Too Young to Be

I knocked harder on the door after the first try, afraid to be seen standing outside as if I was up to something. After a few nerve wreaking seconds, the door opened to a surprise sight of a girl in school uniform.

Me: ‘Umm.. I am here for massage. Is this the right place?’
Girl: ‘J is it? Yeah yeah! Come in!’

I quickly stepped into the house and took my slippers off, looking around for someone who looked more capable of giving massages. She took my sling-bag off my shoulders and brought me into a bedroom, the wall in front of the bed covered in photos of the school girl and her company. A towel was handed to me and she went to the dressing table, untying her hair while looking at my blank face.

Jamie: ‘You can take everything off and use the towel there.’

While I hesitantly removed my clothes, she was unbuttoning casually and was stripping down to her undies before I got to mine. Walking towards me in her cute training bra and panties, she put my towel around me and squatted down, helping me get my underwear off my groin.

She threw another towel on the centre of her bed and asked me to lie face down, then proceeding to climb on top of me to start with my aching shoulders.

Me: ‘How old are you?’
Jamie: ‘Fifteen?’
Me: ‘And you have been doing this for long?’
Jamie: ‘Not really. You’re my first customer actually.’
Me: ‘Serious? Aren’t you afraid of letting strangers into your home? Your parents?’
Jamie: ‘I only have my mum. And she provides massage too. I know what happens behind the door.’

Right there, I couldn’t summon anymore questions and just let her take my stress away, stiff muscles succumbing to her skillful kneads and squeezes. Working her way down my back, she targeted each spot perfectly and I was ready to part with my hundred dollar out of the eighty bucks fixed rate. Once she managed to get my calves sore and weak, her next command really shook fear into my heart.

Jamie: ‘J.. turn over for me.’

I flipped onto my back and let her work on my thighs, far enough not to stir an erection. Feeling her knees just resting inches away from my manhood, she then removed the towel to cover my chest with it. Before my eyes, she trailed her fingernails up my inner thighs and poured some oil over my awakening cock.

Jamie: ‘Don’t worry k? I’m not charging you for this.’
Me: ‘WAIT! Stop! You are too young and your mum won’t.. won’t.. allow.. ‘

She saw my erection die down and promptly removed her bra, flashing a pair of perky fair boobs with a light pink cherry on top. My mind couldn’t fight the temptation at all and went back to pumping blood, reinforcing the stick that was rising in her hand. After she knew I had given in to her mentally, she went on to stroke my cock rhythmically, monitoring my facial expression while applying pressure at strange intervals.

Jamie: ‘Tell me when you are shooting k?’
Me: ‘I don’t think I can cum easily through handjobs. It might take.. argh.. ‘

She tightened her grip slightly and moved faster, while her other hand slipped into her own underwear. When she took out her webbed fingers, she got uptight and stood up on her feet, removing her panties while standing over me.

Jamie: ‘You’re the first guy to make me wet without me touching myself. Hehe. Let’s continue!’

Her strokes became slower as she listened more to my groans, half the time distracted as she touched herself between her legs.

Me: ‘Do you want me to help?’
Jamie: ‘You sure you know where to touch?’
Me: ‘Let me try?’

I let her lie in my post on her bed, switching roles like playful children. As soon as her legs opened for me, my finger dived into her clit and rubbed her fast and wild, scoring moans that sounded way younger than her speaking voice. Likewise, my cock was twitching non-stop to her voice, and she got more restless than before.

Jamie (weakly): ‘Let’s switch back. I have an idea.’

We returned to our initial position (me lying face up) and she sat on my lap, my dick pressed under her pussy lips and resting on her straightened fingers. Slowly, she rocked herself back and forth, using my shaft to stimulate her clit while I got to use her juices as lubricant. Our momentum grew intense to a point she was that close to riding me, but she never let her pussy moved too far forward.

Jamie (moaning): ‘Fuck! I’m cumming!’
Me (groaning): ‘Just keep going! I’m almost there.’

She slid her ass over my cock and onto my belly in one move, and caught my hand to rub her off using my thumb. Attacking her vulnerable spot, a gentle stream of love flowed across my belly to the sides, while she continued moaning her lungs out.

For an exhausted girl, she was quick to sit back down between my legs, and pumped my cock upright with both hands interlocked. As if I was in a pussy, the sensational handjob pushed me over the edge and the hot stream of cum launched into the air, landing on her hands that was gradually slowing down. Following the involuntarily nods of my dick, she squeezed my tube once at a time, until there was nothing coming out of me.

With her whole hand coated with my warm semen, she continued to jerk me at a constant speed, tuning my senses from a disinterested, numb one to get a shortcut to my next ejaculation. Magically arriving at my second load, I was pleading for a gear change when she picked up speed.

Jamie: ‘Just. cum whenever k? Make sure you are empty inside.’

I let off a deep groan when the eruption happened again, pouring lava out of the tip over her fingers and my shaft. Once my body was cleansed, she cleaned me up with my towel, and brought me into the shower for a thorough wash. Feeling her hands running all over my sensitive body, it was hard not to get hard, but my mind knew I had already taken a bite of the forbidden fruit.

Me: ‘Here. Keep the change.’
Jamie: ‘Really? Thank you! You know, I think I’m lucky you are a shuai ge, and don’t want to try massaging random guys anymore. If you want, we can go out together one day!’

We exchanged our first kiss at the doorstep and I left happy, in fact, all my muscles left happy, except for the one in my pants who is too tired to think. After that day, we did hang out, but nearby her area and out of sight. Though there wasn’t anymore massages from her, we still managed a little work out together when her mum attends off-site appointments.

You guys call such situations – playing with fire?

Camping Inside Sister

Kor (shouting): ‘Welcome back!’
Mei (shouting): ‘Come help me carry my bags can?’

He stopped his web surfing and came out of his room, to see his younger sister dragging a duffle bag while carrying a camping bag over her shoulders. He brought the bags into kitchen and placed them near the washing machine. She had gone into her room and the shower noise came shortly after.

Laying lazily on the living room couch, he continued browsing the web for his programming project till she came out in a fresh set of t-shirt and pair of FBT shorts.

Kor: ‘I’ve got food for you. Just press two on the microwave.’
Mei: ‘Woohoo! Your lunch ah?’
Kor: ‘Buy for you one la. I know you’re coming back today mah.’

She strolled happily to the kitchen and set the timer, turning to her bags of clothes. She had gone for a camp her school had organised for student leaders, spanning five days and a trek up a small mountain in Malaysia.

