By Nikkinom

For once, there was a certain thrill in taking his underwear off, but it wasn’t to see how hard he was for me – because he always is. What I really wanted to see, was the mess in his underwear that I have caused.

When I arrived at his place in the morning, he couldn’t be more surprised to see me in the short, red dress he bought for me. Since I was ready to go, he skipped our usual fornication and went straight for a shower. Feeling especially playful that day, I helped him get dressed and just before we left, I decided to give him a handjob through his underwear so he would have to spend the day with in soggy pair of underwear.

For that particular day, I planned an itinerary that required us to take long bus rides, where I had another chance to rub one out of him for no reason. All I needed to do, was to let finger me, an exchange I didn’t mind at all.

After lunch, we went for a 90-minute-long movie, only to spend three-quarters of the time with my hand in his pants, fondling and jerking him off into his briefs – twice. It was no wonder he dozed off at the untimely last fifteen minutes of the show.

After that, we went for dinner at a Five-stars hotel, complete with wine and fine steaks which experience would last a lifetime in our minds. In return for the ‘trouble’ I was causing him that day, I had no second thoughts about paying for all the expenses.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing we were having!

On the long bus ride home, I had to put in all my effort to make him hard, and managed to make him cum at the last ten minutes of the ride.

Boy, if only you could see his exhausted face after that ‘long’ and ‘hard’ day, you would understand why was I so pleased with his performance.

It wasn’t till we were back at his place, that I finally stopped teasing him, and laid him in bed while I ‘did the rest’. I had to remove his pants so slowly, so not to hurt his oversensitive member I had gone overboard with.

By the time I got to his underwear, I instantly felt myself get wetter when I saw how much cum was in there. It was so thick, warm, and even fun to play with. In all fairness, I didn’t expect him to get hard again when I went down on him, slurping up everything around his groin, before I put him into my mouth.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, he grew hard and I went all out on him, with my mouth of course. I kept sucking until he was groaning, and got me even wetter. There was almost nothing left when he came in my mouth, which I had no reasons to complain about.

My king fell asleep right after that, leaving me to clean him, and myself up. I could say that that was the most satisfying day I had with him.

For once, he was mine to do anything I wished to.

Sweet Sweet Love

Part 1 | Part 2

Rick (whispering): ‘Lift your leg up.’

Samantha pushed her skirt between her legs and perched one of her feet on the velvety plastic seat of the bus, peering out of the window to take her attention away from what her boyfriend was about to do. He shifted closer to her and crossed his arm over her chest, letting her hug him while his fingers dived under her skirt.

As she felt his middle finger part the fleshy raw folds of her pussy, a little shiver drifted through her body. It was electrifying the first few seconds he played with her clit, but as soon as her juices lubricated his rubbing motion, large breaths of air filled her lungs up with lust. She loved how he would slide up and down her slit, occasionally going close to her love hole but not enter it.

In relative to her grip on his arm, he would relieve her urges by slipping into her pussy, releasing sighing mouthful of air from her mouth. As time passed, she took over control of his movements and guided him deeper. When she was pleased with how well he fingered her, slow and in lengthy strokes, Samantha knew what she had to do. Stretching her arm over to his lap, she gave his little hard on a squeeze through the pants.

Given where they were seated, at the back of the bus, she proceeded to lower the zip and flipped his cock out from the man-thong he wore specially for her. Hard as he was, and it made her really excited about going further with him.

Samantha (whispering): ‘Did you bring it?’

He dug his bag for a small silicon squeeze bottle of lubricant and placed a ten-cent coin worth on her fingertips. Immediately, she went back to the handjob and made things difficult for him to keep the bottle. Anyway, excitement and thrill was what they were after right? With the mutual masturbation ongoing, the pair stayed as motionless as they could from the eyes of the boarding passengers.

Samantha (whispering): ‘I’m cumming!’

He felt her pussy tightened on his fingers and a small gush of juices escaped over his digits. Panting, she turned her attention to him and jerked him faster. Rick had done his part for the public display of intimacy and let her concentrate, with his fingers pinching and rolling her nipples as she pumped his cock.

