This story is written from Angela’s point of view, a fellow reader 17 years of age who got into a complicated affair with her brother-in-law. She had intended to share her story here so she could know there were other girls like her, who understand that such things wasn’t her fault.

When I walked out of the bathroom in my nightie, he gave me a shock. He wasn’t supposed to be here, at least I didn’t let him in. After my sister had told me she was working overtime, he had been ‘kind’ enough to buy dinner to our place. But that sight he had on me, when I walked across the living room to the kitchen, there was no mistake about it.

It was of lust, desire, a woman’s instinct is never wrong. As I warmed my milk in the microwave, he was still looking in my direction, probably at the nightdress that I had grown too tall for.

Brother-in-law: ‘Angie, I bought food for you too. Jie told me you haven’t eat.’

*Damn, must she tell him everything I told her? I could have easily gone downstairs to settle my own dinner.*

Me (shouting): ‘Okay. I’m coming.’

Before I could turn around from the kitchen counter, he had snuck up behind me. He wrapped one arm around my waist and covered my mouth with the other. No matter how hard I struggled or screamed, he did not drop me till we were in his room. No wait. It was their room, my sister and his. He pushed my head down against the bed so I couldn’t scream any louder than a murmur, and it was suffocating. When I felt his thighs on my legs, I knew his shorts were gone, and my options disappearing.

Brother-in-law: ‘Hey! If you keep struggling, you are going to get hurt.’

Right then, he released his grip to check if I understood.

Me (shouting): ‘Fuck off! I’ll tell Jie.’

In my mind, I was picturing my escape path. Through the bedroom door, and the main door, and shit.. the locked gates. My head was pinned to the side with a pillow, and I felt my dress lifted up above my waist. As he fought to reach my pussy, the stupid struggle accidentally lifted my butt up. He immediately kneeled on my calves, rendering me unable to straighten my body. Right then, I knew I had no choice.

Me: ‘Okay okay! I’ll do what you want. Stop hurting me.’

Slowly, he took the pillow away and I jolted up on the bed, like sitting upright. Guess what face I was giving him? Breathless and sweaty, the remorse on his face didn’t help at all. If he had left me where I was, I might not even tell on him. But in his stupid head, he must have thought he was too far in to just walk away.

Taking a glance at the door didn’t help as he spotted me, pulling my ankles so I would lie flat on the bed. I guess there was only way out of this.

Me: ‘Hey hey.. sorry sorry.. I’ll do what you want.’

Brother-in-law (sternly): ‘You sure?’

I nodded and tears formed against my wishes. How could I show him my weaker side? He laid on the bed where he could block me from dashing to the door, and grabbed my hand to place on his dick.

Brother-in-law: ‘Don’t tell me you have never done this before.’

I opened my palm and held his dick. It was clean, smooth and dry. My thumb and index finger could hardly wrap around it, but it wasn’t the handjob I was worried about. I began stroking him to my best efforts, and memories from my ex-boyfriends. It was a race against time to get him to cum as quickly as possible. Seeing that smirk on his face irritated me even more, but as I went faster, his groans became more frequent.

Brother-in-law: ‘You know, you are better than your sister at this?’

*So? I am not her anyway.*

I kept sighing as I stroked him monotonously, hoping that my sister would walk through the door. His eyes were shutting for longer periods as I pumped faster, pre-cum leaking over my hand that had nails newly manicured.

His hand reached for my head and easily controlled me. Pushing me towards his groin, I knew what was coming. Not wanting to smear his lubricant anywhere else on my face, I opened my mouth and took him in. He had made me kneel on the bed in doggie, where moments ago I was just lying beside him.

In case he forced my mouth down his 8 inches, I quickly held onto the base of his dick, automating my tempo so he would release my hair. As I focused on using my tongue to stimulate him, his hand reached between my legs, and I blamed myself for not used to wearing undies at home.

His rough fingers ran up and down my slit, wetting me involuntarily. My lips pressed hard against his shaft as I suppressed my moans, tongue still tasting up and down the side of his dick. Now that I think of it, there wasn’t any smell at all. At least nothing turned me off. Getting wetter to his touch, he poked his middle finger into my pussy and I was twitching in discomfort at first.

Not only did he continue inwards, he began fingering me like an engine. Smearing juices all over my groin. There was no words to describe how helpless I was, but there was something else he awakened in me. It was his finger, thick, rough, and fast. My mind was going blank when he ‘attacked’ at that speed, till my face was completely resting on his thigh, moaning and trembling as the first orgasm came from the most unlikely partner.

Brother-in-law: ‘Enjoying it aren’t you?’

Those words snapped me out of the delusional world and I picked myself up, pushing his hand out of the way as I did so. He got up and commanded me to lie on the bed, where I unknowingly raised my knees a little, as though.. inviting him.

He went between my legs and placed them over his shoulders, onto his back. Before I could make sense of what was happening, his tongue had already began sucking on my clit. The first one begin so hard that it got sore and sensitive. Was that what he had done with my sister? My hands dug into his hair as his lips moved up and down with his tongue, drawing lines and circles between those raw folds of meat.

I was totally drawn into his world, one that was filled with pleasure coming from an experienced and grown man. The second orgasm went into his mouth, slurping juices as my body shook more violently. He was getting everything I had been wanting to give to my Mr. Right. This man, between my legs, was owning me like the little slut inside me I hid from every guy I met.

Brother-in-law: ‘Hold your own legs.’

My hands went behind my knees to keep them up and he went nearer to my groin. Placing his dick dominantly over my clit, the next order was to put it in myself. My half-closed eyes could only listen to his voice as I reached between my legs, guiding him to where my door was. The rest of it.. well, the one-single-powerful thrust shocked me awake to my senses.

His face returned, his voice returned, more importantly, our relationship returned. I.. was.. being.. fucked.. by.. my.. brother-in-law. Did I feel disgusted? In a way, I was sharing a man Jie had found and kept to herself by ‘marriage’. He.. I didn’t know who, or what was I to him.

With every stroke, I could clearly feel the thick veins and prominent groove under his dick head. Instead of hitting the right spot, he was rummaging across every spot. My body instinctively squeezed my pussy tighter as pleasure bombarded me in every direction possible. My hands free those knees and had nowhere to hold onto, my feet were locked flinging in mid-air, my teeth had nothing to bite onto to relieve those intense orgasms.

He was making me cum at least three times back to back. Suddenly, my energy disappeared and I could tell my arms and body went flat, like battery flat. He stopped immediately and placed my arms by my side, before rolling me over.

