Loyalty or Obedience?

Me (shouting): ‘Cheryl! Who is this guy?!’
Cheryl: ‘Huh?’

Her eyes widened when she saw the video clip clearly taken from a hidden camera, in a budget hotel with their distinct furnishings. She quickly ran to my computer and closed the VLC program, slumping to the floor behind me and cried.

Me: ‘Actually I’m fine with you doing with other guys. Didn’t I ask you if you want to try a threesome before?’
Cheryl (sobbing): ‘What? You are serious about that? I thought you are just joking.’
Me: ‘Really. I’m more concerned about people recognising you now. Let me report this video first. So they can take it down.’
Cheryl (sobbing): ‘Ok. Hurry up. I love you baby!’

Her mood changed instantly and hugged me from my back as I reported the video where I downloaded it from, receiving a notice almost immediately that the clip was removed. She spun my chair around and straddled her legs over my lap, kissing me non-stop with her tears-soaked lips. Something awakened in her right there when she slid down to the floor and pulled my shorts down, enveloping my cock into her warm mouth.

The most mind-blowing blowjob then happened to take my breaths away and I was just groaning with every deep throat, admiring her bouncing head that was so busy sucking me off. Since a long time ago, I had never felt such dedication from her. Her tongue was licking me all over and the suction in her mouth was just drawing my strength away.

After close to ten minutes of tireless oral sex, she stopped and leaned between my legs again, holding my cheeks in front of her face with a grateful look.

Cheryl: ‘Don’t ever leave me k? If not no one will want me anymore.’
Me (whispering): ‘Hey silly.. I should be the one telling you that.’
Cheryl: ‘I’m sorry for cheating on you. You can ask me to do anything and I’ll do it from now on.’
Me: ‘You’ve done all you can for me dear.’

She held my hand tightly as we went into the bedroom, changing our clothes to carry on our initial plan for the day. First to get lunch, then for a shopping spree I promised her once I got my first paycheck. She skipped wearing her panties and bra under the white romper leaving little to imagine with the almost-bareback design of the outfit. Her sideboobs were obviously unshielded and there was no visible panty line (VPL) at her hips.

Cheryl: ‘Ready?’
Me: ‘Yupp. Done.’

We left the house for a meal at AMK Hub, taking a two seater table at Ichiban Sushi. It felt kind of awesome to have jealous eyes staring at her, while knowing that she truly belonged to you. Uncles were taking the seats next to us, and a few younger teenagers got the table diagonally from us where her loose bottoms could give way. Those pointy nipples of her were mine to enjoy as we finished our food, feeding each other mouthfuls like a blissful couple.

Once we paid the bill, she made her way to the toilet at the fourth floor, where the DBS bank was located. Waiting outside for her, a text came into my phone after five minutes.

Cheryl (Whatsapp): ‘Come into the handicap toilet now. Knock twice.’
Guy: ‘Hey J! What are you doing here?’

My erection almost went down immediately when my army buddy called out to me, fearing a delay for the quickie that was about to happen. We spoke for a minute or so before another thought came to my mind, and we made our way towards the above said toilet. After knocking twice, Cheryl’s state of undress caused her to panic when an unfamiliar face appeared. Quickly shoving him into the cubicle, the three of us were stranded in an unquivering silent ambient.

I reached into my bag for a condom and threw it to my buddy, while taking my seat on the toilet and gesturing Cheryl over. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out, only to see Cheryl coming over and bending her back over to suck it. Zach went behind her and removed her romper from under her feet, and squatted down to give her a lick. Thankful for her daily shaving routine, he did not have much to think about when she moaned with my cock in her mouth, slurping hungrily in sync with the mouth at her pussy.

Zach: ‘J, can I really.. ‘
Me: ‘Just do it bro. She’s my girl.’

I helped her to my chest and we made out while he assaulted our common target, making her squeal with his size. I had kept her hand stroking my manhood, while I caressed her boobs non-stop, working on her perky nipples as her body jerked back and forth. Our vicious tongue fight kept going to relieve her guilt, from what happened in the hotel as well as right there. For the next few minutes, it was just violent thrusts that drove her mind crazy, and saliva was dripping all over my mouth in her orgasmic state.

Zach (whispering): ‘Bro! Cumming! Cumming!’
Me (groaning): ‘You can shoot inside her if you want. She’s on the pill.’
Cheryl (whispering): ‘Really?’
Me: ‘You did it raw with that hotel guy right?’
Cheryl (shyly): ‘Yeah.’

She gave off a louder moan when he reentered her raw, going at his fastest speed for the last few strokes. The strong, delayed movements of her body finalised his ejaculation inside her, and the deep breaths she took only told me how much she was enjoying herself.

Me: ‘Bro, once you’re done you can go off first. Talk to you again.’

He finished his business quickly and dumped the condom in a bin, before walking out unhappening into the buzzing mall. Cheryl locked the door again and we went back to our intimacy. This time, we went to the sink and made use of the sturdy wall mounted ledge, in front of a large mirror. She bent over the edge automatically for me and I took my position behind her, ready to sink my dick into her well-lubricated hole.

In a single stroke, I pierced my shaft into her and she planted her palms on the mirror, looking pitifully at me as I worked my hip muscles. In and out my cock went into the gorgeous twenty-four year old, listening to her encouraging moans as I embraced myself. She was especially tight that time and the sprawled, open legs stance really exposed her sensitive G-spot for me.

Climaxing at least twice for me, there was no lack of juices for me to slide around, while my mind was ticking down to my own orgasm.

Me (whispering): ‘Baby girl.. here it comes!’

I paused my movements and watched her slam her ass on me, working it out herself till I couldn’t hold it anymore and hammered the life out of her. My load came seamlessly into her pussy and she climaxed at the same time, squeezing me gently for every bit of my worth. We just collapsed on the sink once we were done and rested for a while, ignoring the knocks that kept coming through the door.

Me: ‘Let’s get going.’

She wore her clothes back and I did the same, walking out into the surprisingly empty entrance of the toilet without any unwanted attention. Holding onto my arm tightly, she requested to go back home instead of shopping impulsively.

Cheryl (whispering): ‘I can feel the warm cum inside me. And I want more of yours.’

That sentence cut out the cheesy, lovey dovey words for a much more straightforward one, sending me rushing for home for more rounds of intense make-up sex to undo the wrong she had done – sex with strangers without informing me that is. Since then, she became a girlfriend with complete obedience, for requests that are reasonable and non-absurd.

What would you want her to do?

