Morning Workout

I woke up at 5.30am even on a Saturday. It was quite early and having nothing to do, I went online to wait till 7.30am, the time Isabelle and I planned to meet. It had been two weeks since I last met her. I knew Isabelle during poly, and she was in the same course with me. It was that rainy day that we met at one of the stairs and started conversing. I can’t really remember what happened but we were both feeling down and ended up making out just right there.

Anyway, we met at her house at 7.30am, when her parents went out to work. She didn’t live far from me, just two bus stops down the road and I was there, at her doorstep.

*knocking lightly on her door*

She opened the door slightly and hid behind it all the time, of course, I had to see what was she wearing once I entered. She had this little white towel wrapped around her, it was so short that it was either to cover her small breasts, or her kitty. We called her pussy kitty as it would sound a little less vulgar. Her breasts wasn’t big, but the towel was pushing them together so tightly that a little valley was created between them.

Me: ‘Hmm.. Isa feeling so naughty early in the morning?’

Isabelle: ‘Haha. You too! Look at what’s this?’

*she pointed to my bulge, I took her finger and pressed on it*

Me: ‘It’s awake for you.’

Isabelle: ‘Eeeee.. haha.. My parents will be back in the noon. Let’s play till then? I missed you.’

I couldn’t waste anymore time, it was merely three and a half hour away from the return of her folks. I dropped my bag and piggy-back her to her bedroom, which she directed while behind me. Standing beside her bed, I fling her upwards and onto it. She simply lay on the bed, arms and legs wide open, and the towel was a tug away.

I stripped to my bathing suit and my dick was so hard for her. I jumped into her arms and kissed her, while my dick went between her thighs and rubbed on her moist kitty. There wasn’t any penetration, but I don’t see why it will not happen. As one of her hand pressed hard on my back to keep my body close to hers, her other hand went down her belly button and she grabbed my dick.

At first, I thought she wanted to hold it, making sure it didn’t go in. But I was so glad I was wrong, she slipped it into her wet but not flooded kitty and clamped her legs over my waist.

Isabelle: ‘Can you push it in? Please give it to me. I can’t take it anymore.’

She said it in an ever sexy panting horny tone that I couldn’t say no.

Me: ‘Yes I’ll give it to you, enjoy it k?’

Right away, my hips started pounding, sliding my hard dick in and out of her. There was slurping sounds, there was juices being flicked out of her pussy, my bare dick had her white cum all over, it was as though I had cummed. Every time I took a pause to control my cum, she would squeeze me with her vaginal muscles and it would make me forget about resting and keep me going.

It didn’t take long for her to cum twice and it was my turn soon. I forced my hips to go faster than ever and her hands was just pushing against my hips, trying to slow me down. At the same time, her legs were around me, pulling me towards her. I totally didn’t had to really push or pull, her hands and legs were doing most of the speed control.

Nonetheless, her tight hole was forcing my dick to fire, it was like a air-pressure water gun. Every pump from the last minute was unbearable, I was holding it in as she continued her rage. Finally, I felt all the pipes in my dick readying and I pulled it out of her now-dripping-wet hole.

Me: ‘Open your mouth, quick! I’m cumming now.’

I knelt in front of her while she perked her head up with a pillow at the bed’s head rest. Putting my dick into her mouth, she took her hand and jerked me while she licked my dick head, occasionally sucking it gently.

Within seconds, I blew my load and she paused. I could feel a gentle suction as my dick poured every single bit of cum into her. It was five day’s worth, and she didn’t know about it. After I was done, I pulled it out and she tilted her head upwards while she swallowed. It wasn’t down in one gulp, it was down in two.

Isabelle: ‘Wahh! So much ah! Why you didn’t tell me? When did you last masturbate?’

She wiped her mouth as she slapped me gently on my thighs.

Me: ‘Haha. I was in the army mah. Five days didn’t masturbate lo. How? Breakfast nice?’

Isabelle took my dick and stroked it, pushing the remaining juices out of the shaft, before licking it up. She did it for about three times to make sure I was cleaned up. We made out for a while more before I took out the pink dildo with studded crystals to make her happy.

Me: ‘My turn now. And I’m going to make you crazy this time.’

Booking Out – Elaine

Elaine was waiting for me at Pasir Ris interchange. Immediately, I saw her but she couldn’t really recognise me.

