Needy Model

Lying on the bed after the photoshoot, the organiser, who was also my friend, let the room for a smoke break. In my hand I had my phone, browsing through the photos broadcasting through a portable router to check for any badly taken shots.

Rebecca’s movements in and out of the toilet did not bother me as she needed to change out of the translucent boyfriend shirt of the ‘Morning Glory’ themed shoot, a series of photos that portrayed a girl’s routine after she wakes up.

Halfway through the photos, she plopped down on the bed beside me, in a nightie that told me she intended to spend the night here.

Me: ‘You’re sleeping here tonight?’

I sat up out of respect but she pulled me back down, hand roaming down my shirt into my jeans.

Me: ‘Hey, what are you doing? I’m not that kind of photographer. I’ve got all the shots needed.’

She swiftly climbed on top of my thighs and unclipped my belt, freeing the button that held my fat belly in. Before the worst happened, I rolled onto my chest and put my phone away, only to feel my jeans getting pulled towards my knees. When I returned to face her, the unhelpful nightie was already gone, and my underwear was yanked under my cock.

Me: ‘Hey hey! Stop!’

For a moment, she kneeled upright, straightening her back (and ass) and looked at me confused. When she waded forward to my hips, and bent forward to hold my dick, I was sure she wanted to prevent any unwanted contact down there. Then all of a sudden, she slammed her ass down on my straightened dick and sent me into a gasp of pleasure. One that you guys feel when your cock is sent to another world.

Rebecca then kept my dick embedded deep inside as she changed to a squat, torturing me with those minute movements against her vaginal walls.

Rebecca: ‘Ready?’
Me: ‘No?!’

She swept her hair back and started hopping on me, clenching and opening my fists to her unbelievably skilled angle of penetration. It wasn’t just up and down. My dick head was scratching against the underside of her pussy while she grinded, rocking slightly back and forth as my dick went in and out.

Me: ‘Fuck! Stop Rebecca stop! You’re going to make me cum like this!’
Rebecca (moaning): ‘Like this?’

She sank her knees into the bed and rested her boobs on me, hips slamming viciously on my desperately, confused cock. The sly grin on her face was unmistakable. Perhaps I was the first to be unwilling to have sex with her, but this girl knew how to make a man beg for mercy.

Me: ‘Shit shit.. get off. Now!’

She hopped off my hips and stepped out of the bed. Dragging me by my feet over the edge, she pulled my arms to sit me up. Rebecca then dropped to her knees and shoved my cock into her mouth, ramming her face into my opened legs. The lack of gag reflex scared me to how many guys has she done this to, but the depth and overwhelming warmth was getting the better of me.

Me: ‘Arghh!’

She pushed me on my back and kneeled higher, containing all of my cum in her mouth as my legs trembled. Sucking me unlike anything I have ever felt, my mind went dark with the last squirt, to the last image of her licking her lips.

Rebecca: ‘Mister.. was it good?’
Me: ‘No.. I didn’t want it.’
Rebecca: ‘But you still came ah.’

I heard shuffling of shoes on the wooden flooring and she returned to my side with a piece of paper.

Rebecca: ‘See this? I’m clean.’
Me: ‘And you have to do this?’
Rebecca: ‘I’m just excited la. You’re the first guy that did a photoshoot I am proud to show others.’

She led the weary me into the showers and cleaned me up, dressing me like a little boy before leaving me to my devices. Once all the photos were backed up and confirmed, the excited girl invited me to stay for the night.

How could I refuse?


Troy: ‘Ass up!’

The ex-model sluggishly perked her ass up on her bed, eyes rolling white from the dose of ice he fed her. Never could anyone imagine Natalie to have stooped this low, all thanks to the drug one of her friends mixed into her drink on one of her yacht photoshoot. Just two weeks after that, she had shifted out of her place and into a semi-D, along with other girls who were seemingly worse off.

Her knees fell apart when the icy cold metal rod touched her ass cheeks, slipping between the cracks and onto her anus. Very slowly, she let off a groan as the anal plug dug their way into her intestines.

Troy: ‘Doing good. Stay relaxed.’

There was no need for her to think about anything as the drug made the whole process sensual, heightening her sexual urges as her asshole widened. His warm hand left the T-shaped stopper right outside her anus and she fell back onto the bed, tummy contracting to get used to its presence.

Before long, she had turned to her sides and reached for her pussy, pubes trimmed into an airstrip above her cunt. She started to masturbate herself and Troy kept quiet by her side, pants tightening as gentle moans escaped her beautiful face, one that no one would suspect of what she was training to do.

Troy: ‘You want my cock huh? You keep looking at it.’

Seated on a revolving chair next to her, he removed his pants (and underwear), letting her catch a glimpse of his tall erection. Natalie lazily reached for it and went on to stroke it a few times, until he got too horny to stay still.

The sight of his shirt falling over her head excited her pussy even more and the sudden jerks of her hips leaked even more juices out of her. Still high on ice, Troy easily controlled her and plunged his cock into her, savouring the warmth of her vagina for a few seconds while she screamed helplessly.

Among the enslaved girls lived three ‘masters’, two guys and one woman who took care of their food and whatnot. Well, what’s whatnot? Money! Tons of money from unknown sources. The girls were allowed to go out, but at the end of the day, it was the drugs that kept their loyalty.

