One of Few.

As one of the few guys in the office, I was needed most of the time to carry files and doing some of the troubleshooting tasks that the ladies faced. Slowly, a cliche was formed with a few ladies having me as their ‘favourite’ guy to help them out. This group had ladies from their 20s, to 30s, since the older ones would prefer to interact with their age range. Lucky or not, I wasn’t sure, because my group was also the most hardworking and driven.

As time passed, two of the girls were showing more concerned for me, and we ended up being good friends that spurred each other on to stay back after office hours to rush our work so we could be the top performing. Those countless hours of overtime actually made us closer and we spoke about any topics under the sun just to keep ourselves entertained.

Slowly, one of the girls, Amy, got too close to me and we used those private moments during OT to tease and make fun of one and other, finally laying my hands on the petite 24 year old. We were next to each other in the meeting room, comparing some data when she decided to run her barefeet up and down my legs. Naturally, I was turned on and stopped work altogether so I could return the favour. I rolled my office chair behind her and reached down her skirt, pulling it high enough for me to put my hands under. Her panties was a little wet then, so I helped her out by sticking my fingers into her panties and rubbing her off to an orgasm.

After just one climax, Amy propped me on the long table and undid my pants with a CFM face. When she saw my cute 6 inches, her mouth went over it and sucked on it till it became 7 inches. It was that sore and strong. Once she got that ‘desired’ size, she climbed on top of the table in the most unglamorous way, spreading her legs so wide she appeared so rough. As soon as we were comfortable, she sat on top of me and slid her pussy down my body, pushing my dick into her open-crotch stockings with her panties to the side.

Such office bonks had their level of insecurity, but the digital locks in our office worked simple. After hours, there will be no entry unless authorised by our bosses, meaning that once you exit, there would be no way you can enter again.

Amy rode me like a graceful princess and she remained quiet throughout. On the other hand, I was trying so hard to focus just so I could last longer. The sight of an office lady wearing a decent sleeveless top and a short skirt, fucking me so gently yet deeply, exposed her playful side behind the obedient look she had. After some time, I sat up and carried her off the table, going over to the staff lounge where a sofa bed was.

I placed her down gently in a seated position and let my head rest on her shoulders. My straightened legs took over the action and thrust fast into her pussy. Amy turned her face towards me and kissed me in pecks, with a little tongue action every now and then. It just took her five minutes before she wanted me to stop, so that she could get into doggie.

Putting her knees at the edge of the sofa, I yanked her butt down on my dick and rammed really hard into her. She wasn’t as tight as I expected (explaining how frequently she had sex?), but it still felt great nonetheless. The low pitched moans that would go high whenever I went really deep, was one sign I went for. A few strong thrusts later, she was screaming in high pitch and I went even deeper to leave a ‘deep’ impression.

Just as I was about to cum, I told her about it and she asked me to keep going. So I did. Fucking her with all my energy, I made sure to pull out to my tip and ram her to my balls. The long strokes finally snapped her and my cream filled her pie hole while she came hard, losing her balance and collapsing on the sofa. Well, what would happen when she disconnect without fully shutting down my dick? The last few squirts of cum fell into her mouth which she placed in front of my rod, collecting her daily intake of proteins.

I did not spend any time to rest since we were still in a compromising position if anyone walked in on us. I helped her put on her clothes proper and we packed our tables before leaving for home. On the way to the train station, Amy told me that her good friend (the other girl), Min, liked me too, going on and on about how she would love to lay her hands on me. But I guessed that was just girls’ talk between them, like a jealousy challenge.

The next day was a weekend where no one would work. But I had intended to finish some work so I could knock off early the next week. When I arrived in the late afternoon, Min and Amy was already there, waving my work at me. They had finished it for me before I came since the morning and I did not really have any more work to do.

I walked to my desk and saw a cake box on it, making me wonder if there was anything to celebrate for.

Me: ‘What’s this for?’
Min: ‘For the three of us!’

I did not understand what she meant, but she still went to the cake before me and opened it, displaying 6 cupcakes with generous whip topping. Amy went next to her and tugged on the ribbon behind her dress, changing it into a robe in the shortest time.

Amy: ‘Min says she will have you tonight for dinner.’

Min turned around and pushed me onto the chair, causing me to roll backwards to a wall. Amy went to my side and held me arms in a lock, while Min went down on her knees to unbuckle my pants.

Amy knew how to restrain me and I did not resist, cause it did really hurt. As soon as my underwear was down, Min sucked me off even before I was hard. She worked her tongue on it until it grew to its full size in her mouth, and gave me a high speed deepthroat treatment I fell weak to. Seeing that I was enjoying the blowjob, Amy let go of me and kneeled behind Min, reaching under her robe and playing with her tits and pussy. The two girls were so engrossed that I could even take my phone out and set it into video mode, filming their daring advances at me.

Once my dick was ripened with her saliva, she helped me up and went over to my desk, bending over like a slut asking to be fucked. Amy followed closely behind me and held my dick as I stood in front of Min’s ass, guiding me into her unbelievably tight cunt. Instinctively, I grabbed her waist and began shaking the row of tables, driving my rod all the way till she moaned.

For a 24 year old, she had D cups mounted on her small frame and it jiggled violently as I banged her hard. Amy’s hand was at my balls, stimulating me to get even bigger inside of her good friend. I could only indulge myself in the soft threesome as my dick urged me for more sex.