The next thing I knew, my waist was being pulled backwards and my knees acted as a pivot. I was in doggie. He plugged into me right away and my arms regained strength, holding myself up as he pounded me towards the headboard. Right above the bed, was a picture of my sister and him. The man that was giving me yet another orgasm.

I moaned my lungs out when he pierced at that particular angle, covering all the areas he missed out in missionary. He too, was groaning extra loud, possibly from this position.

While my mind climaxed into the second orgasm, he finally stopped and spent the next minute savouring my convulsing vagina, clamping and releasing his rod that was throbbing inside me.

Brother-in-law (panting): ‘I am about to cum. But I’ll save that for your sister.’

*What? Now this?*

He pulled it out and I fell onto my side, watching him wipe my juices off his dick with the corner of my dress. I guess I was feeling a little disappointed then, but who am I to have his cum? No matter where he shot? He went back into the living room and kept his eyes on the TV, with me joining him in the sofa after tidying my hair.

I just couldn’t get the thoughts of my sister getting his load that I worked so hard for. Okay, maybe I didn’t work any harder than him. But it was mine. I took a deep breath and I reached for his waistband, without any resistance from him. He slouched lower into the sofa and my mouth enveloped his manhood unhesitant.

Working my way slowly downwards, his body did not flinch when I was gagging from the deep throat. Only when I fondled his balls in my palm, did he groan a little. Pumping my head faster, my hand had formed a ring at the base and was jerking him at the same time.

Suddenly, sounds of keys were heard at the door and I jumped onto my feet into my room. Fuck me, what overcame my mind to offer him, my sister’s husband, a blowjob?

About an hour of deep thoughts later, noises were heard from my sister’s room opposite mine. The familiar creaking sounds of the bed, sensual moans, dominating groans, slapping sounds with a hint of wetness. I was touching myself as I listened to them.

Brother-in-law (whispering loudly): ‘I am shooting!’

Sister (moaning): ‘Inside me.. all of it!’

The noisy action came to a silence abruptly, but not interrupting me from my incoming orgasm. The image of him pumping me in front was still fresh and vivid, which helped me cum for the umpteen times that night.

Before I fell asleep, I remembered hearing my sister walking past my door with him, a man I was glad I didn’t help till the end.

Sister: ‘Why did you shoot so fast today?’

Brother-in-law: ‘Cause you wore your nightgown tonight.’

Their conversation.. his words especially.. that subtle hint to me.

The next morning, he was on the sofa again, reading the daily newspaper delivered to our doorstep.

Me: ‘Jie is out already?’

Brother-in-law: ‘Yes she is. Wait for me in the bedroom after you eat.’

Did I go into his bedroom? Was I supposed to?

Fairy Tales

Mum: ‘Son, are you sleepy?’
Eric: ‘Yeah. Tired from work ba.’
Mum: ‘Okay. Go to bed earlier then.’

He went into the bedroom without thinking too much into the glass of cranberry juice she gave him and laid under the blanket while his mum came to close the door.

The long day at work had worn him out and his mean manager didn’t make it any easier for him either. Finally closing his eyes, footsteps came from his door and a glow appeared just as he blanked out.

Eric (whispering): ‘Mummy?’
Mum: ‘Shhh.. go to sleep.’

The half sleeping pill she slipped into his drink did not totally knock him out, but let him drift between slumber and sober. The bold plan of her to check out his son’s growth came after her group of ‘tai tais’ gossiped about their children being as big as their husbands.

Halfway making out what was happening, Eric felt his boxers get pulled down to his feet, and the blanket flipped away to uncover his unsuspecting dick.

Mum (whispering): ‘Mummy is just going to check how big you are. My friends are always talking about it.’
Eric: ‘Huh?!’

A row of fingers went to his skin-draped cock and cold air immediately blew over the top as she peeled his foreskin back. Holding his dick with her index finger and thumb, a gentle move up and down turned the closed-eyes boy on. In no time, he was semi-erect to his mother’s hand, worn out by the dishes and clothes she had to wash for the men in the household.

Eric: ‘Mummy.. can already?’

There was no reply from her as she breathed deeper, exhaling warm air over his groin. The mother of two (him and his sister) have not had sex for almost a week after his dad had went overseas, and now, eight inches of raw meat was before her eyes.

A warm breath came down his dick head after a few seconds and Eric knew what was about to come. A slippery wet tongue went over his tip and circled with accidental flicks across the little hood. Lips closing tightly together, that softness of his flesh glided into her mouth easily, garnering a whisper-like groan as she pushed her head downwards.

That bit of saltiness told her pre-cum was leaking, but the motionless boy was giving her much more to do than just pleasing his rod.

Mummy: ‘Ric, just lie down and relax k?’

His pillow shook as he turned his head to reject her incestuous offer. Did she stop? Not at all. Reaching between her own legs, her fingers wriggled into her shorts, going between her wet folds of meat to seek that clit desperately looking for some attention.

The slurping sounds came after a while and she was so energetic to get some action going, even if it meant having her son as a partner.

Climbing onto his bed, the familiar scent of her dear boy was filling up her nose and the desire to be closer to her just get stronger. She then placed her legs over his waist and sat on his abs, slightly flabby from the lack of exercise.

Fingers leaving her pussy, she reached behind for his dick and pointed it upright, sliding her ass down his body as the tip popped into her love hole. By then, Eric had his head turned sideways with his teeth over his lips, unable to resist nor intended to say anything.

As her slimy vaginal walls wrapped itself over his manhood, Eric opened his mouth for a sharp intake of air, as though her tightness had forced some air out of him.

Mum: ‘Is it comfortable?’

Eric gave her a nod and she continued moving her hips, grinding up and down and letting the waves of pleasure flow through her womb. Her 24 year old boy had never been so sexy in front of her, groaning gently as she rocked her bottoms. The fact that he was growing bigger in her told her how much he was enjoying it as well.

She began shifting her feet to his thighs after a while and Eric was making a different noise, like a hum with his teeth together. Mum was getting wilder as she bounced on his lap, slamming down harder to reach deeper. Droplets of sweat was landing on his body as she worked out, squeezing her pussy to drive Eric crazy as well.

After a few minutes, she saw him shaking his head wearily and increased her pace. Seeing him opening his eyes suddenly, she leaned backwards and continued fucking him in a sliding motion, going up and down his upper thighs.

Mum: ‘I’m gonna cum!’

