On Arrivals

Once I landed at Changi Airport Terminal 3, a girl came up towards me and looked at me with gleaming eyes.

Girl: ‘Hey! Jasper right? I’m Jaslyn!’

Little did I expect her to ever come pick me up from the airport. Yes I did tell her about my arrivals, but she was more than what my little brother could take.

Me: ‘Ohh. Yeah. Jasper here. You really came to pick me up. Wow.’

Jaslyn: ‘Yupp. You told me about it mah. I help you hold this?’

She took my backpack and sling it over her shoulders. This beautiful girl was wearing a dress, a short one that ends just below her ass. I was totally distracted with stripping her in my mind, pulling those straps off her shoulders and letting her dress slip down her sexy little body.

We boarded a cab and headed for my place to put all my luggages before going out with her. The ride wasn’t just an awkward one without conversations. I told her about the trip and what I experienced, and also passing her a notebook I bought. As we spoke, her body inched towards mine and I wasn’t allowed to move, since I was sitting right behind the driver.

Slipping her arm under mine, her hand made its way to my pants, unzipping it as slowly as possible to avoid the *zip* sound. With a little effort, she got my elongated dick out in the open.

Jaslyn: ‘Remember I say I’ll suck it for you? Hehe. Sit back and relax k?’

She went down on me and her blowjob was done silently, not much saliva to reduce the slurping sounds, and she could still make me feel as though she’s fucking me, with her super tight hole.

After a good 15 minutes plus of road head, I could not hold my load any longer thanks to the excitement and thrill of being seen. Lifting her head up, I managed to get a breather to power down a little and whisper to her.

Me: ‘I’m cumming soon.’

Jaslyn did not say anything to me but to continue sucking, this time, going deeper, faster and a little wetter. Taking a deep breath, i shot my load into her mouth and she immediately changed her lips to suck on my peehole. She knew I was going to shoot, from the pumps that could felt through my shaft.

Me: ‘Jas.. your turn now.’

Jaslyn: ‘Huh? How?

We swapped position and this time, she was lying on my lap, with her lower body behind the driver. Running my hands over her dress, I pulled it up a little and revealed her nicely shaved pussy in the flashing street lights as the cab cruised in the clear roads.

I begin to gently rub her clit in a circular motion with my fingers, flicking it outwards would make her grab tight on my hand. Slowly, I proceeded to push my finger into her hole, and getting deeper into her with every stroke. I could feel her juices trickling down her pussy, through her ass crack.

Not planning to stop till we reach my place, I kept changing between rubbing and fingering her, pinching, rolling her nipples occasionally. How could anyone take this kind of simulation? There wasn’t any exception. We arrived at my place and she brought the bag up, excusing herself to use the toilet and we ended up in doggie position inside.

It was more of a quickie than sex. She was in front of the mirror, with her hands on the ceramic sink. I was behind her, aiming and filling her love hole with my magic stick, making sure she was nicely taken care of. I started to slam her from behind and the sound of my balls against her pussy was priceless.

She did not make a single sound but her hands was backwards, holding my hips as close to hers as possible. Hugging her from behind, grabbing her twin mountain tightly, I whispered into her ears.

Me: ‘Where do you want me to cum?’

Jaslyn: ‘In me! Please.’

I continued my last few strokes of motion and pumped all my sperms into her, making sure I unloaded everything into her. She knelt down, giving in to the tiredness from the pleasure. There was not a single drop that got out of her. I remembered I was cumming and thrusting my hips against hers, forcing the cum to go as deep as my dick could reach.

Jaslyn: ‘You’re good Jasper. I came a few times too.’

Me: ‘Hehe. How does it feel inside you? Only a bit right?’

Jaslyn: ‘What a bit? A lot lo. You shot so much into me. Feels super warm. I like this feeling.’

Me: ‘Haha. Ehh! Look. Still got some flowing out from my dickhead.’

She bent over and cleaned me up, making sure by sucking the thick meat pump like a straw. We had our fun and she went home after making her call to her parents to pick her up. Sure we’ll meet again.

Scary Thoughts

Darren had gotten hold of a girl’s naked photos, videos of her showering and changing clothes in her own house, and her MSN address. How could he not think of getting something out of this? He knew he had the upper hand, although the videos of her wasn’t all that great, but she had a figure Darren could only imagine to own. He added her on MSN and she accepted his request immediately.