Me: ‘Min, get on the floor.’

We adjusted our positions until she was on her fours, while I did a half squat behind her pussy, still ramming strongly at her.

Me: ‘Amy, get on the table and spread your legs.’

She climbed above Min and opened her legs, showing me that pantyless state she was in. My mouth went to work on her pussy while my dick pleasured the other girl. Loud moans and screams echoed in the open office as the girls drifted in and out of their trance-like state from orgasms.

Amy: ‘I want you inside as well.’
Me: ‘Let’s go to the lounge then.’

The girls took off before me and turned the sofa into a bed. Min laid on the bed while Amy went on top of her, both spreading their legs wide for me. Facing my palm up, I shoved two fingers into Amy and used my abdomen to push my fingers. I was pounding at Min while fingering Amy at the same time. Of course, I switched between the two of them until the whole office turned dark from the coming of dusk.

The girls made out as I satisfied their urges, and the alternating pussies were simply too much for one man to bear.

Me: ‘I am cumming soon.’

Amy pushed herself up and I let the girls did whatever they wanted. They sat on the sofa while I stood on the carpeted floor. Their mouths came to me and took turns to suck me off, while still fingering each others’ pussy. This three way masturbation class went on for a long time, since they could take shifts to fuck me with their mouths.

Me: ‘Here it comes.’

The girls opened their mouths and had one hand each on my rod, pumping me furiously until the powerful handgun fired the rounds onto their lips. They ‘fought’ to see who could get more of my cum, and I had to admit it felt good to see them fight over me. The girls took turns once again to suck me clean and kept their hands working while they kissed to exchange my cum in their mouths.

After splitting their shares in equal portions, they kissed the sides of my shaft and let me slide my dick off their lips, until they kissed and a gulp emptied their mouths.

Min: ‘We were supposed to use the cakes!’
Amy: ‘Don’t waste it. It’s not cheap! We can all eat it together.’
Min: ‘Don’t want. I want to use at least one on him. I can lick it off for you.’

The girls got busy with the cupcakes and Min brought one to me, applying some of the cream on my rod before licking up. It was lucky of me to have such fun colleagues, plus, my office job wouldn’t be as boring as before anymore.

Maximum Privacy

You: ‘Don’t worry. There is no one here. I’m the only one with the access card.’

Butter: ‘No one else can come in?’

You: ‘Yes. Only one card can be used at any one time.’

The isolated location of the security office for main surveillance was hard to reach, but with programs scanning for crimes, the purpose you were hired was to ensure the functionality of the equipments. You certainly did not have to do anything extra in the dark empty room lit by the light from the screens. The initiative to invite your girlfriend was one of the most risky things you’ve even done. But you too know, that the most important place does not have CCTV watching.

The sight of your girl wearing a short orange dress with leggings that complimented her long legs made it irresistible not to rape her then and there. You went towards the huge wall of blinking lights and knobs to ensure that everything is working accordingly, and went back to the sofa bed. There she was, sitting obediently and confused about your line of work. But those were not your main objective.

You: ‘Want to take off your leggings?’

Butter listened to your rhetorical question and proceed to remove those tight fitting stockings with difficulty, and you just sat there enjoying the striptease-cum-struggle she put up to strip herself down. As soon as her bottoms came off, you pulled her hands to sit beside you and forced your hand under her dress, to discover that she did not wear anything under.

You: ‘Such a naughty girl huh?’

Butter: ‘You said it’s fine not to wear. I don’t want to parade my panty lines too.’

Her pussy started to get wetter as your fingers pressed hard against her clit, moving in a circular motion. The urge to run your nails along the wet, flesh valleys kept her squirming and shivering everytime you stroked along her slit. Instead of you getting impatient for some love, it was her who was getting all excited about this newfound privacy.

Butter: ‘Are you going to just masturbate me?’

You: ‘Of course not. Give me a while.’

You got up to strip yourself naked and laid back comfortably on the sofa, with your legs opened. The little twitching you made with your dick entertained your adventurous girl a little and she giggled as she pulled your thighs wider. Seated beside you, she bent her chest down and took your dick head on. Starting with a peck on the little one, giving it a few strokes to lube it with her saliva, her mouth opened wide and the first area her lips touched was midway of your full length.

You watched her thick hair covered head move up and down, and the hard suck matched the mental image of you fucking her from behind. Handsfree and automated. This girl of yours had been trained by you, to give you the perfect blowjob that matched your preference. She had remembered all of the shallow, short but quick, under-the-hood’ contact that you liked.

It pained your heart a little to see how obedient she was because of your grooming, but her oral skills made it hard to stop her despite her tiredness.

You: ‘Butter, you want to stop?’

Butter: ‘A.. wa.. orh.’

A while more? Yeah. That must be it. As you closed your eyes to enjoy the last few moments of the playful tongue coating saliva over your rod, a pause was normal to you. But another downward stroke came and did not stop at the usual depth. Instead, it went all the way down to your groin and you felt your penis head getting pushed against a bumpy wall. You opened your eyes to see her face planted in your lap, and her shaking head totally drove you insane. She had never done it before, and you had to stop her before she choked.

You: ‘Where did you learn that?’

Butter: ‘You were the one asking me to go deeper the first few times I did it.’