As she felt her pussy contract, a warm gush of liquid shot into her and she went faster, using his dick to rub against her g-spot till she herself was trembling too. The orgasm was so strong as she did not had sex for a long time, weakening her while Eric’s hips jerked upwards instinctively.

The two of them let their bodies tire themselves out before she resumed a squatting position over him, standing up while her hand held him down.

A few drops of cum landed on his dick as she left, but her mouth quickly came to clean him up before the blanket went over his body.

Right then, their main door opened and his sister called out to tell them that she was home. Pecking on Eric’s forehead, her hand moved away from his dick under the blanket to leave him to sleep.

Once Elsa left her bag on the couch, she went into her brother’s room, mother busy with her stuff in the master bedroom.

Elsa (whispering): ‘Kor, asleep?’
Eric (whispering): ‘Nope.’

Her hand went under the blanket to find him bottomless, and understood that he was horny that night, just like her. As she joined him under the blanket, he could not find the strength to tell her what just happened, and went for another round of crazy cowgirl sex. Which surprised Elsa with his extra long stamina to get two orgasms before he unloaded into her hand with a finisher handjob.

Twisted tales? Well, if only mummy knew what daddy did to Elsa when she wasn’t around in the day.

Home Address

When the blogshop owner, Rody received an order for the wireless vibrator, he couldn’t be more happy to pack the toy and ship it out immediately. After he bubble wrapped the package, he scrolled down to the address section of the invoice to find something he least expected. It was his own home address with the recipient’s name as his own younger sister, just seventeen year old.

Still wanting to uphold the integrity of his little business, he wrote the information down but did not mail it on the spot. His sister, Ruyi, was still not home yet and the plan he came up with was to pretend that the postman sent the package to their house as it couldn’t fit in the mail box.

Two days after the order was placed, he had the package on her bed, to find her sneakily going into the bathroom with it once she saw it. Rody did not know what to do then but thoughts about his sister using his toys was making his mind wild with fantasies. Was she going to use it with someone? Or just to pleasure herself on the go? As soon as she was done, the envelope was thrown away and she kept just one item of the two piece sex toy in her bag.

Rody: ‘What did you buy?’
Ruyi: ‘Nothing lah. It’s just some girl’s stuff.’

Dinner came and went for the both of them as their parents weren’t home to cook. His sister went to the bedroom at ten, the earliest he had saw her turn in but did not question her. She must have wanted to play with the toy she just bought. Right then, something came to his mind. All the wireless bullets were programmed with a series of fixed radio waves, meaning, he could turn it on without her remote. So, quickly going to the box where he kept his goods, he retrieved one of the remotes and clicked it on.

Seated in the living room, it did not take long before he received an email, from Ruyi who asked if the toy was broken. Safe under the blanket, she did not come out of the room but Rody did not reply to her email either. A few hours later, it was almost one in the morning when he decided to turn it on again, but he would be in her room hiding in the dark.

The buzzing sound came from inside his sister’s body while he sat in the corner behind the standing fan. Ruyi did not turn it off this time but pulled the blanket away, fingers going into her panties under the white shirt she slept in. From the lights in the living room, he could make out the movements of her fingers as she rubbed herself faster, till her hips arched upwards to an orgasm that left her breathless.

Turning herself to the wall, he found the time to reply her email.

Hi Ru, the product you bought isn’t defective. The cause of the toy going off is due to another remote controller that someone is using in the vicinity. Do you have anyone around you that might be using it as well? How about your brother? Who sold the toy to you?

As soon as he saw the light from her cellphone lit the ceiling, the toy went off again and he got on his feet before she turned around. Scrolling down her screen, she suddenly sat up and realised what might be happening.

Rody (whispering): ‘Mei? Don’t be surprised k?’
Ruyi: ‘Kor? What are you doing in my room? Are you really the seller of the toy?’
Rody: ‘Yes I am. Sorry for not telling you.’

He went to her bed and sat beside her, while pushing the button on the remote to increase the speed. His sister just grabbed his arm tightly as the buzzing sound became louder. Without thinking twice, he took one of her hands and placed it over his boxers, where his bulge was dying for some attention. Ruyi’s legs crossed as the toy made her wet, hands roaming into his boxers to hold onto it while pleasure flowed through her body.

Ruyi (whispering): ‘It’s really powerful.’

He told her to pause for a while while he ran into his room, appearing with a dildo that was shining silver in the plastic form. Opening one of her legs, he sat in front of her and let her continue with the handjob. As she pumped him to the desired hardness, he reached behind his back and extracted the wireless bullet with the tiny loop sticking out of her pussy. He replaced the toy with the dildo he brought and sent it straight into her body, shocking her to increase the speed of her jerking.

Ruyi: ‘Can sit beside me?’
Rody: ‘Yupp okay.’

They leaned against the pillows stacked behind them and she placed one of her legs over his. Tugging at his erection, the toy was disappearing in and out of her quickly. ‘Incest’ had never came across their minds as they indulged in this mutual masturbation, where she was hugging his arm while cumming to his strong hand ramming the toy.

After his sister had finally held his hand with the dildo still, did he noticed how tired she was from the slow handjob he was receiving. Panting deeply, she was worn out from the orgasms that he had unknowingly delivered into her tiny body.

Rody: ‘Tired?’
Ruyi: ‘Yeah. But I want to help you finish.’
Rody: ‘Want to try sucking it?’
Ruyi: ‘Sure?’

How not sure could he be? He guided her head to lie on his stomach while her hand pointed the tip at her mouth. Out of sight, he could only rely on his senses as a slippery tongue came to lick his pee hole. As she listened to his breathing, she wrapped her lips around his manhood and slid slowly downwards. The gentle warm travelled down his shaft as another sensation of pleasure went up his spine. He was actually getting a blowjob from his sister.

Moving her head across his stomach, her hair provided the traction needed to keep sucking without brushing her face on his body. Rody was in the heavens when she tried to reach the base, though failing a few times. Things had never felt more calm than this taboo intimate moment with his sister. A quick pause came to let her put the wireless bullet back and he clicked on the remote lying by the pillow to keep her in the mood.

As her pussy began receiving her dose of pleasure, her mouth picked up speed and was making sucking sounds while his dick throbbed wildly.

Rody (whispering): ‘Mei, I’m shooting.’
Ruyi: ‘Huh? Where?’

Her mouth returned to sucking him while waiting for the answer but it was too late when she head him saying, ‘oh shit’. The thick glob of cum had shot into her mouth and covered her tongue in generous amount while he held her head still. Tasting a little salty, she had no choice but to suck him clean while he did not release his grip.

