Leotard Under Lace

Chanel: ‘Please don’t make me wear this out.’
Roy: ‘I don’t care. Or do you want me to share your old photos online?’

The ex-model had once did a nude photoshoot and he managed to get hold of the photos, paying a high price to get them off the hands of the sleazy photographer. If not for her past experience in modelling, he would not have found out that she was so open to use sex toys in front of a camera.

She unrolled the black leotard up her chest and stuck her arms through, stretching out the Lycra to a smooth finish. A black, see-through lace dress then went over her head and the sense of insecurity immediately came with the flow of cool air through her clothes.

He wore a decent set of clothes and set off for the hawker centre near their place, serving up a delicious view of sexiness to the eating customers. No one she walked past failed to take a good look at her, spending most of the five seconds stare to decipher what she was really wearing. The low back cutting down to her waist, and the shiny gold zip along her B cups.

The cold plastic seat chilled her ass unnervingly, but she just ate her food embarressed. The extra fish balls and noodles the lecherous uncle gave her, was her sign of attraction. Roy too, received an equally huge amount, displaying a smirky grin throughout their breakfast.

Chanel: ‘Where are we going after this?’
Roy: ‘For a swim.’

Seriously? She had no say in his decisions after her photos were compromised, continuing their journey to the neighbourhood swimming pool nearby. As it was just ten in the morning of a weekday, the medium pool was empty except for a few kids playing at the shallower part.

While Roy had to remove two of his clothes (wearing his trunks underneath), Chanel just stripped her dress off. They settled in a corner of the near-empty pool and he just cuddled with her there, barely doing any activities related to swimming.

The zip holding up her B cups went down to her upper waist and he dug his way into the opening, caressing her breasts in view of the lifeguard a distance away. Chanel had felt his hard on in his trunks long before but did not initiate anything, since they were in public eyes. Roy had little concern for her decency after learning what she was capable of, guiding her hand into his pants while angling his legs to a forty five angle to get the water to his chest level.

The thin material of her leotard was pulled to one side at her groin, feeling his active fingers rub along her slit. The difference in texture between the chlorinated water and her juices were obvious, and he was giving off soft groans as she fondled his cock.

Roy: ‘Put my dick inside.’

She whipped his cock out of his trunks and poked it at her pussy, sitting down slowly on his erection. The moment it filled her tight vagina up, she then realised how sexy she was in the next-to-nude outfit he asked her to wear. The sex had taken the earlier awkwardness away, and she felt better when he started thrusting.

Little waves plopped against their bodies, and her nipples grew harder under the swimsuit. Chanel could not take the doggy sex anymore and turned around to face him, her love-hate partner. Climbing over his lap, Roy slipped his cock in again and let her do the rocking, riding his manhood into ecstacy.

The orgasms strangely did not come until she massaged her clit, and rewarded her self with one good one. In the meantime, Roy was getting all worked up from the increasing suction within her pussy, and he was just that close to cumming.

Roy (panting): ‘Let’s go underwater.’

He led the way by taking a deep breath and sank downwards with her. His hips then jerked in quick, short bursts of thrusts until he hugged her tight. She left his cock pop out under her vagina and cupped the tip with fingertips. All it took him was a few seconds before warm cum shot into the chemical laden waters, through her fingers that felt the full wrath of his intensity.

Chanel: ‘We didn’t bring any towels right?’
Roy (panting): ‘Yeah.’
Chanel: ‘Let’s sit there and wait to dry then. Shouldn’t take long with that kind of sun.’

She put his cock back into his trunks and kissed him twice, before climbing out of the pool. The unconventional couple sat there for a bit before wearing their clothes back, bodies dried to a crisp. Chanel had never felt any sexier then with eyes staring at her, partly knowing that her boyfriend didn’t contribute to her sense of security – she did it on her own.

Silence of the Night

In the audacity of the brightly lit void deck, the pair of love birds chased each other around only to end up in hugs and kisses. Jacelyn had wore the black skater dress even though she doesn’t wear anything apart from shorts and jeans, just to show her same-age boyfriend, her girly side. Kenny on the other hand, was in a blue cartoon shirt and kaki pants, more keen on ‘holding’ her in his arms than to just chit chat under her block.

For the umpteen time, he chased her into a corner and embraced her around her waist, standing groin to groin on her dress. There was no better time to kiss her than ever, and he never removed his lips for a long time. Jacelyn’s heart raced as he gently gave her butt a squeeze, lifting her closer to him.

Embarrassed, she spun around and felt his weight on her against the tiled barricade, a common decoration at study corners. Kenny took the chance to work his hands under her dress, and pulled her panties halfway down her ass.

Jacelyn (whispering): ‘Eh! What are you doing?’

When her underwear reached her knees, there was only so much time before someone spotted her state of undress. A quick touch of her kneecaps together dropped her panties and he picked it up quickly to stash it out of sight. If you can remember the pick-dash-drop manoeuvre for shuttle run, that was the speed he used to keep her undies.

