Not Again

‘DI!’ (brother in Mandarin), she burst into my room while I was having my daily dose of erotica on a site, which usually assists with some images. The hard on was obvious, her eyes were already on my bulge, looking naughtily at me.

‘Please? No? I’ve got school tomorrow and this is wrong anyway.’ Obviously, it didn’t work for me as my little brother twitched in denial of my excuse. I shut down my computer and got into bed, while she snug under the blanket towards my pants.

Rubbing my gently, her head appeared under the blankets and onto my pillow. Sliding my hand over to her side, I held her closer and ran my hands into her panties. She looked at me in such a distance that I felt like kissing her. Pulling my head towards her lips with her free hand, we kissed like lovers for a long time.

She moved her hand along my shaft till I was fully ready for her. She took her panties off and turned towards my direction. Slowly sliding my dick between her pussy, I held her waist to let her know I am in control this time. She got on top and sat comfortably while she pushed her upper body up, riding me like a little cowgirl.

Her body was getting warmer by the minute and she was drenching me. We pushed on for our limits and I changed position to do her from behind. Her body was really collapsing at the last minute of thrusts before I unloaded into her.

I lay beside her after I was done and her head disappeared under the sheets and sucked me clean. Little did I know that only the first part was in my control. She rode me like she just discovered how pleasurable sex was. Fucking me out of my mind was what she intended for and it wasn’t until about 4am when the humping stops and she fell asleep while I was inside her.

Getting out of her and the bed, I went around to her back and used her like a sex doll. Fucking her in all her holes, I made sure she knew whose sister she was, and who she belonged to.

She was still on the pill from what I know and was so tired that she slept till late afternoon. Little did I expect her to be happy to find so much cum in her from what I did the night before. ‘Thanks for your loads of present’, SMS sent to me from her while I was busy at work.

Knock Knock

The doorbell was ringing non-stop at 1am. I knew it was my sis, drinking late into the night, had forgotten the keys. I took my time and strolled to the door and opened it for her. She fell into my arms as she was supporting herself, leaning on the door when it opened.

I pulled her in and she sat with her legs sideways on the floor, after she took her heels off, she stood up and turned her back towards me. It was obvious what she wanted. I pulled her lacy panties down and I released my shorts as well.

Pulling up her dress, I pounded her wet cunt non-stop. She was already wet while she was outside the door. The moans went unheard and her juice was literally dripping on the floor. Her pussy suddenly tightened and she fell unconscious.

Not really satisfied, I helped her to my bed and unbuttoned her dress. My naughty sister was wearing a matching lacy black bra as well. I got into the bed after undoing her clothes and sucked hard on her nipples, determined to wake her up.

‘Quick, I want you inside me.’ She said in a grouchy voice. I pulled her legs apart and plunged right into her. I was feeling a little guilty taking advantage of my drunk sister. Imagine my parents walking in on me now.

Suddenly, a daring thought came into my mind. I took a bottle of lubricant from one of the drawers under my computer desk and spread a whole lot on my dick and her asshole. Raising her hips with the booster, I inched my way into her virgin asshole.

She screamed as I went in halfway of my dick. ‘Ahhh.. very pain!’ I quickly took one of her hands and placed it on her pussy, rubbing it seems like a natural reflex to her. Slowly, she fell into sleep again and I continued exploring the unknowns.

This time, I was gaining speed at her ass and her fingers were still moving on her clit. Because her ass was virgin, it would be tight too. She woke up and moaned just as I went full speed. She was receiving all these orgasms that she didn’t experience before.

Unable to last very long in the tight new hole, I released all my sperms into her. And pulled it out quickly. She went back to sleep almost immediately and I returned to the bed after cleaning my little brother.

Now, I feel as though I am drunk from the smell of alcohol. Goodnight.

Shall Sleep In

‘Huh? So early?’ I mumbled as I felt a hand stroking my semi-awake little brother. My sister had snuck into my bed in the middle of the night. Her sleepy hand ran up and down my shaft, squeezing me harder so I won’t cum so soon. Her other hand was in her panties fingering herself. Soft slurping sounds from her masturbation is the alarm for a rainy Saturday morning.

I pulled her hand away and got out of bed. Her eyes were wide open looking if I got mad being awakened by her. I went around to her end of the bed (where her feet were) and took off my shorts before crawling under the blankets.

A glee could be hear as she took off her undies opened her legs wide for me. I worked my tongue on her wet clit, alternating between sucking and teasing, all with my mouth. ‘This is why I like you’, she said as I continue with the cunnilingus. After I was sure she’s all ready, I pushed away the mutli-layer blanket and positioned myself for a deep penetration.

