Stressful Parts

Me: ‘Hey. What are you doing?’
Angeline: ‘Anything that is necessary for me to get the job.’

She unzipped her red blouse in a move and peeled it off her chest to reveal her gorgeous assets, with just nipples stickers on them. Her skirt came off as quickly and a tiny g-string hid her modesty, though not having any effect on me.

Me: ‘You know the five girls before you have me the same proposal?’

The embarrassment caused her face to turn red and she stood motionless in front of the pile of clothes, shocked about how far girls would go to clinch this rare job opening in a company shrouded by maximum discretion. She picked her clothes up from the ground and while I was about to give up on her, she came over to my side and laid her skirt neatly at the edge of the table.

Angeline: ‘They might have given you a good time I cannot outdo. But.. ‘

She stood before me and undid my belt, a move that none of the other interviewees did to relieve the pressure on my belly. My cock popped out from my exposed groin and she took her seat on top of her skirt, spreading her legs wide to let her hand go between.

Angeline (whispering): ‘I know how to enjoy myself at work.’

Fingers began going in circles on her clit and the glimmer showed me how wet she got in a short time. Her feet rose to my lap and she used her sole to rub my flaccid rod, making it hard to the moans she was singing.

Angeline: ‘I’ll be your pet.’
Me: ‘So said them.’
Angeline: ‘That will make you do all the work, while I do yours.’

A hop off the table and she was squatting between my legs next, licking my shaft without holding back. Her long, flowing brown hair, small but toned shoulders, and bunny-like, gentle mouth won my heart a little, all the while enjoying the foreplay she was executing on my lap.

Angeline (whispering): ‘I think it’s ready.’

There was no come-fuck-me (CFM) look, nor any signs of hurry. She just got up and turned towards the table, playfully wriggling her butt a few times. Seeing no reaction from me, she kept her knees touching and placed her hands on my knees for support, sitting down slowly over my dick that was all ready to do ‘all the work’.

Once I was in another realm of pleasure, she sat comfortably against my chest and wrapped my arms around her waist. Lifting me up carefully, she had managed to get me standing (both ways) in position for doggie. Without removing my hands from her belly, I started thrusting at a slow speed, shifting my hands to her breasts that desperately needed to be massaged.

Purr-like moans filled the room as she got wetter, at no time holding in the orgasms that built up quickly.

Angeline: ‘I’m gonna cum now.’

She held my hands again and pushed them against the cold tabletop, while her body shivered in a tiny tremor.

Angeline: ‘I think I’m tighter now.’

She kicked my office chair away from under my legs and squatted down with me, laying me on my butt on the carpet the whole office was covered in. She got up very gracefully and sat on top of me in cowgirl, bending her back over my chest so my mouth could taste those perky nipples.

Angeline (whispering): ‘Suck them gently to make me rock, or nibble on them to make me crazy.’

That said, her ass started rocking back and forth, devouring my cock and spitting it out over and over again. Since her boobs were just right in front of me, I suckled on them like a newborn and she moved faster. Once my teeth began grinding her sensitive spots, her hips rose and dropped, slamming my cock deep into her vagina.

In the heat of the moment, she lifted herself away from my mouth and sat upright, hands holding the sides of my waist as she rode me faster than before.

Angeline: ‘I’m gonna cum again!’

That single phrase threw me into a frenzy, as my mind felt the tightness increase on my shaft. A vacuum was sucking me back in and she managed to get all my spots right, in time for me to give her a warning.

Me (groaning): ‘I’ll be cumming after you.’
Angeline (panting): ‘How about together?’

A forward swing of her body forced my cock out of her, and she crawled to the table where her skirt was dangling from. Putting it around her waist, she turned 69 over my head and resumed her work on my dick, savouring every inch of it with her active tongue.

I did not lose the sensation even when she switched position, replaying the exact same tightness and speed despite using her mouth. The pearly strings of dew on her pussy was caught by my tongue and her body shivered even harder when I licked her clit.

Me (whispering loudly): ‘It’s coming!’
Angeline (moaning): ‘Me too.. Argh!’

Just as my cock erupted into her mouth, juices dripped into my mouth at an increased pace. Combined with her shaky ass, there was no way I could keep my outer lips dry since her pussy brushed across my lips a few times.

When she got up from the dominating pose, she had cleared her throat and her top was zipped up with my help. Once she was dressed, a light, pink panties came out of her bag and she cleaned my mouth, along with my dick that was shrinking in tiredness. The scent of detergent on it, was as hygienic as it could get.

Me: ‘You didn’t wear them today?’
Angeline: ‘It helps to boost confidence, a little?’

She started her work that very evening with the first task, to get dinner for the both of us. During the whole three hours of web-conference with the company’s overseas counterpart, she had stayed under my desk, keeping me away with her mouth and hands that was as energetic as ever.

Well, there were only six offices on our floor, and all of us had our own ‘energizer bunnies’ in the respective rooms. Toy boys and play girls, it was all worth it for the six of us to handle the job of twenty, and reduce diversification of the ‘salaries’ budget into just a few pockets.

Lost Files

At five, just as I was finishing up with my work, Melody came up to my desk with the company issued laptop in her hand. She was well known for wearing the most inappropriate clothes to work, although she was considered to be in the ‘backend’ department – Finance. Wearing a cardigan over a cross-front bralet, her high waist skirt could not fully cover her slim waist and the two inch heels she wore were rumoured to never be seen a second time.

Me: ‘Yes?’
Melody: ‘Umm.. I really need your help this time. I accidentally deleted important data on my com. I must get it back by 7pm.’

Seeing that it was still the rush hour, I took a look at her laptop and proceeded to connect a cross-over cable I secretly wired to access her data. In a few minutes, an automated process to recover files dating back to the first boot of her laptop was in progress. Still, there was lots of work to do as fragmented data needed to be pieced together.