You had no recollection of such a demand, but again, you might have said it unconsciously. Now that she has got you rock hard, it was time for payback. You stood up and extended the sofa to form a makeshift bed, and stood behind her, ready to carry her to it. Before you did just that, the long zip running down her spine was pulled and her clothes fell apart. The nude coloured bra was unhooked and placed with her dress, and she found herself on the bed, naked for your enjoyment.

You got on your knees and stayed between her legs. You lifted her knees wide apart and got into push up position on top of her. One of her hand went down her tummy and held your rod in position, giving you an easier time to gently put it into her. Afterall, it will hurt a little as your manhood stretched her womanhood. As you penetrated her, the pain-pleasure mixed expression in front of you made it clear that the pain was worth it. Wasting no time to relieve the soreness, you began thrusting your hips and her legs went around your waist to pull you in deeper.

Seeing how much she enjoyed the love making, you sat back and held both her ankles to your shoulders. Pushing against her straightened legs, you raised her butt off the bed and achieved maximum depth when she opened her eyes wide as you pounded her, mouth made voiceless from the furious attack.

After a while of the crazy rampage, you got a little exhausted too, and her pussy was getting sore from the high speed. You let her down and turned her to the side, while she took over from there and got into doggie. Her butt stuck itself out for you and with the lights, you could make out the smoothly shaven pussy that she had waxed for you. Between the delicate folds of flesh, was a slit that had juices making a long strand of liquid dangling from it.

Knowing there was no time to waste in case your dick started cooling down, you lifted her butt up from under and inched your dick towards it. Placing the tip at her opening, you violently pulled her backwards while you rammed forward, sending her into a long scream of unknown emotions.

Immediately after you impaled her, the monster in you appeared to keep going and make her moan non-stop. To be more exact, you want to see her fall to your fast paced thrusts, and get her addicted for more. From time to time, her butt would start lowering and you would raise it by lifting her thighs. Her helpless hands could not find anything to hang onto, and her moans had turned into groans. Although her mind was in a state if blank, her pussy was in fact getting wetter, and you simply went faster.

Five minutes, ten minutes past with her convulsing non-stop from the intense orgasms you gave her. Nonetheless, her contracting pussy was psuhing you to your limits as well, and the perfect ending was long planned for in your mind. As the pressure built up in your balls, your body went faster beyond your control.

Butter was already partially lifeless, moaning only to relieve a bit of the pain between her legs. Less than ten seconds later, you rammed yourself so hard at her that your pelvic bones hurt, but the pain went away as soon as your chamber cleared the multiple rounds of hot semen. Plunged deep into your own girl, her pussy convulsed uncontrollable to contain the huge load you delivered. The satisfied and loving expression remained in your mind even at the last few waves.

Butter: ‘Honey, don’t pull it out yet.’

She gave a hard squeeze of her legs and you went on to exit slowly, draining the last drop into her. She laid breathless on the bed although you did most of the work, but it was all worth it. You had found a way to make yourself so tired to sleep through the long hours of boredom.

Feeling well pleasured, you sat beside the drowsy girl and watched as she drifted to sleep. Just as eyelids shut themselves, you walked up to her and lowered her jaw, sticking your softened meat into her mouth. Instinctively, she took it in and suckle on it. You didn’t mean to go for another round, just to clean yourself up without leaving the room. You lightly pried her mouth opened again and lifted your hips away, letting her fall into slumber in the cold room.

You: ‘That’s my good girl.’

There was nothing more priceless than having a loving girlfriend, with a higher sex drive than normal, sleeping naked to you, giving you permission to roam her anywhere you want. Even waking her up for more sex will be alright with her.

A dream come true.

Merry Sextmas 2014

Lady: ‘So you’re the new IT guy? Merry Christmas!’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

I took the cake from the well-acquainted lady who was around my age, or even younger, from the figure she had maintained. The only staff in the office were those whom had no plans for Christmas, and held a little celebration in the absence of our boss.

The cake was finished quickly and the small group of five or six gathered around the pantry area, giggling among the tearing sounds from their present exchange. Still relatively new to this company, I took the opportunity of the non-working period and familiarised myself with the network security strategy they used.

After the part mood died down, the same lady whom had served me the cake, came over to my cubicle. Well, I only learnt of her name then – Evelyn. Looking a little flushed from the champagne, she took an empty seat next to me and glanced at my screen, filled with applications I brought to the company to run some vulnerability tests.

Evelyn: ‘You also have no plans tonight?’
Me: ‘No. I’m more worried about losing my job even before I get started.’
Evelyn: ‘Don’t worry la. The I.T. guys here slack all the time.’
Me: ‘That’s why I hired right? I want to see what they have missed so we can continue slacking.’
Evelyn: ‘Haha. Not bad uh. We hired someone so hardworking. I’m from the HR department if you don’t know.’
Me: ‘Now I know.’

As most of the colleagues left, they turned off most of the lights, leaving Eve and I alone in our cubicle. Her head landed on my shoulder not long after, eyes barely open in the dimmed lights from the monitor.

Me (whispering): ‘Eve.. let’s go home.’
Eve: ‘My place or yours? Don’t want! I want to stay here.’

Here‘ isn’t a bad place too. The air-conditioning was up, and the huge glass windows made things even more romantic. Seeing how her head kept sliding off me, I couldn’t let her be and helped her to the window, where I sat next to her looking at the night sky of our metropolis.

Eve (whispering): ‘Nice right?’

The thin material of her white-purple dress could not hide the padless bra pressed against my arm, but her well-covered thighs helped drove out any unwanted thoughts.