Returning to her back, she could feel his hard on poking between her ass crack even through his pants. So, she did the only thing sensible and reached behind, to unzip and wrestle his cock out. In her gentle hands, erratic jerking movements of his hips thrust the long, external organ into her palms, driving her thoughts wild with their current attire.

He was around her height to slip his hands between her legs, and a fast-paced masturbation of her clit began. Jacelyn elevated one of her feet through a gap in the waist-level wall, parting just wide enough for him to tuck his fingertip into her pussy.

The moment he glide his finger along her slit, the watery texture of her bodily fluid lubricated his single stroke.

Jacelyn: ‘Don’t put your finger inside k? Just rub outside.’

The awkward movements of their hips was an obvious indication of their ‘petting’ session, but thankfully, no one was around to watch. She was in seventh heaven the whole time he rubbed her between, and her hands were sending the same signals to him.

Kenny: ‘Can I try putting it inside you?’
Jacelyn: ‘Ok. Slowly k?’

He moved her a step backwards and she perched her forearms on the wall, sticking her pussy out as far as she could for him. His five inches weren’t that impressive in general, but her body was as young as his. His cleanly washed tip pried her sticky labia apart and the first bit entered without much pain.

The pair of hands on her waist was holding her tighter as his cock split her untouched vagina walls, soft flesh tissues caressing him with an unimaginable level of intimacy. She was warm, wet, tight, and living. The merciless hardness of his cock greatly contrasted the delicate nature of her interior, blowing his mind with her special form of ‘love’.

Kenny: ‘Is it painful or anything?’
Jacelyn((breathless): ‘Anything but warm and horny.. ‘

He leaned over her back and grabbed her boobs through her thin dress, kneading them carefully while his hips started moving. For the first time, he experienced the conflicting urge to move, and not move at once. It was so heavenly inside her but the devil in him was pumping adrenaline into his body.

Kenny (groaning): ‘Jacie, I don’t think I can hold in much longer.’
Jacelyn (calmly): ‘It’s okay. Just shoot when you want.’

If only she could see how guilty he looked, for not able to move more than ten strokes inside her. For that lucky boy, he has nothing to worry about since she loved him for more than just sex. He took a few deep breaths and resumed thrusting his cock into her again. His endurance was cut short the moment she tightened a little, throwing him off on his feet in fears he missed.

The concerned girlfriend did not ask him ‘back’ but turned to him lovingly, and grabbed his cock lightly. Returning to each others’ arms, their kisses got more intense as she pumped him fast.

Kenny (moaning): ‘Dear! I’m going to shoot! Sorry.. ‘
Jacelyn (whispering): ‘It’s okay. Just cum in my hand.’

Her movements came to a stop and he took over the work, ramming his cock until his load reached his shaft. The two of them froze in silence as his cum jettisoned into her hand, still moving very slowly to release him of his misery. The cute groans he made put a smile on her face and she tugged along his shaft to clean all the cum up.

After another kiss, she went to their bags and used her panties to clean her hands, shocking Kenny with her daringness. Well, they were right below her block anyway. The rest of the scene turned out similar to a mother comforting her son, assuring Kenny that he did a good job pleasing her.

In her mind, she knew it was time to get one of those ‘delay spray’ she saw on Qoo10 before, so he could truly give her the vaginal orgasm he postponed. After he came, all he saw in her was the cute ponytail she had, that mismatched the elegant dress she wore.

Kenny: ‘You look really pretty tonight.’

Those words meant a lot for the boyish, clumsy acting girl and she couldn’t stop snuggling up to him after. For the next hour, he used his trusted fingers to send her into moaning orgasms.

Pretty Blue Bracelets

Brandon: ‘Stay still!’
Vanessa (begging): ‘Not so tight please! It hurts!’

He ignored her pleas as the homemade straps were tightened around her wrists, bounding her arms wide open on the bed. For that evening, he had made her wear a pair of strapless bra, and a thong held together with knots.

It wasn’t the first time they had did bondage, but after she told him to be a little more ‘wild’, he went all out to make his own gears. A long strap went around her neck with its ends tied around her knees, shortened just enough to keep her feet in the air. When he pinned her on the bed, she had not expected herself to be so restrained, to a point she could not escape even if he violated her.

Vanessa (begging): ‘Please please.. be gentle.. ahhh!’

His teeth sunk into the soft flesh of her breast once her bra was unhooked, sending immense pain through her sensitive mammaries. His tongue did little to ease the pain as he alternated between her two sides, forcing her to scream in vain.

Vanessa’s panties was ripped from her hips, cutting into her delicate skin when she realised he was getting turned on by her cries. As much as she wanted to feel sexy doing it, there was no way her mind was accepting his harshness. His finger dug its way between her dry slit and took her clit in a pinch, rolling till sharp screams were heard.

