No way! 2

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I woke her up with nipple fondling and some pussy licking. She was semi-conscious and moaning. Wanting to give her a really good morning, I licked her pussy till she’s wet and I put the vibrator in her, turning it on.

She was moaning louder and I knew she was enjoying it. I moved the vibrator in and out and her body was twitching in response. After a few minutes of deep thrusts, I took it out and inserted my dick.

She took it whole and moaned louder in pleasure. After close to 3 hours of teasing and constantly falling back to sleep, I fell into deep sleep only to be awakened by her. She was nudging me with her feet to untied her. She wanted to go wash up.

I asked if she needed to pee and she said no. So, I went up to her mouth, pushed my dick in and forced her head front and back. I wasn’t quite ready to hold it in and unloaded the fresh sperms into her mouth. I then untied her so she could wash up.

She was very scared when she saw me through the mirror, walking up to her back. I pushed her back forward and stuck my dick in again. She was like gurgling and moaning at the same time. After she was done, I realised I wasn’t even close to shooting.

She helped me out by sitting on the toilet bowl and sucked me off. I shot after a long session and releasing only a little for her. We had breakfast at her house naked after that and went back to sleep. It was a real long sleep till about 2pm, when we woke up in hunger.

We went downstairs to have lunch after showering together and having another session in there. And it was in there where we tried sex standing up, one of her legs on the bathtub and my dick in and out, doing each other in front.

Well, this buddy relationship was the one she wanted to end, and I think I’ve just strengthened it.

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No way!

Part 1 | Part 2

This was really sudden when Rinnie sent a SMS saying that she wanted to end this buddy relationship with no reason given. I was feeling really moody due to the recent break up and had to endure this kind of thing at this time.

I called her up after school and asked if we could speak face to face. I wanted to settle this or I won’t be able to sleep. I went to her place as her parents were still out at Malaysia and was in her room, seated on her bed.

Her reason was that, she was feeling a little bad doing these kind of things to someone who’s not her boyfriend. I saw tears rolling down her cheeks and didn’t know it was a huge impact on her.

She then went to her bed (from her computer desk) and cried. I brushed her back to comfort her and promised not to make her regret our relationship. While her head was on her pillow sobbing away, I took out my belt and got hers which was hanging on the wall. She didn’t quite hear me since she was crying pretty loud.

I turned her around and knelt over her at her stomach area. I was in a kneeling position but not putting my full weight on her. I lied down and took her left hand and tied it to the wooden bar at the top. I did it for her right hand as well.

Moving my body lower, I kept her legs from moving and kicking me by placing my legs in a V shape kneeling on her thighs.

I used both my hands to massaged her breasts and fondled them so roughly that she was tearing and moaning at the same time. I bent forward and licked her pussy while my hands were still on her boobs.

Soon enough, her legs are not struggling anymore. I went to put on a condom and pushed my dick into her wet pussy. By holding her knees apart, I managed to pierce her and moved slowly. Her struggle weakened and I was in control not long after.

Pumping her in that position, she came many times as I know I could not cum in missionary. I then released the belt on the left so she could turn around. Her back was facing me then but her left leg was out as her bed wasn’t so big.

I didn’t care about that and lifted her onto her right knee and pumped her in doggy style. She was still tearing and moaning then. It really turned me on watching a girl being forced onto and still moaning in pleasure.

Feeling a little guilty about forcing it on her, I released the other belt and she turned and fell onto the bed tired. I stood by her bed and turned her face towards my dick and asked her to suck.

She took it into her mouth and I pushed her head to make myself feel good. She was gagging but I didn’t really cared. After a few more seconds, she choked and I gave her a break in between until I finally shot my load onto her face.

She was lying on her bed, tired. I helped her up to wash up, got dressed and put her back on her bed to rest. She fell asleep not long after and I tied her hands back to the wooden bed.

Lying beside her, I sucked her nipples alternatively to keep her half-awake and horny. Playing her pussy with the long yellow vibrator, I kept her awake until late at night when I fell asleep too.

My alarm always rang at 6.30am without fail, and I always wake up a few minutes just before the alarm goes off. I woke up, prepared to skip a day of class to play with her.

Part 1 | Part 2