As the smell of food whiffed into her nose, she stuffed the last bit of her underwear into the machine and turned it on.

Mei: ‘Kor, I’m going to take a nap after this. So tired you know? I think there’s at least five blisters on my feet.’

She slid the plate on the old coffee table and was about to touch her feet, but he stopped her before she could.

Kor: ‘Eat your food la. I pop them for you.’
Mei: ‘Eh! Don’t ah!’

She took another bite off the skewer and chewed happily, while he took a closer look at the sores between her toes. Being an elder brother, he simply began massaging her feet, exercising his arms up her calves. Agonising moans came as he worked on her stiff muscles, urging her to finish her food fast.

Mei: ‘Kor! Massage me till I fall asleep leh. I need it badly.’

She shoved the oily plate of satay sticks to him and went into her room, and he made a quick rinse before returning them to the rack.

Back to her bed, he kneeled over her ankles and continued pressing, the only sounds being the whirling noise from the washing machine.

Mei: ‘Kor, what’s that smell?’
Kor: ‘Orange? I wanted to buy a candle vaporiser for you but I’ll have to keep getting candles. So I bought those oil sticks thingy for you.’

The fruity scent filled the room up with cosiness and slowly, his beloved little sister drifted off to sleep. He wasn’t really concerned about her being awake during the massage, since the point was to make her feel refreshed after she wakes up.

So he continued on her legs, moving up her thighs at a slow pace.

Mei: ‘Arhh.. ‘
Kor: ‘Did I wake you up?’
Mei: ‘No. Don’t stop.’

His hands were soon on her waist, knuckles sinking into her back. He was sitting atop her butt and the few accidental brushes across her ass showed him how firm they were. Playfully, he started raising her shirt to gain access to her fair skin, but there were no more movements or moans from her.

Her bra got hooked over his fingers when he tried to make a smooth transition, and the few ‘slaps’ irritated her.

Mei: ‘Kor.. you know how to unhook my bra? I don’t know why I go put it on at home.’
Kor: ‘Like this?’

The two hooks came undone and he was feeling her flawless skin on the back. Advancing sideways, he got closer to her sideboobs and she started twitching under him.

Kor (whispering): ‘Ticklish ah? I massage somewhere else?’
Mei: ‘Just massage anywhere you want. I like your warm hands.’

He shifted his whole body down to her legs and brought his fingers along, hooking onto her shorts that seemed to be the only thing over her butt. Without questions, she picked her hips up and he went on to strip her lower half.

Disappearing momentarily, he returned to her side with some lotion and rubbed it over her legs, intentionally focusing on her inner thighs. Like how Japanese ‘massage’ went, he was shoving his hand between her legs, right under her pussy.

Mei (whispering): ‘Kor.. I can’t sleep.’
Kor: ‘Why leh?’

He made another two strokes under her pussy and found some other ‘lotion’ wetting his fingers. She took her bra out from under her chest and dropped it over the bed, tugging her shirt so it would cover her cold waist.

Not wanting to put too much thought into this incestuous direction, he turned his attention to her pussy. Sitting next to her, he worked his fingers deep between her ass crack and arrived at her clit. A small vibrating motion sent her moaning and she was soon producing more lubrication than the lotion.

Lazily, she turned herself to the side and used his arm as a guide, to find his hips. She wriggled her fingers into his shorts and at that instant, felt his hard, strong dick in her palm. Her legs had parted to bend ninety degrees on one and the other resting straight on the bed. Enough space for her brother to sink his loving fingers in.

Inches disappeared into her pussy slowly and she found herself pumping his excited rod.

Mei (whispering): ‘Kor.. why you do this to me?’
Kor (whispering): ‘Cause I want you to be relaxed.’
Mei (whispering): ‘Can I lie on top of you?’

Their hands stopped fondling and she groggily slide her body over his. She used her hips to find his dick and when she did, lowered herself carefully over her own brother’s dick, much like in a sliding manner.

The tip had opened her up to a width that did not cause any pain, and when she felt the first bit enter her, it was a cling-wrap kind of fit she experienced. With her love, his dick slipped easily into her, and it was sensation to feel the involuntarily squeezing coming from his little sister.

The throbbing of his cock warmed her up well and her body was reacting to it as though they were made for each other.

Mei (whispering): ‘Kor.. let me lie down on the bed.’

They hugged tight and did a rollover, pinning his full weight on Mei for a brief moment. He picked himself up and let his hips work, driving his stick into the puffy discreet sandwich their parents made.

Mei (moaning): ‘Kor! You’re so deep inside me!’
Kor (groaning): ‘You.. are.. too.. tight.. ‘

No more words were exchanged as he went at his fastest speed, bombing her with orgasms that came one after another. Her strong arms showed her prowess by the reddish marks on his arms, but her pussy was still drooling non-stop.

The relaxing of her vaginal muscles allowed him to go super fast at certain periods, keeping her at the edge of unconsciousness that never seemed to happen. Just as he sensed her tightening again, he slowed down to make long strokes, stretching her innards as far as he could reach.

Mei (moaning): ‘Kor.. cum.. I can feel you scratching me inside.’
Kor (grunting): ‘And I can feel how smooth you are inside.. ‘
Mei (moaning): ‘I can’t take it anymore. I am going crazy.. ‘

He opened her legs up wide and plunged his tool perpendicular to the bed, like a piling jackhammer.

Kor: ‘Okok.. I’m going to cum.’

He pulled out all of a sudden and sat at her feet looking lost. She crawled over to him and pushed him back on his elbows. Her fingers went around his dick once again and began jerking, mouth hovering inches away.

Kor (panicky): ‘Shooting! Shooting!’

Like it was his first ejaculation, she was actually amused by his ‘loss mode’. She covered his pee hole with her lips and pumped him for every drop’s worth. The panting and heaving boy seemed so helpless when he came.

Half a minute later, she slipped her lips a little deeper and contained all of his semen, pulling her head away with a single strand of evidence from his dick.

The brother watched his sister step out of the bedroom into the toilet, and collapsed on the bed when she washed her face.

Kor: ‘So you spit it out?’
Mei: ‘Why? You want to drink ah?’
Kor: ‘No lah. Just asking.’
Mei (whispering): ‘I swallowed a bit, it tasted weird but wasn’t bad. So I swallowed all lo.’
Kor: ‘Haha. So cute ah you. I come back later with dinner k?’
Mei (shouting): ‘Wei! My shorts!’

He slipped her pink FBT shorts over her legs and went back to his room, scheduling a McDonald’s delivery with her favourite food for dinner on the computer.