Wet Shavings

Sister: ‘Wei. Be careful hor.’
Me: ‘Don’t worry la. Having someone to shave is better than doing it yourself lo.’
Sister: ‘You also shave ah?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Keep clean ma.’
Sister: ‘Okok. Focus!’

I dragged the shaving blade across her groin for the umpteen time and her labia moved a little to tuck itself in, clearly worried about me. It took me another few minutes before I got her down to a baby smooth skin, even conquering the area close to her raw clit.

Me: ‘Hold the mirror.’

I proceeded to shift her delicate folds left and right to show her my work, and even lifted her puffy sides up.

Sister: ‘Woah. It’s really smooth leh.’

Her two hands ran down the sides of her slit and touched her exposed flesh, completely satisfied with the outcome. Once she started to stroke her clit, I got up and went to wash the razor, only to be stopped by her.

Sister: ‘Kor.. can help me apply aftershave?’
Me: ‘I don’t have any leh. Is it itchy?’

Right there, she raised her hand and showed me the webbings connecting her index and middle fingers, enlightening me in a single picture. I sat on the cold bathroom floor and aimed the shower head at where needed to be washed, brushing away the short bits sticking on her skin. After that, I gave her soggy, wet opening a few swipes before poking my finger into her, to have a thick, warm gel lubricating my entry.

The happy ‘customer’ of my service leaned against the wall next to the toilet and opened her legs wider, giving me ample space to finger her as she rubbed her own clit. There was no strong feelings at that point, treating it like a massage after shaving. The scene was like, the Malay uncle giving you a back massage after your haircut and beard-grooming, except this was more sensual.

After some time, like how nature intended, the gradual tightening of her pussy came with an orgasm she moaned out loud in the enclosed bathroom, making my boner harder under my wet sports shorts. As much as I wanted to bone her, sex was too much to think of in my state of tiredness.

Me: ‘Don’t you even feel wrong to ask your own brother to finger you?’
Sister (moaning): ‘No ah. Later I help you lor.’
Me: ‘Haha. No need no need. You save that for your boyfriend.’
Sister: ‘Boyfriend? Haven’t found one yet?’

After two orgasms, I retracted my hand and smeared her Durex lubricant-level juices around her shaved area, coating it securely where it looked reddish. She was finally done and I let her take her shower alone, while I went into my bedroom to rest for the night.

Just after I got comfortable lying naked waist down (due to my wet shorts), my door opened to a silhouette of my sister in a towel, clothes hugged in her arms. She stealthily closed my door and creeped up to my side, and climbed into bed with me.

Me (whispering): ‘Eh. I need to sleep now.’
Sister (whispering): ‘It won’t take long la.’
Me (whispering): ‘What do you want now?’

She was sitting by my side when the blanket was removed, revealing my dying erection since earlier. Our parents had long gone to bed and let us sleep at our own time, fully aware that youngsters nowadays spend a lot of time on their computers. For clarification, the Jhae-shave happened in the common toilet where it was furthest away from their bedroom.

I felt my cock cooled down in her washed hand, foreskin yanked downwards to let my sensitive area breath. A soft, spitting noise notified me that her saliva would be used, and groans forced their way out of my mouth the moment she started pumping. From the brightly-lit, charging-LED lights in the background, I could tell her knees were up but slightly spread, cold feet in contact with hairy calf.

My cock never felt bigger than this, having a young, juvenile hand wrapped around it and stroking it with care. Her erratic body movements joined me as I began shivering, drowning in the pleasure that was pulsating through my body. To think back, I was totally relaxed and did nothing more than holding her busy hand (at certain times), ready to let her complete my spiritual journey through my pee hole.

Me (groaning softly): ‘Mei! Keep going like this. I’m going to shoot!’

The tiny change in speed did not affect my intensifying mood much, but she had a bigger concern.

Sister (moaning softly): ‘Wait.. where are you shooting?’
Me (whispering): ‘Just stop once I tell you. I can clean myself up after that.’

She wriggled her butt a little and her fidgeting got more obvious, assuming she was masturbating faster too. Within a minute, my mind went blank and I muttered the only words that mattered.

Me (whispering): ‘Mei!’

She squeezed her fingers tighter and jerked even faster! My cock had past its safety mark and there was no stopping of the cum that shot into the air, landing on her cupped hand that was still moving. The liquid pleasure just kept oozing and all of a sudden, her head went over my dick.

Me (trembling voice): ‘Mei! Ahh!’

Her lips were grinding at the deadly (and usually hidden) ring of mind-blowing sensitivity, forcing my cock to deliver another few squirts. A loud slurping sound came and the cum around her fingers were sucked up, giving me a tingle of weakness as she lifted her head away.

Mei: ‘Ghor! ..Shho machu.. !’

She removed her towel around her chest and thoroughly wiped me down, before going out of the room. I could not move after that life-draining activity and was in a daze, until she returned in the short nightie she sleep in.


Mei: ‘Goodnight kor. You’re slightly sweet!’

Her prance out of my room was in a much energetic one, and her door shut in the silence of the entire household now-sleeping. For the next ten minutes before I fell asleep, light, non-mind wrecking thoughts surfaced in my head. Tt wasn’t how the whole thing started that bothered me, nor was the righteousness of our act. It was the new definition of love, between siblings, beyond our daily, subtle acts of love. The bond we had translated into a strong feeling represented by orgasms we cannot deny. That was what my mind was soaking in.

Me (Whatsapp): ‘I love you mei.’
Mei (Whatsapp): ‘You just made me stop masturbating to reply you. ;( Love you too!’

Mobile Quickie

Baby: ‘I’m not going to get out of the car in this k?’
Me: ‘Yeah yeah. We are just going to park somewhere and play.’

Wearing the white translucent oversized tank top, she had her office blazer over her shoulders despite driving in the night. We turned into a multi-storey carpark of a newly built HDB flat, and crawled one at a time into the back seat.

Unleashing our two weeks of collective passion, our hands were under each other’s top and brushing across skin. In low light, I unbuckled her half-cup bra from her back, and she unclipped my belt to my underwear. Since she changed into the tank top, she had no pants on as it was long enough to provide cover in seated position.

Without any bottoms, it was easy for me to strip her panties off, and expose her wet privates along with my little hard one. Fingers dived between our legs as we made out, stroking and rubbing wherever that made us moan in pleasure.

