Two Plus One Way

Things got out of hand when Bernice’s two admirers knew of each other, pitting them together for a race to get her love. Single she was, but the frequency of meeting Jon (in class) paired them in a relationship that she learnt about the ways of love. Spending time on dates and in bed, he […]

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Sick Cindy

Mr. Tay (shouting): ‘Cindy, are you alright?’ Two female students stood outside the toilet after Cindy spent over twenty minutes inside, worrying her classmates as she had fainted in there before. After a few frantic knocks from her science teacher, her voice broke the frightening silence and the cubicle door opened slowly. Mr. Tay: ‘She’s […]

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Breaking In a School Girl

Michelle: ‘Mr. Tay. Detention is over le.’ The NIE understudy was tasked with watching the detention class after a long day of lessons, only to be awkwardly woken up one of his secondary two student. A look at his watch showed him a timing where all school activities like CCA and remedial had to be […]

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Teachers’ Challenge

Ms. Lim: ‘Joseph, are you alright? You look really pale.’ Joseph: ‘I’m fine Ms. Lim. Just a little giddy. Not sure what happened.’ Ms. Lim: ‘Drink more water. Do you have your water bottle with you?’ He shook his head and she immediately placed hers on his desk, squatting next to him as she peered […]

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School Fling

Cynthia (shouting): ‘Who’s there?’ Kevin came out to the window and looked at the Indian girl who just changed out of her PE attire. Keeping his phone safely in his pocket, he entered the classroom and leaned by the door. Kevin: ‘Just changed?’ Cynthia: ‘Yeah. You’re forgot something?’ Kevin: ‘Not really. I saw you changing […]

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