After a minute, his hands finally let go of her and she took one last trip down to his base, emptying his barrel on the way out. Seeing his sister bend over the bed to the bin below, she spat his cum out while the toy was still vibrating inside of her.

Ruyi: ‘Kor, don’t tell mummy and daddy I bought the toy k?’
Rody: ‘I won’t. But keep this (what they did) from them too can?’
Ruyi: ‘Yupp. So can I keep the silver toy?’
Rody: ‘As long as you let me use it on you.’

With a peck to his cheeks, her grateful was understood as he pinned her down on the bed, the dildo in his hand. She let him pull the wireless bullet out and the longer stick plunged into her pussy without time wasted. Moaning into the night, they made full use of the alone time while their parents were out, climaxing till they were too tired to continue.

Tomorrow will always be a better day right?

Double Trouble

Upon seeing the one carat diamond ring, Christy was so happy that she couldn’t stop smiling to herself throughout the night. The ring wasn’t part of any proposal but a sign of love for her to tell her that he was ready to have her as his wife whenever she wanted. How sweet was that. After they finished the bottle of Jack Daniels 18, he helped her back to her car, where he took the wheels and drove her home.

Surprising or not, it was the first time he had gone to her place and to be in a state carrying her into her house. Just as he found her keys and was about to unlock the door, a clicking sound came and a girl who looked exactly like his girlfriend stood in a one piece nightgown, nothing too suggestive to send his thoughts wild.

Girl: ‘You’re James?’
James: ‘Yeah. Help me take her bag in? I’ll put her in her room.’

She grabbed the bag that was sliding off his shoulders and walked in front to lead him to her room. All along, he knew that she had a sister but never told him they were twins. The uncanny resemblance was so unbelievable that James couldn’t help but stare at the busy girl who was removing her sister’s high heels.

Girl (whispering): ‘Hi, I’m Chloe. Let’s go out and give her some rest.’

James nodded while looking at the sleeping beauty and pecked her forehead before leaving. He was reeking of alcohol and the perfume Christy wore and Chloe brought a cup of water to let the sweating guy catch his breath.

Chloe: ‘My sister and I share a room. That’s why she dare not bring you back. I mean, what will you think if you know two 25 year old girls are still sleeping together right?’
James: ‘It’s fine to me though. Not everyone can afford one room per person here in SG.’
Chloe: ‘Haha. Right. So you two had a lot to drink?’
James: ‘Yeah. She drank more after I gave her a ring.’
Chloe: ‘You proposed?!’
James: ‘Nah. Just a present for her.’
Chloe: ‘Whew.. I don’t want to be all alone man. Why don’t you sleep here tonight? It’s late. I’ll bring a towel for you.’

He was not given any chance to speak and simply went to the bathroom in the kitchen, where he showered while admiring the bra and panties hanging on the wall. To think the two girls were sharing clothes made it even wilder when he imagined to have gone out with the other and not noticed. Or did such things already happened?

James: ‘Chloe? Is the towel outside?’
Chloe: ‘Yupp! At the sink.’

He wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped out of the bath, bewildered at the disappearance of his clothes he placed on the basin.

Chloe: ‘I put your clothes into the washing machine. We have a dryer. It will be ready tomorrow.’
James: ‘Umm.. What do I wear?’
Chloe: ‘Here. This is my shorts. I was this fat in the past.’

The pair of shorts were made of thin material and it fitted him nicely. It was hard to imagine what she was like before she achieved a figure like her sister, an athlete’s figure without knowledge of Christy working out.

They were back on the couch in the dark living room with only the lights from the television. For a moment, both of them said nothing except watching an old Huang Fei Hong movie that was playing.

Chloe: ‘You believe twins has telepathic powers?’
James: ‘I won’t say it’s impossible. Why?’

As she was seated right next to him, her hand did not have any trouble reaching his thighs. For a few seconds, she was brushing her soft palm along his leg, inching upwards into his shorts as she kept quiet.

James wasn’t escaping the situation and even pulled the openings of the shorts wider so she could enter. Within a few strokes, she was wrist deep and sliding her fingers along his growing manhood. After letting her turn him on to the max, it was his turn to lean towards the distracted girl, and pushed his hand under her dress, to the pussy that was bare and moist since unknown when.

Their breathing was picking up pace fast as they masturbated each other, jerking and rubbing with their tiring hands. Chloe’s body was slowing pinning on top of him, lips touching right when he gave her breasts a squeeze.

A wildfire immediately broke out and she climbed over his lap on the sofa, grinding his dick outside her pussy. The twitching of his cock was stimulating her clit at the right spots and making her moan uncontrollably.

Chloe (whispering): ‘Put it in?’

Their faces were millimetres apart when she whispered her desires to him. He then lifted her waist higher and dropped them as he felt her pussy at the tip of his dick, sliding downwards in one move that sent him into the pleasure zone.

Not wanting to let the twin sister do all the work, he thrust into her and watched as she gasped silently to the powerful strokes fill her up with lust and satisfy her craving for the man her sister fell in love with. As their bodies slammed against each other, the juicy slurping sounds grew louder and it woke Christy up, who got horny and wet halfway into her sleep.

There was no mistakes about what she could hear from the living room and she immediately dashed out, to see her sister riding the crazy bull while kneading her own boobs.

James: ‘Christy! Come over.’
Chloe: ‘Jie, join us.’

Chloe got off the thick cock and let him slide lower to let his mouth reach her pussy. Christy held her sister’s hand and allowed her to help him mount on the dripping dick, going double on the trouble as James worked his mouth with his hips. Christy was still high from the alcohol but could not care about what she was doing – sharing her boyfriend.

In a magical effect, their bodies were in sync as their pussies leaked juices over their man. The mental and emotional link between the girls was amplifying the pleasure in their heads to a whole new level. They just couldn’t stop no matter how tired they were from the orgasms.

James: ‘I can’t take it anymore! I’m gonna cum.’

With that Christy pushed down on his abs and rode him wildly, bouncing up and down while squeezing her pussy. Chloe whose pussy was being licked drove her groin harder onto his tongue and was screaming out for her sister to go faster.

Happening in a flash, their bodies expended all the energy they had and kept going till he jerked his hips violently. Plunging deep into his beloved girlfriend, his cum jolted straight into her non-stop and kept her grinding while she trembled from her orgasm.