As I squinted my eyes to decipher the random characters in the tiny scroll bar’s window, she was all panicky and excited about seeing familiar data she deleted a long time ago.

Melody: ‘You are really good leh. Now we just need to find the file.’

The chair she grabbed from the next cubicle was wrestled under my desk to sit side by side, and her cleavage was squashed dangerously tight as she looked at my screen.

Me: ‘I’ll write a short program to look for similar letters of that file you lost. Hang on.’

She leaned back and disappeared from my sight as I opened the wordpad, typing and lengthening the codes. As the clock ticked away, the recovered files spanned to the millions and her deadline was just an hour away.

While I was wrecking my brain, I felt her hand going over my thigh, squeezing and stroking as if it would make me faster. Well, harder was not that far from faster right? The clicking of my zipper and belt brought my pants low enough for her to wriggle her hand into my underwear and she did just that, keeping her eyes on me as she fumbled for my erecting cock.

Soon, she was speeding me up with her handjob, but it felt really shallow as a reward for helping her out.

Me: ‘Just jerking me won’t help you know?’
Melody: ‘Then?’
Me: ‘Touch yourself too.’

She kicked her heels off in the dimmed office and overlapped one of her legs on me, moaning as she rubbed herself. The juicy, slurping noises confirmed that she wasn’t just putting up an act for me, and the pleased computer whizz (that’s me), returned to his fast typing.

Melody (moaning): ‘Are you done soon?’
Me: ‘Nope. The software need to finalise all the recovered files first. Then I can run my program. Am still working on it.’

She stopped stroking me after a while and straightened her skirt. Like how a favour needed to be upgraded for efficiency, her body slid off the chair to under my desk and she moved me to the edge of the seat. Devouring my cock in a warming orifice, her saliva lubricated the rhythmic blowjob, tongue skilfully swirling all over to make it a ‘sloppy’ job.

By then, I was done with my codes and was awaiting for the scan to complete. Acting busy, I tapped on the keyboard while moaning to give her a little ‘feedback’. After a good five minutes of heavenly treat, I patted her head to let her know I was done with my program.

Melody: ‘Done?’
Me: ‘Just need to scan now.’

She popped out from between the desk and my chair, rolling me a distance back while she looked at the GUI with a ‘Start’ button. At the right position, her ass stuck out at my swollen cock, as if waiting to be pounded. I placed my hands gently on her ass and rolled her skirt up.

Me: ‘Click start.’

The obedient OL listened and did what I told her. Her butt followed my downward push over my cock and she even helped by guiding my cock to her pussy. Along with the countdown to start scanning, I slowly got out of my chair and pierced my sword into her sheath.

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. and in I was, balls to clit of the most desired girl in the office. For the sake of our intimacy, I had hid the results in the log that needed to be expanded. The worried lady simply stared at the progress bar that was moving at a snail’s pace, with unspoken hope.

For my part, I was burying my cock deep into her one stroke at a time. That tiny waist was an honour to hold as I fucked her faster and faster, dipping into that tight, juicy oyster. Melody could not hold back her moans as my balls tapped on her clit, making her extra sensitive as her body kept jerking back and forth.

A sudden grasp of her hand onto mine (on her waist) stopped me in my tracks. The orgasmic shiver grew steadily as she flung her hair back, arms trembling to the pleasure that was shooting through her mind. Once her head dropped back down, I went back to hammering her for more fluids gushing out of her pussy.

Ten minutes into our standing doggie file-recovery position, she has gotten so tight, with drops of cum all over the carpet. I was at my end too, and all it took was a final lap that I needed to warn her about.

Me: ‘Mel, I’m gonna cum. Where do I?’
Melody: ‘If you can find the file, I’ll let you cum inside me.’

I got out of the doggy style and returned to my seat, helping her straddle over my cock boobs to chest. I expanded the log and did a Ctrl+F with the randomised file name. Once it was highlighted, I double clicked on the .xls file. True to my skill, she spun the chair to reach for the mouse and scrolled a few times to find the information she needed.

Melody: ‘You found it.. ‘

I pulled on a lever under the chair to let her feet touched the ground better, and she proceeded to ride me with all the excitement pent up inside of her. The newfound tightness coupled with overflowing juices kept her slamming her groin down on my cock.

Barely two minutes passed when I bear hugged her and she squeezed her pussy, giving me a cute constipated frown. Bouncing till the end, my cum erupted into her without holding back and waves after waves of 100% pure semen sent shivers down the both of us.

Right after I calmed down, she dismounted with a trail of cum dripping over my lap, and quickly wore her panties back.

Melody: ‘You kept your promise, so I kept mine.’

I transferred the file into her laptop and returned it to her, watching her trod away with lighter footsteps towards her department. Now that everything was done, my day ended well even in the crowded bus home.

A few days later, Melody brought a new intern to me, also at an ungodly hour when everyone was heading home.

Melody: ‘I told her about the favour to recover a lost file. She deleted something worse than me.’

The white bloused, black skirted girl was in tears when she approached me. Without saying a word, she stripped her pantyhose while I set up her laptop. Her skirt automatically went up her hips and my pants was undone next.

Me: ‘Hey Joyce. You don’t have to. I have already recovered your file.’

Of course, my program worked off the shelf after Melody’s situation and there was nothing better than to see the new girl smiling, forcing me to receive a handjob out of gratitude. The reciprocation to massage her pussy turned the ‘fee’ into a royal treat to her virgin mouth.

There was no words to described how much cum a real sloppy blowjob managed to get out of me. The new friendship with Joyce slingshot into a job-long office fling, though non-penetrative.

Waited Long?

This entry is written for Ena, writer of Promiscuous Secret. Nuff’ said.

Ena (Whatsapp): ‘Eden, you can come up now. There’s no one here.’

