His Karlene

‘Hey! Be gentle! My parents are just outside!’

Bob snapped Karlene’s bra before she even got into her room, hurrying her to the bed where he playfully shoved her onto it. Falling on her hands, he yanked the centre part of her shorts to aside and slid his hand along her pussy. That plump mould she shaved daily, was such a beauty to behold and he did not spend too much time rubbing her clit either.


As his fingers wriggled their way into her vagina, her ass shook uncontrollably to his energetic exploration. Karlene was getting wet faster than she expected, dying to get more of him inside her. Like a faithful dog, she stayed on her fours while he sat behind her, giving her pussy a lick that sent her shivering. He had to pull his fingers out to get a good angle and switched to massage her clit, going fast and slow at the wrong timing.

‘Baby! Keeping rubbing that spot! I’m cumming!’

He suddenly gave up and acted silly, decreasing speed despite her pleas to go faster. The disappointed girlfriend lost her rhythm after a while but couldn’t stop moaning, since he was eating her out and teasing her. Five minutes past and he was long done with his ‘dessert’, just focused on fingering her to edge her as many times as he could.


Finally, she had enough and crawled a step forward, dropping her ass backwards on her feet.

‘Are you going to let me cum? If not I’m going to do it myself.’

‘I am I am. Just relax k?’

‘You better give it to me soon.’

He moved to the centre of the bed behind her and guided her chest forward, returning her to the doggystyle so he could fuck that tight pussy. His dick, dry and aching from the hard on, ran under her a few times to get it lubed up. The moment he was satisfied with how wet he was, he poked the first bit into her vagina.

Moving so ever slowly, he had to hold her waist to stop her from sitting on his cock. An inch went in after a few seconds, and another followed. It took him almost a full minute to penetrate that crazy girl about to lose her mind soon.

Not only he moved like a tortise, he did not thrust that yearning pussy for another minute. That girl was getting frustrated with his foreplay but couldn’t ride him due to his strong hands on her waist. After hearing her beg to be fucked, he sent his shaft in and out at an increasing velocity. It took lesser time for him to reach his full speed pounding that desperate girlfriend, plunging balls-deep to hear her moan in pleasure.

‘You are so fucking tight tonight!’

‘All thanks to you.. ‘

There was nothing sexier than a sex-starved lady who came under a minute after he started his thrusts. She only got wetter and Bob began to lose control of his body. His hips were banging her so hard it hurt but she was enjoying all of his pain. The perky ass sticking her pussy out so far was receiving all of his love for her.

‘I think I’m going to faint this time!’

Karlene cried out as he went really fast, about to unload into that tight cunt of hers. His fingers dug deeper into her waist as his cock hardened to rock-like, dragging her innards where all her nerves lined.

‘Are you still on the pill?’

‘Uh huh!’

He slammed his hips on her ass and felt the first wave pour into her hole, leaving a trail as he pulled out to push his cum deeper along with more deposit. After the third stroke, his face collapsed onto her back as she formed a suction within to keep him in, trembling stronger and stronger as the orgasm knocked the breath out of her.

His pitiful dick was just puking continuously until he rolled off her back, landing on his side right next to her. Karlene was still shaking from the aftermath and couldn’t change to any other positions, staying on her knees till she was better.

Lying on the bed face to face, Karlene’s afterglow was so pretty that Bob couldn’t stop kissing her. One of them weren’t meant to spend the night there and he had to go.

‘I’ll leave on my own. You just rest.’

He zipped up his sweater over his collared shirt and made his way out of her room, body still warm from the intense sex he had. Her parents bade him goodbye with much enthusiasm. Well, they should have guessed that he just made their daughter really happy and tired right? ;)

Photos published with permission, courtesy of BobB.

The One that Got Away

Note: The following story is part love part sex, though there is a longer section of it for romance, it is based on a true story of a friend in M’sia. 

What does falling in love means to you? Can it even be described? It was the year 2004 when Ashlee began her 13 year old schooling life in a government school. All along, she had been in a private school, which consisted of children brought up in perfect families. For her parents, sending her to a public school meant showing her the world, and how beautiful it can be, with the ugliness it hid.

The first days of school were mostly administrative, and it was too, the first sighting of a guy that would change her life. The first person she met was the person-in-charge of newcomers, and while she was talking to him, two guys were pulled by their ears bypassing her, with a strong cigarette smell that would not require any explanation. As they were struggling to keep up to speed with the teacher, one of the boys gave her a smile, which melted most of her heart away. And so it began.

