Blue Morning

Walking his fingers down Jodie’s belly, she stirred awake from her sleep in the darkness of dawn. A deep breath filled her chest up, followed by a smile in Seth’s direction. Seth (whispering): ‘Good morning baby.’ Jodie: ‘Mmmm.. ‘ She let him pull her legs apart, feeling his fingertips next joined together, running along her […]

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House Pet

Kitty: ‘What do I wear today Master?’ Master: ‘This, and the white shirt.’ Kitty untangled the bondage bra and bikini set into two portion, putting them off in front of her Master she faithfully devoted her life to. Besides their marriage cert, a confidential document signing her obedience and anti-PPO (personal protection order) allowed her […]

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A Special Love

Baby: ‘Elson, lower your pants and don’t say a word.’ He knew where they were headed for once he was made to lie on his bed, not allowed to touch her anywhere. His underwear disappeared in a flash and the tall erection stood eye to eye with his girlfriend. For once, she put the lube […]

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Wearing Out

Heidi: ‘Let me sleep for a while first luh.’ Gordon: ‘You can try to sleep.’ Heidi: ‘I cannot la.’ His hand under her dress had not stopped moving since she went to rest on his bed, lying on her side while he spooned her. Her panties were wet long ago but after a long day […]

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Potential Wife

Part 1 | Part 2 Sam: ‘我是Ah Sam.’ Translation: I am Ah Sam. Qing: ‘哦!进来进来。饭快煮好了。’ Translation: Oh! Come in come in. Dinner is almost ready. Their acquaintance came about from the Nearby function in the WeChat app, exchanging days of introduction before she invited him to her place for dinner. The sight of her daughter, […]

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