Still covered in his sister’s saliva, he decided to keep the ‘moisturiser’ on for a while more. Or at least till it was time to ‘re-apply’ it.

Home Massage

Aaron knocked on the door of an old apartment in the Ang Mo Kio estate, worn out after his long day of driving his tour bus. It was almost 11pm when he reached the place he had arranged for a full body massage, easily found on the Craigslist page under the ‘therapeutic services’.

The door opened to a girl wearing a JC uniform, seemingly young to be doing that freelance job, but all he needed was a relaxing massage to ease the aches on his back. Although ‘special’ was common among his friends who frequented massage parlours, he was clear about what he needed.

Girl: ‘Hi, I’m Rebecca. Come in come in.’
Aaron: ‘Are you giving me the massage?’
Rebecca: ‘Yes.’
Aaron: ‘You look a little too young for it.’
Rebecca: ‘My skills will show you otherwise. I won’t let you go home disappointed.

He used his feet to tidy his shoes by the main door, following her into one of the rooms that has a spa massage bed in the centre, along side a trolley with bottles of oils and essence on it.

Rebecca: ‘Take off your shirt and pants. Please leave your underwear on.’

That sounded alright to him as he had opted for a sea salt deep body rub that appealed to his needs. He placed his head on the head holder and closed his eyes, ready for whatever she was supposed to do.

The first fifteen minutes was spent on his shoulders and upper back, working her knuckles over his stiff muscles that came from the day long sitting posture. He was getting his money’s worth when she continued downwards to his waist and then to his calves.

Rebecca: ‘You can turn around now. I’m going to work from your neck down to your thigh area. It will improve the blood circulation in your legs so they don’t get numb so easily.’
Aaron: ‘Sounds good. Please do.’

She placed a hand towel over his eyes and a few droplets of lavender essence was applied to the corners of the towel. Moving her hands from his neck to his thighs, there wasn’t many areas along the way that she could work with.

As Aaron felt her palms rub against his inner thighs, the occasional brushes across his underwear did not bother him, knowing what he was paying was just for the massage. After ten minutes, he felt her fingers going into the sides of his underwear, getting into position to lower his briefs.

Aaron: ‘Do I need to take them off? No offence but I am not going for any special.’
Rebecca: ‘This is part of the massage. Don’t worry. There is no extra charge. It helps to loosen the muscles where I have worked on so blood can flow into them.’

Doubtful, he raised his butt to let her remove his underwear. Thereafter, a warm liquid was poured over his manhood that was in flaccid state, totally unprepared to get any special treatment.

Rebecca: ‘Don’t hold yourself back. Let your body do what it wants.’

With his eyes covered, he breathed out a mouthful of air as her fingers went around his dick, peeling his foreskin back to spread the liquid over it as well. Using both her hands, she stroked him in the most graceful manner, pumping from the head to the base and letting go.

After she executed the move a few times, he was as hard as a rock and there was no more movements on his body.

Aaron: ‘Are we done?’

Right then, he felt some pressure on the side of his hips and her legs touched his waist. In shock, he flipped the towel onto his chest and saw Rebecca spreading a special ring over his dick.

Aaron: ‘Hey. Are you sure?’
Rebecca: ‘Yupp. This is a female condom. I am doing this as part of the therapy because I believe a female’s body is best to give a massage on that part.’

Not wanting to suspect her skills, he lifted the towel and placed it over his face, breathing in the lavender scent coming from it. His dick was left to penetrate into the rubbery walls of the contraceptive and she sat still on him while giving her clit a rub.

Slowly, a squeezing sensation came and ran along his shaft, moving in an upward wave to sooth his senses. As her body got used to his size, she began rocking up and down, synchronising her biological vaginal massage with an exterior rise-and-drop motion.

It was nothing like what Aaron felt before, and his energy was focused at his penis. While he was enjoying the unexpected treat, the girl started moaning as she went out of rhythm, riding him in cowgirl.

Rebecca: ‘It feels good inside me. You’re strong down there.’

Was that how masseurs know if their clients was healthy in certain parts? Cause it was obvious to Aaron from her body movements that was giving her more pleasure than him.

Aaron: ‘Why don’t you lie forward? I can do some work to help you.’
Rebecca: ‘Won’t that be too much to ask?’
Aaron: ‘Don’t worry. You’ve done a good job. I can use a little work out too.’

She leaned on her hands above his shoulders and let him thrust deep into her pussy, leaking juices over his groin as her moans got louder. For a mature man like him, she could not have been more alluring with her body size and school uniform outfit, living out his fantasies of doing a school girl without getting into trouble with the law. The IC she showed him before they started was proof she had reached the legal age.

Pounding forcefully into her, Aaron’s body was charged up and he gave her no chance to reposition her slipping arms. In no time, her uniform was on his oiled body and the bed jerked violently to his powerful hips.

Aaron: ‘I’m cumming soon. Inside?’
Rebecca: ‘Yeah. Shoot it all inside me.’

He maintained his tempo as her pussy tightened. They lasted for another few minutes before she climaxed hard, releasing a small amount of fluids out of her genitals over his testicles. His dick rammed faster than ever into her impossibly tight cunt and he let off a loud grunt as he hugged her over his body.

Following the first squirt, Rebecca quickly composed her breathing and timed her contraction with his pulses of cum. Although it was a heart stopping moment when he ejaculated, the gently waves of meat pushing his semen out was unbelievably calming, draining him of every drop and leaving him no regrets.

She carefully picked herself up from his body and dismounted her client, not wanting to accidentally let her vaginal muscles make any opposite force downwards of his dick.

Using the towel over his face, she wiped him clean before pulling the femidom (female condom) filled with his huge load of cum.

Aaron: ‘So much?!’
Rebecca: ‘It’s normal to release this amount after the massage. It’s a sign my skills are still there.’

He went into the attached bathroom and washed up, while Rebecca took the time to tidy her uniform. He took longer than usual to rinse the oil off his body but was done before his time slot was up.

At the door, he could not withhold his curiosity anymore and popped the question while he opened his wallet for payment.

Aaron: ‘Are you really still studying?’
Rebecca: ‘Yupp. Year 2 now.’
Aaron: ‘Okay. Here you go.’

He handed her the money and left the watching girl at the doorstep, still turned on by what seemed the best client she had ever met – with an eight inch dick. Before Rebecca slept, she texted him about a second appointment, which he nonchalantly agreed to be two weeks later.

Deep inside her, she was missing the dick that could pleasure her as though he was doing it raw even with a rubber between them. What will happen on his next appointment? Surely, Aaron couldn’t just treat that massage session as lightly as those typical sleazy ones. There was something about her that kept him hard at night.