Eden had been waiting below her office building for her message and finally it came. His cock had been pressing against his jeans throughout the text messages they were exchanging while her colleagues were leaving. And finally, he arrived at the glass door of Ena’s workplace.

She appeared in the same blue dress she showed him earlier and the shy lady led him straight to the only unoccupied office she told him about, still avoiding his gaze from her excited look. Instead of the awkwardness she expected, he held her hand gentle and brought her to a wall, where he pinned her up against and began kissing her ears.

In surprise, she grabbed his waist and gasped as his lips trailed down her powdered neck, stopped short of her chest covered by her dress. He hugged her tightly in his arms and a deep breath of his scent was taken in, a much relaxed, calm mood she was settling down for.

His fingers made their way to the zipper at her neck and the cranking sounds couldn’t be any louder in her head. It was letting cold air into her back, moving lower as he undid her dress. Her shaking hands just hugged him tightly, still a little shy about letting him see her that naked.

Eden (whispering): ‘Sit on the floor.’

He helped her down onto the carpet where her legs could not close as he was between, but he did not sit down with her. On his knees, Ena buried her face into his shirt as he reached for her panties, pushed aside for him to get to the pink toy she had for the whole day.

Moving the Benwa balls in and out, he made sure she felt alright with the speed, constantly asking as she breathed faster. How could she answer while moaning right? Nods rubbed her face against his nice smelling shirt and his fingers got wetter from the tease.

Ena: ‘Eden.. ‘

Her grip around his waist tightened and her body gave off a slight shiver, signalling the climax she just had. It brought smiles to the both of them as things were going unexpectedly smooth. While Eden proceeded to unwrap his little glass present for her, she undid his belt buckle and managed to wrestle his stiff one from inside his pants.

The whiff of saltiness and manliness had almost made her suck on it, but he was faster in asking her to wait. Wait for a toy he had brought for himself, for her to use. It was a Tenga Egg, bought online a long time ago but never got used.

He had only given her a minute to explore the new toy while he slid the glass rod into her, jolting her body upright despite her effort to focus on his toy. Ena quickly unwrapped the egg and poured the lubricant in, rolling with her palms before slipping it over his manhood.

God, if only he knew how honoured she was when he let of that weak groan. She had a part of him in control and he had an equal part of her in command. Eden kneeled on his heels and pumped the dildo as fast as he could to get Ena started, stretching the squishy egg up and down as Eden tried hard to keep quiet.

Ena (panting): ‘Eden.. I.. ‘

Eden (gasping): ‘Yes?’

How much would she love to tell him she needed him inside. But she could tell he had already given in to her and would not help her say no.

Eden: ‘Tell me if there is something wrong k?’

How much ‘wrong’ could this get? Ena was enjoying what she shouldn’t, and this guy, made her felt like a ‘girlfriend’ instead of a fling, at least in the heat of that moment. That was all Ena could ask for, nothing more.

Ena: ‘Let me take over the toy inside me.’

She took over and guided it to where it was most sensitive, still getting orgasms silently as the Benwa balls had trained her up for. If only Eden could feel what was going on below..

Eden (hesitantly): ‘Ena.. bend over the table for me?’

Sure it was a question, Ena heard the tone right. He had popped the question, or command. One that Ena could not say no to cause it was more of an order. She was simply doing what was asked, not that she wanted it – right?

She made herself comfortable on the cold desk and felt the flimsy tip of a condom touched. He easily entered her wet hole and the warmth made up for his lack of size compared to the toy. But he did not move. Not yet. What was he waiting for?

A few seconds later, he was out. Not because he had came, but his facial expression, had told Ena all. His rod was softening with guilt. Eden was just.. that thoughtful.

Ena: ‘Eden.. sit on the table. Don’t say anything.’

He propped himself where she laid and Ena took a seat between his legs. The egg was in her hand and she wrapped it over his shrunken dick. It was time to relieve him of any guilt. It was the least she could do for him.

Seeing the little boy in her heart struggle with pleasure, the Benwa toy in her kept slipping around, brightening her spirits as Eden groaned louder.

Eden: ‘Ena!’

She quickened her pace and stroked him even faster, without worry of dirtying the floor. It was a naughty mind that wanted to see the sensitive side of Eden, legs trembling so helplessly violent. The rubbery egg suddenly felt extra hot and covered in white liquid squirting from the tip Ena could see so clearly.

It had made her a little happier right there and then. Cleaning up had never been easier in that egg, with wet wipes prepared in his bag. Eden had spent the next few minutes catching her breath, and Ena had slipped her dress back on without any kinks on it.

Now, for the bus ride home. ;)

The Date

‘Do you have any plans tonight?’, Jaq asked when we were about to close the shop for a company dinner and dance which none of us would be going. It was the only few days we had half-day and I had planned to just relax at home. ‘Nope, do you want to go out together?’ I asked with little hope of asking her out since she was the type of girls who loved to sleep.

She nodded with a smile and the colleague-relationship suddenly turned into a very serious mood. We sped up our movements and closed ten minutes earlier, sitting at one of the dining table and making plans over a cup of coffee we shared.

Once we had decided on a place to eat, Jaq went into the tiny staff room to change out of the brown work shirt that never looked good on anyone. My clothes were also there too, but the girl had to go first before I changed.

‘J! Do you want to take your bag?’, her voice came shouting and my messenger bag stuck out of the door in her hand. I went over to her and took the bag, but she did not let go of it. I peeped into the room to see what she was up to and saw her in the white sports bra, above her thin waistline that a pair of rainbow coloured beach shorts hung.

I took a step into the space she made for me and her hands went to the base of my shirt, pulling it off and making me feel awkward about the stink I was probably producing from the long day at work. I did not dare to go any closer but her hands were just resting on my hips, stroking up and down without any offended looks.

