School Uniform

Part 1 | Part 2

Carine was in school uniform, consisting of  a skirt so short that if you looked just a little lower, you would see her butt line. Her outfit was no different from the ones in Japanese Adult Videos. All the guys’ eyes were on her whenever she walked past, even the teachers. Any male teacher who spoke to her either looks like they are hitting on her, or ‘dominating’ her. And any female teacher who spoke to her seems like they are jealous of the attention she’s getting.

It wasn’t all that bad about her attire if only she had her bra and panties on. There wasn’t any shorts below her, and almost everyone in her class couldn’t focus at all. She would use her jacket to cover her upper thighs and cross her legs. And you can immediately see all the horny guys dropping stuffs on the floor to catch a glimpse of what’s under her skirt.

School wasn’t that long that day and Carine was on her way home. It was then she saw two of her secondary three Malay juniors. It wasn’t too hard to spot a school girl in tempting skirt length, and they walked towards her, scanning her top to bottom as they close in.

They had a little chat and during the whole time, Carine was playing with her phone, while seated between the two guys. Of course, once in a while, they would try to peek down her top and catch something.

Boy1: ‘Hey Carine, you want to smoke? We’re going up. Come along lah.’

Carine didn’t think too much about it and went up the block. They went all the way up to the tenth floor where it leads to the eleventh floor, which has to be climbed up by stairs. It was the highest level in the block and no one would go up there.

The two guys who were with her asked her to go up first and they followed behind, checking out her pantyless ass.

Boy2: ‘You didn’t wear bra and panties?’
Carine: ‘You guys saw it huh? Please don’t tell anyone k? I don’t want to get detention again.’
Boy1: ‘Why don’t you wear? Won’t you feel like something is missing?’
Carine: ‘I don’t feel comfortable wearing bra. And panties… I like the way guys look when they realise I am not wearing panties. *giggles*’
Boy1: ‘Can show us your upskirt again?’

Carine was already in the mood to tease them again. She lifted her skirt up and place it down, just enough to make them satisfied. After the whole thing, the two boys took their cigarettes out and puffed away.

Part 1 | Part 2

A collaboration with Adventure Girl.

After Band

It was close to 6pm when band ended. Elaine and I were tasked to keep the rest of the smaller instruments while the rest of the band took their leave. With the band store room keys in my hand, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander.

Me: ‘Elaine, there is no one else around le. Want to play a bit before we go home?’

Elaine: ‘Haha. Naughty boy, okay. Inside here ah?’

Me: ‘Yupp, can lock mah. And soundproof somemore. You can scream all you want.’

She entered the room before me and I twisted the lock. Turning back, she was already unbuttoning her school uniform. Without wasting anytime, I unbuttoned my pants but she stopped me in time.

Elaine: ‘Jasper, just pull your underwear down inside your pants, I want to play in school uniform.’

I pulled my underwear low enough for my dick to pop out of the zip, and she took her shorts off under her skirt, along with her panties too. Hugging her tightly in my arms, we had a fierce tongue fight and my hands were roaming inside her unbuttoned shirt, caressing her tiny breasts.

Lowering my head, I licked and sucked on her tiny nipples, trying to take her breasts into my mouth.

Elaine: ‘You trying to make my breasts bigger ah? Suck so hard? Haha. Silly boy.’

She pressed me against a wall, and slowly squatted down, spreading her legs to lower herself. Pushing her skirt to the side, I could see her shaved pussy. She had a tanned body, but the bikini line kept her privates fair. Her usual blowjob package began and I leaned on the wall, sealing my pee hole with a pouted lips, her gentle sucking sent a shiver into my spine.

My legs weren’t prepared to take this, pushing her head towards my bush, her lips remained tightly wrapped around my meat. She started masturbating herself with one hand and held my cock in position with another. Having her saliva covered around my meat, she simply bent over and used a chair to support herself.

Me: ‘Put in already ah? Haha. Horny little girl.’

Elaine: ‘Quick lah. Haha. Can’t take it le, you still deprive me.’

Having no condom with me, I stuck my dick into her, pushing my way in as she relaxed herself. Not being able to do this with her for quite some time, I paused for about ten seconds to feel her insides, squishing me tightly. Giving her a surprise, I moved my hips suddenly and quickly, pounding her hard, giving her no rest. Her body was collapsing to the floor, but her hands were still holding on to the chair.

Elaine: ‘Wait wait, give me a rest, too much le! You keep going I will go crazy de!’

Me: ‘I want to make you go crazy. Just enjoy k?’

Elaine gave a ‘hmm’ and I continued, at this kind of speed, I couldn’t hold it in for long too, she had been deprived for a good long week.