As Troy pounded her little ass, moans were heard from the room next door. The men each had their ‘favourite’ girls and they took extra care of them. Naked waist down, Natalie only had a blue bra and an oversized white tank top on. While her mind was bombarded by the pleasure of sex, the drugs were helping those orgasms come sooner.

Rounds after rounds of climax, Natalie only got wetter with that thick rod ramming into her tight hole. He had been stretching her pussy wider since the first time she gave in to him. As if he was on some other drugs, his cock never flinched throughout the forceful thrusts. The sheer size of it, was expanding right inside her, coming in contact with every sensitive and non-sensitive spots.

Grabbing onto her silky long brown hair, she lifted her body up on her arms and felt the pain on her scalp travelling down her spine to her genitals. Whatever he did, it kept turning her on. After a good five minutes of merciless pussy thrashing, he pinned her back down onto the bed and went even faster.

Slurping sounds joined the occasional queefing noises and more orgasms took her sanity away.

Troy: ‘Fucking bitch! I’m cumming!’

He pulled out of her and seamlessly slid it between her ass, fingers holding onto her head and turning her towards him in a swift stroke. He sat comfortably on his bum and shoved her head down, gagging her on his cock a few times before she figured out what to do.

The enthusiastic girl licked him like a puppy and suckled on his honeystick, bobbing up and down in high speed. The king of the bed laid back and shut his eyes, enjoying the treat to a wondrous ending she was sucking him to.

Like before, his fingers dug into her hair and held her still, moving his hips a few times into her mouth for whatever was coming. Seconds after a pause in front of his dick, blobs of cum spat onto her face continuously, until he pushed her down on him again, clearing the rest of his bullets right inside her mouth.

Once he took a deep breath, Natalie knew it was over and was pushed away like a used sex toy. She fell onto her back and watched him tower over her sweaty body, shirt pulled all the way to her face to clean those cum off.

Troy: ‘Turn over now. It’s time to work.’

He flipped the dead fish over and spread her legs wide, yanking the ribbed, stainless steel buttplug out in one move. Natalie resting her head on the bed towards him could see what he was doing. He filled a condom with small zip lock pouches and coated it with some lubricant, stuffing it into another condom before a knot sealed the contents.

The package disappeared behind her back and as expected, it went into her asshole that was stretched to accommodate its size. It went in easily and she was helped up to change into a fresh set of clothes, a low cut, sweet blue dress with floral designs on it.

With another girl, she was ushered into a car and the ride began, going all the way into Malaysia and through the distracted eyes of the custom officer. Like a professional, Troy protected them from his horny buyers and closed the deal, putting up in a hotel nearby with his two prized transport vessels.

After feeding them with another dose of ice, the screams and moans coming from the room was never questioned by any staff in the hotel. The girl with Natalie was Cherry, whom had another whole story to herself.

Spontaneous Student

Diagonally seated in front of me, the blue skirt hiked up her legs and brought my attention to her eyes, hoping that she did not notice my gaze. Instead, a grin appeared sideways to me and a momentary line of sight was established. I felt a little confused then and did not know what I could do. So, I went back to my iPad and continued reading the news.

A few minutes later, she got out of her seat with her wallet and walked towards the door next to me, dropping a piece of paper as she exited.

Toilet now.

Since I was alone, I packed my stuff and went to the gents, actually doing my business and exited in time to see her adjusting her blouse at the females’ entrance.

Girl: ‘Is there anyone inside the gents?’
Me: ‘Nope. Why?’

She walked straight into the gents, and I couldn’t leave her alone. Seeing how the last cubicle door moved, I joined her in the toilet with a racing heart. As hesitant as I was about getting involved with a girl her age, the situation did not allow much thoughts to happen.

Before my eyes, a pink bra emerged from between those buttons and she stepped out of her skirt without letting it hit the ground. I hung my bag at the hanger of the door and she lifted my shirt up to expose my belt.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey hey.. can you slow down?’

She wasn’t any shorts under her skirt then and simply tucked my hand between her legs, letting me feel the wet patch on her panties.

Girl (whispering): ‘You are the one that made me lost control when you looked at my legs.’

Her panties went down to let me touch her pussy directly, while my underwear was lowered to my thighs. In untrained motion, she pumped my cock erratically until it was too overbearing. In return, I kept vibrating my fingers on her clit till she tiptoed, raising herself higher for me to finger her.

All it took was a few seconds for me to shove my finger in, thrusting as soon as I could to relief the pain. She kept her mouth on my neck to suppress the moans escaping but her random hand movements made me weak fast.

Me (whispering): ‘Girl, let me help you cum. Then we’ll leave k?’
Girl (whispering): ‘Just like that?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

Both of us took a break and she moved to the door, turning her back on me and angling her hips at ninety degrees. She peeled one of her ass open and a pink, slimy pussy invited me into its drooling orifice. ‘Sure?’, I mouthed the word of confirmation to her and she nodded in kitty cute manner.

I parked my meat between her ass and pushed forward slowly, stretching the tight lips open around my shaft. As I disappeared into her, I could feel how I tore my way into her naturally enclosed cave. When she closed her fists against the door, I knew I was fully inside and had to take a few steps back to prevent slamming her body on the thin door.