Eve (whispering): ‘I have spent the last four Christmas eve alone. And I don’t want that anymore.’

She placed my hand on her back and I pulled her closer, till she lost balance and supported herself by pushing on my dick. I was a little hard then and did not hurt much. Beyond all these, there was her breathing sounds, that grew louder the closer we got.

Half anticipating and shy, I remained still whereas she made the first move, of unzipping my work pants. The new belt clicked opened easily and I crossed my arm over my lap to her legs, bringing my fingers up those flawless skin. Our eyes had locked onto each other, reading the signs our minds were broadcasting without shame.

Very gently in the moonlight, our lips touched and tongues met. Things moved slowly with just our tongues together, but my hands that soon went to massage her boobs changed the pace of our little office fun.

The cute hand of hers dug my cock out and stroked it delicately, while I shifted my attention to her panties that had soaked her juices up. Before we knew it, her undies were removed and my pants fell noisily onto the floor.

We picked an unused table facing the windows, quickly bending her back over the desk with her legs opened.

The emergency condom I had in my wallet was quickly put into place and in I went, prying her pussy apart with much strength. It wasn’t that I was feeling weak, but the pressure was high as I felt her lips below forcing me out. After some effort, I was hammering away on that shaky table, sending moans through the spacious office floor with much enthusiasim.

Right then, the knowledgeable lady turned into a little girl with her hips in my hands. She was mindlessly jerking her booty back as I thrust, going balls deep on my shaft.

After a few minutes of doggie, she turned around to sit on the desk and I was back in her in seconds. We continued making out in this missionary pose, her legs tightly wrapped around me. We went on like this (between the two positions) for almost thirty minutes before she requested to be placed on the floor – and to be fucked till the fireworks went off.

In no time, we were pressed against the windows with my cock fucking her minds out, slamming against each other. My hands were busy tuning her nipples under the unhooked bras while she focused on making me scream with her playful squeezes.

We lasted as long as we could. Evelyn getting pounded to orgasms she had lost count of, and me being pushed to the limit of ejaculation.

Evelyn (panting): ‘Cumming soon?’
Me (breathless): ‘Yeah why?’
Evelyn (moaning): ‘Cause I am?’

She leaned back to place her hands on my ass and let me jerk smaller strokes, causing her to moan as crazily as the deeper, slower ones. Within a minute, I was hugging her tightly while my hips buckled.

Me (groaning): ‘Cumming! Cumming!’

Poorly phrased, but same meaning. Just like how tsunami warning works, the alarm went before I was really firing. She took the bet and lifted herself away, flipped onto her back and took over the sex with a handjob.

Kneeled between her spread eagle, the both of us looked at the huge crowd and moaned. By slipping my fingers onto her pussy, we were getting each other off.

At the same time the first trail of fire launched into the air, my cock finally exploded over her chest she exposed and she let off a groan along with her orgasm. Panting, I remained on top of her as we recovered our positions, hurriedly getting dressed to watch the rest of the fireworks.

Evelyn: ‘Thank you for that.’
Me: ‘I should thank you. It’s a wonderful Christmas.’

Lying on my shoulder, we were in each other arms till the noise went down.

Evelyn (whispering): ‘So now.. we have each other to play with in the office?’

I gave her a naughty pinch on her nipples and shut down my terminal. As for the rest of the night, the sight of her car made me change my plan for a lonely night. We settled for a budget hotel nearby to catch our sleep and as well as.. yeah. You know it.

Jhae apologises if this post isn’t up to standard (judging by how hard or wet). This is somewhat like a nicely wrapped, badly chosen present. Anyway, Merry Christmas you guys! Jhae could well be out of the F&B scene soon and back to the I.T. side. All the best for all!


With the leather collar and cuffs on Gladys’ wrists and ankles, she crawled on the carpeted office to her husband’s desk. As Aloysius worked for an illegal money lending firm, his colleagues too had their own girls at random times of the day. She went below his desk with the other guys working normally in the black tinted one way windows. He moved his office chair for her to get under and start work on his dick that was flaccid.

Gladys was one of those girls who came from a poor family, but was in no way connected to her husband’s business. He had ‘bought’ her with a sum of money in place of love, and she was treated fairly well. It was the dark fantasies Aloysius had that she was required to get used to, but nothing too difficult for her.

Ah San: ‘Ah Loy, your wife free? Need to release leh.’
Aloysius: ‘Fuck you lah. Where is your girl?’
Ah San: ‘Not free today. Share leh.’

He peered at Gladys who was sucking his hard rod, tilting his head as he whispered, ‘How?’. She shrugged her shoulders and he gave a flick of his four fingers to his colleague. That person happily hopped over and gave her some time to readjust her position after Aloysius had turned his chair to the side. Her mouth went back to work after she bent over in doggie, ready for whatever the man was about to do.

Ah San’s jeans came off in seconds and picked her butt up so he need not kneel. With her ass in the air, the man rolled the condom over his dick and aimed it at her. He flipped her mini dress up and pushed her panties to the side, before plunging his dick in. Shocked by his sudden entry, Gladys let off a muffled moan and almost bit the dick in her mouth. Gradually, she got used to the pounding from her rear and resumed the blowjob, guided by the thrusts her body was jerking to.