The Other Happy Ending

Walking pass the quiet shops under the block, only one remained open and it was those new ‘tui na’ parlour that was quite discreet. Stopping to throw some rubbish into the green bin outside, a young girl walked out in a translucent pink dress and put her empty beer can into the bin which I held opened for her.

Girl: ‘Sir, want massage?’
Me: ‘No thanks. No money.’
Girl: ‘Haha. I asking if you want to massage me. Boss went home already. Cannot pay too.’

Her strong Thai accent had perfectly created the ideal tone of seduction and she disappeared into the shop covered with curtains, leaving the door for me to close. Since I was having my off day tomorrow, there was no harm in finding out more about such places and I entered and shut the sliding door behind me.

Dumping my bag on the couch in the waiting area, I went to where the moving shadows casted from and saw her tying a black trash bag in the corner of the cubicle.

Girl: ‘Wah sir, you really want to give me a massage ah? I left the door open cause I need to throw this away.’

Smiling at her embarrassed, I grabbed the bag from her hand and took out the trash before returning to the room. She was sitting on the bed and patted on the empty space next to her, inviting me to join.

Girl: ‘You know, work is so tiring. People ask so much but pay so little.. ‘

She went on for another minute about her work before I hopped off the bed, lit the candle on the tiny desk in the corner and stood in front of her. At the short distance, she still smelled fresh and the strawberry aroma was filling the room up slowly.

Me: ‘Come, lie down.’

I told her that as I took the candle in a porcelain cup, ready to pour the liquid into my palm.

Girl: ‘You know what it is?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Massage candle.’
Girl: ‘Wow. Many customers were shocked when I put it in my hand. They don’t know.’
Me: ‘Haha. But I know. Come, lie down.’

She placed her face into the toilet seat-like hole and I lowered her shoulder straps, where she adjusted her body till it was off. All that was left was her panties, pale yellow in colour. I went on with the oil on my hands and pressed hard on her stiff muscles, moving slowly from her shoulders, neck, and hovered around her lower back.

Me: ‘Turn over.’
Girl: ‘You know how to massage the front too?’
Me: ‘I don’t know. Haha. Can I find out myself?’

She covered her nipples as she laid on her back and I moved my hands upwards from her belly, hitting against her hands as I hinted at her to remove them. Soon, the oil was over her fingers and she did not like it, so, her hands went to the sides of her hip and her boobs fell sideways.

I cupped them with both my hands and brought them to her chest, kneading them as my nails scratched painlessly around her nipples. In no time, I could tell she was getting hornier when she crossed her feet, nipples getting harder with my constant teasing. After her boobs, I glide my slippery palms down to her hips and pulled her panties off her feet, causing her to close her legs tightly together.

Me: ‘Don’t hide it. Here is the best part right?’

Instead of trying to spread her knees, I went below her legs and aimed straight for her pussy, squashed by her legs into a pie. She immediately opened her legs and I used my elbow to keep them open, while my fingertips ran along her slit. The resistance died off and I was rubbing her clit, sticking a bit of my finger into her pussy to turn her on even more.

Girl: ‘You do massage for ladies at work is it? Why are you so good?’

A pinch to her clit sent her moaning and she tapped on my thigh hurriedly.

Girl: ‘The door! Lock lock.’

As all sliding doors were designed, there was a push-pull tab at the handle and I locked it in place, before dashing back to see her standing, with a towel around her chest.

Me: ‘I’m not done with you yet you know?’
Girl: ‘I don’t care. Your turn now. Take it off first.’

It was more of a mutual massage in a fun mood now when she said that she didn’t care. If she was into my money, there was no way she would be so lively about it. I laid on the bed bottomless and she scooped some oil from the cup, before covering my dick with it. In the narrow space, she was about to climb on top of me before I stopped her. There was no way I was going to make her feel like she was working.

Me: ‘Don’t get up. Let me do the work this time.’

She resumed her standing position until I got off the bed, and leaned on the edge of the bed, pointing to the small rolling drawers. I opened each one of the three till I saw a box of 3-condoms in the last one, knowing that she placed ‘safety’ before pleasure. Did she only require so little at work? Or did she finished most of it?

In less than a minute, the condom was on and she was bent over the bed. I stood behind her to put my dick in and she proceed to place one knee to spread herself wider. Slipping the rest of my dick in, she held on to the bed frame on the other side and moaned. With little patience left, I rammed into her mercilessly and she was jerking her body backwards for me to go deeper.

One hand pinning her body down, I was fucking her at full speed and her contracting vagina wasn’t helping at all. Both her knees were on the bed after a few minutes and she looked like a frog from my angle, but it didn’t mattered as long as she kept moaning in pleasure right?

After some time, she stopped me by stretching her arm at me from the back and I slowed down for her.

Me: ‘Is something wrong?’
Girl: ‘I want to sit on the bed. And you in front of me.’

I let her got into whatever position she wanted and her arms around my neck brought me closer, till I was back inside. Thrusting lovingly, her eyes locked with mine and we stared as each other as her mouth moved with her fast breathing. As she squinted her eyes to give me a little squeeze, the final moment was approaching fast and I was gradually slowing down too.

Girl: ‘Shooting soon?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

She made me pull out of her and unrolled the condom off, before making a three-point shoot into the new trash bag behind the door. Wiping whatever oil she could get off her body, she jerked me with her hand while remained seated, and I had both hands caressing her breasts as she finished me off.

Right then, as gracefully as it could get, my cum shot out of my tip into her palm and she kept stroking to get every bit out. Of course, I lost my cool when my dick was overwhelmed with sensitiveness and had to hold her hand still.

Girl: ‘Nice?’
Me: ‘Super.’

Girl: ‘I never let anyone shoot on me before. Safer. But today, just for you.’

She went to the basin in the same cubicle and washed the sticky load off, before coming over to clean me up. The way she ruffled the towel over my dick was so comfortable that I wished she could do that for me after every shower. Spending the next fifteen minutes with her, we folded the towels into a neat pile with her disturbing my dick and left in the silence of the night.

Girl: ‘Oh ya. My name is Joey. Boss say it’s easier for customers to find me.’
Me: ‘And I am J. I think it is easier to pronounce than my Chinese name.’
Joey: ‘Haha. You want to give me your number? Then you can massage me after work. You got strong fingers.’

We exchanged numbers and she headed up the block while I crossed the road to where I lived. I still occasionally bump into her, and she would wink whenever we saw each other. It did not take long before her boss recognised me and learnt about what we did after she left the shop.

