Domestic Pleasure

Nina: ‘Sir, wake up. You are going to be late.’

Recalling that I had told my maid I had no work that morning, I pulled my blanket tighter hoping she would remember what I told her last night. The 25 year old maid has been with us since three years ago and she had formed an especially close bond with me, while my parents were strict with their demands regarding her chores.

Seeing that I wasn’t budging, she pulled my blanket away forcefully to expose my boxers-clad self, bearing a hard on just like every morning when I wake.

*Knock knock*

Nina finally left my room after someone knocked on our door and she went to open it.

Nina (whispering): ‘My sir is still home. Why you come so early?’

Hearing that sentence, I jumped out of my bed and went to my bedroom door, peeping from the corner at a Bangladeshi guy holding a plastic bag of styrofoam boxes, presumingly food for my maid and him.

Me: ‘Nina? Is he your boyfriend?’
Nina (whispering): ‘Go away!’

He dashed out of my sight as I bravely walked into the living room, scaring the bejesus out of her while she turned around.

Nina: ‘Not my boyfriend sir. Just a friend.’
Me: ‘Are you sure?’
Nina: ‘Yes la. Can don’t tell mam about this? She will kick me out if she knows.’

My quietness frightened her a little as I made my way into the kitchen to my cup of Milo, though I was totally cool about her having a boyfriend in this foreign land. Coming from the Phillipines, her friendly and outgoing nature made me open up to her within hours of her arrival under our employment, let alone those workers with raging hormones.

Quietly walking up to me, she waited till I placed my cup into the sink before wrapping her arms around my waist for the first time. Grabbing my erection tightly, she was stroking me through my boxers to win my heart, in an attempt to silence me about her outside relationship. Well, I was only a year older than her.

Nina: ‘Sir, promise me you won’t tell mam?’
Me: ‘So who is he?’
Nina (whispering): ‘My boyfriend.’
Me: ‘And you are cheating on him so soon?’

She lowered my boxers and pumped my raw dick gently, hardness my morning wood with her delicate hand.

Nina: ‘I just needed to vent. I have been here for so long, and never had a man to please me.’
Me: ‘I actually fine with you having a boyfriend here. Just don’t let mam catch you.’
Nina: ‘Really? Don’t lie to me. If I have you, then I don’t need him right?’

I patted the back of her hand assuring her of my approval and she turned me around, to lean against the tiled kitchen counter. Watching her squat down obediently, she brought her nose to my rod and took a whiff, closing her eyes like it was some kind of yummy sausage.

Nina: ‘I’d rather have this.’

Her lips parted and her tongue appeared, licking the dry area wet then devouring it between her teeth. She worked diligently up and down my shaft, lubricating it at the same time pushing me over the edge. Groans filled the kitchen shortly after and I reached my hand into her loose collar, massaging those braless tits that were small enough to fill my palm.

Me: ‘Shall we go into my room? You need to make the bed later right?’
Nina: ‘Don’t be dirty. Let me shower you first.’

We went into the toilet four steps away and she rinsed my naked body with care, soaping me thoroughly and paid extra attention to my groin. Once I was nicely washed, she threw a towel around my waist and then, we went into my room.

There was no hurry when she placed me comfortably on my pillow, resuming her blowjob that made me weak in my knees.

Me: ‘I told you yesterday I am not working right?’
Nina (panting): ‘Sorry sir. I will remember next time.’

After five minutes of tireless sucking, it was her turn to lie in my bed and she got naked faster than expected. Her nipples went into my mouth along with moans, letting me taste those delicious tits on her fair complexion I had never seen under her conservative attires.

When my fingers reached her pussy, she was already wet, providing ample lube for me to poke into. Shaved she was, probably for the man earlier. Too bad for him, I was making her moan loudly as she blindly stroked my dick, pumping furiously to get my ready.

Nina: ‘Will you be fucking me?’
Me: ‘Or what? Let him fuck my helper?’

