Sweet Sweet Love

Part 1 | Part 2

Rick (whispering): ‘Lift your leg up.’

Samantha pushed her skirt between her legs and perched one of her feet on the velvety plastic seat of the bus, peering out of the window to take her attention away from what her boyfriend was about to do. He shifted closer to her and crossed his arm over her chest, letting her hug him while his fingers dived under her skirt.

As she felt his middle finger part the fleshy raw folds of her pussy, a little shiver drifted through her body. It was electrifying the first few seconds he played with her clit, but as soon as her juices lubricated his rubbing motion, large breaths of air filled her lungs up with lust. She loved how he would slide up and down her slit, occasionally going close to her love hole but not enter it.

In relative to her grip on his arm, he would relieve her urges by slipping into her pussy, releasing sighing mouthful of air from her mouth. As time passed, she took over control of his movements and guided him deeper. When she was pleased with how well he fingered her, slow and in lengthy strokes, Samantha knew what she had to do. Stretching her arm over to his lap, she gave his little hard on a squeeze through the pants.

Given where they were seated, at the back of the bus, she proceeded to lower the zip and flipped his cock out from the man-thong he wore specially for her. Hard as he was, and it made her really excited about going further with him.

Samantha (whispering): ‘Did you bring it?’

He dug his bag for a small silicon squeeze bottle of lubricant and placed a ten-cent coin worth on her fingertips. Immediately, she went back to the handjob and made things difficult for him to keep the bottle. Anyway, excitement and thrill was what they were after right? With the mutual masturbation ongoing, the pair stayed as motionless as they could from the eyes of the boarding passengers.

Samantha (whispering): ‘I’m cumming!’

He felt her pussy tightened on his fingers and a small gush of juices escaped over his digits. Panting, she turned her attention to him and jerked him faster. Rick had done his part for the public display of intimacy and let her concentrate, with his fingers pinching and rolling her nipples as she pumped his cock.

After five minutes in her trained hand, he was holding her wrist to guide her for the grand finale.

Rick (whispering): ‘Shooting.. shooting.. ‘

She swiped her fringe behind her ears and bent down over his groin, taking his cock into her mouth while continued to stroke her personal sex toy. In less than a minute later, his hips began trembling and cum fired into her sweet pink lips, filling her mouth up with baby-making fluid. Samantha sucked on his tip until every last drop was out, and picked herself up to swallow before his eyes.

Rick (whispering): ‘Good girl.’

They composed themselves from the erotic mess and rested until they reached their stop – in front of a JTC building around his place. Upon alighting, he grabbed her hand and led her into the eerily quiet industrial block through a side gate.

Samantha: ‘Where did you get the access card?’
Rick: ‘From my attachment in poly? I didn’t return it.’

They made their way quickly to the block furthest from any civilisation, and into a corridor behind one of a production office. The leather had cracked on the sofa in the unofficial smoking corner but he wasn’t there to chill. Samantha remained standing by the parapet, still feeling confused to her surprise introduction to this corner of the private estate.

Rick undid his pants and went behind her, flipping her skirt to her waist and attempted to stick his rod into her. Samantha got his cue and shifted herself slightly away from the wall, into standing doggy but chest higher than usual. She guided his dick inside her pussy from between her legs and felt his erection slide up her vagina, clearly thicker than what she tasted in the bus.

The tiny jutting motion was silent on her meaty ass and the view of the carparks and housing blocks was calming to her senses. Rick was totally drawn into her tight pussy and was just slamming his hips onto her. After a few minutes, Samantha turned to the sofa and let her knees rest on the seats, closing her feet under his opened legs.

The sudden pressure on his cock made Rick wilder and he was ramming deeper at a slower speed.

Samantha: ‘You like it baby?’
Rick (grunting): ‘Yeah.’

Her upper body was still upright but the depth of his penetration was delivering timely orgasms to her mind. Gradually, she was overtaken by horniness and the torturous speed of his drilling.

Samantha: ‘Sit on the sofa. I’ll ride you.’

He quickly pulled out of his beloved girlfriend and sat down. Samantha did not waste any time and squatted over his thighs, lowering herself over his upright throbbing stick of meat. His hands on her waist, she wrapped her arms around his neck and really slammed her groin on him. She was deadly tight in this position and the cool breeze and sight kept her relaxed as she fucked him.

In the mix of groans and pleas, she was climaxing at her own pace. Rick was desperately holding on to the last bit of sanity, tempted to be overthrown by her violent cowgirl ride.

Rick: ‘Slow down. It’s getting too sensitive.’

Samantha let her knees touch the rough surface of the sofa and grind on his lap, rocking back and forth while holding his shoulder onto the backrest. In that pose, he stripped her spaghetti top and unhooked her bra, pulling her flare skirt up to her belly button. Just as he fished her denim jacket out of her bag, her pussy suddenly gone super small and sucked him right in, with contractions milking his cock as she tried harder to keep moving.

Rick: ‘Oh shit!’

He lifted her ass up and she jumped off the couch, going on her knees only to miss the first shot of cum. She hastily covered his tool with her mouth and collected the others, swallowing as quickly as he was puffing her cheeks up with semen. As his energy level dwindled, she let him pull her jacket over her arms and shoulders.

Finally, the spent young man was done and the pair sat dishevelled side by side.

Samantha: ‘Am I going home in these?’
Rick: ‘Yupp. You look so sexy like this.’

They rested for a while more before making their way out, and she walked him home before heading to a bus stop.

Samantha (Whatsapp): ‘I’m just done with my boyfriend. Are you at home now?’

Part 1 | Part 2

Slutty XMM

Slipping on the red bralet that left most of Shermaine’s belly exposed, a pair of high waist shorts completed her outfit for the day. The walk to the bus stop attracted lots of gaze in her direction, mostly admiring the fair, slim waist with a piercing through her belly button.

Samson: ‘Shermaine!’

The slim cut, blue buttoned shirt matched his legs-conturing jeans well and she threw her arms around him for a well-deserved hug after a long period of busyness.

Shermaine: ‘Where are we going now?’
Samson: ‘Want to get right down to it?’
Shermaine: ‘Where?’