Her pussy couldn’t get wet fast enough to lubricate his assault and pain was shocking all three vital parts. Tendons were tightening under her skin and cramps started to form in her legs. His body weight leaning on one of her knees only made it worse, and no amount of begging would get through to him.

Brandon (grunting): ‘You like it like this? You are getting wetter the more you scream. Realise that yet?’

He raised his hand before her eyes to show her the webby fingers, shining light on the unknown fetish she might have. Two of his fingers pierced into her and she felt better instantly, feeling the soreness in her nipples drift away in his gentle fingers. Those hard nipples were kept erected by inflicting pain whenever she got too complacent, and he would then pet them once she was too loud.

As time past, his mood changed for the better and it was all tender, loving care. He was finally done with her, or so it seemed.

In a sudden, he went into a kneeling stance behind her ass and grabbed both her boobs hard, drawing all the hurt she was about to forget. The ‘old’ injuries got more sensitive and she was just begging for mercy.

Vanessa (crying): ‘Please stop Brandon.. please.. I’ll do anything you want.’
Brandon: ‘No. Not good enough.’

He pierced into her pussy in one stroke and the always-existent pain during entry simple tore her mind up as well. The unpreparedness to get fucked made her extremely tight and he was enjoying it at her expense. Deep, forceful thrusts blew her mind into smithereens, mixing pleasure with pain to amplify her useless struggles.

He freed one of her boobs and went back to pinching her clit again, overriding the urge to orgasm in an instant. It was too sensitive down there for her to climax and the pounding cock was just relieving some of the aches. When he finally let go of both her breasts, she sensed the return of the cramps in her calves when he split her legs wide.

Seeing her vulnerably state, he rammed even harder into her and collapsed on her body, smearing his sweat over her swollen nipples. A click sound dropped her hand one by one on the bed, only to be held together in his strong grip. She had no more strength to fight him and let him groan into her ears, while feeling her pussy building up the orgasm she wanted so badly.

Brandon: ‘I’m going to shoot soon. Get ready for it.’

He brought her hands in front of her chest and regained his upright kneel, jerking his hips at an even faster pace. Shallow but rapid strokes, his dick teased her g-spot to a limit she had no idea what would happen.

The only sensation she could recall was her eyes suddenly opening wide, and her lungs stopped working. Her vaginal walls sealed his still-ramming cock shut and the next breath of air sent tremors through her body with the orgasm. Pee, or whatever liquid it was, started flowing like a stream around his cock and onto the bed, uncontrollable in her overworked mind.

Then two seconds, later, the thick, sticky load of his was unloaded into her pussy near the entrance. He could not move any more than giving her a couple of feeble thrusts, that never went any deeper than where his cum landed.

Vanessa almost fainted on the spot if not for the interruption when he pulled out of her. Puffy and slightly numb from the abuse, she couldn’t be more happy to be left on her own. The couple spent the next hour in silence, unsure of what was about to become of them.

Like all good times, the blinding light from the florescent bulb woke her up, to see Brandon climbing back into bed with a drop of cum at the tip. When she massaged her strap-imprinted wrists, a tinge of blue had formed a ‘bracelet’. The same bruises applied to her breasts and knees, especially around her neck that she knew would be there.

Brandon: ‘Sorry.’
Vanessa: ‘This actually looks good on me.’

The glimmer in her eyes came with a comforting smile across her face, pretty much leaving most of the earlier intensity behind her. They held each other in their arms for a long time and never stopped rubbing each others’ back.

Vanessa (whispering): ‘Let’s do that again k? You can buy the bondage ropes Japanese use.’

Brandon was unsure of what to make out of that, but the plan was set one way or another.

Team Rocking

Tour Guide: ‘Sir, I am sorry but there isn’t any more single rooms. Can you share a room with another person?’
Me: ‘Yeah sure.’

She handed me a key card for the top most floor and I made my way over with my only luggage, a backpack that seemed too small for a three days stay. I knocked twice before I entered the room, and on one bed there was a hard case luggage opened in a mess.

Me (shouting): ‘Hi! I’m your room mate for these two nights.’
Girl: ‘Okay! There’s only one bed left.’

Pleasantly surprised by the arrangement, I couldn’t wait to see who she was. If I had remembered correctly, the free-and-easy tour mostly consisted of middle age couples. Sitting patiently for her to come out of the bathroom, the WiFi was barely working to keep me entertained.

Girl: ‘I’m done now.’

The thick head of light brown hair certainly made me froze for a second. She wasn’t from my tour group at all. We did a quick introduction before I went to take my shower, wasting the luxurious bathtub with just a simple rinse. Only after I dried myself, did I realise I only brought one pair of sleeping shorts comfortable enough for me to sleep in.

Me: ‘Do you mind if I wore a pair of really short shorts around?’
Alicia: ‘Oh come on. I’m sleeping in a see through nightie.’

