Debt Repayment

The first year uni student stepped into my view in a thin cotton grey dress, bra cups pushing against her chest area as she strutted to the table. Pointing to a seat opposite mine, she slid into position and her bag landed on the table. I held my new camera up and turned it on, giving the settings a check through my phone to make sure everything was set up right.

Me: ‘Put your feet up here.’

I patted on the edge of the empty seat next to mine and she took her feet out of the weathered slippers, perching them at where I wanted. Her frilly light pink panties immediately tightened against her pussy and a perfectly smooth mould appeared. The indication lights blinked to the shutter clicks I made, and the results flashed clearly onto my screen.

Me: ‘Okay done. Let’s go.’

In my hand, the camera was kept on, walking to a block where I knew it was quieter. Going up the lift, the opening and closing of her fists told me how uncertain she was. But there was nothing she could do about it. After all..


I turned straight into the door leading to the stairs and she hurried through quickly, worried about being spotted. Once we set our bags down on one of the stairs, it was time to work. In my bag was a short tripod, which I set up in front of her, aimed and framed to see her whole body. Even her face was captured in it. Since she could not see what was the camera recording, she just waited till I stepped away from the whole camera rig.

Me: ‘Ok. You can start masturbating now.’
Cheryl: ‘It might take some time for me to get wet.’
Me: ‘Then start now.’

The awkward, lost girl wriggled her butt to raise her dress slightly, exposing her panties in full to my eyes. Looking for somewhere to focus on, she finally settled on a blank spot on the wall behind me, and ran her fingers up her legs. Pushing hard against her underwear, the gentle circular rubs came to warm her up.

Her chest rose and fell faster as she continued to touch herself through her clothes, one hand between her legs and the other on her breasts to speed things up. Soon, she was panting and the surprising act to remove her bra took place on screen, stripping her bra off her hourglass figure into a pile next to her bum. Hard nipples poked through her dress as she dug her hand into her panties, middle finger clearly attacking her clit to explain the wetness that was forming a patch.

Seeing how much fun she was getting, the whole session wasn’t just about her. I unzipped my pants and opened it enough to let my briefs down, before jumping into the picture. Cheryl immediately stopped her act and made space for me, to sit next to her but faced towards her. She quickly removed her panties without showing too much of her pussy, and then looked at me for her next cue. We placed one feet on the higher step and rest our other on the lower one, shifting our groin closer till we were almost touching.

We straightened our backs to get really close and continued to move towards each other until my cock was touching her groin.

Me: ‘Put it in.’

She carefully bent my erection down and sat nearer, popping my dick head into her pussy at a comfortable depth. Before we knew it, my cock was sliding endlessly into her pussy where she tightly grabbed my forearm in response. Placing both my hands on her waist, I used the slight flabbiness of her ass to rock back and forth, plunging my cock into her as she moaned softly.

Cheryl instinctively grabbed both her boobs and massaged them desperately, working her nipples with her fingers as dirty squishing sounds were heard. Next thing I knew, her manicured fingertips brushed on my shaft while she massaged her sore clit, largely erected from the continuous public penetration it was receiving.

Me: ‘Let’s change position here.’

I backed away from the flushing faced girl and kneeled upright, signalling for her to get on her knees as well. She turned towards the plain beige wall and lifted her dress even higher, flashing the camera with a flawless, smooth complexion of her ass.

Grabbing her waist again, I sank my rod into her deepest spot in a single stroke that made her groan, and repeatedly hammered her to my heart’s content. It wasn’t everyday that I had excess to such a fine body, let alone bang one. Anyway, it was in the deal I had struck with a certain individual.

Our slamming hips echoed slapping noises into the tiny space, accompanied by her loud breaths that almost turned into screams. Droplets of juices were forming a puddle under our genitals, and the secretly kinky girl couldn’t stop orgasms from shaking her body up.

Cheryl (whispering): ‘Oh fuck.. I’m cumming again!’

She suddenly shoved her hips back and held me motionless in her squeezing cunt, sensually contracting in a wavy motion from my shaft to my sensitive tip. That single move of hers drove me really high and my body screamed into my head for the incoming orgasm I was about to have.

Me: ‘Okay okay. I’m almost cumming too. Let’s move down.’

She tiredly lifted herself away and we moved closer to the camera, red LED light still blinking in recording mode. She had returned to her sitting position and I stood before her, dick levelled at where her mouth was. Watching her closely, those glossy pink lips went over the tip and slipped along my surprisingly thick shaft, reddened and pushed to its limit from the vaginal intercourse earlier.

Although there were little tongue action, those wrinkled pressed lips did the job and I was tiptoeing to her deep suction. Just after two minutes, I was tapping her head to warn her and she was quick to push me out. She shut her eyes lightly and kept her fingers wrapped around my cock, jerking me at high speed with her saliva.

Me (loud whisper): ‘Cumming.. cumming!’

Her luscious lips parted a little as my hips buckled, sending creamy white semen spraying across her nose and mouth, forming huge blobs on her cheeks. As some dripped from her chin, more took its place and clung onto her exquisitely gorgeous skin.

Finally, I was done with her and behind the camera I disappeared to. She used her fingers to clean my cum off and stuck them into her mouth, licking and swallowing everything on her fingers with a tensed look. The camera stopped recording upon a click of the shutter button and she went on to put her bra and panties back.

Both now dressed and tidied, we made our way back to the void deck, where a mutual friend await.

Guy: ‘So how?’
Me: ‘Two hundred and fifty.’
Guy: ‘So much ah. Luckily she still has a lot of debt left.’

He showed her the IOU with the new details in, and I replayed the video of our little intimate act for him to verify. Smiling happily to himself, he took off on his motorbike, leaving Cheryl and I to ourselves.

Cheryl: ‘So can I go now?’
Me: ‘Give me your panties first.’

An instinctive click on the camera started the video mode and I aimed it at her, from the point she walked back to the table and till her panties landed in my palm. Shyly tugging at her dress, we coincidentally walked the same route to our bus stop, amidst the scanning eyes of the males we walked past.

Me: ‘I’ll edit and censor the video, then help you clear some of your debts with it. I don’t think it will take too long.’

The sudden lit in her eyes melted my heart a little, knowing that she would have an easier time and also to keep her from doing this to other guys. We exchanged numbers before we boarded our respective buses, and it did not take more than three videoed meet ups to finally get her debt to a manageable amount.

The gratitude she had for me somehow got me to spend nights over at her place, with her mum whom had no idea what her daughter did to repay her debts. My appearance came with the fast disappearing debt and no one in her family was happier to see Cheryl with a guy whom did not mind their broken background.

Sex with a desirable, educated hottie. Who wouldn’t want that right?

Stray Kitten

Man (angrily): ‘GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!’