Boss: ‘You know, she only does clean massage? No hanky panky here.’

Oh my, that was surely shocking to me who thought it was those sleazy ones from the start. The way Joey reacted seemed like she had been doing it for a long time. But nonetheless, the lady boss allowed me to enter after closing to keep her girl happy at work. In the end, I was the one making the shop into a kinky massage parlour.

Free service? Or should I start charging Joey for the massage? ;)

Language Barrier

Standing at my usual bus stop, the next bus was coming in two minutes, and the bus after was three minutes away. A small Vietnamese girl working at a massage shop behind me stood beside me and asked if I had a lighter. I had seen her a few times and out of the few ladies working there, she seemed to be the best looking, with a petite body, blonde dyed hair that was usually tied up in a ponytail, for ease of work I guess. She was about to lit her cigarette until I told her about the bus timing and she quickly put the stick back into the box.

We stood there speechless until our bus came, and I did not flag it.

Girl: ‘No going home?’
Me: ‘Next bus in three minutes, less people.’

The second bus had caught up with the first and it was those miscalculations that us Singaporeans used to make a fuss over. We boarded the second one and I headed right for the upper deck, the usual case to have some peace for the long ride. Surprisingly, she followed me up despite alighting earlier, something I noticed whenever I looked out of the windows.

Being the only two passengers, we were alone as we chatted in short phrases, sharing details about our lives and work.

Bian: ‘Very hard to find men like you, so hardworking and good looking.’
Me: ‘Thanks. You are pretty and hardworking too. I see you everyday there.’

For someone whom always had a tough life, she was mature in her thinking and did not hesitate a single bit when she picked my arm up to slip hers under it. Our fingers interlocked and she was sitting closer to me.

Bian: ‘Accompany me a while?’
Me: ‘Okay.’

I did not know what were her plans, but it was still a long way from home and I could definitely spare the time. The white MNG tank top was thick enough to hide her bra cups and I could not see much beyond that. She wore a maxi skirt that extended to her calves and it was making her looked a little Singaporean.

Bian: ‘You got girlfriend?’
Me: ‘No.’

Her hand suddenly went over to my jeans and massaged my bulge until my mind finally gave in, erecting the meat to build a tent quickly. She did not waste anytime and unzipped me, doing all the work while I was feeling lucky. But something soon made me stopped her.

Me: ‘Bian, you do this for a living. I cannot afford to pay you. I don’t earn much too.’
Bian: ‘Don’t worry. I just want to feel love. Not horny.’

She probably meant ‘horny’ as ‘lust’. Her job as a masseuse consisted of giving customers ‘special’ and it was purely to make more money, not for love or anything emotional. Once my dick was hard in her jerking hand, she stood up and raised that long skirt, keeping it in her grip around her hips.

She remembered the safety precautions she needed to take and a condom was fished from her wallet, giving it to me with her open-crotch panties exposed under her groin. I quickly rolled it on and she climbed over my lap, making sure to cover our genitals with her skirt so no intruders would get a peek even if they knew what we were doing.

Sitting on my lap, she grabbed the handrails behind me and sat with my dick under her pussy. Bian was still dry when we started, so she had to rock her hips a little to rub against her pussy, till it was moist. Picking her body up, my dick flicked upright for her to sit over it. She made it seemed so easy with a forward slide to get it in. After it sunk all the way into her, she began bouncing, grinding back and forth on my lap. There wasn’t space for any other positions except the one she started.

Slowly, I was in my own world feeling that tight cunt going up and down my dick, while she was moaning softly into my ears.

Me: ‘You like it?’
Bian: ‘Yes. Very sexy and I feel love.’

Not sure if I was ‘loving’ her or just love what she did, she grew tighter as time passed and she was glowing with sexuality too.

Bian: ‘Tight?’
Me: ‘Yes. Very tight.’

I slouched my body lower for her to go faster and a gentle tremble was building in her arms. Her body turned cold all of a sudden and dews of sweat formed on her fair skin. I knew she was about to cum and I placed my hands around her butt, doing a little ‘pumping’ motion to drive her faster and deeper.

Bian: ‘I am cumming.. ‘

A bit more time passed and she changed her hands to hug around my neck, planting a hard kiss as I felt her getting more slippery. Our movements stopped and her body shook more violently. I did not want to end the pleasure just like this and kept sliding her along my lap, thrusting at the same pace as before.

As she climaxed and recovered, I was still using her to get to my orgasm. It took us another five minutes before my dick gave up fighting the urge, and I warned her about my ejaculation. Bian held me tighter to stop me from moving anymore and dismounted me, letting her skirt fall back down while sitting next to me.

Bian: ‘I give you my special.’

She was about to remove the condom when I held her hand, shaking my head so she wouldn’t do anything she would regret later. Actually, I was the cowardly one and did not want to be infected, if she was even carrying something.

Her head went over my groin and sucked on that rubber skinned dick, shoving her face deep and fast. It only took her a minute before I could no longer hold it in anymore. Her mouth had made a suction that kept my mind thinking I was still fucking her, and her tongue served as an extra stimulation that kept swirling around the tip.

I lifted her head up and she jerked me off, till the creamy load gushed into that transparent rubber, filling the reservoir tip up.

Bian: ‘So much!’
Me: ‘Yeah. I haven’t shoot for a long time.’

She smiled and took the condom off professionally, without a single drop leaking from it. We stayed in each other’s embrace for the rest of the journey and she spent the night at my place. Well, smuggling her into my room was the toughest part as my grandmother was in the living room at that time, sleeping soundly to the sounds from the TV.

That night, we went for another round before sleeping, making sure to use a condom no matter how horny we were. It did really feel like ‘love making’ when we had sex at my place, showing me that language wasn’t a barrier between two person, only a rubber barrier could give us the sense of enjoying without fear of causing any accidents.

How Old Are You?

Lying face up on the bed of the usual massage outlet I went to, I was expecting one of the regulars to pop in and give me the package I asked for. Most people would link massage parlours to shady whorehouses but this outlet was a family business, offering traditional massage that services a small group of regulars. The location was ideal under the older flats, turning away men who came for ‘special’ rather than a good knead.

The wait was longer than usual and it was noisy outside the room. After a while, a young girl in a cardigan over a grey inner wear and denim shorts entered. I looked at her remove her pullover to prepare the room and was still wondering who would be my masseur. She then poured some oil into a cup and stood next to me, motionless.

