Office Slut

‘Umm.. J. For the appraisal, can you write something nice for me?’, asked Tiffany whom did nothing but come up with excuses every time I tried to get her outside working hours. Most of the programming were done by me over sleepless nights and endless cups of coffee, on top of building the custom server […]

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Stressful Parts

Me: ‘Hey. What are you doing?’ Angeline: ‘Anything that is necessary for me to get the job.’ She unzipped her red blouse in a move and peeled it off her chest to reveal her gorgeous assets, with just nipples stickers on them. Her skirt came off as quickly and a tiny g-string hid her modesty, […]

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Lost Files

At five, just as I was finishing up with my work, Melody came up to my desk with the company issued laptop in her hand. She was well known for wearing the most inappropriate clothes to work, although she was considered to be in the ‘backend’ department – Finance. Wearing a cardigan over a cross-front […]

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Waited Long?

This entry is written for Ena, writer of Promiscuous Secret. Nuff’ said. Ena (Whatsapp): ‘Eden, you can come up now. There’s no one here.’ Eden had been waiting below her office building for her message and finally it came. His cock had been pressing against his jeans throughout the text messages they were exchanging while […]

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The Date

‘Do you have any plans tonight?’, Jaq asked when we were about to close the shop for a company dinner and dance which none of us would be going. It was the only few days we had half-day and I had planned to just relax at home. ‘Nope, do you want to go out together?’ […]

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