Once we decided that the toilet bowl was the best place to be fucking at, her knees supported her lower body while she crossed her arms on the water tank. Very carefully, I made long, deep strokes to acclimatise her body, making her wetter as she felt every inch of my skin on her vagina.

Seeing how her toes curl, I knew she was ready and proceeded to pound harder, going deeper with increasing speed. It was damn sexy and wrong to be holding a school girl’s waist this hard, jerking her ass towards me just to pierce her another time. After three minutes of chest tightening gasps, she flung her body upright and slammed onto my chest. I cupped my hands over her small boobs and squeezed hard, cumming and leaking juices down her legs.

Me (whispering): ‘Where do I come babe?’
Girl (whispering): ‘Wait wait. Let me sit down first.’

Like playing lava floor, she turned herself around on her knees and wiped herself dry, before sitting on her skirt. Holding my cock in her face, she used her viscous pussy juice to masturbate me, smiling widely as I struggled to contain my groans.

The next thing I did was to bunch her hair into a ponytail, and she straightened her back knowing what I was thinking. Just as I pushed her towards me cock, her lips opened and I just felt her going down eternally on me.

Me: ‘Ahh.. ‘

I guided her head, keeping her lips in motion without going too deep. The spontaneous student did her best and let her tongue flip around as well, sucking me gently as I went crazy.

All it too was another three minutes, before I lost my mind and held her head still, aimed down her neck. Hot cum string shot over her chest and bra, dribbling down to her belly and she helped pumped my cock a few times to extract everything. Once I stopped shooting, she smeared my bio-lotion over her body and even gave her own pussy a few rubs.

Instead of looking tired, she was hyper like before and went to put on all her clothes, helping me as well after she was done. I was just regaining my senses and recovering my energy after the wild girl’s chase to orgasm.

She left the toilet behind me after I checked that there was no one else, and stood for a while at the corridor.

Girl: ‘Here’s my number. Text me k? We can meet again.’
Me: ‘I don’t know about that. You’re under sixteen.’
Girl: ‘And that’s how you feel really big to me, by being small.. and tight.’

The long haired girl with the fine, toned legs, chest proportionally-developed and pussy beyond-ready, ran into the restaurant after giving me a wink, joining her friends who were chatting away. Before I reached home, she had already booked me for a date the next day, at a quieter place that we won’t be judged for being seen together. And of course, for something more after dine-and-date.

Desire to Degrade

Alicia: ‘I’m busy now.. can’t you wait?’

Melvin turned off her monitor and dropped his GoPro cam in front of her laptop, grabbing her arms and using his belly to hold them down against her revolving chair. In a single lifting motion, her front-lace nightie went over her head, leaving her top naked with just her translucent pink panties on.

Alicia (irritable tone): ‘You are recording this? I don’t want it. Take it away.. ‘

He quickly swopped down to her sensitive nipples and pinched them gently, rolling them till she gave in to the pleasure and stopped resisting. Even the camera before her was no longer a bother, since she could not open her eyes as a result of his teasing. After a while of fidgeting at the computer desk, he let go of her arms and they fell lifelessly to her sides, moans still escaping into her brightly lit bedroom.

Once he got her horny and obedient, the rolling chair was dragged back to a distance, and he leaned over her shoulders for her panties. Slipping his hand into the elastic band, he did not need to tell her to strip those undies off. Sitting naked in front of the camera, the other side of the wildebeest was about to appear in full glory.

Seconds after rubbing her to a new high, her hands started to get busy squeezing her own tits, whispering dirty phrases into his ears. When she started to go quiet, the familiar trembles following an orgasm hit her hard and took her breaths away. The next thing he knew, she was shoving his wrist deeper into her pussy.

Melvin stepped to her side and spun the chair towards his groin, which she immediately took hold of and stuck it between her lips. Pecking along the side of his shaft, his foreskin peeled downwards where her palm rested. Moments later, his mind went blank as her mouth devoured his cock in heat, saliva lubricating the updown strokes she was performing for the camera.

Melvin: ‘Babe.. my legs are going weak.’
Alicia: ‘Let’s go to the bed.’

He barely caught his camera when he was dragged to her queen sized bed, plopping it down on the bedside dresser roughly aimed at himself. She placed him down before planting her ass on his chest, obstructing his sight where she pumped her head down his rod. Although his dick was in an awkward angle, her pressed lips with adequate suction made it feel better than sex.

Once the panting sounds were heard, she perched her ass up and held it over his face, long strands of honey thick juices falling like pearls running down a thread. Melvin collected the two drops of dew and patted her ass, signalling for her to move on. Alicia couldn’t wait to advance and shifted herself next to his hips, pointing towards the drawer of defence equipment at the same time.

Melvin retrieved the condom and let her put it on, lunging himself up to let her take his space on the bed.

Alicia: ‘What position you want?’
Melvin: ‘Anything. It’s your day today.’

She fell on her fours and wriggled her ass like an excited puppy, hyping up her boy even more. He clenched tightly onto her love handles and took a second, before ramming his cock into her tiny hole. Almost losing balance, Alicia used her head against the headboard to maintain her stance. The incoming powerful thrusts caught her off guard and screams soon replaced her shy moans, digging deep into her pussy for the trigger point.