Girl: ‘Who is this?’

Darren knew exactly what to do, what not to say. After all, how could he miss a step and lose it all?

Darren: ‘This is someone who has gotten hands on some of your secrets.’
Girl: ‘Huh? What you mean? I don’t know who you are.’

He immediately took one of the photo and dragged into file sharing. She saw it and was totally shocked.

Girl: ‘How did you get this? Can please delete it?’
Darren: ‘Don’t worry girl. I won’t circulate it, but I’m not going to just delete it like that. Let’s have a chat.’
Girl: ‘Okay.’

She was prepared to take everything it needs to settle this, sitting at her computer, she wasn’t going to agitate this guy who has his hands on her indecent images.

Darren: ‘What’s your name? And how old are you?’
Girl: ‘Wan Qi. 15.’
Darren: ‘Okay. I don’t beat around the bushes, can we meet today?’
Wanqi: ‘Huh? For?’
Darren: ‘It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it. I’ll just spread these photos to my friends. I wonder how will they blackmail you.’
Wanqi: ‘Nono. Please please. Okay. I’ll meet you. Umm.. today?’
Darren: ‘That’s my good girl. Where do you stay?’
Wanqi: ‘Can don’t say? I’ll meet you anywhere you want.’
Darren: ‘Are you negotiating with me? Quite a smart girl huh? Let’s meet at Chinatown.’
Wanqi: ‘Okay. At 3pm?’
Darren: ‘Sure. Wear your sexiest outfit and no panties.’
Wanqi: ‘HUH? Can I just wear normal clothings?’
Darren: ‘No. Do as I say.’

Right then, Darren knew he had full control. He quickly packed a camera, and his nearly expired pack of condoms his friends bought for him 2 years ago for his birthday. Definitely his lucky day. He arrived on time and saw this familiar face wearing a tube with tight wrapping skirt.

Darren: ‘Hey, Wanqi right?’
Wanqi: ‘Yeah. Where are we going now?’
Darren: ‘Let’s go for a meal at Mcdonald’s first.’

Wanqi nodded. There wasn’t much she could do, except to follow his plans. On the journey there, Darren kept resting his hand on her waist to check if she wore underwear. Of course she listened to him and not wear. Right after, both of them had a quick meal and Darren was the only one speaking, warning her about non-compliance and how it could get worse. From the start, he wasn’t going to share her with anyone.

He then held her hands and walked towards the Hotel 81 opposite Chinatown Point. As terrified as she felt, there wasn’t much she could do. Checking in was done quick and both of them were in the room, filled with terror in the little girl’s face.

Darren: ‘Take off your clothes and go for a shower. After that, just wait for me in the bed.’

Wanqi had to strip in front of his lecherous eyes and showered without closing the doors. He was quick enough to set up a camera away from her sight facing the bed and proceeded to join her in the showers. Forcing her to give him a back-rub and cleaning him up, she was in tears but could not resist at all.

Treating her worse than a maid, he showered and ordered her around to get into bed naked. Lying beside him, he took her head and placed it on her chest, trying to break her tensed emotions. But there wasn’t much he could do either. Getting a little frustrated with her slow and shy movements, he spoke in a very stern tone.

Darren: ‘I want you to open up the blanket and suck my dick. If you cannot satisfy me, don’t think about leaving this room.’

Being only 15, and terrified by the blackmail, she could not say no. Holding his prick with her small hands, she spat some saliva over his dickhead and started stroking. She was slow, but skillful. Applying the right pressure, her point would be to satisfy him enough that he wouldn’t want – sex.

In under 10 minutes, he cummed all over her hands and lost control for a while. Wanqi knew she was closer to escape as she did her job. Little did she expect that this little ‘blackmailing’ was exciting him more than usual.

Darren: ‘Use your mouth and clean me up. After that, get on top of me. Don’t tell me you still virgin.’

How could he do this to her? Wanqi had never put any guy’s dick into her mouth except for her boyfriend. It took quite a while for her to convince herself and was forced to suck his dick clean. After she cleaned him up, she closed her eyes and climbed over Darren, imagining him as her boyfriend.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she felt him inside her. Riding Darren as how she would ride her boyfriend, it took little for her to cum, since she had a sensitive body to begin with. As she went on with the torture, Darren was slowly uncovering more about this Wanqi.