Through the glass panels in the lift, I saw a woman tumbling out of her door in a black nightgown as I stopped a floor above them. Rushing down the stairs, a young girl around the age of a student was sobbing at the doorstep, unable to look at me in her disheveled state.

Me: ‘Hey, you okay? Sit at the steps.’

I handed her a packet of tissue and she used it right away. Adjusting her hair from her face, a word of ‘thank you’ muttered softly out of her tears coated lips. At 2am, there was nowhere to go and things were even more complicated in the flimsy gown she wore.

Girl (sobbing): ‘He.. just threw me out like that cause I was masturbating. Not like he doesn’t do it!’

Me: ‘Could he be more religious than you?’
Girl (sobbing): ‘But he is always fucking my step mum so loudly!’
Me: ‘Just stay calm k? Compose yourself. I’m J.’

Her head dropped onto her arms on her knees and cried even harder. Only when I took out my box of cigarettes did she stopped and pulled a stick out. The lighter clicked at the end of her stick and she inhaled deeply, reaching her cigarette over my lips for me to take a puff.

Girl: ‘This really helped. I’m Ziqi.’
Me: ‘And how old are you?’
Ziqi: ’18. But I smoke since my mum gone. I’m so stupid to believe him to take care of me.’

She finished the stick and slipped her arm under mine, leading me up to a corridor overseeing the streets I grew up in. Even though I had lived in this block for over ten years, I did not visit anywhere else.

Ziqi: ‘Can hug me from behind?’

I dropped my bag on the floor and embraced the saddened girl, feeling no panties nor bra under the flowing thin dress of hers.

Ziqi: ‘Even you can love me more than him.’

I remained quiet as she held my hands, guiding me between her legs where she lifted her dress. The slight dampness got the attention of my dick and it rose slowly to see what was happening. She pressed my middle finger conveniently between her vulva and made me massage her clit, going into auto-pilot seconds later.

Ziqi (whispering): ‘Take it out for me?’

I undone my belt and opened my zipper wide, enough to stick my cock out between the quick access slot. The soft, gentle hands felt cold on my heated stick, but it was soon balanced out after she held it for a moment.

Ziqi (whispering): ‘Is it always this warm?’
Me (whispering): ‘Yes. Whenever you touch it like this.’
Ziqi (whispering): ‘It’s the first time.. ‘

Just as I jutted my hips back, she tightened her grip and I shoved back forward in fear. Boy, that felt great, even though it was for a second.

Ziqi: ‘I just move up and down?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

She kept pumping in slow strokes until blood could no longer fill it up anymore, slightly splitting her thumb and index fingertip. Sensing how the lack of lubrication was starting to cause abrasion, I took a small step and stopped her movements on her bum.

Me: ‘It’s enough. Getting too dry to continue.’
Ziqi: ‘Can use my water instead? Got a lot.’

The naive looking girl awkwardly raised one leg to slip my cock under her pussy, and rocked a few times to line my shaft with her fluids. Instead of resuming the handjob, both her hands went to my waist and kept me close to her, while my cock was still squashed between her thighs.

Ziqi: ‘It feels better like this.. it’s so warm.’

I thrust gently in small motion to ease her mood and a little rub on my dick head signalled the improvement in her spirits. As we kept our movements discreet and fast, she began to spread her pussy wider with her fingers. I needed no more time to notice that and stopped my thrusts, leaning over her shoulder in concern.

Me (whispering): ‘I think we shouldn’t go too far.’
Ziqi (whispering): ‘I want to feel good with you.’

A tiny jerk of her ass parked my tip at the right spot, giving me control on my next big decision. While I stood motionless behind her, she stuck her ass out slowly, swallowing my cock bit by bit till I was halfway in. I grabbed her waist and dragged her away from the wall, gradually increasing my tempo piling my concrete pillar into her.

Her moans escaped in short notes into the cool air, there wasn’t any other sounds apart from our shallow breaths.

Ziqi (whispering): ‘I’m going to climax. Don’t move!’

I called off the rapid fire mode and felt her fingers worked on her clit, occasionally touching my tip. A growing shiver planted my hands on her boobs and kneaded the nipples as her legs gave way, sitting down on my cock while my knees supported her weight.

A minute later, she was back in her position and we were at it again, this time slower since it was my turn to cum. She felt my fears and we took a break soon after, standing side by side to enjoy the quiet streets.

Ziqi: ‘I help you from the back k?’

A nod sent her behind me and her arms went around my hips to my groin, one holding my shaft and the other on my balls. Caressing those sensitive pair of testicles, she used her wet juices well to pump me at random speeds. Nonetheless, I couldn’t hold back against the innocence of her handjob for long.

When my cock loaded the rounds, my hips arched backwards and she kept on going. Suddenly, her palm wrapped around my sensitive cock head and I gave in to the final tease. Unloading intensely into her clenched fist, excess cum dripped loudly to the floor for no one to hear. The minute movements of her twisting arm truly forced every last drop out of me and I was that close to squatting in front of her.

Ziqi: ‘It must feel super good. See? So much.’

She pushed me against the wall to straighten my back and held up her hand in front of the street lights. Stringy, sticky semen webbed her fingers together and she tapped her tongue for a taste.

Ziqi: ‘Bleh! (sticking her tongue out)

She handed me the packet of tissue and I took one out for her, wiping her hand as clean as we could without water. Walking down the steps to her unit, she threw her arms around me before we were at her door.

Ziqi: ‘Can sleep with you tonight instead? I don’t want to go home.. he sometimes try to fuck me when mum is not around. I never let him.. ‘

The sobbing noises came instantly and I patted her back in comfort. Going back to my place, she took a shower and changed into a set of women’s clothes I had for standby, spending the next hour talking about her plight.

Since birth, she did not attend any school and was taught by her mother. Tasked with cooking and all the house chores, she spent most of her life at home, without any friends to talk to. That attempt to chase her out of the house was to scare her, which did not work after my intervention.

Sadly, self-pleasure was her only form of relief and she put that to good use while living with me. To come home to a faithful girl setting up everything for a much needed rest, and then a wet pussy after dinner. Or else a hungry mouth giving me a heavenly treat if I had work to do at home.

What more wrong could I do in this life?

A Tiny Package

Taking the stairs up to my house on the fourth storey, I saw my neighbour from below my unit, in her school uniform petting with a guy whose hand was under her white blouse. As I understood and ignored their uncontrollable PDA, the pair panicked and hurriedly straightened their clothes though I had walked past them. Loud whispers were heard as the girl asked the boy to leave, and chased up the flight of stairs to my floor.

Daphne: ‘Kor kor.. can you don’t tell my mum about this?’
Me: ‘Don’t worry. I’m not going to. Relax k?’
Daphne: ‘You sure?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I was young before. Go home and study k?’