He tucked her hand under his arm and brought her to a newly built HDB, staircase eerily quiet without much occupants residing there. Their impatience finally broke free when they found a safer floor, with no shoes or lights from the couple of units on that level.

He had shoved his knees between her legs hard to support some of her weight and she immediately returned his advancement with a deep kiss. Tongues got to work and her hips grinded on his knee seductively. That pair of shorts have been pressing on her crotch tight, somehow teasing her with each step taken.

Soon, their hands got busy and her shorts came off while his jeans was lowered to his thighs. The scarf she had around her bag was wrapped around her waist, in case anyone walked in on them.

Still making out passionately, her fingers had gone around his rod and he did the same for her, except he was rubbing up and down her clit. As temperature rose on his stick, feminine lubricant had begun leaking from her pussy. As far as it goes, things could only go hotter from there.

Samson got his girlfriend to sit on the steps while he descended to get into the correct height. Without wasting any time, she opened her legs and held his head, going straight for her juicy cunt that was waiting.

For that slutty little girl, he couldn’t expect any less from her. Despite how sexy she wore, the fragrant scent between her legs kept him going and her moaning for more. Swiping left and right, flicking up and down, sucking hard and soft, his hair was ruffled into a mess as she held him down.

Samson (whispering): ‘Baby.. let me rest for a while.’

Maintaining a coy smile, she let him go and made some space for him on the step. Next up was her going down a few steps, and laying on her side bum for his share of fun.

She swept her hair to create a ponytail on one side, and went over his dick instantly. The first tease was her lips slipping quickly up and down his penile hood, heightening the sensitivity till he had to beg her to stop. Instead of ending it right there, she sank her jaws down his shaft so he could draw a deep breathe. Thereafter it was just long, sensual trips on his manhood, sucked to a deadly edge of cumming anytime.

Samson (whispering): ‘Baby.. it’s enough.’

She picked her head up and cleaned her mouth of saliva, before pulling him up in one move.

Shermaine: ‘Doggy?’
Samson: ‘Yupp. But I want to go on top when I cum. Can?’
Shermaine: ‘Anything you say babe.’

She went to the cleanest wall of paint and laid her forearm parallel on it. Her ass stuck out like a needy dog for Samson who was guiding her feet further backwards. Once everything was in place, he aimed handsfree at her pussy and drove right in, holding her waist motionless in case she tried to get away.

Shermaine: ‘Oh yes! Fuck me real good.’
Samson: ‘You’re going to get just that.’

The first few thrusts resonated the slapping sounds loudly but he quietened down by bending his knees a little, to jab her in an upward angle. Moans exited into the back of her hand and he was just breathing deeply. Before he realised, he was at full speed ramming into his tiny girlfriend till she was tip toeing in pleasure.

Shermaine: ‘I’m going to come soon! Shit! Hold me!’

Her cheek landed on the wall as her legs went into a cramp, the full weight of her body on the curled toes. Samson hugged her close to his chest and continued pumping slowly. Shermaine recovered in loud huffing sounds, limbs gone weak from that single climax.

Shermaine: ‘Babe, it happened again.’
Samson: ‘It’s okay ah. Have a sit.’

She was placed three steps from the landing and Samson leaned over her in push-up position. Shermaine knew she had to finish the job and helped him get his dick into her. Legs now spread apart on solid ground, Samson resumed the pounding that blurred Shermaine’s vision with orgasms.

His hard cock went in deep, stretching her vaginal walls thin enough to experience the graceful curve and bumps on it. The frequent deep thrusts had kept her clit well-loved to push her senses further up. As another orgasm creeped up her spin, Samson was feeling the gradual difficulty of keeping his speed up.

Samson (whispering): ‘Cumming soon baby?’
Shermaine (whispering in his face): ‘Let’s try to cum together this time. Don’t stop until you shoot k?’

He straightened his arms and closed his feet together. She wrapped her legs around him and one hand held firmly on the vertical columns of the railing.

As his body rammed faster at the same overwhelming depth, Shermaine’s body started shaking as the orgasm tipped over the edge. A few seconds behind her, Samson endured the ache from the squeeze and pushed forward.

In a groan, his elbows bent to hold her shoulders down on his dick, and the gush of cum broke free into her pussy like a dam being destroyed. When her body relaxed the powerful grip on his rod, Samson’s body trembled to the suction and fired a few more times, straight into her xmm.

Holding his cheeks in her hands, a beautiful afterglow warmed his heart and he pulled out, before sitting at her pussy.

Samson: ‘Let me feel inside k?’

A shy nod let his finger into the cum-filled hole and it was like an aquarium in it, full of thick, viscous bio-fluid.

Samson (whispering): ‘Squeeze for me. I’m going to take my finger out.’

A frown came with the pressure on his finger and he withdrew his ‘probe’, to see it cleaned of any cum that was supposed to be inside her. They then sat together as he fished out his packet of wet tissue, cleaning each other up before putting their clothes back on.

Like a lovey dovey couple, her arms were around him as they took a break.

Shermaine: ‘I love you baby.’
Samson: ‘Love you too babe. You’re super tight today.’
Shermaine (whispering): ‘I didn’t masturbate for a week just for you.’

Thanks to the contraceptive pills, there was no worry of being impregnated. They made their way down in the lift with some Bangladeshi workers, fully aware that this particular block was a favourite among public sex fanatics.

Their constant scanning of that sexy-bodied girl did not affect her mood, being confident and all after receiving her fair share of pleasure.

Samson: ‘Hungry?’
Shermaine (whispering cheekily): ‘I’m hungry for you. Can we go to your place now?’

The wide grin told her the answer and he led her in the direction of the bus stop, hopping on the next bus towards his 4-room flat. Imagine what they did when they found out that the whole of the upper deck of the bus was empty.

She changed into that ‘mini-sarong’ skirt during the journey and he managed to get her to cum once before their stop. With more eyes on her for the walk back to his place, her pussy had begun leaking cum from the anticipating pussy.