Like usual, I reached into my sling bag for her favourite black toy and placed her on the seat, spreading her legs out to let me have my fun. Carefully, I poked the vibrator into her and began sliding in and out, together with her gripping hand that clenched tightly onto my forearm. Slowly, I increased my speed to hear her desperation, losing control of her legs as a small shiver began creeping up her back.

Baby (whispering): ‘J.. I’m cumming.. ‘

The toy I was pushing into her got harder to shove as she hugged my arm, hips jerking erratically to juices escaping her pussy over my fingers. The panting girl laid exhausted while I continued to tease her clit, without stopping the movements of the vibrator at all.

Soon, I was in my second lap and the nipple tuning she did to her boobs did nothing to delay the second orgasm, shaking her body as I plummet the toy deep inside. After the climax subsided, she closed her legs and let the toy fall to the car mat, pushing me against the passenger door so I would slouch lower for her.

Turning to me, she grabbed my erection and thumbed my pee hole, driving me weak and insane with sensitivity.

Baby: ‘It’s your turn now.’

To see her tuck her hair on one side made me even harder, and her mouth quickly relieved the soreness on the tip. Her tongue skilfully licked the sides, covering every area while her lips slid up and down along my red shaft. As if her deep throat wasn’t enough, she added more tip teasing to her combo to make me really desperate for her mouth, forcing me to hold her hair and jammed my cock into her mouth.

She kept up with the rhythmic motion to coat my dick with her saliva, caressing my testicles at times to make me groan weakly. She began shoving her face into my groin after tasting my large size and drove me to my wits end, grabbing onto the overhead handle as my legs wrapped around her back.

Me (groaning): ‘Oh god.. keep going baby. I’m gonna cum soon.’

I dug my fingers into her hair as she paused for a deep throat, before letting me take control to fuck those sweet thick lips of hers. Reaching easily into her shirt, her nipple hardened even more with my pinching, suction increasing in the addictive mouth of hers.

Me: ‘Shooting baby.’

I held her head down on my cock as my hips buckled, shooting thick cum into her throat that kept moving as she swallowed. Sensing how hard I was holding her down, I lifted her away as my balls emptied themselves. Baby did not simply do nothing and instead, bobbed her head slightly to really dry me of any semen I had left.

The instant she sat back upright, I could no longer move from tiredness and she leaned on the door on her side, fingers circling the sore clit of hers.

Baby: ‘It’s actually quite easy to swallow if you shoot into my throat. I didn’t taste anything at all.’

Me: ‘You’re okay with that?’
Baby: ‘Yupp. Plus we can save some tissues too.’

She opened her arms for her tired boy and I jumped into her boobs, resting on my soft D cups while I fished the toy from under her seat. After wiping it down, it went back into her again and she received more orgasms, while holding my shrunken cock and fondled it to it’s original intercourse size.

Baby: ‘I’ll suck you off again?’
Me: ‘Can I have more?’
Baby (whispering): ‘Of course.’

She opened the door behind her and squatted on the floor, signalling me to sit at the edge. There, I was given a royal treatment through my cock and came another time, into her mouth where she swallowed the whole load looking at my euphoric expression with a smile.

On our way back home, I never stopped rubbing her clit and when we found a nice dark spot, it was all kisses again. My brain somehow formed a link between those forceful tongue action with her amazing blowjob, creating a bulge for my short walk home.

Baby: ‘I’ll wear this more often when we go out k? But with a bra and shorts on.’

Me: ‘And I’ll go out without underwear for you.’

We kissed our goodbyes and left, both high and still horny just by thinking about how kinky our discreet quickie was.


Joanna: ‘J? Come in.’

I stepped into the mansion near one of the nature reserves in our little red dot, totally out of the way from any main roads or streets. The twenty year old girl showed me the way into the kitchen, where I placed my first carton box of stores for her household. Making a few trips back and forth, she was on her phone throughout to finalise the chores needed to be done, sighing a few times while repeating the tedious tasks.

Me: ‘Okay. It’s all here. You know, I can do it alone if you want. I’m paid to work.’
Joanna: ‘Don’t be silly. See?’

To look up at the ceiling and spot a CCTV was the last thing I imagined anyone would do to their house. How could anyone easily eliminate the pleasure of humping in exotic spots? Unless..

Joanna: ‘My parents are watching. So I gotta work.’

Of course. They probably had solo control over the footage of the cameras. We got around stocking up the toiletries, fresh ingredients into the fridge and replacing all the clothes from the laundry onto the hangers. My job for that day was to stand in for a butler who needed the day off due to sickness, knowing that I couldn’t screw things up too badly without the masters around.

Joanna (shouting): ‘You can take a rest anytime k?’

The fit bodied girl slumped onto the couch with a packet of juice, brows frowning as if she was unwillingly confined to stay home. With a fully stocked kitchen, I couldn’t resist cooking a simple meal of bacon and eggs, piling extra leaves of veggies on her plate.

Me: ‘Here. Eat up.’
Joanna: ‘Bacon?!’
Me: ‘You can’t take them?’
Joanna: ‘No? I love them! My parents forbid me from eating them though.’

She stuffed a long strip of crispy smoked bacon through her lips and shoved the greens after, chewing hungrily unlike her poised state I imagined her to be. Even my share of bacon was gone before I got to them and we were done in no time, leaving the dishes to me while she flipped through a magazine.

Joanna: ‘So you can cook, and do the chores. What else?’
Me: ‘Does reading people count?’
Joanna: ‘Haha! Rex (the sickly butler) totally need some of that. What can you tell about me?’
Me: ‘Hmm.. You try to act cool and outgoing. But you are afraid on the inside.’
Joanna: ‘*sigh* Afraid of?’
Me: ‘Whatever your parents allowed you to do but you have no idea how you will feel after that. You are someone that.. wants someone to guide and lead.’

She collapsed the packet of juice on the counter and walked away from me, footsteps leading up to the stairs and closed her door on me. Most of the work was done for the day and all traces of bacon was removed from their fridge, safely hidden away in a styrofoam box that I was to throw out with old vegetables.

There was no way I could leave her alone after saying what changed her mood, so I went up to her room, only to hear gentle music playing behind the door.

*knock knock*

Joanna: ‘Come in!’

The always-tempting girl had changed out of her old t-shirt and put on a more form-fitting one, pairing pink shorts on her firm ass. Laying lazily on her bed, her iPad caught most of her attention despite my entry.

Me: ‘You alright?’
Joanna: ‘Yeah. You’re right. Sometimes, I’d rather have no freedom and stay with my parents. People out there always disappoints.’
Me: ‘Your ex-boyfriends?’
Joanna: ‘Especially them.’

