Potential Daughter

Part 1 | Part 2 Cynthia: ‘So, can you solve it?’ His middle finger was pushed between her partially spread legs and into her clit, labia completely wet to its core. She was unhesitant about reaching to his zip and wriggling his cock out of his underwear, still sticky and wet from her mum’s saliva-lubricant […]

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Best Friend’s Brother

(Mavis whispered) ‘Kor, am I disturbing you?’ (Sean replying lazily) ‘Not at all. Why?’ ‘Nothing really. Just want to see your room.’ ‘What are you looking for? Just ask me before opening anything.’ The seventeen year old girl who just completed secondary school education with his sister had came over with their classmates for a […]

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Wet Shavings

Sister: ‘Wei. Be careful hor.’ Me: ‘Don’t worry la. Having someone to shave is better than doing it yourself lo.’ Sister: ‘You also shave ah?’ Me: ‘Yeah. Keep clean ma.’ Sister: ‘Okok. Focus!’ I dragged the shaving blade across her groin for the umpteen time and her labia moved a little to tuck itself in, […]

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Too Young to Be

I knocked harder on the door after the first try, afraid to be seen standing outside as if I was up to something. After a few nerve wreaking seconds, the door opened to a surprise sight of a girl in school uniform. Me: ‘Umm.. I am here for massage. Is this the right place?’ Girl: […]

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Birthday Pleaser

Sister: ‘Kor, can you help carry the birthday girl in?’ Me: ‘Wah. What happened to her?’ Sister: ‘Haha. We drank, and then threw her in the pool. Tonight can let her sleep in your room? You got spare mattress right?’ Me: ‘Have la. She’s your age uh?’ Sister: ‘I go get towel and clothes for […]

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