Perfect Love Life

After the last customer left the bar at 11pm, I was given the go ahead to close shop for the night. Tidying the place did take up some time as Baby was constantly texting me to see if I was done. As usual, the glass door was the last to be locked and a lady […]

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Love Seeds

Seated at the dining table, Wendy waited patiently with her younger sister, Queenie, while Shane cooked a few packets of instant noodles for them. He was a secondary three student in the same class as Queenie and had saw how she was shivering when he walked her home. Not wanting to let her wait till […]

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Behind Her Back

Erica was one of Baby’s best friend who I have met a few times when they were out having meals and she helped me out when I wanted to surprise Baby too. But this time, she Whatsapped me on her own with a confession that she liked me, even though she was attached. We met […]

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His Karlene

‘Hey! Be gentle! My parents are just outside!’ Bob snapped Karlene’s bra before she even got into her room, hurrying her to the bed where he playfully shoved her onto it. Falling on her hands, he yanked the centre part of her shorts to aside and slid his hand along her pussy. That plump mould […]

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The One that Got Away

Note: The following story is part love part sex, though there is a longer section of it for romance, it is based on a true story of a friend in M’sia.  What does falling in love means to you? Can it even be described? It was the year 2004 when Ashlee began her 13 year […]

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