Right then, she slid her tablet on the bedside desk and patted on her bed, inviting me to sit next to her.

Joanna: ‘So, tell me about you.’
Me: ‘I’m single? And trying to find a job I can settle down for long.’
Joanna: ‘Okay. And.. would you mind if your future girlfriend earns more than you?’
Me: ‘Nope. I’ll do my part to take care of the house then. And the kids if she wants any.’
Joanna: ‘How many kids do you want?’
Me: ‘Three?’
Joanna: ‘Would two do?’

She snuggled right up to me and pressed her head over my arm, sinking into the soft pillows she piled next to me. Picking my other arm, she dropped it on her waist and lifted my elbow higher, pulling her shirt up as my palm slid across her skin.

Joanna: ‘Don’t tell my mum k? I’ve always fantasised about fucking a butler.’
Me: ‘But I have never imagined doing it with someone your status.’

She hushed me on my lips and ran her hand up my shirt, pulling it over my head while I did the same for her. Those bare, perky breasts were results of frequent workouts and they held up well on their own, attracting my fingers to the light brownish tips that protruded so every slightly.

Soon, she was wriggling her fingers into my shorts and boxers, meeting my eager dick that was reaching out to her. Our clothes needed no invite to GTFO and our hands were all over each other quickly, feeling every curves that made our minds even more beautiful.

Me (whispering): ‘Lie down first.’
Joanna (whispering): ‘Like this?’

Her crossed feet did little to hide her shyness once I pried them apart, lying on my belly between those long legs of hers. Just as my mouth reached her gorgeously waxed groin, she covered her genitals to get my attention.

Joanna: ‘Why would you go down on me first?’
Me: ‘It’s a butler’s job to please?’
Joanna: ‘No. Seriously.’
Me: ‘I just thought I should please the lady first. I am kinda honoured you didn’t mind my background.’

She moved her hand to a side and let her other hand joined, spreading her labia to the sticky strands of horniness. Immediately, I poked my tongue at her clit and licked up all the juices, replacing it with my saliva. As wet as she could get, her moans echoed like the soft music playing and I took my time sucking on that pearl. Her legs opened almost to a split with increasing tongue flicks, all the while responding to my each move.

Joanna (whispering): ‘J.. that’s enough. I can’t cum like this.’

I gracefully lift myself up and crawled over her body, where she moved away so I could lie down. This time, she resumed the position I was in earlier and stroked my shaft delicately, eyes observing every grooves and bumps on it. The moment she landed a kiss on it, I took a deep breath and then felt her sink down my cock.

It felt never-ending to my exhaling breath, until she slipped those pinkish lips out to the tip again. My breaths unconsciously got synchronised with her tempo, experiencing meditation-level breathing with each deadly stroke of hers. None of us rushed anyone, and we just took our time to enjoy the sensual moans that our bodies made instinctively.

Me (whispering): ‘Joan.. ‘
Joanna (panting): ‘Hnhhh.. I like sucking you.’
Me: ‘Let’s leave that for next time.’

I got out of bed and let her back to her spot, where she opened the drawer under her iPad to a black pouch. A condom came out of it and she unwrapped it for me, watching me fumble in excitement to get it on. Once ready, her legs spread for me to enter and our eyes met in deep passionate gaze, savouring every inch that I pierced into her pussy.

How could words describe the warmth, and the comfort she gave. The slow, crawling fingers that climbed up my cheeks, held me like a confused toddler. The calmness in her mind was something that amazed the both of us for a full thirty seconds of stillness.

I tucked my arms under her knees to raise them out of the way, before jutting my hips at her pussy. Rhythmically, I set the pace for the start of the race and she simply moaned every few strokes in. Her feet was pushing me deeper as I picked up speed, plunging deeper with less romance and more lust.

Her legs closed very slowly to my guidance till her knees touched, and my cock was engulfed in a compact zone of softness. Now sitting on my bum, I jerked in tiny motion at her ass to stimulate her G-spot, driving her wild all of a sudden with vigour. Grabbing the sheets that we just changed, the ends came loose as she bit on her fists, groaning in an agonising expression to my forceful short bursts of thrusts.

Joanna (moaning): ‘Oh noooo.. ‘

She let a constipated look signal me to do whatever needed to be done for an incoming orgasm. Naturally, I pressed on her thighs harder to raise her ass off the bed, leaning forward to hold them in place while I pound the life out of her athletic frame.

Joanna: ‘Stop stop stop!’

The tight grip on my forearm hurt a little but did not stop me at all. Changing to the shallower jerks, her legs gave way and opened up for me, sending me over her body and then restrained in her bear hug. My cock was milked for its life as her body trembled, heels pushing me as deep as I could reach into her pussy.

For the next minute or so, we remained in that position till her legs fell away, arms following suit before her head relaxed in near unconscious state.

Me: ‘Joanna?’

Her eyelids barely opened to my call and I was out of her in a long while. Very weakly, she turned her body over and raised her butt, knees closing together to aid her change of position.

Joanna (panting): ‘Fuck me till you cum.’
Me: ‘You got it.’

I placed my knees near her feet and poked my cock at her hole. Carefully guiding her backwards, her pussy sank over my cock and stopped in its tracks. Holding that bubbly hips of hers, I went to work and slammed my hips on her ass, shoving my cock fast and furious into her.

Muffled moans went into her pillow as I hammered her, feeling my cock ached as her orgasms tightened her love hole. In this new position, I could sense there wasn’t much waiting to do.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m gonna cum soon.’
Joanna: ‘I’m waiting for you.’

With my last burst of energy, I picked her waist up and vibrated my hips at her, thrusting at my yet fastest speed into that closing hole. In less than a minute, my mind was sucked dry of energy when my cum sprayed into the semen balloon, waking her up in surprise with so much heat in the condom.

Joanna: ‘You didn’t take off that condom right?’
Me: ‘No why?’
Joanna: ‘Cause it’s super warm and full inside.’

She fell back onto the bed after that, leaving me to recover my strength and extracting my softened cock out of her worn out pussy. We returned to her bed once I was done and she helped me removed the condom, sagging at the tip from the huge load I deposited.

Tying it up and leaving it on her belly, I turned to her for a cuddle and she held up her tits for me to suck on.

Joanna: ‘I’ll ask my parents if you can be my personal butler. They have another house, but they also know I cannot manage it on my own.’