Me: ‘You will be massaging me today?’
Girl: ‘Yupp! You are my first customer.’
Me: ‘You look too young for this. Are there any other staff around?’
Girl: ‘Oh! I forgot to tell you. My mum asked me to do you today. She is letting me practice. I’m strawberry.’
Me: ‘What? Strawberry? Serious?’
Strawberry: ‘My mum said to use a fake name. And I love strawberries. So.. ‘
Me (laughing): ‘Fair enough. I’m J. I want to ask you. How old are you?’
Strawberry: ‘Sixteen. Going seventeen in a few days. My mum said she is just going to let me practice on you for now, not the other customers. She says you’ll understand.’

I did understand. It was a family business and her mother had told me about her daughter. I do know her name, but would just address her using her favourite fruit. She rubbed her hands together and I flipped myself over. The twenty minutes that followed was an uncomfortable ride, as she was pressing on the wrong spots and making me groan in pain. All along, I had to guide her and she had been apologetic, resulting in a little guilt coming out of me.

After the back massage, the usual package would involve a full arm and shoulder relaxation tui na, best executed by the main owner – her mum. Strawberry had lost her composure when she realised I was in more pain than relaxed, but a time out quickly brought her back to pace. My shoulders were given the standard presses and it was about all I paid for.

Instead, strawberry asked me to lie still as she wanted to practice a full body massage, and I was the best test subject. A short intercom conversation with her mother granted me an extension to ‘unlimited’ time. Not sure if that was a good or bad thing, she had already started oiling my chest up.

Strawberry: ‘Let me know if it feels uncomfortable k?’

Just five minutes of a chest rub, she went to my calves and did a great job of loosening my muscles. The diligent girl had moved her hands up my thighs, up to the part where my towel covered, just a few inches below my waist. Before I knew it, she had been working on my inner thighs under the towel and brushed her hands across my wiener a few times, still apologising profusely.

Me: ‘I think that’s about it right?’
Strawberry: ‘Actually.. My mum told me that I will be giving you the special massage. She says you’re a good friend and wants me to treat you well. I think I will have to learn it sooner or later right?’

I jumped off the bed and wrapped a larger towel around my waist, stomping out of the room to see her mother. She was already standing at the door, as if she knew I would not accept it. We went back into the massage room and she poured her heart out to me, saying that she had been grateful to me and would like me to be the one and only customer to her daughter. The lack of fundings to frequent that place did not bother her one bit, and the truth came out of her. She wanted me to take care of her girl, as the staff would be outsourced to provide the specials that men loved.

Listening to her talk for a while, I understood what she meant and laid back on the bed, letting her girl reach for my dick with her lubricated hand.

Strawberry: ‘You don’t mind right?’
Me: ‘Promise that you won’t do this to other guys.’
Strawberry: ‘I won’t. This place only offers clean massage. And you will be the only one who will get this from me.’

A whiff of strawberry came from under the towel and a bottle of fruit flavoured personal lubricant stood on the table. She removed the towel and placed her mouth at my tip for a lick, wetting her lips a few times in approval of the taste. Her mouth then went down my shaft and a randomised tempo came pushing me to my limits. The little girl who just completed her O levels was sucking me obediently, making sure I felt so good that it was hard to resist fucking her mouth.

Her mum was peeking through the curtains from time to time to ensure she was doing well and I had no complaints. Strawberry’s hand took over whenever she needed a break and her mouth was constantly slurping my pre-cum up. All I did was to lie with my hands under my head, and let her work me to those small shivers up my spine.

An enjoyable ten minutes later, she stopped blowing me and stood next to me, stripping herself one piece at a time. The tiny bumps on her chest was most tempting to grab and bite, but her shaved pussy came along and my mind went on to imagine licking between the narrow folds.

Strawberry: ‘You want to touch me?’
Me: ‘Put my hand where you want it to go.’

She climbed onto the bed and rested on her fours on top of me. My hand was guided between her legs and she remained in doggie while I rubbed her down, with a bit of lubricant from my rod. As I teased her clit, the sudden lost of energy collapsed her body onto me, turning it into a body-on-body rub. My hand could not move in that position and she just kept gliding on my oiled body.

Slowly, she slid lower and used the shaft to rub along her slit. The soft flesh in contact with my hardness was so sensual that I could cum if she continued doing that. But moments later, she paused on top and pasted her face on me.

Strawberry: ‘It feels so good that its making me weak.’

Right then, her mum came into the room and Strawberry almost rolled off if not for my support.

Strawberry: ‘Mummy! I’m not done yet.’

Her mum just went to our legs and pointed my dick into her daughter’s pussy. Without instructions, Strawberry moved back and it entered her tight cunt easily. Her mum left the room without a word and her daughter was grinding her hips on my dick happily. Seeing that her own mother had given permission, she was excited too and rode me like a free girl.

I could only hang onto her waist as her pussy kept pushing itself down on my dick. I was at my limits and quickly stopped her before things went out of control.

Me: ‘You want to try other positions?’
Strawberry: ‘Doggie?’

I nodded and went behind her, while her chest laid on the leather bed. I angled her hips higher and drove my rod into the small girl, sending her grabbing for a towel to cover her moans. With so much lubricant at our genitals, it was easy to go fast and after two minutes, she came in a manner so innocent that I could not bring myself to continue. She was covering her face as moans escaped her mouth, and her body was pushed hard against me, planning to not let me out until it was over. Strawberry’s face was red when she turned to me, asking me to continue.

Needless to say, I continued banging her hard until my moment came, and I gently pushed her away. Instead of letting me finish on the floor, she turned herself around to lie on the bed and brought me to her mouth. She then continued sucking me in a more calm manner and watched my expression more closely. Her hands jerked me while interlocked and I softly told her I was cumming. The girl covered her eyes with one hand and pumped me faster. I leaned forward so she could aim my dick at her bare chest, topped with two pink nipples.

The finale came and I sprayed my load over her body, most of it stopped by her hand over my tip and letting it dribbled down her belly. It took me at least a minute to finish because she was rubbing her thumb over my pee hole as I shot, pushing my body to unload more times than usual. Only after I told her it was over, did she release her grip on me and let me sit on the bed, while she sat next to me, smearing my cum over her body.

Me: ‘You don’t mind it?’
Strawberry: ‘Mummy says its good for skin.’