Amy: ‘How’s work today? Any interesting things happened?’
Me: ‘Nah. Today was pretty quiet. I even dozed off for a while.’
Amy: ‘Orh hor! Hope your boss doesn’t check the CCTV.’

I tucked myself under the blanket smelling better than the whole day of housekeeping, since the usual customers decided to have a ‘coffee-free day’ all at once. My legs had gone all weak from climbing up and down, doing all the work for the upcoming week in one go.

Amy, my girlfriend, shut her MacBook and slid under the sheets, ready to end the night. Like every night, we turned to each other for a kiss and she could tell I was more tired than before. So I was allowed to return to the coffin-sleeping position.

She came closer to my side and hugged me tightly, a common thing for any couples. Her hand rested on my stomach did not stay still though, half-tickling and rubbing. Diving into my baggy boxers next, my little one couldn’t be anymore shy by being disinterested. The constant circling of her nails into my foreskin continued to push my horny level up, fully aware that she was executing my most feared move.

Slowly, my dick grew and she went one step ahead to stroke it. Though dry, our skin brushed across each other like a playful rub. It was simply too much for me to just lie still and not give in. But before I could suggest anything, she had gone under the blanket covering us.

First her hand, then came her tongue that wet the tip. The kisses trailed down my shaft and I was taken aback by the warmness that enveloped my dick. I was finally ‘home’ and it couldn’t feel any better than to have your lifelong partner giving you the treat of your lifetime.

She picked up her speed once I started trembling, squeezing her lips together as she went up and down. My heavy eyelids kept me from looking at her, and all that was ringing in my mind was the extra soft flesh my tip repeatedly pushed against – at the back of her throat.

Me: ‘Amy.. I’m awake now.’

Poking her head out of the blanket, her lips were glimmering under the warm bedside lamp.

Amy: ‘You sure?’
Me: ‘Yes yes. I can’t sleep with that standing up. Right? Want me to go on top?’
Amy: ‘Nope. Not tonight.’

Maybe she just wanted to tease me, which was totally fine with me. It was more than sex that got us together, plus, we knew we could ask for it anytime. That’s one of the perks of living together.

She climbed on top of me while saying ‘I’m going to be on top‘, surprising me with her unusually-active spirits. Sitting over my dick raw, I couldn’t help but got a little worried. We had only attempted bareback sex a handful of times, and only for a while. That night, she ignored our precautions and went straight ‘in’, massaging me with her vaginal muscles to get it even harder.

The grinding motion began once she had her whole body weight on me, slipping my hard cock repeatedly into her pussy. There was nothing I could do except to calm my senses down, definitely not wanting to impregnate her ahead of schedule. The ever-increasing speed she rode me on, really pushed things to the limit.

She knew she was tight, and I meant it. My fingers would ache fingers her and my dick always felt like bursting from all the blood trapped in the rod. In a way, I could get bigger inside her, but at the price of losing it all. A worthy price to pay.

The dishevelled girl rocked her hips wildly, fingers interlocked with mine to stablise. My dick was being directed at a scooping motion, fondling the underside of her pussy that kept driving her crazier. At that tight pressure, I was losing control minutes into our cowgirl experience. Things quickly went out of hand once she deliberately squeezed down hard, raping my pitiful dick that was about to rupture.

Screaming ‘this is so good!’, her voices drowned my pleas conveniently. I was so afraid of cumming and my body had the same thoughts as well. Imagine the mental conflict with your primal instincts. My dick just grew harder from the stiffened muscles, thickening the veins to her advantage.

Me (shouting): ‘Amy! I really can’t take it anymore! Let me out!’

She squat-lifted herself up and at that same time, fell forward as an orgasm arrived late. Trickles of juice dripped over my belly as she dismounted, seated away from me. Her head dived down again on my dick and she took control of me immediately. In contrast to her deadly little pussy, her tongue felt exceptionally relaxing on my shaft, gently pressed on the under side.

Her lips milked me at a comfortable pace, sliding up and down with much care. My hands went over her head as usual and guided her into ‘that’ tempo, readying my load to be delivered into her.

The calming oral sex lasted for about five minutes, with occasional pauses for her to catch her breath. The final moment came when I pushed her harder down, keeping my tip at her throat. For my size, it was not too difficult for her.

Lovely Amy did not resist one bit and let my body complete the journey, unloading my cum so ever peacefully like a victory march. Jerks after jerks, it went easily down her throat. The ascend cleaned up all the excess saliva and tided up the foreskin, only leaving a thin coat of moisturiser for the night.

She was gleaming from ear to ear as I was, satisfied with the workout and protein shake combo. I too, was panting even though she did all the work. But it was really the unloading that drew all of my energy.

Amy: ‘Now.. we can sleep.’

We hid under the blanket for the last time and exchanged kisses, before the room went dark for our much needed rest.

Literally Girl Next Door

At three in the morning, soft knocks came to my door and I opened it to see my neighbour Nikki in a short black dress leaning on the gates, reeking of alcohol.

I had watched her grow up since she was in primary school and they were a kind family. I brought her into the house and let her sit down, bringing her a cup of water.

Me: ‘What happened?’
Nikki: ‘Some shit. I just broke up. And stupidly gave him my first time thinking he will be with me forever.’

I knew whatever I say will be meaningless. She just lost something important, apart from her broken heart. We had always been hi-bye friends since we seldom had time nor topics to talk about. And she was almost seven years younger.

Nikki: ‘Kor kor, can I spend the night here?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I’ll be alone for this two weeks. Family is out for holiday. Only I can’t get off from work.’

She tried to get up but stumbled onto me. Not wanting to risk her injuring herself, I lifted her knees and carried her like a baby into my room, where my brother’s empty bed still occupied half the space.

Me (whispering): ‘Do you need anything else? If not I’ll just let you sleep k?’
Nikki: ‘My bra? I can’t breath properly.’

I reached my hand into her back and unhooked them, pulling the padless bra out of her chest. I returned to my own bed and continued reading the Cracked articles on my phone, hoping to make sure she fell asleep before me.

I have always viewed her as a sister, a hot neighbour that will always appear immature no matter how old she was. It was probably due to the years we have seen each other.