Me: ‘Don’t you want to stay with them?’
Joanna: ‘They already gave me a big hint when they gave me the title deed. I’m sure you can make me feel comfortable in a special way.’

At five o’clock, Rex came back looking well to make dinner for the family. By then, Joanna and I were on our way into town, for a penthouse apartment of a condo that was already furnished to her liking.

So, I’ve got a job as a butler, for a heiress who worked from home to make a justifiable living. Turns out, the patio would be our favourite place to get our daily rounds of exercise.

Desire to Degrade

Alicia: ‘I’m busy now.. can’t you wait?’

Melvin turned off her monitor and dropped his GoPro cam in front of her laptop, grabbing her arms and using his belly to hold them down against her revolving chair. In a single lifting motion, her front-lace nightie went over her head, leaving her top naked with just her translucent pink panties on.

Alicia (irritable tone): ‘You are recording this? I don’t want it. Take it away.. ‘

He quickly swopped down to her sensitive nipples and pinched them gently, rolling them till she gave in to the pleasure and stopped resisting. Even the camera before her was no longer a bother, since she could not open her eyes as a result of his teasing. After a while of fidgeting at the computer desk, he let go of her arms and they fell lifelessly to her sides, moans still escaping into her brightly lit bedroom.

Once he got her horny and obedient, the rolling chair was dragged back to a distance, and he leaned over her shoulders for her panties. Slipping his hand into the elastic band, he did not need to tell her to strip those undies off. Sitting naked in front of the camera, the other side of the wildebeest was about to appear in full glory.

Seconds after rubbing her to a new high, her hands started to get busy squeezing her own tits, whispering dirty phrases into his ears. When she started to go quiet, the familiar trembles following an orgasm hit her hard and took her breaths away. The next thing he knew, she was shoving his wrist deeper into her pussy.

Melvin stepped to her side and spun the chair towards his groin, which she immediately took hold of and stuck it between her lips. Pecking along the side of his shaft, his foreskin peeled downwards where her palm rested. Moments later, his mind went blank as her mouth devoured his cock in heat, saliva lubricating the updown strokes she was performing for the camera.

Melvin: ‘Babe.. my legs are going weak.’
Alicia: ‘Let’s go to the bed.’

He barely caught his camera when he was dragged to her queen sized bed, plopping it down on the bedside dresser roughly aimed at himself. She placed him down before planting her ass on his chest, obstructing his sight where she pumped her head down his rod. Although his dick was in an awkward angle, her pressed lips with adequate suction made it feel better than sex.

Once the panting sounds were heard, she perched her ass up and held it over his face, long strands of honey thick juices falling like pearls running down a thread. Melvin collected the two drops of dew and patted her ass, signalling for her to move on. Alicia couldn’t wait to advance and shifted herself next to his hips, pointing towards the drawer of defence equipment at the same time.

Melvin retrieved the condom and let her put it on, lunging himself up to let her take his space on the bed.

Alicia: ‘What position you want?’
Melvin: ‘Anything. It’s your day today.’

She fell on her fours and wriggled her ass like an excited puppy, hyping up her boy even more. He clenched tightly onto her love handles and took a second, before ramming his cock into her tiny hole. Almost losing balance, Alicia used her head against the headboard to maintain her stance. The incoming powerful thrusts caught her off guard and screams soon replaced her shy moans, digging deep into her pussy for the trigger point.

Little did he know, his 6 inch length was perfectly stroking her G-spot that was brought to a new level of sensitivity. When a sudden jerk sent him flying back from her pussy, Melvin knew it was the first orgasm that she was receiving. Sitting on his bum concerned, her face buried into the pillow and the contractions at her vagina was gasping on its own. Right after it shut itself, clear liquid started oozing out of her love hole in honey-thick consistency, dribbling down her slit to her thighs.

Alicia (panting): ‘You can put back in now.’

Melvin returned to his doggie style and hammered her hard, to get himself up again and to make up for the loss of time. Feeling a firmer grip on his shaft, a fleshy tickle was happening under his rod, moving upwards to his soft pink tip. With dwindling stamina, he settled for a steady tempo, pushing his cock in and out in long strokes.

No matter how slow he went or shallow he drilled, the increasing urge to cum could not be negated. His girl was moaning lesser and lesser to his speed.

Alicia: ‘Cumming soon huh?’
Melvin: ‘You can tell?’
Alicia: ‘Come. Let try something different.’

They got out of bed and a huge makeover was done with the pillows. Two of them stacked at the hip area of the bed, Melvin had no idea what position was that. Alicia placed her back on the pillow fort and dangled her head over, while ushering for Melvin to kneel at her mouth.

Melvin: ‘Mouth fuck?’
Alicia: ‘Yeah. But I want you to do it at your speed. Until you shoot.’
Melvin: ‘Can I.. not? I’ll hit you with my balls.’
Alicia: ‘Mmmhmm?’

He hesitantly inched towards her mouth and let her unroll the condom. Sliding it into her lush pink lips, he kept his movements shallow to prevent any choking. Once she sealed her lips around his tightly wrapped foreskin, her tongue poked into his pee hole to stimulate him further.

Gradually losing his mind to her seductive mouth, he plunged deeper and deeper, sensing the narrower ‘pipe’ in her upper throat. In a way, it had pinched his dick head, delivering a sensual sensation throughout his rod. There was no way he could get enough of that. In no time, he was stuffing her face full with his cock, jamming it as deep as he could reach.

Melvin (groaning): ‘FUCK! Babe! I’m gonna cum.. I’m gonna cum!’

He pulled out all of a sudden to her dismay and she grabbed his cock towards her mouth, missing the first two shots that sprayed over her chin and lips. While the rest was emptied into her mouth, she hugged his waist and pulled him in a few more times, thrusting all his worth down her tummy.

Melvin (panting): ‘Ok ok.. no more.. no more le.’

She let go of him and quickly flipped onto her chest, licking her lips for all his cum she missed. Crawling a few steps towards the curious boy checking his dick out, she sucked the droplet forming on his pee hole and licked him clean.

Alicia: ‘Everything out?’
Melvin: ‘Yes? I feel so empty inside.. ‘
Alicia: ‘Let me check.’

She pulled the foreskin covering his shrinking penis and kissed it, hand pushing him backwards onto his elbows as she placed more of him inside her mouth.

Toying with it using her tongue, the exhausted, resting boy was hard once more. Unable to get anymore energy to pound her again, he watched quietly at her getting into doggie style, kneeling on her ankles to match his opened legs space.