After a good 15 minutes of cowgirl, he got her to lie on her back and legs spread wide open for him to taste. Taking his first lick on a girl’s pussy, he could smell the scent of sweet body soap they used. It was just for his knowledge. After that, he positioned his dick outside her pussy and jammed in real hard and deep into her. Fucking her as though there was no tomorrow, he just rammed and rammed, looking at her pitiful little eyes. The whole thing has accelerated to rape.

Darren: ‘I’m cumming!’

He pulled his wiener out and aimed at her mouth, pushing it into her mouth, his cum burst out and filled her little throat.

Darren: ‘Swallow it.’

She did as ordered and ran into the toilet to vomit. It was simply too much for her to take. And for Darren, he thinks she just needs more practice.

They both got dressed and once out of the hotel, Darren allowed her to go home and she disappeared into a cab. That day’s activities just occupied his mind and he knew he needed more.

Darren: ‘Hello?’
Wanqi: ‘Yes?’
Darren: ‘Let’s meet on Tuesday. Same place. Same time.’

And he dropped the line.

What would she do? Or I should ask. What can she do?

Alternate Ending

Girl Next Door

Me: ‘Shh..’

Sheryl: ‘I can’t stop myself from moaning, you’re good.’

Looking at me with those pitiful eyes, it simply meant she needed more. We’re at 209, behind the metal sheets separating the construction and the neighbours. There wasn’t anywhere else for our short quickie. It was past the public’s sleeping time that she could sneak out of her place and meet me here. I didn’t had any curfew then, so I wasn’t quite in a rush to finish off.

Me: ‘I continue k?’

Sheryl: ‘Don’t stop, I’m already so wet le. Continue continue.’

She knew she didn’t had much time, so I couldn’t spend anymore talking. It was amongst rubble that we stood on, it seems like only a doggie style could be used in this case. Pumping her from behind as she used the handrail as a support and a grip for her frequent orgasms.

Sheryl: ‘GO FASTER! I’m cumming!’

I moved in the opposite direction her body pushes back, wanting me to go as deep as possible. It was a case of opposing force, she moves back, I force forward, right into her tight wet pussy. She was fresh from seconday four, and since she was a little girl, I’ve been her neighbour for as long as I could remember, watching her grow into a beautiful young lady every guy in my block would want to fuck.

Never once I saw her with guys, I would consider her clique to be only ‘pretty’ girls with standards nothing lower than her. I could never expect her to be such a sensitive and horny girl when it comes to sex. I was her first, and still hers. We had our own lives, but every night would be our exercise time. It was the only thing that made me yearn for – to go home.

We continued fucking non-stop, trying to keep as quiet as possible. But with her moans and breathing, it seemed quite impossible.

Sheryl: ‘Hey, let’s try something else. I’m getting tired quickly in this position.’

A dancer, I was reminded of her expertise once she placed her leg on the railing, standing on the other. I hugged her close to me and raised my hips for my dick to push my way into her.

Sheryl: ‘Uhh!’

Me: ‘I didn’t know you could do that. How does it feel? Can I start moving?’

Sheryl: ‘Yupp. It felt great. Better than doggie lo.’

I held onto her by the waist and moved only my hips up and down. In and out I went, sobs and moans she gave. It was super intense, there was no need for a break or anything. I just kept going according to how tight she was, all I wanted was to give her as many orgasms as possible. Making sure she’s addicted to me and our little activity into the night.

She suddenly jumped onto me and slid a little downwards, making my dick a little sore from the deepest penetration into her.

Sheryl: ‘Stop stop stop.. Don’t move. I’m cumming le.’

As she held on to me, her warm body trembled and juices flowed out of her cunt and down my balls. Her cum was different. It wasn’t thick nor white in colour, just a little sticky but clear, similiar to honey. Once she was certain it was over, she dismounted and squatted in front of me.

Me: ‘Your turn?’

Sheryl: ‘Hehe.’

Holding onto my shaft with her right hand, her hair covered my dick and warmth, and the high feeling was all I could remember. Forward and backward, slurps and bobs of air released as she sucked and pulled my meat out of her mouth. She could literally go on forever if I couldn’t ejaculate. I could tell she enjoyed pleasuring me as she kept her eyes on mine while doing her work.

