stealthily closed my door and creeped up to my side, and climbed into bed with me.

Me (whispering): ‘Eh. I need to sleep now.’
Sister (whispering): ‘It won’t take long la.’
Me (whispering): ‘What do you want now?’

She was sitting by my side when the blanket was removed, revealing my dying erection since earlier. Our parents had long gone to bed and let us sleep at our own time, fully aware that youngsters nowadays spend a lot of time on their computers. For clarification, the Jhae-shave happened in the common toilet where it was furthest away from their bedroom.

I felt my cock cooled down in her washed hand, foreskin yanked downwards to let my sensitive area breath. A soft, spitting noise notified me that her saliva would be used, and groans forced their way out of my mouth the moment she started pumping. From the brightly-lit, charging-LED lights in the background, I could tell her knees were up but slightly spread, cold feet in contact with hairy calf.

My cock never felt bigger than this, having a young, juvenile hand wrapped around it and stroking it with care. Her erratic body movements joined me as I began shivering, drowning in the pleasure that was pulsating through my body. To think back, I was totally relaxed and did nothing more than holding her busy hand (at certain times), ready to let her complete my spiritual journey through my pee hole.

Me (groaning softly): ‘Mei! Keep going like this. I’m going to shoot!’

The tiny change in speed did not affect my intensifying mood much, but she had a bigger concern.

Sister (moaning softly): ‘Wait.. where are you shooting?’
Me (whispering): ‘Just stop once I tell you. I can clean myself up after that.’

She wriggled her butt a little and her fidgeting got more obvious, assuming she was masturbating faster too. Within a minute, my mind went blank and I muttered the only words that mattered.

Me (whispering): ‘Mei!’

She squeezed her fingers tighter and jerked even faster! My cock had past its safety mark and there was no stopping of the cum that shot into the air, landing on her cupped hand that was still moving. The liquid pleasure just kept oozing and all of a sudden, her head went over my dick.

Me (trembling voice): ‘Mei! Ahh!’

Her lips were grinding at the deadly (and usually hidden) ring of mind-blowing sensitivity, forcing my cock to deliver another few squirts. A loud slurping sound came and the cum around her fingers were sucked up, giving me a tingle of weakness as she lifted her head away.

Mei: ‘Ghor! ..Shho machu.. !’

She removed her towel around her chest and thoroughly wiped me down, before going out of the room. I could not move after that life-draining activity and was in a daze, until she returned in the short nightie she sleep in.


Mei: ‘Goodnight kor. You’re slightly sweet!’

Her prance out of my room was in a much energetic one, and her door shut in the silence of the entire household now-sleeping. For the next ten minutes before I fell asleep, light, non-mind wrecking thoughts surfaced in my head. Tt wasn’t how the whole thing started that bothered me, nor was the righteousness of our act. It was the new definition of love, between siblings, beyond our daily, subtle acts of love. The bond we had translated into a strong feeling represented by orgasms we cannot deny. That was what my mind was soaking in.

Me (Whatsapp): ‘I love you mei.’
Mei (Whatsapp): ‘You just made me stop masturbating to reply you. ;( Love you too!’

Mobile Quickie

Baby: ‘I’m not going to get out of the car in this k?’
Me: ‘Yeah yeah. We are just going to park somewhere and play.’

Wearing the white translucent oversized tank top, she had her office blazer over her shoulders despite driving in the night. We turned into a multi-storey carpark of a newly built HDB flat, and crawled one at a time into the back seat.

Unleashing our two weeks of collective passion, our hands were under each other’s top and brushing across skin. In low light, I unbuckled her half-cup bra from her back, and she unclipped my belt to my underwear. Since she changed into the tank top, she had no pants on as it was long enough to provide cover in seated position.

Without any bottoms, it was easy for me to strip her panties off, and expose her wet privates along with my little hard one. Fingers dived between our legs as we made out, stroking and rubbing wherever that made us moan in pleasure.

Like usual, I reached into my sling bag for her favourite black toy and placed her on the seat, spreading her legs out to let me have my fun. Carefully, I poked the vibrator into her and began sliding in and out, together with her gripping hand that clenched tightly onto my forearm. Slowly, I increased my speed to hear her desperation, losing control of her legs as a small shiver began creeping up her back.

Baby (whispering): ‘J.. I’m cumming.. ‘

The toy I was pushing into her got harder to shove as she hugged my arm, hips jerking erratically to juices escaping her pussy over my fingers. The panting girl laid exhausted while I continued to tease her clit, without stopping the movements of the vibrator at all.

Soon, I was in my second lap and the nipple tuning she did to her boobs did nothing to delay the second orgasm, shaking her body as I plummet the toy deep inside. After the climax subsided, she closed her legs and let the toy fall to the car mat, pushing me against the passenger door so I would slouch lower for her.

Turning to me, she grabbed my erection and thumbed my pee hole, driving me weak and insane with sensitivity.

Baby: ‘It’s your turn now.’

To see her tuck her hair on one side made me even harder, and her mouth quickly relieved the soreness on the tip. Her tongue skilfully licked the sides, covering every area while her lips slid up and down along my red shaft. As if her deep throat wasn’t enough, she added more tip teasing to her combo to make me really desperate for her mouth, forcing me to hold her hair and jammed my cock into her mouth.

She kept up with the rhythmic motion to coat my dick with her saliva, caressing my testicles at times to make me groan weakly. She began shoving her face into my groin after tasting my large size and drove me to my wits end, grabbing onto the overhead handle as my legs wrapped around her back.

Me (groaning): ‘Oh god.. keep going baby. I’m gonna cum soon.’

I dug my fingers into her hair as she paused for a deep throat, before letting me take control to fuck those sweet thick lips of hers. Reaching easily into her shirt, her nipple hardened even more with my pinching, suction increasing in the addictive mouth of hers.

Me: ‘Shooting baby.’

I held her head down on my cock as my hips buckled, shooting thick cum into her throat that kept moving as she swallowed. Sensing how hard I was holding her down, I lifted her away as my balls emptied themselves. Baby did not simply do nothing and instead, bobbed her head slightly to really dry me of any semen I had left.

The instant she sat back upright, I could no longer move from tiredness and she leaned on the door on her side, fingers circling the sore clit of hers.

Baby: ‘It’s actually quite easy to swallow if you shoot into my throat. I didn’t taste anything at all.’

Me: ‘You’re okay with that?’
Baby: ‘Yupp. Plus we can save some tissues too.’

She opened her arms for her tired boy and I jumped into her boobs, resting on my soft D cups while I fished the toy from under her seat. After wiping it down, it went back into her again and she received more orgasms, while holding my shrunken cock and fondled it to it’s original intercourse size.

Baby: ‘I’ll suck you off again?’
Me: ‘Can I have more?’
Baby (whispering): ‘Of course.’

She opened the door behind her and squatted on the floor, signalling me to sit at the edge. There, I was given a royal treatment through my cock and came another time, into her mouth where she swallowed the whole load looking at my euphoric expression with a smile.

On our way back home, I never stopped rubbing her clit and when we found a nice dark spot, it was all kisses again. My brain somehow formed a link between those forceful tongue action with her amazing blowjob, creating a bulge for my short walk home.

Baby: ‘I’ll wear this more often when we go out k? But with a bra and shorts on.’

Me: ‘And I’ll go out without underwear for you.’

We kissed our goodbyes and left, both high and still horny just by thinking about how kinky our discreet quickie was.