She entertained herself by rocking back and forth over his raw dick, feeling every bit of his skin stroke her insides till she came. Melvin was recovering as she pleased herself, using him like a sex toy that was only good for its cock.

Soon, she was slamming her hips down onto his groin, swallowing his cock repeatedly into that soft, fleshy vagina that leaked non-stop.

Melvin: ‘hey hey hey.. ‘

A quick hop away sent her to safety and she sat legs wide open in front of him, pumping that thick slab of meat while exchanging passionate kisses. About three minutes later, his legs began to wobble and an embrace sent him into a series of moans.

The second load of hot cum oozed out pathetically down his shaft and was caught by her ring-shaped finger grip, barely amounting to the first shot he gave earlier.

Alicia: ‘Good boy. Really nothing left.’

She hungrily lapped up all his cum on her hand and wiped her mouth with the blanket. Falling into bed tired and satisfied, she let him play with her pussy while drifting to sleep naked.

His Fantasy

The fifteen year old Sherly laid on her boyfriend’s bed, hands clenched tight over her lap as he positioned next to her. It was the first relationship of the young couple and Wee Kiat was ready to replay some scenes in the numerous porn videos he saw. For Sherly, ‘love’ was still a fuzzy term but it didn’t mean anything to her. She had no crush, perhaps a little like for him, but fulfilled what couples usually do, movies and stuff.

Wee Kiat: ‘Just look at me k?’

He lifted her hands to the sides and placed his hand on her chest, squeezing through her bra attempting to turn her on. Seeing how lost she was looking at him, it was apparent she wasn’t getting anything. Her eyes slowly shut as buttons began to pop open, revealing more of the white training bra she wore.

Wee Kiat: ‘Dear, can I take off my pants?’
Sherly: ‘Okay ah.’

He paused stripping her and removed his brown pants, oblivious to the shy girlfriend whose eyes were shut tight. Very slowly, she felt the warmth of his hands on her tummy and moved upwards, going to her back to where the bra clasp was. A pinch of his fingers was all it took to free her chest, but he did not remove them immediately. Inching under the bra, the soothingness of warmth covered her nipples with relief.

Wee Kiat saw how her lips moved and knew she felt at ease. His trembling hand began to mould her breasts, erecting her nipples against his palm.

Sherly: ‘Do you want me to massage you too?’
Wee Kiat: ‘It’s okay. Just relax for me k?’

Her boobs had never seemed bigger then and she could feel aches around her nipples. When she gave them a push to feel their hardness, a wave of calmness flashed through her mind.

Sherly (whispering): ‘Can you play with my nipples for a while?’

He listened to her and rolled them between his index and thumb, finally getting some moans from his innocent girl. Seeing how her chest rise and fall made his hard on even more painful, restricted by his underwear that was a day’s old.

Wee Kiat: ‘I’m going to touch you down there k?’

She gave a nod and he placed his palm between her legs, sliding under her skirt as she grabbed her shirt in anticipation. The moment he landed on her panties, her hand flung to his arm and held them still. Not portraying any resistance, he applied more pressure on her slit and she relaxed her grip until her hand fell away.

The gentle massage through her panties took all her tension away and made her light headed. He tugged those white panties down to her ankles and pushed her thighs apart, touching directly on her raw pussy.

Wee Kiat: ‘So my baby girl shaves.’
Sherly: ‘My mum told me to. Is it good?’
Wee Kiat: ‘You tell me.’

He tucked his fingertip deeper onto her clit and a shock jerked her chest up.

Sherly (sighing): ‘Oh yes.. it’s good.’

Her hands did not know what to do then and just opened and closed as he vibrated on her sensitive spot, driving more juices out of her system. Soon, she was blindly feeling for his bulge and caught it in her hand. They removed his underwear together and she dived for his rod, holding it tightly while listening to his breaths.

Sherly: ‘Am I doing it right?’
Wee Kiat: ‘If you move your hand up and down, I will feel better.’

Without any lubricant, his foreskin was dragged up and down, still giving him the overwhelming pleasure of masturbation, except with a different hand. As Wee Kiat increased his speed, she did the same and they were soon moaning their lungs out.

After an intense five minute race to the unknowns, Sherly suddenly get go of him and stopped his movements. Luckily or unluckily, he had made it past her final checkpoint and her body began shaking uncontrollably. Her nails dug into his forearm as he continued to attack her clit, till her long moan appeared with violent twists of her hips.

Once the ordeal was over, she breathed deeply with a weak smile across her face.

Wee Kiat: ‘I think you just came. Feels good right?’
Sherly (panting): ‘Came? Is that the word?’
Wee Kiat: ‘Climax or orgasm also can.’

He licked his wet fingers clean and laid on his back, partly tired from giving her her first orgasm. Next, it was time for Sherly to play. She rest her head on his chest and moved down to his belly, staying still while she wrapped her fingers around his dick.

Sherly: ‘Boyfie, let me play with it k? Tell me if it hurts.’

He placed one hand on her head to acknowledge her request and there, the exploration began.

Curiously, she pried his pee hole opened and poked her nails into it, getting a groan from her boy in shock. Seeing how he did not push her away, she covered the tip with her thumb and gave it a little massage. The desperate groans kept coming until she moved her hand down, pre-cum leaking instantaneously from the tip once she jerked him a few times.

Her head went lower to his advantage and her little tongue was felt licking the liquid off. A momentary pause later, her lips wrapped around his cock head and sank downwards, getting him to hold her head to guide her lower. She felt him lift her head away and then push it down again, groaning harder with each stroke. Immediately, she got the cue and took over the blowjob, trying to go deeper to tease her poor boy more.

Barely a few minutes into it, Sherly was worn out and replaced her mouth with her hand. By then, saliva had provided the lubrication and she was pumping him with more response. The rest of the time was spent trying to hold himself back, while his naughty girl tested for his limits.

Wee Kiat (whispering): ‘Dear.. I’m going to cum soon.’
Sherly: ‘Do I keep going? Don’t shoot in my face ah.’
Wee Kiat: ‘Won’t la. Go lower and open your mouth.’

His instructions was quickly interpreted by the smart girl and she followed through. Somehow, shooting into her mouth was much easier to clean up than her face. So, once his dick was about an inch away, she masturbated his cock, almost touching his tummy.

Half a minute later, his hand held her head down harder and hot cum squirted into her gapping mouth and nose. She reacted by closing her lips, but suffocation soon forced her to collect more in her cheeks.