After a good 10 minutes of blowjob, I had to release and all it went, into her mouth, not one drop was wasted. After I was done, she stood up and showed me the ‘mouthful’ I gave her. Watching a beautiful girl with your cum in her, sure makes you feel like a king.

Closing her mouth, she gave me a kiss and swallowed it down, ensuring I’m close enough to hear the *glup* sound. We quickly got dressed and head for home. Hmm.. must look for a new spot soon. This lift is close to completion now.

Horror Rocks!

Me: ‘Are you sure you want to do it here?’

Tiffany grinned and said: ‘Yeah.. Why? You scared ah?’

It was Tiffany’s birthday celebration but there wasn’t anyone who remembered since she didn’t have a Facebook account. Surprisingly, the camera phone that I was using since secondary school, had her birthday logged in it, that’s why I was on a date with this beautiful little girl whose life mostly revolves around studies – or so I thought.

We had a movie after dinner and it was in the dark theater that we held hands and sort of.. touched each other playfully. Throughout the whole horror flick, she held onto my arm and I stroked her inner thighs in hope of soothing her feelings by distracting her a little. Of course, I’d expect her to get a little horny and wanted more.

She leaned closer towards me and used her other hand to run down my thigh which was on the seat, down into my pants and wrapping her fingers around my pumped up meat stick. My fingers knew exactly where to go, I went deeper between her legs to her short cotton shorts, the one which girls usually wear to the beach.

Gently, I rubbed her as the speed of her strokes got bigger and faster. Within minutes, her shorts got damp and warm, and my pants was simply too tight for the expanding dick. Pulling her hand out of my shorts, she pulled my shirt for a whisper into my ears.

Tiffany: ‘Let’s go somewhere.’

We got up and left the hall, walking speedily to her car. Hopping onto her rover, there was more than enough space to do everything. She started the engine and started soft, sensual music.

Tiffany: ‘Now, they can’t hear us.’

Me: ‘Are you sure you want to do it here?’

Tiffany grinned and said: ‘Yeah.. Why? You scared ah?’

Me: ‘No, just don’t want to embarrassed you if we’re discovered. Hehe.’

She lowered both the mid-row seats and suddenly, we had a bed-like setting. Drawing the curtains all around the vehicle, we got down to our undies.

Tiffany: ‘Wait ah, let me give you a present.’

She took out her camera and placed it on the cup holder, taking a few pictures to make sure both of us can be seen.

Spreading her legs in front of me, her pussy was ready for the penetration. It was quick but intense. She lowered herself over me and went on to grind me, a move I’d usually do when I’m in control. This time, she had control and she just went fast and slow as she liked it, using the handles above the window as support.

Right after she cummed the first time, she fell onto my warm, sweaty body and just laid there, breathing heavily, her vagina walls still struggling with the orgasm she just went through.

I swapped places with her and kneeled in front of the low back seat, where she lay with her legs wide apart.

Me: ‘Ready?’

Her hands was on my tummy, trying to delay my entry but it wasn’t really intentional, I knew she would want more, she needed it. Plunging in without worry, I hammered her as if there was no tomorrow. She resisted, but I didn’t really care, her body, her face, her expression all showed that I could keep going.

As I felt the fourth wave of shivers and convulsions, she was really knocked out this time. I haven’t even cummed yet! And I’m not going to leave her there just like that.

Shifting her position a little, she sat up and was in quite a dreamy state. Pushing her lower jaw downwards, I inched my manhood into her powerless little mouth. Most would usually expect a blowjob or a deep throat, but as her body lay on the seat motionless, void of energy to do anything more, I had to oral fuck her, diving my dick deep and out repeatedly. Somehow, there was no gag response from her, so I could kept going till I blew my load right down her throat.

It was the best mouth fuck I’ve got in a long time, and once I’m done, her body fumbled to the side – lifeless. Good birthday treat huh? Of course, I didn’t just exit and walked away.

I dressed her back as best as I could and accompanied her till she woke up. We then spent the rest of the night/ morning cuddling, kissing and dozing off occasionally till the sun was high up in the sky.