She smiled widely upon hearing that and I shifted myself to lie beside her, reaching for the condom in the drawer next to my bed. She couldn’t wait ten seconds for me to get it and leaned over my groin again, slurping hungrily as I tore the wrapper open. After another minute of mind-blowing oral, the rubber went on and she laid shyly on my, or our, warm bed.

Starting with missionary, I slammed my dick into her without a care and she dug her nails into my back, receiving the huge impact that split her tight vaginal walls apart. Rapid hip thrusts were then launched at her and never for a moment did she stop asking me to fuck her harder.

That firm thighs of hers provided cushioning for my hard pounding, and changing to doggie style, I experienced her toned ass that repelled me with every forward thrusts.

Nina (moaning): ‘Sir! You are making me cum again!’

She clenched her fists around my pillow as juices poured in a single stream onto my bedsheets, pussy contracting around my solid hard on. Within another few minutes of humping, I was nearing my own orgasm and had to pull out of her, for a break or however she wanted it to end.

Nina: ‘Sir.. shooting soon?’
Me: ‘Yeah. How should we finish it?’
Nina: ‘Wait a while.’

She crawled over the bed (with me inside her) and to her pile of clothes on the floor, picking up a pair of panties she was wearing earlier. Requesting me to lie on my back, she rode me reverse-cowgirl while soaking up her juices with that underwear, being extra careful not to make me cum before it was completely wet.

Once it had changed colours due to the moisture, she climbed off me and laid in my arms, taking off the condom and wrapping the warm, damp panties around my cock. Fully aware of what she was planning, I let her jerk me off and she let me massage her clit till we were totally high.

Me: ‘I’m cumming!’

She tightened her grip and moved even faster, watching my orgasmic face falling into her mercy with a scheming grin. Thick, warm cum puffed up the panties in her hand and she slowed down at a soothing pace, until I sank into bed exhausting and panting.

Nina: ‘Let me clean you up. Don’t move.’

She sat up cross-legged and folded her panties with my cum inwards, before stepping out of the bed and taking my soiled cock into her mouth. Licking more than she sucked, my rod was glimmering in her saliva when done. She left the room shortly after and returned with a sarong around her chest.

Nina: ‘Sir, I will go do my work now.’

I was left to my own and it didn’t take too long before moaning noises came from the living room. Just as I thought she was done with her boyfriend, was it really over? Walking out in nudity, she had her soaked underwear at her nose and was in the heat of masturbating. All the while a dark figure watching at the windows.

Me: ‘Still not satisfied?’
Nina: ‘A bit more sir.’

I went over to the door and opened the gates, speaking loudly into the corridor.

Me: ‘You can come in. But go away once you’re done.’

I took the single armchair next to Nina and the skinny, dark-skinned guy came in, even giving me an unneeded handshake. The duo was quick to get started and the clueless idiot even had to ‘borrow’ a condom from me. Watching the sex-starved guy pound her so mercilessly, I was sure he did a better job than me. The ass slapping, the names calling, even the boobs grabbing seemed so painfully pleasant.

That night, after my parents went to bed, she came into my room to hug me while I was still on the computer, wearing a thin shirt and nothing else. The handjob she gave was my last straw of the day, getting me to fall asleep with a deserving fap. As for my morning call (after my parents went to work), it happened an hour before I needed to wake up, and the bed creaking activity worked wonderfully well to sober me up for the rest of the day.

Deprived Helper

My maid Lati was doing the laundry when she called out to me, asking why were there holes in my underwear. I had figured out what she was talking about before I even saw what she was holding. It was a set of three underwear that I bought, that was made of sheer material over my crotch, somewhat like a g-string, but consisted of a little ‘pouch’ to hold my package.

Me: ‘This is a new design. It’s more airy.’
Lati: ‘Are you sure this is for guys?’
Me: ‘Duh. You look at the front, girls got things to hold meh?’

She giggled as she threw the two of it in, stuffing the washing machine full with her own clothes as well. We had fixed a day to wash all the inner wear for hygiene’s sake and the last few pieces of panties that went in had a similar skimpy designs too.

