Day: Saturday
Date: 21 November 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: Sentosa Cove

She wanted me to bring me to her holiday house to relax and have an escape. I went home after choir and packed some clothes along. She came along and had her black polka dots bag too. Dressed in a pink babydoll dress, I could imagine her naked just by looking at her shoulders.

Upon reaching, we unpacked our stuffs. Of course, I wondered what did she tell her boyfriend. Seems like she told him she will be spending her weekends here with her family. And talk about timing, her parents are going overseas during that period too.

I went to her bedroom after unpacking and fell onto the bed on my stomach. It was a long bus ride to here. She then hopped onto my back and gave me a massage on the shoulders, asking if I still have energy. I turned around to face her and she spread her legs so I could turn around.

She moved a little forward to my tummy and sat on my bulging pants. I sat up and hugged her, carrying her, pressing her pussy area against my bulge for a massage. I threw her naughtily onto the bed and we striped to our bathing suits.

We turned on the air-con to the coolest and cuddled under the blankets. My left thigh was between her legs and I could feel her slightly wet hair. It was ticklish but tempting. I slide down under the blanket and licked her pussy with much hunger.

She was clenching the blankets and clamping my head with her thighs. I almost choked when she pressed my mouth onto her pussy as she was cumming. After my tongue got tired licking her, my whole mouth was covered in her juice.

Feeling breathless, I came out of the blankets and laid beside her to catch my breath. Without saying anything, she turned towards me and gave me a warm hug. We fell asleep until two hours later, I was awakened by my dick hardening with her hand moving up and down my dick. I turned my head and she asked, ‘起来了。。。你还要吗?’ and gave me a peck on my lips.

It was already dusk when we went to the living room to watch TV, naked. There, she put a condom on for me and sat on my dick, facing the TV. As she was bouncing away, she still had the mood to laugh at what was on screen.

Feeling really weird, I then stopped her, turned her around to face me, stood up, carried and placed her on the sofa I was sitting on. I pumped her from the front so she could still watch TV.

We had sex non-stop in her room after the show, switching around missionary, doggy and cowgirl. We always rested for no more than 20 minutes and went for the next round. After 6 condoms, we’re tired but enjoyed each others’ company. We fell asleep only at 10am and woke up at 2pm to wash, pack up and leave.

No doubt it was fun and worry-free, I sure hope she don’t feel too guilty.

Taking Photos

It was after choir and I’ve agreed to help Joyce take some photos of her doll in new clothes. We went to her house and entered her bedroom to set up the camera. I mounted the camera onto the tripod and set it for remote control.

She came in and I opened my arms to get a hug from her. We held our bodies close and exchanged short pecks. With the remote still in my hand, I took photos whenever I felt like it.

She pushed me onto her bed and fell onto my body. I placed my thigh between her legs so she could get horny by the rubbing of my legs. I lay her on her bed and said with a grin, ‘It’s my turn this time. Just lie back and relax.’

I removed her panties and shorts in one pull and lifted her shirt up, revealing her nipples without any bra on. My dick stood up even stronger and I went to attack her nipples with my mouth. My right knee was at her pussy grinding to keep her horny.

I then went down south and lapped her pussy. It has a sweet taste and a lot of her nice body smell. I licked her till she came twice before I started to take out the condom. She asked me to go forward and took the condom from my hand. Tearing open the wrapper, she rolled it down my dick, not forgetting to pleasure me a little too.

Since the start of this little fun, my camera has been shooting away and I can’t wait to show her what we did.

I went back down and spread her legs wide. Using both my hands, I spread her pussy lips open to get a good view of the hole I’m going to penetrate. She was like waiting for me to put in and there I was admiring her pussy.


I then put my dick at her pussy and moved it around outside before putting it into her. Her moaning echoed through her room as I continued pumping away. As she forgot to turn on the air-con, nor are we bothered to stop to turn it on. We were wet with sweat when we switched over to doggy style, not forgetting to take a picture then.

I pumped hard away to hear her continuous moaning mixed with yelps. Her pussy was tight as usual so I didn’t keep to any position for long. She said she wanted to be on top as the pumping made her kept cumming. Wow, any guys would feel good hearing that.

She got on top of me and grind my dick left right forth and back. It felt as though her pussy was holding my dick tight and moving around, bringing my dick along. Her sweat and juices were onto her trimmed pussy hair.