A wave of liquid came shooting out of Chloe and he swallowed them as it flowed, not wanting to waste a single drop of her goodness. With the clock ticking away, they caught their breaths while still interlocked in the three way position. Only after Christy felt his dick began shrinking, did she lift her ass away and helped her sister to dismount the sweaty body.

The two girls fell to his sides and rested, leaving the younger sister to fondle his dick.

Chloe: ‘Jie, are you angry at me?’
Christy: ‘Not anymore. But he’s mine k? We can share him till you get married.’
Chloe: ‘James, can we have a foursome if I have a boyfriend? I’ll make sure he agrees.’
James: ‘Haha. We’ll say when the time comes k? Let’s sleep now.’

He shut his eyes and felt Chloe moving away from his chest, going to his dick and suck on it till she was asleep. As the blood in his rod flowed away, Christy and him exchanged a peck before dozing off, ready for their new sex life involving her twin sister.

If only James has a twin too right? It would be the most exciting foursome anyone of us could imagine. Truly the ultimate wet dream of anyone to be James.

Now, sidetracking from this story, I have to express my condolences for the closure of Felicia’s ‘Panty4you’ blog, arising from unknown reasons. It’s a loss to all of us even for someone like me who did not make any purchases from her. She still provided a great form of entertainment for me to let me have an insight about her daring enterprise.

If by the time you guys read this entry and her blog is live again, do take care of all the female writers or bloggers no matter what they do to keep the erotica going on our tiny red island. For me, you don’t have to take care of me. Just try not to bring any trouble and the stories will keep coming. :)

Love Seeds

Seated at the dining table, Wendy waited patiently with her younger sister, Queenie, while Shane cooked a few packets of instant noodles for them. He was a secondary three student in the same class as Queenie and had saw how she was shivering when he walked her home. Not wanting to let her wait till dinner before she had her first meal of the day, he had invited her to his place where she asked Wendy to come along as well, with Shane’s permission.

Shane: ‘Here. Eat slowly k? I added something special to make it super yummy.’

The girls ate in huge mouthfuls to ease their hungry stomachs, unsuspecting that the ‘special’ ingredient he added would lead to something else. It wasn’t like Shane knew what he added too, it was a dried powder he saw in the condiment rack that he got addicted to sniffing whenever he was home alone. Perhaps the girls would like it too.

Wendy: ‘What did you add? It’s super nice.’
Shane: ‘I don’t know too. I always see my parents adding to their own food but not mine.’

While Wendy was finishing up the soup, Queenie had left the table and went to explore his house, one that was cosy and had high end appliances they would never have.

Queenie: ‘Your bed is so big! Can I lie down for a while?’
Shane: ‘Sure. Just don’t wet it.’
Queenie: ‘Wah lau. I’m only napping leh.’

He shut the door behind himself after he pulled the blanket over the uniform-clad girl, returning to the kitchen to see Wendy finishing her sister’s bowl of soup.

Shane: ‘So hungry ah?’
Wendy: ‘Yeah. Thank you so much.’

She did the dishes quickly and went to the living room, sitting next to Shane who was asking about her life. The 20 year old girl was studying in a local ITE then, and working part time to support her family. The two of them spoke for a while before Wendy got too tired, and started dozing off on the couch.

Seeing how tired she was, it was Shane’s turn to see the effects of the spice he put into their food. He removed his pants and sat nearer to Wendy, before placing his hand on her thighs. There was no reaction from her and he proceeded to slide upwards, pushing his way into the black skirt of her attire.

Drowsily, Wendy was feeling something new. Her body did not mind the hand roaming along her inner thighs and she even wanted him to go between her skirt. Turning her head sleepily towards Shane, she whispered to him not to stop and he knew his plan was succeeding.

Slowly, he let his finger tips touch on her panties and trembled intentionally, pushing against her pussy to get her off. Wendy held his hand and shoved it harder onto her panties, enjoying the few minutes of pussy-play till she finally gave in.

Rocking left and right, she lifted her skirt to her hips and pulled her panties to a side, then forcing his fingers into her pussy while moaning for him to hear.

Wendy (whispering): ‘Don’t tell anyone k? I’m just paying for the meal.’

The excited Shane kept his eyes on her face as he sank deeper, exploring the innards of her vagina that he had never felt before. Suddenly, Wendy held his wrist and thrust all the way, going in a jerking motion till her stomach arched upwards. Feeling her pussy closing in on his fingers, Shane was all smiles when he felt a stream of warm liquid flowing down his palm.

Shane: ‘You came?’
Wendy: ‘Yeah.’
Shane: ‘Can you touch me too?’

Grinning tiredly, she knew she had to return the favour. Sloppily, she wriggled her hand into his underwear and grabbed his manhood, still growing in her grasp. Stroking it up and down, Shane was going into overdrive as she had found the perfect tempo to help him ejaculate in the shortest time.

Shane: ‘Stop moving first. Can you use your mouth?’

That young boy looked so tempting to conquer and she let him removed his underwear before lying on his lap. Taking his dick whole into her mouth, she pressed her lips tightly on his shaft before bobbing up and down. It was totally overwhelming for Shane whom had never done it before, especially when she squeezed her lips on the upward stroke, and plunging deep down to her throat whenever she went down.

In her skilled mouth repeating the milking motion, Shane knew he could not last long in this situation.

Shane: ‘Can I have sex with you?’
Wendy: ‘Sex? Do you have a condom?’
Shane: ‘Wait.’

He ran into his parents’ bedroom and fished a condom out of a drawer he saw when he was exploring their room. Wendy took it from him and helped him put it on, before climbing over his lap facing him.

Wendy: ‘I’ll put it in myself. Don’t move k?’

The shy boy nodded as he felt her hand going between her legs to point his dick upright. She then lowered her body and Shane drew a deep breath of air when her pussy enveloped his dick.

Shane: ‘Shit.. I’m cumming.’
Wendy: ‘So fast?’

She then began riding him as his virgin load emptied into the rubber, filling it to the brim and pushing some of it out from the ring of the condom. Having just started with him, Wendy did not let him go and kept grinding him. The poor boy was thrashing his hips violently to get her off but she was pinning him down.

As time passed, the sensitive tip was going numb and he found himself erecting again inside her. The experienced Wendy could feel how strong he came back to and did not stop moving her hips.

Wendy: ‘Let’s do it right this time.’

She went to the bedroom of his parents and laid on the bed, while Shane changed out the condom for a new one. With her legs opened, he knew where to go and planted his dick right into the older sister, where she kept him still by wrapping her legs around him.

Wendy: ‘Move slowly. Don’t rush.’