After five minutes in her trained hand, he was holding her wrist to guide her for the grand finale.

Rick (whispering): ‘Shooting.. shooting.. ‘

She swiped her fringe behind her ears and bent down over his groin, taking his cock into her mouth while continued to stroke her personal sex toy. In less than a minute later, his hips began trembling and cum fired into her sweet pink lips, filling her mouth up with baby-making fluid. Samantha sucked on his tip until every last drop was out, and picked herself up to swallow before his eyes.

Rick (whispering): ‘Good girl.’

They composed themselves from the erotic mess and rested until they reached their stop – in front of a JTC building around his place. Upon alighting, he grabbed her hand and led her into the eerily quiet industrial block through a side gate.

Samantha: ‘Where did you get the access card?’
Rick: ‘From my attachment in poly? I didn’t return it.’

They made their way quickly to the block furthest from any civilisation, and into a corridor behind one of a production office. The leather had cracked on the sofa in the unofficial smoking corner but he wasn’t there to chill. Samantha remained standing by the parapet, still feeling confused to her surprise introduction to this corner of the private estate.

Rick undid his pants and went behind her, flipping her skirt to her waist and attempted to stick his rod into her. Samantha got his cue and shifted herself slightly away from the wall, into standing doggy but chest higher than usual. She guided his dick inside her pussy from between her legs and felt his erection slide up her vagina, clearly thicker than what she tasted in the bus.

The tiny jutting motion was silent on her meaty ass and the view of the carparks and housing blocks was calming to her senses. Rick was totally drawn into her tight pussy and was just slamming his hips onto her. After a few minutes, Samantha turned to the sofa and let her knees rest on the seats, closing her feet under his opened legs.

The sudden pressure on his cock made Rick wilder and he was ramming deeper at a slower speed.

Samantha: ‘You like it baby?’
Rick (grunting): ‘Yeah.’

Her upper body was still upright but the depth of his penetration was delivering timely orgasms to her mind. Gradually, she was overtaken by horniness and the torturous speed of his drilling.

Samantha: ‘Sit on the sofa. I’ll ride you.’

He quickly pulled out of his beloved girlfriend and sat down. Samantha did not waste any time and squatted over his thighs, lowering herself over his upright throbbing stick of meat. His hands on her waist, she wrapped her arms around his neck and really slammed her groin on him. She was deadly tight in this position and the cool breeze and sight kept her relaxed as she fucked him.

In the mix of groans and pleas, she was climaxing at her own pace. Rick was desperately holding on to the last bit of sanity, tempted to be overthrown by her violent cowgirl ride.

Rick: ‘Slow down. It’s getting too sensitive.’

Samantha let her knees touch the rough surface of the sofa and grind on his lap, rocking back and forth while holding his shoulder onto the backrest. In that pose, he stripped her spaghetti top and unhooked her bra, pulling her flare skirt up to her belly button. Just as he fished her denim jacket out of her bag, her pussy suddenly gone super small and sucked him right in, with contractions milking his cock as she tried harder to keep moving.

Rick: ‘Oh shit!’

He lifted her ass up and she jumped off the couch, going on her knees only to miss the first shot of cum. She hastily covered his tool with her mouth and collected the others, swallowing as quickly as he was puffing her cheeks up with semen. As his energy level dwindled, she let him pull her jacket over her arms and shoulders.

Finally, the spent young man was done and the pair sat dishevelled side by side.

Samantha: ‘Am I going home in these?’
Rick: ‘Yupp. You look so sexy like this.’

They rested for a while more before making their way out, and she walked him home before heading to a bus stop.

Samantha (Whatsapp): ‘I’m just done with my boyfriend. Are you at home now?’

Part 1 | Part 2

No Return

‘Open your legs wider.’

‘Good good. Now put your hand on your panties and rub.’