I asked her which was her favourite position and got a ‘doggy’ for a reply. So I flipped her over, and pumped away. She asked if I was going to cum this way and I said yes.

She immediately paused and turned around, removing the condom and gave me a handjob. She wanted to taste my cum and I feel even more confident about making her liking my cum.

I trembled and said, ‘I’m shooting’, she brought the dick head into her mouth and continue using her hand to jerk me. I shot it all into her small mouth and it sure felt a lot to me. She looked kind of surprised and swallowed!

After wiping her mouth with her palm, she asked me what I ate. I told her the fruit breakfast my brother passed to me as he couldn’t finish, and a few moments later my grandma passed me a plate of papayas and mangos. She liked the taste and enjoyed it all down her throat.

As we were getting dressed, she told me she don’t like the taste of the dick, but didn’t mind trying the cum. I showed her the pictures and surprisingly, she allowed me to keep them but would have to give her a copy.

I finished taking pictures of her dolls and also a few pictures of her in some new clothes too. We had instant noodles cooked by her maid and I left for home soon to enjoy the pictures.

No way! 2

Part 1 | Part 2

I woke her up with nipple fondling and some pussy licking. She was semi-conscious and moaning. Wanting to give her a really good morning, I licked her pussy till she’s wet and I put the vibrator in her, turning it on.

She was moaning louder and I knew she was enjoying it. I moved the vibrator in and out and her body was twitching in response. After a few minutes of deep thrusts, I took it out and inserted my dick.

She took it whole and moaned louder in pleasure. After close to 3 hours of teasing and constantly falling back to sleep, I fell into deep sleep only to be awakened by her. She was nudging me with her feet to untied her. She wanted to go wash up.

I asked if she needed to pee and she said no. So, I went up to her mouth, pushed my dick in and forced her head front and back. I wasn’t quite ready to hold it in and unloaded the fresh sperms into her mouth. I then untied her so she could wash up.

She was very scared when she saw me through the mirror, walking up to her back. I pushed her back forward and stuck my dick in again. She was like gurgling and moaning at the same time. After she was done, I realised I wasn’t even close to shooting.

She helped me out by sitting on the toilet bowl and sucked me off. I shot after a long session and releasing only a little for her. We had breakfast at her house naked after that and went back to sleep. It was a real long sleep till about 2pm, when we woke up in hunger.

We went downstairs to have lunch after showering together and having another session in there. And it was in there where we tried sex standing up, one of her legs on the bathtub and my dick in and out, doing each other in front.

Well, this buddy relationship was the one she wanted to end, and I think I’ve just strengthened it.

Part 1 | Part 2

No way!

Part 1 | Part 2

This was really sudden when Rinnie sent a SMS saying that she wanted to end this buddy relationship with no reason given. I was feeling really moody due to the recent break up and had to endure this kind of thing at this time.

I called her up after school and asked if we could speak face to face. I wanted to settle this or I won’t be able to sleep. I went to her place as her parents were still out at Malaysia and was in her room, seated on her bed.

Her reason was that, she was feeling a little bad doing these kind of things to someone who’s not her boyfriend. I saw tears rolling down her cheeks and didn’t know it was a huge impact on her.

She then went to her bed (from her computer desk) and cried. I brushed her back to comfort her and promised not to make her regret our relationship. While her head was on her pillow sobbing away, I took out my belt and got hers which was hanging on the wall. She didn’t quite hear me since she was crying pretty loud.

I turned her around and knelt over her at her stomach area. I was in a kneeling position but not putting my full weight on her. I lied down and took her left hand and tied it to the wooden bar at the top. I did it for her right hand as well.

Moving my body lower, I kept her legs from moving and kicking me by placing my legs in a V shape kneeling on her thighs.

I used both my hands to massaged her breasts and fondled them so roughly that she was tearing and moaning at the same time. I bent forward and licked her pussy while my hands were still on her boobs.

Soon enough, her legs are not struggling anymore. I went to put on a condom and pushed my dick into her wet pussy. By holding her knees apart, I managed to pierce her and moved slowly. Her struggle weakened and I was in control not long after.

Pumping her in that position, she came many times as I know I could not cum in missionary. I then released the belt on the left so she could turn around. Her back was facing me then but her left leg was out as her bed wasn’t so big.

I didn’t care about that and lifted her onto her right knee and pumped her in doggy style. She was still tearing and moaning then. It really turned me on watching a girl being forced onto and still moaning in pleasure.