Me: ‘Hi Elaine!’

Elaine: ‘Ehh! Hi! All of you were like wearing the same uniform and everything luh. Can’t recognise you.’

Me: ‘Haha. Yeahh.. Hmm.. where are we going now?’

Elaine: ‘You want to send me home? There’s a park there we can relax and have fun.’

Me: ‘Alright. Naughty girl, let’s just do that.’

We took a cab down to Sengkang and went to a park a few minutes walk from her flat. It was tiring with the field pack on, but the wait was worth it. We sat down on a stone bench and true enough, there wasn’t anyone around us even though it’s just 8pm.

Elaine leaned towards me and circled her hands around my bulge.

Elaine: ‘Naughty boy ah. See how hard you are already.’

Me: ‘Hehe. Will you will make me happy today?’

Without another word, she unbuttoned my trousers a little difficulty (her boyfriend is in NS now too), and pull my dick out of my undies. She started with slow and sensual strokes, while looking at my ‘high’ expression all the time. Of course my hands weren’t lazing around, I slipped my hand under her skirt and groped around. The little horny Elaine didn’t have panties on! All the way from Pasir Ris to Sengkang, and I didn’t know about it.

That made access easier, and my finger was already running up and down her slit. By then, her hands are tired of jerking and my belt is quickly undone. She took my hands and slipped it into her top;

Elaine: ‘Baby, let me suck you k? Just enjoy.’

She knelt on my boots and wrapped her little lips around my meat. It was heavenly, to feel her mouth after 2 weeks of NS. My dick couldn’t be any harder, she worked her mouth up and down, slowly going deeper and deeper down her throat. My hands were in her top, rubbing and pinching and twisting her nipples around. Her moans were cute, and seductive, it just got me harder and already preparing to cum.

Me: ‘Hey baby, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to shoot le. Where do you want me to shoot?’

Elaine: ‘In my mouth? I want to drink it. For baby Jasper.’

She knew exactly what to do, increasing her speed of sucking and moving her mouth up and down, I was at the verge at no time. Spurting loads and loads of cum into her mouth, she was sucking it as hard as she could, I could feel my legs going jelly.

Me: ‘Elaine, you don’t have to drink it if you want to.’

Elaine: ‘Nah! Finished. Ahhhh…’

She really did swallow. Sitting back beside me, my hand went into her skirt and started to finger her. Her moans were quite loud though, not sure if anyone heard or were watching us. Her pussy was getting wet quickly and she does squirts. As she grabbed my arm tightly, her pussy walls tightened and a jet of juices could be felt on my palm, short but a lot. Hehe. It was my first time really fingering someone who squirts.

Elaine: ‘Baby Jasper, ready for round 2?’

Me: ‘When you are ready!’

This time, she sat beside me and started jerking my dick faster, up and down, using her juice as lubricant. My fingers weren’t resting, so were her hands. Interchanging between blowjobs and handjobs, my dick was hard in 2 minutes. Her high speed jerking could go for a long time, and having a pretty face in front of me, I could help but prepared to cum again.

Me: ‘Elaine! I’m cumming again le!’

She kept going until she felt my dick muscles squeeze tight. Covering her hand over the tip of dick, my cum shot into her hand. I was heaving and panting while her palm is still going around my now-super-sensitive dick.

Elaine: ‘A surprise for you!’

Her hand resumed jerking on my super soft and sensitive dick. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning, she pasted her lips on mine to muffle the sound while her hand continued. My legs were all going wobbly and my head was already resting on the bench.

Elaine whispered into my ears: ‘Round 3.’

Bending her body forward, she sucked my dick in the most sexy way. Her head bobbing up and down, playing and teasing my dick with her tongue. I was tired, but she wanted more. After a few seconds, she stopped.

Elaine: ‘Jasper, put your hands on my head, tell me what to do, how deep to go. I love you.’

Her mouth took my dick once again. This time, I pushed her head down slowly while the recoil was up to her control. Gradually, the time she spent choking on my dick was longer than the time she had to breath, but she was holding up fine. My speed increased and she was enjoying herself as well.

My hard but weak dick is now at her mercy. Having no more energy to control her blowjob, she went own-time-own-target and did what she did to her boyfriend. Going along with the blowjob, she combined handjob with it. After a good 15 minutes of non-stop sucking, I felt the blanks being loaded.