Still, I could not believe I smelled good and asked, ‘Don’t I stink after the long day?’ ‘I don’t smell good either.’ I did not believe when she said that. Girls always smell good no matter how sweaty they were, and the sweet womanly scent told me how right I was. Seeing that she wasn’t removing her hands, I placed mine on her waist as well, pulling her close enough to let our tummies touch.

The moment of silence wasn’t anything like shy. Instead, we were waiting for someone to make the first move or say something. After a few seconds, she opened her lips and whispered something I never thought would come from her, especially someone so ‘brother’ during our daily shifts. ‘I like you when you came to this place’, her voice was so soft it melted my heart. I did not like her as fast as that but the long hours of shifts together kind of bonded us closer. That coolness and accommodative attitude to listen and do as I asked (though I was the manager), totally showed me how willing she was to work with me.

Without waiting for her to blush, I slid my hand around her neck and pulled her neck towards me, raising her chin and shutting her eyes as she breathed in. There, I stole a kiss, and ‘I like you too’ came so easily out of my mouth. Just an inch apart, her lips felt so soft, moist without any saliva, and the second kiss lasted a little longer.

Her arms went around me and I hugged her tightly, making out in the most sensual manner with our tongues wriggling and brushing across each others’ lips. My fingers naughtily reached up her bra top and her tiny nipples got caught between them, rolled with a gentle pressure to stir a moan from her.

Right then, I had to ask, if not risk offending that pleasant staff-turned-girlfriend. ‘Are we moving too fast?’, I spoke in a frightened tone. As much as I wanted to just get on it, I had remembered that we would be working together for a few more months before her contract was up. Her sudden cuddle into my chest gave me the reply I did not know what to make out of. Was she giving me a nod? Or just enjoying the cosiness?

‘I don’t mind.’ Well, that was it. I held her shoulders away from me and leaned in for another kiss, one that lasted as long as I needed to pull her bra off. My lips went straight to her nipples and I sucked on them hungrily, while she hugged my head in a very cute, confused manner. Snorts were breathed back in and I glanced at her to see if she was sobbing. The opened-mouth smile showed me how much she was enjoying it and I did not stop anymore.

My hands tugged her shorts down and she used her feet to push it down to her ankles, wrapping one of her legs behind me to let my hand reach between. A warm breath came into my ear, followed by a shy voice asking me to be gentle as it was her first time with a guy. How would I let my instincts hurt her right?

I gracefully pushed my hand downwards into her panties and brushed across her smooth groin, stopping only when I reached that fleshy mould. Letting my middle finger slide into that two sheets of raw meat, a tinge of wetness greeted me and my fingertips went for her clit. Rubbing in circles, her back arched back and forth to my increasing speed.

We kept on going in that position for five minutes till her body started to shiver, and a squirt of juices hit my palm to make her hug me tightly in a guilty sense. It was the sign of an inexperienced girl cumming in the presence of a guy for the first time isn’t it?

What I had came for, I had gotten. I stepped away from her and picked up her bra, waiting for her to open her eyes and see that I was ready to dress her up.

‘What about you?’, she blurted that out with a very concerned look. I did not mind not doing anything physical as I had felt how warm she could be, and for her first time, there was no rush to get into pleasing me too. ‘It’s okay, let’s get dressed and go for our dinner.’ My mind had full control over my little head and I wasn’t looking to get it out of my jeans.

She unwillingly took her bra and wore it back, giving me a chance to dress her up while she prepared her t-shirt from her bag. Out of a sudden, she pushed me down onto the wooden, antique looking chair and climbed over my lap. Her hands clasped onto my cheeks and her eyes just glared into my soul, as though a fire had started burning in her.

‘Can I try to make you happy too?’, the excited look was totally different from what she portrayed during her orgasm. She was back to the ‘fun’ working state and I could tell it would be fun to let her give it a go. ‘Are you sure?’, I asked with tons of hope in my voice.

She gave my jeans some space and let me support her back while my zip went down, and that piece of tiny, disappointed dick popped out. A curious grin appeared on her face, followed by questions about how it should be when guys are horny. To be frank, I was more of touched than horny then, but her roaming hand just kept touching it to explore how that thing actually worked.

In no time, it was growing to her curiosity and was standing hard between our legs. She kept her eyes on my face as she jerked it off, inexperienced working it out. Somehow, her moves were making me crazy and I just couldn’t help but groan when she attacked the sensitive tip.

She pried opened her shorts all the way to her pussy and slipped my cock into her panties, between her wet folds but not inside. She grinded her hips against me to let my rod rub against her clit, at the same time massaging my shaft to keep me moaning. In that position, I was so close to raping her but she was hugging and grinding me too close.

The five minutes of non-penetrative sex felt even shorter and I was feeling my dick harden to the incoming explosion. ‘Jaq! Slow down. I’m gonna shoot.’ I knew it was mere seconds away but she did not stop moving her hips. She pasted her chest on me and whispered for me to cum in her panties, wishing to feel how it was to make me happy.

The energetic girl kept on going till I held her hips down, freezing her movements but to no avail. She was overpowering me and my load erupted into that soft cotton panties that was continuously teasing my pee hole. Her gasps totally threw me off guard and I kept cumming till everything was out. Tired and still twitching, my cock bounced free once she climbed off my legs, panties filled with my cum that had smeared her pussy with the sticky fluid.

She adjusted her shorts with two fingers, not wanting to soil her hands and tucked my birdie into my jeans. Well, washing it was not so important now, since she wasn’t too affected by it either. We were all smiles when we finished dressing up, and the shop was officially empty as we made our way to the Japanese restaurant next to us.

Our hands never broke free for the night we had to travel on foot, and a dinner followed by a romantic stroll out of the isolated mall to our bus stops. Finally, the dreadful workplace now gave me something to look forward to.