Jiale started to feel her panties getting wet, despite against her body’s wish. Her boyfriend, Dave, had assured her about the decency of this guy’s requests and turned up at the hotel room, only to be instructed to go behind a blindfold.

There was something about the fully covered up man that disabled her ability to question his intention. Her mind was turned on by that mystical power over her and it felt erotic to be controlled without any physical means.

The lingerie she wore for the night was given to her by Dave, a set of lacy red bra and panties to bring out her fair complexion. The accompanying outfit of a simple white tank left her bra cups visible and those shorts could not hide the panties that rode up her hips.

On the bed, her shorts was long gone and the masturbation had soaked her panties.

‘Take off your bra but leave your top on. I want to see your nipples.’

Unlike how her boyfriend worked, she was glad her nipples attracted him and removed her bra under the top, letting the shirt cling tightly onto her voluptuous assets. She sensed him getting out of the chair after a while, and the pressure on the bed affirmed her sixth sense.

‘Lie down’, he whispered seductively into her ears and felt his lips on her ear lobe, nibbling with his tongue salivating at the same time. Once he slipped his tongue into her ear, the wet slopping sounds caused her back to arch upwards and her busy hand rubbed faster on her clit.

Just before she put her hand into her panties, the grip on her wrist stopped her, only to have his hand slide down her tummy and into her underwear. ‘I’ll take it from here’, came a whisper that tingled down her spine while her pussy twitched excitedly to the stranger’s touch.

The moment his coarse fingertip reached her clit, another strong wave shook her body so ever slightly to receive the pleasure. Sure enough, having an unfamiliar hand rubbing her off was a sensational experience. One that brought an orgasm so quickly in under a minute. It wasn’t any different in intensity, but sure it did came quickly.

‘You like it?’ ‘Yes!’, she replied without much hesitation. Whatever her boyfriend had set her up for, it was awesome. As he continued petting her, he went lower into her panties, arriving at her pussy that he entered very slowly with his fingers.

Right then, her mind was screaming out for him to just hurry up. The amount of wetness should have told him how much she wanted it. Well, his finger was all she could ask for at that moment. The instant her pussy was spread apart to the size of his fingers, a squeeze of her bladder had surrounded his digits tightly.

Not only he did not move after he fit his whole finger in, he leaned his body closer to her.

‘I’ll keep my finger inside while you remove my pants.’ He brought her hand to his pants immediately and she unbuttoned them easily, diving straight into his underwear so he could start fingering her. Since she started jerking him off, he had been pumping his hand at her pussy, curled upwards to tickle the generic G-spot location till her body was thrown left to right and vice versa.

Before she realised, her body had popped the embarrassing question for a budding model. ‘Do you want to fuck me?’ Instead of saying yes, the man straightened himself and left the bed, making her wave her hand blindly in the air to see where he went.

A minute later, the first thing she felt was his cock, wrapped in a condom. Somehow, Christmas had came early for her. He caught her ankles and flipped her to the side, one leg angled at ninty degrees while the other remained straight. He climbed over her thighs and injected the squishy, manmade needle into her cunt, and proceeded to pound her fiercely.

Unlike the gentleman she felt before, this muscular hips hammered her into desperation. Her limbs went weak in no time and her pussy was bombarded with orgasms she lost count of. The manly grunts, the sexy moans, the room was echoing the sounds of lust around without shame.

The five minutes felt like a long time for her sore pussy, smeared with her own bodily fluids around her ass. She was panting deeply for air after the crazy, intense fuckathon.

Within a minute, she was held up and he provided the direction by standing over her legs. He placed her hands on his cock and tugged at her hair, bringing her mouth to his manhood for the next part. Still hyped from the sensitive clit, she performed the most comprehensive blowjob on him.

Licking the sides of his shaft for a start, her tongue went to his dickhead to fondle them with cute, small flicks. Her lips wrapped around his cock and sank him down her throat, working her way up and down the cock that tasted as good as the sex he just deposited in her pussy.