She stopped in her tracks as I turned to my door, possibly headed back to her own house after the scare. Just after I dropped my office handcarry on the sofa, a knock followed by her voice came through the huge fireproof door.

Me (shouting): ‘Yes?’

Her bag was back on her shoulders, and a worried look still plagued her face.

Daphne: ‘Can I come in for a while?’

I said nothing and opened the door wider, where she entered and sat on the sofa right next to my bag. Not expecting any guests, my house was in a slight mess but I was more interested in getting a shower and catching some rest. It was after all a long day for me.

Me: ‘Eh. I am really not going to tell anyone about it. It’s no big deal to me. I need to shower and do my own stuff now. Please?’

The petite girl could easily pass off as a sec one student even though she was sixteen. Nowhere on her body could you see any puberty doing right except for her hair, which was gorgeously black.

Daphne: ‘I know. But can I ask for something that will make me feel better?’
Me: ‘What is it?’

She got up and caught my hand before going into my bedroom. Every Chinese New Year, she would secretly crash my gate to gamble when my friends were over, winning (or losing) some money to make her holiday more exciting.

With two hands on my arms, she placed me down on the bed and unclasped her skirt, dropping it to the floor before her white blouse unbuttoned one by one. To be honest, I was not interested in any intimacy with her at all. She was too young and naive, let alone aware of what she was getting into (with me).

Me: ‘You know? I think we are taking it too seriously. I swear I won’t tell your mum. Just put your clothes back on and go home k?’

Just as I picked her skirt up, her shirt crumbled onto the floor.

Daphne: ‘Do you want me to take my bra off?’
Me: ‘Sigh.. yes.’

The firmest buns greeted me in full glory without any bra pads for support. They were perfectly round and perky on their own, luring me to feel them for myself. As I resisted the urge, she grabbed me by my hand and helped me up. Easily, she unbuckled my belt and my trousers dropped to my ankles. The erection under my thin boxers had already told her my inner desires without saying a word.

Daphne: ‘Someone is hard eh?’

Her hand cupped my bulge and stroked it up and down, slipping into my boxers fingertips first, and feeling the entire length of it on her palm. My hands automatically went to her breasts and fondled them with tenderness, brushing my fingers across her nipples as she caressed my cock with care.

Daphne (whimpering): ‘You do know how to make girls feel good huh?’

Our asses sank into my bed as she continued to harden me, and I was sliding my hand down her belly to her spreading legs. For a lady, she was shaved to perfection and the flesh on her groin was soft like marshmellows – gently impressionable.

Once my middle finger touched her clit, her body tensed up and we fell onto the bed together. Lying side by side, our hands made the biggest movements without so much a flinch in our faces.

Me: ‘Nice?’
Daphne: ‘Yeah. Better than him. He only knows how to ask me to pleasure him. Now I prefer you.’

As the man on the bed, I got up and arranged her so she could lie proper on my pillow. Opening her legs up to the sides, the sporty girl could do a split with her knees bent, serving up a juicy abalone in the most vulnerable pose. I laid chest down on the bed and started feasting on her pussy, licking it with a tongue to taste her sweetness. Once I got to flick her clit faster, Daphne’s body thrashed around the bed groaning for mercy. For a first timer, I expected nothing less from this breathtaking sight of a cutie squirming desperately from pleasure.

I continued to tease her till my mouth got tired, and her moans were barely audible when I stopped, drained and exhausted from the overpowering dose of excitement her body never expected to receive.

Me: ‘You okay Daphne?’
Daphne (breathless): ‘Yeah.. dying.. but it felt good.’

I laid beside her to rest and after a while, it was her turn to play. I did not really pay any attention to her when she sat up, knowing that whatever she did, it should NOT be sex. Well, I was wrong. When I opened my eyes, she was squatting down on me and had her legs opened a distance from my hips. No wonder I couldn’t feel what she was up to on the bed. Thank you memory foam.

Just as I jolted up from my bed, she let go of her strength and slammed my dick into her pussy, tearing her senses apart from a frantic struggle to hug me. Again, I was immobilised by her weight and the sharp pain in my groin disappeared at a rate I was sure I would be dead by then.

While she had her chest on me during the pause, I thrust my hips gently to take the pain away, working like magic for the both of us. In no time, she was moaning as I made desperate little groans, totally indulged in her wet cunt that was swallowing me over and over again.

She sat upright and rocked her hips really fast, till an orgasm threw her back onto my chest. The contractions in her pussy squeezed me gently as she fought for sanity, screaming her lungs out in my chest. Right after she recovered, the next instruction came with as much hype as when she sat on top of me.

Daphne (moaning): ‘Doggie me kor. Drive me crazy with your stick!’

Seeing how horny she was, I got on my knees behind her and positioned her ass in front of my dick. In a single shove, my rod pierced into her ‘heart’ and I pounded her as she screamed for her life. Between the deep thrusts, there were moments of stillness whenever she came, drifting her in and out of unconsciousness using my dick as a stimulant.

By the time she fainted for the third orgasm, her voice had turned soft and weak. I was going slower as she came, unable to bear with the pressure building up in her pussy with each climax.

Me: ‘Daphne, I’m gonna cum.’

A sudden tight grip of her hands on my sheets stopped me abruptly, pulling my cock out carefully as her body gave off a small shiver. I turned her on her back and sat in front of her, lost at what just happened between us.

Daphne (whispering): ‘Can I try sucking you off?’
Me: ‘You done it before?’
Daphne: ‘Yeah.. a few times with him.’

I perched myself on the tabletop behind the headboard of my bed and she kneeled demurely between my legs. Seeing my dick disappear into her mouth was the best sight of the day, slowly feeling the warmth of her saliva coat around my beaten-up dick that was just inside her. The continuous swirl of her tongue heightened the sensitive tissues in my cock head, growing bigger in the comfort of her lips that was brushing along my shaft.

Slowly, she picked up her pace and bits of saliva dripped from my balls as she tried to force herself deeper. My senses disappeared one by one till only my little head was working, basked in the soothing, calmness of her blowjob that I could easily fall prey to.

We remained in that position for at least five minutes, slurping saliva and gagging noises lightly kept our ears opened for the grand finale.

Me (whispering): ‘Daphne.. I’m cumming now.’

She ended the blowjob and spat some saliva into her palms. One hand remained at the base in an ‘OK’ sign while the other jerked me mercilessly. The not-so-innocent girl managed to push all the buttons at the right spot and a girly moan escaped my mouth just as the first load erupted into the air.

Like a trained professional, she did not shy away and kept pumping my cock, oozing cum all over her hands as my body trembled stronger and stronger.

Me (begging): ‘Okok! I’m done! Stop stop!’