Right before I fell into deep sleep, I felt some weight pressing onto my bed, and Nikki snuck next to me, sharing my comfy soft pillow looking at me.

Me: ‘Not tired?’
Nikki (whispering): ‘The alcohol is making me feel horny.’
Me: ‘Silly. It will be fine once you wake up.’
Nikki (whispering): ‘You know? Whenever I want to go out, I will wait for a while to see if you are going out too. So I can see you.’
Me: ‘You always dress so nice. And I’m in shorts and t-shirt.’
Nikki: ‘Kor kor.. I like you.’
Me: ‘Me too. You’re like my little.. ‘
Nikki: ‘No!’

Her finger stopped me from trying to draw the line and slid across my cheeks, while leaning in for a kiss I can’t refuse. Our lips touched and she pulled me closer via my collar, breathing in all that flowery scent and alcohol mix. My arm went around her waist too and we got closer than ever before.

Nikki (whispering): ‘Will you fuck me?’
Me (whispering): ‘What? Don’t say that! You’re a lady.’

I swallowed hard and looked into her mesmerising eyes. I almost sensed a little bit of admiration and submission.

Nikki (whispering): ‘Then can I fuck you?’

A silly grin appeared on her face and an excited nod followed. I went into doggie and she wriggled herself under me. When she pulled those panties off her legs, she kneed me lightly. Well, it was worth it.

Nikki lowered my shorts enough to expose my wiener and she clumsily yanked it to her pussy, as if foreplay never existed.

Nikki: ‘Put it inside me.’

I pushed my hips forward and her opened legs helped to make things smooth. Her unbelievable tightness almost immobilised me but she was showing more pain than my discomfort.

Me: ‘Is it too big?’
Nikki: ‘No. I like it.’

I started pumping her slowly and she was moaning her heart out, digging her nails into my back that turned me into a little monster. ‘Oh fuck yes! I super love your dick!‘, she whispered in between her moans a few times. Was that all she loved about that ex of hers? Did he use sex to get her?

My thoughts got lost when she came and left my dick suffocating as she got super tight. That orgasm had knocked her out flat and she was soon motionless under my weight. Carefully, I pulled out of her and left her to sleep.

I stayed on that bed to prevent her from falling over (it was a narrow single bed) and the moment I woke up, was when I felt cold fingers toying with my dick.

Nikki (whispering): ‘Just close your eyes and sleep.’

I shut my eyes and let her play with whatever she wanted. First, it was her fingers, then, her hair brushed across my tummy and a tongue touched the tip. Lips went around my shaft and continued downwards, till she began to suck me autonomously.

Groans escaped my mouth uncontrolled and she stayed focused, letting her tongue slide up and down my shaft. Pushing all my buttons skilfully, it was mere minutes before I had to unload.

Me (whispering): ‘Nikki. I’m going to shoot.’


Her speed increased and I was half holding her down and lifting her up. Her mouth was too addictive and it was determination that kept her from stopping.

She never slowed down once and continued till my load blew in her mouth, followed by long, slower strokes that she made to suck me dry. When I felt the final squirt, I was full of guilt and picked her up.

Nikki: ‘Nice?’
Me: ‘It didn’t taste weird?’
Nikki: ‘No ah. Cannot swallow meh? My ex always makes me swallow.’
Me: ‘No you silly! You can spit it out.’

She looked at the clock hanging on my wall and got up, wearing her bra and panties back. I slipped my shorts on as well and she made her way to the door. When we opened the door, her door was wide open, and her dad appeared just in time.

Dad: ‘You were over at his place the whole night?’
Nikki: ‘No. I went out with my friends. Then I came home at 3am. So I slept here lo.’

He came out of his house and I opened my gates. He walked up to us and held her daughter under his arm.

Dad: ‘You know, I’d rather my daughter be with you than those guys she told me about. Have you two eaten?’
Me: ‘Not yet.’
Dad: ‘Okay. You.. go get changed then go over and make breakfast for him.’

Nikki disappeared under her dad’s arm and went into her house. He patted me on the shoulders and told me to take care of her daughter, and no matter if I ended up marrying her, he would support me fully.

I waited at the door till Nikki changed into a long t-shirt, hiding whatever shorts or panties (or nothing) she wore underneath. The eighteen year old then whipped up a hearty breakfast and we ate it in my bed.

You guys could have guessed what we did after that right? Some morning exercises that is.

Seducing Love

After close to three hours of giggling and laughing in my sister’s room, her best friend, Alina, came out of the room and joined me on the couch. I had seen her a few times but did not pay much attention to her. Although she was the same age as my sister, everything was smaller about her than my sister.

Me: ‘What are you girls doing in the room? So noisy.’
Alina: ‘We tried on some clothes we just bought.’

She was in her school P.E. shirt, tucked out and over her FBT shorts she wore instead of the issued school shorts. While I was attracted to the Discovery Channel coverage of the Blackbird SR21, she was on her phone, typing and smiling silly to herself.

Casually stealing glances at her, her phone suddenly dropped onto her lap and her feet got on the sofa, arms trembling as though she just peed in her shorts.

Me: ‘You okay?’
Alina: ‘Yupp! Do you always wear like this in the house?’
Me: ‘Yeah. It’s not too revealing for you right?’
Alina: ‘No ah. I also wear like this at home. I mean short shorts.’

A moment later, she pointed her screen at me, displaying a Whatsapp conversation with my sister.

‘Try and seduce him?’

The phone was placed on the sofa after I read it and she pulled herself closer with my arm. Sitting half-serious, she crossed her legs and were facing me sideways.

Alina: ‘So how do I seduce you?’

There was way I could stop my imagination from running wild. I mean, this ITE girl, who looked underaged, actually asked that question. She placed my arm behind her head and laid on it, while shifting closer to me. One of her hand went over my shorts and felt the half-erect dick underneath, massaging it while watching my expressions.

Though I wasn’t that shy, I did not think of just jumping on her. She made me twitch and moan for a while, before she took my hand and dropped it on her legs. I continued to watch my show, but my hand was moving down her thighs. Soon, I was pressing on her groin and she was jerking me in my shorts, moaning loud enough for my sister to hear.

