Bad Student – Xuan

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Shelia had a very good friend in school, Xuan. They were as close as sisters, and shared almost anything that can be shared, including Mr. Lee. Unknown to Shelia, it was the love between that made Xuan signed up for his ‘private’ classes. Nonetheless, Mr. Lee did not exploit their friendship and made the learning process enjoyable. Back to Mr. Lee, although he was just a teacher whom had three pets under him, it wasn’t the first or the last to have such dealings too. He was merely part of something bigger.

Mr. Lee was one of the members of the ‘Wise Men’. There is no leader among the five, never a physical meeting, and not even faces to their call signs. The information they trade were closely related to the ‘outstanding’ girls which ironically meant their weak or vulnerable minds, and ‘potential’ guys, which genuinely meant that they needed a little reward or encouragement to do that bit better.

Mr. Lee: ‘Wen Jie, see me after school.’

It was probably time.. Wen Jie thought, his scores were falling, due to his family’s financial difficulties. He had to take a few night shifts at the fast food restaurant to earn that bit more income and now that the crisis is over, his body had trouble adjusting back to the ‘stay awake in the day’ time zone.

In the class with him was Xuan, always staying back to do work and consult Mr. Lee on various topics even though he wasn’t the subjects’ teacher-in-charge, he too would help her as much as she could. Explaining how she maintained her average results. Mr. Lee appeared a while later and approached WJ, sitting in front of him while flipping a file of worksheets.

Mr. Lee: ‘This is the least I could do. Spend your waking hours on this, do as much as you can, and show it to me whenever you are free. Alright?’

A smile broke across WJ’s face and tears swelled up in his eyes. Imagine a 16 year old guy sobbing, be it gratitude or shame, it was very rare. Mr. Lee knew him as a strong boy, hardworking, but sadly, not maximizing his intelligence. He wanted to fix another thing on the spot too, one which Xuan can come in handy at. Mr. Lee gestured at Xuan for her to sit behind him and did what he briefed her on, while Mr. Lee gave WJ’s shoulder a pat.

Mr. Lee: ‘We too, must fix your nocturnal habits.’
Wen Jie: ‘Thank you Mr. Lee, I will get more sleep at night.’

He stood up to shake Mr. Lee’s hand and suddenly, he heard the chair screech and a pair of hands going around his waist straight to his pants.

Wen Jie: ‘Xuan?! What are you doing?’
Mr. Lee: ‘Don’t worry Wen Jie, I’ve spoken to Xuan about your sleeping problem and she had agreed to help – in her own way.’

He pushed his hand behind and locked it while turning him to face Xuan. She had already undone his trousers and it was on the floor with his underwear. To shout out no was kind of dishonest with that peeking red flesh under the foreskin. Xuan sat on the chair and used her lips to roll the excess skin backwards, going into contact with the sensitive nerves ending at the little mushroom. With her head bobbing up and down his virgin shaft, it was well-lubricated with saliva and her eyes remained fixated for as long as she could on him, showing him her outmost effort in fixing his problems.

Her throat opened up for his size after a few minutes and she went down deeper on him, showing no resistance to the fact that they were classmates and had mutual respect of a high level. Her hands were gliding up her thighs, and skirt was lifted up to her hips, while slipping one of her hands into her pink lacy panties. It was already wet with a patch, but definitely not enough for her.

With his limit approaching, Xuan could feel the balls tightening and paused for a break. Mr. Lee had been long gone by then, using a table instead to support Wen Jie’s weakening legs. Standing up before him, Xuan pulled her panties off under her skirt and turned around to keep it in his bag. Watching her butt shake left and right in front of him cocked his rifle for the biggest blow and after she was done tucking her gift into his bag, her knees got on the chair and remained in doggie position for him.

Pulling her skirt up for the shy boy, he walked toward her and his compass pointed right at the opening. Slowing pushing his way into her, it was the third time Xuan had something of this nature in her. Here is where Xuan was totally a different league from Shelia. Her body had this specially tight pussy, that was softer than toufu, yet constantly existing in a moist environment. Even when she wasn’t horny, her vagina was wet. Just a little saliva on the outside, and you’re welcomed to play on the inside. There was no other way to describe the feeling, but if you could get two pieces of toufu and fuck between them without mushing it up, you will know what i mean. She’s soft yet unbreakable, constantly pressing tightly onto you, and no matter how hard she squeezes, you will always feel the softness.

The moment Wen Jie entered her fully, he was so sure the gun would blow already. The vacuum had secured him inside, and any movements would immediately trigger his orgasm.

Xuan: ‘Jie, wait inside for a while. You will feel better.’

