Lian Ai (Love)

Me: ‘Don’t be sad lah. You look so pretty. I’m sure other guys will want you.’ Sherlyn wiped the tears off her eyes and took another puff from her cigarette, extending her arms to reveal some of that dragon tattoo under her sleeve. She was that typical ah lian who did not study far, and […]

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Stranger’s Sweet

Uncle Low: ‘Girl, why are you out here so late?’ Mabel: ‘Aunty (their maid) brought me down. I cannot sleep and she says she is meeting a friend.’ Uncle Low: ‘Where is she now?’ Mabel: ‘I don’t know? She says she will call me when she is done. I just play around here.’ 9 year […]

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By the Park

Katrina was a 29 year old lady working in Singapore. She was from Indonesia, and staying in a condominium with her siblings who were here before her. We met each other online, and were about to meet for the second time.  We met at the MRT closest to her house and had a quick meal […]

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Night Adventure

Vivian woke up in the middle of the night feeling super horny, it was stronger than usual since she haven’t masturbated for some nights. She was trying to see how long she would last before her mind gives in to her body. Feeling super in need, random thoughts came into her mind, she changed from […]

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High on Drugs

One last hard sniff and she took most of the ketamine powder. It didn’t take long before she went giddy and high. She sat opposite on the metal bench of the playground, and she just grabbed my arm and shook herself wildly. With no indication of her slowing down, she pulled herself up and wobbled […]

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