Elaine, Me: ‘I’m cumming!’

Coincidentally, we shouted out together and I pulled my dick quickly out of her, while she replaced my dick with her fingers. She turned around and knelt in front of me, sucking me hard in and out, while she cummed from her fingering. My load exploded into her mouth, mixed with her pussy juice, which is has now made a little stain on the carpet of the store room.

Like how she always did it, she swallowed and  cleaned my dick with her mouth, sucking, licking every inch of it. Using her panties to clean her pussy, she rubbed my dick a few times  before putting it on. I adjusted my clothes as well, we left the room tired and full of sweat.

Elaine: ‘Shhhh… our little secret k?’

It was a fun band practice. And a very unforgettable and addictive one. Elaine.. you naughty girl.

Pee Wee

Joyce: ‘You want to accompany me to the toilet?’

Me: ‘Okay.’

There’s supposed to be a practice in school, but in the end, only Joyce and I turned up. Having not enough members, we decided to cancel it but not before she goes to the loo.

Pushing my way into the staff toilet with Joyce, she pulled her jeans off and sat on the bowl while watching my pants getting tighter from the bulge. As the sound of pee sprayed onto the toilet bowl, I undid the knot on my bermudas and took my pants off too.

Reaching both her hands out, she pulled me via my pants till my dick is right in front of her face. Once she was done, she proceeded to wrap her right hand around my dick and stroked me slowly while staring at my face.

After a few strokes, her mouth came to my dick and licked the head before sucking it with high pressure. While my dick head is in her mouth, she gave it a vacuum and teased the pee hole with her tongue, sending me to seventh heaven.

Another few seconds passed and she pushed her head deeper down my shaft. She was attempting to give me a deep throat but her gag response was too strong, so in the end, she had to stop before she really vomited.

Being really grateful for what she would do for me, I eased her mouth off my dick and knelt before her. Nudging her to be seated right at the end of the bowl, I licked her trimmed pussy without much problem. She kept herself very clean by wearing super thin underwear so it would be nicely ventilated.

Her moans echoed the cubicle with every lick on her clit, her hands were on my head, pressing my mouth against her pussy as every orgasm strike. She was getting too wet that just cunt-licking wasn’t enough. She stood up and placed the toilet cover on before sitting back on, and spreading her legs wide.

A few more licks and I stood back up, got into push-up position, using the toilet’s water tank as support. She grabbed my super hard meat and guided it right into her pussy. She was all prepared, hands wrapped around my hips, pulling me towards her.

Wasting no time, I plunged my dick into her pussy raw – I didn’t have a condom with me then. Her expression changed to a total trance mode and her arms were just pulling and pushing me, slamming my hips against hers. Her pussy was really tight and wet, both from the fuck and pussy licking.

We didn’t change into any other positions, she just sat on the bowl while I pounded away. After a long twenty minutes or so, I could feel a build up in my balls. Quickly pulling out of her, I didn’t want to risk anything.

Joyce: ‘Oh my god, I want you to cum in me lo. But today a bit dangerous.’

Me: ‘Umm.. Don’t take the risk ba. Where you want me to shoot?’

Joyce: ‘Uhh.. I don’t know leh. Where you can think of?’

Me: ‘Your mouth? Or into the toilet lo.’

Joyce: ‘Umm.. my mouth ba. Don’t spray all over the toilet.’

She placed her legs on the ground and resumed sucking while I held onto the sink, prepared to unload. Her tongue and suction were so in sync that I blew my load within seconds of her blowjob and massage of my balls.

Joyce: ‘Hmm.. ar..rot!’

She pushed me away once I was done and grabbed onto my thighs while she spent some time trying to calm down. *Gulp* and it was down her throat.

Me: ‘You okay?’

Joyce: ‘So much! Almost one mouthful lo! You really never masturbate for a long time le. Hehe. So horny.’

She held the back of her hand on her lips to recover a bit, gave a nod and got dressed without saying anything. I got dressed as well and we left the school. The rest of the day was spent exchanging kinky smses and teasing each other. Who says schools were boring? =)


Jolie had a model-look despite her young age, I could say, a body to die for. People could mistaken her for a secondary four student given her figure and maturity, that’s what I liked about her too.

We decided to meet after some time chatting on the net. We met on a online chatroom and cause she hardly signs in, she’s glad that we shared a few similar interests. We met at Simei MRT before deciding where to go. Because it was a Saturday, everywhere is bound to be crowded. We settled for lunch at a kopitiam under some flats and headed towards her school.