Feel better? You’re fucking tight Xuan! If only you knew what I meant. It was the longest two minutes for his cock to calm down a little before starting to thrust into Xuan’s tiny body. The urge to just go hyper speed and cum was too intense and WJ couldn’t control himself either. The slippery walls of her pussy were just so tempting. His fingers went forward to play with her small nipples as a distraction while he continued pounding into her on the chair. Though it was some distance from mirror beside the noticeboard, he could see that Xuan was admiring how he was fucking her from behind, dripping sweat onto her skirt, trying his best to control himself not to cum.

As the moaning went on, WJ had gotten a little numb for her and thus increased his pace. While slapping away on her butt, he just had to take out his camera phone and snap a little picture for memory.

Xuan (heaving, puffing): ‘Jie, you can cum anytime you know? Mr. Lee had asked me to help you for as long as you need to fix your sleeping issues.’

Hearing that piece of good news, he tugged hard at her waist for the last few slams on her butt and squeezed the load out of his pipe, pumping the fuel into his new car, topping it up to the brim. Xuan couldn’t move for a while as her pussy was overflowing and she had to hold it in case it dirtied the floor.

Flicking his penis head up and down on her slit, Xuan loved the last bit of teasing as he took the initiative to wipe her ‘lips’ clean and even help her with the skirt too. As for Wen Jie, he received an oral clean up before she put on his pants for him, like how a maid treat her master.

Xuan: ‘Sleep tight tonight. If you are still tired tomorrow for class, we will have to do it at least twice each time. ;)’

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No One Around 3

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Ryan: ‘Crystal?’

Sound asleep, that was the only sign she was showing. With her glossy lips breathing warm air, and the long dazzling eye lashes, eggshell smooth face and the soft puffy breasts every man desire to give a squeeze, and the tender long legs even cum would die to stick on. Parting her slim legs, the hairless, stub-less, prickly-less satin smooth bikini line.

Quietly, he removed his No. 4 and went for a quick rinse. After which he realised she hadn’t moved an inch. Taking her hand in his, he placed her hand over his dick and started stroking himself, getting harder than usual, with the more continuous flow of pre-cum. Soon, her both her hands were covered in the sticky substance and his hard on was almost breaking out of its skin. Quickly placing her legs over his shoulders, he poked his dick slowly into her and the dryness was soothed by his pre-cum.

As his rod piston in and out, her juices started flowing too, forming like dew, it was invisible but quick, and it was thick and clear as well. Coating his whole dick with her love, his pace increased as his dick grew bigger. With book out always on a Saturday, this was the perfect way to start his weekend. With all his ferocity, he rammed hard into her with all his might, packed with strong core muscles, it was hard NOT to get wet. Though she was unconscious, her body was still functioning normally.

Within minutes, the third load of cum pumped into her and the creampie couldn’t be anymore fuller. It was literally dripping like a tap. Ryan fell into sleep and woke up to her movements trying to get dressed. Thankfully, he wasn’t naked.

Ryan: ‘Hi. I’m Ryan.’
Crystal: ‘And I’m Crystal. Sorry. Is this your bed? I fell asleep I guess.’
Ryan: ‘It’s okay. I think my dad brought you home. Are you going home now?’
Crystal: ‘Yeah. It’s getting late and I’m hungry.’

Dinner was ready and three pairs of chopsticks were laid out. Crystal did felt a little sore below, but thinking it was just the uncle’s big size, she didn’t think much and ate all of her rice, including the soup he prepared specially for her. Finally, after she was done with everything, Uncle Tom returned her dress and she got dressed in Ryan’s room. The final touches were done on the living room couch, lipstick and eye-liner.

As she standing up to leave, the wave of sleepiness overcame her again and she fell onto the sofa, with Ryan quickly picking her up into his room.

Uncle Tom: ‘Is she gone?’
Ryan: ‘Yeah!’

Hastily pulling his pants off, he quickly raised her hips up into doggie and just as he was about to lub her up, the vibration from her phone buzzed loudly in her bag. It was a call from Lynn, which contact picture was nothing less hotter than Crystal.

Ryan: ‘Daddy, I think she left her phone behind.’

Without thinking, he picked the call up and made a fancy story about how she fainted and his son was kind to bring her to his house. And the ‘Lynn’ was also not thinking to have rushed down and appearing in her clubbing attire, a short wrap-dress that was so easily removed. Breathless after the short run, Ryan offered her a glass doped with sleeping pills as well and now, father and son owned a toy each.