‘Get into doggy’, the familiar voice broke the silence and she quickly flipped on her fours. He went back behind her and gave her clit a few rubs to assure her the presence of a condom, before piercing it right in.

Head now lifted up by holding her hair, the pounding shook the bed wildly in sync with the rhythm her body jerked. Both her hands were suddenly picked up and positioned on two penises, and head hurriedly yanked down on another in front of her.

With four dicks leveraging on the three types of ‘jobs’, she had tried to figure out what was happening. Of course, it wasn’t easy with the enormous rod raping her pussy, fucking her minds out onto the dude in her mouth.

The hand on her head suddenly let go and the dick inside her slowed down. Only the two ‘guys’ in her hand was moving, until about three minutes later.

‘I’m ready’, those words came one by one and she was placed on her back once again. The blindfold was ripped away from her head and four guys surrounded her with their dicks being worked on.

In under a minute, four pairs of testicles worth of cum coated her face, lips, neck, breasts, and stomach, along with groans of satisfaction. But amidst the group, was another guy standing at a corner. He was armed with a camera, that wasn’t a DSLR to keep the shutter sound silent.

The guys left her to get dressed and took turns to view the photos of the day. Jiale was still confused by how they got into the room and what was going to happen to her with those photos taken.

Without saying a word to her, the men left the room with the card key. Moments later, the door opened and Dave entered, with the same camera in his hand.

‘Hey Babe. Like it?’ The cheeky smile did not help with her distressed mood. Whatever happened was still sinking into her brain, lest easier knowing that her boyfriend had all the media safe in his hands from the gangbang.

Mentally broken, she went into the shower with a zombified look and rinsed all the cum away. She wore all her clothes back with the tempting red lingerie, with her arms wrapped tightly around her boyfriend as they exited the hotel.

For the days that came, she turned into a robot that listened to Dave wholeheartedly, traumatised by how she could enjoy being a slut okay with cum getting dumped on her body. Well, the variety of sessions that the couple got into only went wilder without resistance from Jiale, who is now mind-fucked beyond salvation.

Following Strangers

James headed back to the library for the last part of his project, dressed smartly in a suit and croc-skin leather shoes. No one else had anything as formal as him, but it was his daily outfit, especially going anywhere further than two blocks from his house.

Girl (whispering): ‘Hey!’

The school uniform clad girl waved at him with such delight he could not feign coolness and ignore her. He had sat at the same spot for the four days of research and she was always there, alone working on her textbooks.

Girl (whispering): ‘What do you work as?’

James signalled for her to stop talking and scribbled the answer on a piece of blank paper, sliding it to her.


She turned the words around towards him and drew a :) smiley next to it, causing him to lose his focus and returned a smile at her. He was there to finalise his report and it took no longer than thirty minutes, where he then packed and got ready to leave.

The student suddenly started packing her books as well and a midair ‘stop’ sign made him hold back from standing up, and she quickly threw her bag over her shoulders.

Girl (whispering): ‘Where are you going?’

His lips read ‘office’ and she pulled the straps tighter on her bag. They walked out of the library and went into his car, where she sat casually as though he had agreed to let her follow him.

They drove to a dull looking building about ten minutes away and a quick flash of his access card slide the glass door open. They went past a few more doors within and stopped at his office, where a fold out bed among a bookshelf got her attention.

James went to work on his laptop for a while more, sending the documents into the intranet network before taking his coat off, leaning back on his lavish leather-lined office chair relaxed.

Girl: ‘Your office is so cool! What kind of scientist are you?’

His fingers pointed to a rectangular glass box as he walked to it, retrieving a metallic flask that showed a blue liquid through a narrow window. He then went over to the sweet little girl and unscrewed the lid, holding it near her nose for her to take a deep breath in.

An icy chill ran through her spin to immobilise her limbs but it felt more like a relaxation med than an evil one. He hooked a earpiece-like device to her left ear and then placed an identical one on his. Her eyes were fixated on the earpiece he had that blinked a few times before the green light stay lit.