J: ‘My CCA is having a camp until Sunday night. Cause only a few people in my CCA only, everyone brought their friends along lo.’

Me: ‘Ehh? No teacher in charge meh? And the security guard will also take note de mah.’

J: ‘No teacher in charge, even if got, she also bring her boyfriend into school to check on us. That’s why I can sneak out mah.’

Me: ‘Okay then. Let’s go to your school.’

Once we stepped into the school, she told me in a voice close to whispering.

J: ‘You will be my date for today k?’

I nodded and she led me by my hand to where everyone else is playing LAN.

Jolie found a seat and sat with her friends while I sat beside her. ‘This is my date. I see you all have one I also went to get one =P’, she told her friends.

We went on to the room where all the bags and stuffs are placed, only to find one couple there kissing and making out. It was close to evening when we were there, and she was just lying on the sleeping bags. Lying beside her, I asked, ‘You’re really pretty. Makes me want to ask if I can kiss you. Can I?’

A hand rested on my cheeks, turning me to her side. Closing her eyes, she seemed prepared. I planted my lips onto hers and she merely took a deep breath without resisting. No one else was around, and the couple earlier I think has proceeded to the toilet for the next level.

Pulling her further hand towards me, her body became a wrap over me. Seemingly, he knew what to do. Sliding her hand into my pants, it didn’t take a lot of fumbling to find the rising stick. Wrapping her fingers around, I was a little shock she knew what to do.

Me: ‘How come you’re so good in this?’

J: ‘Cause I watch a lot of porn like you mah.’

Putting my hand that is closer to her, I pulled her school skirt up and went into her undies. She wasn’t wearing and shorts since there’s not many guys around, most of them addicted to games anyway. Her slit was a little wet already. Perking her own knees higher, I could dig deeping into her.

Her gentle moans kept my fingers going, massaging her hole. Her pussy was truly one of a young girl’s, short soft hair, mixed with her own juice. After about 40 minutes of fondling, her legs were getting closer, and her stroking of my dick got faster.

Finally clamping my hand with her thighs, a warm stream of her juice flowed through my fingers and onto her panties. She lie on the sheets exhausted but still moving her hand on my stick.

With the load ready to be delivered, I lay on top of her and wriggled my hard little brother in her undies. She didn’t resist, and she even hugged me. Slowing rubbing my meat stick under her drenched pussy, her moaning resumed and her hips were moving on her own as well.

In another 10 minutes, I squirted my sperms hard into her panties. And continued smearing it over her pussy. She climaxed for the third time and cummed again, but this time faster with a piece of warm meat instead of fingers.

We slept hand in has through the night and I had to leave in the middle of the night to get home in time to change for work.

I might just fall in love with her. =)


Day: Monday
Date: 2 November 2009
Time: 3pm
Location: School Detention Room

It’s pretty lame that I’m having O levels this year and worst of all, being late for the first time in secondary school. I had to fill in this form and report for detention after school. There were few other students late too, but only one other girl reported.

Kahye was my classmate, who’s always late. So we sat there and chit chat since the teacher supervising us were one of our teachers and knew she could trust us.

We sat beside each other and talked away, about lessons and suddenly, into very private topics. She was a girl guys like to hang out with, crazy, a little bimbo, and had huge breasts for her age. I knew I had no chance to be with her, so I confessed that I liked her once. But she had lots of guys around her then.

She suddenly said she wanted to see mine. The ones she saw on porn wasn’t really realistic and really wanted to see a real one. It was a crazy idea then, but having a little hope of fun, I went to the back of the room where the back door were, and undid my school pants. She sat at the chair beside and watched. After I took out my dick, which was already semi-hard, she asked if I was horny.

I said yes and she went to squeeze it gently with her thumb and index finger like a little girl seeing it for the first time. Her eyes were on my face, watching my expression as she felt it. I took her hand by her wrist and asked her to put some saliva, moved her hand under my dick and asked her to wrap her fingers around.

She did as I said so out of curiosity and I moved her hand up and out my dick. It felt heavenly. She was soon going into auto pilot without my help and maintained her speed. I shoot into her palm without warning and she even played with it, commenting the thick and had a smooth texture.

She went to wash her hands while I put my shorts back on and got seated. She returned and I asked her if she wants me to masturbate for her, cause it always feels better when someone else does it for you.

Trusting me, she placed her legs on the edge of the chair and pushed her legs apart. With my arms around her waist, I went between her legs, got into her PE shorts and panties, and teased her clit with my middle finger.

She got wet immediately and wanted me to go deeper. My middle finger disappeared into her pussy and had trouble squeezing it in as it was her fingers that always went in, not mine, which was thicker.