Without any friends or thoughts about what was happening around her, uncertainty clouded her mind more than anything and fear wasn’t too far away either. Being a Chinese-American did not provided much help as it would attract more undesirable attention that would be tough to ignore. And just as her thoughts were floating all over, a shout blocked out everything.

Guy 1: ‘Hai awak comel nak cium skit boleh!’
Guy 1: ‘Can I kiss you cute?’

Kiss me?‘ Ashlee thought to herself. If not for the other guy who smiled at her earlier, she would have allowed her anger to take over and lunged a slap on his cheek.

Guy 2: ‘Brani kau… ini depan office penggetua la.’
Guy 2: ‘How bold you are! This is the headmaster’s front office!’

The charming boy managed to hold his friend back while she recomposed herself. As they finished the lecture with the headmaster, they left shortly after. It was her turn. Introductions were made and as expected, testimonials had reached this district and most of the management had heard about her excellence academically and in sports. However, Ashlee was more distracted about him, than what the school cared. Asking about the two boys earlier, they were Edwin and Navin, and was promised to be the least of her worries (but not concerns).

A few hours of administrative work later, and she was sent to 2A, presumingly the best class. Without proficient Malay, she was deeply embarrassed by the mocking from her classmates. Settling down quickly, a shadow caught her eyes at this point in time, passing the window of her class slowly enough for her to admire – Edwin. The sunlight behind him cast an attractive silhouette of him onto her mind, with an impression she could never forget.

Lucy, who was sitting beside her soon became her source of information, although most of it only concerned Edwin. Although he was two years older, they became an item just two months later, which was her first boyfriend, with much care and kindness still unmatched. However, memories of him could only reside in her memories as Edwin was no longer with her, or us, in this world.

Ashlee was only 14 when she gave her first to him, and it still bore the deepest and fondest memories of him. Despite many guys she had came across in her life, that moment her boyfriend took her virginity still remained fresh in her mind, and coincidentally, still the thought that got her wet and horny many times.

Amazed to see a cock for the first time, Ashlee began sucking on it without any hesitation, since it was the most common act in pornography. While her mouth got busy, Edwin’s hands weren’t lazing either. But there wasn’t much boobs to grab since she was that young.

After a while of fondling, he laid her down on the bed, and leaned close to her.

Edwin (whispered): ‘Honey, I promise I would be as gentle as I could for you.’

Suddenly, she felt something going inside her pussy, splitting her walls apart for the first time ever. With a hot piece of hard meat going between, it wasn’t without pain, and intense pain, almost tearing her, both physically and in her eyes.

With that much fear, he wanted to stop, but Ashlee resisted him and held his ass firmly close to her.

Ashlee: ‘I’m a big girl. I can handle the pain.’

Hesitating a while, his small head decided to proceed despite some unwillingness. Another of a sudden, something broke through within her and Edwin were balls deep into her. Freezing for a good long minute, her pussy was getting used to his dick, his size and warmth. Looking emotionallly into his girl’s eyes, he asked if she had any regrets, and she could only give the reply in her heart.

‘No, cause I love you so much. And I know you would take care of me.’

Edwin smiled and tears fell, from his eyes to her cheeks, if only that scene could stay forever, she would be more than happy to freeze in time for life.

Ashlee: ‘I think I am used to the feeling of your cock in me. So fuck away.’

Being so wet and ready, his cock needed no assistance and just glided in and out of her pussy, while she rubbed her clit. Moments went by with much heat and intensity, until he slowed down.

Edwin: ‘Honey, I’m gonna cum.’

He wasn’t wearing any condom at that time, so she simply gave him the permission to cum anywhere he wanted. Pulling it gently out of her, he sprayed his sperms on her stomach. Waves after waves of love spill over her, coating her navel and reaching as far as her nipples.

Ashlee: ‘Why didn’t you cum in there?’

Edwin: ‘You’re too young to be a mother, not now, not yet.’

The newly couplated pair cuddled all night long at her parent’s house. Partially thanking them for leaving their ill daughter along at home for a trip to Hong Kong. Sadly, Edwin is no longer around, and all that’s left of him were the fond memories and love for Ashlee.