Tiffany: ‘I knew what you did when I was almost out luh. Hope you enjoyed that. Thank you. Aww.. I’d miss you when we go our own separate ways.’

Me: ‘Huh? I’m not going anywhere ah. Oh, you mean later when we separate ah? Haha. We’ll meet again, definitely. Am so tempted to ask you to be my girlfriend.’

Me: ‘But give me some time k?’

Rubbing my dick through my pants, she knew I’d go back to her for more. And I knew that’s exactly what she wanted. She handed me the memory card from the camera which I almost forgot. Yay! Home entertainment!

Do survey?

Our secret relationship started when I was at BMT. It was one of those usual Sunday nights that we had to line up to book in at Pasir Ris bus interchange and since I’ve never been late before. This night was no different. I arrived about thirty minutes before, and sat on those benches near the wall.

Girl: ‘Umm.. Excuse me, can you help me do a survey?’

*Wah! Kena this kind of things again. Okay lah. this girl looked quite cute too, help her out.*

The tactics are usually to deploy good looking girls around here, where the fresh army boys are. Figuring that I still have a long wait, I did the survey and ‘checked in’ to Tekong Resort.

On Thursday night, just when I was about sleep earlier, my phone rang with this unfamiliar number. The thrill would be picking up stranger’s calls ehh?

Me: ‘Hello?’

Girl: ‘Hey, is this Jasper?’

Me: ‘Yahh. Who is this?’

Girl: ‘This is Natalie from XXX insurance company. You remember you did a survey a few days ago? The pretty pretty girl one? Haha. Are you free tomorrow? Want to meet at night?’

*Huh? They got meet their victims at night one meh?*

Me: ‘Uhh.. Okay ah. Can. Tomorrow night. Where do we meet?’

Natalie: ‘Meet near your place lah. *Pause* Ang Mo Kio right? We meet at the Mcdonald’s outside AMK Hub.’

Me: ‘Okay then. See you tomorrow.’

The night past and I booked out as usual. Was quite expecting what will happen luh, since she’s so sweet to meet me at my area. I went home and changed and before I knew it, she called and said she’s on her way. Within minutes, I was out of my house and towards the restaurant.

I waited for a few minutes before a familiar face but not sure if it’s her – too pretty le. Dressed in short skirt and tank top, she recognized me and waved. Of course, I would be most proud to have this girl with me for the night.

Natalie: ‘Sorry leh. You waited for quite long?’

Me: ‘Ya lah! You treat ah!’

Natalie: ‘Ehh.. C’mon. I in this line means no money de. Always travelling. Luckily you stay in Ang Mo Kio. I also stay here de.’

We had our meal and she tried to psycho me to get a savings plan. Throughout the whole conversation, I asked her so many questions she doesn’t know how to answer, and ended up with me telling her how the plans work. It was about 11pm before we took another break. If nothing’s happening, I’m going home le – that’s what I told myself.

Natalie: ‘You need to be home tonight? Can come my place to finish this up? Wahh. I so scared I won’t be so attentive once we leave lo.’

I knew what she meant, she wanted to keep going whilst she had this attention with me. Once broken, she won’t be able to focus like that. Hmm.. Would any of you guys reject such an offer? I agreed to go to her place and for your information, the walk to her house was short, and unbearable for my little brother.

Surprisingly, there was no one at home, but she isn’t someone who is not allowed to bring friends home. Once into her air-conditioned cosy little room, we went on till about 2am, which she just nodded off in a seated position. Carrying her to her bed, there wasn’t enough space on the floor for me to sleep.

Snuggling beside her, I covered the blanket over both of us and slept. Slowly, I felt a hand moved and went around my waist. I was in the wrong position! I was facing away from her.

Natalie whispered: ‘Thank you. You helped me summarised six hours of product training and made it so fun to learn.’

I rotated my body towards hers and looked into her sleepy eyes. She slowly closed her eyes and pulled me towards her. Trying to ‘glide’, I didn’t want to wriggle and shake the whole bed. Once within range, I touched her lips with mine. Gently spreading her lips apart, my tongue ventured into her mouth and teased her lips by moving left and right, entering bit by bit.

Her tongue touched mine in return to welcome me, for the wild party that will happen. Our kissing became intense once our kissing ‘leveled up’. Hands running over each other, quickly undoing each others’ clothes and fumbling with taking it off and getting it out of the way. We were down to our bare skin in no time and rubbing our bodies together, sharing the warmth and feeling of the smooth skin.