Alina (whispering): ‘Can I see it?’

My head nodded innocently and she tugged the elastic band lower, tucking it under my balls to keep my shorts open. The curious girl wriggled her butt backwards and leaned over my crotch, exploring my manhood with great interest.

Obstructed by her head, I missed the tongue that stuck out and simply felt soft, wet flesh licking the tip. Her lips went around my shaft and sank lower, saliva building up to pave the way. In no time, a hot surface touched my dick head and a gagging sound came.

She began moving her head up and down, sending me into a slight shiver that got some girlish moans out of me.

Alina (whispering): ‘You like it?’
Me: ‘Yeah. It feels great.’

She stood up with me looking at her, stripped her shorts and yellow panties off, and returned to the couch. She laid on the armrest on the other end relaxed and I finally turned off the pointless flat screen.

I went kneeled on the floor and bent my chest over her pussy, both hands holding her ankles apart. The first thing she did was to pull that glimmering wet wireless bullet out of her, the toy that got her so horny and trembling even before we started.

A gullible sounding ‘huh‘ did not stop me from going down on her and she grabbed a cushion into her chest when my tongue brushed across her clit.

Sluttish moans broke free and her fingers weaved into my hair, guiding my mouth that was flicking randomly on her wet pussy. Amidst the orgasms she was having, I did not notice the presence of my sister, who was standing watch behind me.

Alina: ‘Rachel!’
Sister: ‘Shhh!’

Alina kept my head down and the shadow of my sister placed her around Alina’s head. One feet kept her stable on the ground and the other knee went atop the armrest her friend was lying on. Moans became muffled and the threesome circled around that petite girl.

Sister: ‘Kor, stop for a while.’

Her hands finally let go off my hair and I looked up, at my sister who had her shirt knotted above her belly. Nothing else hid the shaved pussy between her legs.

Little sister went to lie on Alina’s position and all of a sudden, Alina dashed into her bedroom. Seconds before my dick started to lose interest, a strap-on dildo appeared before our eyes, shoved into my hand.

Alina: ‘I help you put it on.’

She granted my dick an ‘assistant’, dangling below the organic one.

She got into doggy over my sister’s athletic frame. And told me to fit both in before moving. So, I knelt behind the two pairs of opened legs and can’t help but admire the two pussies, one hovering over the other.

Moving closer to Alina, I guided the tip in and sister reached for her cold, lifeless, rubber dick, pointing me in the respective holes.

Once I had penetrated deep enough to stop any rods from slipping out, the girls started making out and my hips got started. Half kneeling and standing, I found the perfect height to pound seamlessly, multiplying the pleasure two folds.

Alina was tight beyond description and the slight resistance the dildo had told me the same for my sister. As they took the poundings, juices started splashing all over the sofa.

Sister: ‘Kor.. put this on the table for me.’

Her iPhone was retrieved from the edge of the coffee table and I placed it against a cup, in self-portrait mode and captured all three of us in frame.

Among their kissing, some whisperings were heard but it was mostly moans. Alina stopped me after a while and they squirmed away from the double-headed dildo.

I had to excuse myself from the couch when they sat face-to-face, engrossed in some secret discussions.

Alina: ‘Are you sure?’
Sister: ‘Yeah. Don’t worry about me.’

My sister went behind me and undid the strap-on, nudging me to lie over Alina in missionary. She disappeared into her room after and left us alone.

Alina lifted her legs over my shoulders and raised her butt, signalling me to finish the job. With some suspicion over their ‘meeting’ earlier, I had to complete the task on hand.

Piercing into the small hole again, I focused on getting her off and kept pumping till it was my turn. I pulled out of the delighted girl after I gave her the heads up and she called out for my sister.

They made me sit down and went between my legs, Alina’s hand jerking me off as I wondered what were these two girls up to. They continued that sightseeing mode till I exploded, covering her friend’s hand with cum that got them in awe.

They ran off to the kitchen to wash up amongst some giggling, and returned to her room to share more secrets. I was left there, wondering what just happened and where ‘we’, the three of us, will be heading to, in terms of sexual discovery.

About an hour later, Alina kissed me goodbye and my sister joined me in my room, working on some design templates for a project.

Me: ‘You dared Alina to seduce me ah?’
Sister: ‘No la. She likes you. But don’t know how to get you to like her. So I told her to seduce you lo. You won’t mind to be her boyfriend right?’
Me: ‘It’s not about minding to be her boyfriend leh. I won’t deny that she’s quite likeable. But you can’t suggest this kind of things to her mah.’
Sister: ‘Hehe. So I tell her that you don’t mind her as your girlfriend k!’

A sighing smile got her the answer she wanted. But there was something else on her mind.

Sister: ‘Eh kor. How does it feel to be inside her? Is she tight?’
Me: ‘I wonder what you two girls are doing in your room. I guess she’s tight ba. Her body is so small.’
Sister: ‘She says it feels awesome lo. She can feel your heartbeat inside her and the orgasms are different from masturbation.’
Me: ‘Haha. That’s for you girls to find out.’
Sister: ‘Kor.. ‘
Me: ‘Yeah?’
Sister: ‘I also want to feel it for myself. With you. Can?’
Me: ‘Siao ah! Just now is an exception. No more!’

She stomped up on her feet and sat on my bed, out of my view. Not long after, moans came from behind and I turned around to see what she was up to. And there she was, lying on my bed with her legs opened, performing for me.

Sister: ‘Pleeeeease?’
Me: ‘We cannot let daddy and mummy know k?’
Sister: ‘Duh. And Alina too. She will be damn jealous.’

Since I was getting a little tired, I took my briefs off and jumped into bed, where my little sister quickly worked on my dick to get it up.

Sister: ‘Quite sad to know that I’ll be doing it more times with you than your new girlfriend.’
Me: ‘Eh. Don’t be so mean can? You made her my girlfriend leh.’
Sister: ‘Shhh.. ‘

And her lips went over my unwashed dick from the earlier ‘party’.