Mysteriously, her hands started to move towards her top and began unbuttoning it, stripping herself naked almost naturally. She knew he was doing something to her but did not know what it was. It didn’t matter if he saw her naked cause he did nothing to scare her.

Squinting her eyelids a little, she imagined him loosening his tie and he did, with a few seconds delay. Before she got him naked, he had her fingers on her pussy, rubbing pleasure into her mind. As hard as she tried, she got his hand on his dick as well, jerking his erection in her direction.

The whole awkward scene continued for about three minutes, to each of them trying to stay focused. James who was nude, had defined abs to make her view more pleasant. He knew how to override the control and she quickly learnt that as well. With sheer force, they could stop doing what their partners wanted but it would meant losing control too.

James then made a short whistle to get her attention, and bite his teeth twice to make two click sounds. The curious lady did the same and a little ache was felt on the temple on the side where she wore the controller. The eye nearest to that ache flashed a few times and they had exchanged the view of one eye with each other.

A new sensation of pleasure filled one side of her body, feeling exactly what he felt when she made him masturbate for him. He too, had felt the same soothing, calm waves through his privates as she fingered herself, bringing their mutual mind-control to the next level.

Once they were accustomed to the foreign nature of the pleasure, he made her hold his dick and leaned her head closer to it, opening her mouth wide with sheer imagination. With single vision, he moved her head back and forth over his dick, sucking and licking his dick that was twitching in her mouth.

She did not just let him get his way too, making him reach forward with his hands on her nipples and toying with them, causing moans to happen. After a few minutes, she got him to pull away and he turned her over on her own, raising her ass into doggie.

Now, she is fully aware that her virginity was about to be taken. And she could easily end all this by taking the earpiece on. Instead, her mind was picturing a scene, one she felt at a hundred percent real-time. His hands went on her waist and his hips moving forward at her pussy, where she could see through the ‘eye-sharing’.

She was in fact, taking her own virginity with another body. No matter how she imagined him to stop right there, the movements of her pussy got her moving in another direction.

Within a minute, he was grunting like a bear, having his dick sinking into a pussy way younger than girls his age. It was small, warm and overwhelmingly wet. He could feel his anus clenching at the same time she tightened. The poor but horny girl on the other hand, was feeling the rhythmic throbs of his manhood, with an urge to thrust.

During the struggle to push James out, he was certain there was no way to overpower an unwilling girl and wanted to give up on his experiment. Somehow, an invisible force shoved him right back in and all resistance was broken.

Take it deep Clara!‘, she screamed loudly as his body lost all control, ramming his groin on her thighs. In response to her submission, he gave his anus a little push and felt her squeeze down on him, so ever breath-taking that cause Clara to moan out loud.

James placed her hands on the wall and pushed herself backwards while she forced him to pound her harder, totally blowing her own mind with her umm.. own mind.

The compounded effect of pleasure drove their bodies to release a lethal dose of adrenaline, fucking each other at speeds never designed for her small frame to handle. Orgasms were felt throughout his body and the urge to cum simply hovered around his balls without any chance to ejaculate.

It could be that he wasn’t present in his own mind, or that she had no idea how to ‘shoot’.

Immediately, he slowed his thoughts down and Clara regained her sanity, ending his merciless rampage through her own pussy.

Clara: ‘You need to cum.’

James sighed when he heard that and stumbled on the bed enlightened. All of a sudden, he felt her control over him weaken and she was kneeling between his legs, head closing in on his dick. He closed his eyes and pictured the most perfect blowjob, executed by a defenceless sweetheart that let him did what he wished for.

Those luscious pink lips stroked his shaft continuously, and he could feel how his throat was tickled by the deep throat. Things never felt so peaceful for him before and he just kept her going. He did not forget her needs and placed her hand on her pussy, touching that tiny clit while she sucked him off.

Gradually, his biological response returned and his body loaded his load seamlessly, pulling the trigger to empty his rounds into her mouth. Not wanting her to take it unwillingly, he let her mouth opened in front of his dick when he sprayed and all of it was caught perfectly.

