Two Plus One Way

Things got out of hand when Bernice’s two admirers knew of each other, pitting them together for a race to get her love. Single she was, but the frequency of meeting Jon (in class) paired them in a relationship that she learnt about the ways of love. Spending time on dates and in bed, he […]

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Rape Report 2

Part 1 | Part 2 I couldn’t believe it when I heard those words coming from behind me, ‘nice to see you again’. He got me at another corner and dragged me by my hair up a flight of stairs, holding my head facing the opposite blocks while a loud zip sound was heard. The […]

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Rape Report

Part 1 | Part 2 Pain shot through my spine when he slammed me against the wall, right in the open area of where I usually walked to the market. Never did I expect to be the victim of rape here, a country known for it’s safe and clean streets. The straps of my bra […]

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Cha-Let’s Sex

Tommy (shouting): ‘Guys come in!’ Felicia (shouting): ‘What are you doing? Haha! I’m scared of tickles! Hahaha! Stop stop!’ Tommy: ‘Fel is afraid of tickles!’ Two more guys, Jason and Timothy entered the air-conditioned chalet room and pinned her arms down,  proceeding to tickle her ribs still she was in tears. Though there were eight […]

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In Gentle Silence

Feeling confused and helpless, Clara didn’t know how to get out of the situation even she pushed her student away. It was the last night of the chalet the graduating class had planned, and all of them consumed alcohol despite being underage. Sleeping at the first floor with a mix of male and female students, […]

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