Me: ‘You also wear like me ah?’
Lati: ‘Like you said lo, more airy. I like.’
Me: ‘Where did my mum go? I didn’t see her today.’
Lati: ‘She went to Malaysia to visit her relative. I think she will come back tomorrow.’

After we hired a maid, my mum had been frequently out with her friends and visited more places to catch up with her dreams. My dad was a taxi driver and had a taxi to himself, choosing to work all day except to come home to sleep at midnight.

Me: ‘Since it’s just the two of us, you want to rest today? Don’t cook. I go buy food.’

For twenty over years, I had been used to living alone and taking care of all the chores, that’s why I still did not let her do all the work, respecting her as more of a helper than being a ‘mum replacement’. I went to the kitchen where the basket of dirty clothes laid and took out a pair of worn shorts, swapping out the torn boxers for it. Lati was right beside me dumping the detergent in and could see what I wore, the black coloured underwear that hid nothing beneath the see-through material.

I was semi-hard from the early morning and she was staring at it the whole while. And how did I know? Cause I was watching her as I changed, hoping that she was busy but soon, I realised she was bound to see such things in days to come.

Her upwards glancing eyes at me was telling me ‘good job’, probably for having that size. I went about buying the food for the both of us and we ate quietly at the dining table to the whining sounds of the washing machine.

Lati: ‘Does your girlfriend take care of you?’
Me: ‘Every now and then? Your boyfriend leh? You’re only 23 right?’
Lati: ‘He is too small for me. So I always take care of myself.’
Me: ‘Haha. Doesn’t matter as long as you love him right?’
Lati: ‘But now he is so far away, I think he go find other girls already.’
Me: ‘No lah. He won’t. Like you say, he is too small right?’

This domestic helper we hired was a little plump at first, but after doing all the work for a month, she was slimming down and her figure was no difference from a girl who had been working out in the gym. Nonetheless, her dress code was pretty conservative except for the times she chose to get dressed outside the bathroom, letting me catch glimpses of her in bra.

Me: ‘So am I bigger than him?’

She gave a shy nod and a slap on my arm, hurrying me to finish the meal so she could wash the chopsticks. After I was done, I went into the living room to watch the non-stop movie channel and she joined me.

Lati: ‘Yes lah. You are bigger.’
Me: ‘Show me how long is he?’

She held her hand up and showed me the diameter of two one dollar coins. Pretending not to know how long was it, I asked if she could show it to me side by side and I moved before she could answer. My shorts went down to my knees and I kicked it onto the ground. Wearing just the see-through underwear, she placed the two fingers beside my dick, and replied ‘this long’.

In a do or die moment, I grabbed her wrist and pulled it over my dick, where she naughtily leaned closer to hold it in her hand.

Lati: ‘It’s so warm.’
Me: ‘Can you make me happy?’

She gave me a slutty wink and tugged my underwear below my balls. She then tucked her hair over her ears and went down on me, licking the tip a few times to get me harder. My hands could not resist going over her head and pushing her, just to show her how eager I was. Finally, her lips parted and some warm saliva flowed over my rod.

Bending down beside me, her lips pressed hard around my girth and brought them up and down, going in a steady pace. I was growing harder by the minute and her hands were soon on her boobs, making small squeezes on them.

Me: ‘Since mother won’t be home so soon, we can do a little exercise.’
Lati: ‘You got condom?’
Me: ‘It’s in the blue Toyogo box. Help me take?’

She got up hastily and went into my room, appearing shortly after with a smooth glass dildo and the 3-pack box.

Lati: ‘Can I try this? I never see one before.’
Me: ‘Can.. I put on the condom first.’

She stood in front of me and I took the packet from her, ripping the silver wrapper and rolling the rubber. She stripped her shorts and a nude coloured panties off, before sitting beside me by leaning against the armrest on the other side. Her opened legs soon met the dildo and she was not shy in pleasing herself at all. The tip of the dildo went along her slit a few times before she pushed it in.

Lati: ‘Sir, can you buy an electric shaver for me?’
Me: ‘We go buy together next time.’