A grin on her face was her way of saying ‘no’ and the handjob continued passed my physical limits. I was so close to jumping away from her until the second ejaculation came and calmed me down, spraying a second load that was as big as the first.

Her fingers were totally covered in my cum when she switched to a massage, smiling silly while admiring my overworked expression.

Daphne: ‘Nice right? This will totally empty your balls so fresh sperms can grow.’

I slid down to my bed and watched her use her training bra to wipe her hands, and folded her P.E. shorts, underwear, bra, setting it down in the same order (from bottom to top) on a corner of my bed. Her school uniform went back on her body as normal and her pile of undergarments were left in my room.

Daphne: ‘Poor boy. Why are you so tired? Hehe. Help me wash my clothes k? I’ll drop by again tomorrow. Same time yeah?’

Her bag swung over her shoulders and she wrote her number down on my timetable-whiteboard before leaving. How would you handle a 16 year old that has suddenly dominated you? One thing for sure though, I will surely welcome her back into my house.


Seated at the second last row of the bus, her gaze stared into my eyes for at least five seconds, as if telling me something. After most of the passengers alighted, the bubbly, slim figured girl came to my row and gracefully straightened her skirt before sitting down.

Me: ‘He’s your boyfriend?’
Girl: ‘Yupp. And your girl?’
Me: ‘Probably at work.’

She replaced the slipping sling bag onto her shoulders before asking if she could sit on the inside, which I quickly said yes to. Standing up on the speeding bus, I glided my ass to the aisle, while she sat with her bag near the window.

There were no more words between us apart from awkwardness, unsure of how to take the first step to knowing each other better. The both of us knew that this was a bond we could never let our other halves know, and the temptation was something we can’t resist.

I slipped my hand into hers and interlocked our fingers, loosening the tense situation with a squeeze of her palm. The reassuring smile appeared in the cutest manner and I could tell she was totally relaxed and glad at the same time. Still holding her hand, she rubbed the back of my palm on her skirt, that was slowly rising up her skirt. Though it was supposed to be knee-length, it soon turned into a mini skirt with a dangerous hem across her gorgeous fair thighs.

Moments later, her legs uncrossed and I broke free from her grip, caressing her inner thigh deeper and deeper. Gradually, her knees opened to my advances and let me in, hiding most of my hand under the skirt. It was just so comical to see how a lady probably poised for most of her life, giving way to shyness. When my fingertip touched her panties, I could fell the softest material mankind discovered, contouring to the sexy mould of her pussy.

Where we sat, I could not make any obvious moves and only stroked along the slit, until the bus turned into the heartlands.

Girl: ‘Let’s get off the next stop.’

I kept up with my teasing till we alighted, and made our way to one of the stairwells among the blocks of flat. The demure looking lady did not do anything unexpected and remained standing while I placed our bags in a corner, far out of our way. Her hands stayed locked on her groin, blue sleeveless blouse staying in its rightful position.

Knowing that I have to call the shots here, I went to her and dived one hand under the rigid cotton skirt, rubbing on her pussy to a mash so I could gain direct contact on her clit. Moans began to escape through her lips with her eyes closed, both hands clenched tightly by the side.

Using my only free hand, I unclipped my belt and lowered my jeans enough to yank my erection out. Finally, my little head could breath in the same scent of lust that was about to break free between us. Grabbing her hand, I led her to my hard on and she got to work immediately, wrapping those delicate but weathered fingers lightly around my cock, stroking in a tug-O-war grasp.

Girl (whispering): ‘It’s a little dry.. ‘
Me: ‘Do you have anything for it?’

She nodded without eye contact, and went to retrieve a small bottle of hand moisturiser. A tiny blob was smeared over my rod as she resumed her handjob, and I proceeded to remove her panties for her. The emotional part of me could not help but noticed the embarrassment in her face, flushing pink from the daring striptease in public.

Me: ‘Have you ever done this before?’
Girl: ‘No. I have never even touched someone else’s besides his.’

I buried my middle finger into her wet cameltoes and a little tremble opened her eyes wide. Her clit was not too difficult to locate and I quickly made use of it, fondling it till she quickened her pace readying my cock. The sudden grip on my arm told me she was ready but we have not decided how far to take this tryst.

Once I slipped my finger into her past my nail, she pushed against my arm to prevent me from going any further.

Me (whispering): ‘Just the outside?’
Girl (whispering): ‘No.. ‘

The rise of her skirt told me it was something else and after she tucked the front portion into the elastic waistband, the pull on my dick tilted me forward. By then, she had taken a step forward and slouched her back against the wall. I wasted no time in putting my arm under her knee and raised her leg into the air, supported by my forearm that held onto her waist.

A small nudge on my back with her heel urged me further and my cock head forced its way into her love hole. As slow as I went, her grip tightened on my biceps. Mixing gentle thrusts into the entry process, the moisturiser provided the lube required to go inside her, an inch at a time.

After a minute, I was all the way inside her and there was nothing more sexy than a toned body hanging onto my body with a leg around me, and having just a foot on the ground for balance.

Before any guilt kicked in, I started to shove my cock into her, pumping in a steady tempo to get her body accustomed. My hips did not spare any mercy after the full length of my shaft could enter easier, thrusting faster and deeper each time.

She bit her lips to keep herself from moaning and my eyes were on her face all the time, unable to break free from the battle between lust and decency in her. Soon, we were hugging and fucking, dick slamming into her pussy that had the wall behind it.

Girl (whispering loudly): ‘Oh fuck. This is good.’
Me (whispering): ‘shall we change position?’

Her hands suddenly squeezed me tight as her body shivered harder, leaking juices down my balls and her legs in an uncontrollable orgasmic expression. It was the frightful, yet beautiful look she gave that delayed my thrusts, until she had recovered a while later.

Girl: ‘Which position?’

I let her leg down and my dick flopped out naturally. I held her waist and turned her around, towards the few steel pipes in the deep corner of the stairwell. Like a knowledgable lady, she knew what was up and spread her legs for me. I stood between her feet and pried her ass apart, letting my cock did the docking on its own.

The first stroke landed me all the way into her depth that forced a loud gasp from her, which she silenced like a ninja. ‘Fuck’, was the last word I heard after I began ramming my cock into her pussy, pounding her against the pipes which she was holding onto for her dear life.

My hips slapped loudly against her fleshy ass for a bit and next was a juicy, slurping sound. Her pussy could not be any tighter in this position she grown to love as I hammered her hard. My firm grip on her waist kept her close to me throughout the rampage, jerking her body like a OSIM iGallop that went out of control.