She sat up and turned around, getting into a ’69’ position.

Natalie: ‘We start together k? See who die first.’

Me: ‘Ready.. Go!’

My tongue immediately ran up and down her pussy, flicking and sucking on the clit. She was so taken aback that her mouth just let go of my dick and started moaning. I did not rest nor even wasted 2 seconds breathing. Her natural response was to sit back on my mouth and let my tongue go as deep into her as possible.

For the third time her pussy juice flowed into my mouth, I knew she didn’t had much energy left to ‘service’ me.

Me: ‘Natalie, lie down. Let me finish you up.’

Without a word, she got off me and lay beside me. For a change, I got up and went down on her, licking her clean and getting her ready for the penetration. As I continued clit-flicking her, I capped on a rubber and started stroking myself. Quietly, I lifted my head away and inched my dick towards her vagina.

Natalie: ‘Hey Jasper! What are you doing? Did you put a condom on?’

Me: ‘Of course I did! Safer mah.’

Natalie: ‘Huh? Can you wait?!’

I was shocked. Did I just done something wrong? Maybe she never thought of having sex with me at all. Still in my kneeling position, she pulled herself back and sat up. She grabbed my weakening dick and looked at me.

Natalie: ‘I want to suck you off first. You still got condom? I’m going to remove this.’

She tugged the rubber off and took my whole dick into her mouth. Making sure it was at her comfortable depth, she sealed her lips around my shaft and gently gave it a little vacuum, twirling her tongue around the dickhead, it was totally out of the world. Saliva would gather around her lips and she just used it as a lubricant, bobbing her head up and down, my dick going in and out of her mouth.

She stopped after a while and we took a minute break before she asked me for a condom. I passed it to her and laid back on my back. From how she capped me on, I could tell she did it a few times already. I didn’t care though, we were enjoying ourselves.

Natalie: ‘Are you ready?’

Not intending to wait for my reply, she climbed over me and slid herself over my dick. Her body moved without much effort and her pussy simply got tighter with every bounce. It was a nice sight looking her her boobs bouncing while my dick was getting satisfied.

Me: ‘Ehh, we try something leh. You support yourself with your knees, a bit higher around my dickhead there. But don’t let it slip out.’

Natalie: ‘Huh? Like this? What you want to try?’

I moved my hips vigorously up and down, darting in and out of her pussy, I could literally see her juice dripping out and I cleaned her insides with my long meat. After a single minute, her body jerked upwards with my thrust into her and she fell onto my body.

Grabbing her ass, I continued fucking her, moving my hips up and down. She turned her head forward to give me a grin and went back down to listen to my heartbeat. As her fists clenched tighter onto the bedsheets, her pussy got tighter as well. She could control her vagina muscles to increase the pleasure even more.

I came within strokes of her tightening and after she took it off for me, we went to clean it up before getting back into bed, naked.

Natalie: ‘Can you put it inside me again? But don’t move, just leave it inside.’

I nodded and she climbed over me, sliding down my body and over the once-again-rock-hard meat stick. We slept till a good 5 am before ending our one-night-stand with a wild wild wet fuck in her bathtub. To think I woke her up by doing a doggie on her, and sex in the bathroom was fun! There was so many positions to try out. Why not?

Will we meet again?


You probably wouldn’t believed this would happen but where I was posted to, I did manage to get some action as well. Anyway, this is going to be really discreet because of the sensitivity of the workplace. Anyway, I reported at 8am at work as usual, and mingled till about 0930 before we went for our lunch. It was usual, looking out for office ladies (OL) dressed sexily or even those who aren’t dressed sexily, just watching them would be our only entertainment.

We were eating at one of the round tables when this lady caught JX and my eyes. She had long hair, dressed in a black top with short sleeves of see-through materials, and this part of tight pants, of course, her package was completed in heels. She walked to one of the tables and sat alone, then moved to a table with an older man. They then started talking and we were like -_-|||, she should be sitting with us. We continued with our food and then turned together – coincidentally to have another quick glance at her.