He had her reach for a box of tissue nearby and spat it out, all and every drop of the thick, white fluid he gave her.

Both of them panting, he clicked his teeth before her and guided her to remove the earpiece. When she took it off, her body collapsed to the side and she was barely awake.

He went over to her side and planted a kiss on her forehead, before tucking her under the sheets.

When Clara woke up, he was in his chair, and a gorgeous two-piece outfit was on her. A spaghetti top with an overlay of straps hanging freely on her back, black and thin enough for the all-year summer weather. For her bottoms, it was a thigh-length skirt with beautiful, intricate, curly lines sewn into it, made of materials thick enough to eliminate her worries of it being too sheer.

Clara: ‘My uniform?’

He pointed the end of his pen to the bag at the edge of the bed and she hugged the most memorable school experience in her arms. James took his bag and then hers, walking out to the secretive rows of doors and into the carpark.

A quick input of her six digit postal code later, they were on their way home. Right before she undid her seatbelt, he held her head in his hands and gave her another peck.

Clara: ‘Will you call me or something?’

He took his phone from the dashboard and scrolled a few pages, to her name and phone number. With another delighted cute smile from the innocent school girl, she left his car and went straight to the lift landing.

James (whispering): ‘Scientist’

And that’s how she would remember him by for the rest of their days of experiments to come.

A Little Monster

Me: ‘Amy, you have not tried this before right?’
Amy: ‘What? I can’t even see anything.’

A strap fell over her thighs and she remained still while I tied her legs opened. Her hands were free but she wasn’t going to do anything with them, except maybe to hang on for her dear life for what’s about to come.

I disappeared from the bed for a moment and returned with my Dremel, outfitting a thin dildo to the rotary head. The lights came on and blinded her for a few seconds, but the expression that appeared on her face was more of a shock than surprise.

Amy: ‘What’s that?!’
Me: ‘A little DIY project? It will spin and thrust at the same time. I ordered this from some 3D printer company online.’
Amy: ‘It’s supposed to be a construction tool of some kind right? Oh my god.. ‘

Her legs wide opened, I teased her clit for a while and the dildo went in easily. Her grip tightened on the old wooden headboard as she felt me pushing the handheld motor a few times, trying hard to keep her face straight before the real action began.

Amy: ‘You’re not going to turn off the lights?’
Me: ‘I want to see you.’

As the Dremel cannot be operated with one hand, I ended the short foreplay and pushed the switch to ‘1’. The spinning of the ribbed vibrator was slow (in comparison to its max speed), and it got her moans started.

Though it was loud, there was no one else at home. It was just me, her and the harmless looking Dremel. The thrust-motion was actually a physical attachment at the connector head, two sets of ‘teeth’ enabled it to make those ever short jerks. Thankfully for the ball-bearings, if not my arm would be vibrated off before she could get a orgasm.

Once it was running, my thumb was all it needed to get it to speed ‘2’, and Amy began to go into a fit. Imagine her body lying still, but the toy piercing into her kept thrusting. Juices leaked like a broken tap all over the bed but the moans she made was worth it.

Her eyes rolled white and fists stayed clenched, at the mercy of the Dremel going into speed ‘5’. The well-endowed girl suddenly looked pitiful, and I wasn’t going to stop.

Amy (shouting): ‘J!!! I’m going weak!’

Those were the last words from her as she sank into limbo, body trembling peaceful as the machine whined away. I had kept the whole set up as deep as she could take, with an inch or so of grace.

After I noticed the tears coming out of her eyes, the Dremel was shut off immediately and placed out of the way.

Me: ‘Hey! Are you okay?’
Amy (answering weakly): ‘Yeah. I’m still climaxing.. ‘

Her body did not stop shaking till five minutes later, when her soft hand went around my dick. Throughout the slow jerking, there were moments of pause. She would tell me that she came even when I did not touch her down there anymore.