Well, with its high nutritional content, it wasn’t wrong to think of it that way. She cleaned my dick with her fingers and then wiped herself clean before roaming all over my body with my towel. We went into the attached shower and had a good time lathering each other up, frolicking under the warm water. In the bathroom, Strawberry was more open to playing with my cleaned stub between my legs.I had only helped her achieved one orgasm with her sitting on the toilet seat in front of me and her simple mind was so grateful that she didn’t mind giving me a blowjob. The second wave of cum shot into her palm and she gave that spoonful a little taste before swallowing the rest down.

We then exited the room smelling fresh and her mum waved at me when I was about to make payment, signalling that no payment was required.

Mother: ‘I haven’t seen her smile that happily in a long time. Not since her dad disappeared from our family. Thank you.’
Me: ‘It’s me who feel honoured. Your daughter is really good with her hands.’
Mother: ‘Do you have anything on later? Why don’t you bring her with you?’

My heart melted almost instantly and her mum gave her a nod. The satisfied girl came running out in a body hugging dress too revealing for her age and tucked her hand under my arm.

Strawberry: ‘Let’s go.’
Mother: ‘Stay safe and have fun you guys.’

Well, what happened after was rather simple. We made our way to a posh hotel like Strawberry wanted and she paid for everything, using the company’s credit card that her mum lent her for the night. Countless rounds of raw banging and loud screams completed the table of events and we started an underground relationship, starring her in the video clips she requested me to make during each time we met.

Man, sex had never felt so tiring ;)


*Ding dong*

Jayson: ‘Hi, welcome. Come on in.’

Jayson was a well known person in the cosmetic world for his painless waxing services. Working from home, there was little hassle of managing a shop and he could work alone at his own pace. Although most of his clients were males, occasionally, females would patronise him and let him weed out those pesky pubic hairs that most men disliked.

It was Princess’ first visit for such a service and she was more shy than worried about the pain. After all, it wasn’t common for girls her age to go for such thorough waxing, being in the age where her body matured.

Jayson: ‘You are waxing your underarms and groin right? The door on the left is where you can change out, and then take a sit on the bed.’

It was a single bed lying in the centre of the room, cosy with pillows and sheets. The slight fragrance and decals-covered walls made the whole place seemed comfortable, greatly reducing the awkwardness and putting Princess in a calm state.

She entered the room and used the bathroom to get a quick shower, before wrapping a long towel around her body, just enough to cover her boobs. She laid on the bed once she dried herself and used the blanket to shield her legs, until the last moments she needed to ‘spread’.

Jayson: ‘Feeling comfortable? Let me just give you a little introduction. Most of my clients are males, and they can take pain quite well. The results are straightforward, the most sensitive parts are the soft flesh around your vagina, and no matter how ready you are, it will be slightly painful. However, for girls, they recommended me a method that will help relieve the pain during the process. One of my female clients actually gave me this.’

He took a vibrator from an unrolled towel and handed it to Princess, and the rest of the introduction was understood in her mind. He sat on a stool at the width of the bed, and raised her knees up. Taking the vibrator from her hand, he turned it on and placed it on her clit, thereafter placing her hand on the toy, buzzing away to get her more relaxed.

Like what the vibrator was designed for, her pussy got wet in no time, while Jayson began warming the glass measuring cup, half filled with an orange substance. He spent the next ten minutes clearing her bush, and another five minutes on her underarms. Almost painless, Princess’ mind was so distracted with getting herself off that her own fingers went to work on the hairless pussy while he was waxing her armpits.

After he was done with her, he cleared the messy hardened wax away and sat on the bed, next to the girl who was still masturbating outside her vagina. She had got herself so wet that her juices were good enough to moisturise the raw pores that were pinkish from the treatment. Jayson saw how relaxed she was and the sight of her enjoying herself quickly sent blood to his rod, setting up a tent under those thin materials of his shorts.

He poured a dab of massage oil on his hands and went on to knead those stiff muscles on her legs, starting from her calves. Working his way up, his fingers were merely inches away from her pussy, and it was only a matter of time before she stopped touching herself. True enough, her hands ended the foreplay and he took the chance to resume massage, except he was fondling the wet folds of her labia this time. Sliding his fingertips up and down her slit, she felt her own pussy gap for his attention that was around her groin instead of her pussy.

Jayson wasn’t that silly, he spent another minute on the exterior, before giving her what she wanted. His oiled finger slipped into her pussy and went all the way in, arching her back in an overwhelming pleasure. Her lips parted and moans were heard almost immediately. Putting his finger into a subtle curve, he effortlessly stroked against the underside of her pussy, where squishy sounds were heard. Soon, two of his fingers were at work, and the towel around her chest, had came loose from her fidgeting.

He changed his position to kneel beside her arms, sitting back on his ankles while he continued fingering her. It was only instinctive for Princess to reach for his pants and undo them, like how she did for her ex-boyfriend a few months ago. In no time, his dick was in her palm and going through a handjob, slightly damp from her juices that caught onto her fingers earlier. He poured some of those massage oil for her and she was relieved by the ease of the pumping.

In the smoothest transition she ever experienced, he moved between her legs and she did not break contact with his rod the whole time. As his hips leaned closer, she pointed his dick for her entrance, where he stopped to let her hand move away. Moving slowly, his rod disappeared an inch at a time into her, spreading the small fleshy envelop open.

As a professional specialising in making people look good, his body was one to die for, and Princess was draw to his lean figure as well. Her hands rested under his arms, just around his ribs while he rammed his thick cock into her, making none of that agonising groan. To Princess, he was just a dildo, mounted on a male, giving her the pleasure she had unintentionally desired. Everything felt so right and safe. She wasn’t even bothered by the lack of protection.

After some forceful poundings on her pussy, he felt her cunt tightened and slowed his pace down, voiding her of that orgasm she was looking forward to. All she could do was wrap her legs around him, trying to pull his hips closer to her so she could cum.

Jayson: ‘Trust me, wait a while more.’

He pulled out of her and flipped her on her fours, planting her face in the soft pillows she laid on just a moment ago. He took his position behind her and shoved his rod deep into her, before going full speed, ramming his pelvic at her butt. That piece of rod felt so much bigger in this position and her pussy was at its limit, expanding and contraction from the strokes going up and down her sensitive spots. Like a wild animal, he was moving so fast and hard that her body gave way, collapsing on the bed sideways before an orgasm strike her hard.

Her chest squeezed all the air out and she struggled to breath while her pussy got so tight around Jayson she could feel his heartbeat. The climax flooded her body from her pussy, rushing through her stiffened abs, hardened nipples, and flushed face. He remained in her until the tremble went away, and exited his rod from the sexy figure in front of him.

Princess: ‘You don’t want to cum?’

Jayson: ‘My job is to help you. I’m fine with it.’