She didn’t looked as nice as seeing her from the front. Side view luh. She was still there, trying to pull the back of her top to cover the skin that was exposed. Her skin tone at the back was seriously fairer than her ‘sun-exposed’ zones. Wasting no time, we quickly finished our food so we can.. ya know.. feast our eyes.

Me: ‘EH! Where is she?’

JX: ‘Huh. Ya hor. Where did she go?’

Just in time to see her heels disappearing into the toilet, we knew the show wasn’t over.

JX: ‘Ehh Jasper, inspired to write your stories?’

Me: ‘Haha. Yeah. Wonder what would happen next.’

We went to wash our hands and JX was done before me. He left and walked towards our study area. Just as I finished washing, that lady came out of the toilet and literally face smashed into my chest, I did managed to grab hold of her before she fell backwards and.. creating a scene.

Me: ‘Are you okay? I’m sorry mdm.’

Lady: ‘Huh. Yeah.’ *adjusted hair*

Me: ‘Okay. Really ah? Don’t scare me hor. Later walk three steps faint.’

Lady: ‘Haha. Okay lah. Just a knock.’

Me: ‘My name is Jasper. And yours?’

I know this was a totally bad time to introduce myself and try to hook her up but I guess she wasn’t in a rush when she adjusted herself in front of the mirror.

Lady: ‘My name is Cecilia. You work here ah?’

Me: ‘Yeah. CCenter. I still got some time before I need to go back. I walk you to your building?’

Cecilia: ‘You got time then send me lo.’

We walked to her building and it was quite empty. No one was walking in or out, going up or down the lifts, totally still. I haven’t been to this building, but it suddenly seemed top secret.

Me: ‘How come no one here de?’

Cecilia: ‘Cause you will need special pass to go anywhere of this building. And only a few people has the pass.’

Me: ‘I see. Haha. I guess I can only send you until here.’

We were at the lift landing already. She was still giving this smile that doesn’t feel like where I should stop walking with her.

Cecilia: ‘You can come up lah, if you’re not in a rush luh. Show you the office.’

Me: ‘Really? Okay!’

I was pretty excited and wasn’t quite focusing on her, since we’re in a ‘special’ zone, cameras and security would be everywhere. We entered the lift and she scanned her card before the lift started moving to her office. About four floors before she should stop, she scanned her card again and pressed the ‘HOLD’ button. The lift jerked still and the lights simply turned dim.

Me: ‘Uhh.. What is happening now? I’m a little freaked out.’

Cecilia: ‘Don’t worry. Wait ah.’

Without warning, she leaned on my body and started kissing my neck, giving me little nibbles that will confirm leave marks. My hands was just on her waist, running back and forth. Not wanting to leave any signs of workplace foreplay, I pulled her head to mine and kissed her lightly.

I was surprised why did the wild body kissing suddenly turned so gentle. I’ve not forgotten that she’s had make up on her. We continued kissing and our hands went out of control. Her hands fumbled with my zip and I kept myself busy with hers. Soon, our jeans were down and her g-string was down as well. With ease, she lifted one of her leg and placed it on the handrail in the lift.

Cecilia: ‘Hurry.’ *in a loud whisper*

Everything was like moving in Mach-2. So hurried, yet instinctive. I held on to her and used one of my hand to position my entry.

Me: ‘Permission to enter Mdm, I know you need it.’

Her juice was running down her leg and she simply lowered herself suddenly, sliding herself over my rod. In a surprise, I countered her move by pinning her against the corner and forcing the whole shaft into her, making sure I could feel her meat on my bush.

In the dark, everything was guess work. Fucking her crazy was the only thing in my mind then, she was making me damn wild too. Never would I expect such and encounter in here. The lights came on while we were still at it, but she assured me I still had five minutes. With that timing in mind, I brought her on her fours and hammered her to the steel walls.

Moans, screams, cries were echoed all around in the elevator. I kept going until the payload reaches it’s exit.

Me: ‘Where do you want me to unload?’

Cecilia: ‘It’s time hor, you lasted so long. Hmph. In my mouth.’

Pulling my dick out of her wet hole, I quickly knelt at her mouth and she took all the protein shot into her mouth, without smudging her make up at all. She quickly swallowed and wore her jeans back. It was a little awkward but we still touched each other until level 1 again.

Walking out of the lift, she was still alert enough to get a way to find me.

Cecilia: ‘Jasper, your number?’