As instructed, he pounded her at a comfortable pace, enjoying the waves of meat massaging his dick. Unknown to him, his parents had returned home to see the doorsteps with two new pairs of shoes. They saw what he was doing on their bed and did not interrupt him, leaving the house after placing the bags of groceries in the kitchen.

Wendy: ‘Change to doggie. I like that better.’

Doggie did not mean anything to Shane then but he let her flip on her hands and knees, getting into position for the rear entry. He did not spend anymore time looking at her and drove his cock back in, ramming her faster than before.

Wendy’s body was registering an incoming orgasm she least expected from this young boy, but it was too late to do anything. As she screamed out that she was cumming, Shane felt the similar sensation when he ejaculated earlier, going faster against his body’s wish.

Going wild at the older girl, she felt his dick pulsate as the condom filled up with whatever little cum he had left. Too overwhelmed by the second wave of orgasm, he fell backwards onto the bed and watched Wendy who reached for her pussy to massage her swollen clit.

Shane: ‘I’m going to my room to change.’

He then left her masturbating on his parents’ bed and went to where Queenie was sleeping, except that she wasn’t asleep.

Queenie: ‘You had sex with my sister?!’
Shane: ‘Yeah.. I.. ‘
Queenie: ‘You know I like you?’

He could not find any excuses for himself after appearing waist naked in front of his classmate. It was still dripping juices and Queenie couldn’t looked anymore disappointed.

Queenie: ‘It’s not fair.’
Shane: ‘What can I do to make up for it? I’m sorry.’
Queenie: ‘Do it with me too.’

He stared at her as she flipped the blanket away, revealing her pussy between her crossed legs. It was wet and glimmering in the sunlight from the window, giving his dick the wrong ideas as it twitched on its own.

Queenie: ‘See? You wanted it too.’

He looked at his feet where his dick was in the way, and saw how stiff it was standing. Silently, he walked to his study table and retrieved a condom, where Queenie snatched it away from him.

Queenie: ‘I don’t want to use it. I want you inside me.’

With that, she turned herself into doggie and looked back at him. Shane was happily left with no choice but to please his admirer too, after all he had done with her sister. Stepping near the bed, she perched her ass higher and he held it gently, dipping his tip into her while she clenched the bedsheets tightly.

Shane: ‘Your first time?’
Queenie: ‘Yupp. There’s no blood cause I always masturbate with my sister’s toys.’
Shane: ‘But I’ve given my first time to your sister.’
Queenie: ‘It doesn’t matter. I want you inside me now.’

He took a step forward to sink his rod into her, freezing when he felt how tight she was. A virgin after all, was unlike her sister. Increasing his speed slowly, he was in the next level of heaven as his dick kept pushing outwards of that tiny hole. His classmate was moaning ecstatically to his thrusts.

Somehow, the third round lasted way longer than he had ever imagined and they changed to missionary after a while, kissing while his hips kept slamming against her groin. The waves of orgasms began when they took this position, driving her body berserk as she climaxed non-stop from the g-spot rapid firing.

The area under their genitals was soaked but Shane was admiring how much she was enjoying herself. Biting lips, gasping air, serious looking glares whenever she cums, it was all etched in his mind clearly. Queenie simply couldn’t get enough of this vein-lined dick that was pushing all of her buttons at a fast speed.

Shane: ‘I am going to shoot.’
Queenie: ‘Take it out. I’ll suck it for you.’

He pushed himself against the wall to stand before her, closing his eyes as she placed his hands on her shoulders. Slurping his juicy dick in her mouth, she worked diligently, going as deep as she could take it. It was after all her crush’s penis that was inside her. There was no way she would hurt him, and on top of that, the determination to please him was driving her faster.

Shane: ‘It’s coming.’

Queenie took his testicles in her palm and rolled them around while she teased the underside of his little head, swirling her tongue in circles. Soon, the first shot erupted into her mouth and she moved her tongue faster, thrusting her head shallow at his rod.

With that vacuum suction draining him of his energy, Shane’s mind was elsewhere as he lost control of his body. Almost ten shots later, his magazine was firing blanks and Queenie gave the last slurp on her way out.

Patting his hips, he looked at her as she opened her mouth to reveal the load that was as much as his first. Unbelievable to him, he did not say a word while he sat beside her.

Queenie: ‘It tastes good. And it’s a lot!’
Shane: ‘I already shot twice with your sister.’
Queenie: ‘Really? Oh my god.’
Shane: ‘Yeah. I don’t know why it’s still so much.’
Queenie: ‘Not that. But it means we have to go for another round.’

The wooden door emitted two knocks, followed by Wendy who asked her sister to check her phone.

Wendy (Whatsapp): ‘I’m going home first. Have fun with your classmate.’

The main door opened and shut, returning everything to the same quietness as they entered the house.

Shane: ‘This time, I want to make love with you, not have sex.’

He slipped under the blanket with Queenie and let her handle his dick, jerking and rolling her thumb over the tip as he recharged himself. As his mind drifted off to sleep, Queenie woke him up with her weight over his abs, and sent his dick to where it belonged, hot and raw into her pussy.

The energetic 15 year old did the work of riding him for the rest of the session, grinding and bouncing on top of him till his body gave in and went into full relaxed state, keeping only his dick upright for her.

There was nothing he needed to do except to play with her breasts, and waiting for the moment to come. There was no words to describe how much they fun they were having, they were so intense that even his parents were ignored when they returned home.

Shane: ‘The second load is coming! Get off me! I can’t control it anymore.’

Thrilled by the good work she had done, she lifted herself just enough to let his dick out and slid her pussy along the underside of his shaft, stroking it between the fleshy moulds of her roselips.

In under ten seconds, the measly squirts of cum departed onto his body and Queenie glided her body down to rest between his legs. Thereafter, she licked his cum off his body and went back to cleaning his dick, coating it with her saliva in replacement to her juices.

Queenie: ‘Will you by my boyfriend?’
Shane: ‘Of course. You’re mine from now.’

The two students fell asleep till dinner time, where his parents had cooked up a sumptuous meal. Wendy was invited to their place and the girls’ parents couldn’t be happier to save on a meal so they could have more on their next.

Shane: ‘Daddy, this is my girlfriend, Queenie. Her sister, Wendy.’
Daddy: ‘Hope you girls had fun this afternoon. Tuck in.’

Wendy wasn’t jealous nor guilty that she had done Shane before her little sister, because Queenie had texted her, giving her permission to share Shane between the both of them. That night, Wendy and Queenie slept with Shane, but the ‘sleep’ didn’t come till he was too exhausted and dried.