Paid Too Much

Yumi: ‘Boss.’
Me: ‘Yes?’

She came around my desk and leaned her ass on it, unbuttoning her blouse as I watched with my eyes wide opened at what she was doing. Office romance was not encouraged but she was taking it to the next level, skipping the romantic part to the action.

Me: ‘What are you doing? I still have work to rush you know?’
Yumi: ‘It won’t take long.’

Her pink laced bra cups shone between her buttons and the knee-length black skirt fell to her ankles. A matching pair of thongs appeared before me and she sat on my messy table, pushing some of the files out of the way.

Yumi: ‘Pretty? I just waxed it yesterday.’
Me: ‘C’mon. You want a pay raise or promotion?’
Yumi: ‘I just want you.’

She hopped off the desk and kneeled on the floor, spinning my chair towards her. Thereafter, my zip went down and her hand disappeared between the teeth to fish my dick out. As disinterested as I was, it was flaccid to a sad state but she wasn’t going to stop there.

Yumi: ‘You can continue with your work. I’ll just help myself.’
Me: ‘You said it.’

I turned my back painfully to the monitor and tried to focus on the email I was typing halfway when she cupped her mouth over my dick, toying with it with her tongue till it was growing. The method which she stuck her tongue under my foreskin was so skilful that I couldn’t keep still, giving in to her and resting lazily after a whole day of emailing clients.

I watched in pleasure as the half Japanese, half Singaporean girl work her lips along my shaft tirelessly, slurping harder as she went up.

Yumi: ‘Boss, gave up typing?’
Me: ‘Ya lah. Do what you need to.’
Yumi: ‘Okay!’

She stood up and peeled her thongs off before bending over the table, making me get on my feet to plug my dick into her. The soft fleshy folds of meat greeted me as I pierced into her pussy, feeling those bumps along her vagina brush against me. It was so arousing to have one of the best looking females spreading for me and I wasn’t going to waste the chance.

Jerking the table forcefully, my dick was making juicy sounds between her legs and she was moaning wildly. Her legs that were dangling kept trembling and I knew she was feeling it no matter if she had faked her moans. Resting my chest on her back, I thrust into her at a fast pace and she grabbed the other end of the table tightly.

Yumi: ‘Boss! I’m cumming!’
Me: ‘Good. My turn after that.’

I made sure to pull out all the way till only my dick head was inside and proceeded to ram deep into her, repeating the above time after time. Usually the outspoken girl, she had became a demure slut crying for me to slow down as I went harder.

Slamming my hips at her ass, I pried her cheeks open to go further in, delivering the consecutive multi-hit combo at the pleading girl. I was already beyond my own control when she offered herself, it was just my instincts driving that meat stick inside her.

Yumi: ‘I came already. Take it out boss. Let me use my mouth. I’m really sore down there.’

Seeing how worn out my faithful staff was, I sat down on my chair and waited till she recovered enough energy to go under the desk. Sitting properly at my workstation, I resumed working on my email and let her suck me.

Everything was quiet and still until three minutes later, where she picked her pace sucking so hard at my shocked penis. My body was shaking uncontrollably as she went all the way down, and swirling her tongue at the pee hole.

Me: ‘Your payday is here. Take it all in.. ‘

I grunted loudly as my dick pulsated the violent streams of white liquid into her, trying to calm myself down as she continued sucking away. Yumi only slowed down a minute later, extracting the last bits of my cum before crawling out of the table.

Yumi: ‘Did I make my boss happy?’
Me: ‘Very. Good job.’
Yumi: ‘Tomorrow is Sharon’s turn!’

She left the room to retrieve a piece of paper made with Excel. It was a roster of those single and horny girls who wanted to have their turn with me. Well, that’s the result of paying and giving your staff too much benefits while having little work to do.

I hope the young male supervisor that I just hired was having as much fun as I do. Anyone looking for a job?

Industrial Work

Stella: ‘Eh don’t. Please can see us.’
Justin: ‘Relax lah. No one stays this late at work one.’

They were smoking at the corridor of an industrial building, where it seemed abandoned every day after 6pm. Few would stay later than that but practically none would work past 9pm. For Justin, it was about finishing his work for the next day and his boss had no issues with him coming in late as long as all the deadlines were met.

That day, he had invited his 17 year old girlfriend, Stella, who was studying in an ITE, to his workplace where they could smoke in peace. Wearing the standard white blouse and a pair of black skirt, it was always his fantasy to be doing her in her uniform. In fact, all her friends wore skirts of the similar length, driving his mind wild whenever she brought him out for gatherings.

Standing behind her, he had his arms around her waist and playfully squeezing her boobs outside her shirt. From their position, they could keep an eye on the entrance where the security post was, and the guard sleeping on his revolving chair. Although she was resisting, he knew she would give in as there was no signs of danger. Working with a bunch of horny male engineers actually helped when they told him the CCTVs around the whole estate was live footage, without any recording function.

Slowly, her buttons pop opened and his hands slipped over her neck into her bra, toying with those soft nipples in his fingers. In no time, Stella was moaning to his strong fingers and her hand went behind to check on his readiness. Unzipping his pants, her hand easily entered and the netted underwear surprised her. He had wore it specially for that day knowing she was visiting, and it further turned her on.

Stella (whispering): ‘Want me to remove my skirt?’
Justin: ‘Nope. I’ll just take off your panties for you.’

He pulled her underwear down and it fell to her feet, where she kicked it aside. Feeling his fingers running along her pussy, she stuck her butt out of her squirming body and let him play with it as much as he wanted to. His fingers easily slid into her pussy as it got wetter, and Stella was a step closer to losing control.

Stella: ‘Don’t play with it anymore. Put it in.’
Justin: ‘Don’t want.’