He went on for some time without stopping, giving her two orgasms which he could tell from her trembling legs. After some time, his speed picked up and an attention grabbing groan came out of his mouth as his sperms spew into the condom, which Gladys teasing squeezed her pussy tighter for more. Before pulling out he gave in to his temptation and landed a slap on her butt, returning his pants went back to its original place after that.

Just as Ah San was done, another of his colleague which was much fatter, also known as Fatty, came up to him, and unzipped his pants to whip his cock out for some action.

Fatty: ‘Don’t mind hor.’
Aloysius: ‘Eh Fatty, you think she is one of your sluts ah?’
Fatty: ‘You say leh.’

He went to locked her feet together with the restraints and then capped himself before shoving his dick in, encasing his rod in a different kind of tightness. The lack of space in her pussy had caused an even better sensation to flood into Gladys’ mind and she was enjoying herself. Her mouth slowly stopped sucking and had changed to a furious head shove, down at his groin. Within minutes, Aloysius could not take anymore of their nonsense and pulled her away.

Fatty: ‘Oi.. don’t like that eh.’
Aloysius: ‘I should be telling that to you. Change place.’

He got up to his feet and let Fatty took his seat, where he ripped the condom away in disappointment to use her mouth as a relieve. Aloysius parked his meat into her without wasting time and rammed her ass hard, thrashing her blowjob for Fatty into a confusion.

Fatty: ‘Wah. Someone angry liao.’
Aloysius: ‘Then?’

He guided her knees to the ground and knelt behind her, feet apart. Holding her waist firmly, he pulled her butt down hard at his dick and pumped her relentlessly, sending her blowjob into her mouth fuck as Fatty forced her head down. The two men went berserk with the convenient lady and used her body to satisfy themselves in whatever position they were in. One groaning with his dick down her throat, and the other slapping her butt as he rammed his dick deep into her pussy.

About three minutes later, Fatty creamed into her mouth and since his dick was at her throat, the gush of semen flowed down into her stomach effortlessly, save for some gagging she experienced. Aloysius had only got her to swallow only twice after they got together, and the jealousy made him crazier, taking her pussy mercilessly down on his cock.

Fatty had returned to his desk by then, and two girls walked in to pleasure another two of his colleagues. With the three couples fucking happily, Gladys didn’t feel too left out and truthfully speaking, she had been enjoying the three cocks that gave her orgasms she lost count of. The special squeezing of her pussy came about for Aloysius and the usual composed nature of him was lost.

Pounding wildly into her, he screamed out vulgarities as he shot his load into her. Gladys had always admired his protection of her, and understood that those guys who just did her was one of his few trusted buddies in his risky job. The suction in her had extracted every bit of cum he had and was panting hard once he was done. She held onto his dick with her pussy so he could only pull it out slowly, translating into her contentment and desire for him to stay inside of her for a while longer.

He finally pulled out of her and went back to his seat, where his pants lay crumpled in a pile. Gladys stayed by his side for the days he worked, and on non-working days, they would be at those cheap hotels fucking their minds out, living out his fetishes she had trouble keeping up with. Going around pantyless and braless was part of the package she had accustomed to, but having Aloysius around had made her felt more protected and loved than ever before.

Something Light Under

You would not be able to differentiate Erine’s dress from any other office girls’ as it was the common tunic design clothes that had long sleeves and a slightly lower cut that revealed some of her chest but none of her cleavage. The top’s hemlline ended slightly above her mid-thighs and most girls would wear a pair of shorts or some protective layers under. Erine was somewhat unique that day, forgoing the protective shorts and decided to go for a normal pair of laced thongs. It was such a sight for anyone behind her on an escalator to watch how the dress got lifted higher and higher, yet without so much a glimpse of panties nor anything close.

She had been careful the whole day and work had been normal apart from the occasional urge to masturbate in her unusally vulnerable outfit. It had been making her feel extra sexy and every slide of her dress across her thighs would send a tingle up her spine and chill her with a shiver at times. The clock ticked to 5.30pm as she stared at it for the final moments in her office and when it striked, her colleagues shuffled their papers on their desks (which we know is not real as they’ve packed about 15 minutes before) and got up gradually to leave the place. Erine had planned to stayed till everyone was gone, so her office fling would then be able to meet her for some workplace joy.

Erine (SMS): ‘You can come over now.’

Damien did not work in the same office as her, but wasn’t too far away either, higher up in the same building. He gave her a call before going down to her office, which she knew she was the last when the first person to reach office that day, handed her the keys so she could lock it up. He waited for Erine to unlock the automatic doors and walked into her cubicle after she locked, and dimmed the lights. Immediately, he carried her up and placed her on her tidy desk, lifting her dress up just enough to reveal the playful little thongs under. He slid them off her legs and onto the carpetted floor, before spreading her legs apart to feast on her tiny oyster pearl that was juicy on its own. Just like how the shellfish would squirm when lemon drops were sprinkled, Erine’s arms wrapped around Damien’s head and held him tight as his tongue sensually glid across her clit and down her slit, with her waist bending back and forth so he could reach into the perfect spots of her private area.

As she increased her pace and loudness of moans, he easily spotted her orgasm as she would clamp her legs tightly onto his head and let go a gentle spray of juice at his mouth, which he would gladly drink them all up. It could not be more thrilling than doing this in her own office, with all the privacy and freedom. Erine rested for a few minutes kissing him passionately, but in fact, a countdown to what was about to happen next. With a shove, Damien fell onto her chair and she hopped off the desk, down on her knees on the carpet and unbuckled his belt eagerly. He tilted his head back in normality and let her work out his belt, zip, underwear and finally, his dick was out and ready.