The rawness of her vagina brushing against my vein-covered shaft, with a cosy but slippery grip that resisted my entries. The fight was still going on in her head, except that I was winning with physical gratification.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m cumming soon.. Where does your man usually unload?’
Girl: ‘Usually in a condom? It’s also my first time doing it without.. ahh.. ‘

Her legs almost closed when an orgasm shocked her senses, causing her to tiptoe as juices flowed freely once again, going all over our genitals that had no shame.

Girl (panting): ‘Stop stop.. I’m too weak.. ‘

I pulled out of her without letting go of my hands and helped her to the steps. She collapsed on my shoulder lifelessly as her body continued to experience the after-quakes, in little cute shocks that shook through her feminine frame.

Seated next to me, her skirt was back in its original position and my underwear had went back over my dick. It was enough for me to know I had pleased this girl and my little brother was more than happy to end ‘work’ for the day.

She grabbed the panties I threw atop her bag and peeled my underwear down, astonished to see how small ‘I’ became.

Girl: ‘You have ED?’
Me: ‘No! I’m just glad you enjoyed yourself. It felt like my work is done here.’
Girl: ‘Almost.’

She used two fingers to jerk me back to full glory, cock head shimmering with a coat of her moisturiser. Her panties went over my dick and she continued with the handjob, lying in my arms like a satisfied girlfriend. The posh fragrant from the perfume she used, mixed into the familiar smell of shampoo from her hair, my hand went into her blouse for a boob massage as she jerked me off diligently.

Me: ‘Yes.. that’s it. Keep going.’

She found the right grip and pressure, combined with wary, short pumps on my shaft, I could feel my senses getting all worked up. A minute or two later, my hand squeezed her breast hard and she increased her speed, all the way till the first load osmosis-ed through the thin material of her panties. She decreased her speed accordingly as more of my cum gathered in her underwear, smearing them around the groin area as she loosened the clothed at the tip.

She was skilled in this, no matter how innocent she thought she was. My life force drifted away from me as she cleaned me up with a few more strokes, squirting blanks with awkward twitching after she left my cock. My mind was in a ‘Zen’ mode after that while she spent the next few minutes making sure I was dry.

My underwear was replaced and I sobered up, wearing my jeans back. She went on to put the soiled undies back and was back to her original ‘good girl’ look in no time.

Me: ‘Aren’t you afraid to get pregnant?’
Girl: ‘I am. That’s why I’m on the pill. In case the condom broke or he forced himself on me.’

She cuddled tighter into my chest after that sentence and sobs came.

Girl (crying): ‘I am so afraid of losing him and all he wanted was to do it raw with me. Actually, today is the last time I am planning to see him anymore.. ‘

I kept my mouth shut in this disheartening state and let her use my shirt to dry her tears. Words of thanks came to me in vain knowing that she was a victim of emotion hostage. Thirty minutes passed in that exact position we sat and after the crying stopped, we were kissing with a passion even I had never experienced before.

Those soft lips portrayed the feminine upbringing she went through, and the light pecks told how much she desired love. The hard presses of our lips showed me her difficulty to trust (which her ex-boyfriend worsened), and the accompanying tongue taps displayed her desired to be guided.

The original idea to just send her to her doorstep was messed up when her father saw me, walking in hand with his daughter. The invitation into their place was undeniable and we ended up in her bed again, this time in full privacy when her parents decided to head out for dinner.

While the damage control was left for later, the few hours of intense, crazy sex around the house certainly helped to take things off her mind.

Chocolate Cake

‘Hey Mandy!’, I called out to my poly classmate whom I had not seen but remained in contact with. The blue blouse, green chiffon skirt girl turned to see me in jeans and a backpack, carrying a small cake box with a cute ribbon on the top. ‘What are you doing here?’, I could almost see the disbelieving look when she popped that question.

There was no way I could forget her birthday that so close to mine, and working in a cafe had allowed me to buy a two-person serving of cake at a discounted rate. Yes, call me a cheapo. I opened the box in front of her and wished her happy birthday. Immediately, she clamped the palm sized chocolate tart in her hand and took a huge bite out of it. ‘You came at the right time! I’m so hungry’, there was none of that apologetic tone when she took another bite, licking her lips with her tongue in a gleeful mood.

‘Just as I was wondering what am I doing tonight. Thank you!’ Man, how much did I miss hearing her cheerful voice after so long. We continued walking in her direction to the bus stop, where the cake box was discarded without me tasting any of it. For that night, I did not reject her when she slipped her arm under mine, pulling me close to the familiar scent I remembered studying with her.

Seeing how most of the buses went past without her stopping any, I asked, ‘what bus are you taking?’ Instead of giving me a two or three digit bus, she told me she didn’t know. Almost soft to a whisper, she said, ‘I don’t really feel like going home so early. Let’s go for a walk around my place?’

Well, she doesn’t live far from me. We hopped on a direct bus to Bishan and sat on the upper deck, empty enough for us to sit at the longer chairs at the back. Leaning her head on my shoulder, I could tell how tired she was, be it work or life, to be stuck in the office on a birthday was bad enough.

‘Thank you again J’. She helped herself to wrap my arm around her neck and snuggled into my chest, smearing some of her makeup on my shirt. The grip on my wrist told me that she was awake, and might not even be napping. Slowly, she plastered my palm over her chest and on one of her boobs, definitely an A cup since a long time ago. Half kneading, I had to make sure she was okay with it.

Nonetheless, it has been two years since we met, despite the close times we spent during poly. As my fingers continued scraping the bra cups where I guessed her nipples were, she had an arm over my lap, clawing her nails across my denim jeans. We remained silent in that position till we reached her stop, and alighted as if nothing had happened. There was a sense of closeness though, a feeling that we both felt but not yet let go.

‘J. Here.’ She was a step into the flight of stairs I didn’t recognise as hers. Has she shifted house? I followed behind her and tried in vain to peep up her skirt. It was just too long. On the third level, a flight of stairs away from the lift, she straightened her skirt and sat down. ‘You stay here?’ I asked suspiciously. A confident ‘yes’ planted me on my butt, knowing that she was almost home after a wasted birthday-day.

Once seated next to her, she did the same thing with my arm again, wrapping it around her neck and over her chest. This time, she undid the first two buttons and slipped my hand into it, reaching straight for her nipples that I had made erect. ‘Keep playing with them’, the gentlest voice managed to twitch my cock awake while she brought both her hands to my jeans.

A minute or two later, my cock was out in the open and she had wetted it with some of her saliva. Right. As one of the prettier looking girl in my class, she was also known as the ‘bimbo’, who had a few boyfriends during our three year diploma course. That was as much respect as the rest of the class had for her, but I knew she was just feeling a void when not with someone.

With her handjob distracting me, I couldn’t resist going under her skirt and lowered her panties to her feet. The moisture on her underwear was thick and slimy, but it felt specially smooth to the touch. Upon touching her clit, she clung onto my shirt tighter and let off a sensual moan when I began circling the sweet spot.

