Sweet Little Girl

Eileen and I arranged to meet outside Lucky Plaza after her work on Saturday. She gave me a call at around 4.50pm and asked if I was there already. How could I not be there? Standing at a petite 156cm, she wasn’t that plump at all. I’ve seen her picture. Cute tiny little package. I was excited to meet her. She appeared out of the glass doors in a pink blouse and a short skirt. I bet...

Vivian´s Voice

Vivian was nice enough to do this recording for my readers here.

And finally I’ve got a embedded media player.

Annie’s Innocence

Me: ‘Hey Annie, you stay in this block?’ Annie and I went out on a ‘date’. It was actually a meeting before I go into NS. Went for a movie, then dinner and finally sent her home. Before she went upstairs, we sat at the staircase of the next block, talking about her ex and how he bullied her. Ann: ‘My ex keeps asking me to give in to him and kiss and touch him. I...

Sec 2

It was on habbo when I met this girl, 14 years old. She asked for my msn and we’re soon chatting with each other. Learning that she’s studying at Tampines, I quickly suggested to meet up and she agreed, since it’s her holidays now. We’ve seen each other online, photo exchanges as well. We met at Tampines mall and walked and shopped while chatting about school, work and...

GirlPOV> Sweet Dreams

As I was awoken by the kinky dream I had, I could still feel the wetness and warmth under my dress, I wasn’t used to wearing panties to sleep then. Running my hand from my chest to my pussy, the soft silky material did not help at all, was a turn on instead. I was massaging my pussy through my dress. I felt a rush of hotness running through my body from my pussy. I lifted the dress up high...

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