The first informal exchange of words showed me how cool she was and I promptly made myself comfortable in bed, sharing our photos taken from our respective itineraries.

Alicia (excitedly): ‘Oh my god. Your photos, there are all so artistic. I wouldn’t be able to tell if you are just a tourist here.’
Me: ‘With practice I guess. You’ve got lots of selfies. So you’re travelling alone too?’
Alicia: ‘Yeah. I call it my spirit tour.’

She joined me under my blanket to ask me if I would sneak out with her later, to take a few nicer photos for her. We rang the room service for beers and started popping cans, getting more chatty about our own countries. Apparently, Russian girls have little worries about getting to friendly with strangers, and that made them appealing.

It wasn’t long before I felt her hand getting comfortable resting on my thigh, laughing in our own little world with local jokes. Lights began to go off as we got more tired, and she didn’t even bother returning to her bed.

Alicia: ‘It’s fun to make a friend like you on a tour. There I was, so worried about not being able to explore places away from the group. And then here I am, so close to them yet so far away.’
Me: ‘I’m sure no one else is having so much fun right now.’

Her fingers slid into my thigh gap and slithered around my manhood, as if she had been focusing on our easiness with each other. My belly sunk in as she wriggled my growing cock out of the waistband, and my hand was playfully pulling her panties off too.

Me (whispering): ‘Are we making a mark in two different countries by being in the third?’
Alicia (whispering): ‘You sure know how to make it seem alright to do this.’

She pushed me onto the bed and stripped my shorts completely off, crawling over my body like a baby tiger. My cock went between her legs and under her pussy, rubbed by the grinding motion of her hips. She kept my dick pressed on her groin with her fingers and emitted moans that weakened my mind without a fight.

Alicia: ‘Have you ever felt a white girl’s pussy?’
Me: ‘I’m about to right?’
Alicia: ‘But first.. let me see if you taste any different from the guys in my country.’

Hearing what she said, I could only hope that she meant ‘the guys in her life’ and not every guy in her country. Her thin satin nightie dragged across my body till she came eyes to eye with my dick, still being caressed in her delicate hand.

Her light pink lips opened and my mind sent a jolt of electricity when she lowered her jaws down my shaft. Her warm tongue tamed my rod along with my mind instantly, and every stroke only increased my desperation level bit by bit. Although she did not stay down for long, the final lick under my shaft left with me much to miss when she returned to my eye level.

Alicia (whispering): ‘Pass.’

I wrapped my arms around her back slowly and pulled her onto my chest, rolling over and readjusting our position in the narrow single bed. Standing slightly taller than me, we were on equal playing field in bed. My hips angled downwards at her pussy and she displayed a familiar expression of innocence when I entered her.

Alicia: ‘Do you always watch your girl so intensely when you enter?’
Me: ‘Gotta make sure she isn’t in pain right?’

She bit her lips and that got me started fucking. Making long sliding strokes along her vagina, the initial relaxed state came to an end when I sensed her tightening around me. Bearing no thoughts to excess pleasure, I maintained my deep, hard thrusts at her, to hear her moan louder in the contained room.

She initiated to switch to doggy after two orgasms sent her screaming, and I knew I had decided to blow my load in whatever position we were doing next. When I shoved my dick into her without warning, the unexpected CFM look dawned on her face. I grabbed her ass hard as I went on a rampage pounding her aloud, only to make her orgasm non-stop.

Her sensitive body was easy to manipulate with my hands on her boobs, if not on her waist to balance my violent hip thrusts. Her voice never stopped moaning since we started, worrying me a little about disturbing our neighbours.

Alicia (moaning): ‘You’re getting bigger inside me! Just shoot it all into me k? I’m on the pill just for this holiday.’

My sane mind switched to beast mode and my body unleashed the force of the last 20 strokes, banging her ass so hard the whole bed jerked. She had to bury her face to silence her screams especially when I pulled out further, only to fuck her deeper.

Me (panting): ‘It’s cumming!’

I turned her body so I could stand on my feet for the ultimatum, slamming our hips together in the most intense moment. After half a minute, my body started buckling under her surprise squirt, applying immense pressure on my baffing dick. Waves after waves, my legs weakened as cum were forced into her pussy. I could feel the end of her vagina when I came, meaning that my cum quickly overflowed her pussy.

As she struggled to crawl away from me, I gave up holding her down and stumbled to her bed. Breathless, the perspiration on Alicia turned her into the most sexy woman alive for that moment. Her DSLR went to my eyes and a few shutter clicks captured her satisfied expression.

Me: ‘Bubble bath?’

We took a long time to get into the tub and she emptied a sachet of powder once the water reached our chests. The unknown substance was absorbed through our whole body and we were fucking again, in a high and trance-like state.