For the next five minutes, I was pinch-rolling her nipples and giving her an external massage. She was drooling over my cock as she pumped that thick piece of meat, breathing in the salty scent from the mix of my pre-cum and saliva. Without further ado, my fingers slid easily into her pussy and her skirt became shorter once she opened her legs.

Whispering in my ears, a tickle came when she told me a little secret, ‘Chocolate always turns me on. It’s what my ex always give me before sex’. No wonder. Our pleasure exchange ended a while later and she was up on her feet, her hands holding her skirt on her waist while she stepped over my legs.

‘You can sit down you know? I don’t mind working out.’ It was only rightful to give the birthday girl a treat but she turned it down quickly. ‘I need to exercise after eating your cake, so don’t fight with me’. Indeed, a logical excuse I couldn’t refute. She used my thighs as a slide to lower herself over my cock, making cute expressions as her body relaxed to let me in. ‘When was the last time you did it?’, I asked when I saw how much agony she was in going down on me. In between deep breaths of air, she answered ‘last birthday’.

True or false? Does it matter? We knew each other very well and even more so when it comes to sex. Something told me she was safe to do it raw with. Once seated, she pushed me against the steps and rode me. That’s how she wanted it that night, so be it. Bouncing cherrily, the groans she made came out in a loud whisper while I was the one who moaned helpeless. Her high metabolism kept her body slim no matter how much she ate, and her pelvic bones joined in to make her extra tight.

Halfway through the intensifying sex, she lifted her bum off me and a powerful jet sprayed down my shaft. As soon as it was over, I was back inside her and a more demonic wave of energy caused her to grind me even faster. ‘Fuck man. I never squirt before with my ex.’, she held my shoulders down harder as she hopped, slamming herself down on my lap non-stop.

Being a guy, I couldn’t just enjoy at her expense. I hugged her tightly in my arms before leaning back down again, hands moving down her butt to keep her hovering on top of me. With that bit of distance between our privates, I thrust my hips up and down, repeatedly stabbing her pussy till she collapsed onto my chest. With space still available under her ass, I continued pounding her and that was when she squirted the second time.

Her head was next to mine when her body shook violently, juices leaking like a tap while her hips moved involuntarily with my dick still inside. Now even more breathless, she sat down on my groin and I picked her up, going to the corner of the stairwell where newly installed pipes served as a chair.

Setting her down dangerously on one of the cold steel rods, I stood in front of her to prevent her from falling forward. Both my hands went to her knees to spread them as far as I could and my dick penetrated her vulnerable state easily. This time, fucking in standing missionary, her juices dripped loudly onto the concrete floor.

The wall made no noise (compared to tables or bed) as I plundered her, driving her insane when she had yet another orgasm. ‘Mandy, I’m gonna cum soon’, a warning came about as I felt my end nearing. This girl was so special in the sense that her own fluid was as viscous as NuruGel, and I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted. Perhaps I had over-indulged in myself.

Mandy climbed off the pipes and stood with her legs closed. She held my dick aimed towards the Y-shape she formed with her thighs and pulled my waist when I was still hesitating. Locked in embrace, we exchanged our first kiss that multiplied into tiny pecks, playfully spreading lips to let our tongues meet and ‘mingle’. My waist did not stop moving and simply thrust into that wet, man-made cave that was tingling my body’s worth of nerves with sensitivity.

‘Mmm!’, was all the sounds I could make when I felt my chamber loading, and she jumped onto me before I was ready. I hugged her tight to prevent her from slipping and my cock just pierced into her pussy, tighter than what I was fucking before. There was no turning back when the final descend on my cock triggered my ejaculation and fired into her uncontrollably. Waves after waves of cum poured into Mandy as I groaned, mind locked in a trance that took all my tiredness away.

As the cum shots slowed down, I moved her to back to the cold pipes and she let herself down when she shivered from the coldness. Going back to our flight of steps, she quickly grabbed her panties to clean me up, and shockingly wore them back once I was dried.

‘Good boy!’, she patted my head while I caught my breaths, totally owned by her amped up mood. As I leaned back on the steps again, she moved between my legs and returned to my dick, stroking and making it hard again. ‘Hey.. not enough ah?’, I asked in a hush-hush voice recovering from the lack of air.

‘Shhh!’, was the last sound she made before she took my cock into her lips, sucking it slowly and paying extra care to every area of it. Shutting my eyes and going into my world, I could picture her tongue caressing my rod all over. The amount of saliva she used had coated me in a warm and soothing manner, one I couldn’t say no to. Once I was all hard, she locked her jaws and went up and down robotically. Every stroke of her tongue caused me to twitch a little and when combined, I was at a loss holding onto the railings in despair.

Mandy did not spare me any mercy when she went deep throat on me, gagging herself while I enjoyed the extra hot treat on my cockhead. After a long five minutes of blowjob, she switched to a hand-blowjob combo and kept going till I whispered her another warning phrase.

Determined to make me cum, I let her execute her final moves and came into her mouth again, sparing no drops of cum as she sucked me dry. Now mentally drained and legs weakened, she licked my lifeless dick clean and helped me wear my clothes back, much like a girlfriend who just raped her guy.

We spent the next half an hour there, chatting and recuperating. It wasn’t before long that she has to go home, and I had to embarked on a scary walk through a park out to the main roads. Believe it or not, two years of separation suddenly shrunk to two half-an-hour – inside each other’s body.

Happy Birthday Mandy.

Fourteen Years

Jason: ‘Where do you want to go?’
Kelly: ‘I don’t know. Just walk around here?’

The small sized, secondary two girl looked even tinier beside the poly student. As they had met some time after school ended, they managed to go home before their date. When Jason spotted Kelly in the shopping mall, he could not believe his eyes. For the first time, she put on make up and wore a revealing spaghetti top, matched with a denim skirt that ended at her thighs, and not forgetting a pair of heels that lengthened her legs even more.

After their dinner, he walked her to her block as it would be easier for her to get home. But being homework-free and given a late night notice to her parents, going home early sounded as boring as an awesome-but-short date for her.

Jason: ‘Eh? How did we end up here?’
Kelly: ‘I want to see from the highest floor here.’
Jason (whispering): ‘And what do you see?’

He stepped behind her and hugged her around her waist, hands cupped together on her groin. Small kisses begin lining from her ears, down her neck and onto her collarbone. The moment her first moan came, his hands opened up and went onto her A cups, fiddling with her nipples under her tube bra.

Kelly (whispering): ‘How do I help you?’
Jason (whispering): ‘Just touch my dick.’