Uncle Tom carried Lynn to his room while Ryan resumed fucking Crystal till he was totally dry and shagged out, using both her pussy and ass at his disposal. And his dad? He was doing the same as well, just that he had her tied up at her legs with a long metal chain to the bed. Just far enough to reach the toilet and around the room. After he was done with the administrative work, he left her lying on the bed and went for a quick round missionary, blowing his load all over her body. Lynn was even tighter than Crystal as she was smaller size, her boobs were barely B but her asshole was clearly loose. Anal slut?

With two toys for two boys in the house, was it just time when they would get caught? Or would no one ever find out? With Ryan’s friends invited for a sleepover guaranteed to rock their worlds, would Lynn and Crystal ever be the same again?

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Ready to Serve

Jim tore open the box his favorite instant meal from 7-11, amazed at how convenient it had become go fill one’s stomach. It was even steaming hot as he pushed the scalding pizza slice into his mouth, sinking his teeth into it.

Jim: ‘Hmm!’

If only girls were so convenient. But that would be too convenient, beyond belief. There’s just one problem, there was no girl so easy, at least not so stupid. Jim understood that even if he could get a girl, she would be of ideal girlfriend quality, not a slut. For a start, why would he want someone who wouldn’t stay long? It would of course be perfect if she was his girlfriend, someone he can love other than play with.

Those fantasies never seemed to end, but he knew it might just be possible if he planned. So he drew up a summary of what needs to be done.

1. Girl
2. Money
3. Trust
4. Exposure (clothes)
5. Brainwash
5. Extremities

The first two started concurrently. Jim was a shopper, and had a thing for high-tech cameras and gadgets. Occasionally buying new bags to catch up with the trend, but he made an effort to save. So every time he had money to buy a hundred-dollar worth of gadget, he would put the fund into a ziplock bag and kept out of sight.

For the ‘girl’ part, he had a girl in mind. A seventeen whom used to chat with online a few years ago, someone who still SMSes him occasionally, but wasn’t too close. From all he knew about Melody, she played electric guitar but disliked wearing skirts nor anything that has open ends, dresses included.

Jim knew meeting her wouldn’t be easy, since they only texted once in a blue moon. So he worked out a little plan in his head. First, he needed to gain intimacy. There is no shortcut to getting a girl to meet a stranger, it could take a lot of time, which Jim was ready to invest.

Their influx of SMSes quickly increased and it was a little tedious on Jim’s side since he needed to text with caution, not affording to lose his chance. The plan to send contents between grey areas of personal and randomness wasn’t easy. Messages that provoke thoughts, stretching her capacity to accept ‘indecent’ from decent texts, probing answers no two strangers would share. It wasn’t an over-the-weekend project, but one that took Jim about three months.

Soon, his effort paid off as they two of them planned to meet on a few occasions which were deliberately missed by Jim, on pretext of work and family matters. But by then, he had been in contact with three girls, changing among a few others with more potential.

Melody met Jim after the months of contact and he followed his plan religiously, not intending to screw this opportunity with this girl who caught his eyes. Sure, her MSN display picture did not reveal too much, but the cellulite-free waist and thighs were some of the features that made her stood out. Her face required no make up to look best, along with well cared for shoulder length hair. She was like a feline in rock and roll. She spoke with a fluent language of English, and Mandarin with a strong Caucasian accent, making her even more sought after.

Jim was dating her before she knew she was on dates, but the care and love Jim put in for her touched her heart and she agreed to become his girlfriend. No one could deny the bond between the two lovebirds. They were like any couples, with Jim having another agenda in mind.

He began buying clothes for her, after learning of her body when they shopped together. As most couples do, they had their share of experimentation and foreplay, going only as far as a blowjob and fingering. Sex was out of his mind for what was about to come next would escalate their foreplay beyond sex.

It was truly foreplay, before going into a world Melody could not return. The clothes he got wasn’t from physical retail shops, it would be too awkward for him to get sexy clothes, further acknowledging the fact guys are horny bastards.

He shopped online for sexy satin kimonos, night dresses, tube dress, translucent bras and panties, short skirts and thin shirts. Along with those purchases, Jim forged invoices to make them looked expensive, which was in fact very affordable from his secret savings.

Melody knowing he spent such an exorbitant amount of money on her, she started with the skirts, then to the various colored tops. Only on very rare occasions she would put on those impossibly short kimono dresses out, like during the late nights he spent with her at the neighborhood, or pointless long bus rides with Jim.

Little did she realize the long bus rides started to end at more crowded places and she would just go shopping while Jim paraded his ‘open’ girlfriend for all the perverts’ eyes to feast on. The black translucent panties were hard to find. They were thick, yet soft and comfortable to wear. She was a girl who very frequently felt ‘naked’ with a one-piece outfit, so Jim had to be extra thoughtful to secure her uneasiness.