Four Levels Deeper

Ivan’s mind, and heart was thrown into a disarray when his plan went accordingly, to which he had to watch his very own girlfriend, Jacq, mingle with friends of Jake, the asshole who fucked, and left Jacq with a pussy full of his cum for Ivan to discover later. The mere thought of that fateful night got him really angry, but all he could think of was punishment, instead of forgiveness.

He could immediately tell from their faces, how despicable they were when she walked up to them in a lacy, spaghetti crop top and a pair soft, cotton tennis skirt that left a good deal of her fair legs for all to ogle at.

As they bought her rounds after rounds of drinks, Ivan’s gaze was switching between her, and the series of network-connected spy cameras he had installed in the hotel room where they was supposedly having a staycation – except that he had her tell them a ploy, that he would only return after work at 2am.

The group finished all their drinks as soon as she told them about the room, quickly making their way to maximise their time with her. As for Jacq, she knew that he would always be nearby, and watching. Ivan could only imagine how disturbed she was feeling, but the punishment had to be done.

Once in the hotel, Ivan, with his laptop and phone in his hand, made himself comfortable at the lobby while the gang proceeded upstairs. A single click activated the cameras in recording mode, providing him a live feed of the action happening in the room as it happened.

Like a rag doll, she was shoved into the bed as soon as the door was locked, sex-depraved men stripping as they surrounded her. Jake had held up his end of the deal by inviting no more than three men for this ‘party, himself included. Once all the participants were naked, Jake paved the way by perching her back against the headboard. He ushered for the rest to get started and boy, did they pounce on her like hungry wolves.

First were two men getting on their knees by her sides, impatiently raising her hands to their cocks so they could enjoy her shy fingers wrapping around their huge cocks. The third man then dived headfirst into her pussy, twisting his neck to gorge her shaved, smooth pussy out. The last to join in was Jake, easily sliding his cock into her mouth since he was already standing/ squatting in front of her.

The four of them went all out at her, though doing their best not to push her beyond her limits. Jacq was just moaning hysterically with a cock in her mouth! On Ivan’s screen, she did seem like a poor bitch getting ripped apart by four wolves. Oh how his heart ached, and cock throbbed. The whole punishment thing was proving itself impossible to bear even before the fun really began.

(Jakecommanding) ‘Guys, I don’t mean to be selfish but I’m going to draw first blood. Kit, pull her lower down on the bed.’

She was dragged to the center of the bed by her feet and Kit, the one eating her out, left momentarily to let Jake pick his position. The two guys at the end of her arms were still getting jerked off, though not for long. Jake had settled down between her legs, which he raised for Kit, then kneeling over her face, to hold.

Imagine a girl on her back, arms straightened out as far as they could reach, has her feet spread and raised up and above, towards her face. That was the position Jake would fuck her in. Kit took the opportunity to stick his cock down her throat, thrusting gently as Jake penetrated that helpless little girl.

The whole scene got more intense as Ivan watched her struggle, to the powerful pounding at her pussy, to which she could not moan or breath properly due to that second asshole’s cock in her mouth. Thankfully, it didn’t take them more than a minute to realise the horror of what she was going through, and relieved her of her obstructed breathing.

Jake basically went all out at that chance and pumped her till he came, depositing all of his load into her pussy without a single drop wasted. They had taken the liberty to shut her legs once he pulled his drenched cock out of her.

(Jake asking) ‘Who’s next!’

(Random man replied) ‘ME! Can?’

One of the handjob receivers described how he wanted to fuck her, and the rest just sighed at his unnecessarily-detailed plan. He could have just said ‘doggystyle’.


Kit, the overly excited boy plopped his ass down and kept her face close to his groin, while the second ‘comer’ hammered her in record speed. The t.p.m. (thrusts-per-minute) was so high no one else could enjoy her any way else, locking them out of his indulgence. As disappointed as they were at his over-zealous spirit, he was making noises that seemed to come too soon.

(Random man groaned) ‘AHH! AHH! AHHHH! Fuck! Shit! God.. ‘

His body collapsed over Jacq’s back, and it was barely two minutes into his turn. The rest of them promptly called out ‘next!’ in unison to mock at his bad performance, to which he shamefully excused to one corner to sulk.

(Random man 2 asked) ‘Umm.. normal missionary can?’

The other two left the bed in silence to the both of them as if they knew of something, something like how easily he gets attached to people. Jacq was just lying motionless, partly exhausted, partly overwhelmed with guilt, and partly glad that this was going to make things better between Ivan and her.

Like a loving couple, he laid on top of her and slid his cock in, gasping at the wetness and tightness. The quick-turn of his head towards the sulking man told Ivan of how much he understood the cause behind his ‘fast-game’.

Unlike others, he paced his thrusts and even moved quite gracefully, slamming his hips almost vertically downward at her pussy, jabbing her at the second-most sensitive spot in her lady part. He was able to keep going for more than five minutes, before Jacq started acting up. To Ivan’s disbelief, the signs of her sensual massage on her own boob, other hand clawing at that man’s back, he was in fact, summoning an orgasm out of her.

In the next two minutes of their love-making, their breaths could be heard increasing in pace, as well as her erratic closing and opening of her thighs. Not long later, a loud, high-pitched moan came about to express her intense orgasm he had successfully induced.

(Kit interrupting suddenly) ‘Okok. My turn my turn.’

That weird young man pried him away and asked her to go down on him again, until he came. With Ivan’s knowledge of Jacq’s oral skills, he knew how long it might take her to make him cum, if not, impossible. He was fighting the urge to just storm into the room and end it before she was subjected to such uninformed way of treatment. Still, he managed to convince himself to stay put, five minutes at a time to see how things would turn out.

Kit, was leaving Jacq completely alone to do her thing, without any involvement of his hands or any hip-thrusts. Oh only God knows how long this ordeal was going to last – if Jacq didn’t have anything up her (non-existent) sleeves.

(Kit groaning) ‘WOAH WOAH WOAH! OH FUCK!’