Packing up the bed and loosening the straps, she appeared too tired to be up for anything else. In my mind, I was pleased with her getting too much pleasure. That’s a perk from being with someone who DIYs a bit right?

We fell asleep together shortly after, and when her fingers went around my dick again, it was time to wake up. She had lowered herself to my waist level and the opening of her mouth dropped me back on the pillow.

Her warm jaws took me in and worked up and down the shaft, sending waves of pleasure across my body. Midway, another pause came and she was moaning as though an orgasm had occurred.

Amy: ‘Shit. I think I just came again. I can still feel the toy inside me.’

Too distraught, a handjob finished my share of fun in her mouth and she climbed back into bed.

Me (whispering): ‘Let’s get dressed. It’s getting late.’

The momentary freezes came randomly beyond our understanding, but it got her hugging my arm with it happened.

After she reached home, there was no more messages from her till the next day.

Amy (WhatsApp): ‘J, I didn’t sleep much last night. I can’t stop cumming with I think about the drill. And the orgasms kept happening even though I didn’t do anything.’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Let’s not use that again. I think it’s too powerful.’
Amy (WhatsApp): ‘Noooo.. I like it! Again tonight? I’m going to cum in the bus right now. Argh!’

The next call I received from her was from the toilet at her office. She masturbated and came while whispering my name, clearly enjoying the (un)wanted orgasms she got at random times of the day.

Did I awaken something inside her with that Dremel of mine?

A Great Fall

My bag swung onto my chest as I ran over, to the long-legged girl who slipped on the wet floor during this rainy season. She tried to get up but the impact had numbed her waist down, leaving me to carry her under the arms to a nearby chair.

I went back to the books scattered across the floor and picked them up, turning some of them to the drier sides as I stacked them up.

Girl: ‘Thanks. I’ll just rest here for a while.’

She sat there quietly while I stood around, laying her books out to dry on the table.

Girl: ‘I can’t feel my legs. Shit.. ‘
Me: ‘Where do you stay?’
Girl: ‘This block.’
Me: ‘I’ll help you to up. Then you call your mum or something?’
Girl: ‘Yeah. Thank you.’

Beyond her pitiful state, I couldn’t pay any attention to her figure or clothing. Her ankle swelled and the paralytic state worried me more than anything. We got everything and I handed it to her, making her hug her books before I princess-carried the surprised young lady.

Girl: ‘I’m heavy! I can hop on my own.’
Me: ‘Please press the lift number.’
Girl: ‘Okay.. ‘

The lift door beeped shut and I rested my hands on the railing, lessening the load before I had another lap to clear. She was just lying there looking at her toes, trying to move them and tears started building up in her eyelids.

Me: ‘Okay. Hang on.’

I brisk-walked to her door and knelt on one knee, while she fished out her keys and reached up to unlock the knobs. With no one else in her house, I brought her straight to her bedroom with direction and let her rest, after her shoes and bag were removed.

Me: ‘Where’s your house phone?’
Girl: ‘We don’t have one.’
Me: ‘Your handphone?’
Girl: ‘I don’t have one. Umm.. can you stay for a while?’
Me: ‘I’ll lend you mine. Call your parents. I’ll get a towel for you.’

I unlocked my phone and left it on her body, making my way into the bathroom after she shouted the location for me. After going back to her room, she was topless and my phone was by her side.

Me: ‘Called them already?’
Girl: ‘I don’t have their numbers. They are my aunty and uncle.’

I folded her shirt neatly into a pile and placed them by the stool near her bed, and she proceeded to flip sideways in an attempt to get her shorts off. I saw the wet patch on her bum and said nothing, tugging her shorts off while she pulled a blanket over herself.

Me: ‘You’re not worried that I’ll do something to you?’
Girl: ‘Do what to me?’
Me: ‘Nevermind.’
Girl: ‘Can help me take a pair of panties from there?’

I walked over to the cupboard and opened the first one, where pastel coloured underwear lined up in a row. When I returned to her, she had the wet one at her kness, unable to go any lower than that. I had no idea how naive she was but I wasn’t all that gentleman to begin with. I am a – guy.