She struggled to undo his belt as he teased her even more, reaching under her skirt and into her panties to come in first contact with her pussy. The length of her slit was so short, quite exactly how her body would be at this age – small and cutesy.

Finally, Jason let go of his first groan when her fingers wrapped around his stick, jerking to the twitches her body was making. As things got heated up, he brought her to the steps nearby and sat down behind her. His fingers focused on her clit this time, attacking the most sensitive spot of the poor girl. Though Kelly had masturbated before, doing it with some experienced was totally different.

Her hands had let go of his cock and was on his neck as she lost control, arching back and forth in time with the orgasms that blew her mind away.

Kelly (moaning): ‘Dear dear.. stop. I can’t take it anymore.’

He pulled his hands away from her wet groin and let her turned sideways towards him. She resumed stroking his cock and he was in full size in just a minute. When friction brought the temperature of her handjob up, she gave her palm a spit and went back to work, surprising Jason with her improvised learning abilities.

Jason: ‘Want to taste it?’
Kelly: ‘Huh. Don’t want. Next time k? When I’m at your place.’

She paid her full attention to his rock hard stick and played with it till Jason was gradually losing grip of himself, groaning loudly as Kelly grinned at her ‘new toy’.

Kelly (whispering): ‘How about having sex? Wanna try it?’

Jason stood up and made her squat over his body, hands opened under her bum to support her lightweight frame. She was instructed to hold onto his knees for balance, but she was also giving him control of her bodyweight.

Jason: ‘Ready?’

His underaged girlfriend nodded and he relaxed his muscles, descending slowly until his tip was at her opening. Jason began to bounce her a little, as more of his cock disappeared into her. Where his hands began in the first place (her ass), how much his hands moved apart represented his size for his defloration act.

Jason: ‘Kelly?’
Kelly: ‘You’re so big! I love it dear!”

He covered her mouth and let her slide all the way down his rod, taking all of his glory into her cave. It resulted in an instant faint moment which he caught her fall, and stayed inside her until she was awake. Kelly knew what just happened and did not want to stop what she started. Holding his neck, she grinded her hips on her and forced her pelvic bone to clamp down on his huge cock.

For Jason, it was overwhelming to be inside such a small girl. His dick stretched her opening to its limit and went at such depth he could not bear either. She felt exactly like a condom that’s self lubricating and masturbating.

With his strength, he stood up and carried her down a flight of stairs, where a huge hold formed a window for breeze to come through. Jason had to bend both knees to let her feet touch the ground, and he changed into standing doggy a while later.

Both hands on her waist, he picked her up and rested her chest on the railings, feet almost 30cm away from the ground. That, besides their difference in height, was also the level their privates were together. She hugged the icy cold rails for her dear life and Jason continued fucking her, driving his cock deep into her premature pussy.

In that short period of time, he had gone through too much for one session. I was referring to the sensitivity, tightness, wetness, and the sick error of pounding his 14 year old girlfriend.

Jason (whispering): ‘Cumming soon Kel!’
Kelly: ‘Let me down. Let me down.’

He gently place her on her feet and let her bring him back to the steps, where she sat between his legs. Her hand never left his dick that was wet with her juices, and she was all care and concerned for him.

Kelly: ‘Where do you want to shoot?’
Jason: ‘In your mouth can?’

There was no hiding from his fantasies. To see his girlfriend, taking that huge load of his in those tiny lips, what could be better? Kelly shook her head hopelessly and went to jerk him off. He never felt any bigger before when he realised she was barely holding onto his thickness. She had to use both hands to reach the moment before Jason came, still a little unwilling to end the night.

Very carefully, she brought her mouth to his dick and sucked on the pee hole, saliva drooling from her lips as her hand continued pumping. In a series of groans and involuntary body jerkings, Kelly at her first taste of cum and instinctively drank it to avoid tasting. By the time Jason stopped struggling, his cum had already when into her nose.

Jason: ‘You.. I don’t know what to say.’
Kelly: ‘Silly, you don’t have to say anything. I love you. This will be our biggest secret k?’

How could he leave her even if he wanted? She had her first vaginal orgasm from the quickie earlier, and he too had his first sexy time with an unbelievable ending with his underaged girlfriend.

If you have a pretty and horny underage girlfriend, what would you guys do?

Misty Meetup

Misty: ‘Hey!’

I turned around in shock and saw the simply dressed girl, in singlet and shorts. My hand holding the bag of toys had not stopped trembling since we decided to meet for the first time. Through the ten minutes wait, we had not stopped texting about where we would meet, and somewhere between the texts we were hoping for a nice spot to sit down.

Me: ‘Haha. Singlet and shorts look quite good on you what.’
Misty: ‘Haha. Pai seh to be dressed like that to see you.’
Me: ‘Shall we go somewhere with less people to show you what’s inside?’
Misty: ‘Orh.’

The short reply didn’t help me feel any better, in fact, making feel as though I was bribing a little girl with sweets. Nonetheless, we walked into the park behind Ang Mo Kio MRT station and chose a block to head up.

For the whole walk, Misty did not say a word, and there was no reaction when I held her hand in the park, in case someone kidnapped her. Well, who was I kidding? I was probably the most dangerous person there.

Misty: ‘Here?’

The 9th floor was what I randomly stopped at, eerily quiet and dark especially when we peered at the ends of the corridor. We found a spot at the stairs and we set our bags down quickly. As a guy, I had expected her to be shy that this obvious direction where we were going.

Taking the first toy out of the paper bag, it was the long white dildo I showed her on Whatsapp.

Me: ‘This is the first one. You can put batteries if you want. But I usually don’t, in case forget to take out.’
Misty (answering shyly): ‘Okay.. ‘
Me: ‘How long is your boyfriend’s dick? Here?’

I took one of her fingers and placed it on the rod, which she dragged further down till about two inches from the end.

Me (whispering): ‘And how thick?’

Her thumb formed a ring and the fingertips detached, showing me 1.5″ of width. Her head was turned away from me through the whole time but it was normal. My chest was pounding so hard, not wanting to make any wrong move that would scare her.

Placing the toy in her hand, I cupped her knee and slid down her thigh, asking if her boyfriend does this. A shy nod came and fingers wriggled into her shorts, diving straight for her panties. She stopped me before I reached her pussy and held me for a while, until my other hand went around her neck. I used my fingernails to guide me down her collar and into the singlet, going right over her breast that cushioned my landing.

As soon as I located her nipples, my hand in her shorts gained permission to go deeper in and before long, I was rubbing her panties with heavy breathing from her. Both my hands worked tirelessly as moans came, escalating our tryst to the next level.

Me (whispering in her ear): ‘Lower your shorts for me?’

