Loving Agony

‘Lick me again’, she whispered to him after he took a break from the oral sex he was giving and watched him disappear under her groin again, feeling that warm tongue flicking around. Bubbles got especially wet the second time and felt him sucking her clit so hard, climaxing into his face with a gush […]

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Disappointed at Nothing

Ryan: ‘Wrap your fingers around it and move up and down.’ His new girlfriend had no experience in handling a cock and just listened to him, puzzled by how a simple motion can cause him to groan and shiver so much. He had his hand under her shorts and was rubbing her as fast, making […]

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Uniform Coincidence

Nigel was all self-conscious when he walked through the bus interchange with the 16 year old in her school uniform. Not only he was wearing the No. 4 uniform, the ‘two bars’ made it even worse if anyone were to catch him in the ‘act’. They walked suspiciously like strangers but not strangers, side by […]

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Rape Report 2

Part 1 | Part 2 I couldn’t believe it when I heard those words coming from behind me, ‘nice to see you again’. He got me at another corner and dragged me by my hair up a flight of stairs, holding my head facing the opposite blocks while a loud zip sound was heard. The […]

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Dark Grey Area

Me: ‘Bubbles?’ The secondary three student had changed from her dress into a small white spaghetti top and a pleated grey skirt, leaving a tiny gap at her waist to hint her unbelievably tiny hips. I had wore a formal white and black attire, to give the ‘teacher’ look before we went for tuition. Settling […]

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