So, what was the ‘special’ he added to their food? Did his parents add it to dinner as well?

Tricked for Treats

As the bus got crowded, my sister and I was squeezed into the corner of the standing platform. We had just done our shopping at the OG in Chinatown and I let her stand near the windows, with the shopping bags behind her feet. The few guys around us were seen looking down my sister’s camisole top at the small cleavage but I did not say anything, since she chose to wear this out.

Another guy had stood next to my sister and the girl with him was in front of me, hips almost touching my groin.

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor, I think he is touching my butt.’

I stared at the guy who merely gave me a smile and I told my sister to stay still. After a while, her grip on my hand tightened and I knew she was being molested. The front of her wine red flare skirt was lifted and the stranger’s hand was going under the skirt.

Suddenly, the man told his girl something, and my dick was suffocated with her body leaning onto me.

Guy: ‘Jie, move inside a bit.’

My hand covered my groin to give it a little space but she did not stop shifting in the constricted corner.

Me: ‘Mei, turn around and face the window.’

She did as I asked and the guy smiled to himself, as though he knew we were making a little exchange. I moved my hand to the girl’s butt that was pasted on my sister and gave her a little squeeze. The next thing she did was to turn around as well, facing the back of my sister.

Wearing a short spaghetti dress, it was easy to go under and fondle her panties, made with those thin netting that allowed me to feel her cameltoe. Soon, my sister was wriggling at the window and the guy’s sister was doing the same. My finger then dug into her panties and landed on her clit, where she leaned forward to push my hand against my sister’s butt.

The four of us had engaged in a mini masturbathon to please the girls and we (the guys) were doing a great job. When the bus finally got less crowded, the guy stopped what he was doing and tapped on his sister’s shoulders.

Guy: ‘Next stop. Want to alight with us?’

A slanted nod of my head spurred my sister to pick up the shopping bags and we alighted, walking behind them while she spoke softly to me about how he fingered her in her panties.

Upon reaching their place, we dropped our purchases and my sister was led to a bedroom, while the guy’s sister pulled the shoulder straps off and let her dress fall to the floor. We made our way to the couch where she climbed over my legs and proceeded to yank my shorts down. She gave my dick a few jerks before peeling her panties to the side and sat down over my rod, unstoppable till it was fully embedded inside.

A moan from the room signalled to me that my sister was doing about the same thing and the swing with an unlikely partner started. Grinding her body on top, my dick was stroking the underside of her pussy that made her groan in ecstasy. It was a royal treat for me without having to do anything, and simply letting her ride me to her heart’s content.

As the two of us changed into doggie over the coffee table, my sister came out of the room and climbed next to my sex machine.

Me: ‘Done?’
Sister: ‘Yeah. He didn’t last too long.’

I plugged my fingers into my sister’s pussy and continued pounding the other girl, driving her crazy with my 7 inches. The brother appeared after a while and stood next to me, before I pulled out of his sister when I had enough of her.

Sidestepping to my sister, I sent my dick into her at the same time as the guy fucking his sister. Thrusting at the same pace, the two girls moaned wildly as the dicks ploughed into them, both at high speed.

Guy: ‘Oh ya. Just want to let you know, she’s not my sister. She’s my girlfriend.’

I paused in my tracks as soon as I learnt we were tricked, but it was too late to stop now. Bringing my sister to kneel on the floor between the couch and table, I sat at the edge of the sofa and jerked my hips in hypersonic speed, mercilessly fucking the brains out of her.

Girlfriend: ‘How come you shoot so fast with her?’
Guy: ‘She is too tight.’

He followed what I did to my sister and we continued pounding the lives out of our partners. Stopping before I did, he grunted loudly as he fired his second load into his girlfriend, who was showing a disappointed face at his lack of stamina.

Me: ‘Mei, where did he shoot just now?’
Sister: ‘In my mouth? He put it in once we went into the room but he asked me to do a blowjob after going a few times. Then he shoot in my mouth.’
Girlfriend: ‘Sister, can you let your brother fuck me? I didn’t get my orgasm.’
Sister: ‘Yeah sure.’

I changed places once again and rammed my solid dick into her, giving off a scream as I sank my meat into her pussy. Her boyfriend went to her mouth in an attempt to get her to suck but she did not want to play with him anymore.

Putting all my energy into her, I made sure she came before I did and did not stay any longer inside. I wanted to please my sister rather than the girlfriend of the lousy guy. Little did I know my sister wanted me as badly too. She sat on top facing me and bounced freely on my lap, sending my dick into her time after time. Her nipples were handled by the girlfriend who envied how long I could last but I did not belong to her.

After going non-stop for five minutes, I was finally at my wits end and I told the two girls. My sister climbed off me and whispered something to the girlfriend, who then went down on her knees to work her mouth. Slurping hungrily at the throbbing red stick, my mind went blank to the vicious mouth working flawlessly with her agile tongue to make me go berserk.

Me: ‘I’m about to shoot. Keep going.’

Her lips then went down seamlessly all the way to the base, and her throat took over making small squeezes on my dick head. My cum erupted into her mouth and she swallowed as it came, further overwhelming the already sensitive dick head.

The whole ejaculation lasted for a minute before she pulled her mouth away, licking my dick like a lollipop to get the last drop. My sister and I then wore our clothes back and the girlfriend sent us to the door in the warmest farewell.

For the guy, he was in the kitchen, acting busy while regretting how bad he was in bed. After we got home from the fruitful day of shopping and love making, my sister stripped naked in my room and pushed me onto the bed.

Me (whispering): ‘Eh! Mummy and Daddy is outside!’
Sister (whispering): ‘I don’t care. I can’t take it anymore.’

I let her pull my shorts down and her mouth went over the sticky dick, devouring it without giving me even a minute to get my underwear out of the way. That evening, I had a sensual blowjob from her before our parents went for work, and thereafter were rounds after rounds of wild incestuous sex on her bed.

Sister’s Love for Me

Melody (shouting): ‘Kor! Wake up! You are going to be late for work!’
Me: ‘Okay okay. Go out first. I’m shocked awake by your voice le.’
Melody: ‘No! You will go back to bed de.’

My morning wood was as stiff as diamond and wouldn’t go down no matter how I tried to divert my attention. My younger sister was standing right next to my bed and the hems of her dress was just inches below her waist. No matter what, I am still a guy and she just would not leave without making sure I was up.