He squatted down at her rear and buried his face in her butt, sticking his tongue out to lash at the dripping cunt of his girl. It was so juicy and rejuvenating as she kept leaking, as though quenching his lust with her bodily fluid, which did not help at all. Justin got up after some licking and was about to pierce into her when she turned around to face him, giving him a kiss before going on her knees.

Holding his dick in place, her mouth took his rod from the tip and her head stayed around the tip, while her lips stimulated the area under his little head. Two minutes of sucking later, he was at his full size and she bent over the railings, spreading her legs to let him have it his way. An inch at a time, he forced his way in carefully but continuously, until her breathing picked up pace and she was so close to moaning.

Like a locomotive train starting on its journey, his hips initiated the fucking protocol, driving his piece of meat in and out of her tunnel. Her moans got louder as he went faster, unintentionally going deeper from the uncontrolled rhythm. Like two bunnies, their bodies were jerking quickly in short stints till the veins on Stella’s hands appeared as she held onto the aluminium rails tightly, with an orgasm inbound that took most of her strength away.

Justin: ‘Turn around.’

She moved as he commanded and let him lift one of her legs onto the railing. For a girl who danced, it was the ideal position to spread her legs even wider and with that, Justin was ramming hard into her pussy as she hugged him tightly. If anyone saw the position they were in, their first guess would be right.

The couple, locked in embrace, had their hips slapping loudly in the darkness and isolation of the block. All that was left was for Justin to cum, because Stella had one too many orgasms for the night. She wrapped her other legs around the hammering boy and squeezed at random intervals, causing Justin to groan in an agonising tone.

Justin: ‘I am cumming. You’re too tight!’

He backed away from her and helped her off the railings carefully, before she grabbed her panties from the floor and wrapped over his dick head. Sucking on her own worn undies, her hand continued to jerk the center part where her mouth did not cover.

In under a minute, his hands dug into her hair and held her still as she relaxed the stretched panties, making it into a little piece of cloth where his cum shot into. Some of his cum got filtered into her mouth but the bigger chunks were saved from ingestion. They let go of each other once he was done and she wiped her mouth with the cleaner part of her panties.

With everything in place, she raised her skirt to her waist and slipped on the panties, smearing his cum over her pussy once it was in place.

Justin: ‘You’re not scared of getting pregnant?’
Stella: ‘It’s just a bit. So no problem.’

Well, problem or not, we won’t know for sure. The couple wore their clothes back and went back to his office, where he packed his belongings and left. With Stella distracting him throughout the journey by masturbating herself and moaning to her heart’s content, I couldn’t wait to find out how many of those condoms in the new box were used at his place.

Wait.. were they really not seen by anyone?

Unconventional Colleagues

Kalyn: ‘Hi, so early?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Finish work early and go home early too.’

Kalyn (laughing): ‘Oh okay. Same same.’

The small office was designed to only hold three staff and served as an information database centre. Although it was simple data-entry job, the confidentiality of the data we came across daily was for a secret project from the government, specifically, the U.S. government.

Kalyn had joined the company at the same time as me and we had been working for a year now. While I was the ‘oldest’ staff at my age of 26, she was the youngest, freshly recruited out of secondary school when she was 16 (she’s 17 now). That casual Monday, she wore a low cut singlet with a lacy tube bra, with a pair of small shorts that barely covered her butt cheeks. There was no dress code since the office had no surveillance, and we only use 56k modems to handle the one-way incoming data.

After we automated the reading and categorisation of an online ‘survey’ form, most of the work was done and the pizza we ordered came in time too. We sat at the sofa in the narrow room and ate our lunch, making small talks after we were done.

For a few months, we had gotten closer in the privacy of our office as there was no one else to talk to. And under the the contract, we were not allowed to have more than three social networking accounts for our own use. So, we ‘had’ to be best friends.

Once the pizza boxes were cleared, I joined her on the couch and sat especially near her. There was something I had to ask, still feeling a little shy despite the emptiness of the office.

Me: ‘Lyn, do you have any feelings for me?’

Kalyn: ‘Huh! Shouldn’t you tell me how you feel before asking me?’

Me: ‘Haha. Oh yeah. Well.. I do like you.. I mean.. we’ve been working together for so long and you are like the only best friend I had.’

Kalyn: ‘Me too. You’re so nice to me and always takes care of me. Why? You want to be my boyfriend?’

Me: ‘Nooo.. Am just asking.’

The cute girl giggled and I pulled her in for a hug. For someone her age, most of her peers would not expect a lot from her, but the company we worked for paid us big salaries, just to keep us loyal. After the hug, I relaxed my arm to let her fall back, but still within ‘kissing’ range.

Me (whispering): ‘Can I kiss you?’

Kalyn (shyly): ‘Then you will be having my first kiss.’

She closed her eyelids gently and I planted a soft kiss, sensing her taking a huge breath as my lips pressed onto her. I separated my lips and her mouth opened, engaging my poking tongue with a playful tease. Our tongues slid wetly against each other and her hands went to my face to hold me in place. We were making out in the comfort of our office and the little slut in her was appearing for the first time.

Kalyn: ‘Is it suppose to feel this good?’

Me: ‘Of course, if not why would so many couples like making out?’

Kalyn: ‘True.’

Me: ‘Cause it usually leads to more than just kissing.’

She gave a huh! and was silenced by yet another kiss, this time, with my hands roaming around her waist. My hands went under her singlet and went north until I reached her bra, kneading lightly on the small boobs while feeling her nipples hardened. I carefully peeled her tube bra down to her stomach and continued fondling her chest. The confused looking girl did not know how to react and just kissed me harder, somewhat raping my mouth while I was distracted.

Me: ‘You like it?’

Kalyn (whispering): ‘Yeah. Don’t stop.’

I kept working my hands on her boobs until her nipples were sore, and she got a little tired from making out as well.