Her cleanly shaved pussy appeared as I slipped the new piece of underwear on her, and she wriggled herself for me. Now that we had changed out her wet clothes, there leaves nothing no reason for me to stay in her room anymore.

Me: ‘I get something for you to wear?’
Girl: ‘I want to stay like this for a while. I’m still cold.’

She pulled the thick blanket tighter around herself in a cute manner and something just told me to stay by her side.

Girl (whispering): ‘Lie down with me?’
Me (whispering): ‘What’s your name?’
Girl: ‘Shirley.’
Me: ‘And you know my name?’
Shirley: ‘Ken.’
Me: ‘Huh?’
Shirley: ‘I like that name. Barbie’s boyfriend.’

She unwrapped the blanket and included me inside, lifting her leg over mine to embrace me like a bolster. Her pussy was rubbing against me even though the rest of her was lying still. The random squeezing of her hands on my arm made it felt even more naughty, like something was making her twitch.

Me (whispering): ‘Are you alright?’
Shirley (whispering): ‘Yeah. It feels good Ken.’

Her hand started moving down my belly and over my shorts, suddenly coming into contact with my bulge.

Shirley (whispering): ‘Why is it hard?’
Me (whispering): ‘I guess guys work differently from you girls.’
Shirley (whispering): ‘Does this feel good too?’

She began stroking me, brushing over my shorts with her hand. My breaths emerged as sighs and she moaned with me, letting me slide my hand between her crotch and my thigh. Before I knew it, she was grinding herself on my fingers, that were poking into the ‘Y’ shaped cave. The incoming moisture was unmistakable, and her stroking became faster.

Shirley: ‘Put your hand inside.’
Me: ‘You too.’

I slipped her panties to the side and she entered my shorts, carefully exploring my dick as the warmth of it soothed her accident earlier. She entered a sleeping state as pleasure built up in her, slowing her hand movements down to a standstill.

Shirley (breathing heavily): ‘Something is coming. I can feel it.’

Her body started shaking and I rubbed her clit even faster, throwing her into a convulsion when she finally broke and moaned her heart out. Juices had coated evenly over my fingers and she gradually tightened her grip on my dick as her orgasm died down.

Shirley: ‘Let me try it on you too.’
Me: ‘Don’t! Something will come out.’
Shirley: ‘Sperm?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’
Shirley: ‘I want to see!’

With that, she flipped the cover open and massaged me faster. I was groaning uncontrollably and she just kept going as quick as she could. Giving herself no breaks, I was at her mercy and after a few minutes..

Me: ‘I’m shooting!’

A pause finally came and she angled her head over my stomach, facing a monster that was about to breath fire. A few more pumps of her fist squeezed the first round onto her lips, and a quick manoeuvre slid her ear over my groin. Her lips sealed around my cock and the rest of the load poured into her mouth, continuing to squirt with her hand jerking the final bits out.

I sat up as soon as I was done and reached for the box of tissue under her bed. I had saw it when I pulled the stool out, definitely coming to good use in times of emergency. Holding one piece in front of her mouth, there was no way I’d expect her to do anything else with that.

Me: ‘Spit it out.’
Shirley: ‘Ahhh..

She opened her arms and I fell into them, hugging her braless top which was another surprise to make this rescue a little better. After the tiring pleasure-trade, she straightened her legs and fell asleep. Needless to say, my job was done and she was too groggy to respond to my shaking.

Shirley (WhatsApp): ‘Hey Ken.. Will you be at my void deck tonight? Aunt and Uncle won’t be back.’

Me (WhatsApp): ‘You told me you didn’t have a phone.’

Shirley (WhatsApp): ‘Who doesn’t? Answer me first!’

For that moment I left my phone with her to get her underwear, she had keyed her phone number and name in. We confirmed our next date at 9pm that night and we once again found ourselves in her bed, this time totally amped up but taking one small step after the mutual ‘handjob’.