Just three minutes into the oral sex, he was making noises Ivan didn’t understand. On his screen, he could see how dedicated Jacq was, making long, deep strokes up and down his shaft while keeping eye-contact. On that pixelated, zoomed-in view, she was doing something with her throat Ivan had never seen before.


His attempt to crawl away from her was thwarted by the headboard right behind him, and she got on her knees to thoroughly drain him of anymore desires of girls going down on him. Finally, he had to literally dash out of bed to avoid any more of her, only for the rest to laugh at.

(Jacq calmly said to them) ‘Okay. You guys have to go now. We did everything as planned right?’

(Jake replied) ‘Yupp. Let’s go guys. I can only hope that we will see her again.’

The gang got dressed and disappeared quicker than before they had their fun, and Ivan went back to her after he confirmed their departure. In an unexpected twist of event, the couple discovered a whole new depth of love, that resulted in a night of hugs, sex, more hugs, crazy sex, crazy, sobbing hugs, and beyond-comprehension sex that covered everywhere from the windows, to the bathtub, right up to the opened door in the wee hours of the morning.

Now that is what I call ‘fucking love’.

One for Marina Boulevard

Girl: ‘Umm.. excuse me?’

I pulled my earpiece out and stared at her in the black ITE dress, whom had caught my eyes when she entered the restaurant. I didn’t exactly ‘eye’ her but nonetheless, attracted to her baby small face with brown hair.

Girl: ‘Can I get your number?’

She stuck her Chanel-cover iPhone to me at the ‘New Contact’ screen and I keyed in my details. Once she returned to her table, cheers could be heard from her friends, who kept looking in my direction.

The noisy group left after a while and that girl came back to my table. This time, I signalled for her to the empty chair next to me and she sat down, hugging onto her bag tightly in front of her chest.

Me: ‘Your friends?’
Girl: ‘They left. I’m Ashley.’

All my impressions of ‘Ashleys’ were guys but Yellow Ranger was Ashley too. The only part where they had any similarity was her neck-length hair. Having done with my dinner, I had no idea what to suggest to her. Getting laid sounded impossible except in my stories, and her age worried me too.

Me: ‘I’m done with dinner. Want to go for a walk?’
Ashley: ‘Okay. You stay around here?’
Me: ‘Yeah. About fifteen minutes walk.’

It wasn’t nearby, but a distance to help digest. We went to H&M which was along the way and her shyness told me something else about her. The clothes which she stopped to look at, the price tag would always come first. And for most of them, she replaced the item after seeing how much it cost.

Me: ‘Hey. Pick something. Your uniform don’t exactly fit this place.’

She continued browsing and settled for a striped crop top. Looking at me wishfully, I had to instruct her to get some sort of bottoms as well. How else would she be able to change into a completely different outfit? A pair of black shorts were added to her arm and I paid for it. Entering the changing room for the third time, she changed into the purchases and sights were immediately set on her when we left the building.

Me: ‘Like it?’
Ashley: ‘I shouldn’t have picked this shirt. I’m cold.’

Her worried, pouted lips look was priceless. I sighed a laugh and reached my arm out at her, where she happily held with both hands. The constant stares she got no longer bothered her in that lively mood, and when we reached the building I stayed in, her arms suddenly let go of me.

I haven’t told her about where we were going, but when she asked where I lived, I thought she was alright with going to my place. Still, playing safe would not ruin the new, cute friend I made.

Me: ‘Maybe we should go elsewhere.’
Ashley (whispering): ‘I.. it’s too expensive here.’
Me: ‘Expensive? What do you mean?’
Ashley: ‘This is a hotel right?’

I couldn’t blame her. At her age, I would have thought the same too. One Marina Boulevard is an office/ residential place.

Me: ‘Actually, this is a bit too expensive.’
Ashley: ‘Yeah! Can we go to your place instead?’
Me: ‘Okay. Let’s go to my place then. Follow me. I ask them something first.’

She held my hand and we went to the reception, where the attractive front-desk lady recognised me.

Lady: ‘Good evening Mr. J. A card for your friend?’

A smile was my answer to her and she held the access card towards Ashley. With a confused expression, she politely accepted and we walked away with regards from the sweet lady.

Ashley: ‘So you stay here.’

The gantry opened upon detecting the card in our pockets and the lift worked with a tap of her visitor pass. Once we reached my floor, the huge automated sliding door opened on my side and we made our way into the living room. The only thing with the interior layout was that the long corridor.

Imagine walking to your classroom, which was my bedroom in this case, you’ll have to pass the kitchen, study-cum-office. Luckily I was staying alone and would never bump into anyone fucking on the kitchen counter.

Ashley: ‘This.. is.. crazy.. ‘

What could I possibly say to her? ‘It’s nothing’? Or ‘I think so too’? Saying nothing was the best protection against her own self-esteem. I brought her into my bedroom, which faced the cityscape with full-length windows.

Ashley was breathing so hard I could hear her excitement, and all she did was look out of the window. I went behind her and hugged her, carrying her to the bed which I meticulously picked, being the second most expensive furniture besides the unit.

Me: ‘Look at this.’

A click on the smart-home controller lit the LEDs behind the ceiling, making the stars glow randomly. That cute girl just stared at it with her jaws opened. My face occupied her vision next and I could tell something in her was about to explode. Her lips wet themselves, almost luring me to skip the kissing and stick my dick in there.

Ashley: ‘I.. don’t know what to say.’

My hand rested on her exposed tummy and she unbuttoned her shorts. It was that straightforward. We knew what was coming next, that’s getting into our birthday suits. Her small tits looked full despite the low altitude, and her pussy, had the finest hair that thinly her important part luxurious, like those furry carpets.

She had felt my groin when I leaned my body on her, and she was so embarrassed about the fact that I shaved and she didn’t. Every small detail was affecting her so much.

Ashley (whispering): ‘Sorry. I didn’t shave.’
Me (whispering): ‘I’m not bothered by it. I think it looks cute on you.’

By the time we started kissing, our bodies had wanted more than sex, whatever that realm was. Her hand worked clumsily on my rod, trying to please me as I rubbed her clit to an orgasm. Up till that point where she climaxed with panting moans, she was just trying to keep up with me.