I continued to making her feel good and she expressed her pleasure through moans and playing with her own breasts. It was a huge motivation for me to NOT stop. She was the one who stopped me with the reason, ‘If you continue hor, I will want to have sex one lor.’

And so I stopped, knowing she didn’t mean it. I could feel her wet panties as I exited her shorts.

Wondering why no one walked past the room? The classroom is located at the far end of the school and no one would walk past. Level 1 is for secondary 1 students and only secondary 4 students were requested to stay for remedial.

She’s still attractive, and simply too high class for me. Shall write the following before I forgot, we were ‘fake boyfriend/ girlfriend’ then.


Day: Friday
Date: 15 January 2009
Time: 2pm
Location: NYP, clubroom/ CCA room

I ended class early and went to collect the keys to enter the clubroom. As I had some designs to finish up, I didn’t mind doing it alone. There was no one else as everyone has gone home.

As I was focused on my laptop, my phone rang and gave me a shock. It was her, my crush whom knew I had a crush. She called and checked if I was in the room.

She arrived not long after and sat beside me to see what I was doing. Having little conversations about the design and work, I accidentally revealed my desktop long enough for her to catch the ‘porn’ folder I had.

‘Ehh.. 你们男生的脑每一次都色色的啊?‘

I replied her, ‘Uhh.. now counted?’  and she looked down onto my pants.

She giggle and said, ‘wah lau’ and rolled her eyes. I asked her if she does get horny and she replied, ‘Now counted?’

I put my left hand around from behind her neck and pull her head towards mine. She was kind of reluctant but closed her eyes to allow me to move her slowly and kiss her.

Our lips sealed and it felt like a dream come true. Her short cute tongue entered my mouth and I sucked it gently with my lips. We then let our tongue wild and the kissing didn’t stopped. As our kisses got wetter, I paused to lock the door, turning off the lights as though there were no one.

I held her up and pressed her onto the metal cupboard. Using both hands, I squeezed her boobs through her clothes in a few strong moves to keep her breathing faster. Her clothes got me hot and horny.

She was then working in a clinic as an assistant, thus she was in her nurse uniform when we met. It was pretty common, one piece, a little blue by the shoulders, and a long zip at the back.

I pulled the zip down from behind and revealed her white bra and panties. Her uniform slide off her smooth skin and onto the ground. By now, she’s feeling really shy, turning her head away. I pinned her on the cold metal cupboard again and went down to lick her nipples. Making a O with my lips, I placed my lips over the nipple and sucked gently. My tongue then proceeded to make twirls and fondling of the nipples.

She was as though high ecstasy. It was her first time making out in public and in school. My left hand ran downwards to her panties and massaged her. She got really wet and took my hand and placed it inside her panties instead.

Understanding she wants more, I fingered her (hymen broken due to sports) and then she whispered by my ears, ‘I can get very wet de, you ready?’

I seat her down and pulled her panties down to her ankle. I then spread her legs by the knees so I can reach in to get a taste of her. I sat down on the floor and started the pussy licking. There was no hair as she goes for waxing (swimming). I literally ate her pussy inside out. The amount of juice flowing was enough to quench my thirst, and moreover, it was fragrant with her smell.

I got her tired after a long lapping session and she needed to rest as well. She wore her uniform back but removed the panties as it was soaked earlier. I then sat down on the chair opposite her to rest as well. She squatted down in front of me, undid my belt and pulled it down along with my FBTs. She then knelt on my shorts.

She took my hardened dick into her small mouth and sucked in whatever way she knew. She doesn’t watch porn, has no boyfriend yet, not really exposed to the sexual side of life. Her techniques would not get me shooting so I asked her to take a rest. She didn’t know what to do but felt the urge to help me get off.

As we’re not going to be together long, sex is out of the question. She took her panties which was on the chair and placed it over my dick and jerked. Her small hands were perfect enough to cover the whole length of my dick.

The slurping wet sound from her wet panties, combined with her hand action on my hard dick, made it hard to control. I whispered, ‘shooting’ and she stopped jerking, wrapped it around my dick head and massaged the top.

As it was super sensitive, I came for quite some time, body expelling every drop from the teasing of the dick head. She looked at her soiled panties and grinned at me.

Her knowledge in medical science was way beyond mine. She stood up, and put the panties back on. Sharing her knowledge of sperms with me, I felt safer too. She sat back down to rest and spread her legs in front of me, revealing her soaked panties filled with my cum in it.

We turned on the lights and continued with my work. And there she was with her hands on her panties under the table, rubbing the sperms around her pussy. I think I caught her getting off again.