Her shorts, and not forgetting her panties, were lowered to her mid-thigh after a little wriggle. I then took the toy from her and gave it a lick, before blindly going between her legs to find the right spot. The relaxed Misty took over the docking process, leaving me to my toys once the tip had entered.

I drilled the toy in circular motion into her pussy and in no time, she had my arm on her boobs, hugging me tightly while I rammed faster. In the fight to maintain her composure, she came for my shorts and yanked it down, wrapping her fingers around my dick that was painfully dying to get out.

Her body got wet enough for the toy to continue fucking her and I was given my share of fun by her jerking hand, going in unpredictable speed to make me groan.

Misty (whispering): ‘I’m going to cummmmm!’

She squeezed my dick to near-death as her body trembled, pussy gapping on its own. I could totally felt how horny she was with my fingers around the toy sunk deep inside her.

Me: ‘Good toy?’
Misty (breathlessly): ‘Yeah.. ‘

We took a break for me to take out the next toy, a bullet vibrator pink in colour. She knew what it was and only looked at it lost while I prepped it to be used. When it disappeared down her chest onto her clit, her palms clenched my arms tightly with much anticipation.

The long, straight dildo from before was brought to her pussy with my other hand, slipping it easily in given how wet she was. The pink vibrator sent her body into small, innocent squeals, and when the dildo started thrusting, she was all blank from the double bombardment of pleasure. Her sensitive clit shook her body badly and the contrasting calm waves of pleasure inside her pussy was messing her mind up.

Before I even found the comfortable position to work the two toys, a tiny stream of juices flowed down the dildo and sobered me up. This ‘Pokemon trainer’ had lived up to her name as Water-type. After the embarrassing powerful orgasms exposed her vulnerable side to me, she snatched the vibrator away and tucked it into her pussy.

One hand kept the toy buzzing safely and the other came over my dick, stroking me while she was pleased by an autonomous machine. All her attention was on me, at least for the short moment till another climax took her senses out.

Misty: ‘I can’t take it anymore.. ‘

Seeing how we had gone over the line and came so far, I turned the vibrator off and we stopped whatever we were doing. Both of us were contented about the ‘demo’, and had gotten our share of fun.

Misty (whispering): ‘Do guys carry condoms all the time?’
Me: ‘Yupp. In case of emergency right?’
Misty: ‘You have one now?’

I took it out and held onto it for a while, unsure if we should go all the way for our first meet. But you guys know what? My mind and body rejected that temptation straight. It was lucky of me to have come so far with Misty, a friend made through my blog.

Me: ‘I’ll show you the last toy.’

I flashed the Benwa ball in front of her and she shook it a few times to see if there were really something inside. Of course there are. I used to sell them for a living.

Misty: ‘It looks quite big eh.’
Me: ‘Hmm.. I didn’t really feel how tight you are hor.’
Misty: ‘Ya lo. What if I can’t take it out?’

I slouched on the step we were on till my dick was upright, and tapped the condom repeatedly on my dickhead.

Me: ‘Should we?’
Misty (whispering): ‘I don’t know?’

I tore the wrapper apart and capped it on, since there was no such thing as ‘waste’ as long as no decisions were made. In a very casual mood, she got up on her feet and walked over me, before replacing one of her feet across my hips. From that point on, I knew that the ‘no’ I told myself did not matter anymore. To see if that toy fit was more important than the casual sex we needed to have to find out.

Me: ‘You want me to be on top?’

A shake of her head told me all I needed, and her pussy descended, lowering herself in a squat over my dick that I held up for her. As we all know, ‘tight’ merely described how men felt without any basis of comparison. The moment my dick brushed along that slippery walls of her pussy, I knew that ‘tight’ meant something totally different in this case.

It was the softness of her muscles within that caressed my rod gently. The entry wasn’t through a small hole, it’s what I felt inside that pushed my urge to a desperate state. The only representation I could think of was putting my dick in a super soft silicon mould, and set the shape for what I would enjoy most.

In that unbelievably fleshy encastment, tiny pores let her juices lubricate me so I could slide out, only to enter into a brand new mould each time. My vision was turning black as she bounced herself more, forcing me to re-live each addictive thrust. I could say that she had a body I would not mind to spend the rest of my dick-life in.

On top of the magical experience, I knew that pair of Benwa balls would fit, and possibly bring her into a new world if she wore it all the time. While my mind was struggling to maintain a hold on reality, the erotic moans and sleek belly waves kept my dick at a near-eruption state.

Every guy would know how agonising it felt, to be kept on the edge of cumming but couldn’t seem to tip over that edge. After grinding herself to another of those splashing orgasm, I was getting worked up by that sensitive cockhead that was controlling much of my groans.

When she lifted herself up, that mystical part of my dick activated the cum floodgate, somewhat like retracting the bowstring all the way to the end.. the sight of no reaction scared me the most after my dick was left to itself.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum.. ‘
Misty: ‘Now?’

She unrolled the condom slowly and the tip of my cock was just twitching on its own.

Misty: ‘Umm.. how now?’

The moment she surrounded my shaft with her hand, she felt the veins thickening. Immediately, her lips went over to the pee hole and took the large mouthful of cum, spewing freely in the most intense ejaculation I ever felt. Was that edging from a male’s perspective? Cause it was mind-blowing!

She maintained her position there will I was done, and sank her mouth to the circular ridge, tickling the tip for two more pitiful squirts that emptied me thoroughly.

Misty: ‘Mmm!’

She got up with the pair of shorts hanging above her knees and spat my load on the stair landing, an amount enough to flow on its own away from us. I was totally drained when she sat down next to me. It felt weird to be the weaker one with my shorts still messy tucked under my balls.

Me: ‘The Benwa balls will fit.’
Misty: ‘Sure?’

I picked myself up and leaned over to her, holding her head down on my shoulder while I pushed the orbs in. A little shift of her butt sucked the balls right in and her panties and shorts went back to their rightful place.

I got dressed after her and we hydrated ourselves from my bottle, making our way once we got our belongings. The hugging of my arm in her embrace left the final impression of her boobs in my mind, but it was the balls inside that got her so clingy.

Me: ‘Is the toy working?’
Misty: ‘Duh.. I think I’ll go crazy once I reach home.’

At a brighter part of the park, we noticed the damp patch appearing on her shorts and hurried to the main road for a cab. Upon getting in the car, my hand was kept between her legs still I alighted, followed by a suggestive conversation on Whatsapp.

Misty (WhatsApp): ‘I don’t know how to walk home now. I’m wet.. ‘
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Use your bag to cover? If you need another demo just let me know k?’
Misty (WhatsApp): ‘The dick shape dildo.. Maybe I’ll find you when I want to use that?’

According to her, that night was filled with vengeful sex on her side that got her boyfriend suspicious. But again, forceful or not, all men will be glad to get some of that ‘love’ right?