The tops themselves were special too. Designed from a concept similar to the BraTop series of clothes from Uniqlo, the ‘bra’ were in fact support pads sewn into the clothes itself. Jim learnt something guys failed to notice when girls went against going braless. It wasn’t the extra thickness of the bra that made them felt safer (or more secure), rather, the support was what females secretly needed, to hold up their assets.

Melody didn’t think too much of the tops compared to the thongs. She loved the texture and convenience of it, reducing the load of clothes a girl needed to wash.

So, Jim had ‘money’, ‘girl’, ‘trust’, ‘clothes’ checked on his list. The process of brainwashing for the casual outfit was done, next was the idea of having fun in the great outdoors. The job was pretty much done, or at least it was easily achievable.

All he needed to do was to get more intimate wherever possible. Even giving her butt a squeeze would prove enough to let her know what he was thinking about. He started using dildos on bed, driving her wild and crazy each time without fail. Her mind was easily influenced and without knowing, she soon developed a natural respond to get wet on his bed even without his presence, let alone when he was asleep beside her. She would pamper herself with his toys, when he was unavailable. Both their parents accepted their children’s partner and were no stranger to them having keys to each others’ place.

Going wireless was a pleasant surprise for Melody’s eighteenth birthday. Jim slipped a wireless vibrator into her during their after-breakfast fun in the morning. She then specially requested that Jim waited outside for her while she showered and dressed up. Thinking it was just a standalone toy, she didn’t take it out and got dressed in a baby pink tank top (from Uniqlo) with normal black mini skirt, both bought by Jim as part of her birthday celebration package.

She rolled a pair of black stockings up to her mid thighs and finally slipping on a white translucent panties before stepping into a pair of 1.5 inch heels. She hopped out of the room without much stumbling and did a spin for Jim, whose eyes gleamed with delight, proud of the girl he was creating. The two of them left her place and made their way down the steps to the bus stop opposite their block. Feasting the eyes of two schoolboys who were looking up the steps as she walked down by the handrail.

Having to cross two roads with cars speeding in opposite directions was quite a scare for Melody, especially when she was in heels and running in them was painful. Her hands wrapped tightly around Jim’s arm while distracted by the oncoming vehicles, ignoring the gusts of wind fluttering her skirt’s hemlines all over the place, flashing glimpses of the white underwear to pedestrians waiting on the curbs at the opposite banks. The two of them finally made it across and three guys had their eyes glued on her slim long legs, highlighted by the dark stockings against her fair thighs.

Ten minutes passed and the bus came to a screeching halt. Melody walked in front of Jim and struggled to get up the steps which were higher from the ground on the older buses, giving the bus driver a good view of her slit between the open-crotch thongs. The howling wind made matter worse when her pussy lips separated for a moment when she opened her legs to walked the steps.

Little could Jim do to block the upskirt everyone at the lower deck was getting when she got up the spiraling stairs to the upper deck. Immediately, the two walked to the back of the bus, bypassing the dirty looks from the aunties and grannies, while attracting the unwanted attention of a few Malay ‘mat’ and perverse looks from an uncle sitting just three rows in front of them.

Melody was so badly shaken by the swerving of the bus while walking that she fell hard on her bus onto the cushion seats, puffing up her skirt for another peek by the passengers walking behind her, who quickly sat at whatever seats nearest as the bus picked up speed.

Jim reached into his bag to get a bottle of water, fused with a few drop of expensive German Sex Drops for Melody. And placed it back when she was done. His hand remained inside his bag and quickly pushed a button on the controller.

Melody: ‘Hey. What are you doing?’

Her sun-deprived face was glowing with a blush and her hands were on her skirt, between her legs. Jim said nothing and clicked to the highest speed on the controller. By then, her fingers were just centimeters away from coming into contact with her pussy. She had never masturbated before, but never felt so inclined to do it there and then.

Jim: ‘Don’t touch yourself. I want you to bear with it.’

Melody: ‘You’re so evil!’

Jim hushed her and she resisted the temptation to touch herself. After fifteen minutes, her eyes were closed and had her head perched on the windows, desperate to relieve herself of the pent-up raging hormones. Yet all she could do was make do with the little satisfaction of the tease and being denied orgasms.

Jim: Melody?’

She wearily opened her eyes and looked at him. He had his rock hard dick in his hand, poking out of the zip of his jeans. Jim took her head and kissed silently, while her hand roamed to his crown jewel, massaging and stroking it. He then pushed her head down and she followed, sucking and slurping as quietly as possible.