Me: ‘Can you remove your shorts?’

Kalyn: ‘You take yours off too?’

Me: ‘Deal.’

We took a pause to strip our bottoms off and she had gone panty-less. It was a little surprising, but I wouldn’t ask why. This time, I made her sit comfortably and placed one arm on the back of the sofa for her head to rest on. My other hand went to her legs and trailed my nails along her inner thighs. Automatically, she opened her legs and I got to work, pushing hard against her clit and moving in circles.

Kalyn began moaning and asking me to keep going. Well, why would I stop? As soon as she felt my fingers getting wet from her pussy fluid, she spread her legs wider for me to enter. My fingers disappeared slowly into her and her waist arched forward in response.

Kalyn (shyly): ‘You want me to help you too?’

I took her hand and placed it on my dick, letting her stroke it while I continued fingering her. The cold room kept us cooled while our bodies heated up. I could tell the small figured girl was wanting more from the frequent serious stares while she orgasmed from my fingers. The trembling eyelids was so innocent yet hiding a wild side of her.

Me: ‘You want to have sex?’

Kalyn: ‘Yeah. But will it hurt?’

Me: ‘Do you finger yourself?’

Kalyn: ‘Yes.’

Me: ‘How many fingers?’

Kalyn: ‘Usually two. Sometimes three.’

Me: ‘Then it won’t be too painful. I am not as big as those caucasians.’

She gave a slight smile and I got up, changing our positions to lie on the sofa. With one leg on the headrest, her other feet was on the ground. I leaned on top of her and delicately pushed my dick towards her pussy, with one of her hands on my dick, guiding me in. The tip went in and her leg on the floor went behind my back. The virgin had shifted her legs wider for me and I took my time to pop her cherry.

Finally after a minute, I was fully inside of her and she kept her heels on my butt, holding me still to catch her breath. Once I saw her readied, I began pumping my rod into her and she relaxed her legs. The petite girl moaned and groaned as my shaft stimulated the entire length of her vagina. It was unbelievable when I felt how wet she was. Can you imagine a 17 year old, wearing just a loose singlet, trying to contain her juices gushing out with her hands between her legs? That was what she did.

Although we were on the sofa, both her hands was at her pussy, trying to contain her embarrassment from how wet she was. The whole session was a little unfair as I felt like a red riding monster claiming a small cute wolf cub. Nonetheless, she kept me focused with the little pecks she stole while my hips was pounding her hard.

Just after the first vaginal orgasm, she almost lost consciousness but the thrusting rod was keeping her awake.

Kalyn: ‘J, I can’t take it anymore. I need to rest. It’s too much.’

Me: ‘After I cum?’

Kalyn: ‘Okay.’

I sat myself upright and held her feet in midair. I rammed my hips against her thighs violently in long, quick thrusts while her face changed expressions multiple times. It was clear that she had never felt so ‘confused’ and high during her masturbation. The urge came after a few minutes and Kalyn had long been expecting it.

Me: ‘Lyn, I’m cumming.’

She wrapped her legs around my waist and I asked if she wanted me to cum inside. The excited girl nodded and frowned right after that, sending a tight contraction around my dick. Just as I thought a virgin couldn’t be any tighter, she showed me otherwise and I was glad my climax was building up nicely.

A few more thrusts ended the game and I sank my dick into her as I creamed. Forcing most of my cum deep inside her, her feet was still knocking against me to keep going. I gave in to her and pumped a few more times into her, while my white soldiers poured into her. We laid in that position and made out, kissing passionately from her first sexual intercourse.

The exit from her pussy was another surprise from her, as none of my sperms came out of her tiny slit. She had kept it all in and I sucked on her sore nipples to get a taste of her. The sweet scent from her body almost turned me on again, but I know she needed rest. We could always do it the next day right?

She cuddled in my arms after sex and my fingers were kept busy massaging her pussy. I had taken Kalyn’s virginity and she knew she was mine for as long as we will be colleagues. After that day, you would find the most hardworking duo reaching the unmarked office with high tech biometric scanners early, and then a round or a few rounds of vigorous exercise between the staff.

One of Few

As one of the few guys in the office, I was needed most of the time to carry files and doing some of the troubleshooting tasks that the ladies faced. Slowly, a cliche was formed with a few ladies having me as their ‘favourite’ guy to help them out. This group had ladies from their 20s, to 30s, since the older ones would prefer to interact with their age range. Lucky or not, I wasn’t sure, because my group was also the most hardworking and driven.

As time passed, two of the girls were showing more concerned for me, and we ended up being good friends that spurred each other on to stay back after office hours to rush our work so we could be the top performing. Those countless hours of overtime actually made us closer and we spoke about any topics under the sun just to keep ourselves entertained.

Slowly, one of the girls, Amy, got too close to me and we used those private moments during OT to tease and make fun of one and other, finally laying my hands on the petite 24 year old. We were next to each other in the meeting room, comparing some data when she decided to run her barefeet up and down my legs. Naturally, I was turned on and stopped work altogether so I could return the favour. I rolled my office chair behind her and reached down her skirt, pulling it high enough for me to put my hands under. Her panties was a little wet then, so I helped her out by sticking my fingers into her panties and rubbing her off to an orgasm.

After just one climax, Amy propped me on the long table and undid my pants with a CFM face. When she saw my cute 6 inches, her mouth went over it and sucked on it till it became 7 inches. It was that sore and strong. Once she got that ‘desired’ size, she climbed on top of the table in the most unglamorous way, spreading her legs so wide she appeared so rough. As soon as we were comfortable, she sat on top of me and slid her pussy down my body, pushing my dick into her open-crotch stockings with her panties to the side.

Such office bonks had their level of insecurity, but the digital locks in our office worked simple. After hours, there will be no entry unless authorised by our bosses, meaning that once you exit, there would be no way you can enter again.