Princess: ‘Why don’t you just finish as well? I can help.’

Jayson: ‘I wouldn’t want to impose you, after all, you paid for this.’

Princess: ‘Come.’

She left the bed and made him lie on it. Sitting sideways by his arms, her newly waxed pussy was in his line of sight. Furthermore, she had started jerking him with both hands clasped together, pumping up and down. The appearance of veins interested her and she was glad to be able to get upclose with a man’s tool.

Apart from the rare breaks she took to look closely while she masturbated him, her hands were moving all the time, and did not give him any chance to calm down at all. A few minutes later, his dick was pulsating faster and she knew he was about to cum.

Princess: ‘Do you want to cum in the toilet? Or here?’

Jayson: ‘Just here will do. I can clean up later.’

She increased her speed and squeezed her fingers together. Before he could warn her, the eruption shot streams of thick hot cum into the air and onto her hands. She then took the nano-second opportunity to observe how to make a guy weak, by jerking until everything was out. Following that, was to cover the pee hole with her thumb and roll around, driving his body into a spasm. He had to beg her to stop and she only did so when she had played to her heart’s content. No matter what, the customer is always right.

She went into the toilet after his body gave up and cleaned up. By the time she was done, he had wiped himself clean and wore his pants back, greeting her again before sending her to the door.

Princess: ‘Here is the money. And you won’t tell this to anyone right?’

Jayson: ‘I should be more worried about you spreading word that I offer special. Can you imagine how tired I will be?’

They had a short laugh together and he gained another happy customer. Well, apart from such coincidence, the ladies who usually asked for specials were married wives, who came to wax for two reason. It would be habitual to keep themselves smooth, or appear clean to another person. Every few visits, the married moms would ask him for his ‘special’, and he would be more than happy to satisfy their requests.

The Massage Girl

To have come so far and worked as a masseur was no easy feat. And to BE in this line simply because she doesn’t know of any other methods to make money, is even more disheartening.

Jing Jing provides massage services in Singapore at a condo in the vicinity of the most happening place at night. A place where people claim to eat durians and bak kut teh, where contraband ciggs are sold from black trash bags, where hundreds of thousands of dollars of dirty money exchange hands.

PM me for contact.

BTW, this story is in no way the exact representation of an undisclosed visit for her services.

Jing: ‘来了,累吗?’
Jing: ‘You’re back. Are you tired?’

T: ‘还好,工作就是这样的。’
T: ‘I’m alright. It’s just work.’

Jing: ‘臭臭,先去冲个凉?’
Jing: ‘Smelly you, go get a shower first?’

At ten o’clock, T got home after work and as tired as he was, he was ushered into the bathroom with a towel. A much needed one to clean himself up from the day of running around. After a ten minute shower, he appeared in the corridor of their condo, where she sat on the bed in their room, in a green lace nightie.

Jing: ‘躺下来,先给你个按摩。’
Jing: ‘Lie down here. I’ll give you a massage.’

T laid on the bed facing down and let her sit on his lower back, groaning softly as she kneaded those tired muscles. This beautiful girl had been waiting for him to come home and when he finally did, did not disappoint him at all. All those hardwork he put in for them, was worth it. Jing had been feeling frisky whenever she thought of him, but understood that he was worn out. Being his girl (with needs), all she could afford was giving him a massage, hoping he would get her message.

Feeling the hems of her dress brush up and down his back, he finally told her that it was getting uncomfortable lying down, since his little one was stirring to life. She dismounted him and placed a small bolster at his belly, giving him some space so she could keep tickling his sensitive body.

Switching over to her nails, she dragged them up and down his back, going in circles around his ass and between the crack. Whenever she reached his balls, she would fondle them for a moment before going back to his butt. It was like hide-and-seek, except he could feel all his senses focusing at the spot where his testicles were. She had taken massage lessons before, and he was the only man to ever test her skills.

After some time, T patted her thighs to let him know he needed a pause, and so she let him turned over and waited patiently while he adjusted himself on the pillow. Resting her head on his stomach, the teasing continued. Holding his dick lightly and pumping gently, he needed no more than a minute to start groaning louder. In her hand, she could totally feel how his balls were expanding and contracting with the varying speed.

Jing: ‘它一点都不累啊。’
Jing: ‘He’s not tired at all.’

T: ‘不要玩啦。’
T: ‘Stop teasing it already.’

Her hair trailed down his belly when she headed down south and she leaned on her side beside his hips. Mouth completed wet with saliva, she made sure he experienced every inch of descend, all the way to the base of his dick where she deep-throated him for a long ten seconds.

T couldn’t concentrate on her body at all, mind drifting in and out of consciousness, her tongue that was slowly making waves, pushing every button on that piece of meat. Part of him was begging for some action, and the other part was too tired for any.

Being only able to see a bit of her face sucking on his dick, it was all he needed to fill his vision with. His beautiful girl, a hidden talent with her lips, working non-stop on his rock hard rock. He was gradually falling into a relaxing sleep.

Unable to feel the urge due to tireness, he did not want to exhaust her anymore. She went to lay on his chest, while her hand took some baby oil and continued stroking his member. It was a moment of loveliness and warmth when they cuddled. Letting time handle his ejaculation, he pressed her head on his body, despite her wanting him to shoot in her mouth.

T: ‘要来了。’
T: ‘I’m cumming.’

Before she could rush down to contain the explosion, he had already began squirting into mid-air. She froze immediately before the fireworks and watched it ooze out of his dick non-stop. For that moment, everything was worth it. This man, faithful and caring, was who she liked from the beginning. Now, he has become a happier man, at least for that night.

Jing grabbed a few pieces of tissue and cleaned him up. Right then, his phone buzzed non-stop in his office group chat. Perching himself against the headboard, he typed his advice away on his phone, and Jing laid by his side, unable to comprehend what was happening.

But there was one thing she knew she could do to help. Tickling his balls again, she was playing with his dick in no time. It was growing slowly as she playfully dug her nails into the loose skin, overwhelming the little head with some erotic scratches. Without waiting for him to say anything, she went between his legs and took his dick into her mouth, sucking it effortlessly as he continued to be distracted with work.

Jing: ‘今晚我想做…’
Jing: ‘I feel like having it tonight.. ‘

T couldn’t leave her as she is when she got him hard again. This time, he flipped her onto the bed and pried her shy legs apart, with her eyes gleaming with horniness for his animalistic side to overtake his sane mind. She had become the little sheep on the bed.

What more could I say about that night? He gave her what she asked for, in fact, a little too much than his body could provide.