From the bathtub to the mirror, to the full length windows and back to our beds, the bath we took was literally unneeded. When we were totally worn out from countless rounds of sex (I counted about 4), we could no longer fulfil her plan to sneak out of the hotel.

The next time we woke up, the sun was up but it was only 5a.m. Given how early and awake we were, there was nothing else to do except that. Yes, we fucked again, but without the drug or uncertainty.

It was just my morning wood, bathing in her morning dew.

Childhood Neighbours

Ginny: ‘Tony kor kor, going out?’
Tony: ‘Yeah. Sheng Shiong. You?’
Ginny: ‘Same! Going to buy bread and eggs.’

They locked their doors and went into the lift together, attracting him with her oversized basketball jersey (singlet style) that has her school logo on it. He had pretty much watched the poly student grew up since primary school, though never attended the same school. He was already working when she pursued her diploma, but nevertheless amazed by her growth.

Tony: ‘Ok. Here is your maggi mee. Anything else?’
Ginny: ‘I think that’s all. What are you cooking with those?’
Tony: ‘Satay? Haha. I feel like eating them tonight.’

For a Thursday morning, the supermarket was quiet save for the elderly folks, buying their newspapers and groceries. He had caught a glimpse of her laced bra when she tried to reach for the higher racks, and managed to look down her sleeve to her ample breasts.

After they paid for their purchase, he stopped at a stone table long their way for a smoke. Her eyes just opened wide when she saw him lit the stick, unaware that he took up that habit.

Ginny: ‘I didn’t know you smoke.’
Tony: ‘I don’t smoke around my house ah.’
Ginny: ‘Can I try?’
Tony (hesitantly): ‘You sure?’
Ginny: ‘Uh huh.’

He clamped the filter end of the cigarette harder and brought it over to her lips, where he felt her soft lips for two seconds. In just one try, she had inhaled much of the nicotine filled gas and her feet shuffled to her closing eyes.

Ginny (amazed): ‘Woah.. this is good.’

He sighed a laugh and took turns burning up the stick, before he felt her hands holding him for balance. Losing his foothold to the sudden of her weight leaning against him, he helped her to a nearby flight of steps and sat her down.

Tony: ‘You okay? Hey?’
Ginny: ‘I’m really dizzy now. Let’s move higher in case someone we know sees us.’

He kept his arm around her waist up two more flights before she collapsed on her ass, combing her hair back in recovery.

Ginny: ‘You think you can spare me a stick?’
Tony: ‘Don’t la. You can’t even handle the first few puff le.’
Ginny: ‘C’mon.. ‘

She grasped at his pocket and he gave in without second thoughts, even lighting the open end for her. As she inhaled her virgin stick on her own, her head knocked loudly against the metal railing with peeling paint. By then, he had seen her white laced panties in full glory whilst standing in front of her but did not spend anymore time watching. Joining her on the step, his bold act to place his hand on her thigh met no resistance.

Stroking her inner thigh sensually, her expression remained in a trance while her legs parted. Finally coming into contact with her panties, he used his joined fingertip to massage her groin. Slowly, deep breaths turned into audible moans and he helped himself to her hand, guiding her weary arm over his bulge.

Ginny (whispering): ‘So this is what you have been planning?’
Tony: ‘No. But you are enjoying it no?’

He stretched his elastic waistband downwards and let her manicured fingers touch his dick, while reaching into her panties. The perfectly smooth pussy felt super erotic under his touch and the wetness only got worse the more he rubbed her.

Ginny (moaning): ‘Take it off for me kor kor.’

He conveniently slid her underwear down her long legs and tucked it into his pocket, spreading her legs sideways while raising them higher. Her ass was all that’s left on that particular step when he pivoted her backwards, airing her pussy with his breaths.

Calm and prepared, he took his time to move nearer to her glistering labia and gave it a kiss. His nose picked up the fresh lavender scent of her body wash, luring him deeper into her groin. With little experience in going down on girls, he had one thought in his mind. His tongue poked at her slippery slit and he started making out with her pussy, frenching it while listening to her moans.

Whiff of cigarette smoke drifted around them as she took a long drag from it, clouding her mind with a mix of ecstasy and pleasure. Her body started shivering when he sucked on her clit relentlessly, and her head fell onto the steps from the orgasm.

Ginny (weakly): ‘Tony kor kor. Put it inside me?’
Tony: ‘Consensual?’
Ginny: ‘Or I’ll tell my parents you teach me to smoke.’
Tony: ‘Ok ok. Let’s not go there.’

They went over to the .5 platform of all connecting flight of stairs, and she kneeled on her slippers before bending over into doggy style. Adopting the ideal right angles around her shoulders and hips, he fitted well between her knees. Carefully, he parked his cock at the end of her pussy near her anus, and leaned towards her ass slowly.

Inches after inches disappeared into her, making her groan as her long, unused pussy meet a new ‘face’. Thicker and longer than her ex, his entry felt like an eternity to her.

