Raped by Two

Baby: ‘Dear.. I was raped.. ‘ Tears flowed uncontrollably down her cheeks as she hugged me tightly, pressing her braless boobs onto my chest. I had never expected a strong girl like her to have been raped, and by two men consecutively. I lay her on the bed and covered her eyes with my shirt,… Read more Raped by Two

Crowded Pool

The pool was fairly empty and Shanice had been taking some photos of herself in the one piece swimwear she bought. The photos showed a lot of cleavage with her neckline pulled lower and the lifeguard sitting a distance away had been feasting his eyes behind those shades. Within a few minutes of the camwhoring,… Read more Crowded Pool

Unpleasant Joy

Mabel entered her boyfriend’s Krisnad’s crowded house and went into his room after addressing everyone in his family. He had asked her to go over since she was having her study break and it was an achievement to him for dating a Chinese girl despite being Indian. His family was proud of him, and it… Read more Unpleasant Joy


With the leather collar and cuffs on Gladys’ wrists and ankles, she crawled on the carpeted office to her husband’s desk. As Aloysius worked for an illegal money lending firm, his colleagues too had their own girls at random times of the day. She went below his desk with the other guys working normally in… Read more Servicing

Sleep Driving

Angeline’s night at the chalet ended as she could not stay over, on top of that, she had work the next day too, although at noon, she had decided to go home. The night had been filled with drinking and games, and the amount she had was huge, despite how well she could hold her… Read more Sleep Driving