Although she had asked for it, her pussy was thoroughly shaved and clean, healthy pink between her dark skin. She masturbated herself non-stop and moaned hysterically, turning me on with her sweet voice that sounded like nothing her speaking voice.

Me: ‘Lati.. I can’t wait anymore.’
Lati: ‘You very naughty ah.’

She reached her hands out for me and I went on top of her, parking the tip in, I asked if she was ready and she said yes with her eyes closed. It must have been a long time since she had a dick in her and I was all armed and ready to fire.

With a strong thrust, I pierced into her pussy and she screamed in a sharp pitch. Seeing how agonising it was, the next thing to do was to keep moving so the pain would go away. I was pounding my heart out as her hands went to my ribs, holding me steady. We did missionary for only three minutes, before she suddenly went black and her body began shaking, from a gentle one to a violent convulsion.

I got worried at one point in time, but she quickly assured me that it was how she climaxed, especially with a huge dick in her. I did not care if she was telling the truth when she claimed I was the second dick she had, but kept ramming her swollen cunt.

Lati: ‘Let me go on top and make you happy master.’

I sat myself upright in the middle of the sofa and she faced the TV, before sitting down over my rod. She bounced her body on top of my lap continuously while moaning, leaning back on me whenever she came. I couldn’t take the shallow thrusts in that position and got her to bend over the coffee table, with her legs together.

Lati: ‘Don’t go too fast k? I scared I hit the table when I climax.’

Ignoring her words, I shoved my dick in high speed, holding her waist as her body weakened. We remained in that position for as long as I could remember as her pussy was contracting around my dick, stimulating the tip where it got too sensitive.

Me: ‘Where do you want me to shoot?’
Lati: ‘Wait wait.. take it out.’

I pulled out of her before I even felt the urge and she turned around to kneel between my legs. Her mouth went over it again after tearing the condom off and sucked me tirelessly, listening to my groans. She was so skilled in her oral sex that I was losing my mind as she went on. Forcing her face deeper into my crotch, my dick had disappeared fully in her mouth and I was too high to care.

Me: ‘I’m shooting!’

She lifted her head till only her lips were around my hood, and went down in quick but short jerking motion. Driving my mind crazy with that focus around my dick head, I did not last more than thirty seconds before my load flushed into her mouth. Lati was swallowing as I came, sucking me like a straw till everything was out.

We were finally done with our little deed and she went back beside me, with her hands massaging my balls.

Lati: ‘Men need to massage after sex so it will feel relaxed.’

Her tight grip on my dick kept pumping my shrinking rod till it was too small, and she cleaned me up with her bath towel from the toilet.

Lati: ‘Since mother is not home today, can I ask my friend over?’
Me: ‘Who is your friend?’
Lati: ‘She lives just below us, also a maid. But her family is on a holiday, so she is doing nothing too.’
Me: ‘Okay then. But please don’t make too much noise k?’
Lati: ‘I want her to meet you. Cause you always take care of me.’

She texted on her phone for a while before the doorbell rang. A small girl with the same skin tone as Lati entered in a long t-shirt, with her nipples poking against her shirt. Luckily, I had my boxers on but this time, without anything underneath.

Girl: ‘Hi, I am Lemmy.’
Me: ‘Hi. You can call me.. ‘
Lati: ‘Boy boy!’

Lemmy giggled at her interruption and sat next to me, clamping me between two girls. Lati did not waste anymore time in pulling my boxers down and bringing Lemmy’s hand to my dick, speaking to her in their mother tongue. Lemmy soon flashed a smile at me and took the box of condom I had forgotten on the table, placing it on my chest.

Lati: ‘Take care of my good sister too can?’
Me: ‘Hello. I am not even hard yet.’

Sensing a chance to display her skills, Lemmy got on her knees and took my little one into her mouth, giving it a mouth-to-dick resuscitation. After it grew to a proper size in her mouth, she stood up and lifted her shirt to show me her bare butt. Lati helped me put on a fresh condom and pointed it upwards to the girl climbing on top of the sofa, slowly descending down to my dick.

