Blinded by Lust

The heat on Jacob’s skin woke him up after a night of drinking and as he tried to give the itch on his face a scratch, he realised his wrists were restrained. The blindfold on his eyes were securely wrapped around his head and no amount of struggle could push it higher to let him… Read more Blinded by Lust

Early Morning

It was only seven when Rick woke up in the chalet he booked to organise a small gathering with his friends. Although it was still early, there was no one around except for Faith, who was soundly asleep on the bed. Seeing that the comfortable bed was freed, he hopped on it to continue his… Read more Early Morning

Deep Enough

This is an incest story between a brother and his sister. Please do not proceed if such storyline offends you. Late into the night, Roy was woken by weird noises coming from her sister’s room. Ling had brought her boyfriend home for the night and by ten, the tormenting creaking of her bed had stopped… Read more Deep Enough


*Ding dong* Jayson: ‘Hi, welcome. Come on in.’ Jayson was a well known person in the cosmetic world for his painless waxing services. Working from home, there was little hassle of managing a shop and he could work alone at his own pace. Although most of his clients were males, occasionally, females would patronise him… Read more Waxed

Paying a Visit

Sharon (loud whisper): ‘Hey! why did you come to my school!?’ Randy: ‘I wanted to see you.’ Sharon: ‘But my friends will see us!’ Randy: ‘I know, so let’s go somewhere no one can? Or I can just show your boyfriend working some photos of you. I know where he works.’ Sharon: ‘WTH.. Don’t ever… Read more Paying a Visit