I plunged my hard dick into her tight pussy. She was wrapping around me so well that I could feel the countdown to my limit. I didn’t intend to last any longer than what my body would usually do. As the whole bed creaked from our hump, she was really high from the few orgasms that were running through her.

As I feel the limit nearing, I waddled on my knees towards her mouth and she took it whole without any hesitation. ‘I wahhnt urhh thoo phas’, she was sucking my meat like a toothbrush. ‘Toothpaste coming!’, my cum went right into her mouth and she was really naughty.

She made a gargle and down her throat the morning protein went.

‘Back to sleep..’ I went to her side and hid under the blanket. ‘Me too!’, and under the same blanket she went. My bed is already too small for me. =(

Welcome Home

My sister was sitting on the sofa with her sexy short nightdress, her hand holding a can of beer. Looking at her flushed face, I know what would happen. Quickly I went to my room without looking at her. I was unpacking my bag when suddenly a whiff of beer smell came strong and my door flew open.

I turned around and pushed her out to the living room sofa. As she fell from my push, she pulled me along and the man’s instinct took over. I kissed her like a lover and my hands were roaming all over her beautiful body. As usual parents won’t be home till morning.

Our clothes were gone in a flash and our private parts are rubbing against each others’. She sat on the sofa while I half-knelt on the tiled floor and stuck my dick into her gushing pussy. I went crazy fucking my sister’s tight pussy. My phone rang suddenly and my sister got hold of it, she reads, ‘Pam Baby.. she must be your girlfriend. Pick it up.’ And pushed the dial button to accept the call.

Pam: ‘what are you doing now? How come you’re breathing so hard?’

Me: ‘uhh.. I’m actually masturbating now. That’s why lo.’

Pam: ‘Eee.. who are you thinking of? Which girl?’

Me: ‘You lah, I want to fuck you so badly on the sofa, while the tv is on, with both of us heaving and puffing.’

All these while, my hips are still bumping my sister’s. While describing the details of what I’m doing to my sister as though I’m doing Pam, my dick suddenly went ready and shot with full force.

‘I’m cumming!’ saying to both my sister and Pam. I shot my load on my sister’s face and she sucked it dry. I pulled up my pants and went straight into the shower, to find that my sister wants to shower with me.

On the other end of the line, I could hear Pamela breathing and moaning. Quietly, I asked her to put the phone down and masturbate to her pussy’s content. My sister went to sleep in my bed in the bath towel. I cuddled her to bed. =P

Shower with Sis

It was a hot day and I popped into the shower once I reached home. Nothing else matter once the cold water hit my head and runs down my body. My family wasn’t really the kind that would lock the doors during the use of bathroom. Once in a while I would spot my mum showering with my dad, probably reliving the younger days.

My sister marched into the shower with her set of clothes and joined me after placing her clothes beside mine on the sink. The hard on I had didn’t quite help me much. She started watering herself as I was soaping halfway. There was no exchange of words or rejection. She pushed on the bottle cap to get some soap onto the body as well. Feeling a little awkward of my upright meat stick, I continued to scrub myself trying my best to keep the thoughts off my head.

She got a little more Dove on her hands and starting cleaning my little brother. Her stroking with the soap was pretty intense. The only sign I had from her was the nipples, clearly hardened and pointy from her horniness. We rinsed the soap off each other and before I could reach for my towel, her hands continued to move up and down my shaft.

Unable to take anymore of her teasing, I pulled her out of the shower and pushed her back downwards over the toilet bowl. I shoved my penis into her hole and she automatically spreaded her legs wider for me. Away I pumped while the shower head was still spraying warm water over our bodies.

With a restricted space, we wouldn’t be able to change to other positons. Feeling a little tired, I slowed down and allowed her to finish me off with her orgasm. I sat on the bowl and she knelt on the towel and sucked me without rest. Her left hand playing her left nipple and right on her pussy, fingering herself.

Without warning, I shot everything down her mouth. After I finished unloading, she took a bit of water from the showerhead and swallowed everything in a gulp or two. And thanks to her, I had a long sleep and woke up about five hours later, to find my sister sleeping soundly beside me, clamping my thigh between her legs like a blooster. The warmth and wetness of a girl’s pussy never fail to turn guys on. And I could feel the above through her panties.

Oh yea, not sure if I covered this in the earlier sessions with her. She likes to sleep in her panties and wear singlet or t-shirt without bra. No doubt she’s my sister, I always get the hard on looking at her. She dyed her hair blond like three days ago, and got her sixth ear piercing on that day too.