Lemmy was much tighter than Lati, and we were fucking in seated-cowgirl throughout the session. She was much more active in her hips and grinded me non-stop till she came. After about two orgasms for her, my second load was about to unload and I told them what was happening in my balls.

Lati: ‘You want to taste him?’

Lemmy did not answer her and crawled to the empty side, remaining in a doggie position as she mouth fucked my dick. I came shortly after into her inexperienced mouth and she did the same, swallowing it before taking her rest.

Lemmy: ‘Oh! What is this?’

The flushed face on her did not show any exhaustion at all, picking up the glass toy on the table. I got up and let the two girls sit with their legs opened, facing each other. As a benevolent master, I helped them get the toy into their pussies and let them have the afternoon to themselves, fucking the fortunate dildo to their hearts’ content.

Me: ‘Lemmy, it’s getting late. Do you need to go home for dinner?’
Lemmy: ‘No one is home. I can stay here tonight.’

The girls did not have anything for dinner except my dick, where I felt like a king on my bed as they took turns to suck me off. By nightfall, I was dead tired but the girls were still hyperactive, probably excited at their newfound ‘freedom’ to unlimited orgasms since their arrival in Singapore.

Lati: ‘Master, can I not wear my underwear when we are alone? I don’t want to keep washing them.’
Me: ‘Sure. Up to you?’
Lati: ‘But you also must do the same. Or you can wear just the sexy underwear. It’s easier to wash.’

I did not mind her requests at all, and we had our fun around the house whenever we were alone, which equates to ‘most of the time’.

Day Two

Part 1 | Part 2

Under Jenson’s blanket was a bulge that couldn’t forget what it had experienced the night before, it was sitting there, raised and awaiting. He had a great night of sleep, into the Saturday that would be filled with activities. Lati was already awakened at 6am, whipping up the most tantalizing breakfast not seen for a long time. After everything was done, there was only one thing left on her morning to-do – waking little Jenson up.

She pushed on the slightly ajar door, tiptoed beside his bed and gave him a soothing stroke on his back. It was routine, that was what she did to wake him up everyday, but today, it was different.

Lati: ‘Jenson, turn over.’

He did so tiredly and she lifted the blanket away, easing the tension of his dick that was trapped beneath. Taking it into her mouth, she gave a gentle flick on the pee hole and started swallowing it whole, going in and out of her mouth, squeezing ever lightly as not to damage the new toy. Jenson could only groan and moan in response. Since last night, he stroked himself hoping to recreate the wonderful feeling of a warm environment that Lati gave with her mouth, but it would never be the same.

Her mouth moved quicker as she felt his hand on her head, pulling her mouth deeper. With a jerk, the jet released the tasty yoghurt onto her tongue, shooting all over her teeth and finally spewing under her tongue. Lati pulled away and swallowed her breakfast, before helping Jenson out of his bed. Surely, anyone would be awake during the moment of explosion.

Lati’s day was pretty much fixed, doing chores and running errands. But there was always time for sex. When she gave him his morning bath, his warm stick was taken care of by her pussy, the only way to clean him gently and thoroughly. He was unknowingly doing doggy-style as she bent over the tub, with her knees on the bathroom floor. He was going slowly, since it was her who always did the work. But soon realised that if he wanted to cum, he had to do a little exercise. So he did.

His small hips was slapping onto her butt, echoing moans through the toilet as she received the special treatment from one of her masters. With uncontrolled thrusts, the second load of morning goodness filled her with cum, serving a pleasant view of a cream pie. Since he would be dirtying his clothes if she had to please him around the clock, Jenson was allowed naked around the house, playing games and doing homework.

Lati knew he was addicted to the out-of-this-world sensation, but did not let him abuse her availability either. Most of the times, she said no. And explained that mummy didn’t know of this secret his dad and he had, so it had to remained as a secret. Jenson sort of knew that it wouldn’t be good to jeopardize this pleasurable act, so he promised to keep his words. This little family secret had better be well-kept.