Little did he know, his 6 inch length was perfectly stroking her G-spot that was brought to a new level of sensitivity. When a sudden jerk sent him flying back from her pussy, Melvin knew it was the first orgasm that she was receiving. Sitting on his bum concerned, her face buried into the pillow and the contractions at her vagina was gasping on its own. Right after it shut itself, clear liquid started oozing out of her love hole in honey-thick consistency, dribbling down her slit to her thighs.

Alicia (panting): ‘You can put back in now.’

Melvin returned to his doggie style and hammered her hard, to get himself up again and to make up for the loss of time. Feeling a firmer grip on his shaft, a fleshy tickle was happening under his rod, moving upwards to his soft pink tip. With dwindling stamina, he settled for a steady tempo, pushing his cock in and out in long strokes.

No matter how slow he went or shallow he drilled, the increasing urge to cum could not be negated. His girl was moaning lesser and lesser to his speed.

Alicia: ‘Cumming soon huh?’
Melvin: ‘You can tell?’
Alicia: ‘Come. Let try something different.’

They got out of bed and a huge makeover was done with the pillows. Two of them stacked at the hip area of the bed, Melvin had no idea what position was that. Alicia placed her back on the pillow fort and dangled her head over, while ushering for Melvin to kneel at her mouth.

Melvin: ‘Mouth fuck?’
Alicia: ‘Yeah. But I want you to do it at your speed. Until you shoot.’
Melvin: ‘Can I.. not? I’ll hit you with my balls.’
Alicia: ‘Mmmhmm?’

He hesitantly inched towards her mouth and let her unroll the condom. Sliding it into her lush pink lips, he kept his movements shallow to prevent any choking. Once she sealed her lips around his tightly wrapped foreskin, her tongue poked into his pee hole to stimulate him further.

Gradually losing his mind to her seductive mouth, he plunged deeper and deeper, sensing the narrower ‘pipe’ in her upper throat. In a way, it had pinched his dick head, delivering a sensual sensation throughout his rod. There was no way he could get enough of that. In no time, he was stuffing her face full with his cock, jamming it as deep as he could reach.

Melvin (groaning): ‘FUCK! Babe! I’m gonna cum.. I’m gonna cum!’

He pulled out all of a sudden to her dismay and she grabbed his cock towards her mouth, missing the first two shots that sprayed over her chin and lips. While the rest was emptied into her mouth, she hugged his waist and pulled him in a few more times, thrusting all his worth down her tummy.

Melvin (panting): ‘Ok ok.. no more.. no more le.’

She let go of him and quickly flipped onto her chest, licking her lips for all his cum she missed. Crawling a few steps towards the curious boy checking his dick out, she sucked the droplet forming on his pee hole and licked him clean.

Alicia: ‘Everything out?’
Melvin: ‘Yes? I feel so empty inside.. ‘
Alicia: ‘Let me check.’

She pulled the foreskin covering his shrinking penis and kissed it, hand pushing him backwards onto his elbows as she placed more of him inside her mouth.

Toying with it using her tongue, the exhausted, resting boy was hard once more. Unable to get anymore energy to pound her again, he watched quietly at her getting into doggie style, kneeling on her ankles to match his opened legs space.

She entertained herself by rocking back and forth over his raw dick, feeling every bit of his skin stroke her insides till she came. Melvin was recovering as she pleased herself, using him like a sex toy that was only good for its cock.

Soon, she was slamming her hips down onto his groin, swallowing his cock repeatedly into that soft, fleshy vagina that leaked non-stop.

Melvin: ‘hey hey hey.. ‘

A quick hop away sent her to safety and she sat legs wide open in front of him, pumping that thick slab of meat while exchanging passionate kisses. About three minutes later, his legs began to wobble and an embrace sent him into a series of moans.

The second load of hot cum oozed out pathetically down his shaft and was caught by her ring-shaped finger grip, barely amounting to the first shot he gave earlier.

Alicia: ‘Good boy. Really nothing left.’

She hungrily lapped up all his cum on her hand and wiped her mouth with the blanket. Falling into bed tired and satisfied, she let him play with her pussy while drifting to sleep naked.

French Connection

A little thud woke me up from my nap on the bus home. It was especially a long day at work and the fair legs of the Caucasian girl was a heavenly first thing to see when I opened my eyes. She returned an apologetic gaze at me when I rubbed my eyes but quickly returned to her paper map.

Girl: ‘Hi. I’m sorry to bother you. But does this bus goes here?’

I looked towards her finger and saw the smooth curve of her boobs, unhindered by any impressions of bra cups.

Me: ‘Yes. The bus will stop here and then you have to walk to your hotel.’
Girl: ‘Thank you. I have no idea how to go back there after I hopped on a random bus. I’m Emma.’
Me: ‘And I’m J.’

She heaved a sigh of relief and kept her map, perching her knees up against the backrest of the seat in front. More of her long legs appeared and a pair of shorts peeked from underneath. One that was so short that could be a pair of panties if not for the denim material.

Me: ‘You’re here alone? On vacation?’
Emma: ‘Yes. I wanted to take a break from my country, France.’

It’s no wonder why I found her accent sexy. For a commoner like me, it was a different sensation to hearing such a voice live than in the movies. I couldn’t fall asleep anymore with those legs in my view, and we continued talking until a few stops away from her destination.