Feeling a little guilty about forcing it on her, I released the other belt and she turned and fell onto the bed tired. I stood by her bed and turned her face towards my dick and asked her to suck.

She took it into her mouth and I pushed her head to make myself feel good. She was gagging but I didn’t really cared. After a few more seconds, she choked and I gave her a break in between until I finally shot my load onto her face.

She was lying on her bed, tired. I helped her up to wash up, got dressed and put her back on her bed to rest. She fell asleep not long after and I tied her hands back to the wooden bed.

Lying beside her, I sucked her nipples alternatively to keep her half-awake and horny. Playing her pussy with the long yellow vibrator, I kept her awake until late at night when I fell asleep too.

My alarm always rang at 6.30am without fail, and I always wake up a few minutes just before the alarm goes off. I woke up, prepared to skip a day of class to play with her.

Part 1 | Part 2

Sungei Buloh

Day: Unknown
Date: 18 October 2009
Time: 12pm
Location: Sungei Buloh, Aerie Tower

Both of us have no plans today, so we went to Sungei Buloh for a walk. Knowing that the Aerie Tower can be empty for a long time, I was the one suggested going there. We met at Kranji MRT and she was wearing a spagetti top and a denim shorts with cute covered shoes. I was dressed in a yellow t-shirt and my black and white bermudas.

We took 925 to Sungei Buloh and made our way in the direction I suggested, towards the tower. We climbed up the tower and there was quite a crowd there. I took out my camera took a few pictures of the surrounding, pretending to rest and talk.

After people started leaving, we sat at one of the benches and faced the direction where people would walk towards, so as to keep watch. The last couple left a while later and the fun began.

With no one around, we hugged and kissed passionately while seated side by side. My two hands ran up her spaghetti top  and under her bra onto her nipples. She was already massaging my dick through my shorts then. Moving her hand shaped different from usual due to the position, I find it hard to get a full erection too.

I asked her to face outside while I sit behind her. Sliding my right hand into her shorts, and left into her bra, she was very flushed. I entered her panties and rubbed her pussy. She placed both her hands behind and onto my dick to express her pleasure.

With her left, she pulled my shorts and FBTs down, and the other, grabbing onto my dick. She moved it up and down while I was fingering her. After about 7 minutes of continuous fingering, she could not take it anymore and stood up.

She turned around, sat on the floor in front of me and sucked my dick while I kept a look out. She sucked it non-stop and made sure it’s all covered in her saliva. She gave me her special hand-mouth coordination move and make me cum hard into her mouth.

She saw my contented look and stood up to adjust her clothes. I said it wasn’t over and both of us can’t imagine what more could we do here.

I pushed her to the viewing window of the side where people will need to walk to get in and pulled her shorts and panties down just enough to reveal her love hole. I quickly took out my condom and rolled it onto my slowly hardening dick.

She bent lower and I inserted it into her pussy. With a few thrusts, my dick was again in full length in her. *Slurp slurp slurp*, it was the sound of my dick sliding in and out of her pussy.

She moved her pussy in the opposite direction to increase the depth of my dick in her and speed too. After about 3 minutes, both of us were cumming, and just at this point in time, we could saw a couple pointing in our direction (I suppose hinting to go to the tower and not us having sex).

We sped up and I unloaded into her, into the condom. Her pussy muscles tightened and I couldn’t pull it out until the twitching and squeezing was over. We quickly adjusted our clothes and sat back down.

That was all for us, we didn’t walk around much, but had lots of short cumming sessions with a mix of handjob, blowjob and fingering. Happily tired.


Day: Unknown
Date: 14 November 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: Hotel 81

She wanted sex again. So, I suggested to bring along a friend for threesome. She wanted me to pick someone so I’ll feel better when someone else humped her too. I asked Q along and he has no idea who he’s meeting.

With me leading, Q followed me directly into a hotel and into a room that she was waiting in already. She opened the door and my friend was quite shocked. She was pretty to him. Hehe.

She then asked the both of us to strip down and being shy with another guy inside the room, Q was very reluctant. She then went over to him and took of his shirt, he automatically released his belt and undies.

She asked us to close our eyes while she took hers off. In a while, she says ‘ready’ and already under the blanket. I asked Q to take the left while I went to the right side of the bed and laid beside her.

She then took our dicks with both her hands and started jerking us off. I took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. Having no experience, Q touched her pussy and rubbed in a very gentle manner. Soon, she could no longer take it and releasing her hand on my dick, she spread her legs wider and guided Q’s finger in.