Me: ‘I’m cumming. Can’t take it le.’

All Elaine could give me was an ‘Umm’, signalling me to go on.

Her head stopped moving, and she was pushing her tongue as deep as she could into my peehole. Occasionally twirling around my little hard mushroom. Firing hard but little sperms, she helped me got them out by sucking real hard, making my legs even softer now.

Elaine wiped her mouth with wet tissues and cleaned me up nicely, making sure nothing was missed. Placing her hand on my soft little dick, she kept stroking it as if it’s a tired little bird – it was anyway. I was getting up again, but needed more time.

Elaine: ‘How? You like it? Haha. I’m tired le.’

Me: ‘How can I not like it. You did so much for me, while I only fingered you.’

Elaine: ‘Nevermind lah. You’re tired mah. Let me service you today lo. My boyfriend doesn’t treat me good also.’

Me: ‘Haha. You must make him as happy k? I love you! Really..’

Elaine: ‘Really? Okay. One last round for you. For making me so happy today.’

Without wasting anytime, she knelt in front of me again, and used her mouth to make sure I was really hard. Pulling up her shirt, she squeezed her boobs around my dick, and started bouncing them up and down. Her mouth wasn’t resting, she bent her head forward and positioned her mouth to suck me once every time my dick protruded out of her two medium sized boobs. Sort of like giving short sucking kisses, just on the dick head.

Saliva, cum and her juice were the lubricants of the day. In a long 20 minutes breast fuck, I unloaded onto her boobs. Being super horny then, she smeared my cum and whatever liquid all over her body before pulling her shirt down.

Elaine: ‘Happy? How is my skills?’

Me: ‘Super happy! You are very good. Your boyfriend is super lucky to have you lo. I want you too.’

Elaine: ‘Really?! Haha. Actually I also got no feelings for him le. I don’t do this for him anymore. We just meet and go out and eat and go home. I think he is cheating on me, that’s why I wanted to find someone better.’

Me: ‘Aiyo, ask him and find out. Don’t worry, Jasper is here for you.’

Elaine: ‘Hehe. Naughty boy, of course you will be there for me. I will be here for you when you feel horny too. Let’s clean up and go home ba. I think you’re super tired. Hehe.’

She took my now-really-soft dick and gave it a few licks with her tongue, and sucked on the tip to make sure nothing is left inside. Putting my little bird gently back into the nest, she buttoned up my pants for me, and gave it a little squeeze at my groin area. Holding her in my arms, I kissed her like long lost lovers.

I cleaned her up by putting her on the bench, and perking her legs up. Sitting on my bag, I gave her pussy some lovin’, her moans were soft, and cute. I played with her clit, sucked gently on her love hole, and used my nose to rub her pussy even more, my fingers were already inside fingering.

Me: ‘Hey baby, why the more I clean and wipe, the wetter it gets?’

Elaine: ‘You idiot lah. Don’t stop can? Keep going.’

I continued until she was in a little convulsion and squirted her juices into my mouth. It tasted sweet, and there weren’t any smell like Peiling’s (my ex). I kept licking her to make sure she felt happy too. But after about another two orgasms, she stopped me.

Elaine: ‘Hey Jasper, I think that’s enough for tonight. Thank you. You made me very happy today.’

Me: ‘You too. Want to meet tomorrow?’

Elaine: ‘Okay! This time, let’s go to a hotel so we don’t have to do it in public. Can?’

Me: ‘Yupp. Let’s go to a hotel tomorrow. I send you till your unit.’

Elaine: ‘Why? Later my family see you how?’

Me: ‘But you are not wearing any panties and bra, what if someone tries to do something to you?’

Elaine: ‘Haha. Ya hor. Okay lo. Send me up.’

We kissed again in the lift, while I am in my uniform. It was short but a fierce one.

Me: ‘Bye Elaine. I love you.’

Elaine: ‘Bye Jasper. I love you too.’

Soft Wet Slit

I met Nicole at one of those crafting sessions I go to. She’s a pretty nice with, average dressed, and smart. We were on our way home and she alighted (never before) at Bishan. I was going to my Bishan home to pick up a few items for sewing. She accompanied me to my house and I let her follow along, knowing something unexpected could happen.