The upper deck of the bus was emptying itself, with alighting passengers looking at the rear and realise there was only one head, eyes rolling around in pleasure, no one could be more right. Her blowjob was taught by the countless porno flick they watched together, almost matching the prostitutes Jim visited once. By the time he tried controlling, it was too late as his dick churned out loads of warm fluid into her mouth.

She licked up the remains oozing out of the pee hole and looked at Jim. Melody had never swallowed, since Jim had never forced her to do it. But this time, he wanted her to do it. And she gulped. Taking a minute to compose herself, Jim took the same minute to turn the toy off, and pulled her skirt up to see how wet she had gotten.

The wet spot was already forming on the edges of her stockings, making her exposed skin sticky against the canvas seats. He took her favourite rabbit dildo which was smaller than average and handed it to her. Jim had learnt to identify when she was about to climax, she had this natural reaction to stop breathing about three seconds before her juices would flow like a leaking tap out of her pussy. Her breath would only resume when much of the liquid got out.

Jim took turns to stab her trained little pussy with the toy, sinking in and out, spraying the back of the seats with droplets. When the first stoppage of breath came, he pulled the toy out and watched how she pleaded with him to let her come. And for all of the five times, he said no. The wireless vibrator was then pushed back into her, tucked in further by the rabbit.

Melody was desperate to cum so badly that she was trying to do something impossible, focusing to cum without any physical contact, which was only theoretical possible. The duo alighted at the Flyers and went to process the tickets for a fifty minutes wait.

Jim had refreshed himself with a Grande from Starbucks and needed to relieve himself. Deciding she was almost ready, he turned the vibrator on again and she followed him quickly into the handicapped cubicle. Like a master requiring his slave to extract his cum, he pushed her shoulders gently over the sink, spreading her legs with his feet. He lifted her skirt up and tugged at the loop secured to the toy thrice, before yanking it out.

Jim tried a few times to aim with his hips diving straight into her pussy, but slipped and almost went into her asshole. After the fourth, he got it in with one swift stroke and hammered her like an energizer bunny, quickening as he lost sensitivity and went slow as he was about to shoot. Melody had a grateful intention to Jim for relieving the barely contained orgasms and globes of pussy juice was sliding down her legs, absorbed into the stockings.

About ten minutes from boarding, Jim decided he was done and creamed into her pussy, without contraceptive nor condom. Melody was shocked, but said nothing as she believed she was his. The vibrator buzzed away inside her from the check in counter to the ride, the thirty minutes of private time (there was no one else behind nor in front of them, so they had the whole carrel to themselves) they had, Jim presented Melody with a airbrush make up set that she painstakingly spent hours on an airbrush painting a plastic face without any proper equipment.

She was so happy to have him as a boyfriend and was even more determined to satisfy him in any way he wanted. The thirty minutes ride couldn’t seem more cheated than ever as the orange skyline that was appearing disappeared behind the carrels above.

After that, they went to a corner facing the expressway and cuddled for a long time, with his fingers under her skirt teasing and fondling her clit.

Jim: ‘Would you be mine forever?’

Melody: ‘Not just forever. For lifetimes to come.’

The vibrator came on again and her hands stroked on his bulge again. Melody finished the sandwiches Jim made and went between his legs for desserts while he continued munching on his bread. He came more than four times that day and it was all on his cue.

Melody had become a sheep in his control. As a girlfriend, as a cum dump, as a sex reliever, whatever. His plan was working. And it was far from over. The outings following her birthday became more absurd, draping her with thin, translucent, sheer material and fucking her outdoors with little respect for her dignity and well-being. Her pussy was hardly dry, either filled with her own bodily fluid, or Jim’s cum.

Melody was so trained that she could walk without shyness despite the stream of juice between her legs. Or when the buzzing of the wireless vibrator got too loud in a quiet environment, she would smile and playfully lick her lips. Exposing herself was as common as a slipping bra strap in public, she would often ignore it for as long as she could, till Jim told her about it.

Each time Jim called for her, she would arrive panty-less (at home) or with a pussy moist and soaked ready to take on his pounding, ending with a spray of sperms over her back, boobs or a less messy solution – creampie. Panties were still a must when they were out, but the variety of panties she had been beyond what her mum could remember washing.

Some might say Jim was having too much sex. But too much sex isn’t the same as ‘enough’. Only ‘enough’ was enough. On the rare occasions she got dead drunk from the few sips of beer, Jim would invite a few of his friends living nearby to relief themselves into his helpful girlfriend. Well, I didn’t intentionally dodge the topic of protection and pregnancy. But it just didn’t happen to this couple.