Once in, Q started to move in and out. She was back to jerking us. Soon, Q realised that the better she felt, she faster she would move. She went so fast that Q came hard into the air and onto his own body. He did not know what to do either, so she had to ask him to go get a shower.

I flipped myself across to get into 69 position so I could finger her and she could jerk me off easier. When Q was out, she and I had condoms prepared. It was those flavoured type so she could suck it without fear of rubber.

We put those on and I asked him to go take her from behind. He went to the end of the bed while I went to where the pillows were. She goes into doggy position and spread her legs wide for Q. Till now, she hasn’t noticed the size of Q’s dick, neither did I.

As she was already very wet, he slide in easily and started pumping, she let out a giggle and proceed to suck on my dick. Like before, the harder Q pumped, the harder she sucked.

After 15mins, we switched and she wanted to help Q shoot so the both of us could have another round. She removed Q’s condom while I was still banging her from behind, and sucked on it hard. Moving her hand and mouth speed fast, she got him cumming into her mouth at the same time when she came. She swallowed his cum quickly so as not to break the high feeling she had. After he shot, we could tell he was feeling pleased and tired and guilty and uneasy. Soon, he excused him to wash up while we continued in missionary style.

He got dressed and left saying that both her and I should spend time together. I continued pumping her in missionary and doggy style, shooting a total of 3 times in a row. We lay down and watched a little TV. She still looked energetic and asked if she could lie on my body.

Putting the right side of her head on my chest, she fondled my dick with her left hand and it got my dick standing again. The urge came again and I managed to shoot again, into her mouth. She swallowed it all without saying anything.

We laid on the bed till the managed called and told us about the time. We got dressed and left the place quickly. It was an interesting session with Q, in the threesome.

Bad Mood

Joyce was in a bad mood and so was I. Somehow, without saying much, we sort of spill our hearts out. Looks like she was having problems with her boyfriend, which I am facing with my girlfriend, Peiling, too.

We decided to walk around Junction 8 to chit chat and kill some time. She was on the verge of breaking, and I was already single then.

After walking from the top level to bottom, she asked if I wanted to accompany her home. Her family is out and she needs someone beside. Knowing she is feeling down and wants to talk, I followed. She was staying in the houses opposite Junction 8, a long way in though. We chatted throughout the journey till we reached her house. Feeling bad about me accompanying her in and walking out alone, she invited me in.

Once in the house, her mood switched for the better. She asked me up to her room to view some clothes she saw online and see her room’s new makeover. I tagged along and was alone in there with her, with doors closed due to the air-con.

She sat on her revolving chair and I stood behind her. She is those kind of cute girl who had a little girl’s look and a chest quite flat. I was turned on by her bed and the down-blouse which was so close yet so far. She was wearing a grey bra then. She showed me the clothes and new stuffs she discovered on her pink Vaio laptop. I placed my hands on her shoulders and asked if she wanted a massage. She didn’t say anything, so I started massaging her.

As she got more relaxed, I bent over to the side of her face with the excuse of having a better view. The lights were no on since it was quite bright. She then turned and looked where was I and our face came real close.

I whispered to her softly, ‘Can you close your eyes?‘ and she did.

I pressed my lips on her small mouth and started to spread her lips with mine. I slide my tongue into her mouth and her tongue came out to play too. I turned her around (revolving chair) and kissed her. I knelt down on the hard wooden floor so it would be more comfortable for us.

Both my hands went up her legs and undid her denim shorts. With our lips still kissing, she stood up a little so I could pull her shorts down, revealing a cute bunny cotton panties. I spread her legs and ran my left hand up her thighs to massage her pussy through her panties.

My left hand moved under her shirt and into her bra, fondling her tiny nipple. She was getting flushed and moaning while her lips are on me. Her panties got wetter by the seconds and then I stood up, releasing the kiss unwillingly.

I led her by hand to her bed and she tumbled onto it, covering herself with the blanket. I tucked myself on her right side. Turning towards her, my left hand went into her panties, and searched around for her hole.

She stopped me and said, ‘Ehh, I remove my panties first lah. 很挡路。’ (blocking the way). She then took it off under the blankets and placed it above the pillow.

I moved her left leg up and right leg towards me so I could finger her. My middle finger slide into her and she was moaning with heavy breathing. For her small build, her pussy was naturally tight. She asked me to remove my pants and I did. She took a condom from a bag by the wall and asked me to put it on too, and I did too.