We entered my super messy house and went straight to my bedroom, where my mum used it to store piles of cloth. She sat on the bed while I packed what I needed. After about ten minutes of searching and fumbling around, I got what I wanted and was perspiring heavily from the search.

I rested on the bed beside Nicole and lie down to catch my breath. She looked at me, then turned herself towards me and lie on top of me. I hugged her for sometime and she was getting warmer by the minute.

Her facial expression had changed from a naughty one, to a really turned-on one. She planted her lips on mine and I responded by pushing my tongue through her lips into her mouth. We kissed and caressed each other sweaty bodies till the biological clock in us told us to advance.

I pulled her top and bottom off, she did the same to me too. In our undies, we fondled each other in the midst of the kinky tongue fight. Things got heated up fast and my mouth roamed downwards to her little 18 year old hard nipples. I was the first guy she felt so comfortable being so intimate with.

With my over her body, my mouth worked on her nipples, hand on her other breast and my other hand – between her legs. Her panties were so wet that I had to removed them, revealing a soft wet slit, so reddish in colour. Slowing disappearing below her waist, the tip of my tongue flickered her clit, sending waves of stimulation through her.

In excitement, she pressed my head towards her pussy and I sucked on the clit harder, tongue running along the pussy lips. No long later, she pulled me towards her face and kissed madly. She placed me on the bed and she disappeared below my waist.

An envelope of warmth and moist over my meat stick brought me to heavens. She tries to skilfully sucked and licked me, pushing her mouth as deep as possible. A few chokes later, I decided it was too tough for her, so I asked her to take a break. She returned to my side and lay for a while to catch her breath while still rubbing her clit on my thigh.

After about 5 minutes of half-asleep, she climbed across me and positioned herself for cowgirl. I didn’t know if she was a virgin then, since we never talked about it. She used her fingers to spread her pussy lips as wide as possible and slid her body slowly down my rod.

I know mine was a little too big for her small hole, but she didn’t mind the pain and continued inch by inch. Her eyes were on our genitals, admiring the penetration. In eight or so minutes of semi-pleasure and her painful ordeal to get all of my meat into her, we’re finally ready and she looked at me as she sat fully down on my stick.

Her face was red, sweaty and had an expression of intense pleasure, eyes so close to shutting and rolling up occasionally. I held her waist and started moving my hips up and down. Both her hands were on my abs and her mouth opened, eyes closed, as if she was in a trance.

The ride got intense and drool were flowing out from her mouth. I kept going until her body suddenly fell onto mine. Worry got into me and I placed her body in the place of mine. I checked to assure her if she was alright and all she could say was, ‘please don’t stop. I want some more.’

I got into missionary and pumped her hard and fast. At one point in time, her expression changed to a serious one and she used her hands to stop my pumping, but her legs were around me ensuring I was inside her. She released a pent up scream and squirted non-stop while her body went into a slight convulsion. Of course, her vagina muscles went crazy and it squeezed me at almost every spot on my penis.

She recoverd after I resumed my pumping for about six minutes. Knowing my limit is near, I asked her where to shoot. ‘My mouth?’, she said in a breathless tone. I replied her with a ‘okay’ before going faster and deeper. Our bodies hitting each other, and the end is near.

I pulled out and placed my dick right in front her while she stroked me automatically. Her other hand took the place of my dick on her clit and one of my hands went to her pussy to continue to finger her.

In merely one minute and under, I unloaded into her mouth entirely, without spilling a drop. She was really breathless then and just swallowed it whole, before her body went berserk and into another intense orgasm.

We fell asleep shortly and she told me she broke her own hymen when she got too carried away masturbating. It happened only once and she was too afraid to finger herself again. We washed up and I sent her home before going back to my Ang Mo Kio home – and forgot to take what I was at my Bishan house for.

Photoshoot Fun

The photoshoot was successful, quite a number of nice shots, and I’m just going to send her to her house before I go home. It was 8pm and there was no one else at her place, so she invited me in and into her cute room, probably as sweet smelling and messy as any other girls’.

She asked me to take out my camera to show her the photos taken today. As she went to change into something more comfortable, I took the opportunity to check her room, looking around, I could see her drawer of undies, and the wardrobe of clothes revealed the sexy side of her which I’ve never seen before.