Tony (panting): ‘Okay?’
Ginny (softly): ‘Yupp.’

He firmly grabbed her waist and started tugging her backwards, while he jutted his hips at her. The thick cock easily overwhelmed the small nubile body of hers, edging her quickly into orgasms. She held onto the vertical rails when the intense climax flooded her mind, overflowing into the uncontrollable trembles she almost shook the staircase with. Continuous gasps of air raised and dropped her waist with every forward thrust of his, driving his cock deep into her.

As fit as he was, the sight and possession of a young mind pushed him beyond his limits. Ramming his dick into her when he passed the point-of-no-return, she felt another orgasm reaching its peak.

Tony (grunting): ‘Ginny.. ‘
Ginny (moaning): ‘My hand is below. Put it there.’

Her rubbing fingers flipped over to hold his dick and he resumed his ferocious pounding, feeling less sensitive in her loose grip. It took him three more minutes, before his load burst into her palm, some of it catching on her groin as she jerked him.

They were utterly drained when he fell on his butt, smiling senselessly at the red-eyed girl. Given the compromising environment they were in, Tony led the way to put her panties back on, followed by his crumpled shorts. Since her hand was still covered in his cum, he carried all the groceries back home, before checking into her place to put them down.

Mum: ‘Thanks for carrying our things back for Ginny.’
Tony: ‘It’s alright auntie. I’m going back now.’
Mum: ‘If you are not working today, you can have dinner with her. Her dad and I will be heading into Malaysia for a wedding.’
Tony: ‘Alright. I’ll drop by later.’

Ginny was done washing her hands then and went over to Tony’s place, right opposite their unit, to learn how to make satay – in the nude. If only you guys can see how surprised her parents were when Ginny served the satay to them. It certainly paved the way for less suspicious visits to Tony’s apartment yeah?

Cha-Let’s Sex

Tommy (shouting): ‘Guys come in!’
Felicia (shouting): ‘What are you doing? Haha! I’m scared of tickles! Hahaha! Stop stop!’
Tommy: ‘Fel is afraid of tickles!’

Two more guys, Jason and Timothy entered the air-conditioned chalet room and pinned her arms down,  proceeding to tickle her ribs still she was in tears. Though there were eight person in the gathering, only four of them had stayed behind while the rest went to get food.

As the situation got more lively, Jason started lifting her singlet up, pulling it over her head to expose her tribal bikini top.

Felicia (shouting): ‘Eh eh! Give me my clothes back!’

The guys kept her limbs restrained and Timothy suddenly just grabbed her boobs. The others soon joined in to cup a feel and Felicia went screaming in distress, unprepared for an unsuspecting tickle to transcend into such phase.

The knot around her bikini came loose after someone untied it, freeing her B cups for the guys to feast their eyes on. Her tiny pair of white shorts did not stay long on her hips as they yanked it away, stripping her of her matching bikini bottoms the same way.

Felicia (shouting): ‘Fuck you guys! What are you doing now?!’

Her thin shirt went around her wrists to secure her to the bed while the boys removed their shorts, springing onto her with their hard ons.  Timothy kneeled over her chest and the other two spread her legs open, out of Felicia’s obstructed view.

Without any hopes of escaping, the dick in front of her face forced through her tight lips, along with her hair being tugged upwards.

Timothy (fiercely): ‘Suck it Fel, don’t make me hurt you.’

She gave in to pain and took his dick all the way down to her throat, accepting his entry without any means to control the depth. With her wide opened legs, her inner thighs met someone’s hips and then followed by a dick piercing through her trimmed pussy.

Her moans went unheard with the cock meat sandwich thrusting in her mouth, and the unknown rapist started ramming his cock deep into her juvenile tight body. Forceful jerks guided her mouth into the right rhythm and the dick inside her changed from time to time. 

Tommy: ‘Tim! Done with her mouth already? I want to try leh.’

He dismounted her chest and gave her a few seconds of breather before another dick filled her cavities, choking her while her pussy was getting hammered.

Tasting her own juices, the ordeal was far from over when the guys stopped all at once. Jason, the last person she expected to do this to her, suggested that they try doggy style with him receiving her blowjob. With time running out, he positioned himself like a king and pushed her head down on his manhood, experiencing her mouth unlike the other two.

Fact is, Felicia had no qualms about Jason raping her since he was her crush, but the other two? Her perky boobs jiggled wildly as they pounded her from behind, leaving Jason to feel the impact from her unpredictable deep throat.

Timothy (groaning): ‘I’m gonna shoot!’

He yanked his cock out of her and stood by her body,  jerking himself off at her back. Only taking seconds to unload, the active guys burst out laughing at Timothy’s moment of weakness. After he was done, an iPhone popped into the picture and the cameraman started roaming around the room.

Tommy (grunting): ‘My turn now!’