Lati had a growing desire for Jenson inside. He was always on her mind, and images of his penis in her mouth, pussy, hand were like an overhead projection, unable to go away no matter how much work she drowned herself in. There was nothing more she could ever desire, the scent of his penis.

Evening came and went with a dinner, and a short shopping trip at the mall. Lati even bought a pack of condoms so she could teach Jenson the safety aspect of what they were doing. After a little explanation, he understood and let Lati rolled the condom on, skilfully with her mouth. Apple was her favourite food anyway. Well, introduction to condom was done quickly and proper work had to be done.

Lati went down on him again, this time, with her knees on the foam mat he played on when younger, in the living room, that had its curtains drawn to block out public eyes. She was definitely becoming Jenson’s personal cum dump, taking every bit of his sperms into her body, with no ounces of it wasted. Her head was going lower and deeper, while Jenson was seated on the sofa, body arched forward to stick his dick out as much as possible. The scent of his pubic was turning Lati on way beyond what her mind could take.

It was a special evening, as she went against her master’s instructions and sprinkled a little crushed Viagra pill into the food, resulting in an elongated manhood, throbbing and screaming full of life. Jenson held her head and pushed her down on himself, letting Lati breath through her nose as she handled the depth the deepthroat had gone. Every breathe was filled with his smell again.

Finally, within minutes of deepthroat, he sent his first wave of soldiers down her throat, bewildered by the ever-standing meat stick of his. Something inside him was glad that it remained strong, meaning a second round or even more. He got off the sofa and onto the mat, still leaning against the expensive leather 4 seater, Lati got onto top of him and did the squeezing cowgirl again. This time, his dick was keeping her pussy well filled, leaving no area neglected inside of her. Every time she went down, it would push its way through the pulsating virginal walls, and each lift off was creating an unbearable vacuum that needed to be filled. The occasional farting sound wasn’t really escaping gas, but the noise of her pussy pressure balancing with atmospheric pressure.

He stayed strong for as long as he could, which gave Lati up to six orgasms before his dick exploded the second time, pumping her full of life and vigour. Deciding she could take no more of his lust, she selected the app displaying about a hundred sex positions and asked him to randomly picked one. Of course, since he enjoyed her mouth, the finale should end with that too.

Placing his juice covered dick back into her throat, the wall behind Lati’s head couldn’t give much space to escape. Jenson was in a half-squat position, with Lati in front of his crotch, taking his you-know-what like a slut. Giving his last bit of energy, he rammed his manhood between her thin pink lips, going as far and fast as he could. The tightness around her throat was unlike her pussy, warmer and wetter. It was a sensation that turned him on and made him harder too. The torture lasted a good 20 minutes as the delay was caused by the previous two times he unloaded. Lati had tears running down her cheeks then, but it wasn’t helplessness, it was gratitude and pleasure that triggered it.

Her two fingers were dipping in and out of her forgotten love hole, filled with precious cum that her master gave, mixed with her own juice. It was the nicest cocktail of translucency, containing the hours of love and sex they had together. A choke ended her fantasy and all she could do was to keep swallowing, welcoming the spent rod for the last time of the day. It had gone limp, but remained huge. When he pulled it out, the length did surprised her, but it was that which her pussy desired.

After cleaning up by her mouth and later with body foam, she sent him to bed and slept with him inside of her. I wonder how different would things get after her employers return.

Part 1 | Part 2

Maid then

I was fourteen when my parents started to bring Sofi home more often. She was the domestic helper at my grandparents’ place. She was employed by my parents, but they figured my folks needed her more. Sofi would spend her weekends here when my parents weren’t at home to take care of me.

But as my grandparents’ slowly find her a bother instead of help, she was called back to spend everyday helping out with cleaning and chores in my crowded house.

It was one rainy stormy night when Sofi was on the phone till about 10pm. She was good in her work, no outside affairs like others, and the only place she called was home. As usual, she went into my room to check if I was asleep but I wasn’t. In fact, I was masturbating under my blankets when she walked in. Seeing that my blanket wasn’t really covering my feet, she went and pull the blanket downwards.