Loud panting noises filled the bed once he was done and his hand freed her to turn away from his body. In front of her, he held a waste paper bin that she spat his load into, and brushed his cum off her face into it. Looking at him cutely angry, she gave his flaccid cock a flick.

Wee Kiat: ‘Eh. You don’t like the taste ah?’
Sherly: ‘It’s so salty! Why didn’t you warn me first?’
Wee Kiat: ‘If I warn you then you will let me shoot in your mouth?’
Sherly: ‘Better than shooting all over my face ma. Don’t know will have pimples or not.’

He gave her a pat on the head and brought her into his chest, extinguishing her rage with love. Listening to his hypnotising heartbeat, Sherly promptly fell asleep until late evening, when her phone rang her awake.

Sherly (on phone): ‘Yes mummy. I’m going home for dinner. I went to do project with my friends. Okay.’

Wee Kiat woke up just in time to see her wear her skirt, without any panties on. After she was dressed (with bra), she gave him a peck and handed her panties to him.

Sherly: ‘Help me wash k? I don’t want to wear wet panties home.’

He slipped on his shorts and walked her to the door, but not before hinting her an ideal dress code.

Wee Kiat: ‘Next time don’t wear la! Easier right?’
Sherly: ‘Idea. See you tomorrow k? Don’t masturbate without me ah.’

She left by the lift and he took a whiff of her panties. Still a little soaked with her juice, his erection twitched continuously till he went into his room. Wee Kiat then covered his cock with her panties, and casually gave it a stroke. One which led to the infinity, and beyond.

Doctor’s Prescription

Erica: ‘Is your cough still there?’
Me: ‘Nope. Recovered. Did you call me back because of my blood work?’

The gorgeous doctor was the daughter of the head general practioner (if there is such a hierarchy) in the family clinic my parents had gone to for the longest time. That’s why I addressed her as Erica even though she was my doctor. I knew her since primary school and we never failed to play together during each visit.

She flipped open a folder and took a glance, before she unwrapped the stethoscope around her neck.

Erica: ‘If you don’t mind, I’m going to check your kidneys. Just going to apply some pressure at various spots. You are just slightly below the healthy range.’

I put my slingbag down and went to the bed, where she adjusted the pillow while I lie down. After she lifted my shirt above my nipples, she listened to my heartbeat with a serious expression. Moving her scope downwards, she reached my stomach and kept going till she was an inch above my groin.

Erica: ‘Can you pull your shorts down a bit?’

Her scope returned to her neck and her fingers pressed around my hips, checking if I felt any pain along the way. Slowly, she lowered my shorts until my trimmed groin was showing. Lying flat without suspecting anything, only my butt moved up when she tugged at the waistband.

Erica: ‘Can I take a look down there?’
Me: ‘Huh? Must see ah? Shy leh.’
Erica: ‘Since you are here for a checkup, might as well right?’

Her rubber gloves touched my erecting cock and moved it around to give it a thorough look, until a moan escaped when she caressed my testicles. The next thing I knew, she was peeling my foreskin back to expose my dick head, all the while fondling my balls.

Me: ‘Erica.. what are you doing?’
Erica: ‘Shhh.. Only say something if you feel anything.’

Her white gloves landed on my side after some fidgeting and my family doctor was just a bit from giving me a full handjob. I couldn’t contain the moans that broke free during her check up and let myself go, groaning as softly as I could.

Her lab coat came off shortly after and revealed a black, off shoulder blouse, contouring to her shapely figure as well as a pair of blue denim shorts that left most of her legs exposed.

Erica: ‘You know? Since young, I have always had a crush on you.’
Me: ‘Now I know.’

From where I was lying, I couldn’t see what she was up to. Luckily, I could reach her ass and put my arms around them, beginning to undo her shorts. As soon as her shorts were below her ass, a powerful tsunami of pleasure flooded my mind from her mouth going down my shaft. The gentleness of her lips on my hard cock was so stimulating I could barely complete what I was doing in the first place – stripping her bottoms off.

The best I could do was to leave her panties at her knees, before sliding my fingers between her sexy thigh gap. The first moan I ever heard from her was so seductive, sensually shy as I rubbed her clit fast. Within seconds, my middle finger slipped into her and she got up abruptly from the shock.

Making some space on the bed (by shifting myself closer to the wall), she hopped on beside me and spread her legs over mine. Now that I could reach her pussy easier, there was no shortage of endorphins as I worked my way around her clit and inside her.

Moments later, she turned towards me and grabbed my collar, face still glowing from my thrusting fingers.

Erica (whispering): ‘Can we fuck?’
Me: ‘My parents have always hinted at me to pick you up, like as a girlfriend. After we fuck, you’ll be mine. Deal?’

‘Deal’, the answer sent a twitch to my cock and I got up on my knees. Spreading her knees like a durian shell, she was grinning from ear to ear as my cock neared her. She held my dick towards her pussy and I slowly penetrated her, feeling a little ache as her tightness forced some blood back into my groin. But once in, her feet stay locked behind my back, savouring the momentarily connection of our bodies.

Erica: ‘Your cock is growing bigger.’
Me: ‘I can feel you getting tighter too.’

Wasting no time, our genitals released horny slapping sounds into the room, lips frenching like the last two person (of opposite gender) on Earth, found each other. I never felt anything so intense before, pounding loud breaths of air out of the perfect girl I never thought I could get.

Erica (moaning): ‘Doggie me J.. take me from behind.. ‘

We changed to that said position over the bed, but standing on the floor. My hands went to her boobs and massaged them hard while jerking her body non-stop, pussy juices splattering all over our legs as she came another time.

About five minutes later, her pussy relaxed and created the most sensational effect on my mind.

Me: ‘Fuck! I’m cumming!’

I pulled out of her and she squatted down before me, pumping my cock and at the same time pulling her collar open. Less than a minute later, my wobbly legs came to embarrass me as my cum shot all over her chest. Once done, she licked me clean and we wore our clothes back, leaving nothing to tidy on the leather bed.

We remained standing while saying we hugged for a while more, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Once I got my diagnosis, she sent me on my way out.

Erica (Whatsapp): ‘Come back at 9pm. There will be no one then.’

The receptionist saw my smile and grinned at me, telling me that there was no payment to be made. At 9pm, I returned to the darkened clinic and Erica opened the door for me, leading me to her room and dropping her lab coat without wearing anything underneath.

Erica (whispering): ‘Shall we get started?’

And the rest of the day was history.

Kingsmen and Women

Me: ‘You’re wearing your new shorts today!’
Kiki: ‘It’s not skorts la. I’m wearing a mini skirt.’