Emma: ‘So I alight after this stop?’
Me: ‘I’ll alight with you. I have nothing on for the rest of the day anyway.’
Emma: ‘Really? That’s very sweet of you.’

We walked to her hotel and the countless eyes on my was undeniable. Even though located at one of many tourists’ destination, the sleaziness of Hotel 81 was unescapable. She urged me to register at the front desk before inviting me to her room, sweetly scented by some of her deodorant she used.

Emma: ‘I’ll get a shower first. Then I want to hear more about this country from you.’
Me: ‘Can I take a shower after you? Haha. I’m just kidding. Go go.’
Emma: ‘You want to? You can.’

She stepped into the bathroom and water sounds were heard. After ten minutes, some French words came from her.

Emma: ‘J? Can you help me get my clothes? They are on top of the night stand.’

Under the lamp, I grabbed the only piece of clothing. It was a satin nightie with a deep V-cut, too short even if she was my height. Of course, being an average Asian male, she stood almost a feet taller than me. She came out in that dress after a while and brought her day clothes along.

Emma: ‘I realised the toilet is too small to hang any clothes. Better if you put your shirt outside.’

As I pondered about how to reach the bed from the toilet, she hurried me into the bathroom and waited outside.

Emma: ‘C’mon. There is nothing I haven’t seen. I’ll take your clothes.’

I turned my back on her and stripped down to my underwear, leaving me to myself after she got my jeans. A quick shower refreshed my tired muscles and soon, it was my turn to call out to her.

Emma (shouting): ‘Can I pass you one of my shirts? Your clothes are sweaty.’

An outstretched arm appeared across the door and I took whatever she gave. A female long tank top that barely hid my boxer brief. Since there was only two of us, I did not feel shy and joined her on the cold bed. There, we spoke until about 9pm in front of the TV, and had a couple of beers she bought.

Emma: ‘Could you spend the night here?’
Me: ‘I could. But it’s your holiday. Don’t you need some time alone?’

The long stare told me of her answer and I placed my hand on hers. My eyes shut themselves when her face pulled near, tasting strawberry as our lips met.

Emma (whispering): ‘You are a shy man aren’t you?’

She pulled me down onto the bed and flipped the sheets over our bodies, roaming down to each other’s waist as we kissed. Emma was facing upwards when I slid my hand down her belly, and her legs parted gradually for me. Fingers diving in first, the wetness of her pussy was unmistakable. It was slippery and smooth, almost like those commercial lubricant. A part of me wanted to taste it so badly.

As for her, she easily slipped her fingers into my boxers and we both took it off together. Having a foreign hand touching my erection drew away all the breath I had, and a groan escaped when she felt my balls. My hands went to her boobs automatically to feel my first foreign affair, and god, don’t they feel soft and warm.

Emma: ‘Are you just going to tease them from outside?’

She got up to turn off most lights and kept just one on. Stripping her nightie off, she sank into the pillow next to me, as if ready for more.

Me: ‘Should we be doing this? I don’t have a condom.’
Emma: ‘I do.’

She made me kneel between her legs and assisted in capping me. I fell over into push up position when she gave my dick a tug, and simply guided me to the right hole. Very slowly, I sank my rod into her and the soft pressure led me deep inside.

Emma (groaning): ‘Asian guys aren’t that small as I read huh?’

I clenched my fists and started pounding her slim body, jerking my cock into her as she grabbed the edge of the pillows in moans. Suddenly, the room next door emitted similar noises and our smiles made it comical. I pounded her as hard and fast as I could while she pinched her own nipples, grabbing them hard as her chin tilted upwards.

Her legs wrapped around me after a few minutes and pushed me to her depth, screaming loudly to an orgasm that shook her violently. Her hands fell open after that climax and for a moment, she was out. Like blacked out. I pulled out of her and gave her a massage below, rubbing her clit gently until she jutted awake.

Me: ‘It was my turn to wake you up right? You did that to me on the bus.’
Emma: ‘Haha. You’re a funny guy.’

With renewed strength, she flipped on top of me and slid down on her ankles. Knowing what she was going to next, I covered my dick with both hands to her disbelief.

Emma: ‘Is something wrong?’
Me: ‘No. But you’re here to enjoy. Not work.’
Emma: ‘Have you met a French lady before?’
Me: ‘No?’
Emma: ‘They don’t accept no for an answer.’

She pried my hand open and gobbled up my dick, rocking her chest back and forth over my lap. Those lips slid easily up and down my shaft, suction draining my life force by the stroke. She quickly adapted to my sensitive by listening to my moans and got me trembling in no time. Feeling my hard stick going in and out of her tightly pressed lips, my mind was shooting stars into my vision.

Me: ‘I’m going to shoot soon. Slow down Emma. At least not in your mouth.’
Emma: ‘Then where? I’m not that a nice girl as you think.’

She continued milking me as I pulled her pillow over my face, groaning loudly as her fingers fondled my contracting ball sack. My hips thrust involuntarily into her hungry mouth while she sucked harder and harder, until I was too exhausted to cum anymore.

In the dimness, she dashed into the toilet and water noises came. The next thing I saw was her lying next to me, turning my face towards her. She opened her mouth to show me my cum that I thought she spat out, and swallowed it with a kiss. I could totally feel it.

Emma: ‘You’re a healthy man. I taste sweetness.’