Erine did not waste any more time and just placed her mouth over his dick, which then continued downwards slowly, so she could wet the rod with her saliva. Once her mouth opened wider reaching the base of his rocket, she slurped up the excess on the way up and once it was done and well lubricated, she gave a cold stare into Damien’s eyes. It was a look she never done for him before, somewhat like the last moments in her life as she took the plunge down her throat, with her gaze still locked on his. As she hit the bottom again, her head went into a piston like motion and continued pumping up and down, sucking and teasing with her tongue. It was such a warm, and loving blowjob as she would take her time to focus on his sensitive little head, trying to push her tongue down his shaft, sucking really hard on it, doing swirls around and under the little mushrooms, and just as it got too much for Damien to handle, she would slid his rod down her throat for a cleansing ritual and it would return back to normal for him, taking deep breaths as the comfort relieved the tension built up earlier.

This went on for as long as he wanted, until it was time to move along. He lifted her head up with his fingers on her chin, until their lips met again and they kissed for a minute or so, without so much a thought of separating. Erine brought him to the Director’s room and stood where her boss would sit, before lifting her dress up, and keeping her legs together while leaning over the table. Damien knew her cue and stepped forward to poke his spear into her fleshy folds, at the same time letting her peel her ass open so he could sink it in deeper. As the journey to the center of Erine began, it felt like infinity as it gently split the raw meat apart until it reached where it could.

Once connected, he pinned her upper back down and began moving his dick in a swift and graceful manner, going shallow and deep at random times, it was making Erine hornier and more desperate by the strokes. With her pussy drooling non-stop, it was a pretty obvious sign that she wouldn’t mind a brainless fuck, but not for Damien. He had a need more than just what a pussy can fulfill, more than just what a woman can satisfy, he was someone who bothered with the process to his needs.

He smiled and picked up his pace, while shifting only his hips, to drive the screw into her, motion after motion, Erine was in his full control. With him still inside of her, he held her by her butt to remain connected while they walked awkwardly to the comfortable sofa by the window, that was gleaming with moonlight then. Once nicely positioned, he began banging her for real this time, slapping their bodies together like tick-tocks of a grandfather clock, steady and rhythmic. He understood it was crucial to maintain a tempo if he wanted to deliver a mind-blowing orgasm. Of course, apart from the climax she received from the cunnilingus, she had been kept on the edge and not given enough to cum.

Erine could not hold herself back anymore and as much as she wanted to be fucked silly, there was not much she could do when he was behind her in control. Moving on her fours backwards, she managed to knocked Damien off balance and he fell onto the sofa. With her advantage getting on top of him, his dick was still inside and she just started bouncing up and down like a cowgirl, riding a perfectly still bull. Well, it was short of a bull’s length, but it didn’t matter to her. It was as though she arrived at the heavens and the craze of her speed and intensely deep strokes were just steps to the final doorway.

Damien no longer resisted but allowed her to do the work. In fact, he himself was about to cum if she kept up with her pace of bobbing up and down. He soon felt his dick got squished by her soft vaginal walls and she was began to convulse as well, somewhat disabling her body movements. He immediately took over and jerked his dick upwards while lying down, forcing his meat into her tight opening, driving into her sensitive privates with a long tool that was about to explode inside of her.

As the protruding part of his little mushroom gave the final stroke across her G-spot, an intense pressure built up in her created a suction so strong Damien felt he was about to die. His dick gave way like a virgin’s dick and blew up in her pussy, creating an overwhelming warming and contenting emotion in Erine, as though she was the luckiest girl in the world. Damien wasn’t just cumming, he too felt very satisfied with her vigour and power, that gave him such a crazy ejaculation he never had in a long time. They fell onto the sofa still inside each other to rest for a moment before his dick slipped out of her, totally soft and weak, but still had cum dripping out.

Damien: ‘Erine, would you like to take these little soldiers in? Or should I just wipe them off?’

She turned around to look at him, then his dick with the pearly white droplet at the end of his rod. She then tiredly crawled to him and once again, placed his dick into her mouth to give it one final slurp, that got all of his precious cum out and down her throat they went. They then cleaned the place up, before she packed her things to leave for home together.

Plain Water

Jacob, a middle aged delivery man, had been sending the heavy bottles of water usually found in small offices and water dispensers. He knew most of the clients by hard and always enjoyed a close contact of those who ordered the delivery. A few days ago, he went to a shady supplier of sexual enhancement drugs and bought a bottle of aphrodisiac liquid, ready to explore a little into the dark side of his trusted services.

A new company had requested for a demonstration of the new dispenser and he was asked to send a prototype of it to the office. He unscrewed the dispenser and took out a small syringe, designed to transport a solution with anti-chlorine, and other chemicals that would make the water taste better. It was a mandatory set up and he pumped a little of the aphrodisiac into it. The appointment went as usual and the table top dispenser worked as planned, delighting the staff with the high quality of the water.

The small company of staff took a cup each and after they had a taste of it, only a female employee named Candice was left with him, learning how to operate it to control the temperature and troubleshoot whatever issues the simple device might have. The effect of the drug kicked in and she had trouble sitting still, fighting hard to ignore the temptation to relieve the tickle in her nipples and vagina.