Amy rode me like a graceful princess and she remained quiet throughout. On the other hand, I was trying so hard to focus just so I could last longer. The sight of an office lady wearing a decent sleeveless top and a short skirt, fucking me so gently yet deeply, exposed her playful side behind the obedient look she had. After some time, I sat up and carried her off the table, going over to the staff lounge where a sofa bed was.

I placed her down gently in a seated position and let my head rest on her shoulders. My straightened legs took over the action and thrust fast into her pussy. Amy turned her face towards me and kissed me in pecks, with a little tongue action every now and then. It just took her five minutes before she wanted me to stop, so that she could get into doggie.

Putting her knees at the edge of the sofa, I yanked her butt down on my dick and rammed really hard into her. She wasn’t as tight as I expected (explaining how frequently she had sex?), but it still felt great nonetheless. The low pitched moans that would go high whenever I went really deep, was one sign I went for. A few strong thrusts later, she was screaming in high pitch and I went even deeper to leave a ‘deep’ impression.

Just as I was about to cum, I told her about it and she asked me to keep going. So I did. Fucking her with all my energy, I made sure to pull out to my tip and ram her to my balls. The long strokes finally snapped her and my cream filled her pie hole while she came hard, losing her balance and collapsing on the sofa. Well, what would happen when she disconnect without fully shutting down my dick? The last few squirts of cum fell into her mouth which she placed in front of my rod, collecting her daily intake of proteins.

I did not spend any time to rest since we were still in a compromising position if anyone walked in on us. I helped her put on her clothes proper and we packed our tables before leaving for home. On the way to the train station, Amy told me that her good friend (the other girl), Min, liked me too, going on and on about how she would love to lay her hands on me. But I guessed that was just girls’ talk between them, like a jealousy challenge.

The next day was a weekend where no one would work. But I had intended to finish some work so I could knock off early the next week. When I arrived in the late afternoon, Min and Amy was already there, waving my work at me. They had finished it for me before I came since the morning and I did not really have any more work to do.

I walked to my desk and saw a cake box on it, making me wonder if there was anything to celebrate for.

Me: ‘What’s this for?’
Min: ‘For the three of us!’

I did not understand what she meant, but she still went to the cake before me and opened it, displaying 6 cupcakes with generous whip topping. Amy went next to her and tugged on the ribbon behind her dress, changing it into a robe in the shortest time.

Amy: ‘Min says she will have you tonight for dinner.’

Min turned around and pushed me onto the chair, causing me to roll backwards to a wall. Amy went to my side and held me arms in a lock, while Min went down on her knees to unbuckle my pants.

Amy knew how to restrain me and I did not resist, cause it did really hurt. As soon as my underwear was down, Min sucked me off even before I was hard. She worked her tongue on it until it grew to its full size in her mouth, and gave me a high speed deepthroat treatment I fell weak to. Seeing that I was enjoying the blowjob, Amy let go of me and kneeled behind Min, reaching under her robe and playing with her tits and pussy. The two girls were so engrossed that I could even take my phone out and set it into video mode, filming their daring advances at me.

Once my dick was ripened with her saliva, she helped me up and went over to my desk, bending over like a slut asking to be fucked. Amy followed closely behind me and held my dick as I stood in front of Min’s ass, guiding me into her unbelievably tight cunt. Instinctively, I grabbed her waist and began shaking the row of tables, driving my rod all the way till she moaned.

For a 24 year old, she had D cups mounted on her small frame and it jiggled violently as I banged her hard. Amy’s hand was at my balls, stimulating me to get even bigger inside of her good friend. I could only indulge myself in the soft threesome as my dick urged me for more sex.

Me: ‘Min, get on the floor.’

We adjusted our positions until she was on her fours, while I did a half squat behind her pussy, still ramming strongly at her.

Me: ‘Amy, get on the table and spread your legs.’

She climbed above Min and opened her legs, showing me that pantyless state she was in. My mouth went to work on her pussy while my dick pleasured the other girl. Loud moans and screams echoed in the open office as the girls drifted in and out of their trance-like state from orgasms.

Amy: ‘I want you inside as well.’
Me: ‘Let’s go to the lounge then.’

The girls took off before me and turned the sofa into a bed. Min laid on the bed while Amy went on top of her, both spreading their legs wide for me. Facing my palm up, I shoved two fingers into Amy and used my abdomen to push my fingers. I was pounding at Min while fingering Amy at the same time. Of course, I switched between the two of them until the whole office turned dark from the coming of dusk.

The girls made out as I satisfied their urges, and the alternating pussies were simply too much for one man to bear.

Me: ‘I am cumming soon.’

Amy pushed herself up and I let the girls did whatever they wanted. They sat on the sofa while I stood on the carpeted floor. Their mouths came to me and took turns to suck me off, while still fingering each others’ pussy. This three way masturbation class went on for a long time, since they could take shifts to fuck me with their mouths.

Me: ‘Here it comes.’

The girls opened their mouths and had one hand each on my rod, pumping me furiously until the powerful handgun fired the rounds onto their lips. They ‘fought’ to see who could get more of my cum, and I had to admit it felt good to see them fight over me. The girls took turns once again to suck me clean and kept their hands working while they kissed to exchange my cum in their mouths.

After splitting their shares in equal portions, they kissed the sides of my shaft and let me slide my dick off their lips, until they kissed and a gulp emptied their mouths.

Min: ‘We were supposed to use the cakes!’
Amy: ‘Don’t waste it. It’s not cheap! We can all eat it together.’
Min: ‘Don’t want. I want to use at least one on him. I can lick it off for you.’

The girls got busy with the cupcakes and Min brought one to me, applying some of the cream on my rod before licking up. It was lucky of me to have such fun colleagues, plus, my office job wouldn’t be as boring as before anymore.