I was peeking at her through my eyelids. She had this average figure that attracts. She don’t have a model-figure, but she works out and keeps herself fit. I was at the age of exploration and whenever she bends over in front or back facing me, I would try to catch a glimpse of her nipples or imagine me behind her, plunging my dick into the unknowns.

This part was unusual though, her hand slowly lifted the blanket up and I had to push my softened little brother back into my pants, my pants wasn’t even buttoned. She uncovered my waist area and pulled my pants down.

Sofi whispered: ‘Kor kor, you awake?’

Me trying to reply in a ‘just-awake’ tone: ‘Yes Sofi? You need help?’

Sofi: ‘Can Sofi make you feel good? You just lie down.’

I was already exposed to stories of maids being horny and seducing their employers. Maids getting pregnant, maids getting raped. It was all common, but for her, a sweet young lady earning for her family, to suggest this, I couldn’t say no to helping her out.

Me: ‘Okay. Sofi, do what you want, but don’t hurt me k?’

Sofi: ‘I won’t hurt you. Just relax. Make you feel very good one.’

She took my little bro and stroked it up and down. I knew it was getting bigger as  Sofi’s hand held it with more fingers.

Sofi: ‘Kor kor, feels good? Cannot tell M’dm okay?’

Me: ‘Hehe. Feels good. No one will know. Cannot do for di di okay?’ 

Sofi: ‘Haha. Okay. Just for kor kor.’

Now I know how nice is it to be masturbated by someone else. The unfamiliar hand trying to make you cum, it wasn’t as fast as using your own hands, but it felt good, really good.

It was after about five minutes before she stopped. She climbed onto my bed and sat above me. Of course I was a little shocked, but I knew what was she doing. She wanted to ride me, and no, I didn’t have any condoms at that age.

Sofi: ‘Kor kor, you know how to put on condom? Or you want Sofi to put it for you?’

From what I know, my maid was about 23 years old when she joined my family, it was her one year anniversary around that point in time she toyed with my innocence and virginity.

Me: ‘Can Sofi put it on for me? I don’t know how to put on.’

Sofi rolled the apple scented rubber over my dick and prepared to push herself back towards the dick. Her hands went between her legs while she squatted over me. Holding my dick in her hand, she rode on top of me and I was totally blank with pleasure.

Of course I didn’t know how to take control. She just rode me and I could usually last very long when I masturbated. Her pussy was tight, but it wasn’t too tight to make me cum soon. I lasted as long as possible until she was tired.

Sofi: ‘Kor kor, you help me feel good five times. Now you want Sofi to help you shoot?’

Me: ‘Want.’

She dismounted from me and knelt beside my bed. Still stroking my dick in her hands, she nudged me to turn my body towards her.

Sofi: ‘Come kor kor, turn over.’

She immediately shoved her face into my dick, I guess it wasn’t very huge then. She kept going and sucking and gagging. Her saliva was practically dripping onto the floor. Suddenly I had a thought.

Me: ‘Sofi! Wait.’

Sofi: ‘Huh? Aiyo, you scared me. What you want?’

Me: ‘Can I see and touch your below?’

Sofi: ‘See? Now so dark, cannot on lights. But can let you touch. Want?’

She got on top of me and into 69. I spent a whole thirty minutes exploring her hole while she moaned and blow me off. I was exploring her inside out, digging my fingers everywhere, pinching here and flicking there. Every new spot, I would try to make her squeal and moan. And she did for most of it. Her juices were dripping all over my shirt, that I had to take it off halfway and continue with fingering her.

It was then I learnt about the clit, cumming, squirting and the g-spot. She took the whole load into her mouth without resisting as I didn’t even tell her I was shooting. She swallowed it and slept beside me till the next morning, doing some heavy petting under the blankets.

I wasn’t traumatised by her at all. She left me memories so good that I wished she was still here with me. She went back to Indonesia while I was sixteen, much too old for someone to still take care of me.

For your information, we had sex almost every night since the first time we tried it. Of course, every night when it’s possible with AND without my parents. Argh.. I miss Sofi.