Well, I was surely ‘up’. Melody then kneeled on my bed and dragged me to sit up, without half realising what was happening. Thankfully for the blanket that was over my body, her unsuspecting mind did not notice the awkwardness but she wasn’t someone who would just give up so easily.

Suddenly, she pulled the blanket onto the ground and I sat closer to my knees, almost hugging them to hide the hard on.

Melody: ‘C’mon, don’t waste anymore time!’

She shifted beside my shoulder and hugged me across my chest, in an attempt to carry me. How could she lift me up right? Her groin pressed harder into my ribs and I could feel her panties under it rubbing on her dress.

As harmless as I tried to make it looked, I grabbed her arms and threw her onto my bed, spurring her to tickle me under my armpits. Dear oh dear, she pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me, kneeling at a safe distance from my cloth tower and continued to tickle me awake.

Thrashing my body around to her playfulness, my hard on unintentionally found its way under her dress and poked right at her pussy, where she sat down once she understood what was happening.

Melody: ‘So it’s working?’
Me: ‘What’s working?’
Melody: ‘I put some Viagra into your cup of Milo last night and watched you drink it all up.’
Me: ‘It’s not that k? It’s just morning wood.’
Melody: ‘Whatever. It’s working!’

She remained kneeling above me when her hands went to grab my dick, rubbing it in every direction in my underwear. She was wearing one of those silky nightgown that I saw on Qoo10 and upon looking closer at her chest, I realised she wasn’t wearing a bra.

A few more seconds of cock-rub later, I grabbed her wrist and stopped her from the incestuous act that she was triggering.

Me: ‘I am really going to be late.’

The clock was showing 2pm and I knew I had to take a cab already. I could not remember what I was supposed to wear (I have a fixed shirt for every work day) and it was driving me irritated.

Melody: ‘Today is Thursday.’

Silence broke out between us with her sitting on my hard on and me seated while leaning back on my hands. It was my off day and she had to do this to me? I jerked my hips to throw her onto my bed and I quickly took up my position on top of her.

Pressing my dick head on her panties, her hands slithered down her tummy and pulled her panties to the side.

Melody: ‘Kor, what are you waiting for?’

I could sense her wetness even at the tiny contact area and lust was battling in my head, opponent being my sanity. Her legs went around my body before I could react and she pulled me closer, sinking the first inch of my diamond drill into her body.

Melody: ‘Kor.. I can’t take it anymore. Put it in.’

I took both her hands and held them on the bed next to her shoulders. My hips automatically thrust forward, dipping the rest of my rod into her pussy. Her younger orifice was much more tighter than my fantasies but it was still manageable. It was unbelievably fitting when I felt her vagina relaxing to take my size, and it had a pulse like her fingers were around it and squeezing me lightly.

Me: ‘You’re so warm inside.’
Melody: ‘You look so hot in this position.’

Her thighs relaxed and I could move more freely, bringing my body closer to her waist as my dick slid easily in and out of my younger sister. Her hands were running over my chest, feeling every bumps and curves, as though I am toned (which I am not).

After what seemed like the most sexy wake up call ever, she softly asked me to stop and pick her up so we could sit facing each other. Once we were in that position, she made me lie down and mounted herself, without breaking contact between our genitals.

Melody: ‘Kor, I try to ride k? Tell me if I am doing it right.’
Me: ‘Why do you want to know if it’s right? Going to try it on someone else ah?’
Melody: ‘No lah. I can ride you when you’re tired. But you should be doing most of the work as a guy.’

She rested her calves on the bed and began rocking her body, gliding my dick along the underside of her vagina. I could tell she was enjoying herself as her moans got louder, signalling to me she was going to cum as the pitch went higher.

Once she was done riding me, I brought her boobs onto my chest and stabilised my hips by placing my feet flat on the bed. Raising my lower body quickly, my dick slurped noisily in and out of her while she buried her face in my pillow, right next to my ear.

Her voices were muffled by the pillow and it was for the better too, or risk our neighbours imagining things. I went all out at her till I got tired and her pussy was leaking non-stop as orgasms hit her waves after waves. The light squeezes of her pussy did not overwhelm me and I could go on for as long as I wanted.

Finally, she got tired of cumming and could not move anymore. I did not question if she really had to stop despite I had not had my fun, she was my sister after all. I rolled her over to sleep on my bed and she got hold of my arm before I walked away.

Melody: ‘Kor, don’t just leave halfway. You haven’t even shoot. It’s still so hard.’
Me: ‘Nevermind ah. Wake up then say?’

Her tired eyes stared at me for a while before she adjusted herself to lie near the edge of the mattress. She then opened her mouth and pointed at it, before poking my dick on the tip.

Me: ‘You sure? It might choke you.’
Melody: ‘It won’t. Remember last time I always make myself vomit to keep slim? My throat cannot gag anymore.’

That little secret of hers was in the past, and she was no longer using that method, keeping herself in shape with frequent gym visits now. I placed one of my knees on the bed and lowered my body enough to fit my dick into her mouth.

Her cheeks remained loose as I sank my rod in and a little vacuum caused her cheeks to collapse whenever I pulled out. Seeing that everything was in place, I pinned her head down with one hand and held onto the bed frame with the other for support.

Thrusting my dick slowly at first, I went deeper each time to see if she really would not choke, and it was true. In no time, I was plunging my dick into her throat as her saliva drooled all over my shaft, covering it in a slippery lube that helped me to go faster.

I was ramming into her wet mouth that had a slight suction and groaning non-stop from her tongue that was forced everywhere by my fierce entries. Her eyes remained closed as I went on and it was close to five minutes before I felt the moment coming.

Without a word, I stopped myself at her lips and felt my muscles tightened, flushing out my semen into my very own sister, lasting as long as needed to get every drop out. Her head moved on its own down my shaft as I came and drew every bit out, wasting none of it around her mouth or on the bed.

As soon as I was done, I squatted down next to her face and was ready to bring the bin to her. Instead, she swallowed the load effortlessly and parted her lips to lick them clean.

Still with her eyes closed, her wandering hand pulled my head in and planted a kiss on my lips.

Melody (whispering): ‘Goodnight.’

I went straight for another round of make out that led me to her nipples, nibbling on them till they were erected under her thin nightgown. Pecking her head, I brushed her hair away from her face and left the room quietly.

Like brother, like sister. Our lust did not stop us from fucking whenever we had the chance, from the kitchen to the bedroom, public toilets and in her poly. Not even the presence of our parents in the house managed to slow us down from teasing each other clothed.

Will we ever be exposed?