The tall lady buried into my arms like a kitten and let me cuddle her for the night. Falling asleep not long later, it was peaceful until a felt fingernail poking into my pee hole. Always a victim to that move, I woke up in full power and saw her flipping over onto her chest.

Emma: ‘Use that morning wood wisely.’

Just feeling a little horny, burying my cock inside her reminded me of how much fun we had the last night. With the soft morning light glowing the room up, there was no way I was going to miss holding the sexy waistline. Ramming my cock into her, the bed creaked as we humped our voices awake. Her straightened arms wobbled when she came and she only got tighter as we fucked.

Halfway through, she made me sit on the bed and squatted feet together over my groin. Using the springy mattress, she bounced up and down on top using her weaponised pussy to her advantage. Surprisingly, the whole thing lasted for a good fifteen minutes before she triggered my launch buttons, shocking me to change to another destination to ‘target’ at.

Me: ‘Emma. Up now. I am going to cum.’

She fell forward on her knees to my relief but what she did was not expected. Rocking her body back and forth, my dick continued to be fucked until I couldn’t take it anymore. Seeing how I wasn’t allowed to shoot anywhere else, I held her hips and sat her on top, shoving my cock into her deepest ends.

Waves after waves of cum exited my cock into her shivering body that came another time, tightening over my shrivelling rod. Finally after a minute, she crawled away and the last squirt of my cum was sucked into her vacuum black hole.

Emma (panting): ‘You’re really good.’
Me (panting): ‘And you are so wild.’

She picked her watch from the night stand and showed me the time with the lights on, sending me into a frenzy when I realised how close I was to my working hour. She sat on the bed sensually with no clothes on, watching me get dressed at lightning speed. Once I was done, we spent a minute kissing goodbye and I left after she told me her plans later.

Emma: ‘After work, go to the reception and tell them you are J. Tell them my name too. I will leave instructions for them.’

We bade goodbye and I went to work, head full of unbelievable memories that would last a lifetime. Immediately after work, I went back to the hotel and told the front desk what she said. Instead of pointing me elsewhere, they told me she had checked out earlier, and left a package for me.

On the lonely bus ride home, I opened the box and saw a pile of clothes beneath an envelope. It contained the oversized tank top I wore, the nightie she seduced me with, and the set of singlet with shorts I met her in. And inside her shorts, was a pair of thongs lined with crystals at the hems.

Note: J, thank you for the wonderful night. I wanted to say my goodbyes in a special way and I hoped you like the present. My number is below, and email address in case you couldn’t reach me. Let me know when you are coming to France, and I’ll show you around – my house.

Au revoir,


So, I guess my next holiday destination has been decided.

Fields of Green and Darkness

Jamie: ‘Turn away for what? Not like you never see me in panties before.’
Me: ‘Respect ma.’
Jamie: ‘Act only.’

At one of the nature reserves in Singapore, we had gone for a day of photoshoot for her private collection, like how girls these days have artistic shots as their profile pictures. Although we had stopped shooting after seven, we continued walking in the park to make use of the last light.

Finally at nine, it was too dark to walk any more and that was when she needed to pee. So we wandered out of a boardwalk into the foliage that seemed the most levelled, and she responded to the nature’s call.

Jamie: ‘Eh. Stand closer leh. Let me hold you.’

She stripped her white, black romper down along with her panties to her knees, and squatted right next to me. Throughout these time, she had her cellphone screen on to see the ground, illuminating parts of her shaved pussy for me as well.

Haphazardly holding on my wrist, the stream of her pee splashed into the soil and there was nothing else to do except to wait. Seconds later, I felt her hand on my groin and jumped back, surprised at what she was doing.

Me: ‘Eh! You finished peeing already ah?’
Jamie: ‘Yupp. I thought you are hard ma. But you’re not.’
Me: ‘Umm.. Now I am?’

Once again, she felt through my thin shorts on my growing hard on and fondled it to feel its length. She stood up after she was done and grabbed me with both hands, stepping out of her clothes to remove her panties. Her clothes came back on after she stuffed her underwear in my palm and I just stood there like a statue.

Me: ‘Done?’
Jamie: ‘Huh? No?’

She removed my camera bag from behind and placed it on the ground, turning me sideways to slip her hand into my shorts. Of course, I held her hand still, unable to let her go any further and possibly ruin this friendship we had.

Jamie was the kind of girl whom you can tell with one look, that only her career boyfriend could match. Smart, pretty and luxurious, those were the words defined around her. Not sure about her sexual experiences, but it felt weird to taste something I didn’t deserve, yet or not.

Jamie: ‘Eh. Don’t need to be shy la. You did me a huge favour this time, and I have been feeling down until you cheered me up with all your lame jokes.’
Me: ‘Still, that’s not enough to get into your pants ah. You are more than a pretty face to me.’

She bit lips and forced her hand into my pants, fingers slithering around my rod that was at its full erection. Before I could grab her by her waist (playfully), she hid behind me and continued to rub her thumb on my cock head. My legs suddenly gone weak and I squatted down, which she followed by spreading her legs wide.

Naughtily forcing a handjob on me, I quietly reached my hand behind my back and brushed across her thigh, following her flawless skin into the gapping leg holes of her romper. Partly lubricated by her pee, she leaned her boobs closer on my back as I attacked her clit, vibrating fingers moving sideways.

