Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Cindy (shouting): ‘GOOD MORNING SLEEPY HEAD!’ Me: ‘Whatttt? How did you get in?’ Cindy: ‘Orh hor! Someone is having morning wood.’ Me: ‘Cocks rise and shine earlier luh.’ Cindy: ‘The cleaning auntie let me in de. Not my fault. Let’s go for a massage together?’ The morning […]

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Too Young to Be

I knocked harder on the door after the first try, afraid to be seen standing outside as if I was up to something. After a few nerve wreaking seconds, the door opened to a surprise sight of a girl in school uniform. Me: ‘Umm.. I am here for massage. Is this the right place?’ Girl: […]

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Camping Inside Sister

Kor (shouting): ‘Welcome back!’ Mei (shouting): ‘Come help me carry my bags can?’ He stopped his web surfing and came out of his room, to see his younger sister dragging a duffle bag while carrying a camping bag over her shoulders. He brought the bags into kitchen and placed them near the washing machine. She […]

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Home Massage

Aaron knocked on the door of an old apartment in the Ang Mo Kio estate, worn out after his long day of driving his tour bus. It was almost 11pm when he reached the place he had arranged for a full body massage, easily found on the Craigslist page under the ‘therapeutic services’. The door […]

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The Other Happy Ending

Walking pass the quiet shops under the block, only one remained open and it was those new ‘tui na’ parlour that was quite discreet. Stopping to throw some rubbish into the green bin outside, a young girl walked out in a translucent pink dress and put her empty beer can into the bin which I […]

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