Proof of Love

Jetaime: ‘Umm.. can I ask you for a favour?’ Reily: ‘Yeah? What is it?’ Jetaime: ‘There’s a guy that likes me, but I told him I had a boyfriend. He didn’t believe me.. ‘ Reily: ‘Okay. And?’ Jetaime: ‘I want to show him that I am really attached with someone I love, so I told […]

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Lovely Tangles

Darkness was all I saw when I woke up, only remembering that I had fallen asleep on Jetaime’s bed. It was a tired day for me after work and we had gone to her place for some couple time. Unknowingly, I drifted to sleep in her arms, while she was studying right beside me. As […]

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Too Well-Trained

Denise: ‘Hey, you’re home.’ The lingerie-clad girl ran over to Cedric, whom kicked his shoes to a side to let her tidy them together. Placing one foot on her knee, she pulled those smelly socks off one by one and standing up to receive his bag. Since their marriage, Cedric had trained her to be […]

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Beautiful Girl

My slim sexy Nat did not know what to do after she removed her skinny jeans. Just lying on the bed, her innocent eyes looked into mine with lots of questions. For a 19 year old, she is quite a gem whom had not gained any experience sexually, except for her private moments in her […]

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Lian Ai (Love)

Me: ‘Don’t be sad lah. You look so pretty. I’m sure other guys will want you.’ Sherlyn wiped the tears off her eyes and took another puff from her cigarette, extending her arms to reveal some of that dragon tattoo under her sleeve. She was that typical ah lian who did not study far, and […]

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