Jamie (whispering): ‘Fuck. You are trying to control me huh?’

Feeling her legs giving way to pleasure, her handjob got slower until she began moaning. I spun around and hugged her in my arms, raising one of her legs to a low-hanging branch to spread her pussy.

Jamming my fingers in, her vagina clamped me down as hard as she could, but did nothing to slow my thrusting palm at her groin. In response, she wrapped her arms around my neck and breathed into my ears, moaning ‘oh yes’ repeatedly. Soon, the tremble in her body turned fiercer with more of her weight slipping downwards to earth.

Jamie (whispering): ‘Oh fuck.. ‘

A single jet of cum sprayed into my working palm and kept shivering for a while.

Jamie: ‘Help me over to the rock there. I need to rest.’

A boulder sticking out of the ground was what she was referring to and we made our way there half-dressed, with our belongings. After checking that it was clean, she landed her bum on it and fanned herself.

Jamie: ‘Still hard?’
Me: ‘A little? Thanks to you lo.’
Jamie: ‘Come.’

She pulled me by my cock nearer to her and pulled the bottom part of her romper wide, inviting me in. There was no words to say except a moan from her when my tip touched her clit, sliding under her wet pussy till I popped into her. Teasingly, I moved very slowly inside her and her tight grip on my forearm told me how much she enjoyed it.

The adventurous girl suddenly turned into an innocent one as she kept her gaze downwards, where our genitals connect. Once I picked up my tempo thrusting into her, she pulled my shirt to hide her face, appearing opposite to the moans she was giving.

Because her legs weren’t exactly wide opened, the pressure in her cunt really pushed all my buttons. Tiny squirts of her juice kept ejecting on my groin, wetting my legs as she orgasmed. There was no words to describe how much she wanted to keep this wrong act going, especially with her ‘don’t stop’ whenever I felt my end near.

Just five minutes into the romp, I couldn’t ignore my body’s scream to cum and stopped against her pleas. Once I pulled out of her, she fell forward on me and crumbled to a squat. Another small shiver from her came and she climaxed another time, untouched by anyone.

Jamie (whispering): ‘Your cock.. I can still feel it inside.’

Inches from her face was my twitching rod, covered in her juices that she left as evidence. Her tired fingers went around the shaft and she pumped it slowly, until more of her strength returned. Since there was no way for any ‘accidents’ to happen with my dick outside her body, I let her torture me until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Me: ‘Jamie.. it’s getting too sensitive. I can’t cum.’
Jamie: ‘Really? But I always make my boy cum like this.’
Me: ‘Excuse me but I’m not him.’
Jamie: ‘Haha. True that.’

She stuffed her mouth full with my meat after that reply and worked her lips up and down, sensually milking me with every upward stroke. Magically, my senses returned and immediately urged me to give her the warning call.

Me: ‘Shooting! Shooting!’

She let go of my cock and gasped for air while pumping my rod at her face. Finally, ten seconds later, my cum launched into the wilderness onto whatever darkness in front of me. I could only hear her enthusiastic cheer as my hips buckled, losing power to the slow moving cock massage.

After what seemed to be my last squirt, she got up and pulled my shorts up as well. She handed me my bag in the darkness and we quickly made our way to the dimly lit boardwalk, empty except for a few couples far away.

She whipped her phone out and started the camera app, grabbing me to pose next to her. Through the self-portrait mode, I saw my cum on her eyes and nose, a huge quantity of it made her red lips pink.


More evidence was collected and we stopped at a bench in front of us. The clean up process was a bit tedious, removing most of her make up as we wiped her down. The breezy night made up for our intense action by drying our clothes a little, and she reapplied her make up for the homebound journey.

Jamie: ‘Don’t tell my boyfriend k? If not I have photos to show your girlfriend.’
Me: ‘Idiot.’

We made our way to a bus stop but she did not stop any of her buses. We spent a good hour looking through the photos until a car honked in front of us.

Jamie: ‘I asked him to pick us up. Hehe. And send you home too.’

She got into the front passenger seat and they kissed in front of me, probably tasting some of my cum too. I stayed very quiet on the way home, while she was teasing her boyfriend across the gearstick.

Boyfriend: ‘Bro, thanks for helping her out. Owe you one.’
Me: ‘Don’t mention it. Sending me home is good enough.’
Jamie: ‘Remember our plans for the next shoot k? Sentosa!’

She gave me a wink out of the window when he checked the blindspots, zooming off loudly in the peaceful neighbourhood.

Jamie (WhatsApp): ‘We’ll be using the hotel stay he has. So you shoot first, then we shoot, then he shoot – and shoot and shoot.’

I left her conversation unreplied and headed back home, looking at the contents of another SD card where she posed for a few public exhibitionist photos when there was no one around. Well, it’s time to prepare an erotic story (or two) for the next shoot. One for private collection and another for her boyfriend to ogle at.

Deep Sea Drilling

Gladys: ‘Why are you sitting here alone? Thinking of swimming ah?’

The company chalet had came to an end after all the food was finished, majority of the staff headed home while a handful not on duty the next day stayed for the night. Among those who remained, there were three girls and two guys, which my other male counter part had too much to drink and fell asleep before the rest.

Me: ‘No la. Just enjoying the night sky. Lie down and close your eyes for a while. Then you’ll be able to see more stars.’