When I finally couldn’t take the teasing, I stepped out of bed and went to the dresser. That poor girl got all worried and sat on the bed, wondering what I was doing.

Ashley: ‘I’m sorry. I don’t know how to pleasure guys. I only seen it once online then I didn’t want to again.’
Me: ‘Huh? What are you talking about?’

I was fishing for my condom. Oh wait. Maybe I didn’t need it if she’s a virgin. I stopped reorganising the drawer and went back to the guilt-struck girl. She was just rubbing her clenched fist looking so lost.

Me: ‘You have any boyfriends before?’
Ashley: ‘Yeah. But we didn’t do much. He just made me sit on top of him and just move my down-there over his pants.’
Me: ‘So, you’re a virgin?’
Ashley (shyly): ‘I usually masturbate with my lipstick. But never had sex.’

The turn of event did not disappoint me. I was too reckless, not all girls are that.. argh.. whatever. Guess who felt worse after coming this far? I made her lie on the bed and joined her, looking at the stars while she laid on my chest looking at the city view. I guess there wasn’t much else to do besides a handjob, which I could skip to make up for my foolishness.

Slowly, I felt her hand moving over my dick again, feeling each area with her fingertips. My breathing was in her control then and it was up to her to make me breathe fast or slow. She was a quick learner.

Ashley (whispering): ‘Can you turn on the lights? I want to see it.’

Another click brought the lights up and she moved to my stomach, checking the penis in detail. Be it curiosity or duty, she was keeping me hard. Unable to see anything in front of her head, a soft, wet surface touched my pee hole and her lips gently kissed over the head. Going down my shaft, a sharp breath told her ‘you’re doing it right’.

My balls were in the mercy of her palm and her blowjob consisted more of tongue play than up-down. Still, it was good. Don’t we all love to be teased than to be made to cum? While men enjoys the process, women loves the outcome.

Me (whispering): ‘It’s enough for me. Can I play with yours?’
Ashley (whispering): ‘Don’t .. I .. (a tap on my dick) .. to play with me.’

That was the best unclear, answer any guys could wish to get. I didn’t even get the full sentence from the whisper. I laid on top of her and let my hips find the opening. Her hands were on my cheeks ready to pull me in for the kiss when I entered.

Inches by inches, I moved carefully and her defloration was aided by the frenching that distracted her. Once I had taken 100% of her virginity, my body just went autopilot. Our mouths never left each other and her tightness just drove me crazy. Her body was getting used to the motion by that long, biological stick all men has. It was full of involuntary contractions and orgasms she never expected to have come so soon.

Ashley (whispering): ‘I came so many times today.’
Me (whispering): ‘I know. I can feel it.’

That five minutes we were at it, she had three. And I totally forgot about the condom.

Me: ‘Wanna go on top?’
Ashley: ‘Okay. I think I know how to move.’

Her level of concern about putting it in was higher than maintaining eye-contact. Yes, that was how new she was to this. The moment the pleasure returned, she interlocked fingers with me and rocked her slim belly, riding me in a continuous exchange of moans and groans from the both of us.

She was going really, really fast. And the rocking motion simply pushed all the right spots on my shaft. The only drawback being my lack of stamina, which I gave in to her tight pussy that I bet all of you would succumb to as well. I had suspected her to be enjoying this more than me.

Me: ‘Ash.. You have to get off me now. I’m going to shoot.’

She did not understandd the urgency when guys say that and she took her time to come to a stop, before releasing my purplish looking dick.

Ashley: ‘Umm.. what do I do now?’
Me: ‘Where does your boyfriend usually shoot?’
Ashley: ‘Ex. I’m single now. He usually.. shoot on my hand.’
Me: ‘Hmm.. wrap your hand over it and move up and down. You can lie on my stomach. When I’m going to shoot, I will touch your head and you put it into your mouth?’

She nodded her head obediently and did as told. The final moments were spent with my eyes closed, and a huge cumshot that emptied my balls into her mouth. Her tongue simply did not know what to do except to keep teasing the tip.

After the few minutes of grand finale, she went to her bag and took her water bottle out, swallowing my cum like medicine, giving me the biggest surprise of the night.

Well, I guess she could do that. Or spit it out.

We went for a shower together and she sat over my dick in the bathtub, hugging me tightly and kissing all over my neck.

Ashley: ‘Can I ask you for something?’

Shit. Don’t tell me it’s money. Or should I wish it’s ‘just’ money?

Ashley: ‘Can I show you to my mum?’

Okay. That wasn’t too bad. But given how busy I was, I didn’t know how long we could stay together. But maybe, just maybe, this could work out.

After another round in the bathtub, where I came into her mouth again, we went to the carpark where I had my company car, a Mercedes R231. We drove to her flat in the old estates of Toa Payoh and parked the heavy-front car after much difficulty.

The neighbours Ashley saw along the way up to her flat would thought that she have struck the lottery. She was all smiles from the moment we hopped into the car, caressing every curves from the dashboard to the leather seats as I did the same, with my hand under her school uniform she changed back into after the shower.

Ashley (shouting): ‘Mummy! This is J.’

A long, disapproving stare made me look away. I was in shorts and t-shirt. How else would I expect her to think of me? Her mum was in her early thirties, having Ashley from an accident with one of her flings. Well, I (or she) was just lucky that fling had good genes. Or that her mum had good eyes.

After the longest ten minutes introduction and chatting with Ashley and her mum, her impression of me improved upon hearing where I lived and how we got here. The next thing I knew, she had her attention on me rather than her daughter who was asking her if she could spend nights at my place.

Mum: ‘No you can’t. You have a home and you’ll disturb J from his work. J, you can come over and spend nights here though. I can accept that.’

Whether if her mum was the one who wanted to spend more time with me, or to keep an eye on her daughter, time will tell. But for that evening, she allowed Ashley to spend the night at my place. At last, I felt better knowing that I haven’t stepped on any timebombs for that eventful day.

After we got home and naked, we crashed into the bed with hands all over each other. As for the rest of the night, all I could say is – we were spent when first light broke into the room.