She returned dressed in an oversized tee and sat beside me. Thoughts of what’s under her tee were running through my mind, giving me a hard on to be hidden under her blooster over my lap. I jokingly asked her if she wanted to try taking a few pictures in lingerie and she looked at me quite surprised. ‘Take le don’t go put online k? Only for you and me to see k? Promise?’, she said in a serious tone but with a smile. I gleefully nodded my head and prepared my camera while she stood before me.

As I snapped away, trying to capture every shots from a few angles, she was removing her top slowly so I could get clear shots. She glided her shorts down her smooth fair legs and tossed it behind me. She laid on the bed and seductively covered herself with her blanket, revealing her assets in the most provactive manner.

After a good ten minutes of the shuttering, she rested on the bed while I teased her by not giving her her clothes. Accidentally, she fell onto my body trying to reach for her shorts. That moment, with the both of us on the bed, her body over mine, lips just centimetres away. Not sure what came over me, I pasted my lips on hers gently, and there was no resistance from her. Our tongues got naughty and we’re licking all over each other.

Her panties was a little moist, I suppose she was feeling a little horny too, that explains why she was quite shy when ‘fighting’ for her shorts. My finger was rubbing her and my mouth sucking her cute tits. She was a girl with small breasts, that fits her small built perfectly.

Suddenly, a huge gush of juices wetted her panties and she went into shivers and convulsions. Knowing restrains would injure her, I waited till she was better before continuing with the tease. She was too weak from the previous orgasm to stop me from going on. Now I know she squirts too, I wriggled my fingers into her panties and massaged her clit. The very next thing I learnt after squirting is that she is shaved.

I rubbed her clit without rest and not long later, she came again. It was then she realised I removed my clothes except for my boxers. Well, I don’t really want to drench my clothes. Her second squirt was messier as she sprayed onto her blankets and me. Tired from the second, she could not take it and fell onto me. I nudged my body upwards till her head was on my stomach.

She took the meat into her small mouth and as expected, she was too worn out. She used her hands for most part of the stroking, and to help her, I wrapped my hand around her fingers and jerked myself to cum. She covered the exit hole of my dick with both her hands and I spurted every possible rounds I had. She fell into sleep before I knew it and I got up to clean.

Not wanting to forget this memorable moment, I took a few more photos before cleaning her up. I went to bed with her till about 9.30pm. She woke up and cuddled with me till I came round. After a bit of washing her up, she sent me on my way home.

Ohh.. I am going to get addicted to her photoshoot. I think things will get interesting as times go by. Am going to arrange for the next photoshoot.

Day One of Fear

Day: Wednesday
Date: 25 November 2009
Time: 6pm
Location: Bedok North, her house

It was blackmail and pure fear. All her nude photos were with me, details of her house, workplace were at my disposal. I would say, ‘Leverage’. I travelled to meet her at her house so I wouldn’t risk neighbouring friends finding out about it. I went to her house and I would say it was very empty, save for the TV and sofa in her living.

I took off my pants while the door slammed and she knelt down in front of me, sucking deep and hard without warning. I pushed her away and said harshly, ‘Wait!’. I gather my shorts and placed them aside neatly before sitting on the sofa. She knelt on the floor in front of my dick and waited for instructions.

‘Take of your bottom and masturbate while sucking me.’ and she did. Her mouth was wonderful, and skilful. She could take the whole of it, even going down her throat slightly. It felt good to be served. She sucked without rest and I came right down her throat, surprisingly, she didn’t choke nor gag to it.

Putting a condom over my dick, she sat down on the hardening meat and just moved on her own. She squirted a lot and dirtied her living room, but continue to make me happy without resting. The extra lubrication worked great and it was mind blowing for someone senior to do me. It was a fantasy come true. The whole session lasted about 30mins as she was very anxious.

She wet the whole floor with her juices while my dick was all covered in my own sperm. She got off me and sat before before me like when she sucked me. She rolled my condom up and licked the protein dressing up before sucking whatever left inside.

I enjoyed it a lot, and wasn’t planning to stop using the leverage. I washed up and cleaned. She got dressed and sat on the sofa, hoping I would do what I should. I assured her I won’t do anything with the photos as long as she makes me happy. ‘You made me feel so good today that I wouldn’t bother with the photos for now.’

When a slightly relaxed look on her face, I left her place and went home. Hmm.. this is just level 1. I felt a little bad doing this to a lady who is very timid, guys will be guys. Girls, just beware, if things go wrong, don’t regret.