Jacob watched closely for her reaction and the frequent brushing of her arms across her chest highlighted how well the liquid was doing. Under the table, she was pressing her fingers hard against her decent black skirt, scratching along her groin. The flushes of redness on her face made her felt warmer than usual and he knew it was time to make his move. The rest of the office were quiet, with everyone in their cubicles and a few of them excusing themselves to the toilet.

Jacob: ‘Candice, you okay? You look red.’

She arranged her fringe to the back of her ears and he went over to her side of the table, sitting on the chair next to her. His hand impulsively reached for her legs and he pulled them apart, their intimate advances hidden away from the glass windows at the back. He rolled his chair backwards until he could turn on the automatic blinds and it swung across the glass with a whine. They were now in full privacy.

Jacob grabbed the front of her neck and held her up, twisting her around to sit on his lap on the chair and his hands held both her boobs forcefully. He did not bother taping her mouth or what, but kept kneading her boobs through the padded bra. Candice resistance was proving to be futile as the drug further amplified the high she was experiencing, her mind going berserk and drowsily out of control.

Her body was demanding much more from the only guy in the room but her mind was fighting so hard against it. The fact that she was married with two children did not do anything for her either. The panties under her skirt was soaking up all the juices that had leaked from the drug and nipple stimulation. His hand reached under her skirt and felt how turned on she was, wetting his fingers so quickly for him to finger her.

He spread her legs wider over the armrest of the chair and sunk his fingers into her panties and pussy, thrusting vigorously at her unwilling slit. The juices flowed even faster and the thickness of it was very much slimy as well. After he got what he wanted, he pushed her over the edge of the long table and lifted her skirt up. Candice did not move on her own even without him holding her down.

He took the brown-coloured glass bottle and dipped his finger into it, before pushing it into her mouth, which she sucked on it hungrily, depraved of the sexual satisfaction her body needed. As his finger wriggled in her mouth, he unzipped his paint-stained pants and whipped out his aching manhood, before tugging her panties down to her knees.

Jacob rammed his dick into her sweet pussy after he guided it to the opening and held her ass firmly while he thrust against the table. The carpet on the floor quietened the noises and the soundproof doors worked well. She was massaging her own boobs as her pussy got ravaged but his thick dick, and there was no way she could regain control of herself. His mind was so hyped up by the forbidden sex he was having, and the beautiful mature body jerking on the table in front of him was a guilty reward he deserved for working tirelessly.

His dick slipped conveniently in and out of her pussy until the chain of orgasms hit her and the tightness around his dick was proving too much for him. Curiously, he dipped his finger into the bottle again and put some in his mouth. Within seconds, his dick grew even larger and Candice’s arms were flinging crazily around the table, yearning for something to hang on to. The pounding of her pussy slowed down after a long while and it was time Jacob ended his services too.

He pulled the seat closer to the table and sat on it, letting her do the bouncing over his dick, until the burst mode triggered and his dick fired the six rounds of thick hot cum into her. She did not stop moving and it kept Jacob groaning with ecstasy, overwhelmed by the sensitive dickhead and her relentless hunger for more. His dick shrank after the continuous fire and Candice was just barely done.

She turned around and squatted between his legs, taking his dick into her mouth and sucking on it for more. The cum that was in her had dripped like a broken tap out of her cunt and got onto the carpet. His dick then became the unwilling partner that got hard after her eager mouth took over. It wasn’t a blowjob to him, it was more of a mouthfuck she did without much variation or movements of her tongue, it was purely sucking and lip service.

Once his dick was up and standing, she helped him on his feet and made him sit on the table, before pushing him on his back and climbed on the table. She sat with her knees at the side of his hips and lowered her pussy over his dick, squeezing her own vagina to an impossible seal around his skin. Jacob’s mind was still numbed from her earlier stimulation of his flaccid dick but she just began bouncing on top of him.

She leaned on his body over the sweaty shirt and lifted her hips up and down over his hips. Candice kissed his neck sensually while violently milking his rod for cum. The only thing she could do was to imagine that he was her husband, and she was doing him instead. The second round lasted longer but she had been doing all the work up to this point. As his dick prepared to unload the second time, he sat upright and opened his legs. The two of them grind their asses on the table to keep pumping, connecting their privates near and far, until he was about to cum.

Jacob: ‘I’m cumming!’

She hugged him tightly and he did the same, with greater force as his hips jerked towards her to empty his balls of ammo. As his pump worked to fill her up, Candice went to his ears and nibbled on it, before whispering a phrase he would love to hear from his wife.

Candice (whispering): ‘Don’t ever let me go.’

Her pussy was filled up nicely and she got off him, falling on his empty chair and worked her fingers over her clit and pussy, pushing every drop of leaking cum back into where it belonged – inside. He too, got off the table and pulled his pants back, before using her mouth to clean up the leftover cum at his pee hole and along the shaft, where her juices were.

He poured a cup of water from the dispenser and poured a generous amount of the drug in, letting her take the final cup of addictive goodness.

Jacob: ‘I’ll call you when I need it.’

Would she obey him with that simple solution of aphrodisiac? That night, her husband was exhausted from the continuous fucking she demanded and her pussy remained filled no matter where she went, along with the daily meet ups with Jacob at her own office’s meeting room.

One Job

Paul (SMS): ‘Hey babe. Your boss still around?’

Hannah (SMS): ‘Yeah. But come over! I know of another secret spot.’