He exited her pussy and pushed her flat onto the bed, before letting nature guide his cum over her ass. His manly tone sounded like a porn star but the scarcity of his load turned into another laughing matter.

Timothy: ‘Jason,  ho liao buay?’
Jason (groaning): ‘Cumming cumming! Arghh!’

He lifted her face away before streaks of white cum lined across her nose and lips, blinding her momentarily. The guys wasted no time in bringing her to the bathroom and rinsed her down, still roaming their hands after their end game.

When she finally wore her clothes back, she darted out of the room hand-in-hand with Jason.

Felicia: ‘Can you make them delete the video? Please? I actually have a crush on you. And don’t mind being your girlfriend or fuck buddy, but not them.’

Shocked by her declaration, he understood her fears and went back into the room, retrieved his phone they used and delete the video in front of her. The three guys disappeared for a long while before committing to a promise, that Felicia will not tell on them if they stayed quiet.

After the highlight of the night (the BBQ) was over, the group dispersed for their way home. And Felicia was last seen hopping into the same cab with Jason. Only he knew that she had no panties and bra on under the sundress during the sizzling hotdog fest.

Ultra Sonic 2

Part 1 | Part 2

Mummy: ‘Daddy! We’re home!’
Daddy: ‘Wow. Bought lots of things uh?’
Mummy: ‘Yeah. For Randy’s first day of work. Randy, go get a shower before you sleep.’
Randy: ‘Going now.’

She jumped into his arms once their son was out of sight and they exchanged a few light kisses, almost going out of control if not for their son still awake. They went through a few dresses she bought and spoke about their day, while Randy went into his room after his shower.

Daddy: ‘Go check if Randy had fun today. Remember to love him as much as you love me.’

He gave her boobs a squeeze before she slapped his hands away, and went into Randy’s room to tuck him in. Though he was in his twenties, the family stayed as close when it comes to their family day, giving their best wishes for the new week ahead.

Mummy: ‘Did you have fun today? We bought everything you need right?’
Randy: ‘Yupp. Thanks mummy.’
Mummy: ‘Silly. Can’t wait for you to tell me about your day tomorrow. Sleep early k?’

He shut his eyes for the awkward mummy’s kiss and felt her lips on his mouth instead, shocking his eyes wide open. Her hands went to his cheeks and held him still, while her tongue poked out of her thin lips into his.

Randy: ‘Mmm-mmm!’
Mummy: ‘Sorry. Daddy told me to love you like I loved him. So I thought.. ‘

She took his wrist and placed it on her thigh, sliding it between her slightly ajar legs. A shift of her position brought him deeper into her dress and the active fingers started to massage her knees apart. As she turned her body in the other direction to let him cup her groin, she lifted her other hand onto her breasts. Feeling the gentle massage of her son, her breaths quickened to a pant.

With both her hands free, she lowered Randy’s boxers to expose his erection and watched it grew to its maximum length. A slight hesitation made her movements sensual when she wrapped her fingers around it, just in time to trigger a moan from him.

The noises that came from the living room did not bother them a bit, as they released their moans quietly. Suddenly, the unlocked door swung opened and they saw Daddy carrying Rina into the guest bed in Randy’s empty room.

Daddy (whispering): ‘I like how we are bonding with each other.’
Mummy (whispering loudly): ‘Rina too?’

The secondary three girl sat at the edge of the bed like mummy and Daddy took his place like Randy. He mirrored their actions and the guys groaned together in the sickest turn of events.

Daddy: ‘Mummy, will you let Randy feel how I feel inside you?’
Mummy: ‘But it’s wrong!’
Daddy: ‘Isn’t he the most important person after me?’
Mummy: ‘That’s true.. ‘

A eureka moment came to her and she turned Randy ninety degrees, leaning his head against a wall so she could see Daddy. Rina let Daddy make the same adjustments as well while she watched Mummy climb over Randy’s dick, sitting down carefully as her hormones went berserk.

Mummy (moaning): ‘Oh god.. he is as big as you.’

While she began to ride him, Rina mounted onto Daddy’s belly as well, ready to fit him inside her. In the midst of Mummy’s moaning, Rina joined her and the girls were riding their dicks out, coordinating their tempo so the men could react in the same way.

Mummy (moaning): ‘Daddy.. I can’t watch this anymore. Stop Rina.. Stop.. ‘

Her mood suddenly changed and she ran over to Rina, lifting her off her husband’s rock hard erection. Quickly going on her fours along the length of the bed, Daddy went onto his knees and plunged deep into Mummy. Their usual sex acts were filled with loud moans and Rina had nowhere to go except to Randy.

As if she had done doggy before, she copied Mummy’s pose and let Randy pierce into her young pussy, yelping as inches disappeared into her. The foursome blasted off to the point of no return with the men fucking their partners wildly, vulgarities screamed as the ladies orgasmed.

