Drinking Night

Nelson gulped down his glass of Martell and laid his head on the cosy corner of a pub he frequent. It was a usual night for him to get drunk alone without disturbance from friends. The staff who worked there knew of his lonely habits and left him as he was, since he had been […]

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After completing this entry, I found it only right to inform you guys that the introduction might be a little long winded compared to the ‘action’. Please pardon my enthusiasm and lack of skills to shorten it any further. I think it will be more complete to paint a background and describe the scenes leading […]

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Different Tips

Man: ‘Hey there. Just want to let you know you did a great job serving food. Totally made our day.’ Jacob: ‘No problem man. Hope you enjoyed the food.’ Man: ‘We really did. Mind if I ask you for your number? We just moved into Singapore and thought it would be great for someone like […]

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Drinking at Pub

Day: Sunday Date: 22 November 2009 Time: 11.30pm Location: Her house I was too drunk for anymore Martell. Although the second bottle came, I was outside taking a break and preparing to puke. After about two rounds of puking, I calmed down and sat on the smoking area and watched people go by. Then, a […]

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