He texted her after a few minutes, since he was already under her block of offices. Taking the lift up to the highest floor, he stood outside the common bathrooms and waited for her to appear. Hannah took a while to break away from her work, citing lunch as the excuse and met her boyfriend.

Hannah (whispering): ‘Follow me.’

She walked into the emergency exit, which linked the flight stairs together, and went to the last flight of steps, meaninglessly constructed since the roof access was only accessible through the storage area that was locked.

Paul was delighted at the privacy and the cleanliness. It would be a common fuck spot for other hungry staff too. She quickly removed her panties under her floral knee length dress and placed it into his sling bag. At the same time, he was also undoing his pants, but only removing enough for the quickie.

Following their usual procedures, she squatted down and he took his place against the wall. Helping her to hold her waist length hair in place, she worked on his dick with a blowjob for appetiser. Hannah kept her mouth opened and kept her tongue at the bottom jaws. He held her head and guided himself in, and pulled her mouth towards himself, letting the momentum generate a feel as good as sex. She had been used to the deep throating and that was why she could do her job well.

Paul’s mind was engaged in the right mood after he finished using her mouth, and turned her around to lean against his body. They moved towards a horizontal rail and he lifted one of her legs onto it. Sliding his hand under her dress, his fingers attacked her dry spot and fondled her clit till she was slightly wetter. He then took a taste of her precious liquid and then replaced his fingers at her pussy, better lubricated with his saliva.

Hannah threw her head backwards onto his shoulders the moment his fingertips entered and she breathed faster from the fast and deep fingering. In no time, droplets were hitting the floor and he knew it was time.

She stood in front of the railing with her hands on it, and opened her legs a little wider. She waited for him, who was putting on the rubber protection to be done. Out of nowhere, his hand stretched to her and held a tiny black bottle.

Paul: ‘Take a breath.’

She opened the bottle and took one like he said. Almost instantaneously, her heart beat increased in its pace and a rush of heat pumped through her. With the bottle still in front of her, she felt a sense of relaxation in her vagina and the drops of clear juices went faster into the floor. The sounds of the plastic wrapper came and she knew he was done. He took it from her and she waited impatiently, as the hot sensation slowly went away. But still, her pussy remained hot.

His dick pierced into her delicate twin slices and it went all the way without stopping. That was something he did not do, because she would feel a little pain, not this time though. He took a few deep breaths from the same bottle, before replacing the cap.

His hands then went onto her waist below her dress and he began moving. In and out he went, flooding her senses with a bombardment of emotions and pleasure. It felt more intense than before, but they were actually doing what they always had been doing. It must be the magic from the bottle. She pushed her vaginal walls towards his dick and it made him went even faster. The loud slapping noises of their bodies were echoing around but the stairs were quiet. As he kept going, Hannah kept cumming. It took less time for her to climax and she preferred it that way.

Moans escaped her mouth from his extended sex-ssion and he was groaning as well, never before he did that. The tightness returned after the effects wore off and it felt crazy for the both of them. Her body was hitting against the railings and he just kept going. The bottle appeared again and she took it from him, knowing that she needed it. As she breathed, he exited her and removed the condom.

Hannah: ‘You’re done?’

Paul: ‘Nope!’

He smiled and she turned away from him. She knew he would never put it inside her if there was no protection, but no matter what, she did not mind masturbating herself after smelling it. After she was done with the bottle, she returned it and was ready to finger herself. But Paul did not allowed that.

She felt him holding her butt cheeks apart and a warm glob of saliva hit her anus. He then aimed his dick at the opening and pushed hard. She had told him countless times she hated it, partially due to the pain and the weirdness of the smell, instead, this time, her mind was too clouded to think proper. His entry was in fact painless, and she found herself relaxing despite the discomfort.

It took longer than normal for him to get in, but it felt differently good. She could feel him better too, without the annoying piece of rubber no one enjoyed except for the worry. She pushed herself backwards onto him as he picked up speed, and he was actually stopping more often from the rush to cum. The two of them were struggling to cope with the new methods and time was running out.

Hannah: ‘I’m.. going.. to be.. late.’

He resumed his pounding after the final pause and kept going. The bottle remained in her hands and against her nose to negate the pain if she did not have it. Finally, he reached his top speed that was even faster when he was in her pussy, and she grabbed the railings tighter, while trying to figure out the new orgasm she expected. With one final thrust, his full length pushed deep into the untouched tunnel and her hands slipped.

Spasm shot through her body and her fingers were paralysed. He managed to hold her up and as the cum poured into her ass, her body was jerking uncontrollably. They fell onto the floor with him still inside and he gave her a few more thrusts to savour their first anal sex in public. Her body kept going with the strokes and she fell to the side after he pulled out. He took the panties from his bag and put it on for her, giving her a break.

He wrapped a piece of wet tissue around his flaccid dick and wore his pants back, ready to wash up properly in the toilet. She lay exhausted on the floor while the cum was seeping out of her ass and onto the cotton underwear. Hannah picked herself up and left the stairs, walking with her feet wider until she had to appear normal back in the lift landing. Her boyfriend disappeared into the toilet and she went back to the office.

Her pussy had continued to leak juices during her work and her mind was fixated on the extraordinary anal orgasms. Looks like Paul will be enjoying a brand new hole, without the need for condom, and the safety of not getting his girlfriend pregnant.

Would it be addictive to you too?