Standing on Bus

Day: Unknown Date: June  2009 Time: 6pm Location: Bus The bus was relatively empty when we boarded. I was sending Peiling home after school. Having no seats available and lazy to move up to the back, we went to stand at the standing zone. She was wearing a black denim skirt then. Soon, more people […]

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Bus Ride

Day: Unknown Date: March 2009 Time: 5pm Location: Bus 88 I met Peiling for dinner and realised it was only around 5pm. Not wanting to go home so early, we went to the bus stop outside Junction 8 to see where can we go. Looking at her dressed in a short denim skirt and tee kind […]

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Day: Unknown Date: February 2009 Time: 3pm Location: Balestier Plaza toilet Peiling and I walked around at Balestier plaza waiting for the movie to begin. I was feeling naughty that day and wanted to have some fun in the cinema. So, I made up and excuse to go to the toilet and entered the handicap one at […]

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Day: Unknown Date: September 2009 Time: 8.30pm Location: Public staircase I was in need and so was she. I’ve MSNed and sms her about meeting that day and she told me she had tuition till 8pm. Since I’ve ended school with nothing to do, I decided to make my way down to Roxy Square, where […]

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Day: Unknown Date: September 2009 Time: 7pm. Location: Public toilet I always chatted with one of my friends who bought a vibrator, and most of the time, it’s those dirty chat about fantasies that I can only dream about. Soon, we agreed to meet on this day at Aljunied MRT station. I was a bit […]

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