The flap over the usual skorts were sewn to the other side, creating a wrapping effect over my girl’s snowy fair legs. The light purple bralet complimented her skirt and kept her beautiful skin exposed, for everyone (humph) to feast their eyes on. In turn, I had to do a forfeit for a dare I lost to her a long time ago, forbidding me to wear any underwear underneath my black army shorts.

Just imagine me in shorts and slippers, while a gorgeous babe in a belly exposed attire cuddle tightly around my arms. Who wouldn’t think I’m worthless? Well, I supposed that would make her look better too. Though I was more for the kinky activities we could do in these clothes.

So off we set for AMK Hub to catch a movie, turning heads along the short walk to the mall. The countless stares she got actually made me a proud boyfriend, though a little jeaous.

Once we collected our tickets, we bought the popcorn and drinks and went straight into the theatre, still empty with plenty of time before the show starts. As there were only two columns of seats, we took the corner ones since this was the second time we watched Kingsmen, using the complimentary passes from her credit card reward program.

Kiki: ‘I sit inside. If there is no one then we change.’

Half of the popcorn was gone when the lights dimmed, after trailers the both of us could recite to. I placed the popcorn box on the empty seat next to me and raised the armrest, so she could cuddle closer in the chilly hall. As usual, she would tuck her hand under my shirt and onto my stomach, always warmer than her thin body.

Just ten minutes into the show, the lack of visible audience led her hand into my shorts, where my raw dick was semi-erect with the constant contact on my shorts. She skilfully rubbed her thumb under my shaft and helped enlarged it, till I was fidgeting in my seat.

Kiki: ‘Don’t move so much. Let me see it?’

Her head leaned over dangerously over my groin and stretched the waistband downwards, placing my hand on it to hold it open for her. Still stroking my erection, her head descended lower and lower, slowly engulfing my cock head in soothing warm wetness. The sigh that came out of my mouth scared her a little but she dived down immediately, plunging me into another world of pleasure.

The cardigan I carried for her came to use as a cover over my lap, while my shorts were lowered to my bum. That way, I could free both my hands, and made good use of them inside her bra top. Fondling those fluffy B cups caused a few silent gasps, but her diligent blowjob did not stop at all.

After two minutes of intense tongue play, she pulled away from the oral foreplay with stringy saliva dangling over my dick, slightly breathless from bending down too long. Her silhouette in front of the screen was a sight to behold, long flowing hair tucked over one side of her neck, and lips wet from the lubricative saliva.

Once she returned to her seat, I moved into her corner and leaned on her shoulder, running her all time favourite, warm hand across her inner thigh between her legs. The clever girl opened her legs slightly and let me in under her skirt, which I stopped upon reaching her privates.

Me (whispering): ‘You didn’t wear any panties?!’
Kiki (whispering): ‘Yupp! You like it?’
Me (whispering): ‘You will zao geng one eh! You so rough when you walk.’
Kiki (whispering): ‘They also can’t touch me. I’m yours.’

I swiped my fingertips across her clit and worked on her clit, rubbing it gently in a swirling motion. The only response she could give was to stroke my cheeks with her hand, trembling as I focused on attacking her clit. Soon, she was grabbing my wrist and guiding me deeper, two fingers piercing into her pussy with her legs wide open. We had totally ignored everyone around us and got stuck in this erotic moment, fingering her pussy with movements big enough for anyone to spot us.

She did not bother to contain her moans and made soft purring noises, right into my ear in front of her mouth.

Kiki (whispering): ‘Let’s try fucking here.’
Me (whispering): ‘Here? How?’

She gave me a head-nod towards my other side and I looked where she referred to, another corner in the hall where two person ‘shared’ a seat.

Kiki: ‘We aren’t the only ones.’

She grabbed her cardigan and we changed seats, slanting our bodies towards the aisle with the other couple slowing down. Tucking both her knees into her chest, I straightened my legs and engaged in a spooning position. Blindly, I guided my dick inside her after two tries and a gasp signalled the completion of the docking process.

We remained silent as my hips started twerking, jutting back and forth into her unbelievably tight pussy. It was the first time we had so much privacy in the cinema, and even our other petting sessions weren’t this daring. Gradually, her body rolled over on her knees into doggie, and I had no choice but to get on one of my feet, keeping my other knee bent on the seat.

I bent as low as I could as I resumed thrusting, unable to escape the slurping noises from our genitals. The other couple got more adventurous and the girl (I assumed), bent over the row in front and let her guy banged her harder. Kiki was looking at them the whole time and only got tighter as I pounded, driving me to my wit’s end sooner than usual.

Suddenly, she leaned away from me and collapsed on the seat, body convulsing violently as orgasms shot through her senses. I pried opened her legs and dipped my fingers into her pussy, shoving with all my strength against her sealing cunt. Her shivers turned into flopping motions like a fish on dry land, ‘worming’ sideways on all three seats.

Kiki: ‘Fuck! This is crazy!’
Me: ‘Then me?’

As if she had enough of me, she stomped to my seat and kneeled hard on the carpet. Her mouth went straight over my shaft and deep throated me, throwing my lost hands over her head to guide her. Recalling how she loved to be dominated beyond her own consciousness, I slammed her head in my groin and gagged her mercilessly.

Her natural instinct to push against my thighs turned her head into a basketball, which I bounced harder and harder. Not a single area of my cock was untouched in our unexpected SM play, saliva dribbling all over my lap and her face.

Me: ‘Oh yeah baby. I’m gonna cum!’

I pushed her head down one last time and she gave up fighting, letting me lift her mouth away just as the first wave came, squirting hot loads of semen into her lips. She managed to get a little suction going on as I came, drawing every last bit once my throbbing dick died down.

Very quickly, she got up and took a sip of Coke, swallowing everything for the first time. The next thing to do was to get dressed, and we did that before falling lazily onto the seat. With her hand back in my shorts and massaging it, her bralet was stretched with my hand inside to give her nipples a little pleasing.

We watched the best part of the movie in embraced, and took our much needed rest before going back to her place. When we exited the cinema, we bumped into the other couple on the way out. They were dressed similar to us and none of us could bring ourselves to express our openness.

Once we got home, our minds were still on the couple. Kiki had a momentary crush on the punk-looking dude and I had my eyes on her translucent white dressed girlfriend. We took our consolation in each other on the bed and fucked our brains out, with fantasies and lust intertwining between our passionate love for each other.

A day well spent, I must say.