Cecilia: ‘Okay! Bye. See you soon.’

Did she get my number? Can she just remember it? Or is it just hope she wanted to give but not let go. I hope I’d see her again. Arghh… No cameras allowed.

Try Outs

Ever since I went into NS, a lot of girls I’ve met on IRC were asking to meet me up and have fun. Of course, many of them tried calling me and even showing themselves to me on the camera. I would say, all of them are hot, one even at a mother’s age.

But there is this girl, Elena, who looked really irresistible. After a short chat, we planned to meet at her house. I knew it was a fuck and go type of relationship, but we’re adults right? We met up and immediately went straight to the action after we closed her doors, she flicked off the strap of her spaghetti top and pulled her skirt off. She was engaged at that point of time, but her fiancée was always at work and flirting around. She needed her share of fun too.

Elena: ‘Are you ready? I want you to feel all over my body. I missed someone holding me, fucking me.’

Me: ‘Cannot wait le right?

She came close to my body and started rubbing her hand on my bulge, through my FBT shorts. She could feel the pre-cum that was oozing out from the teasing. She knew what to do next. Going down on her knees, she pulled my shorts down and sucked me hard and deep.

I could feel the wetness of her throat, and the warmth too. Her lips tightly wrapped around my shaft, making sure I felt the 100% of her suction. It was definitely tiring for her to keep up, but she was ready for it. She went on fast and furious for about 10 minutes.

Elena: ‘Your turn now. You’re my slave from now on.’

She went to sit on her bed with her legs wide open while I sat in front of her, licking her pussy like a thirsty kitty. My tongue running up and down her slit, flicking her clit till she came and squirt. It was quite cute to see her face when she cum, her pussy juice will simply flow down her slit like a tap instead of spraying it like in the videos. I would then plant my lips on her pussy and slurp up as much as I could, to my surprise, it wasn’t that awful tasting, it was kind of sweet. Plus a little secret for you guys, she can cum easily and she squirts a lot. It’s easy to get her to listen to you and even enslaved to you, but she likes the idea of being in control.

Just five minutes later, she couldn’t hold herself back anymore and brought my head to hers, kissing me uncontrollably. Of course, how could I stop myself too? I went along kissing her and without knowing, my dick was rubbing along her entrance.

Me: ‘I’m going to put it in now k?’

Elena: ‘Mmmm..’ *and a nod*

I forced my hips down on her and went right as deep as I could into her tunnel. I was like machine gun, going non-stop, pounding fast and loud. The urge to cum was surprisingly bearable, I kept going till she asked me to slow down. No doubt we took breaks in between our rounds, but she kept wanting more as we continued. She is totally two person when you’re with her, on bed, she’s your little slave, and anywhere else, she’s just a sexy girl who had everything. Everytime I looked at her while on top, she would be struggling to control herself, but of course, she will lose control whenever she cums. Her body would shiver and you can find the stain on her bedsheets spreading wider. She will then rest for a while or continue moaning loudly as I humped her.

Me: ‘You sure can take it huh? How many times you cummed?’

Elena: ‘Five? You haven’t cummed even once. You’re better.’

We went on for about fifteen minutes before I felt the tiredness catching up with me. I wanted to cum, and want to know what is Elena doing? She’s lying on the floor, facing down with her ass perked up, for me to continue fucking her pussy. She’s totally worn out, but still wants to continue fucking.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum soon. Where do you want me to shoot into?’

Elena: ‘Naughty, shoot into huh? Shoot into my.. ass?’

Me: ‘Really? Why don’t you say so earlier? I’m cumming le.’

Elena: ‘Make sure it all goes in k? I want you all inside me.’

Her tight asshole drew all my sperms out without mercy. She was literally sucking me dry with her ass. As I forced the last wave of cum out of my dick, she relaxed her ass and I slipped myself out easily. She kept most of the sperms in her ass while some still managed to leak out. It was kind of kinky and definitely an image to remember for a good long time. She’s a girl to fuck, but not a girl to keep. Definitely a gem for her fiancée.

We had a shower and for a present, she sucked me off till I unloaded another round into her mouth.

Elena: ‘That was nice. Thank you dear. Hmm.. I’d want to see you again.. okay?’

That is the girl that I met that passed the rest of the girls.