She flipped open the blanket and positioned herself over me in a cowgirl style and sat slowly onto my dick. She stopped a few times and kept saying, ‘wah lau ehh, you one so big.’ I did support her by her bottom and helped her get my full dick in.

She paused for a while with my dick inside her, me in a daze with her throbbing tight pussy. She moved forward and backward slowly, something which I have not tried before. Her body wasn’t so heavy so I sat up and hug her. Moving both our hips in and out on a bed feels great.

I fall her onto her back and did her in missionary. She was practically clawing my arms. Imagine this, doing a cute girl with small petite body doggy style, moaning softly and breathing hard. Her pussy is so tight that I had to go slow most of the time in case I ended it too soon.

Suddenly, she screamed, ‘Wait wait!’ and I got a shock, thinking she was in pain.

I pulled out my dick and she gestured me to pull her up. She said her period ended one day ago and was okay for me to do her raw. All the while while saying those, she was rolling the condom up with both hands. Lying back down, I slide my now, raw dick, into her.

It was like nothing I’ve felt before. Her pussy muscles were twitching and sucking me in. I humped her quick and let her know that when I was going to shoot, I’ll pull it out. Just a few more thrusts later, I looked downwards and she held me by her legs pushing me deeper into her, giving my dick a final thrust and squeeze to release it all into her.

She held me in that position for about 5 mins after I’ve collapsed. After that, I moved my hardened dick in her again. Pumping again in missionary on her, who was close to fainting with tiredness and pleasure. Her eyes would close and moaning would go soft, but everytime I tried pulling out my dick, she would use her legs to clamp me down.

After shooting once more into her, she then allowed me to pull my, softening dick out. I admired her pussy which was overflowing with my cum, and there she looked at me lazily from the bed.

‘我喜欢里面有温温湿湿的感觉。’ That phrase really turned me on.

She went to her toilet to clean up and I put on my clothes and waited for her. She came out in her nightdress and sat in front of her computer.

Her: ‘Don’t tell anyone k?’
Me: ‘Yupp, never. Will we do it again?’
Her: ‘Hmm.. maybe? (high pitched)’

She sent me downstairs and off on my way home. She was my type but never had a chance with.

Handicap Toilet

Day: Monday
Date: 28 September 2009
Time: 9pm
Location: Roxy’s Square

We arranged a meeting again at the end of her tuition. When I got note that she was about to end tuition, I went to the handicap toilet at the top floor to wait for her.

She came to the door and knocked after confirming there was no one around. I quickly opened and pulled her in. As usual, we placed our bags and books down before frenching.

I seated her on the toilet bowl and took off my pants. She didn’t realise I removed the whole  belt before I pull my pants down. I then asked her to give me her hands and knowing she loves bondage, I’m going to try make her hate it.

I tied her hands (willingly) with my belt to the assist beam on her right. She turned her body around to sit properly to face me. I took our my dick and pushed her head towards it. She obediently took it deep into her mouth and even made slurping sounds to swallow her saliva.

I then lifted her head away and took a condom out of my bag. I removed the wrapper and placed it at the top of my dick. I then took her head and used her lips to roll it down my shaft.

I bent over in a push up position using the assist beam behind as support. I teased her pussy which was only a little wet and kept moving up and down till she’s really wet and ready to take it whole.

I thrust my dick in with one stroke and pumped her in missionary. We had to kiss to keep her moaning down. After 15 minutes, I couldn’t take her tight pussy anymore. So, I turned her around and pumped her from behind in doggy style. At about 15 minutes into the doggy style sex, she could not take the pleasure and asked me to stop.

Ignoring her, I continued pump for another 5 mins. After that, I took out the long yellow vibrator and I seated her back into the first position to continue toying with her. I went for close to 10 minutes with the vibrator till she was closing her legs to stop me. I used my right arm to spread her legs, with my palm on her right knee and elbow on her left. I didn’t rest till I was tired, and when I stopped, she was dripping wet and tired.

I stood up and took off the condom and pushed her head to it. She sucked it hard knowing she had no choice but to ignore the rubber taste. I unloaded and shot it down her throat. I got so engrossed that I forgot I was choking her.

She gagged and I quickly loosen her hands and apologised. She was tearing but was smiling and feeling pleased. I helped her wash up and waited for her to calm down before leaving. Now I know, she’s really into bondage and slavery. Hehe.