Randy (groaning): ‘Shit.. I’m shooting!’
Mummy (worriedly): ‘No no! Not inside Rina!’
Randy: ‘I know! But.. ‘

Daddy got her cue immediately and let her walk towards their children without disengaging. Rina was told to lie on the bed while Mummy took Randy into her mouth, with Daddy banging her hard from behind. As the guys took their turn to cum inside Mummy, Daddy was fingering Rina to her own orgasm.

Randy (groaning): ‘Mummy! I love you!’

His load poured into Mummy like never before and she just kept sucking, until he was writhing out of sensitivity. Daddy didn’t fare too badly and thrust hard into Mummy as he fertilised her with his load, squirting forcefully till he was out as well.

As for Rina, she had gone quiet from having too much orgasms, lying listlessly while watching Mummy clean Randy up.

Mummy: ‘Go to bed now you guys. Don’t tell anyone about this k?’
Rina & Randy: ‘Goodnight mummy.’

The lights went out and the married couple went into their master bedroom, Mummy still a little shocked about what happened.

Mummy (in tears): ‘Why did this happen to us?’
Daddy: ‘Honey, don’t worry k? Don’t you feel closer to them now?’
Mummy (in tears): ‘I do.. but.. it’s just not right.’
Daddy: ‘Ok. Tomorrow, I want you to bring Alex here. I want him to feel the love that you have for me. Our love is strong, and we should show our friends what they should be looking for.’

Mummy: ‘Alex?’
Daddy: ‘Yupp. Fuck him the way you never dared to do to me. I know you are afraid of hurting me. So I will see for myself how crazy you can get without hurting me.’

They hugging for a long time before he fondled her sensitive nipples again, sparking another round of intense sex so loud that their children would definitely hear if not for their tiredness.

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Ultra Sonic

Part 1 | Part 2

Daddy: ‘Rinnie, come please daddy.’
Rina: ‘You’re not tired today Daddy?’
Daddy: ‘Never for you.’

She joined her dad on the couch and leaned on his lap, holding his thick cock with her little hand to guide his cock into her mouth. Given her small body, he easily reached into her shorts and slid his fingers between her pussy, rubbing that tiny clit till she’s wet.

Relatively, she took more of his meat into her mouth as she got wetter, swallowing up to three quarter of his adult manhood. He had long gotten used to her eager mouth that would peck along his shaft, and then making popping noises while sucking his tip.

This horrific act of incest started a few months ago, when he accidentally invented a top-secret medical device to help with PTSD. It worked similarly to mind control, but the only thing emitted is a single frequency in the inaudible sound spectrum, tuned to keep the thoughts of ‘purpose of living’ open for the wearer to redefine its meaning. The victim, when exposed to the frequency, will not consciously register whatever that happened, only side effects being the subconscious reduction of involved principles related to the acts committed.

That means, if he were to ask his daughter for the same favour without the device, he would face less resistance. The device driven by the kinetic movements of the blood vessels in the ear, can be worn indefinitely without any known long-term effects.

Daddy: ‘Good girl. Let’s go to bed early tonight.’

She stripped her shorts off and skipped into her bedroom, straightening her sheets for her daddy before lying on it. He need not do anything else since her legs were wide open. Lying on top of her, her pussy easily engulfed his dick in warmness and her moans started filling up the room instantly.

Rina (moaning): ‘Daddy! You’re especially big today!’
Daddy (groaning): ‘Yes baby. For you. Can you feel it?’
Rina (moaning): ‘Oh yes!’

Her little feet swung back and forth in the air as his hips slammed hard on her bum, plunging his cock deep into her pussy with pratice. Rina was just screaming in pleasure to his daddy’s strong strokes, flooding her mind with intense euphoria that she loved.

His body was growing weaker as his girl got tighter, wrapping around his dick in a perfectly wet environment. As his movements got sluggish, Rina embraced him in her arms and held him still for a moment.

Rina (whispering): ‘Daddy.. let Rinnie ride you.’

He pushed himself up and fell over on his back, giving his girl a chance to work her waist. She skilfully twerked her hips on his groin and sent him groaning, while his dick grew even larger inside her.

Rina (screaming): ‘Daddy! Cumming again!’
Daddy (groaning): ‘So am I!’

He quickly sat up and let her slip out of him, swapping her sweet, young pussy for her hand. Digging his finger into her, he rammed his digits deep as she pumped his cock, going all the way until they both hugged as his load sprayed between their bellies.

The father and daughter just kept moaning till he was done, and she playfully rubbed his cum over her fair skin.

Rina: ‘Daddy.. I’ll just sleep like this k?’
Daddy: ‘Alright. Just for tonight.’

He laid her down gently and tucked her into bed, careful not to dirty her blanket with his cum. After her goodnight kisses, he went into the living room, putting on a pair of shorts to continue waiting for his wife to get him.

*Distant giggles and keys clanging*

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