On the concrete jetty, the two of us laid quietly still, admiring the sight that most of our city lights had hidden. Gladys was the newest staff that joined us, working part time while studying in a private uni. Physically wise, she was the tiniest lady amongst us, but fashionably dressed outside work.

For that evening by the sea, she joined me in a bare back spaghetti blouse, bikini knots exposed around her neck and above the waistline of her shorts.

Gladys: ‘You want to go into the water?’
Me: ‘It’s dangerous eh. But I can save you if anything happens.’

She got up before I did and stripped her top and shorts off, ducking under the rope blocking the steps. I hurriedly threw my shirt away to follow her down in case she missed her step. In pitch darkness, we joined hands as our bodies dipped into the chilly waters, current pushing us around the pillars under the jetty.

Gladys: ‘Don’t let go of me ah.’

Within seconds of the pounding waves, she was hugging me on my back as I waded out into the open. Feet unable to touch the sand beneath, I executed the biggest strokes to get us to the side of the boardwalk, till I could stand firmly on the sand.

Me: ‘Ok ok. We are safe now.’

After she got off my back, she still could not reach the sand. Very cooly, she kept her grip on my arms as she floated closer to my chest. One arm wrapping over my shoulder, I could feel her other hand running down my waist.

Me: ‘Eh eh.. where is your hand going?’
Gladys: ‘Sorry la. Just trying not to die.’

Her fingers wriggled into my shorts that had a very elastic waistband, going around to my groin where my dick was shrivelled in coldness. She gently peeled the foreskin back and the erection came imminently into her grasp. I placed one hand on her back to hold her against my chest and ran the other across her thigh. Going straight for her pussy that only had a little triangle for shield.

Once I slipped my finger between her clit, hot breaths started blowing down my neck in contrast to the cold water. One thing leading to next, she had both her legs around my hips leaving a big gap to let our hands fit through her groin and my belly, still working hard stroking my manhood to keep herself warm.

As I dug my way into her pussy, moans drifted into my ears, increasing my speed till she was shivering in ecstacy. Minutes later, she let go of my cock and readied herself closer to me, guiding my arm around her back to hold her tight.

Gladys: ‘Let’s do it here. Shall we?’
Me: ‘No one will ever know right?’

I held her waist as she relaxed her arms and slid downwards, sheathing my sword into the warmest spot in the ocean. The tightness drew the largest breath of air I had and the fear of falling into the waters caused involuntary contractions over my dick.

Me: ‘You’ll float up and I’ll pull you down.’

A firm nod confirmed her enthusiasm and we did as I suggested, making our own waves as our genitals connected, driving deeply into her love hole. As our speed was greatly limited to the resistance in the water, we only managed to get close to climax but not able to satisfy our needs.

Like a jellyfish, we bobbed up and down to the steps and remained at the bottom, lifting half of our bodies into the open air. I did hope that the barnacles did not die when I sat on them, bouncing the petite Gladys on top till she was moaning in orgasms.

Rocking wildly on my lap, I was more distracted by the queerness of seaside sex than the waves of pleasure, drifting non-menacingly through my body.

Me: ‘Hey hey. Let’s change to doggie. There is a small platform for us to stand on here.’

She got up and we stood knees deep at the wider lowest step, bending over for me to ram her rear. My cock slipped into her easily and began ramming the foam out of the sea, garnering gasps as I went deeper than the (sea)cow girl style earlier.

Gladys (whispering): ‘You’re so deep inside me!’

My hands never let go of her waist as I repeatedly dragged her backwards, deep-sea drilling her pussy till she came another time. I continued fucking her as long as I could and it lasted for a good five minutes, against the freezing waters and the limits of my body. By the time I went all out, her elbows were shaking badly but moans never stopped exciting my senses.

Me: ‘Gladys.. I’m going to cum.’

A pat on the side of my hips slowed me down to a stop and she turned around to sit on the steps. Signalling for me to sit between her legs, I finally rested my tired calves and let her hug me from behind. Both her hands went around my two eggs, one sausage combo and jerked them rhythmically, caressing each of them like a dutiful mother hen.

Me: ‘Coming.. coming.. ‘

Her small palm wrapped around my dick head as hot cum sprayed out of the pee hole, filling her hands as she tried to catch all of it. While the last few twitches emptied my balls, she rubbed both her hands together on the tip and spread the warmth around, which I could not help but begged for her to stop teasing me.

Seeing her cum covered hands, we couldn’t be more happy to have each other in this specially romantic night. She washed her hands in the water and I wore my pants back, before returning to our clothes to head back to the chalet.

Our fingers magically interlocked for the walk back to our accommodations to which we could not find any of our friends inside.

Gladys: ‘Hey, Yi sent me a message.’
Yi (Whatsapp): ‘I can’t find your guys anywhere and we won’t be staying for the night. The key is in the corner of the BBQ, charcoal level.’

We found the key and went for a shower straight, in our birthday suits and of course, together. Since the both of us were not working the next day, there’s no need to describe how we spent the night together. Not especially when we have a fully air-conditioned bedroom to ourselves.

Somehow, the lack of condoms brought our night ‘activity’ to a whole new level, testing the ‘pull out’ method and holding a ‘cum tasting’ session in our comfy nakedness.